Film Theory: The Scary Monsters Living Under Your Feet! (The Descent)

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Ever wonder if something scary could be living right under your feet? No, I don't mean bugs or your downstairs neighbors. I mean underground, like mole people or the monsters from The Descent. Haven't thought about that horror movie in a while, huh? Don't worry Theorists, with today's episode I'm going to make sure you never forget it or it's cave dwelling monsters ever, EVER again.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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25 Haz 2020




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Wolf Ancap
Wolf Ancap Yıl önce
Matpat: "Gotcha, made you look at your feet" Me, lying down in bed: "You fool! My feet were in my peripheral vision all the time!"
Ostrich Boi
Ostrich Boi Aylar önce
Voidツ 2 aylar önce
@Elizza Vanessa 👏
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson 3 aylar önce
I’m laying on the floor,don’t ask
the creator
the creator 3 aylar önce
Latham West
Latham West 3 aylar önce
Bro that exact same thing happened to me 😂😃😂
Terra Fletcher
Terra Fletcher 22 saatler önce
I did kinda like, "as above so below".
Farrdawg Joker
Farrdawg Joker 3 gün önce
You forgot that we only see the younger active crawlers that are near the surface and ever go out to hunt on the surface world. With thousands of miles of caves deeper than we saw there could be tribes of them in much higher number the deeper you go with different food sources including cannibalism.
Jones Kleid
Jones Kleid 3 gün önce
If they hunt outside…..why are they blind?
Lixツ 3 gün önce
Oh no, I Iive In the Philippines
Tokoyami Fumikage
Tokoyami Fumikage 6 gün önce
Falmer. They are Falmer. They are literally cave-dwelling cannabalistic gremlin things. Just give them giant bugs to harvest chitin from, and they'd be dead on.
Chara 11 gün önce
Get off the bike
TheHourCal 12 gün önce
Ripped off from a film that came out some 11 years later? What?
ArkhamRedhood 12 gün önce
5:54 welp the jokes on you Matthew Patrick I was in bed
jesse haaland
jesse haaland 13 gün önce
It's an awesome movie!
jesse haaland
jesse haaland 13 gün önce
The human flukeworm of the x files!
ChineseChaoFan 16 gün önce
7:07. As someone who lives in the Philippines for my whole life, I am now terrified.
The Fox 793
The Fox 793 17 gün önce
you have mentioned philippines, we have now appeared
Mr. Pseudodragon
Mr. Pseudodragon 18 gün önce
under my feet? ik theres unexplored caves under my feet, theyre filled with the water i get through my tap
DaMaybe 19 gün önce
It could be plausible but not as a predator. More something that eats crust from rocks or stuff cause there arent that many humans around the deepest unexplored caves in the world
LiveLifeLovely Tarot
LiveLifeLovely Tarot 20 gün önce
This movie is a nightmare 😫 😩 so scary 😨
Jimbo Jackson
Jimbo Jackson 20 gün önce
Part Two was great! Except for the last 30ish seconds.
Just some guy with a sharingan
Aiden Porter
Aiden Porter 25 gün önce
you did not make me im smaet
PsyGamez 27 gün önce
I mean bats are also completely blind mammals don’t give star-nosed moles all the attention
YourlocalWEEB 27 gün önce
Descent: 2005 Quiet Place: 2018
NoLongerHuman13 Aylar önce
The cover of the dissent is the same as the moth from the cover of the movie “the silence of the lambs“. If you take the screenshot of that moth and enlarge it you will notice the bodies make up the skull that’s on the back of the moth.
JFomo Aylar önce
I use to enjoy horror movies until I saw The Descent. The depressing ending ruined me and since then I struggle to watch anymore horror movie in fear of sad endings.
Brent Bucaling
Brent Bucaling Aylar önce
Philippines represent !!
Aliace Davis
Aliace Davis Aylar önce
I think the movie director played skyrim because these sound like falmer
Paola De Franco
Paola De Franco Aylar önce
The poster are the Girls on the walls
Ghosty Ghost
Ghosty Ghost Aylar önce
I dunno mattpat, what about the pygmies they found on that island off the coast of africa? humans can survive and evolve relatively fast to their environments in unexpected ways. i think the idea that cryptids existing is dismissed is a bit careless considering what we know about adaptation.
NintendoGamecube Aylar önce
The forest litterally copied crawlers from the descent lol
Danijel Konc
Danijel Konc Aylar önce
0:13 Jesus it sounds like the sculk sensors.
Wilson G
Wilson G Aylar önce
If you are from Appalachia then you know the original name for the Cherokee people in their language means cave people. Fun fact
jesse j sevilla
jesse j sevilla Aylar önce
Havent seen the decent movie. In yrs
terrence ryan
terrence ryan Aylar önce
MatPat: “Massive inbreeding leads to hearing loss and deafness.” Me: “What?”
Emma Breen
Emma Breen Aylar önce
I have never heard of this movie, but when it came on the Playlist I was watching, I couldn't stop comparing them to the falmer from skyrim
That one youtuber
That one youtuber Aylar önce
1:41 can’t tell what he means but “descent” was made in 2006 while “A quite place” was made in 2018
Alana Rodríguez
Alana Rodríguez Aylar önce
I actually really liked The Cave, the movie that gets compared with this one. That to me was actually was more enjoyable to watch even tho it had it’s flaws.
zeref dragneel
zeref dragneel Aylar önce
What about the parasite from the cave what is the probability of that existing undiscovered
Bio-Agent686 Aylar önce
This channel has helped me through many a bored afternoons
STRABARY Aylar önce
Nok Leaf
Nok Leaf Aylar önce
Artemis Fowl Movie sadge
Alex Mopeio
Alex Mopeio Aylar önce
They are real they are called earth worms
Ray Abrams
Ray Abrams Aylar önce
There is no way they could survive off roadkill dear. They would definitely have to be in a populated area and someone would see them near the roads. And most people call insurance and wait for police report. Then I’m sure they don’t just leave the dead or half dead dear on the road.
Mr. Memory loss
Mr. Memory loss Aylar önce
NaFyne 2 aylar önce
All I could think of seeing the crawlers were orcs:’))
Aditya Hardikar
Aditya Hardikar 2 aylar önce
They look exactly like the calmer from Skyrim. Their story is almost the same. Also the blindness and acute sense hearing is also the same.
Fish On!
Fish On! 2 aylar önce
The biggest problem with your theory is the cave systems in the Appalachian mountains are certainly big enough to hide thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of creatures.
NANI ?! 2 aylar önce
When you're a Filipino and you haven't heard of anything like that creature: *_PUTANGINAAAAAAAAAAA_*
Auden Pelz
Auden Pelz 2 aylar önce
i live in the Appalachian mountains, and i wasn’t scared about cave creatures, until this video. thanks matpat, never going outside again
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 aylar önce
This is a comment
This is a comment
This is a comment 2 aylar önce
This is a comment
Agilefeet 2 aylar önce
Oh god, Philippines!
Alt Zerox
Alt Zerox 2 aylar önce
Alt Zerox
Alt Zerox 2 aylar önce
Bleepingbobby 2 aylar önce
They are the rake, cave crawler , mandingo creatures....saw them in videos of some speologists
Scotty D
Scotty D 2 aylar önce
if the crawlers leave the caves to hunt/scavenge animals, which they would have to do often considering there's a decent number of them and having to feed all of them multiple times a day, then how would they evolve to be fully blind (instead of advanced night vision) since they still use sight frequently.
Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan 2 aylar önce
Oh man I didn't even realize there was a part 2
Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan 2 aylar önce
Definitely thought you were gonna go with the boring company after bringing up Elon musk.
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 2 aylar önce
The monsters also sound like the falmer/snow elves of Skyrim
C Donovan
C Donovan 2 aylar önce
Speaking of the Study of thing's, I'm actually planning on going into Spheeliology, the Study of Caves, and becoming a Caver.
Shark Attack 21
Shark Attack 21 2 aylar önce
Acute hearing and smelling? Poor eyesight? They sound like Falmer from skyrim
Dipdoopmahgoop 2 aylar önce
Actually, if the Sentinelese were able to survive and had likely done so through inbreeding, then it's not so far-fetched to believe that the Crawlers could do so too.
DàrkÁçhëm!st 2 aylar önce
MatPat-Made You Look At Your Feet Me With Feet Covered By Blanket-You Fool, I Am Immortal.
Harrison Raub
Harrison Raub 2 aylar önce
Surprised I haven't seen anyone mention the falmer from Skyrim
Irvin Rodriguez
Irvin Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
It’s like the game forest
DABABYLETsGoo yeet 2 aylar önce
Bruh u make me miss stranger things I'm waiting for season 4😭😭😭
D4rksh4d0vv 2 aylar önce
Even when it's cheerful, matpat will always make it creepy. Also, wrong channel but 3rd time asking, please do a theory on magic survival, a mobile game because I believe there's at least some deep lore in it and if not, please let me know.
WanwanOP 2 aylar önce
I alright til i heard that the fossils where found in the PHILIPPINES, WHERE I LIVE. Never going into caves here, that's for sure
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara 2 aylar önce
Having stayed on the second floor on a three floored Motel 6 in San Francisco, you have creepy stuff on all sides in that case.
Star Emerson
Star Emerson 2 aylar önce
He should really make a channel called cryptid theorists
Sreyan Bandopadhyaya
Sreyan Bandopadhyaya 2 aylar önce
And hungry tihers
HelloThereDiesel 2 aylar önce
Man, we're falling behind on our exploration homework.
Nash Raven Yumul
Nash Raven Yumul 3 aylar önce
Mapat says that some similarities find in cave people in the Philippines me:👁👄👁 oh...sh- also Matpat:and their in Luzon Me again, and living in Luzon: 👁👄👁 i need to get out of here
Joy Freg
Joy Freg 3 aylar önce
how do crawlers go out and hunt deer if they're blind?
Joy Freg
Joy Freg 3 aylar önce
You'd think with all the homeless people there must be feral humanoids somewhere... but it's not like baby humans can go out and become the rake all on their own.
Asif A. Ali
Asif A. Ali 3 aylar önce
I think Filmtheorist is a crawler. 😃
Comrade Doggo
Comrade Doggo 3 aylar önce
Me : *So* *that’s* *how* *Minecraft* *got *it’s* *cave* *sounds* .
29 DY
29 DY 3 aylar önce
This movie was scary and stressful even before the monsters showed up. The cave was scary enough by itself
Nuttygranola TV
Nuttygranola TV 3 aylar önce
This wasnt decent we should descent the subscribes
the creator
the creator 3 aylar önce
I seen that a.ond is a dark is a horror game and a movie as well Guess my fear is a movie AND a game
Alastor Jenkins
Alastor Jenkins 3 aylar önce
Mat: "Haha, made you look at your feet" Me: jokes on you I looked to my side
Red Engineer
Red Engineer 3 aylar önce
Jokes on you I'm in the lowlands of the Netherlands. Only clay and mud under our feet.
SubtleGnu Gaming
SubtleGnu Gaming 3 aylar önce
How many times does he say hizzouse?
the child
the child 3 aylar önce
Matpat: "There were 71 new plant and animal species found last year alone" me: "ACTULLY IT'S 121 NEW SPECIES IF YOU ALSO COUNT THE 50-ISH NEW DINOSAURS TOO"
Matt Carpenter
Matt Carpenter 3 aylar önce
I live in middle Tennessee on top of a multi-state region that is filled with miles and miles of caves, I can attest that there are for sure tons of undiscovered cave networks here. It’s a story for another day but I saw what looked like eyes shining in the dark in Indian Grave Point cave years ago. I’ve never gone back in but in fairness plenty of people go in the main areas of that cave uneaten.
Sheila Holder
Sheila Holder 3 aylar önce
I keep thinking about the ant worshiping spider.
Ethan Cumming
Ethan Cumming 3 aylar önce
last night I watch artemis fowl last night
Ishaan Hodge
Ishaan Hodge 3 aylar önce
I didn’t look at my feet
Ishaan Hodge
Ishaan Hodge 3 aylar önce
“No no you stop it Disney”
that guy
that guy 3 aylar önce
great theory! But might they just have longer lives?
that guy
that guy 3 aylar önce
But wait, they couldn't evolve then!
Dakawan S
Dakawan S 3 aylar önce
Remember they had animals inside the cave so they did wander outside.
ZL F 4 aylar önce
this guy has good visuals just is shitty af ideas like how does that rip off a quiet place ? its a CGi monster vs crawlers & the snub nose rat looks like the alien face hugger not some stranger things monster wtf easily horrible dude "dad bod" yea sure a twig has a dad bod
- .K9. -
- .K9. - 4 aylar önce
5:49 nah just salt mines
Arcade Collie
Arcade Collie 4 aylar önce
12:34 sweet home alabama
Léna Buzzi
Léna Buzzi 4 aylar önce
OK I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. I love spelunking. I actually do this sport since the early 2000. The first time i saw that movie, i litteraly shat my pants. I watched only 30 minutes and spelunking was ruined for me for almost a year (I was a teen). I hated this movie so much i refused to try to watch it again since last week. AND I'M PISSED hahaha. I was so scared when i was a kid, but now, all i can see is the technical mistakes those stupid ladies keep doing. NONE OF THE MATERIAL THEY USE IS ACUTALLY USED WHEN SPELUNKING. idk why but this pissed me of so much i needed to rant under this video.
xHappy_Life 4 aylar önce
MatPat: Haha! Made you look at your feet! Me, who was playing a game and multitasking and hates scary stuff: No. I did not.
gacha_ Pictures
gacha_ Pictures 4 aylar önce
When I heard inbreeding it reminded me of the time in 7th grade math me and my classmates started talking about inbreeding and the blue people of Kentucky
Logan Fortier
Logan Fortier 4 aylar önce
The monsters look kind of like the Skyrim falmer to me.
Donuteater 27
Donuteater 27 4 aylar önce
In the end how about they kick out pretty young dudes to find another group so no inbreeding
ReverseUnoCard 4 aylar önce
Well I had plans to explore caves here in the Philippines but now I'm cowering for my life.
Queen_Of_Hearts 4 aylar önce
I wasn’t thinking quite place, I was thinking more of the until dawn monster.
Christopher Mora
Christopher Mora 4 aylar önce
You mean Demogorgon from D&D?
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