Film Theory: Tangled - Rapunzel's Hair is KILLING Itself!

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Disney's TANGLED is one of my favorite modern Disney Classics, but the movie begs answers to Several questions about Rapunzel's luscious locks. Have you ever wondered if hair is actually strong enough to carry the weight of a grown man? Or if Rapunzel could manage the weight of so much hair in the first place? Well after getting tangled up in some research, Loyal Theorists, I have found the answers!

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17 Ağu 2017




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Beth Sedgewick
Beth Sedgewick 5 saatler önce
You made me happy I cut my hair short when I was young but now you have changed how I will look at rapunzle for the rest of my life
LunaNightshade 7 saatler önce
......the hair's power is HEALING her scalp gets rehealed everytime she sings
alexander master
alexander master 12 saatler önce
it's a magical hair
SlothyCraft Gün önce
Burned MarshmallowZ
Does it being magical hair change anything?-
KingOfTheWorms Gün önce
I think that her scalp and hair are still intact because of her powers. The big thing in the movie if that her hair heals wounds and stuff-
e 2 gün önce
one key thing tho, her hair is magic and her tears are too, if said traction alopecia took place she could cure it, and not just that but she could make the weight lighter with her song of magic
Madi-Mations 2 gün önce
She's she could make a me out of her hair
Mingweicheese 2 gün önce
But Rapunzel’s hair also has healing powers
Amber Howard
Amber Howard 5 gün önce
Rhett has some crazy hair these days.. ahaha!
brisca 5 gün önce
Bro 12 tons is 12000kg and 11000kg is 11tons
Cody King
Cody King 6 gün önce
OK I'll get this it's not an immediate 60 pounds it's 3.3 pounds a year Plus brushing you would think that it would get self sustainably strong enough and used to the force of that it is a gradual 60 pounds so I think she still have her hair
Zoe 6 gün önce
I never heard that
Derp_U^U Moon
Derp_U^U Moon 6 gün önce
Wait, why is her tower is not littered in hair
BunnyBuilder .20
BunnyBuilder .20 6 gün önce
Disney be suing this guy
Bowman Wiggins
Bowman Wiggins 7 gün önce
Rapunzel not cuting her hair for 18 years :me having to cut it every single month
Paige Bedroske
Paige Bedroske 7 gün önce
If you watch the series it shows the hair is very strong
Alanisha Biggers
Alanisha Biggers 8 gün önce
yeah cuz Disney been stealing stuff from other shows since the old days Disney can be stealing a lot of shoes since the old days
Manisha jakhar
Manisha jakhar 10 gün önce
It is MAGICAL broooooo Her hair is MAGICAL 😂😂😂😂
Jade VDA
Jade VDA 11 gün önce
Most of the research is irrelevant because when she pulls someone up to het towel, she doesn’t pull them up with her head, which would be very weird, but she pulls them up using er arms, no tension will appear in het scalp because it’s not pulling there Quod erat demonstrandum
※★➷♡𝓟𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓾𝓽 ♡➹★※
Then the hair heals her scalp and the movie is saved.
GizmoFromPizmo 13 gün önce
I liked the original "Tangled" - an animated (not CGI) movie. I think it was a better story.
Eselcool 5 gün önce
Disney Tangled is animated though??
Bryan Bernheisel
Bryan Bernheisel 13 gün önce
Why are we talking about the force on her neck or scalp by would-be climbers? She ALWAYS holds it in her hands so that no force is ever directly on her scalp.
Shauna Loggins
Shauna Loggins 14 gün önce
Where is this funny it’s a rake and people have been thinking about it for a long time and I need you to do with you about it and I really love your channel OK so people have been thinking that will pencil and Elsa and Anna are elated elated the money added or if you posit at the right time you can you see her walking in but are they delete it like they don’t seem related if they were deleted like one of them I have blonde hair oh yeah Elsa blonde hair I need to think about my life
Tiger-lily Bocchino
Tiger-lily Bocchino 16 gün önce
In the movie it says that her hair grows every time she brushes it, Also because she has her hair around a hook she can feel it. I don’t know how it works but for some reason when you grab your hair and push it towards your scalp even if you have a person hanging of your hair you can’t feel it, I think it’s because of opposing forces (P.S if it hurts brushing your hair just grab it about 2 inches away from your scalp push it towards your scalp and you won’t feel a thing. Feel free to brush as hard as you want without the pain it’s helped me a lot )
Ojas Baghel
Ojas Baghel 16 gün önce
Can someone pls nerf the frying pan. Itz wayy too op
Alyssa Easby
Alyssa Easby 19 gün önce
Could you do a theory on the film charming please Matt patt ! I love your videos ! 😄
Anthony 20 gün önce
T T sister's lifestyle
2:24 him: " miraculous hair " Me : 👀🐞&🐱 that you ?
GalaxyGamer4973 23 gün önce
how does she even shower her hair
no 23 gün önce
You just scared me by long hair now im always ganna cit my hair when it's long..
Aayushma Shrestha
Aayushma Shrestha 24 gün önce
6:07 my whole house shakes because of me laughing
Sara Pennisi
Sara Pennisi 24 gün önce
MatPat, i think the issue with your theory here is that you are basing the cleanliness of Rapunzel's hair off of modern beauty products, and not taking into consideration the availability of cleansers at that time. Options for hygiene that were common around the time period that this tale is set primarily included Lye Soap in some way shape or form, which is highly damaging towards hair. That being said, other methods for cleaning hair were developed, one of the most common ones being that nourishing oils were added to the scalp and "brush brush brushed" throughout the woman's hair excessively with very fine bristle brushes, made with things such as boar fur/hair. In doing so, the dirt and impurities were removed from the hair and cleaned it, after doing so the hair would have been braided or pinned up and away to protect it, as having long hair and leaving it out is very challenging to deal with. another cool thing to note is that, because of the excessiveness of this hair care regimen and what it took to have mega long hair, it took a very long time to perform and was therefore usually only a feasible option for women of a higher class status (kinda cool to think about in the context of the movie, cause y'know, she's a princess) this can be found being mentioned in some older styles of writing, and is often what they mean by the 100 strokes method. that being said, i do not know how historically accurate this is entirely, and to cement this idea, i would suggest you do some of your own research into it too. anyway, thought you'd enjoy hearing about this :) easter egg, try saying boar bristle brushes five times fast XD
Mateu Hernandez
Mateu Hernandez 25 gün önce
Is that the Megatron music?
Orion Hunter
Orion Hunter 27 gün önce
6:14 well in one scene she was pulling the hair that he was on
Motor man plays some stupid Ass games
Her hair:I used the hair to destroy the hair
Damian Clips
Damian Clips 28 gün önce
Somebody. Nobody
Somebody. Nobody Aylar önce
But isn’t her hair magic? That means that all of his points go down the drain if the magic from the drop of the sun made her hair weightless…..which is most probably what happened….
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter Aylar önce
I have a question is rapunzel immortal
Rafaela Vera Lugo
Rafaela Vera Lugo Aylar önce
I have a theory idea for you. If a person gets all the injuries and such from Tangled in the modern-day, and Rapunzel's healing hair isn't around, how much would the hospital bill be? Pls tell me, it's been bothering me since yesterday.
Michaela Lewis
Michaela Lewis Aylar önce
Umm hi so your wrong traction alopeshia is ver very much reversible. It's also magic hair so her scalp would heal even if it was not reversible. Also, even with weight, you can avoid hair loss by taking care of the root of the hair. There are lots of tricks women use. Her hair would be fine. Sorry, you're wrong. And she could wash her hair once a week by brushing through soap and then brushing through the water. Basically what they do in the hospital for people who can't get out of bed. It would not take that long to dry. It would not smell because she bushed her hair every day basically bushing out all of the dirt. Haircare might not be your thing.
Diana Toidi
Diana Toidi Aylar önce
isai Vrieze
isai Vrieze Aylar önce
Hey I now Lele pons
Deathare Aylar önce
I have plucked my hear since i was five very easy
Steven Sandoval
Steven Sandoval Aylar önce
Me watching this at 10 mil subs
The Easy Channel
The Easy Channel Aylar önce
Plot twist, the magic in her hair allows her to be free from the condition
Dara Abakasa
Dara Abakasa Aylar önce
Dreamers Aylar önce
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot Aylar önce
Matt Pat's description of Rapunzel is genuinely hilarious
Eva doornewaard
Eva doornewaard Aylar önce
facts and sience put aside and adding a bit of disney magic, Rapunzel does have healing hair so it's probably healing her scalp and maybe even the hair self. So she probably wouldn't go bald. Also, I'm really glad that someone pointed out the fact that she's literally brushing dust INTO her hair like wtf?!
Tide Aylar önce
wat happen to the magical part tho he matpat did use it when explaining how she got 70 feet plus the power of her hair is to heal things
Georgie Lane
Georgie Lane Aylar önce
Rapunzels hair is practically the same wieght as me!
Meda Myk
Meda Myk Aylar önce
but have you seen rapunzel when she was born like she had long hair so it would make scense if she greew that much hair in 18 years
Tsun Tsun Kawaii
Tsun Tsun Kawaii Aylar önce
I love super long hair but my hair is super short lmao but it’s still super cute
Rajesh Balaji
Rajesh Balaji Aylar önce
Mm but as hair fall out weight reduce she will have hair
spoopy boi
spoopy boi Aylar önce
13:21 my hair IS kinda long rn
Malhar Deshpande
Malhar Deshpande Aylar önce
It's magical hair. Therefore your theory is maybe false. By the way big fan of your channel.
Z_Animatics Aylar önce
Remember she has healing powers so maybe that’s keeping her hair perfect
Wolfen's Tech Garage
ummmmmm i love your videos mat pat but she holds the hair to lift and pulls with her hands shes not just walking backwards to pull someone up so her hands are holding the weight not her neck.
kittylover Aylar önce
But there would be less hair to pull each time the hair fell out
Karma ?
Karma ? Aylar önce
Now that I think about it, Repunzel being old enough for her hair to grow naturally that long. isnt actually impossible, considering that using the same power Mother Gothel lived for hundreds of years, it's not insane to believe that the use of Repunzel's powers to heal mother Gothel would also have effected her, functionally making both of the two immortal.
Arianne De Avalor
Arianne De Avalor Aylar önce
You are wrong Rapunzel has healing power in her hair so every time when her hair is stressed she just has to sing the song and then it is healed and she has been singing the song for 18 years. So you theory that Rapunzel shouldn't have hvae her is got out the window }:‑)
Squosh Aylar önce
Yeah but I think you’re forgetting something very important rapunzles hair has the power to heal so probably what ever damage she gets will be healed
Eli M
Eli M Aylar önce
That CDC joke aged like milk
FAITH Aylar önce
Lee lee pons the new youtuber
LeakyLeakLeaker Aylar önce
3:30 Up until 2017, my 5 year old sister never cut her hair. It went down to her WAIST. She's clearly lying
Thea M
Thea M Aylar önce
I'm pretty sure Rapun,so does have running water, not hot running water but she has a sink in her tower that she was using to clean during when will my life begin and the water wasn't just sitting it was coming out of the faucet(Tangled is in about the 1700s so there would be some form of running water because water pipes were invented in 4000 to 3000 B.C.)
Thea M
Thea M Aylar önce
Also it's a magical world that may be a bit more advanced
Arianne De Avalor
Arianne De Avalor Aylar önce
you are mean
EUSEBIO Aylar önce
"AAAND CUT, your hair, CUT IT" Line really got me since i rarely cut my hair
Makani Webb
Makani Webb Aylar önce
5:45 Was that Mythbusters reference?
Ture Mellqvist
Ture Mellqvist Aylar önce
He forgets that her hair is magic
succubusbaby Aylar önce
eren yeager man bun
Frosty Phoenix
Frosty Phoenix Aylar önce
Doesn’t her hair have like restoration powers so wouldn’t it repair itself?
Rivan Gaming
Rivan Gaming Aylar önce
matpat:aaaaaand cut... your hair CUT IT me:**thinks its a joke** haha me:**remembers my perents recomend me to cut me hair** me:MATPAT YOU CAN SEE TRU MT CAMERA AND HEAR TRU ME MIC?
Angel Paz
Angel Paz Aylar önce
Fun fact: her hair can support 2 adult pandas
roi quinto 123
roi quinto 123 Aylar önce
Ugh spoiler
SaraTronus Aylar önce
But it's magic Healing hair what it reverse The effects ?
Nyx Aylar önce
Lmao I'm watching this after getting my hair cut
Lord Reptile Stormblade
considering her hair is... you know... enchanted... its not impossible for her hair to reach that length. it would be if she didn't have magical hair, but she does...
Lord Reptile Stormblade
I do like the chameleon, cute little pet, but I don't think she had a pet chameleon in the original tale...
babe❄🌞 Aylar önce
Oh no he found Rapunzel!
Gabe Ye Lad
Gabe Ye Lad Aylar önce
My older sister never cut her hair and her hair is long, I mean LONG
BiggestPhangirl Aylar önce
So I guess we're not going to discuss the headaches she would have every day and the back and neck problems she would develop... Also, if Rapunzel's hair heals, and her mom activates this power ALL THE TIME, it stands to reason that it could heal her scalp too, and very frequently. But since dirt isn't damage, yeah, that's some...pretty dirty hair. Her mom might also try to take care of it though. I'm not sure how but I do know that a lot of herbs were used as soap back then and her mom clearly goes out for "groceries." Considering how much her mom values and cherishes Rapunzel's hair, I actually wouldn't be all that surprised if she tried everything to keep it in tip top shape. As for shininess, brushing hair that frequently activates the oil glands on your head and distributes that oil through the hair, keeping it sheen and healthy. I can't say anything about the dirt that would inevitably get on it, but for everything else, yeah, it might be explainable.
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke Aylar önce
The elite cartoon accordingly terrify because anatomy fascinatingly tumble notwithstanding a hallowed samurai. temporary, tedious raincoat
Love Horton
Love Horton Aylar önce
N3xtfour Aylar önce
Maybe her Magic hair song makes her hair not Stink
KayKat Aylar önce
matpat: there cannot possibly be enough water! me: but dosn't rain exist tho?
SCP-173 Aylar önce
Her scalp would heal tho? With her powers she uses?
Lance Peterson
Lance Peterson Aylar önce
She doesn't hold people with her head, she gets slack between her head and the rest of her hair to use it as a rope.
SpongeBob SquarePants
Imagine the relief (on her head) she would feel when her hair got cut. Like 60 pounds that you've dragged for 18 years gone. :o
Nevaeh Martin
Nevaeh Martin Aylar önce
i hate that i just watched mattpatt disprove my favorite movie and i watched and enjoyed it
abigail royall
abigail royall Aylar önce
my brother has alopecia lol
Persequimur Umbras
Persequimur Umbras Aylar önce
Forget people climbing the hair... the hair itself must weight a ton. Try lifting 675 lbs with your neck muscles... Such a feat by even an Olympic body builder is extremely doubtful to the distortion of mine. 😅 all it takes is 5 lbs applied at the right vector for someone to suffer an internal decapitation... you might need 675 lbs to decapitate someone with a blade... our bones are the best invention, since before sliced bread. However, they are designed to withstand high stress in only a single direction... which is why legs & arms are easy to break. 🌒🌕🌘
Kittyfrog Aylar önce
Researcher here. We aren’t always funded for our research. Many of us fund ourselves out of pocket.
nicolas Aylar önce
he says u can be the 5 million subscriber and i check and its exactly 10million
TheFireLizard Aylar önce
You can't grow hair that long. Granted different people grow hair at different rates. So either her hair grows extremely fast or she is extremely old but doesnt age. The average person would have to live several hundred years in order to grow 70 feet of hair. Not to mention hair isn't made of kevlar it breaks. So eventually it would break enough to be a finite length, and that would be about 4 or 5 feet.. And yes i made the comment before I watched the video so we came to the same conclusion. But I used common knowlege not research. I have known some women with hair that reached the floor and they told me that it took them decades to get it that long. Also they were in their 50s or 60s. So yeah. She must be immortal and have been in that tower hundreds of years.
Rose Aylar önce
*ruins tangled* “let’s see what we can do with up”
Just Another Viewer
1:37 And then everyone clapped.
Harrison Cuzick
Harrison Cuzick Aylar önce
I think her hair magically cleans itself.
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