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16 Aug 2019




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Dead Meat
Dead Meat 5 aylar önce
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Lieutenant NITEWOLF
Lieutenant NITEWOLF 13 gün önce
Now if that shit happened to me. I hate roller coasters I would freak out more breaking everything in site but, it's just a movie. Imagine if that was real the company at the amusement park would have a huge debt to pay to the families so huge they would have to shut down even if they could afford the debt they will still be forced to shut down. Plus the emotional shock to the survivors that's another debt so thats a lot of money.
Lieutenant NITEWOLF
Lieutenant NITEWOLF 13 gün önce
Loved the series apparently at the end Kimberly and Burke died at the end of Final Destination 2 Final Destination 3 we know what happens The Final Destination we know what happens and Final Destination 5 we know what happens to the survivors sadly 1 and 2 keep it hidden
Bella Dolor
Bella Dolor Aylar önce
Dead Meat p
Zucc_ 74
Zucc_ 74 Aylar önce
Dead 🥩
Martin Tønnesen
Martin Tønnesen 2 aylar önce
juanloko2 Gr
I teleported garlic bread
5:24 DEMOMAN GOT NARDS!! *subtle TF2 reference*
Nathan Weatherly
Nathan Weatherly 19 saatler önce
I can't stop watching the looping train in the background
Devan Gibson
Devan Gibson 22 saatler önce
why waste time making a pair of bollocks
Harvey Hamilton
Harvey Hamilton 23 saatler önce
After I heard James say Sleep Baggino I was expecting some character to say Your wanna buy some deathsticks
InternetDarkLord Gün önce
21:00 Except wolves are not found in Pennsylvania.
Elenanetic Garcia
He was the clue to her death but when she hit the floor she saved Kevin and Julie and it skiped then then it was Ian's turn
Annabelle Tucker
Annabelle Tucker Gün önce
This very movie is the reason I will NEVER step foot into any sort of tanning device.
TheEnderBoiz Gün önce
Who else just turns down the volume and skips to the kills? Just me? *wel k*
Erik Stark
Erik Stark 2 gün önce
My older sister actually also got skin cancer on her arm from those tanning beds. They had to take a bit off her upper arm so not it kinda looks like a small shark bite.
Dylan Marshall
Dylan Marshall 3 gün önce
I appreciate the strobing warning and sound. Thank you
Laqundra barnett
Laqundra barnett 3 gün önce
wouldn't the coaster disaster not happen after Frankie got off
Junior's reviews!
Junior's reviews! 3 gün önce
the last perso n can just jump off a 40 story building ez
Hi It’s Lucy
Hi It’s Lucy 3 gün önce
You called Julie Wendy
russ butcher
russ butcher 3 gün önce
The whole reason that the roller coaster crashed was that frankies camera wrapped around the track and wrecks the hydraulics causing the wheels to brake etc. etc. But when wendy freaks out and gets half the ride emptied frankie got off as well soooo what caused the crash without frankies camera
Quackshad Gaming
Quackshad Gaming 4 gün önce
Who else noticed that the rollercoaster behind him stop moving
teen shroud
teen shroud 4 gün önce
Do You know that 99% subscriber Saved money by watching this video
Spinz Dank
Spinz Dank 4 gün önce
James: *Talking about something related to the movie* My ADHD having self: *looking at the car going around in the background*
Charleston Berry
Charleston Berry 4 gün önce
Damn...he is super cute and KNOWS his shit!
axanstru 4 gün önce
woo I’ve been to Playland. I didn’t ride the famous coaster though.
Bella Villa
Bella Villa 5 gün önce
James i have a question...i do not know if you have answered in anywhere but... whats you most favorite kill you have ever seen in any movie :)
ツBlissfulTay 5 gün önce
How does the roller coaster accident happen if the man who’s camera cause the accident isn’t on the ride anymore?
jimmy 5 gün önce
Wendy and Julie are pretty, and Kevin is handsome.
jimmy 5 gün önce
Wendy and Julie are pretty, and Kevin is handsome.
The Great And Powerful Trixie
And I can think this movie for terrifying me of tanning beds
Pkoswald 5 gün önce
So maybe I’m just not understanding something, but if the accident was caused by Frankie’s camera falling on the track, and Frankie got off the ride, then why did the accident happen?
Ace Newman
Ace Newman 4 gün önce
Because the camera falling on the tracks was part of Wendys premonition. When Frankie (and the others in the back) got off the roller coaster they were oblivious to the fact that they going to die on that coaster Wendys boyfriend and her other friend were unable to get off after the fight and the coaster derailed and killed them. For all we know its not clear exactly how the cars came apart but Wendy saw it happen for real. Death is after those who got off.
cageless Yeti
cageless Yeti 6 gün önce
Who else was just watching James’s mini roller coaster
Seth Daniels
Seth Daniels 3 gün önce
Emily Grace
Emily Grace 6 gün önce
Just before he said the roller coaster they used i was like “wait that looks like playland” I used to go there all the time!! The roller coaster just recently got moved from playland. It was actually one of my favourite rides lmao
beatrice difolco
beatrice difolco 6 gün önce
I just thought Death was annoyed by Ian and his "I'm never gonna die" crap so they just decided to take him out right there.
Anneleighsme 6 gün önce
The part where the seats unlock is literally my worst fear
Butterfly Nova
Butterfly Nova 6 gün önce
The special behind the scenes just make these videos better man!
Finlay Thomas
Finlay Thomas 7 gün önce
Where do you find all the behind the scenes
Pavillion Falkon
Pavillion Falkon 7 gün önce
Just looking back into it, since frankies’ camera was the cause of the control failure during the premonition, when he got off would the controls still break without the trigger of the camera? (That’s just me thinking)
Elena Christian
Elena Christian 7 gün önce
Why do people still microwave themselves, anyway?
ℜ𝔞𝔪ó𝔫 ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔞
This movie is so bad and I absolutely adore it
Zuke Plays Games
Zuke Plays Games 7 gün önce
Isn’t that Jason kid the same actor as the one main antagonist college kid from Tucker and Dale vs the Forces of Evil ( or the world or whatever it is )
richy 7 gün önce
Any one see the roller coaster break behind james
Caleb Chan
Caleb Chan 8 gün önce
I actually know a TRvidr who "technically" managed to cheat death when he was at Disneyland. TRvidr ChuggaaConroy went to Disneyland in 2003, and he was gonna ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad until it derailed, killing some people. He was ACTUALLY gonna sit in the front where all those people died.
Meeprax 8 gün önce
R.I.P to the Background Shelf train @11.39min
lo lolo
lo lolo 8 gün önce
Ya mate you forgot the 2 guys in the newspaper
ColtTheWolf 8 gün önce
Holy hell man! So happy you dodged that close call, that's scary!
RozzaSarcasmo 8 gün önce
"I forgot my ipod" "sucks, bitch" If that isn't the truest depiction of my friendships then idk, James..
Melanie G.
Melanie G. 7 gün önce
Just thought the same 😂
Jason Juneau
Jason Juneau 9 gün önce
" Where you guys are right now if you raise your hands and cup them slightly it'll look like you're holding the devil's balls" "And we'd wanna do that why?" "Where else are you ever gonna see a dick that big?" "I'm looking at one right now" *Shots fired!*
AceVenturas Spear
AceVenturas Spear 9 gün önce
28:44 This is what happens in America when you don’t pay your taxes
melanie 9 gün önce
Props to the crew man. That must have been a lot to deal with, but a great movie came out of it. And because of it, i have *never* went on a rollercoaster ;u;
Adam Gavin
Adam Gavin 9 gün önce
Ima say it *you forgot Kim’s death in the wood chipper*
I like the fact that you explain what happens, behind the scenes, and so much more. You have improved and your videos are all I watch nowadays.
REP REX 3 10 gün önce
you are cool
BrixProduction Studio
BrixProduction Studio 10 gün önce
11:46, Nicolas Cage Headass.
Morty smith
Morty smith 10 gün önce
11:40 james: licks lips do u wanna know where i got this scar
MrTirawi 10 gün önce
No one: James: "Wanna know how I got these scars?"
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran 10 gün önce
OMG! That so many!
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 10 gün önce
Rip pppl that died in all final destination series
Cecilia Hartney
Cecilia Hartney 10 gün önce
It's Kermit
It's Kermit 10 gün önce
Peppa What are you doing in my google account
I watched Final Destination 3 in grade 2 and after Ashley and Ashlyn died, I literally was not able to fall asleep because I just kept imagining their burnt faces and them screaming and i was TERRIFIED Also, I live by Playland :) I think they changed the name of it at the end of Summer
MOOFAMDEEZ 10 gün önce
Texas Battle also bullied Goku in High School. I'm not joking.
Richie ‘Trash Mouth’ Toizer
A a a h h h h h h h h h h h
Bryce Nelson
Bryce Nelson 10 gün önce
How do all these characters get the premonitions in the first place?
Lumbagofarmer 1907
Lumbagofarmer 1907 11 gün önce
Everytime I watch a dead at video. It feels like I. Watching the *_ACTUAL_* film
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