Film Theory: The ONLY Way To Beat The Monster From It Follows! (Scary Movie)

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It Follows brought a very original and terrifying monster to our screens. The Entity that once attached to you and follows until it can end you. The only way to save yourself is to pass it along to someone else... or is there another way? Is there a way to actually defeat the monster? Loyal Theorists, this will have to be one of my most clever solutions yet! Let's get SCARY!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Edward Earl Newton, Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



14 Eki 2020




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Tex Ace Extrordinaire
The Proclaimers: I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more- Vanessa Carlton: I'd walk a thousand miles- The Entity: hold my beer
BlueAndTheCrew 2 gün önce
i'd walk 26280 miles
TheAmbitiousDuck 4 aylar önce
I'm 10 months late but this is what was in my head the entire time
Loo 7 aylar önce
Pika 7 aylar önce
Vance kyros de Guzman
Vance kyros de Guzman 9 aylar önce
The Proclaimers: I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more- Vanessa Carlton: I'd walk a thousand miles- The Entity: Amateurs Both: What was that punk The entity: Amateurs
BlackScape Yıl önce
I remember putting this movie on for my family thinking it was just another scary movie. Well it wasnt JUST another scary movie. And things got awkward fast.
Mark Elias Grant
Mark Elias Grant 13 gün önce
I certainly hope no children watched this due to graphic content and fright.
Desi Steele
Desi Steele Aylar önce
Tøxîç Zømbìé
Tøxîç Zømbìé 4 aylar önce
@Internet Personwtf are you talking about, obviously they watch the videos
justin hunt
justin hunt 6 aylar önce
Read the profile first common sense
Kixie Boo
Kixie Boo 7 aylar önce
Same! My boyfriend told me I should watch this so I put it on for my mom, her fiance, and I. I felt so embarrassed. He didn't warn me at all!
Meryl Pritchett
Meryl Pritchett 10 aylar önce
Wow, I am most impressed that the film makers actually used real locations and timelines that allowed the entity to consistently travel 3mph throughout the film! What attention to detail!!
Gamer San
Gamer San 2 aylar önce
It's per average
AnAverageNerd 5 aylar önce
@You must love all K A N G A R O O S wha
You must love all K A N G A R O O S
is this sarcasm or no LMAOOOOOO
C1 6 aylar önce
Imagine having the timing all set and mastered for years and then 2020 hits and there is a lockdown where you cant go anywhere.
Will 4 gün önce
@R.J. Penfold if it doesn’t get passed on, then it goes back down the line the other way
IGSA101 5 gün önce
@Grim Politely asked to in the US, not so much elsewhere.
Grim 21 gün önce
But even then noone was required to stay in their house. They were just politely asked to lol, plus if you have a demon on the chase then maybe you get a pass. Plus it might be easier cause you dont have any people all over the place,
Valente de Jesús
Valente de Jesús Aylar önce
@Mike Luther Lmao what? Compensating lack of personality with random political remarks.
The_one cam cam
The_one cam cam 2 aylar önce
@Mike Luther weird comment
aya kaneshiro [ lucy's wife ]
If it always walks at a constant speed, you can probably write a program that tells you where it is at all times based in your location, length of stay, known routes and its walking speed. You'd probably have to recalibrate it every now so you can't avoid seeing it. But it would help a lot staying alive. You could even add a feature of how long you can stay in a certain area before it catches up. The coding is easy enough that it's doable by a 19 year old if they are willing to learn or find a peer who can do it.
Imagine the entity just gives up like 'urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh frick this imma go find another victim. All I'm doing at this point is walkind back and forth >:C'
Valente de Jesús
Valente de Jesús Aylar önce
The program is doable, the issue again is the resources and health management. There's only so much you can pay for transportation and allocation. And even if you're not willing to pay for that walking constantly even with small breaks on between would tear your health in a matter of days, staying outside also leaves you exposed to sicknesses and other dangers. The best solution I can think of is, that based on the behavior of the monster. It follows you in an Euclidean way, if there's an obstacle then it's pattern could be predicted with the Manhattan equation to find the fastest route around obstacles. It seems to be smarter than that tough. But is pretty safe to assume that it always follows the most optimal and direct route to you. With this in mind you could set up a route to keep travelling in circles, staying in all of your friends houses at some point of the day. It would be annoying for them but the protagonist's friends seem to cooperate. Then again I don't think the monster is as predictable as we assume.
Nazriel Al-hafidz
Nazriel Al-hafidz 2 aylar önce
you could also get your friends to put a tracking device on it while it's focused on you
A Google User
A Google User 3 aylar önce
That's exactly what I was thinking.
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 10 aylar önce
A cool movie would be seeing someone living like this and not knowing until the end just why they are doing it.
Alex Sutera
Alex Sutera 2 aylar önce
Dude, wow what a twist that would be
Alex Sutera
Alex Sutera 2 aylar önce
Thats fucking brilliant
The Jovenshire
The Jovenshire Yıl önce
Legit, I constantly think of that movie more than I should.
Kell 2 aylar önce
I dont, virginity really is as cool as that youth pastor with the acoustic guitar said.
Yuuki Kun
Yuuki Kun 5 aylar önce
Me too it really does follow
DistantEyez 7 aylar önce
Same. It sticks with you
Derek Stevens
Derek Stevens 7 aylar önce
Frazer Hughes
Frazer Hughes 7 aylar önce
I was ur 11 thousandth like lol
LaughingFox13 Yıl önce
Two things: 1. Getting an injectable tracker (like the type used for animals) and having a friend inject it into the Entity while you keep it's attention and direct them would take all of the guess work out of this. The main benefit to that is that you would then always be able to see EXACTLY where the Entity is. On top of that, it completely removes the guess works and margin for error, so you won't end up being blindsided one day because you messed up the math. 2. I love MatPat, but he seems to be ignoring one of the rules of the Entity here: it always walks in a straight line directly to you. It never follows roads, paths, or anything of the sort, but simply walks in the direction where it can feel you, only changing course to go around objects. This is good because it means that hills, buildings, and the like can very much slow it down, but also very bad because it makes it more unpredictable. You would have to figure out the exact path it would take from where you were previously, where it would run into obstacles, how long it would take to get around those obstacles, and plenty of other things as well. This is simply too many variables to keep track of. I honestly think that this is a very nice and simple solution, but one that will fail eventually due to simply not being able to predict things accurately every time. Not to mention that a single off day where you mess up one calculation (once you are used to the Entity enough to not worry enough to calculate things multiple times), and you are completely screwed. I think that putting a tracker in or on the Entity, and then monitoring it remotely is the best, and safest solution. Humans are way to flawed creatures for MatPat's system to work indefinitely after all
Flame of the Phoenix
I don't quite no how trackers like that work, but wouldn't it eventually run out of battery?
Fuscous MC
Fuscous MC 21 gün önce
@Valente de Jesús if its skin can be pierced by a bullet a needle should work
LaughingFox13 Aylar önce
@Valente de Jesús A fair point, for sure. I was very sure of my solution at the time, but rereading it there are plenty of flaws.
Valente de Jesús
Valente de Jesús Aylar önce
We don't know if it's skin can be pierced, you could try a sticking tracker but we also don't know if it can just get rid of it. It doesn't behave or resemble a normal human being in any way.
monica kar
monica kar 8 aylar önce
This thing cannot go through walls, so if you are somehow able to trap him, then he can't do much. Right?
its supercat
its supercat 9 gün önce
@TROLL KING that's what im saying, it's strength isn't a normal humans. So inconsistent lol
TROLL KING 9 gün önce
@its supercat then why did it break down the door
Evrything is Chaos
Evrything is Chaos Aylar önce
@DogGamer 364 that would be assuming that it can do that but I don't think it can, I think the trapping idea would work!
its supercat
its supercat 3 aylar önce
@Matthew Douglas yet it hit paul like two feet away but only has human strength, sure lol.
DogGamer 364
DogGamer 364 3 aylar önce
@li'l T well it never had a reason to since people never trapped it
BcwGames Yıl önce
Put this guy in almost any horror movie/game and he will find a way to survive in it or beat the challenge or person trying to do him harm.
Karrie Kelsey
Karrie Kelsey 7 aylar önce
@BcwGames True
BcwGames 7 aylar önce
@Karrie Kelsey true but he did almost beat an irl FNAF thing so anything is possible.
Karrie Kelsey
Karrie Kelsey 7 aylar önce
Hes smart like that but uhm would he actually survive? He could be wrong and if we use that advice we could die
FractalFoxette Yıl önce
The real scary thing of this video is realizing Pat’s son is 2 years old already.
Nova Ryan khan
Nova Ryan khan 5 aylar önce
Yass he's a cutie patootie
kingofwhatever 6 aylar önce
@Poison :] yup!
Solanum Tuberosum
Solanum Tuberosum 7 aylar önce
I thought it was older btw, that was more of a relieving news
Francesca Patti
Francesca Patti 8 aylar önce
@Poison :] his names Oliver, I think
M H 8 aylar önce
@Poison :] yes he is
Mz Lou
Mz Lou Yıl önce
I just realized how incredibly patient The Entity is. It’s the most laid back supernatural killer ever. It just strolls along everywhere. Do you think it admires the turning of the leaves or pets a dog every once in a while?
Megan Michaels
Megan Michaels Yıl önce
@Matthew Smith that's just a stalker movie on lifetime
The Awesome Guy
The Awesome Guy Yıl önce
I have found the English teacher
Ed Stringer
Ed Stringer Yıl önce
@Matthew Smith Passionless, Relentless ,Stalker it is creepy
Ed Stringer
Ed Stringer Yıl önce
@Steven Scott or maybe Jay was the last person .It was waiting for Jay to score for job security .... Even relentless supernatrual killer entities respect the game
Kestrel Liddel
Kestrel Liddel Yıl önce
Galimeer5 7 aylar önce
The real 200IQ play is to sleep with the monster
devin thorn
devin thorn 6 gün önce
It literally kills it’s prey by banging then to death
Nazriel Al-hafidz
Nazriel Al-hafidz 2 aylar önce
well in the movie, The Entity does rape Greg
Jules Echica
Jules Echica 3 aylar önce
The second it lays a hand on you, you dead
Alien_Ghost_Gaming 909
Then it collapses on itself like a dying star
Catra Rose
Catra Rose 4 aylar önce
Ethan Salvator
Ethan Salvator 11 aylar önce
Just get it into a hole and fill it with cement, when you and every other person cursed dies of old age, the curse is broken
Dox Holiday
Dox Holiday 2 aylar önce
@filipesaul Paul weighs about 125lbs, him being thrown (or kicked) back means nothing. Cement doesn't dry it sets, and you'd use concrete (Cement + sand + aggregate). Concrete doesn't set instantly but it's heavy af and you can add large aggregate (3/8", 1/2", 3/4", etc rocks) to the mix - in which case there will be no "swimming" possible. You can also add Quik-set chemicals to make it set even faster. The strongest person in the world couldn't push 3' x 3' x 3' concrete off their body (1 ton...A 4' x 4' x 4' block of concrete = 2.4 tons), let alone above their head. All you'd need is a 10-12' or deeper hole around 4' x 4' wide and 2.5 - 3 yards of concrete. ($400)
Оратор Aд
Оратор Aд 2 aylar önce
@filipesaul Pretty sure cement is like 10x denser than water. Regular dirt would probably work just fine, if not try the terminator 2 method.
filipesaul 3 aylar önce
Well, the monster was shown to be relatively intelligent. So he probably won't be so easy to get into the hole. And it can just walk/swim out of the cement (cement doesn't dry instantly, and the monster is shown to be relatively strong. Strong enough to break whatever's blocking his way out of the cement.
idk 3 aylar önce
@Matthew Douglas and the others that were affected before
MechanizedMan 4 aylar önce
@Matthew Douglas Really tho? When it attacked the group it seemed like it pushed pual rather far. I wouldn't be surprised if its actually stronger then a normal person
Kayama Koomori
Kayama Koomori Yıl önce
Good idea, but if I could take a line from the awesome movie, "The Croods." "That's not living, that's just....Not Dying."
Arion Baboolal
Arion Baboolal 3 aylar önce
Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well
Firefly 593
Firefly 593 6 aylar önce
“The monster is like an STD” Virgins: _cue “it’s tough to be a god” from Road to El Dorado_
Nazriel Al-hafidz
Nazriel Al-hafidz 2 aylar önce
'suffering from success' DJ Khaled album
R.I.P Rick May
R.I.P Rick May 4 aylar önce
@Iam Pidgeon OF COURSE
Jay 4 aylar önce
And Asexuals.
Iam Pidgeon
Iam Pidgeon 5 aylar önce
R.I.P Rick May
R.I.P Rick May 5 aylar önce
Black Fox Gaming
Black Fox Gaming Yıl önce
This film is literally that theoretical problem where you're immortal until an immortal snail catches up to you.
Donut Loving Werewolf
Wait what? What theory is this?
system_003 2 aylar önce
Should I make an animation about this...?
Cuzzintruck 4 aylar önce
Basically it says you live forever, but there is a snail that's following you and when it catches you, you die the most painful death.
Cuzzintruck 4 aylar önce
I immediately thought of that too.
Bob MacIntosh
Bob MacIntosh 7 aylar önce
@That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin decoy snail
Dávid Dolnics
Dávid Dolnics 8 aylar önce
"How do you outrun the physical manifestation of your relationshp mistakes?" this is the best line I heard so far.
Anastasia Peterson
Anastasia Peterson 6 aylar önce
Small addition that you'd want the distance between work and home to be as the crow flies, it isn't likely the entity would be following along the same roads you're taking, it would probably cut through yards and fields and the like, and you may want to give yourself an extra hour or so before changing routes in case you have to stay at work longer than your scheduled shift
JS Maddy
JS Maddy 6 aylar önce
imagine after one point you're just at your friend's place and they want you to stay for a while longer and you have to explain to them that this entity is chasing after you and in that conversation you see It walking towards the house and you just casually go "ugh it's here again, I'll see you next time"
N!ghtw!ng 15
N!ghtw!ng 15 7 aylar önce
My idea of containing it includes getting a shipping container and leading it inside, lock it and then bury it a healthy depth
N!ghtw!ng 15
N!ghtw!ng 15 3 aylar önce
@maxpaynegk Yes👍🏽 Most, if not all, shipping containers have doors on both sides for easy access from all sides💯
maxpaynegk 3 aylar önce
Do they have doors on both sides? That would be great. Though I'd be waiting out of paranoia to see if it could escape somehow.
Conner Aldeqn
Conner Aldeqn 4 aylar önce
I would fill it with cement first
Jacobi Yıl önce
All I want to see is MatPat in a horror movie, he would be the only one who would not do anything stupid.
ZomBabeZoe's Channel
MatPat,Cinema Summary and The Film Herald together would survive almost any horror scenario
{ QuantumBlauthor }
He'd die first
rippelz Yıl önce
@Shadow Pup exactly
Shadow Pup
Shadow Pup Yıl önce
The smart ones die first before they can make a plan
Octavio Montalvo
Octavio Montalvo Yıl önce
@rippelz yeah you got a point there not going to lie
James 7 aylar önce
I always thought the easiest solution would be to either become or pass it onto an adult film actor/actress.
Mark Warden
Mark Warden 2 aylar önce
My biggest concern is the speed assumption. The Entity is sentient (often terrorizing it's mark). After experiencing the scheduled method of managing it, it could change its strategy. For example, it could walk extremely slowly towards you. Suppose it could reduce it's pace to a snails crawl (still moving towards you), then the calculations fall apart and it gets closer to you than your model predicts. If the entity times it correctly, it shows up when you're sleeping. There is evidence in the movie that it can change its speed. Specifically, when the entity gets on the roof and watches the protagonist run away.
Mortis Yıl önce
I don't mean to get a little dark, but doesn't "the curse" seem suspiciously like a metaphor for an STD? Gained during a one night stand, haunts you until it kills you, can be passed to someone else. Edit: watched the end, was definitely right.
Ah'Taysta Mcauther
Ah'Taysta Mcauther Aylar önce
Stds can be treated
Sharketeer 11 aylar önce
“Alright class, welcome to High School Sexual Education. For this week’s assignment, we will be binging different slasher films. Now pay attention to all the teenage victims and what their doing when the antagonist appears.”
Jackson Hicks
Jackson Hicks Yıl önce
“It won’t be an exciting life, but it will be an alive life” - Matpat, 2020
Jackson Hicks
Jackson Hicks Yıl önce
Whoops, you are right. I fixed it 😅
Marksmen16 Yıl önce
AKA Most people's lives! Because the entity is not just a personification of an STI, it is also the personification of death. IT will follow you to the end of your days! And it will eventually get you. Death comes for us all!
Raymond Tracer
Raymond Tracer Yıl önce
I'd rather just have an exiting life, just yeet me off this plane of existence.
Олег Таранов
I found out why Sandy lives underwater, please check it out trvid.com/video/video-4-Pd_LqXmI0.html
丁琳 Yıl önce
do you mean exciting?
Bingus 5 aylar önce
now,this is ONE movie I would never expect MatPat to ever make a video on but hey - this movie is GREAT .no complaining
LoraHadACookie! 9 aylar önce
They talk about this for one night stands but what would happen if the person actually had a solid relationship? Or does this entity follow you no matter what?
Taylor Maple
Taylor Maple 6 aylar önce
@Daniel Ocegueda Once A and B are both killed in whatever their current order is, then yes. It goes back to whoever originally cursed A.
Daniel Ocegueda
Daniel Ocegueda 6 aylar önce
Wait, wait, suppose there's a pair of accursed, A and B; A passes to B, B passes back to A then they both get killed in order. Would the Entity go back to who infected A? Because the next in the chain should've been A again, right?
LoraHadACookie! 7 aylar önce
@libradawg9 oh ok (never watched this movie so got confused)
libradawg9 8 aylar önce
The two main protags are childhood friends who never came close. It comes after you no matter what if you do the deed.
Anna Belle
Anna Belle Yıl önce
I didn't expect for the video to start with "THE TEEN PREGNANCY-"
ETPS 8 aylar önce
Same. 😂
Riley Mayer
Riley Mayer Aylar önce
One of my favorite film theory episodes good job! 😁
ArtificialWay 6 aylar önce
Great movie. Crazy creative and that scene in her house where the 9 foot tall slender man creeps through is genuinely horrifying
loke 8 aylar önce
the positive is i want to live a van life, i can easily travel the world without having to worry about the entity
Luna Stone
Luna Stone 8 aylar önce
Me, an asexual: wow a first horror movie i would survive 😎
Nazriel Al-hafidz
Nazriel Al-hafidz 2 aylar önce
'suffering from success'
Johnny Speedboat
Johnny Speedboat Yıl önce
Quick theory question: what happens if the most recent victim kills themself? It doesn't necessarily have to be caused by the STDemon, since someone could have it, not know about it, and just happen to off themselves before the demon kills them. Would the demon just break, since it wasn't what killed them? Or does it just not matter?
Tilly Foxes
Tilly Foxes Yıl önce
Everyone gangster until it learns to use public transport.
TheMofobuss 2 aylar önce
I dont think it would make it through tsa
ashley bonner
ashley bonner 2 aylar önce
Oh god.
Arion Baboolal
Arion Baboolal 3 aylar önce
InVālįdPērsøń 4Ø4
He do be on public transport doe 😳
Cameron J. Wallace
Cameron J. Wallace 7 aylar önce
XD What? With Michigan's SMART bus system? It would be better off walking
Directors Choice
Directors Choice Yıl önce
Such a good movie! It’s one of the few horror movies I’ll rewatch
EchoSlayerGaming Yıl önce
Can’t you just trap the entity in a cage or large hole
Оратор Aд
Оратор Aд 2 aylar önce
@lostn65 How dense/heavy is cement?
lostn65 6 aylar önce
@Iam Pidgeon how long does it take to dry?
Iam Pidgeon
Iam Pidgeon 6 aylar önce
Just pour cement in the cage nothing can escape a huge block of cement
The M, A double T Hendogg
My thoughts exactly. It would be like owning a pet lion that you wouldn't have to feed.
La-La Smith
La-La Smith 10 aylar önce
@Rasya _Hooman lol trick it to be a snail and pour salt on it
Abby LovesCats
Abby LovesCats Yıl önce
What about bunnies? They’re basically always breeding and they’re fast. I mean I could work for a like a year and give you time to get your affairs in order.
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Gün önce
No animal is safe because 1) a lot of animals have short life spans 2) they get hunted and ended for food or apparel or simply for fun by humans or become prey of other animals so even if the entity doesn’t get to it, it would most likely pass away thus leading the entity back to you. 3) animals not being sentient enough to comprehend what’s happening will have no survival skills against the entity they wouldn’t even run away 4) no assurance that they would mate and their mates would mate and so forth in time for you to live a normal life. Especially since a lot of animals only mate during mating season. In short, animals aren’t reliable enough for you to put your life in their paws 🐾.
wICIU 2 aylar önce
@ResultfulBody a FILM THEORY
ResultfulBody 2 aylar önce
@Frank Hill Jr. Calm down, it's all in theory.
Frank Hill Jr.
Frank Hill Jr. 2 aylar önce
Aidan Tessener
Aidan Tessener 5 aylar önce
Chances are you'd end up killing it in the process if you're a guy, because, well, *reasons* And if you're a girl that would be kind of uh, hard to start Not to mention that if anyone found out you'd end up in jail, and if something ends up happening to the bunnies you would have no way of Escaping it and doing that again if you were stuck in a prison cell.
Robo Vill
Robo Vill 11 aylar önce
Isn't it a bit unreasonable to assume the entity would use the side walk EVERY time? I'm pretty sure it would most likely cut through a forest, park, or whatever else.
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Gün önce
That’s why still plan your safe distance taking that into consideration. It’s obviously not gonna stop for red lights, construction work, a fence blocking the road, etc. So plan your distance farther than the safe distance if that makes sense.
Zbear07 Yıl önce
Imagine if the entity was real and someone had to use this plan forever and then quarantine hits and they can’t go anywhere
Trey Brzezowski
Trey Brzezowski 10 aylar önce
@Sorain1 Aha, so Friday the 13th in Space is what you're saying?
Sorain1 10 aylar önce
@Trey Brzezowski Cue sequel in the far future where the creature is let out by excavation and is now hunting the descendant's of it's intended victims, leading to the revelation that it can float through space (somehow) at the same pace... so you sign up for the colony effort to Alpha Centauri.
Sonicelcra 11 aylar önce
But the entity needs to stay in their home
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry 11 aylar önce
@Zbear07 you'd probably just have to do shorter trips but more often. Sleep in 2 or 3 short bursts and go for a bike ride in between. Take your food with you so you can eat at your destination while waiting for it to catch up. You just need to go far enough that you can ride back hope, sleep for a bit, wake up, and get back on your bike.
Trey Brzezowski
Trey Brzezowski 11 aylar önce
Dig a hole, trap the entity, fill the hole with quick drying concrete (which is like $5 for a 60 lbs bag at Home Depot) and just trap it in a solid block of concrete until the end of time.
Me Yıl önce
Are you sure this would actually be less stressful? I like the pass it to an astronaut idea.
Breakmybones_please 8 saatler önce
Imagine living out a planned life with the entity and everything is going alright then one day you just see the entity sprinting towards you 💀
Not Bob
Not Bob 29 gün önce
So basically, to beat the entity, you just need to follow a specific routine
Luz Noceda
Luz Noceda Yıl önce
I really appreciate you talking abt this mat, this was needed for the youth, kids that watch your channel now know about this type of stuff more thx!
Court Llrn Creations
Everybody all worried about the protagonists but that poor demon is doomed to very slowly exercise for all eternity.
Ina 18 gün önce
@IceNinja 1997 Alternate lore: A spirit of someone who accidentally died while trying to hit that 10k step goal of the day and keeps walking to this very day.
Hyperion Propagandist
Hyperion Propagandist 4 aylar önce
Maybe the entity is some weird form of Sisyphus
HeyAilu 6 aylar önce
IceNinja 1997
IceNinja 1997 7 aylar önce
Alternate lore: A spirit of someone who loved walking, that got dumped by their someone, and commited suicide unnoticed
Zoe Yerke-Robins
Zoe Yerke-Robins 7 aylar önce
*me when my parents tell me to exercise* time to pace for life
EternallySleepy Yıl önce
I am starting to feel almost sorry for this creature. Imagine constantly chasing a goal, only for it to move the moment you get to it. Can murdering entities have mental breakdowns?
Misty Wafers
Misty Wafers Yıl önce
Izzy: If I was you I would go anywhere to find her Me: Hold my beer The entity: Hold both my beers
couldn't you just wait for the entity to get close then have friends bind the creature and bury it far beneath the earth? thus also buying tons of time and possibly killing it especially if it is cemented into the ground?
MandyLina123 7 aylar önce
What if someone locked it into a cement house with no windows? It can't break down cement unless you leave tools. Good question is how you would get it inside the box tho.
Molly O'Kami
Molly O'Kami Yıl önce
I'm not a fan of horror movies, but the idea of an "STD ghost" is quite interesting.
Jeremy Crouch
Jeremy Crouch Yıl önce
@Moist Manatee don't you mansplain to me!😡😡😡 This is a reference to Tomska's video 'Beard'.
- mavisyper
- mavisyper Yıl önce
@Stephen Lacombe Why- oh. OHHHH-
Moist Manatee
Moist Manatee Yıl önce
@Stephen Lacombe nah its an STD - Sexually Transmitted Demon
Олег Таранов
I found out that Patrick is pretending to be stupid! check it out please trvid.com/video/video-o82KFaGZyDk.html
KainaX122 Yıl önce
Ok, the classification of “STD ghost” made me chuckle 😂
UwU 4 aylar önce
Haha, anatomic bananas. That gave me a good laugh. The movie itself was pretty good too. Odd concept but was well executed.
oliver 11 aylar önce
Fun fact; one time I walked into the living room to see my grandparents showing this to my 5 year old cousin. All I did was ask why, and to explain that this wasn't for kids. My grandpa got a little annoyed with me for it.
Ruin Rat
Ruin Rat 9 aylar önce
I mean I'd think moving to another continent would be a fairly good idea, you can't perfectly measure how long it would take the entity to get to you but if you estimated it based off of it's swimming speed which you'd have to determine somehow, and cut 15% - 25% off to be safe and moved in a hexagon or an octagon if might pay off, less time following a very strict routine with a chance of death at any slip up might help you think more calmly and figure out what to do next, if you go insane from the anxiety that you fucked up even a little bit you won't be able to run from that thing very well much less enjoy the rest of you life. If you move in an octagon or some other polygon with a lot of sides you won't have to worry as much about the entity cutting corners when you leave a bit early because you'll always move at the obtuse angle, if i used my brain correctly that'll make the path from somewhere on a side of the polygon to the second angle over shorter than if it were a right angle or an acute angle. that being said this would take a lot of money you'd need 6-8 different locations all over the globe, and we're also ignoring the person's ability to do that kind of math and while you could use a calculator figuring out the equation itself for trips across the ocean and difficult terrain might be an issue depending on their knowledge of math. One way to get that type of money would be sleeping with a rich person (if you could find one who's willing to) and then tell them what to do and that they'll die if they don't. Another way that's a little more far fetched would be going far away to buy yourself some time and building a home with no doors or windows. With running water and a garden you could probably survive for some time. The garden could have a glass ceiling (really strong glass i guess I mean you could potentially use bulletproof glass). You'd also need a ventilation system. Assuming this creature can't shapeshift into small animals, if you made the vents small enough your should be safe. Social interaction work and everything else could be handled the same way it is now: digitally. Or I could be completely wrong about all of this, meaning I just spent half an hour typing complete bullshit into a comment section of a half a year old video about a movie I haven't even watched.
Theodor Hansen
Theodor Hansen 8 aylar önce
So I could never lose this creature but then again I could never receive the curse...
Space Ninja
Space Ninja Yıl önce
My plan would be to steadily pump out proof of the Entity’s existence onto the internet, and hope that either 4chan or the Government can deal with it.
brad Yıl önce
4chan would rule 34 it. Just sayin
The Swarm Squad
The Swarm Squad Yıl önce
4chan is too fucking powerful
grim triX
grim triX Yıl önce
You probably wouldnt even need to do that much work or take that many risks... just have it follow you to a government building... like a court or police station. While that may seem risky, you would have an immediate boost in armed manpower to deal with it.
Nathan Houser
Nathan Houser Yıl önce
@insomiablaze 1 not sure if this is bait but I'll take it anyway--they took on like 4 or 5 occasions and each one required more elaborate methods that the previous. They listened to the frequency of a cricket chirping to estimate the temperature, noticed birds that only lived in a few states, used trigonometry from the sunsets/sunrises to estimate the longitude and then mapped out the commercial plane flights overhead to finally pinpoint his location. There's a couple videos on here that detail all of it better than me if you are being genuine.
Nathan Houser
Nathan Houser Yıl önce
@insomiablaze 1 did you forget about shia lebeouf and 4chan? lol... they'd easily be able to handle this thing
Niop Tres
Niop Tres 5 saatler önce
You forget one tiny little important detail.... the creature doesnt follow paths... it walks in a straight line
•Dork.-• 9 aylar önce
Doncha just love to get your daily dose of Matpat overthinking every little thing? I do.
Sam o
Sam o Yıl önce
Film Herald has a series where he discusses how to survive certain horror movies. He covered this one and frankly I found that one better.
Em Val
Em Val 11 aylar önce
I know it's four months later, but what if a couple bounces the entity back and forth to each other so one can work while the other drives and then swaps?
Reversed Infinity
The most clever thing about this is that when you eventually pass away, ideally at old age, there would be few, if any, of the previous curse-bearers left alive. One end of the chain would be you, but you might be the other end as well. In just one lifetime, by performing this method flawlessly, the entity would hopefully cease to exist along with the chain of sexual encounters. Also, as the entity can be temporarily wounded, it is tempting to just run it through a wood chipper and see how long it takes to regenerate. Might give you a few extra hours in a pinch.
Ywd ThaKamp
Ywd ThaKamp 6 aylar önce
@Christian Emerson lol no they gave u the curse so they are aware I doubt it’s happing aging
Sorain1 10 aylar önce
@Christian Emerson ... or it simply goes after whichever is closer at the time. It's not brilliant, but I think it shows enough reasoning to solve this one.
MrRedstone___ Yıl önce
@J.Scott Wiggins Jr. if i was the gov i would leash it since it doesnt attack you but the person who had the 1 night stand rihgt
sadi muntakim
sadi muntakim Yıl önce
@Kenmora Shade you are talking like the infographic show.
Delstrom2 Yıl önce
@Mario Hawkins SCP Foundation! Open up!
The Phaneron
The Phaneron 19 gün önce
Interesting. 42,293 kilometres is relatively close to the circumference of earth at the equator (roughly 40,008 km). It means that in a single year, the entity could circumnavigate the entire globe if it were able to travel on water... I mean, oceans never prevented the spread of STDs. Wonder if that specific speed was intentional because of that reason?
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II Yıl önce
Due to how it responds to natural barriers, you’d think that traveling somewhere over a large body of water would really help. We see it moving through an indoor pool, but imagine how long it would take to travel an ocean. Just rent a crappy one room apartment in Australia and spend your year going back and forth. Sydney is about 9,000 miles away from Detroit. Plenty of time to relax at each area until you have to travel back.
E M Yıl önce
I feel like becoming a pilot or plane stewardess could be a good plan
LaggyDim 9 aylar önce
I wonder if Greg thought his mother was the one killing him. The whole death was pretty quick so not much time to think
Native_Beats _2016
Mattpat: It's not realistic. It requires alot of planning- I think Matt just low-key roasted his main demographic
Khánh Thư Vũ
Khánh Thư Vũ Yıl önce
Woah 666 likes
wayne berry
wayne berry Yıl önce
A lot*
Native_Beats _2016
@Ba Paoi let your work speak for itself. You seem cool tho
wistfxlwishes 9 aylar önce
My plan: try and get the entity to walk through a large no trespassing area and get it arrested and just do that until it gets a life sentence
Gothimaya Aylar önce
Haven’t watched this movie, but from your early explanation… it sounds like if STDs were monsters that hunt you down to patient zero Edit after finishing the video: yep. Glad I’m not the only one who made that connection.
Oliver Games
Oliver Games 2 aylar önce
Ok but what's stopping you from tricking the entity to go into a storage crate and throwing it in the ocean?
Ethan Mooneyham Show
Ethan Mooneyham Show 9 aylar önce
Well you could trap it in a hole, pour cement on it, then hook that cement and give it to a research center as quickly as possible, they will break through the cement and contain it, after doing countless tests as you would guess they would probably ship it to space, where it would endlessly float around
Arson Yıl önce
"How to beat the monster from It Follows" Asexuals: *It's tough being a god*
The Pip
The Pip 21 gün önce
@Akuello The Judge Of Gods Mood!
Estelle Smith
Estelle Smith Aylar önce
Your Mother
Your Mother Aylar önce
YES I’m an ace lesbian 💪
Goldenkitten1 2 aylar önce
Everybody's forgetting their tryst with garlic bread.
Akuello The Judge Of Gods
Being asexual is so helpful I wish my stupid anatomy would stop inconveniencing me or at least feel good more effectively
Grumpy Oldman
Grumpy Oldman 8 aylar önce
If the person you pass It to dies of something else, before the Entity finds them, does that break the chain? If so I've thought of a couple of plans. Unfortunately they involve murder, necrophilia or cannibalism.
Mei Hatsume
Mei Hatsume 17 gün önce
Okay so I’m saying this with absolutely no research done, but if the entity follows someone SPECIFICALLY after a one night stand wouldn’t entering a healthy committed relationship and sleeping with your parter regularly fix the problem?
Josey Wales - Entertainment Media
This is the survival manual I didnt know I needed. Don't think for a minute after watching It Follows that I wasn't constantly looking over my shoulder
Gabriel Godinez
Gabriel Godinez Yıl önce
“Not even a Segway” I laughed harder than I should have
SloppyJoe8228 Yıl önce
I didn’t know this movie existed, which is strange, because it was practically filmed in my backyard.
Cameron J. Wallace
Cameron J. Wallace 7 aylar önce
Did it bother you how he said Macomb as much as me? 🤣
ollipolli Yıl önce
Same here. Filmed at the same hospital i go to therapy at, lool
H. O.
H. O. Yıl önce
The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?
Tarson Talon
Tarson Talon Yıl önce
I mean, it doesn't take a whole lot of setup, to be honest. It's literally an actor just walking toward the protagonist. You might of even witnessed filming, and wouldn't even know.
Zohakuten Yıl önce
hol up ring ding ding ding da ding
Jai Walker
Jai Walker 3 aylar önce
could you tag it with some kind of tracking device like how some scientists tag animals so they know where the entity is? then you could know where it’s at?
a random person
a random person 3 aylar önce
Take a plane across the world, do some one night stands, tell them that the entity is coming round the world to them, they do someone else, entity walks ALL the way over there, kills them, takes forever to get back to you
Louis Pakey
Louis Pakey 5 aylar önce
Play with fire and bombs, see how well it tears and bury remains apart, or keep them in secure lockboxes so that it can't "heal"
KurasakiBleachigo1 4 aylar önce
It's really not hard. The fact that people can see it moving things and even throw a sheet on it makes it very easy to prove to the entire world whats happening and then you've got thousands of interesting people who will donate plenty of money. They'll probably even set up a live stream for you
Justin 10 aylar önce
If I was the entity I would be triggered so freaking much, walking all the time. And when you reach them they just drive away and you have to walk again
Shortfuzd 8 aylar önce
I think the best solution would be getting the whole world aware of this. Because once the world knows of this, it no longer becomes your problem, It's now everyone's problem and you access to far better solutions.
Roynicorn Yıl önce
But what if you pass the curse on to the entity itself? It can not walk through walls, so it does not have infinite strength or anything, so you should be able to restraint it, at least long enough to curse it. If passing it on to animals is on the table, than that is not crossing any further lines.
Merc at Arms
Merc at Arms 11 aylar önce
Excited to see how this compares to Nerd Explain’s version
ItsAruto 9 aylar önce
Breaking through the theory: What would they do if their car got damaged or something or it needs repairing? This needs another theory :/
295Unorthodox 6 aylar önce
"No matter how far you run you will always be followed" Elon Musk: Hold my beer
strawberry cow
strawberry cow 11 aylar önce
What about spreading it to a prision or a hospital? Like sleep with someone and frame them with a crime and it should give you enough time to get away from it
SantosGT 9 aylar önce
I have always been scared of the dark, and sometimes when i was younger i believed you die when an invisible ghost got to you but it moved really slowly or something like that, thats weird.
Bowlerballer Yıl önce
Sorry entity, as a weeb there is a 99.99% chance that I will never reproduce.
Iam Pidgeon
Iam Pidgeon 6 aylar önce
Me an ace who enjoys anime: I see this as an absolute win
DissapointedTanjiro 6 aylar önce
Just be a weeb or a gamer and your never get cursed by this entity
Yoshikage kira
Yoshikage kira 8 aylar önce
Same but 100 percent
TheNoodler 8 aylar önce
*If it ain't Langa, I don't wanna ride it*
Gabriel Calderon
Gabriel Calderon 9 aylar önce
I felt this the sadder part is I could care less 🤣.
zach, hi
zach, hi 7 aylar önce
I don't usually like your intro bits, but "scare the pants onto the teenagers" was admittedly pretty funny.
M F 11 aylar önce
I feel like of all the horror movie monsters, I'd probably have the most fun experimentation with this on. What can it do and not do? Hmm so many diabolical possibilities 😈
VoidfulYT 6 aylar önce
There’s a flaw in your plan though how fast the creature walks depends on how tall it can shapeshift into
Bizar 4 aylar önce
The tallest form it appeared in ever was 7 feet. I think it’s safe to assume that it can only transform into viable humanoid figures.
Bluwie 💙
Bluwie 💙 9 aylar önce
Hey I have an idea 🤔 If the Entity can only be summoned if you have a one night stand with someone, what if you built a relationship with your said one night stand? First thing I was bothered with the movie is that Jay is 19. I thought it followed only teens that...had a "passionate night". If It can still follow you if you are 18 and more, what if you can just built a relationship with them? Is It still able to to follow you when you did with your one night stand that would be supposedly your future partner?? If yes, well then, I'm out of ideas 😕
Masked Artist
Masked Artist Yıl önce
This movie is the physical embodiment of the meme Virginity is cool, Stay pure
김성철 Yıl önce
Legit, I constantly think of that movie more than I should.
Baby Powder
Baby Powder Yıl önce
My friends little bro says “when I turn 14 it’s happening” lol
Failure Bee
Failure Bee Yıl önce
@Jiangzai Hmmm!
Jiangzai Yıl önce
@Failure Bee I haven't seen the movie, but now you've got me wondering whether responsible lovers who use contraception would be stalked by the monster.
Malaia Hooks
Malaia Hooks Yıl önce
Drey Yıl önce
You should do a theory on 'Truth or Dare' , incredibly predictable ( bit boring) but has interesting story that peeks theorist interest
Panda Frequent
Panda Frequent 8 aylar önce
“The ultimate wepen, Math” the maths haunts my dreams
Jacob Chiappelli
Jacob Chiappelli Yıl önce
Dude this film is crazy cause I live in the suburbs of Detroit and I’ve seen a bunch of these places irl and it’s creepy to imagine a creature like that is walkin around just a few streets over
Fearfulocean 11 aylar önce
I had questions about the movie but the creators never answered it. How does the curse actually work can you only pass it when it's pursuing you or is it every one in order you have slept with? 🤔
William Brown
William Brown Yıl önce
The biggest advantage you have is that the entity is physical and would be easily provable to those unaffected. Instead of going at this alone, you would have hordes of people coming up with various plans to get rid of it and without a doubt government powers would get involved. Collective manpower could find the curse's origin and find out how to break it, or if not, make life with the entity a livable one.
CocoEarMuffs Yıl önce
@William Brown hello kiddo
GetOn TheList
GetOn TheList Yıl önce
The problem with going public is that the creature is a relentless killer that is also a master of disguise. Every government, crime syndicate or hate group on the planet and more than one or two corporations (because they can be all three) would take an unhealthy interest in trying to weaponise it. Then they could tracelessly eliminate inconvenient people.
Fundane Gaming
Fundane Gaming Yıl önce
I thought the same thing
Dorian Burger
Dorian Burger Yıl önce
@Hazardous oh eah
Hazardous Yıl önce
@Dorian Burger spray paint it. Get a spray can, spray paint it and walk into a police station.
Dog 8 aylar önce
Since the entity cant opens doors without breaking them, couldn't you just live in like a metal box your whole life.. 💀
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