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Watch our first look round the 765LT: trvid.com/video/video-5PoDNZFK-5M.html

Here it is then, the harder, faster 720S: the 765LT. Sticking to the formula producing (as the name suggests) 765hp, 45hp more than the 720S. It also weighs 80kg less. As a result it’ll do 0-62mph a tenth faster than the 720S, in 2.8 seconds, and 0-124mph in 7.2 - that’s a full six tenths faster and, to keep the marketing department happy, just four tenths behind the Senna and P1. Top speed? 205mph. But what’s it like to drive? Well, Top Gear Magazine’s Head of Car Testing, Ollie Marriage, went to find out.

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28 Eyl 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Ram Gowda
Ram Gowda 6 gün önce
how exactly is 675lt better than p1?
Amey Shirodkar
Amey Shirodkar Aylar önce
Best car
j Aylar önce
where is chris harris
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Aylar önce
Taking bets on when it sets of fire.. LOL
David Hamilton
David Hamilton 2 aylar önce
What track is this?
VØID HARIZØN 2 aylar önce
Salih Elxein
Salih Elxein 3 aylar önce
Terrible presentation by a terrible car reviewer.
Hellen Akello
Hellen Akello 3 aylar önce
Its hard to Biel I've its little price for such a car 😭😭
shyneboy 3 aylar önce
may as well turn top gear into the chris harris show, more of a respectful way to go
shyneboy 3 aylar önce
this guys jsut drifting and complaining about basically a gt car
Son what
Son what 3 aylar önce
Can you still enjoy this car on the road? Too much hp is it?
Mickey117 4 aylar önce
If I can’t get Jeremy Clarkson James May or Richard Hammond to review; then at least give me Chris Harris damn it!!
Syafiq Hakimi
Syafiq Hakimi 4 aylar önce
comment section just gotta remember that chris harris isnt immortal
Evan N
Evan N 5 aylar önce
I think he missed the point of the car
Siavash Monadi
Siavash Monadi 5 aylar önce
where is Chris??????????????
Jonathan Comish
Jonathan Comish 6 aylar önce
Rip the last good set of hosts Edit: producers*
Nhan Le
Nhan Le 6 aylar önce
That car is very feisty.
Nhan Le
Nhan Le 6 aylar önce
I would love to drive this car👌🤩😎🤯
PLK 6 aylar önce
we want jeremy more than chris, let's be honest
Finding Neutral
Finding Neutral 6 aylar önce
For all of the flaws mentioned to me make it an attractive vehicle
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 6 aylar önce
Haha I was watching this thinking I wish this was Chris Harris then I saw all the comments
Worm Execute
Worm Execute 6 aylar önce
I wish I had driven so many cars that I could be driving a brand new mclaren 765lt and say with a straight face. It's a good car, not a great car.
sniperdude72 6 aylar önce
Starting watching video, realized Chris Harris wasn’t the one driving the car, stopped watching the video.
PUBG pro
PUBG pro 6 aylar önce
No, call the other guys
tbcrispy 6 aylar önce
765lt is one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen. The long tail line up produces one of the most beautiful looking mclarens
Jey Lee
Jey Lee 6 aylar önce
I'd still take the P1. Darth Vader of cars is a historic landmark, and so brutally beautiful. This one is ok too.(obviously it's awesome).
Gaming2perfection 6 aylar önce
Mate where is Chris Harris
R Kane
R Kane 6 aylar önce
You said the 765lt “is not a great car”.. lol.. How is life on that island alone?
B Craftin
B Craftin 7 aylar önce
Run this back with Chris Harris please thank you
gunsnrosesforever100 7 aylar önce
Time for mclaren to make a new car instead of reskinning and re tuning the 500 series
rapmusic 7 aylar önce
"675LT was the car that first put McLaren on the map" uhhhhhh
brabak 68
brabak 68 7 aylar önce
the hell is Jeremy
Gazza Brownhigh
Gazza Brownhigh 7 aylar önce
675LT is a one off and a very special car that will be very hard for Mclaren to ever emulate again. 4 years newer and twice the price and the 765LT isn't as good as the 675LT relatively speaking. The 675LT will be an ICONIC car for McLaren and a future classic guaranteed, the 765LT wont be
The Maniak E60
The Maniak E60 7 aylar önce
I feel bizarre watching car reviews without Chris Harris.
Justin Grainger
Justin Grainger 7 aylar önce
Chris Harris please.
PABLO 7 aylar önce
Not a real "TOP GEAR" anymore . . . Bring Clarkson back 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Lucius C.K
Lucius C.K 7 aylar önce
Why do I feel so annoyed hearing this guy talk, this should have been Chris Harris!
M DS 7 aylar önce
Host: "You don't wanna be in track mode." Mate, you're ON the track. NOW IS THE TIME.
AceNinja2112 7 aylar önce
What's a Chris Harris?
Rc Addict
Rc Addict 7 aylar önce
Were is chris harris?
Murat Harman
Murat Harman 7 aylar önce
Can't wait for the T.50 vs 765LT comparo :)
Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke 8 aylar önce
this car is amazing on track.
Sebastian Rosenbach
Sebastian Rosenbach 8 aylar önce
The thumbnail tho
Sam 8 aylar önce
All the kids here are talking about Chris but i actually think this guy is pretty good tbh, hes just as interesting as Chris, he drives like Chris, and he can provide lots of information in under 5 minutes and he isn't annoying
Kweli 8 aylar önce
Ngolongolo Couture
Ngolongolo Couture 8 aylar önce
My dream car
Mathabi Mafulela
Mathabi Mafulela 8 aylar önce
What the 675lt was better than the P1 😅😅😅no mc laren can replace the P1 even the senna tried but the P1 has its own place❤
JAY DEE 8 aylar önce
Um Chris Harris
Aaron B
Aaron B 8 aylar önce
I loved your reviewing (love Chris's, too). You stated what the car lacked, that you would enjoyed, yet you also were able to both show and say that the car is very capable. I definitely hot a feel for the car after that review.
Panachai S.
Panachai S. 8 aylar önce
John Smith
John Smith 8 aylar önce
Supercars SHOULD make you feel a bit nervous.
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik 8 aylar önce
I didn't realise I was watching top gear.
With Beer goggles on.. the thumbnail looked like the Ford GT-90
Mattias Andersson
Mattias Andersson 8 aylar önce
a top Gear prao
Racing Company
Racing Company 8 aylar önce
Only Chris Harris!!!
Lennox Williams
Lennox Williams 8 aylar önce
He's complaining about how the steering feels but mclaren steering is so precise that its direct feedback from the driver, if u think mclaren steering isn't good, you're driving it wrong
Sam 8 aylar önce
@Lennox Williams When i said "everything" i didn't literally mean everything, i mean a car that works great on a track *and* on a road...its a road car after all. The point he was making was that its *too* snatchy. If the steering doesn't satisfy the driver then it isnt doing its job very well, these cars are about the experience and if your nervous around corners as a result then it isnt checking that box.
Lennox Williams
Lennox Williams 8 aylar önce
@Sam they wouldn't want it to do everything lmao there would be no appeal in it if it did everything for you, and if u want a 765lt but won't track it, just buy a 720s, the long tail variants of mclaren cars aren't meant for going down the road, if you want that get the more tamed version
Sam 8 aylar önce
@Lennox Williams of course it should be smooth, kicking the back end out isn't smooth especially when its a hand full. It a special and more focused 720s, McLaren want it to do everything, they want it to destroy others cars in a drag race, set fast lap times and (as the way the majority of people will use it) be a drivers car for when you wan to take it down a fast open road like the 720s, if its not satisfying that aspect then its not perfect
Lennox Williams
Lennox Williams 8 aylar önce
@Sam Bruh if you're on the track nothing should be smooth
Sam 8 aylar önce
@Lennox Williams"It doesn't flatter the driver", "Its snatchy rather than smooth and you've really got your hands full when the rear moves wide"
Eat_My_Haas 4
Eat_My_Haas 4 8 aylar önce
So this guy is saying the 675lt was better than the P1, the 600lt not being good enough, and now the 765lt being too aggressive?? B R U H WHERE IS CHRIS HARRIS!!!
Vaidik 8 aylar önce
Nah mate this wont do for me, need Chris Harris
Leslie RB
Leslie RB 8 aylar önce
No the best lt ? Well i gues jeremy will say bloody amazing
Sebastian Ortega
Sebastian Ortega 8 aylar önce
I want one
Gavin Halm
Gavin Halm 8 aylar önce
“It makes you a little bit nervous”...wouldn’t want my supercar any other way. Turn all the nannies off, and go for it 👍
Gavin Halm
Gavin Halm 3 aylar önce
@yes …And, you’d know all the cars I’ve driven in my lifetime how???
yes 3 aylar önce
Says the guy who has never driven a car with more than 200hp, lmao
10W-40 8 aylar önce
You have Chris Harris and you don't get him to do these segments, it's a crime I tell you.
Clifford Dittydotty
Clifford Dittydotty 8 aylar önce
A good car... not a great car..
Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt 8 aylar önce
perfect filming and pin-pointed narrative!
Billy Bobman
Billy Bobman 8 aylar önce
0-60 in 2.7 but it has low end lag? What is this
Curtis Beers
Curtis Beers 8 aylar önce
How did McLaren manage to make a V8 sound so bad.
Dead Shot
Dead Shot 8 aylar önce
1:32 This he just said 675lt is better than the P1???
Gazza Brownhigh
Gazza Brownhigh 7 aylar önce
More fun and better handling without the weight of the hybrid technology
zee687 8 aylar önce
i thought the host was from Hot ones - Sean evans....we need chris harris
Ethan 8 aylar önce
Can’t believe he forgot about the 600LT
Time On Target
Time On Target 8 aylar önce
Thumbs down because no Chris Harris
Max Reimann
Max Reimann 8 aylar önce
I couldn't care less about what he's talking about, its not Chris
SpottedFang Gaming
SpottedFang Gaming 8 aylar önce
harris is da boss man
Rajiv Manderson
Rajiv Manderson 9 aylar önce
Nice promo for the 675LT...
Miles Stover
Miles Stover 9 aylar önce
Well it's a good looking car. My friend got to go look at one the other day which was cool trvid.com/video/video-kfaP0pbAr-8.html
Gianluca 9 aylar önce
Chris Harris who?
M67v 9 aylar önce
Hmm Motor Trend said the exact opposite of the 675LT
CM Jones
CM Jones 9 aylar önce
Chris Harris Chris Harris Chris Harris!
Gazza Brownhigh
Gazza Brownhigh 9 aylar önce
Get 2 x 675LT's. A coupe with the roof snorkel for the track and the spider for the road
IKONIK ACE 9 aylar önce
in my opinion th 765 lt is an amazing car yo are probably not much of a mclaren or lambo guy
JP Racing
JP Racing 9 aylar önce
Pretty much confirmed Auto Sport's findings when they pitted it against the 620R they found it to be too snappy and not in control of it's power. "Track" cars are meant to be good round track this just seems like so much of a handful, look at the GT3 RS "Only" 500hp but it can use every god damn bit of it. Should've had no more power just add aero and grip.
Jeremy Archie
Jeremy Archie 9 aylar önce
Imagine being this nitpicky about a McLaren.
Joe VAN DIJK 9 aylar önce
What a shames this review was done by the clowns at TOP GEAR including HARRIS. If Top Gear is mentioned best to avoid it.
D G 9 aylar önce
Who is this guy and where is Chris ?
Etienne 777
Etienne 777 9 aylar önce
Where is Jeremy Clarkson?
ale3hs 9 aylar önce
chris harris ?
arhan ozer
arhan ozer 10 aylar önce
How is 675 better than p1
peter alafe
peter alafe 10 aylar önce
This is what happens when car journalist hit the wall of personal development, this presenter, is at the limit of the 675lt, whilst he needs to evolve his skills to drive a faster car . Maclaren does not need to design a slow car for journos like these
gj rt
gj rt 10 aylar önce
Very adorable for a super car. Still would have to fence a dealer for the price.
Daniel Masawi
Daniel Masawi 10 aylar önce
I was too excited for this car to watch some random guy drive it 🤦🏾‍♂️. Hopefully one day we'll get to see Chris or Clarkson review it.
Lb Co
Lb Co 10 aylar önce
Gorgeous vehicle!
Ethan Storm
Ethan Storm 10 aylar önce
hold on the 600lt is much more of a track car then the 675lt
Reed Hunt
Reed Hunt 10 aylar önce
Where's Chris...
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 10 aylar önce
True sports cars SHOULDN'T flatter the driver. They should reward you when you drive them correctly, but chew you up and spit you out if you screw up. way too many so called sports cars are too easy to drive, and give people delusions of grandeur that they're better drivers than they really are
Petar Denchev
Petar Denchev 10 aylar önce
Stop whining about Chris Harris. Great and informative review from a man who is not afraid to tell us what he thinks. And he sure knows more about this car than anyone in the comment section here, because he has driven it.
Talhah Khan
Talhah Khan 10 aylar önce
Umm he too slo for the 765
Craig Burton
Craig Burton 10 aylar önce
I think what you was trying to say is it has too much power to drive it as hard as the 675 without been a professional race driver. More suited to the larger circuits me think. When you are talking of the power outputs of these cars now us mere mortals would wrap it around a tree the first time it’s given some welly.
Enrico Bianchin
Enrico Bianchin 10 aylar önce
Sf90 stradale gonna destroy this thing
Rohit Tammineedi
Rohit Tammineedi 10 aylar önce
Good review mate I would put my money on a GT though
kawzx10rr 10 aylar önce
you don’t no how to drive that car.
Ar Fa
Ar Fa 10 aylar önce
I love that every single comment is about Chris Harris!
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