Film Theory: Red Guardian Fought A FAKE Captain America! (Black Widow)

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After watching the new Marvel movie, Black Widow, we were all left with one question. Did Red Guardian ACTUALLY Fight Captain America? A lot of people have tried their hand at answering this but I think they've missed the BIGGEST twist of the story. Yes, Red Guardian fought Captain America... but it was NOT Steve Rogers! Who was it? You'll have to watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



28 Tem 2021




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He fought "A" Captain America, not "The" Captain America. So he was technically correct. The best kind of correct. Unless he made it all up for Russian prison cred and then went delusional believing his own lies.
Light Diamond
The fight between captain America and the red guardian could’ve actually happened because in endgame when cap went back in time to put the infinity stones back he went to go live his life and maybe during 1983-1984 the one we know as Old man cap may have actually fought The red Guardian while the other captain America was still frozen in ice
On the theory it's time-travelling post-Engame Steve Rogers, my problems are twofold:
Chloe S.
Perhaps a mini theory on Widow’s mother? That plot point regarding her being a feisty woman who looked for her child relentlessly, before eventually dying and getting buried under a supposed tree (?), never really paid off. Or maybe I’m just crazy.
Estefano Espinoza Piccoli
Imagine a Falcón and The Winter Soldier Season 2 with this story and the appearence of the Red Guardian, it would be Epic
Da1 King0fWakanda
Red Guardian may have fought Steve after he went back in time at the end of Endgame. Remember when the Russo Bros said Old-man Steve was at Peggy’s funeral? That means he could’ve fought Alexi in 83-84.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Red Guardian: I wanna fight captain America
Blade Swinton
I have a slightly different theory what if the Captain America that Red Guardian fought was actually the Winter Soldier disguised as Captain America in an attempt to get the same launch codes but ran into Red Guardian who already had the codes
What if he fought the cap that travelled back in time? Wouldn't have been frozen in the ice then.
Toby Scott
Does anyone remember Mater’s Tall Tales? Slap red guardian on that. Put it on Disney+. ‘The time I fought Cap’, ‘The time I (almost) stole the Crown Jewels’ etc.
I always thought that the payoff for Alexei's stories (which, granted, this was never addressed by any characters, even Red Guardian) was his one-on-one fight with Taskmaster, who was using the shield and had several moves that seemed to be modelled off of Cap. Effectively allowing him to finally have a "real" fight with "Captain America".
MaKaila Knight
That intro was awesome. My favorite part was when Steph proves she loves MatPat because otherwise she wouldn't have been able to get the Soul Stone by sacrificing him otherwise
I thought the payoff would be a moment when Alexi was fighting Taskmaster: Alexi realizes that Taskmaster is using some of caps moves, and does exactly what he says in the story (grabs shield, pushes him out the window)
Don VA
So this is what I wanna know, since Alexei received the serum, he’s stopped aging. So how old IS Alexei exactly?
Maybe he fought the Steve that came back to Peggy after Endgame? Given the whole sacred timeline that both is and isnt at the same time he could have lived on this timeline anyway... idk
DJStank Daddy
When cap stayed with peggie it made a new timeline that he was in. He was both in the ice and living with peggie until the avengers movie. Since being a hero was practically in his DNA, its not so far fetched that in that time with peggie they would have gone on a few missions. It was the real cap 😊
Meghan SImpson
Hey matpat, the latest ghostbusters trailer just released and I was wondering something. How did Gazer return when she was destroyed back in 1984 by the og ghostbusters. I was just wondering, do you mind if you can answer that next video with what we have so far. As long as you read this, I'm happy.
I just assumed he fought Cap after he went back in time after End Game. He'd have been 40 years younger than when we saw him as an old man, so as a super soldier he could've still been fighting.
Reah Melino
The scene between Diet Coke and Stef seems realistic, its the best mini scene I've seen so far on the three channels.
Lucas Schimmel
"Eventually superheroes vanished from the shelves"
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