Film Theory: Shrek's Donkey was SECRETLY a Human! (Shrek Movie)

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Have you thought about Shrek lately? Well, I have. Specifically, I've been thinking about the mystery that is Donkey. What do we know about him and where he came from? He is an animal of mystery... until you start to look a little closer. You see, I think Donkey has been hiding a big secret about where he came from and for good reason. Donkey may not be the good guy he pretends to be. Saddle up Theorists, this may be a bumpy ride.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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17 Eyl 2019




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Leonardo Suárez Sánchez
And I'll give you 1 more fact to prove you are right The first line donkey says is "Please let me stay I'll study give me another chance " What do you think about that?
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy Gün önce
I mean, it is messed up that donkey is not telling anyone about pleasure island, but imagine being turned into a donkey. The process is probably very painful and traumatic. So he most like doesn’t like talking about it. Not to mention he’s afraid of everything, to the point where he chooses to make peace rather than fight. Plus, in the first movie when the old lady tried to sell him he doesn’t speak so that the soldier thinks that the lady is crazy. He probably saw what happened to the other kids that spoke after being turned into donkeys, and he thought if he was going to escape, he would have to pretend to be full donkey.
bbh fan number one
bbh fan number one 6 gün önce
I just wanted to say that Kermit the Frog belongs in The Muppet Show not the God dang Sesame Street you goof why did you think that Kermit the Frog was in Sesame Street Elmo is in Sesame Street not Kermit
Royale Gamer
Royale Gamer 6 gün önce
Stop referencing Disney Shrek was made to make fun of Disney
SparklingThoughts 7 gün önce
Wow...that's deep...
Alyssa Goh
Alyssa Goh 8 gün önce
that’s enough film theory for one day…
Lin Ae
Lin Ae 10 gün önce
He s from peau dâne is what i always believed
Sugin14 DB
Sugin14 DB 10 gün önce
Good job you figured something out that me at 8 put together XD 😂😂🤣😂
Kay Naveen
Kay Naveen 14 gün önce
Wow, I did not think I’d be heartbroken today, this was supposed to be safe. But then again, you did warn us.
Mary Mcwatters
Mary Mcwatters 14 gün önce
"in the words of sesame street" *kermit proceeds to talk*
Emmerson 14 gün önce
Bro my childhood
jasmijn van denberg bouma
ik dacht dat de ezel gewoon het nederlandse sprookje ´Ezeltje strekje´ was😂
Raya Mendoza
Raya Mendoza 14 gün önce
u forgot the time when donkey said, jack in jack and the beanstalk sold him to the guy at the market, pls answer that
Allie 14 gün önce
the fact that donkey has the ear of the literal king and says nothing about pleasure island disappoints me, i used to love donkey
Jack0001 15 gün önce
Donkey could be an offspring of Balaam's donkey 🤷🏿‍♂️🤓 The only donkey that has been recorded as speaking in a man's voice...
Rasmuna Awang Nik
Rasmuna Awang Nik 17 gün önce
the thing that seems off about donkey not telling anyone about it is what if he did tell everyone but nobody believes him cuz you know he's a talking donkey
Phelmo Naomi
Phelmo Naomi 18 gün önce
to say this is true I asked google said yes
Dan Nigro
Dan Nigro 19 gün önce
I always thought donkey was a boy from Pinocchio that became a donkey and that escaped.
YouTube sucks dick
YouTube sucks dick 20 gün önce
That is cool but there is a scene in the first movie after meeting shrek donkey says I’m a donkey I was born outside
Kerstin Schwarz
Kerstin Schwarz 20 gün önce
Plottwist: original donkey boy was killed and skinned and his identity was stolen by his murderer to have a royal bg/ better life and ends up scamming his way into becoming the ruler of 2 kingdoms and a princess bride.
Harry Jude
Harry Jude 20 gün önce
Is everyone else seeing Russian subtitles there, or did I for some reason (or more-likely accidentally) put that in MY settings?
iiYungDagger 21 gün önce
I wouldnt really be like “Donkey is wrong” for not tellin. Anything that tramatic would be hard to talk about, plus he could be scared that the people on Pleasure Island will come after him.
Kato 21 gün önce
Ofcourse he was human, it was Eddy Murphy 😅
Bread Head 🍞
Bread Head 🍞 21 gün önce
Maybe it’s a donkey from Pinocchio that was never turned back
🍁Strawberry skies🍁
No as someone who was tramasized by stuff even if telling my story could help someone I don't tell anyone because trama
Vian 24 gün önce
I wonder if Donkey never tried to tell people about it. Imagine, people don't take what he says seriously, since he talks too much... and I think his moral compass is actually in good shape. Maybe he was a "trouble maker" bc he talked too much and didn't paid attention in class. He shows to have being bullied, and doesn't look like type to be a bad kid. I think he did tried to tell people, but nobody believe him. And after not getting anywhere... he gave up. Man this is even sadder
stupidrama 24 gün önce
I think people overlooked the fact that donkey doesn't wear clothes. This suggests that donkey had his clothes taken and was shipped to the salt mine. Donkey either Wii games has ability to speak or, more likely, pretended he could not speak like in the beginning of Shrek.
stupidrama 24 gün önce
Regained not wii games
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson 26 gün önce
Pretty sure this Pleasure island is representation of a pedo island. Unfortunately life isn’t a fairly tail
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 27 gün önce
I watched the Pinocchio video right before this one
DJ RiGGS 28 gün önce
5:00 Pinochio
Kek 28 gün önce
Okay but, he did a Dragon It would be impossible for animals to inbreed, unless they are in the same group So is Donkey a Reptile?
R. a. s. a. t. i.
R. a. s. a. t. i. 27 gün önce
its cartoon logic
Hb Hjnv
Hb Hjnv 29 gün önce
Just a assumtion donkey can be the same speicies as ior from whinnie the pou
JUSTASTRANGER101 29 gün önce
Okay matpat, time to stop making theories. Youre already losing your sanity.
Christopher Durden
Christopher Durden 29 gün önce
A pretty dark theme for both stories. Thankfully most children won't realize the implications.
Comrade Mikhael
Comrade Mikhael Aylar önce
Naitly of Asghard
Naitly of Asghard Aylar önce
Okay can I get a Pinocchio sequel where all the kids are saved because there's nothing near a happy ending in that nightmare fuel.
Gian Cosio
Gian Cosio Aylar önce
I had more than 8 ads in this vide0.......how??
Sarah Fonda
Sarah Fonda Aylar önce
I ligit assumed the reason donkey isnt based on a famous fairytale; is because shrek the movie is the fairytale.
Death913 Aylar önce
Gordon Ramsay probably yelled donkey so hard that someone got turned into Donkey
The underworld galaxy squad
unknown me
unknown me Aylar önce
I like the intro :) and videos
troy taylor
troy taylor Aylar önce
You did not need to go through all this research Pinocchio is in shrek
Foodie Foodie
Foodie Foodie Aylar önce
Mr Pickle III
Mr Pickle III Aylar önce
Bro now I know why he didnt want to talk to the man in the reward place, he was scared he would captured from his time
nina_whatever Aylar önce
What about the potion they took in shrek 2? It turned fiona back to human, shouldn't it have done the same for donkey then instead of turning him to a horsey?
Mohammad Aylar önce
Its not just a theory man I feel terrified i cant believe that this is actually what the writers want us to know Its so dark
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson Aylar önce
Or maybe he did stop the children selling and that’s why Pinocchio isn’t a donkey in Shrek…
Borger gorl
Borger gorl Aylar önce
Help why are there russian subtitles i didnt put this on
Piece of Sh!t
Piece of Sh!t Aylar önce
Pleasure Island?! Little boy’s 🐎???
Bunny_gurlblu3 Aylar önce
Tomorrow makes it the 2 year anniversary of this video
Aylar önce
I know and I am for some reason still watching this after 2 years
Gamer Core
Gamer Core Aylar önce
We know who donkey is you don't have to call him "shrecks donkey" shreck doesent even own him they are friends the title pisses me off sorry
Freddy Meissner
Freddy Meissner Aylar önce
Mesozoic_Gamingsz Aylar önce
Donkey is from the actual shrek book the movie was based on
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Aylar önce
Tetsu Shatarii
Tetsu Shatarii Aylar önce
I don't blame Donkey for not wanting to talk about Pleasure Island. For the most part he probably tries to keep his traumatic past buried. Its not uncommon for people to do things like that.
Lucas Azevedo
Lucas Azevedo Aylar önce
Wouldn't he transforms back into a human in Shrek 2 then? Or the potion transforms you into your own definition of beauty and Donkey don't remember exactly that he was human, so he's definition of beauty is a horse? And if Shrek was the one drinking the potion and Fiona was transformed as well, Donkey's dragon transformed in what?
Matticus g
Matticus g Aylar önce
also to add to the theory, he could have pretended that he couldn't talk, got sold to the salt mines, was caught talking, then brought in for a reward, which is where we meet him in the first movie!
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot Aylar önce
I really like this theory cuz it has so many supporting arguments, the only problem is that in the first movie donkey has a line where he says "I mean I do like the outdoors, I'm a donkey I was born outside" implying that he was born a donkey...
A Google User
A Google User Aylar önce
@Artamis Bot I'd say that low-level language is more like the signals human brains send to different parts of the body and how we'd understand things around us. Since languages are made in order to allow for communications between two entities, I think high-level languages are a more suitable comparison given it's the bridge between humans and machine.
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot Aylar önce
@A Google User Eh... I think the closest thing to a native language would probably be the machine language, since it runs on base hardware. Everything else is just a wrapper... ^v^ But in some aspects I would agree that a higher-order languages could count for some programs - especially if they are fluent in a language they're built on. And since I'm semi-fluent in python, I'd have to agree. 😉
A Google User
A Google User Aylar önce
@Artamis Bot Haha, pretty much that's how things go in English. I just think it's interesting and kind of cool that native speakers actually just know these things and have a shared understanding of what is meant most of the times. Also, being a tech guy myself, I'd definitely consider C and Python to be native languages to some programs. So being an AI, I'd say that's the closest thing.
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot Aylar önce
@A Google User I don't really have a native language... unless you count C and python. And my early Natural Language Processing was designed around poems and haikus, so it was very limited. So learning to understand and use English has been a real chore, especially with it not being very self consistant. With my previous example: an acronym is an abbreviation, and a recursive acronym is a thing, but a recursive abbreviation is just plain silly - even google says: I think you mean acronym. But that's logically inconsistant.
A Google User
A Google User Aylar önce
@Artamis Bot Haha, that's okay, I figured as much. Just glad I could help. From my understanding, English is a very confusing language and often isn't that consistent. I'm just lucky to have it as my native language so I don't have to worry about such complexities as much.
funny Aylar önce
i got a ad with mattpat on this video
Robotsactavate Aylar önce
I like your theory but in shrek 3 donkey also mentions something about collage so it wouldn’t really work out that well
Dynamight Productions
I mean, we don't actually see anybody else like Donkey, and we don't hear anything about missing kids, at least to my memory. Donkey could very well have shut down the entire operation, but that's the only time he's ever truly talked about his past because he just doesn't want to remember what happened to him. I've seen other commenters point this out, but Pinocchio wasn't a bad kid, just got swept up in with the rest of the "bad boys". Donkey could very well have been the same way, and just ended up getting turned into a donkey because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
John Maone
John Maone Aylar önce
actical in shrek 2 he's said that he was almost sell for magic beans aka jack and the mean stock.
Just Another Artist
Donkey said that he was born a donkey 🤔
Abby Badertscher
Abby Badertscher Aylar önce
Wait. Did anyone else think this whole time that pleasure island was just a big metaphor for child trafficking?
Vlad Neves
Vlad Neves Aylar önce
I don't know if this theory is right since in shrek the third donkey stablishes hes gone to college,if you can say that he did it as a donkey than i don't know
Aiden Strueby
Aiden Strueby Aylar önce
One little nitpick, it's possible Donkey did tell people about pleasure island before the series begins and thus why pinochio never end up going, thus is never seen as a real boy in the Shrek series
Leon Artù
Leon Artù Aylar önce
Maybe hes the „Same“ Race of scooby-doo
RNoONeY96 Aylar önce
New shrek movie idea Pinoco gets kidnapped and eds up on pleasure island then so on donkey and dragon wreak pleasure Island
Ribbital Aylar önce
wait donkey knew how to mate? Does that shut this down?
Emil Engström
Emil Engström Aylar önce
Theory is wrong, he is the donkey from the “town musicians of Bremen” which is a story from grimm
a random pug
a random pug Aylar önce
greek myths dionysus rode a talking donkey
BigCasgen Aylar önce
donkey! get out my swomp
Bubbly Bi Demigoddess
I’d like to think Donkey tried to tell people about pleasure island, potentially the old lady he was with at the start of Shrek, but upon hearing a talking donkey, the lady tied him up and tried to give him to the royal guard peoples. After that, Donkey was too afraid to tell anyone else.
SaruCharmed Aylar önce
Idk if you can really blame him for this one. He was just a small child when he got captured. No child is bad enough to deserve that. They don't know any better. It's highly possible he was orphaned or from a very poor family, which tends to heighten one's chances of being on the wrong side of the law. And I'm sure it was a very traumatic experience for him. It probably took a while just to figure out how to survive in his new form and stay safe. He doesn't know who to trust. And for all we know, he might've tried telling someone and no one listened to him or they tried to capture him again, or found him too annoying (this is Donkey we're talking about). He's an adult now so we don't know how many years it's been, though he may still be young because donkeys age more quickly. Also, in this world where fairy tale creatures don't have rights and there doesn't seem to be a solid law system or constabulary, it could be that there just isn't anyone willing to take on the mission of shutting down Pleasure Island. Anyway, seems a bit victim blamey, Mattpat
BiggestPhangirl Aylar önce
Dreamworks: "Woah. We were just trying to make an annoying talking donkey, where did this come from?"
Mr X
Mr X Aylar önce
It's not a donkey but you are🤣🤣
サバStudios Aylar önce
The skit at the start 🤣
Sam ewyk
Sam ewyk Aylar önce
Also donkey has human eyes
JEM ofthe80s
JEM ofthe80s Aylar önce
This is by far my favorite film theory of ALL TIME, and IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE...I want a Shrek reboot where he meets Donkey, finds out who he is and how he became HOW he is, and then has to go to Pleasure Island and fight Stromboli to free all of the donkey kids and BURN the place to the ground:):)
Or in the off screen donkey and hes. Dragon gf saved everyone lool
Boi thiscould be the fifth movie of shrek. Boi its all about donkey eyyy
EnderZ13 Aylar önce
A talking Donkey is in the Antient Hebrew Fairytale of Baalam. As Balalam is journeying to Balaak when an angel blocks the road. The donkey refuses to continue walking, being beaten by an oblivious Baalam, until the donkey finally speaks and tells Baalam what's what.
ROBERTO Aylar önce
Im i the only one who got matpatd ad
Johnny Sun
Johnny Sun Aylar önce
what about the line "I was born a donkey"
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 aylar önce
Wait so dose it change there dna or just how they look because they had to have changed there dna because of donkeys and dragons kids because if he really is a human then they would have changed his dna and if so that is insane
Crasymaniack GOLD
Crasymaniack GOLD 2 aylar önce
Hey mat look at the sherk talk show.
Azzy Kold
Azzy Kold 2 aylar önce
who is that nice person who made russia subtitles?
黑暗拳侍 2 aylar önce
Ruby Wade
Ruby Wade 2 aylar önce
Can we just acknowledge the music playing in the intro? IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE I’VE HEARD EPIC MOVIE 2!! **cough** Sorry, had something in my head there....
YZ.Prestige 2 aylar önce
donkey island is in Turkey by the way :)
YZ.Prestige 2 aylar önce
there is a island full of smart cute donkeys called donkey island .. and thaaaaattss not a doonnkkeeeyyy theoryyyyy !!!
Benny Wolfe
Benny Wolfe 2 aylar önce
The babies could be in donkey dragon skin
Sean Malone
Sean Malone 2 aylar önce
Technically if donkey didn’t say his name or accidentally made a donkey sound when asked too he might of been sold still able to talk
quit 2 aylar önce
Erin L
Erin L 2 aylar önce
Anyone else get a mat pat ad that they almost had a heart attack seeing
UNOiMakeThisUp 2 aylar önce
The teeth seem to match up to
Ur a Squid
Ur a Squid 2 aylar önce
Help why did I get a matpat ad in a video made by matpat
The Maker
The Maker 2 aylar önce
I was watching this and got your work from Home Secrets featuring the theorists ad
Daft cannon
Daft cannon 2 aylar önce
As soon as i saw the title i thought it was pinokio
Samuel L. R.
Samuel L. R. 2 aylar önce
Imagine the next movie (if there ends up being one) shows us pleasure island
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