Film Theory: Was Cruella ACTUALLY Wrong? (101 Dalmatians)

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Theorists, maybe Cruella had the right idea. Wait, no! I'm not talking about making coats out of cute, defenseless puppies. I meant that they cost a LOT of money. She tells Roger and Anita that they simply can't afford to keeps them all, so they should sell them to her. Well, THAT is a bad idea but maybe she was onto something. Raising and providing for three humans PLUS 101 Dalmatians must cost a LOT of money. How much? Time for us to to get out our calculators and find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



22 May 2021




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Richard Dill
Richard Dill 5 saatler önce
After the original animated movie aired, everyone wanted a Dalmatian. In order to meet that demand, breeders started breeding them faster; this caused a massive amount of inbreeding to occur. As a result of this movie series, the modern Dalmatian has so many birth defects that no family should ever have one; blindness, deafness, skin conditions, bad temperaments, among other issues, have ruined this breed.
Rawinder Singh
Rawinder Singh Gün önce
Payments for around the clock security? Cruella is likely to strike again!
Dareen gacha
Dareen gacha Gün önce
so you are telling me they will hire a professional dog walker when they have THIS BIG OF A HOUSE.. the dogs can walk by themselves in the house with thier brothers and sister and they will be playing alot so do they really need toys maybe they do but yeah
wat ever u say IMMA GOD
Can we appriciate the fact that lebron james can affrod all them?
Libing Cao
Libing Cao 5 gün önce
If you got big enough dog beds then you wouldn’t need 101
AkoyaMizuno 6 gün önce
Wouldn't the value of the puppies be negatively affected by limited demanded and too much supply?
Seth Mizrachi
Seth Mizrachi 7 gün önce
MatPat has clearly never owned a dog if he thinks 101 chew toys is enough for 101 Dalmatians.
Blake Walker
Blake Walker 8 gün önce
Cruella becomes a carbon copy of the Baroness in the movie.
Do have name
Do have name 9 gün önce
You've got to give it Cruella though: for however much time puppies were in her care, they didn't seem malnourished, no poop was lying around, pups weren't bored. Maybe Jaspeer and Horace were chilling after having given yet another 10 hour walk to the lot? And aslo! Cruella schemed to keep them alive until they will have grown larger. So she was prepared to spend money on them until they've grown! Given your own research, it's under half a year or two years max, until they've fully grown.
SiRenfield 10 gün önce
Curious to see Matt Patt do the how much would it cost to run Squid Game especially since Mr Beast wants to do a real life version apparently
That Purple Crayon
That Purple Crayon 11 gün önce
Good news Mat Pat! They did keep the serial killer relative in the movie~
Y.Z. sheikh
Y.Z. sheikh 13 gün önce
Felicy Colbron
Felicy Colbron 13 gün önce
You know that you forget that the parents are the 2+99 would equal 101 so minis that from the total.
SiRenfield 14 gün önce
And yet MattPatt neglects to mention Cruella has a husband in the book
•Spooky• 14 gün önce
Spoiler: The new movie i have a question why did cruella give the dalmations away and then precide to try and take the dogs away?
John Mills
John Mills 14 gün önce
walt disney: "were gonna make this a kids movie :D" me: "thats illegal ur under arrest."
iBenjamin1000 15 gün önce
$240k + $210k yearly recurring expenses Luigi: Pathetic $1.5M/year in puppy profits Luigi: Pathetic $5M for an english estate Luigi: Pathetic
Tara Tingle
Tara Tingle 15 gün önce
One dalmatians are a beast beast
Sarah Geoffroy
Sarah Geoffroy 21 gün önce
I think if this was at all realistic, Anita and her hubby would sell the puppies, or put them all up for adoption. That would make way more sense than trying to care for all of them full-time. Maybe they just keep the original dogs they started with. It would take a while to adopt the puppies, but a good news story and people would be flocking to get one.
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 21 gün önce
“She is a deplorable monster, but she identifies as a woman. We must therefore make her a badass role model.” - media in the 2020s
Wolfii 28 gün önce
I really wanted a dalmation when I was younger and I still did until I heard the price of just one.
Notthefallssorcererofbeto !2whyme
BTW I found a way to compost dog poop, but for every pound of it, you need a thick layer of soil. Then, after two months after you buried it, then you can use for the garden.
FEnCSERX Aylar önce
Dude. She skins puppies. She was wrong😂😂
Atharva Halapeti
Atharva Halapeti Aylar önce
Day 1 of asking for a film theory about ‘The Prestige’, a Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale movie directed by Christopher Nolan.
I love the fact that he makes a THEORY ON WHATEVER OUR CHILDHOOD IS *read more*
Halo13 Evangelista
Halo13 Evangelista Aylar önce
and dey ded
KuroSaysStuff Aylar önce
I got a cruella ad before this video whatttt??
Liam Aylar önce
It would be better if they just gave the dogs to the RSPCA!
Hu Tao aka Strawberry Lesbian
My friends say I talk like cruella, and honestly, I take it as a compliment
MatPat can u do a theory on the new Crulla movie
firefox Aylar önce
De vil.. Devil?!
BBB Aylar önce
My uncle has 30 dogs lol He doesnt walk the dogs since he owns a lotta land so he lets 3 of them at a time out (so they dont attack each other) and switches throughout the day so no need to hire walkers, and he doesnt need to pick the poop up since he is aware that grass is full of mines so he only walks on concrete
Cady Elsharkawy
Cady Elsharkawy Aylar önce
Me when I was a kid wanting to have tons of cats, dogs or just any animals and have my own personal zoo: …
Rosie a gacha
Rosie a gacha Aylar önce
don't forget the show That They ran away
suzzythecat Aylar önce
Loafpup Aylar önce
103 because of the parents
Pikmin Gaming
Pikmin Gaming Aylar önce
J. Hetrick
J. Hetrick Aylar önce
J. Hetrick
J. Hetrick Aylar önce
Out back
J. Hetrick
J. Hetrick Aylar önce
What if you just let them out back andbtgey run and walk and play
Kelechi Wittick
Kelechi Wittick Aylar önce
U know in the new movie she hates dalmatians bc her mother was killed by them
Shayda Wolf
Shayda Wolf Aylar önce
*Rewatching this after seeing “Cruella”* MatPat: I’m just hoping they keep the part about her serial killer grandpa in there. Me: Well not yes exactly, but also not entirely no lol
Rexy singh
Rexy singh Aylar önce
i don't know your name but I love you, the immense amount of of the time you spend on videos like this shows us how much you are into this. love you again.
Omni Verse
Omni Verse Aylar önce
2:05 Matpat. Explain. Now.
A M Aylar önce
Maybe Anita planned to still make clothes out the dogs to be reimbursed.
Cryptic Aylar önce
The new movie about cruella is alot better than the original movie
Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan Aylar önce
Hi I found a loophole you can dance wearing something that isn't complete
Ribbital Aylar önce
lol that power move moment in cruella where she turns the baroness’s dogs into a coat
Kumaru Aylar önce
Thanks for ruining my Childhood I owe you
KitoCrystal Aylar önce
Best thing to do is let other people adopt the dalmations
silvergoldsteen Aylar önce
The new criella movie is awsome sorry i did not know how 5o bring that uo
くコ:彡Kairo Aylar önce
I only have more the 20 dogs well dang
Vanilla Aylar önce
Some times i want the villain to win
JaimeGovantes Aylar önce
Dwayne Langerhr
Dwayne Langerhr Aylar önce
101 Doggies? I am sure their is a few females that group. In a year how many Doggies would you have?
Jarrett Dunker
Jarrett Dunker Aylar önce
Me what if they are the richest people in the world as of 2021-2022
I'm hungry Make me a sandwich
I’m hungry, make sandwich.
HaloPanda581 Aylar önce
what about a video on a Cruella film?
Bafbegagglestick Aylar önce
I know it's not a film and therefore not part of film theory but anyone know of the ACTUAL book sequel The Starlight Barking? If you thought his summary of the original book was strange you are not sufficiently prepared for the absolute absurdity of the sequel no-one could possibly have seen coming.
I.R.R. Anon
I.R.R. Anon Aylar önce
what... about the people Cruella stole the puppies from originally. they had to come from somewhere
God's Youth by Claire Mcdonald
105k person to like this video lol!!!!
Me Aylar önce
You should make a theory about the TRvid channel 01A51CD0 :)
Darkness 501
Darkness 501 Aylar önce
I click this video and then I saw an ad that had you in it
♡ gacha for life ♡
The next 101 dalmathoin movies gonna be called 10001 ticks and flees
WhyyDaniel Aylar önce
I got a film theory ad while watching film theory
6:36 I almost gagged 🤮
Kent Huang
Kent Huang Aylar önce
Skinning puppies may seem extreme and horrible but there have been even more questionable things in the name of fashion than that. *coughLadyGagameatdressmadeoutofactualmeatcough*
Tim Morgan
Tim Morgan Aylar önce
U need to do a new theory with 101 Dalmatians and cruela!!!!!!!!
Anne Marsian
Anne Marsian Aylar önce
How about pesos? sorry if i did spell something wrong i cant spell well so yeah
Cailyn Vries
Cailyn Vries Aylar önce
You should make a film therory about The Huntchback of Notre Dame. I feel like there are some topics in there you could pick form to talk about. Such as Frollo’s obsession for Esmeralda or if the gargoyles were alive or in Quasimodo’s imagination.
Zachary Cardon
Zachary Cardon Aylar önce
I've played that Dalmations game on Dreamcast! It's not too shabby. In fact, the Dreamcast port has brighter colors. It's perhaps the closest thing Disney got to Super Mario 64.
James Abinguna
James Abinguna Aylar önce
You should watch the movie on disney plus
Darren Duncan
Darren Duncan Aylar önce
This video's conclusion about breeding Dalmations on purpose doesn't really work. There would be a very limited market for people willing to pay $3.5K or whatever for a Dalmation. They could probably sell the first hundred easily enough, but they'd rapidly run out of buyers. Also it would be quite cruel to breed Dalmations on purpose given their high genetic propensity to be born or go deaf or blind.
Tom Crowell
Tom Crowell Aylar önce
Great vid. Now I'm sad I waited 3 months to view it! Thanks for ruining my adulthood! Lol jk I didn't need the help. Lol
You’re favorite Yuri
I literally have 2 dominations and it’s a lot of money 😃😃
Nathene Wendzel
Nathene Wendzel Aylar önce
I'm pretty sure Anita was planning on selling some of them or giving away a few before Roger said something.
Michael William Dale Francis
Yes. Next question?
DiamondKai09 Aylar önce
how long would it take to name all of them?
Ometochtli Aylar önce
Except that dog fur isn't really used in fur coats. The only time dog fur is ever used. Is when it's being fraudulently passed off as a more expensive fur, such as mink. Even then, since minks do not have spots. It would have been extremely difficult to pass it off as mink. Assuming you can't fraudulently sell your dog fur coat as mink or some other high value fur. The dog fur coat would have practically no value on the open market.
SkvaderArts Aylar önce
So it's fur coats or start a puppy mill, hu. Those are equally bad mat.
hand man
hand man Aylar önce
Help me
Criminal Case history
1:50 Cruella/101 dalmatian s
DiamondGirl299 Aylar önce
Mat, it wouldn’t just cost the 200k or so every year, what about registration? That could quite possibly up the amount spent per year to 400k+
AZ . 1
AZ . 1 Aylar önce
What is a moff
crkjdw Aylar önce
This is the most wholesome film theory and it says that Cruella de ville would make 65,000 dollars from her scheme.
Lennox Ashley Soloway
Everytime I watch game theory I see a ad about game theory
Seiyuōkami Himura
Seiyuōkami Himura Aylar önce
I just got an ad for your channels while watching this lol
Илья Полфёров
In russian version she was "Sterwella D'evil".. Never knew she was Cruella..
RK 800 machine Connor with no emotions
Any psycopath who wants to murder cute poor animals is awful and deserves to be skinned alive
PKgirl 101
PKgirl 101 2 aylar önce
Cruella De vil Cruel devil... (Btw I have never seen 101 doggos nor Cruella De vil ;-;)
Shantanu Chandra
Shantanu Chandra 2 aylar önce
Mattpatt have you seen the new movie cruella Pls pls pls find a theory about it. I am partial to theories
Lelon Furr
Lelon Furr 2 aylar önce
dog breeders are the bane of all adopt instead
Lelon Furr
Lelon Furr 2 aylar önce
also 8% of dalmations are born deaf!
Silver 2 aylar önce
Nah mat Disney won’t be making you a film you’ve beef with mickey
JackStormSL64 2 aylar önce
It's sad that he never added 101 Dalmatians the Series or 101 Dalmatian Street (the most recent addition to the 101 Dalmatians cartoon franchise.)
W R 2 aylar önce
Not exactly.
Alby Lazuard hehe
Alby Lazuard hehe 2 aylar önce
Cruella is not the villain in the film???
Zameer 2 aylar önce
Yeah she's a villain in the movie. That new movie was her origin story, a revenge story. It was a "Villain vs Villain". also I agree she doesn't look completely like a villain yet; there will be a sequel (cause there was a cliffhanger)
Alby Lazuard hehe
Alby Lazuard hehe 2 aylar önce
Cruella is like a Villian a little bit but (spoiler) cruella mom is a Villian too??????
Alby Lazuard hehe
Alby Lazuard hehe 2 aylar önce
The new one???
tired. _gremlin
tired. _gremlin 2 aylar önce
Matts fbi agent : oh no Other guy : hes making another theory again in he Matts fbi agent,already crying : *yeA*
we are the SpongeBob Army
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we are the SpongeBob Army
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