Film Theory: Willy Wonka RIGGED the Golden Tickets!

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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a gem in the history of movies. It stands out not just for the acting and the main story, but all of the things you can find hiding beneath the surface. It is a surprisingly ominous movie and the character of Willy Wonka is at the center of the horror. We've talked about Wonka using the Golden Tickets to pass off his OSHA violations onto the winner, but what if that was not the only trick he's trying to pull? What else is Willy Wonka up to? Watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



30 Tem 2020




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Leigh Jackson
Leigh Jackson 4 saatler önce
Theory: willy wonka is purple guy\william afton
Leigh Jackson
Leigh Jackson 5 saatler önce
Is there another channel coming out because there is 4 rectangles\circles on the logo?
Noah Green
Noah Green 6 saatler önce
try the probability and that 1 out of 5 kids left
stephen rehberger
stephen rehberger 8 saatler önce
If this really bothers you then you need to go see a psychologist
M1K3YC 12 saatler önce
was she that pissed off
Mr.Splashy 17 saatler önce
Wow I'm learning more math from Mat Pat than from my teacher
Angie31307 Gün önce
Game theory do a Fortnite theory there’s a lot of cool stuff now👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 can you???
Hey I am from the Arabi lashons!
Alex Di Loreto
Alex Di Loreto Gün önce
What about Tasmania, it's still part of Australia 🧐🤨 14:57
Lesley Derry
Lesley Derry 2 gün önce
i got a good therioy channle name "holiday therioy"
brandon hasley
brandon hasley 2 gün önce
Removal doesn't really apply since one person could theoretically get more than one ticket
Laila Soliman
Laila Soliman 2 gün önce
I mean you make film there's not math
Laila Soliman
Laila Soliman 2 gün önce
Stop with the math bro
cooleymandragenboy 2 gün önce
It could be the opposite aculy, a few select people (like the candy man) are told exactly which bars have the tickets, and slughorn is staking out the places the bars are, and when one is sold just follows the kid. Just a thought I had that might poke a hole in the rigged part of the theory.
flight2k5 2 gün önce
Wow turn this into a race thing huh?
ColdPotato 3 gün önce
Good video but he begs for subscribers no less than 3 times in it. Like, chill dude. We get it.
Kibum - BS ✔
Kibum - BS ✔ 4 gün önce
wait you see my comment?
Skull 5 gün önce
10 million subs nice
Ninja Hotdog
Ninja Hotdog 5 gün önce
9:29 What if they’re in Canada? I was in Canada for 2 months and it is heavily European influenced, and has just as much American TV as Canadian TV.
Evelyn Beil
Evelyn Beil 5 gün önce
Have u ever seen the good eats intro it’s so cool and this channel intro reminds me of that
CatCF Defender
CatCF Defender 5 gün önce
3:26 They look similar? Mike has darker hair than any of the others.
Brandon Snopeck
Brandon Snopeck 6 gün önce
Pizza is not a sandwich it does not have 2 slices of bread
Derry 5 gün önce
I can fold a piece of bread into a sandwich. Checkmate.
Cee Ko
Cee Ko 6 gün önce
Its an early-70s movie filmed in Europe, in English. The characters reflect the anticipated core audience
Derry 5 gün önce
Also, the fact they're child actors says a lot. That and it being based on a book. xD
Coll Duffield
Coll Duffield 6 gün önce
Royale Gamer
Royale Gamer 6 gün önce
Willy Wonka discriminates...wow!?
Whynam Outen
Whynam Outen 7 gün önce
There I meant
Whynam Outen
Whynam Outen 7 gün önce
This bothers me in Wonka's boat the chairs are full even when agust gloop and his mom aren't them
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 7 gün önce
Terrible. Not a theory. Pandering to mentally ill psychos.
Paul Itix
Paul Itix 8 gün önce
oh good grief skip all the promotions and fluff and start at 4m mark, so corny
@MatPat I'd like you to take a look at The Breakfast Club and note that John Bender, played by Judd Nelson, was not only the triumphant HERO of the film, aided, of course, by Carl the janitor, played by character actor John Kapelos, but that Bender's initial intention was simply to retrieve the bag of weed he left in his locker the day before, which he would've intentionally declined to go to, given the probability that he was escorted out by Vernon, played by the late Paul Gleason, following the "false alarm" Bender allegedly pulled that Friday. However, in his infinite capacity for empathy, 😉 he chose to radicalize and, more importantly, set free from the bonds of the social constraints pressed upon them at both their high school AND home lives! But, hey... That's JUST A Theory‼️😜
Bill cipher
Bill cipher 8 gün önce
There is still one missing. One right corner is missing why
M 9 gün önce
I thought at first it said Triggered
johann Mosegui
johann Mosegui 9 gün önce
I love you
johann Mosegui
johann Mosegui 9 gün önce
Focke wulf 190 d9
Focke wulf 190 d9 9 gün önce
Where is my gummy bear episode MatPat. WHERE IS IT?
Josiah D
Josiah D 10 gün önce
well duh, everybody know this, it's not a theory
Dana Campbell
Dana Campbell 10 gün önce
Brother Chris rco
Brother Chris rco 10 gün önce
I'd still be in that chocolate river. They would never find me. I would make sure of it...😜
Gold Sushi
Gold Sushi 10 gün önce
I I think the next colour for your channels should be blue
Phelmo Naomi
Phelmo Naomi 10 gün önce
MAT PAT YOU HAVE ENTREGED ME YET ANGIAN I mean I have watched this like 5 times now sooooo
Andrew Jeremiah
Andrew Jeremiah 11 gün önce
i'm still waiting for theory theory too
dx429 11 gün önce
Mat pat
iam tenrose
iam tenrose 11 gün önce
Price for chocolate bar is not the same everywhere. For example one bar would cost like 5$ in the US, but 0.5$ in India.
Vex 11 gün önce
The big question, would the amount of research you did fill the rabbit hole you dug?
James Middleton
James Middleton 11 gün önce
Yeah good luck with this video, you've got to work out the demographic of the entire earth, distribution of chocolate in the 1970s, who financially has access to chocolate in the 1970s, how many chocolate bars different countries are buying per person, one country might be buying 1 bar a month per person on average whereas another country might buy 1 a day on average per person, going to change the statistics a lot. Also the hype of such an event would only really effect the countries that care about this factory. For dedicated wonka fans, they're going to be mass buying like bog rolls in a pandemic. You've just said that the factory is in america, so the american audience is far more likely to mass buy chocolate, well I mean they are anyway because americans, but it's worth somehow adding that into the statistics. And u've just mentioned the fact that they're all kids, can't believe I never thought of this before, that will completely change your statistics, got to look at birthrates in the kind of late 50s early 60s. Honestly a statistical persons fucking dream of a question to answer!
Whisper 12 gün önce
Prannav Mahesh
Prannav Mahesh 13 gün önce
what was the point of the whole process if he just could rig it why not just tell the kids directly
John Phillips
John Phillips 13 gün önce
The movie took place in the 70s? *it was over from the start*
holly ross
holly ross 13 gün önce
This is just a question, if the world keeps gaining people, how long will it take for all the food to run out?
Emily Paterson
Emily Paterson 13 gün önce
Matpat can make theories about himself now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😹
Callan Ewart
Callan Ewart 14 gün önce
Do something about squid game pls
Callan Ewart
Callan Ewart 14 gün önce
And you are good at math😀
Mastercheif 14 gün önce
I subscribed to all three of your channels
Aron ronida
Aron ronida 14 gün önce
What if this is the beginning of the joker before he becomes the joker and loses the factory
A game
A game 14 gün önce
Food theory idea how strong is jack from jack in the box like Kool aid man jack dose crazy stuff it would be interesting
A B 15 gün önce
The "removal" isnt necessary anyways. It may be a low chance (yes abyssmal low) but still there is a chance 1 person could receive 2 tickets. So the whole -1 part can be ignored anyways.
koolgamer 22
koolgamer 22 15 gün önce
What happens to the gummy bear video
Agnyse 15 gün önce
The intro is so cute
brundag4 15 gün önce
Come on MatPat, it’s been over a year since this video came out, where is the gummy bear episode of food theory? Huh?
Mr Liberty
Mr Liberty 15 gün önce
All the supporting characters are eliminated because of personality flaws wich could be mistaken for stereotyping of course you could make Charlie a minority but he wouldn't be representative of the target audience and would probably have bombed at the box office.
Mr Liberty
Mr Liberty 15 gün önce
The classification of Chicken wing is also up for debate. Shows picture of a Chicken leg
Mr Liberty
Mr Liberty 15 gün önce
Yeah that's where the liberals got the idea for the last election.
Noice Mate
Noice Mate 17 gün önce
Anyone notice he used a sherman for the Soviet tank instead of a T-40
Cringe fella
Cringe fella 17 gün önce
heres a theory in harry potter and the philosiphers stone in the book(i know its not a film) at the second last challenge guarding the stone if quirrel had allready gone through then how was their still the potion to let harry get through the fire to get to the mirror of erised ??????
Dragonflamer96 Gaming
Dragonflamer96 Gaming 17 gün önce
You are the best
Lakshay. ES
Lakshay. ES 17 gün önce
It would not show up India because in 1970s India still was a closed economy , India opened it's door for foreign companies after the economics reforms of 1991
CFn Around
CFn Around 17 gün önce
India also wouldn’t of had American made bars available during that time. Even today it’s not as common. Gandhi pushed for an independent India by self sufficiency and making all their own version of everything. There are imports, but not nearly as much as it could be and certainly more than there was in the 1970s
alameachan 18 gün önce
That 1/400 probability is equal to rolling two critical successes on a d20 in two consecutive rolls. Or basically every D&D game night ever.
an idiot
an idiot 18 gün önce
So is it food or film
Raze 19 gün önce
So when is the next (or is the next) channel coming? I mean the top right corner is film the top left corner is game the bottom left is food so what will the bottom right be will it be like blue and called geographic theory or something like that.
Don C
Don C 19 gün önce
maybe teh adults bought them for their kids
Kit Daly-Kirk
Kit Daly-Kirk 19 gün önce
Make a video on Elmo
DigiNature_YT 19 gün önce
Intro sounds like kwebblkop
GRAND HIT 19 gün önce
Only in America do they care about skin color, rest of the world you are labeled by where you are from.
Mechanist 99
Mechanist 99 19 gün önce
Tbh the probably is probably higher considering that wonka was a us company and so it probably had greater product penetration in the United States and perhaps even in places like Canada and Europe which tend to be more connected to the US culturally. Also it’s likely that people aren’t buying wonka bars in proportion with their income, people with very little income won’t be able to dedicate a high percentage of that income to wonka bars as they need to cover basic needs but people with more income will.
Petro-Ann Beukes
Petro-Ann Beukes 20 gün önce
I don’t want to see this mans search history
Eleanor Fritz
Eleanor Fritz 21 gün önce
heres a thereoy maffasa was eaten bt hey thats just a theroy a film theroy
C Wallace
C Wallace 22 gün önce
It feels like an assumption that Wonka would sell in Israel instead of the Arab League just like Coke.
C Wallace
C Wallace 22 gün önce
I mean this actually feels impossible to calculate because a lot of it is down to where Wonka sends the tickets. Japan could have been buying the most bars of anybody but it wouldn't help, since we know the tickets got shipped to Europe and the US.
ApolloCat 🐱🌑
ApolloCat 🐱🌑 23 gün önce
whys he gotta ruin everything
Meme Viewer
Meme Viewer 23 gün önce
“Truth is Charlie, the game was rigged from the st-“
Austin Pritchett
Austin Pritchett 23 gün önce
Wouldn’t removal not be a problem here. The person that won the ticket isn’t unable to get a second ticket if they were to buy another chocolate bar. Theoretically one person could get all five tickets.
American Skelton
American Skelton 23 gün önce
I'm older than this channel
Vincent Knott
Vincent Knott 23 gün önce
film theory should discuss how in thomas the tank engine the only living trains are on the island of sodor and are never seen anywhere else there are busses in other places but no other trains
• Tales Aftøn •
• Tales Aftøn • 23 gün önce
I just noticed that Wonka might have chosen five kids because both Willy and Wonka have 5 letters- funny little detail that probably means nothing though
Mstitelful 24 gün önce
just leave this movie alone. now is just too much racist bs around in present... why u even think about classic movie?
William Greenough
William Greenough 24 gün önce
of course the movie was rigged, it had to explain the types of people and children we run into everyday, ( gold vs chocolate ) = human condition people react to when exposed to it for the first time
William de Vos
William de Vos 24 gün önce
They even showed people running all over Tokyo getting wonka’s chocolate bara
AUSDip 24 gün önce
14:56 He didnt highlight Tassie
Von hoennheim
Von hoennheim 24 gün önce
Theory pitch for game theory could the executions in Dagan rompa actually be effective
reese harris
reese harris 24 gün önce
Plot twist; they were rigged because he was a pedophile
Cameron Wheatley
Cameron Wheatley 25 gün önce
Theory: Your videos would be much shorter if you didn't talk so much crap.
Cynthia Grimwould
Cynthia Grimwould 25 gün önce
Wasn't it obvious that it was rigged? Slugworth planted the tickets, that's why he was there at every location they were discovered. He purposely made sure they went to 5 children not adults.
ZanetheBlade 25 gün önce
where is donkey theory??
Gary Gesell
Gary Gesell 25 gün önce
why is it that Wonka had rooms in his towers that would test each child individually. Each child exposed there greed or ignorance at the beginning. Wonka led them all into traps. These traps killed each one of them. one drowns in chocolate. one blows up like a balloon and then is squished to death. one goes in a trash incinerator. and one shrinks and then is put through a taffy stretcher... dead. Wonka is a serial killer.
Wargaming Super Noob
Wargaming Super Noob 25 gün önce
Take a look at Legal Eagle's review of this movie. Wonka selected kids because he could get their families into a debt that could never be paid off, all while he ran off, likely to never be seen again.
Damian Brophy
Damian Brophy 26 gün önce
Willy Wonka is definitely a time lord.
Ggfty Ggfty
Ggfty Ggfty 26 gün önce
Yeah man
Music 26 gün önce
You picked some racist nonsense to make a video on?
jack the jackass
jack the jackass 26 gün önce
I'm older than your channel
Litl Clips
Litl Clips 27 gün önce
surely its not that deep because there is a probability of it being shipped to those places as there is only 5 in the world and then there is the people in the locations
Cassie Hartleyy
Cassie Hartleyy 27 gün önce
me, as the idiot i am, always struggles to remember which one is which. Charlie and the chocolate factory and Willy wonka and the chocolate factory. I came to the definitive solution that charlie and the chocolate factory is the one that focuses more on Willy wonka, Johnny Depp; and Willy wonka and the chocolate factory focuses more on charlie, the gene wilder one:)
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