Film Theory: Titanic is about Time Travel... No REALLY!

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Titanic is a movie that has stood the test of time... and has one of the BIGGEST unanswered questions of any movie. No, I don't mean could they both fit on the door if Rose had just moved over a little. I mean the question is Jack a time traveler sent to make sure the Titanic sinks? Yes, that age old question. Well Theorists, today we are going to answer that once and for all!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



29 Ara 2020




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Daan Winne
Daan Winne 3 saatler önce
If Jack is a time traveller, how can he know iceberg locations. Just too much fortune comes with this.
DigitalSteel 3 saatler önce
I think James Cameron made Titanic simply because he is obsessed with the ocean
Helicard 6 saatler önce
Maybe Jack was part of the Rothschild family.
Althea Lee
Althea Lee 6 saatler önce
Idk why but the idea of rollercoasters existing in the 1910s blows my mind
Lillie Galvin
Lillie Galvin 6 saatler önce
I was thinking that he would have sunk the boat because the sinking of the titanic put many safety regulations in place for cruise ships, thus also saving millions of lives
youtube Debarun
youtube Debarun Gün önce
James Cameron's blunder leading this guy to make a time travelling theory is entertaining to watch
BlueLine1982 Gün önce
jack shaver
jack shaver 2 gün önce
bro you did leo dirty
jack shaver
jack shaver 2 gün önce
I dont know how you do it, you always were the best theorist!
melo random
melo random 2 gün önce
I just watched the move with me mom now it’s time to RUIN it
ksgjag 3 gün önce
maybe jack sunk it because he was from that alternate timeline
Kui 4 gün önce
Where do you comeup with these stuff.. lool still fun to watch! GJ
Hel Yehh
Hel Yehh 4 gün önce
I love how this video talks about Titanic being a low-key sci-fi movie turns into a history channel fairly quick
Dan Gleebowls
Dan Gleebowls 4 gün önce
if Jack travelled back from a timeline where Rose was the only person who died, in order to save her life and paint her naked and boink in the car, then his home timeline wouldn't have the knowledge of the sinking, so he may have had no knowledge that his saving Rose would doom him and 1500 others, unintended consequences of meddling with the space time continuum folks!
Rushi War
Rushi War 5 gün önce
But maybe If American Had lost the war than the Seconds worls war wouldnt have Happens so maybe it would be even better if the us would have lost
Aloysius O’Hare
Aloysius O’Hare 5 gün önce
He survived getting froze but died by a bear
Michael Carrillo
Michael Carrillo 5 gün önce
They just didn't do enough due dillagance for the prop and the writers weren't smart enough to get the timing right for when things existed when.
Tappytap 6 gün önce
Me an intellectual: the director put this purposely
Freedom Phoenix Goat
plotholes? film mistakes? NO! Theory Opportunity Rooms
Antonio Acuna
Antonio Acuna 6 gün önce
You went all out lol
Daryen Greye
Daryen Greye 6 gün önce
another theory i saw had nothing to do with titanic sinking but that rose is an ancester of Sarah Connor (Terminator)
Viffx _
Viffx _ 7 gün önce
Your theory does make sense but why doesn't jack go back without making sure their where more safety boats on the titanic?
A.kitCat.B 7 gün önce
This is my new headcannon for the movie until proven otherwise-
ILWDW 8 gün önce
It would not have been as disasterus as he says it. Yes, more Americans would have died but the war would have probably been cut short by a year or two saving more soldiers in France Britain and the rest of the entente.
Amelia Crites
Amelia Crites 8 gün önce
I always thought jack was cute
Tobblesmash 8 gün önce
Or, and call me crazy but, what if the inconsistencies were just errors made by the script writer bc not everyone Googles every aspect of the props and dialogue to ensure its time-consistent.
John Smith
John Smith 9 gün önce
more videos like this, less videos about how many people are killed/enslaved/etc in an old animated movies. thanks. edit: even though the titanic is (imagine the word "is" was italicized) about a bunch of people who died. :D
BlueJDrago Julius Miguel
While I do think the time traveling thing has a very good argument I would suppose that this is a more psychological phenomenon than a sci-fi one. Knowing that this is being told from the perspective of an elderly rose I would say that this is more in fact that Rose is filling in gaps in her memory with misinformation which is a normal psychological thing with humans. First off, him saving rose definitely established the fate of the Titanic but both the conversations about the lake and the roller coaster could’ve just been misinformation as in both conversations. She got the main point of both conversations but gaps in her memories about the actual objects were filled in by objects more relevant to her in her later years in life. She knew it was a lake but said the wrong lake, she knew it was a roller coaster but still said a roller coaster. And this is mainly supported by the bag as even though she knew that Jack won the ticket in a poker game. One of the biggest gaps in her memory would’ve been the type of bag as she wasn’t there in that scene to see it. While it is a compelling theory, it solely rest on the if humans had perfect memories. The story and movie is a memory, and overall Jack himself is a memory so there will naturally be gaps in his character where we or rose will naturally fill in with whatever makes us understand more. And references of the future in his memory is natural. But that’s just a theory.
Oneofakind 9 gün önce
Alright. Seems reasonable.
BrickSimon2007 9 gün önce
imagine making a theory because some screenwriter didn't do any fucking research
DARTH_GH0ST_7662 9 gün önce
Hard to believe this was 10 months ago
Fluffy charges
Fluffy charges 9 gün önce
Looks like Matt pat may find a theory of everything
Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis 10 gün önce
Maybe they could just have added Things in from the future without noticing because this was created in 1997
Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis 10 gün önce
Maybe their just added things that were created in the future and forgot they were not in 19 12
Jada W
Jada W 10 gün önce
This is honestly a great theory
Carl O'Brien
Carl O'Brien 10 gün önce
So… “Titanic” explains “Man in the High Tower?”
teakey 11 gün önce
Good but too much
Troubled Hero
Troubled Hero 12 gün önce
I think you're on to something
Phoenix's AMVs
Phoenix's AMVs 12 gün önce
"age appropriate this time" jack was 20 and rose was 17 oof
Janice Flores
Janice Flores 12 gün önce
Janice Flores
Janice Flores 12 gün önce
It was 4:25
{Pi} CIVY VORTAC 13 gün önce
Simpler time travel story. He was a time traveler who knew the ship sank. He went back to witness it all with the assumption that everyone dies. When he sees rose about to jump, he decides to save her, knowing that he can't actually change the timeline (if multiverse then a time traveler would know better). He knows the ship sinks but also that rose survives (from historical accounts). So when it's him or her on the raft, he chooses her. He doesn't know about the policy to turn back. So he dies not even knowing it was always him who butterflied the titanic to sink.
Riley Bell
Riley Bell 13 gün önce
Dana James
Dana James 13 gün önce
hes a timetravl ok anb he is elsa anb a car
Scott LeFaivre
Scott LeFaivre 14 gün önce
Sounds like writers and prop and wardrobe did a bad job on their homework that's all but it could definitely be a hidden truth to the movie good work
Bonkey Kong
Bonkey Kong 14 gün önce
20x than USA army bruh that 100x
laconic151 14 gün önce
chetopuffs 15 gün önce
Save 3 min of your life. Start here! 02:59
Nathaniel R-D
Nathaniel R-D 15 gün önce
Film makers, *make minor historical mistakes* Mat Pat "and I took that personally."
Maria Drozdova
Maria Drozdova 16 gün önce
How you described it it's too complicated. How would he know that the the ship will meet the iceberg in that exact moment? To simplify: maybe he came back to save the woman for some reason (in other timeline she died but the ship successfully reached it's destination), but this caused the "butterfly effect" and sinking of the ship. That's why he just chose to die in the end - he messed up and couldn't go back.
Pablo and Friends
Pablo and Friends 16 gün önce
Jack is The Master!
Ben Droomer
Ben Droomer 16 gün önce
he is doctor who
Jaiya Ramirez
Jaiya Ramirez 16 gün önce
Jesus mat take a chill pill
BirdsOnBread 16 gün önce
Mythbusters… I haven’t heard that name in years. Their Zombie episode, duct tape island, and Doom myth are my favorites to this day
Valid ♡
Valid ♡ 16 gün önce
When it turns from a ship to WWI
ItsInvis Mitell
ItsInvis Mitell 16 gün önce
The perfect time travel murder
Brandon Young
Brandon Young 17 gün önce
Before I even watch this video......are you claiming that Jack had such a miserable life with Rose, that he went back in time to keep that from happening? Makes total sense! Why else would he not get on the door with her? 😁
Bee Mavrick
Bee Mavrick 17 gün önce
Jack could be watching this video, commenting in the comments with no recall to the situation 🤔
Titanic Cat
Titanic Cat 16 gün önce
What do you mean?
Micah Alexandria
Micah Alexandria 17 gün önce
So, there could have been a German submarine bomber waiting for the titanic, during this route. Jack being from the future, knows there is no way to save the ship, so concedes with the casulties of the ship but also saves Rose. Because he is from the future, or a parallel universe, he could see what would happen to the Titanic (taken out by German sub). This also delays war from breaking out for a few years, as not turning the titanic around, if Rose had jumped overboard and not been stopped. They would have missed the iceberg, never even realizing there was even the threat of one at any point, only to be destined to meet destruction via German sub. Ultimately this delays an inevitable war as the German submarine was in position to take out the titanic a few miles past the unexpected iceberg. Ultimately the Titanic destroyed by the iceberg due to a successful intervention with Rose, as Jack was privy to knowing she was going to follow through with jumping off of the ship. So Jack intervenes and successfully stops Rose from jumping, also ensuring they would hit the iceberg, but protecting Rose to the extent Jack knew she would survive and live to old age. It also turns out that Rose, has an 8th generation great grandbaby in the future that will grow up to negotiate world peace or something equally significant. Something we are too far in the past to be able to see, but will guarantee increased quality of life for our great/ great- great grandchildren if we were in the movie.
Alexander Karnes
Alexander Karnes 17 gün önce
All I have to say is wow
6030jdr 17 gün önce
This one is one of my favorite
Beavis 2310
Beavis 2310 18 gün önce
Theory: Jack is an ancestor of Frank Abigail Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Cath Me If You Can) In that movie he impersonates and scams many people, and he gets this from his father. Maybe his family had a history of grifters, and Jack was one of them. Jack was actually not his real name, he was jusf trying to make a quick buck, but fell in love accidentally.
Pumpkin 18 gün önce
I hate jeans.
darkheart9668 18 gün önce
the only thing that makes this theory fall apart for me is when Matpat said that the Titanic would hold more American passengers than the Lusitania, but why? No explanation given or anything like that. The Titanic had two sister ships, Olympic and Britannic, during WW1 both these ships joined the war effort and one was sunk because of it, what's to say the Titanic wouldn't have also been used for the war effort instead?
CtrlFreak 19 gün önce
3 false facts = titanic is a time travel movie
Katrien Rose
Katrien Rose 19 gün önce
Think of all the safety features the Titanic lacked too. Not enough lifeboats, etc. If the titanic didn’t sink, think of how many more unsafe boats would have been made in its image.
Titanic Cat
Titanic Cat 16 gün önce
If Titanic had more lifeboats then it wouldn’t change anything, it took 20 to launch 1 lifeboat, There would not be enough time to launch it all
Ghost 19 gün önce
I have an answer for the moose sack and this idea is just crazy like really crazy anyway here it is................................................................................................................................................................................................It's a prop and they didn't know what backpack they had
GTX1650 Max-Q
GTX1650 Max-Q 19 gün önce
Tf, this could literally be a Titanic spinoff movie showing jack's pov as a prequel in his Timeline.
Giorgi Bregvadze
Giorgi Bregvadze 19 gün önce
You know I was going to sleep tonight
Aly Howard
Aly Howard 19 gün önce
But how would Jack know that saving Rose would ensure the titanic hitting a random ice burg
Muffin Guy
Muffin Guy 19 gün önce
"induring romance" me looking at the dislikes: "6.9k-"
Awesome Bro201
Awesome Bro201 19 gün önce
Comments here get a lot of replies
DenizWithZ 19 gün önce
13:22 In one other video you tell us about Bulgaria, you are saying it again. That means you know about that country a little. That's bad.
Kayla LeFebvre
Kayla LeFebvre 19 gün önce
*Couch couch couch* when we learned about this in science class in fifth grade.
Brian Gregory
Brian Gregory 19 gün önce
Ah, so clearly time travelers are American. God help us all.
Thelocalpotato 19 gün önce
Another explanation is that everybody forgot it’s 1912
DJ Teddy Jetts
DJ Teddy Jetts 20 gün önce
Great job. Even if it is all essentially nonsense, these are interesting thought exercises. I like how you back it up with evidence. Your videos prove that art is and should be OPEN to interpretation. Love it!
Alex Barone-Jay
Alex Barone-Jay 20 gün önce
Omg you’re hilarious :) wasn’t planning on watching the WHOLE thing but you just keep making me laugh w/out seemingly trying to haha
Odysseas Kagialhs
Odysseas Kagialhs 20 gün önce
For this theory to work Jack would be a TVA type of time traveler meaning there's a pre-destined timeline and he prevents people from straying from that path otherwise how he could possibly know the exact moves he needs to do to prevent USA from joining the war early? Either that or there's another time traveler involved meaning Jack knows both timelines. Also if Jack was a time traveler he could stop the entirety of WW1 and possibly even WW2 as an aftermath since the start of WW1 boils down to a single assasination if i recall correctly
Edelwesa Quiapo
Edelwesa Quiapo 20 gün önce
Thank God I already watched this movie (so no spoiler alert for me :>)
Rod ney
Rod ney 20 gün önce
I am seeing Speedwagon
__ f l u f f y _
__ f l u f f y _ 20 gün önce
my great great great great great uncle died by building the titanic
faithless 13
faithless 13 20 gün önce
I think this theory is sweet
Timo Majere
Timo Majere 21 gün önce
1:51 Um.... It took 2 hours and 40 minutes for Titanic to sink. Forced information from school. I mean no one was there to count, but a google search showed multiple sites with the same timeframe. I'm sorry.
Stacie Becker
Stacie Becker 21 gün önce
Well, of course Jack won his ticket to board the Titanic...he already knew how to beat the other guy's hand...more evidence!!
Zin Vametia
Zin Vametia 21 gün önce
Zin Vametia
Zin Vametia 21 gün önce
4:54 OH WOWZERS GEEZ LUIS! Leonardo is a rich heterosexual actor in the prime of his life?!!!! Tell me it isn't so!
fallenscsl 21 gün önce
LoL rose is the grandmother of sarah connor, lets go!
Danny Benhur
Danny Benhur 21 gün önce
Jack is a TVA agent.
Titanic 21 gün önce
Alternate Title: Matpat gets Titanic facts wrong for 15 minutes and 51 seconds
Titanic Cat
Titanic Cat 16 gün önce
Techno Media
Techno Media 21 gün önce
For the bag, the movie contains the bag, not the actual event. The directior of the movie could not use the bag of the time when titanic sunk, so, it's a general bag used "in the movie", not in reality.
Sayurosu Maguigad
Sayurosu Maguigad 21 gün önce
Marvels: What If... Titanic didnt sunk by an Iceberg.
Hawaii Builds
Hawaii Builds 21 gün önce
I was tricked into a alternate history video
Kaiden💗 22 gün önce
I rather listen to this than go to history class - 💀💀
Dominus Gaming
Dominus Gaming 22 gün önce
Titanic is real..
Robert Fogarty
Robert Fogarty 22 gün önce
Jack never existed and Rose made him up
Michelle P
Michelle P 22 gün önce
or the production did not do enough research. but an interesting theory
Adawehi Layton
Adawehi Layton 22 gün önce
I was 23 in 1997. Awesome!
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