Film Theory: Spongebob and the Secret Under Goo Lagoon (Spongebob Squarepants)

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Spongebob is a gift that keeps on giving. There is so much to explore in Bikini Bottom and its residents that I had to do another episode. Today we are focusing on the episode "It Came From Goo Lagoon". What is going on beneath the surface of this lagoon under the ocean and why is Sandy so afraid of it? The bubbles that come from it are WEIRD and I need to know WHY! Put on your scuba gear Theorists, we are diving deep for this episode!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Schyler Martin
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




22 Ağu 2019




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BatVaderGaming 2 yıl önce
Normal people: Look it’s fun purple goo MatPat: ITS DEAD JELLYFISH CORPSES Normal people: (._.)
Desislava Dyakova
Desislava Dyakova Aylar önce
@• FBI • I iiii
Desislava Dyakova
Desislava Dyakova Aylar önce
@• FBI • Iúuuiuiuiîú
Winx175 Aylar önce
Raunak Mehadia
Raunak Mehadia Aylar önce
Cypher Aylar önce
Yeah right
AchmodinIV SWE
AchmodinIV SWE Gün önce
So does dead jelly fish taste like licorice?
C.C. Patton Person
C.C. Patton Person 2 gün önce
How does it explain why sandy calls it dangerous
Kalil Celestin
Kalil Celestin 3 gün önce
Or it’s gum
niyi odewale
niyi odewale 3 gün önce
I love matpat video
Nic Diaz
Nic Diaz 4 gün önce
This dude needs to do film theories on flapjack
Crafting Perfection (Rylee Monaghan)
yea Mat Pat that was very relatable Algae: Hey Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! go get away from meeee!
Evan Hynes
Evan Hynes 7 gün önce
Ah, Goo Lagoon.
Muffin Guy
Muffin Guy 8 gün önce
I literally thought that I was the only one afraid to touch Algea, I mean it's something I haven't seen before and my brain went "You're going to be poisoned" so how couldn't I be afraid??
Caroline Karanja
Caroline Karanja 8 gün önce
I always thought it was clay.
Jisoo Lee
Jisoo Lee 8 gün önce
And to this day, I still wonder what happens if you pop one of those bubble algae
cool cats fan ok
cool cats fan ok 10 gün önce
can realate to fearing aelgea or how its called idk im romanian
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 10 gün önce
8:42 the algae looks like a rabbit peeing on a dead bird
CarlJustin Cananiya
CarlJustin Cananiya 12 gün önce
You are alone
NinjaArtPlays 12 gün önce
Jellyfish population is out of control
hiii 12 gün önce
10:58 Ask me why I’m so happy and I’ll give you a mirror.
Jams the next door neighbor
I hated (and still hate) algae cuz WHY WOULD I TOUCH THAT GREEN RADIOACTIVE ☢️ GRASS?
Nathan 13 gün önce
DEFS not alone, brother.
Djheoelle mclayn Garcia
you didnt cover why sandy thinks its dangerous
Thelocalpotato 14 gün önce
I was always the weird kid and I agree with Matt Pat and always want me to touch algae always was afraid of it
ella 15 gün önce
Globs of gum from the best friends day ep
Jam Usagi
Jam Usagi 15 gün önce
Props to the intro’s narrator, absolutely nailed the original narrator’s vibe.
The epic player
The epic player 15 gün önce
R.u.p. stupid fish
Louie-Nida Bakasyunan Farm and Resort
I was not scared of algea
Janessa Lafferty
Janessa Lafferty 16 gün önce
make theory reveiw
Joshua Tilley
Joshua Tilley 16 gün önce
Is the video
WOLVES AND ANIME 1000 17 gün önce
Yeah I can relate
Caleb Alcerro
Caleb Alcerro 17 gün önce
Yes I thought the It was poisonous to
FLUFFY • CLØUD 18 gün önce
at first I thought it was gum.
9LANLAP 19 gün önce
Best intro in the world
BaronvonPiano 20 gün önce
I already fear the Goo, it's an instakill obstacle in Battle for Bikini Bottom
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
5:21 MatPat behind the slaughter
Jonathan Butterchicken
I believe the last theory is as there'd be no possible way that the jellyfish could've clustered together.
Raronimall Stock
Raronimall Stock 21 gün önce
It’s fish brains
RyanBurgerplays 23 gün önce
Did that Nickelodeon show ever coke out?
t3n9 24 gün önce
These are Grimers and Muks
Noah Dusek
Noah Dusek 24 gün önce
Alright everything makes sense EXCEPT THAT RHE PURPLE GOO CAME FROM UNDER THE GROUND IN THE LAKE. So are you gonna try and tell me jellyfish live under the ocean floor?
Renjini Jose
Renjini Jose 25 gün önce
Totally realatable Matpat
Lylacor 26 gün önce
not toxic so dead jellyfish lose their venom when they're dead?
Color see
Color see 27 gün önce
Am from norway
DGN 28 gün önce
Ur not alone
Fabi Freund
Fabi Freund 29 gün önce
What is the goo lagoon supposed to be anyway?
SLOTHDRAGONhi Aylar önce
Algae thing that’s relatable matpat
Kaila B
Kaila B Aylar önce
The allegory theory works bc no one listens to the one scientist in the show 😭😂
Comrade Sirenhead
Comrade Sirenhead Aylar önce
Don’t worry I never touched Algene either
No I didn't like beaches cuz sand felt weird on my flesh so I never went out to the water. Instead I watched my siblings have fun. ( My older brother and older sister, I met the other 13 later in life)
Sofia Rajanen
Sofia Rajanen Aylar önce
ITS like a bublegum
Comrade uiriamu
Comrade uiriamu Aylar önce
Since they live in bikini atoll I think it’s blobs of radioactive waste ☢️ ☢️
Alex’s Super Channel
Pun city!!!
Wolf boy
Wolf boy Aylar önce
Is it safe to touch
Chris Longley
Chris Longley Aylar önce
Cabrini I think it's kind of like poison yammy X
Chris Longley
Chris Longley Aylar önce
Yeah. I have done that many times
Kristine Allen Gantangco
Hi :) you are so cute and nice :3
Litten Aylar önce
Litten Aylar önce
Okay that was just not normal
K the Destroyer
K the Destroyer Aylar önce
8:25 me to pat me to
Gag G
Gag G Aylar önce
Yeah I was worried about algae killing me
Harrish Romero
Harrish Romero Aylar önce
Dammit algae killing again the man that create the first extinctions
the tnt girl animation
So why sandy was so worried and sead it was dangerous??
fluffy love😘😘
I get it. Aaaaa!😂😂😂😃😄
Floater Aylar önce
godorninja Aylar önce
Slime anyone?
Melissa Whittley
Melissa Whittley Aylar önce
I relate
Pardesi Gamer
Pardesi Gamer Aylar önce
you were alone lol lol lol
Mason Cooke
Mason Cooke Aylar önce
OwO is not here (just watched that video
Wrestler94 Aylar önce
What if… you look up purple goo in the sea lmao
Audrey Kelly
Audrey Kelly Aylar önce
you are alone
Nugget Nugget
Nugget Nugget Aylar önce
No matpat you are not alone
Rinjuzo Aylar önce
10:56 am I the only one who acctualy got jumpcared by this?
Naruto selander11
Naruto selander11 Aylar önce
I was scared that it was gonna grow on top of me and then just as randomly underwater to make me turn into stuff
Kate Bollinger
Kate Bollinger Aylar önce
No im scared of algae
Big Buddha Jay
Big Buddha Jay Aylar önce
10 mins in all I can think is disguarded chewing gum or slightly rehydrated raisins lol
Andy K
Andy K Aylar önce
Bruh one day I thought the alge was like a Island on the lake and I step on it like a crazy moron and I almost drowned.
Among us people
Among us people Aylar önce
Your not my guy
Jaime Klein
Jaime Klein Aylar önce
I am a little scared of algae
ßubble's world
ßubble's world Aylar önce
Alge fear. I can relate.
John Hudson
John Hudson Aylar önce
It did not poison me when I touch it it's this a snake build object in the water
Jackie Mirella
Jackie Mirella Aylar önce
The Haben Show
The Haben Show Aylar önce
I agree the algae looks creepy I think it’s kind of poisonous by the way can you check out the show called The Haben show Not Haben show
Knight Aylar önce
I get all of these
Marilyn Garrett
Marilyn Garrett Aylar önce
did anybody else notice that he forgot to explain why sandy was so afraid of the jellyfish?
Lieneke van Boxsel
Lieneke van Boxsel Aylar önce
When I was young I once thought that Algae was grass so I wanted to walk on it but I felt in the water. I was coverd in that green stuff and smelled realy bad. Happily for my parents a nice man offered me a shower and clean clothes 🤗
Floater Aylar önce
thekori<3 Aylar önce
Pearls mom is actually the secret patty formula
Nurza Awi
Nurza Awi Aylar önce
Well yeah of course i wanted to touch
Jing Wang
Jing Wang Aylar önce
Hey, Matpat! If it was dead jellyfish, than shouldn’t Patrick have got sick after he ate it?
earlbarnett Aylar önce
Golley Family
Golley Family Aylar önce
Golley Family
Golley Family Aylar önce
Wait dead Kelly fish NOOOOOOO ZUCKER
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Aylar önce
13:14 I really said out loud “NO ONE WANTS TO HEART MATT I ALREADY KNOW THAT STUFF FROM OCTONAUTS YOURE JUST A TAD BIT LATE” and my family looked at me weird Bc I was wearing earphones
Nosebleed de Groselha
Jeez, this one was dark. Last time I left a MatPat video feeling this bad and dark, it was that first Petscop video on Game Theorists
enoki Aylar önce
hoping this time i get an ena theory and not another reply from a bot. :D
Cornè De Winnaar
Cornè De Winnaar Aylar önce
I like how Matpat's intro is like the intro of the show or movie he is doing the theory on
Gaming_Chris Aylar önce
Film theory: sandy is stephen's persona
spacet14 Aylar önce
“Well obviously I was the weird kid” 😂
P B&J Aylar önce
I was about to start SpongeBob when I found this video
DemonBoy Aylar önce
Spongibob again *cursed laughing*
DemonBoy Aylar önce
Spongibod "Ooooooh,I get it"
DemonBoy Aylar önce
Matpat oh I get it Cursed Laf Me (._.)
Shah Rukh Abrar
Shah Rukh Abrar Aylar önce
Is it just me or Matpat seems too calm
william steph
william steph Aylar önce
Hay pat could it be gum
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