Film Theory: The Matrix NEVER Existed! (Matrix 4 Trailer)

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The original Matrix trilogy was a well of theory potential. Yet, I haven't covered it in YEARS! So when the new trailer for The Matrix 4: Resurrections came out, I felt the need to try and cover ALL of the theories and predictions possible. All at once. Yes, today we are answering every question posed in the Matrix 4 trailer, what I think the plot and ending of the movies will be, and what that means for us the viewer. Get ready to PLUG IN!

Thanks to @NeoMatrixology for letting us use their Matrix footage! ► trvid.com/show-UCbPa...

Thanks to Raz Mille for voicing the South Park kid for the intro!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Forrest Lee
Researcher: Bob Chipman
Editor: Forrest Lee and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



25 Eyl 2021




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hyrum harkey
hyrum harkey 21 gün önce
Got to be honest I was not looking forward to this movie until I saw this video, who knows it might even be good
blaze5053 15 saatler önce
Being broke will do that to u
Johnny Mula
Johnny Mula Gün önce
The films actually pretty good. The camera effects during the fight scenes are pretty cool. They were cutting edge for its time.
Ryan Sproviero
Ryan Sproviero Gün önce
@Phoenix Will it come with a clock? If it comes with a clock I'm thinking I'm in.
Phoenix Gün önce
Extraterrestrial beings are in contact with the Illuminati ! Including Elon musk, Jeff Bezos and …,their goal is to transport humans to Mars to build a new civilization similar to Earth's civilization! They want to implant a chip inside the human brain called ‘neuralink’,so they could control the function of the Brain neurons with electrical pulses!This is how they want to control humans!
Meh face
Meh face 2 gün önce
It's 2021, it won't be good.
Kelarys 15 dakika önce
With all of the nonsense that is part of this universe. How was the original good? It's kinda baffling lol. It seems like it happened completely by accident
stealing my pickles
stealing my pickles 19 dakika önce
Loved that south park dougie reference at the start
Travalion Hold
Travalion Hold 51 dakika önce
It's not the choice that defines you. It's merely the thought of the choice that may not be required that guides your actions.
Henry Dozie
Henry Dozie 2 saatler önce
Why can't you lames just enjoy a movie as a movie.there's nothing new under the sun, sequels will always get made.there aren't that many original ideas tbh. try thinking up a story that's never been made.
Max SMoke
Max SMoke 2 saatler önce
The Red Pill is that the Wachowski Brothers, are, for the most part, hacks. They usually crap out one good idea for about 90 terrible ones. The secret to their success is being vague enough that their fans come up with better ideas then they ever had.
Ray Remillard - Actor
Ray Remillard - Actor 3 saatler önce
Very interesting. I like your thoughts on this. No please don’t freak out when I become language cop for a second… Dramatacize…wtf (13:50)/😂. I’m guessing you let it slide because you were tired of doing retakes at this point. And the word of the day is “dramatize “.
Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence 3 saatler önce
he wakes up in the room where he took the pill with morpheus...the whole thing was in his mind. Morphes was a mad scentist who is trying to cyber attack the Goverment. All the victories in the Matrix was a metaphoric simulated goal to extract info for the goverment.
Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence 3 saatler önce
Neo was A Cyber Hacker.
Oi Josugay
Oi Josugay 5 saatler önce
i watched the whole matrix trilogy just to watch this film theory what is wrong with me
Lawrence Williams
Lawrence Williams 6 saatler önce
Lynne chat room
Lynne chat room 6 saatler önce
4:42 If I could change the alphabet, I would put U and I together.
Lynne chat room
Lynne chat room 6 saatler önce
9:37 Once you start loving someone, it’s hard to stop…
Sebastian Petersen
Sebastian Petersen 6 saatler önce
Why clone them? Just take some body and upload a personality in them. And that the Neo "personalty" is just another program was made clear allready.
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 11 saatler önce
Plot twist, both pills were just LSD.
Ray Erickson
Ray Erickson 12 saatler önce
The southpark cartoon character needs to take the red pill so he can take off the mask.
Benjamin Kline
Benjamin Kline 14 saatler önce
Matrix 5... They killed my dog, I can't die, I am the one
alec french-polk
alec french-polk 14 saatler önce
Thanks for ruining the movie you fucking got it
James Allen jr.
James Allen jr. 15 saatler önce
"I Think..."
Tex Gale
Tex Gale 15 saatler önce
You get Joe Biden $heep
CoMiX oF 2mOrRoW
CoMiX oF 2mOrRoW 17 saatler önce
The machines make Neo think he made those films but he once again has to break out of their illusion and become The One again
paolo robledo
paolo robledo 18 saatler önce
i just noticed, did you copy this from the channel Matrix Explained
CD W 18 saatler önce
this idea is way to good for anyone in Hollywood to use it
Alex F.
Alex F. 18 saatler önce
i didnt actually take the time to watch the video at all. but my theory is that they were all on drugs. the entire thing was one big trip, a combination of dmt acid and shrooms, with a little PCP added in here and there for good measure
Leif Leoden
Leif Leoden 18 saatler önce
Did anyone actually like the Last Jedi?
Coordinite 19 saatler önce
Yo... your video is based off a trailer. I stopped watching later than I care to admit. That would be at 2:26.
Nate- X
Nate- X 19 saatler önce
I saw the title and I thought about when I saw the trailer, I was like hmmm, I feel like the matrix doesn’t exist. I saw it like a month ago lol but yeah I thought I’d share this
Monica Nunez
Monica Nunez 20 saatler önce
Kc Jones
Kc Jones 20 saatler önce
Keanu inu crypto to the moon 🔥🚀
F / yall94
F / yall94 21 saatler önce
I thought I'd watch this to see how close you'd guess, and now I regret watching this. #Spoilers
TheBlueArcher 21 saatler önce
Seems air tight lmao
painmt651 23 saatler önce
And at the end, the entire cast chant loudly, “F Joe Biden”
Lorelai Allison
Lorelai Allison Gün önce
Mat pat is charged with plagiarism of himself 😱
Tom Forsythe
Tom Forsythe Gün önce
This will be a deconstruction of the original Matrix franchise. A deconstruction of a deconstruction.
DragNetJoe Gün önce
Well, it looks like they are halfway there. I'm sure the trailers are misleading at best. The baseline premise for "The Matrix", that humans are a useful source of electricity, is absurd and I'm really hoping it is revealed as a lie. My vote for how it really is - There was no AI war, there is no "evil" AI enslaving humans. Earth became overpopulated and "The Matrix" became an alternate way to live, increasing in popularity over time to a point only a handful of humans live outside the Matrix (maybe a few million out of 10 billion humans). Zion and "the real world" are all still in the Matrix. Second option (a little more out there) - The Matrix is a generation ship traveling to the nearest habitable planet. The trip will take hundreds of years and there is no suspended animation. The Matrix is a way to keep the human crew alive and entertained for the 15-20 generations it will take. A handful are pulled out of the Matrix from time to time to crew the ship in the real/real world. Everything else is just entertainment.
Tom Forsythe
Tom Forsythe Gün önce
Do not try to justify the sequels. That would be impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth... there are no sequels.
Jeremy S.
Jeremy S. Gün önce
You are way overthinking this. The new movie is obviously just a new cycle of the machines controlling the rise of the one.
Brian Hartman
Brian Hartman Gün önce
I would rather be Abrams right now than Johnson. I'll just leave it at that. :)
Jeremy S.
Jeremy S. Gün önce
The real question is why is Laurence Fishbourne not in it?
Diogo Galvao
Diogo Galvao Gün önce
Is he gonna pop out of the matrix and never go back to leave behind a humanity free from savior complex and maybe even fend for themselves?
Noname Gün önce
first was good, but 2 and 3 was garbage
Joseph Foote
Joseph Foote Gün önce
I still maintain, as I have from the first, that the base reality is Thomas Anderson is a regular guy, in the mundane world, who suffered a psychotic break and, symbolically going red pill, has become irrecoverably lost in paranoid, bipolar delusions.
wwaxwork Gün önce
Lol at the Force Awakening placating viewers. Oh wait you were serious? I am guessing you hang out in different places online than I do because the dude bros did not like it.
Mutsu Hanma
Mutsu Hanma Gün önce
14:40 Neither, they both sucked cuz the director sucked and the writing sucked....
aidan robinson
aidan robinson Gün önce
If your theoryvis that neo is an actor, how does he not know trinity? Surely if he was he'd have to have worked with her right?
Hannibal MW
Hannibal MW Gün önce
the matrix series is ment to let you think, that maybe we are living in the matrix. so it kind of makes sence, that the movies exist in the new movie as a movie.....
Bry art
Bry art Gün önce
The whole movie within a movie idea is very matrix. I like it!
Robert Glass
Robert Glass Gün önce
"The Matrix" should have been left alone after the first film.
tristan versteeg
tristan versteeg Gün önce
haha i just wanna see smith again saying MR ANDERSON!
tristan versteeg
tristan versteeg Gün önce
Common Sense Hill
Never in my lifetime have I ever witnessed a movie that has so many people deeply engauged into trying to figure it out as with the case of The Matrix. Either WB has a crackpot marketing team or this franchise is a well constructed self marketing icon. Either way this movie is a guaranteed draw and will probably make a ton of cash.
DarknessProphet Gün önce
All of this hinges on Neo being the one which I don't think is the case. Neo was both a Trojan horse and a honeypot for Smith, his "gift" as the Oracle called it in the first movie. After meeting the oracle Neo "reconfigured" Smith, which set Smith free and also fulfilled his role as the Trojan horse and that part of the prophecy since it caused Smith to seek true freedom. In the last movie Neo jacks into the matrix from Machine City which allows the machines to access Smith's code when he was taking over Neo. It was also said that the one was born inside of the matrix which Neo was not given his physical body while Smith, being an agent without a physical body, was. Only when the code of Smith is absorbed by the machines do things reset while Neo jacking in via them did nothing. If Neo was the one then all the machines would have needed was for him to jack in so they had his code. It isn't until Smith tries to take over Neo (inadvertently giving the machines access to his code) that everything starts to reset, without requiring further action on behalf of any human.
Allegory Gün önce
The video game is Canon
oilfieldman1209 Gün önce
Simply amazing theory!
DEADED Gün önce
Get that stupid video game outta here.
SSuperCuriouss Gün önce
this makes sense. it tries to break the 4th wall asking how many layers of reality to get to ours, yours, in your seat, watching the movies. and its needs "the one" alive to avoid a rebirth of the anomally. Man, reality is so f#cked.
Craig Russell
Craig Russell Gün önce
TLDR: Matrix 4 = Wes Craven's New Nightmare (the one where Freddy Krueger preys on the cast and crew making a Freddy Krueger movie)
corknakovastein Gün önce
The theory should be that Neo's subconscious created a simulated version of the Matrix within the Matrix. His mind is trying to piece back who he is while while creating this safe haven by technically hacking the construct. That's why trinity is alive, and thats why morpheus is young. Only until he pieces himself together will he be reborn and the main plot of the story will begin.
Joseph Wintrich
Joseph Wintrich Gün önce
Are you suggesting the entire reality known as THE MATRIX manifested in Keanu's mind due to the hallucinogenic drugs he and his surfer buds were taking? Like ... NO_O WAY! It's like when we come to realize something is bogus our perception of what was what could be and what will be becomes so bogus the bogosity is uncanny.
Dawn Page
Dawn Page Gün önce
I feel like there should have been a spoiler warning. I’m going to go and try to forget everything you’ve said now.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Gün önce
Morpheus did not die. I saw the movies
That’s cool and the matrix is good and all but if you wanna hear some home grown fire music you gotta listen to ken Rosa demons. Shits fire
American Warrior
American Warrior Gün önce
Sorry but your theory is wrong.
Telis Bkras
Telis Bkras Gün önce
Wait. Everything makes perfect sense apart from the very last bit of info. Why is WB burning all this cash if the movie ends with a gamble? Movie studios have become very predictable as of late, so is this movie's end.
Jo Ad
Jo Ad Gün önce
They better not try to say trinity was “the one” all along…
David Siemer
David Siemer Gün önce
Entertaining in a brief moment but it’s more important to accept the Lord Jesus Christ soon because the return is near
AkilDaKing Gün önce
Reeves is the matrix, or kinda like god hiding from himself - even tho he has gone thru the matrix drama - it's not much less than a dream we have that feels real until we kinda forget it, now his dreams and thoughts can be explained by his profession
Stevie Gün önce
so the new Matrix film will be doing exactly what Twin Peaks: The Return did in 2017??? LYNCH DID IT
Insidious DrNine
Insidious DrNine Gün önce
There is always a third, unnamed choice of neither - both Star Wars sequels were unwatchable garbage. Like the computer discovers about tic-tac-toe in War Games - the only way to win is not to play.
Antony Gün önce
Lose your mask
PatrolClip Gün önce
😝Ok, ok… so this is turning a Matrix - verse… like all Marvel…. Next Neo’s grandson will destroy the Matrix 😹
Top 7's
Top 7's Gün önce
Your vids are getting worse bro. Didn't even have to watch it and I know you got your "theory" because in the trailer it has him as a freaking actor. WOW good guess. But its all ez pz. Trinity and morph are CLONES. It's the 8th or 9th version of the matrix... The "original" Neo in the first 3 movies was also a clone... they all were... DUH.
StupidEarthlings Gün önce
toxitron 2 gün önce
its better to produce something like the mandalorian, the sequels are trash
Karma 2 gün önce
Or............ The real world is just another level of the matrix. Neo has powers in the real world because he was still in the matrix. Smith was able to come into the real world because.....it was still the matrix. People need to be challenged or they die. Neo in his mundane life needed to be challenged. Giving them something to fight for or have hope in was a strong challenge for them but they were fighting to get to and survive in the real world that was fake all along. Everyone in Zion is actually in their own version or level of the matrix. Could expand but cooking dinner. Just a thought.
xxshiftlockxx 2 gün önce
How about you lose the stupid mask at the beginning... Isn't funny in any way.
Cory Samoila.crypto
Cory Samoila.crypto 2 gün önce
Nimrod is not an angel
Cory Samoila.crypto
Cory Samoila.crypto 2 gün önce
Take the green pill Life on Earth is a commonality
Come feast With me
Come feast With me 2 gün önce
sentryogmixmaster 2 gün önce
seems like a lame money grab. Matrix ended 20 years ago.
Keyanu Donaldson
Keyanu Donaldson 2 gün önce
xithappens 2 gün önce
I think the previous trilogy happened entirely in the Matrix. Allowing The One to wake up, in a second level Matrix, which gave him and his followers the illusion of having waken up, was the only way to balance the equation. That's Why Neo had powers in "the real world" in _Reloaded_ , which makes _Revolutions_ totally irrelevant, but whatever. This installment is a new Trilogy, where our Neo _really_ wakes up.
Jon 2 gün önce
I agree, Resurrection is going to have a meta plot where the original series were movies in the new iteration of the matrix. Obviously Anderson is having difficulty with figuring out with what is real, he is having flash backs to the original theory and isn't sure if he is going mad or if the 'real' world is actually a reincarnation of the matrix. I suspect they will leave the question unanswered...don't get me wrong, they will probably answer it on the surface i.e. that the Matrix exists but if you look a bit closer you'll realize that everything is also consistent with a descent into madness. Thus bringing back the main theme of the whole series what is reality?
Heather Epperson
Heather Epperson 2 gün önce
My theory? Remember the conversation Cypher had with the agent when he was talking about being put back into the Matrix? He said he wanted to be rich, really rich. An actor or somebody really famous. I think the agent and the AI within the Matrix decided that THAT must be the ultimate life that all people dream of living. When they put Neo back into the Matrix, that's exactly the life they gave him, the one they thought all people craved. Now, couple that with the idea that they will also give him back Trinity (real love) so that he can have a human's idea of a complete and fulfilling life, and BANG! They can keep him happy in the Matrix. Only... you know, they can't because he's The One. Always was and always will be. As for Morpheus? I think he's younger because Neo had him built. Neo can alter things within the Matrix. He knows in his subconscious that he will need a guide to get him back out of the Matrix. Just a theory. I think it's a great time to have a new Matrix movie come out. Look around. Everyone at least seems like they're walking around distracted and in the Matrix.
Heather Epperson
Heather Epperson 17 saatler önce
@Marko Polo So true!
Marko Polo
Marko Polo Gün önce
good theory, I think it will be hard to satisfy the fans because they will want more answers and crave more story. Do we stay plugged in the matrix to watch more matrix movies or do we disconnect and return to reality? I think the real machines (larry and andy) want to keep us wondering whats down that rabbit hole.
e 2 gün önce
you've basically just said what they're trying to tell neo in the trailer that the matrix doesn't exists and that its in his head.. well done Poirot.
Fomalhaut ¿
Fomalhaut ¿ 2 gün önce
My theory is that, The matrix's programs are giving Neo/Anderson the wrong idea to what the "Real" world is. Thus, reminds me of other programs similar to the Oracle, The family in the Mobil Ave., or the Keymaker. Which makes me think that some programs are capable of things we still don't know and i think that an unknown program ressurected Morpheus, Trinity, and/or Neo to finish their business in the matrix. I don't know if i'm right but.. It might be possible that also some machines might've sided with the humans.(Similar to the Oracle. But rather, she's passive) What made me think of it? Well, During the animatrix, there's this one story called "Matriculated". In here, The resistance has been able to convert a machine to their side. So maybe.. Programs are helping humanity in this new matrix movie...? I don't know. i may be digging up my own grave here.. Oh well, That's my theory But yeah, I also wish they'll mention B1-66-ER's existence in this new movie..
TMC 2 gün önce
I hate theories, just tell me what's actually going on in the film. I probably won't watch this one.
Sergio Fagundes
Sergio Fagundes 2 gün önce
Moronvingian is not a vampire. He is a demon. Probably an Incubus.
John Tuel
John Tuel 2 gün önce
I didn't really like the first movie when it came out. It was alright. I wanted more of the cool new cgi fight scenes mostly at the time. The sequels were just 2000's trash like everything else that came out of Hollywood back then. But everything now is just sequels and reboots and remakes and the movie of the year has to be about world war 2 and that's Hollywood's formula now.
vinifari 2300
vinifari 2300 2 gün önce
What if Neo comes back as John Wick?! 😂✌
Lerky Smirky
Lerky Smirky 2 gün önce
So who paying for this ?????
AkhilTRG 2 gün önce
Matpat,hear me out, What if.....This movie takes place before the first one Ik there are shots of Neo from the aftermath of Revolutions,but still makes me think all this happens before the first movie At the end,the machines might win and then years later ,then the first movie takes place Ik this doesnt make sense,it was just a thought.
3DPDK 2 gün önce
I agree with some of this, but Neo is not "necessary to make the matrix work". The Architect explained that Neo is an inevitable glitch - a math error - a bug in the program (the fact that a computer generates randomness by predictably cyclic math). The only way to correct the problem is to restart the program. As a way to ensure that restart in the next iteration, the "One" is always allowed to plant the seed of the next human revolution by re-establishing Zion with a few chosen humans at the end of the previous iteration. It's not the Architect's intention to have to reset the matrix, but it's the only way it/he can overcome the Neo glitch. The fact that so many varied possibilities are shown on the monitors in the Architect's chamber is evidence that the Architect, appropriate to the type of program he/it is supposed to be, is driven to find the one combination of events that avoids the "Neo glitch" all together.
3DPDK 2 gün önce
No! It's not that Neo is "necessary" for the program to run - incalculable
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 2 gün önce
If they’re going to do that with movie there’s really no point in me to see it I’m content with the Trilogy
AstralPotatoe 2 gün önce
goliath story sounds stupid, I mean come on, just build machines to fight the spacecraft, why do the extra step of creating and training a human?
Fredrik S
Fredrik S 2 gün önce
The Matrix franchise is a double-sequel of the LOTR franchise, and is now becoming a meta-commentary on how Hugo Weaving USED TO BE in Keanu Reeves' shoes. Agent Smith is just a reboot of Elrond, and Neo is just a reboot of Jesus. These new movies will go FULL-META-JACKASS by commentating on how an actors performance in the present distorts peoples perception of who they're actually supposed to represent, and thus doing a disservice to those who lived the life which is presented on screen. Hopefully Resurrections will resurrect society's interest in accurate historical research and realize that history has been suppressed/misunderstood for a long time. It's time... to take the purple pill.
Do have name
Do have name 2 gün önce
Aside from 'Yay, a new video! And about Matrix, too!', this video is very visually pleasing.
The1Maxi1 2 gün önce
really missing the old intro
N English
N English 2 gün önce
M4 is just proof there's no more creativity in hollywood. It's also proof of how much bullshit today is.
Blah blah
Blah blah 2 gün önce
I always found it disturbing when Morpheus offers Neo an unknown drug and then says: “let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes”.
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