Film Theory: Is Suicide Squad's Joker ACTUALLY Batman's Boy Wonder?

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With Wonder Woman coming out in theaters this week, I felt it was time to take a look back at some of DC's other movies from the past few years. Specifically, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Back before Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman hit theaters, there was a theory kicking around that Jared Leto's Joker was secretly Batman's sidekick, Robin. But the Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayer, seemed to dismiss this saying that Jason Todd, former Robin #2 was NOT the Joker. However, the proof we cover today shows that Suicide Squad's Joker can still be Robin...just not the Robin that everyone thought.

If you think you've heard this Batman v Superman/Suicide Squad theory before, you ain't seen NOTHING yet!

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Sans Gaming
Sans Gaming 2 gün önce
Jason tod is joker
Dish Man
Dish Man 4 gün önce
Now when I rewatch Teen Titans I will be much more excited to know that he eventually becomes J haha
Timidbook 5 gün önce
#save robin he has been through to much we need to save him
The Cobra Kid
The Cobra Kid 7 gün önce
lensi ghaponza 123
lensi ghaponza 123 8 gün önce
Were is the 4th Robin,
Ghostly 10 gün önce
Slightly correction: Redhood isn't a villain, the proper term would be Anti-Hero
Lyleswalkthroughs 11 gün önce
Time travel!!!! cause Bruce a child when it showed Grayson's grave and Bruce is older than Grayson!
Wyatt and Friends Hailey
“Then there’s Jason Todd” *shows photo of Tim drake”
Terry Long
Terry Long 18 gün önce
Jason tod was the first robin
Terry Long
Terry Long 18 gün önce
Jason tod is Batman's son and catwomen son
Tyler Pellerin
Tyler Pellerin 19 gün önce
now listen i know this is late but i ave a theory that batman mayyy not be whom he is seems or how his city sees him
PercyStar7 22 gün önce
And this theory has been debunked because of the Batman and Joker scene in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
clay 23 gün önce
pause at 0:20
The Ocean Builder PRODUCTION
I came here from Zack Snyder cut of the justice league where Batman and joker meet in the Knightmare.
Lucy Ayoub
Lucy Ayoub 27 gün önce
He’s definitely a younger joker.
john b
john b 27 gün önce
I would re-watch this for hours to see that lead in again lol well done sir
Mike Garvin
Mike Garvin 28 gün önce
This is Jason Todd because of the game he's illusion of the joker
Rachel 28 gün önce
Holy pug in a pizza box
Meloncholly -
Meloncholly - 29 gün önce
boruto isnt a lazy name it translates roughly to bolt as in bolt and screw to honour his dead uncle neji whos name translates to screw
FellowMistake 29 gün önce
This video literally just spoiled arkham knight for me 😀
Just Mike
Just Mike 29 gün önce
Wait people actually take the actors' ages as an anti-argument? HAVE THEY SEEN LETO?
Ender Pearl
Ender Pearl 29 gün önce
16:06 my hero academia o-o. -a anime person
Yellow 29 gün önce
:O ok!
EL BARTO Aylar önce
1:00 The Waynes death scene was to introduce the "Martha" one, if we would not have had this scene we would not have understood that the last word of Thomas was "Martha ....." pronounced by Superman in exactly the same way as Thomas
ZAKAPIEYA gaming Aylar önce
Teen titan robin uses a staff.. RIP to the children watching
Love and peace Be upon you
This make sense, cuz joker won't save harley when she jump into that pool, the real joker would laugh at her like in the comics
Jessica Blake
Jessica Blake Aylar önce
Joker is Robin bank
Heisenbat Aylar önce
Read all of the TDK comics by Frank Miller. That will explain everything
Al Sol
Al Sol Aylar önce
This is so fkn dumb
Sophie Woods
Sophie Woods Aylar önce
What about Teen Titans? Robin is in that show and he just so happens to use a staff. Just food for thought.
MudMyth Aylar önce
Jared Leto as a girl XD
Charlie Norwood
Charlie Norwood Aylar önce
James is awesome as human
NightShade Rose
NightShade Rose Aylar önce
Theres also the whole three Jokers thing...
Michael Aylar önce
Wow that Was a good theory
Adrian Fuller
Adrian Fuller Aylar önce
This would save the franchise
Roxanne Koch
Roxanne Koch Aylar önce
What does three jokers and there’s three robins so I’m not fully on your Siri
2 ideots with a phone
Theory invalid he forgot Dami /j
in the movie (the dark knight) Batman don't want to drive down the joker when he had the chance.
Daright 115
Daright 115 Aylar önce
But when Harley Quinn meet this Joker she was still a psicologist, isn't she supposed to already be a crazy clown?
Elizabeth Joy
Elizabeth Joy Aylar önce
yes....I'm a very manly man...right....😁
Edward Bowers
Edward Bowers Aylar önce
Comic book theory…. Make it happen 🖤 Because…. We live in a society
I have been stuck in the theory mobile for 4 years........please.....help....
The Shiny Zorua
The Shiny Zorua Aylar önce
Matpat: There are 3 Robins Damian Wayne: Am i a joke to you?
Dark Gao
Dark Gao Aylar önce
Robin is not joker because of 2019 prequel
davin gwyn
davin gwyn Aylar önce
jason tod is joker
Tom Forsythe
Tom Forsythe Aylar önce
3:36 5, stephanie brown
Open Aylar önce
ninja4187 Aylar önce
No talk about Damian Wayne?
IdkitsJacob Aylar önce
Why is this so confusing!?
joy lubinda
joy lubinda Aylar önce
Leave Tim alonre
FoxeyTheUnicorn Aylar önce
When I was little I watched the movie were 3rd robin gets turned into joker I forgot about it for ages until I watched suaside squad and found this you did exactly what my little 7 year old brain did years ago
A LLegendly
A LLegendly Aylar önce
Oh MatPat, you are my Effing hero for ignoring the ridiculous female Robins. Robin is known for his acrobatics far more than than his strength, but still they are strong young men. There’s zero chance Bats would let a young girl, who would have the strength to take down exactly zero,0, henchmen let alone bosses. Gadgets will only take you so far, at some point they will have to go toe to toe with at least a henchman, and a young girl is losing that fight every time. Side note, why is Jared Leto taking pictures of himself as a girl? Is that a real picture? Why are artists so freaking weird man?
Pablo Pineda
Pablo Pineda Aylar önce
Harley Quinn brain washing and shocking Robbin turning him to joker and against batman over a false love 😘 would be an insane scene to watch
Nciks é isso ai
Nciks é isso ai 2 aylar önce
vrv is not in my region yet ]:
Man in the Park
Man in the Park 2 aylar önce
That could be a good movie. The transformation from robin to joker.
Man in the Park
Man in the Park 2 aylar önce
David Ayer didn’t debunk with his nonverbal communication. So it still could become a thing. The way he pointed his finger, it looked more like he was saying “don’t tell anyone” and not “that’s not what’s going on”
NITRO SANS GAMER 2 aylar önce
14:00 Fun fact: Matpat is right everyone is right because joker is confirmed older than batman because in the movie JOKER in 2020 or 2019 (i think) theres a scene were joker is going to bruce waynes house and bruce was just a kid like 10 yrs old because hes so so so young and joker was friendly and not bad and bruce was just a kid and joker was so old like 35 yrs old so its confirmed that joker is older 14:36 and in that movie shows us his backstory as he was bullied and now hes the bully
NITRO SANS GAMER 2 aylar önce
6:33 wait is amanda waller in the suicide squad 2 because i think shes there the same face and the same hair
NITRO SANS GAMER 2 aylar önce
4:36 wait a sec i saw redhood in a lego movie of batman that movie is called batman lego movie: Family matters and redhood was there and he has a bat logo in his chest and i think red hood was robin but robin is with batman saw i thought of maybe theres two robin or two batman and the old batman or robin is red hood and as u said hes the joker and that joker is robin so im right
Sample Rate
Sample Rate 2 aylar önce
BrickFigStudios 2 aylar önce
You do realise that in this universe, Jason Todd is dead,? Harley quinn helped him beat him to death! And Dr.harleen quinzel didn't become Harley quinn until she met ....... the Joker. So this outdated vid just don't make no snense.
Leonel David Santiago
Uhhh... did you even watch the video? He isn't even saying Jason Todd is that Joker
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas 2 aylar önce
The gifted mitten grossly owe because mountain differently heat toward a tangy horn. sore, brave modem
Hayley Ross
Hayley Ross 2 aylar önce
The "J" on his face says he could be Tim Drake because, his middle name is Jackson!
Super Duper
Super Duper 2 aylar önce
Holy one of a weird theory batman
dawn Owens
dawn Owens 2 aylar önce
This is why I hate this channel
Leonel David Santiago
Bubs 2 aylar önce
Dude jason todd was revied in lazarus pit and became red hood
Gregory Buttari
Gregory Buttari 2 aylar önce
Harley Quinn can't live with out Me.J.... so she makes a new one ...
Lamp 2 aylar önce
otis hawkridge
otis hawkridge 2 aylar önce
If you think about it, batman is literally an abusive guardian. He takes teens into his care and makes them to fight dangerous criminals. They might want to, but any good parent/guardian would try to at least make them wait untill they are adults to go out fighting crime.
NextToLegendary 2 aylar önce
We need a real live action universe.
A M 2 aylar önce
Can you do a Film Theory about Batman being a patient at an asylum.
A M 2 aylar önce
Maybe Harley Quinn and OG Joker got this Joker to transform like in the cartoon. Since Batman kills in DCEU that would mean OG got shanked. The Quinn erased those memories from new Joker and there you go.
ItsWaffuls 2 aylar önce
so jason todd, the teen titans guy, became joker?!?!
Oziman Sabisa
Oziman Sabisa 2 aylar önce
4 Damien wayne
Pokeincine Playz
Pokeincine Playz 2 aylar önce
I have not seen DC but this still interesting
hey off topic but at 7:16 joker looks like mr burns kinda a bit lol lmao
heyy 2 aylar önce
the only Robin who probably didn't turn into a Joker is probably Robin from Teen Titans Go.
DW ASMR 2 aylar önce
Ya know what, this story twist is kinda cool. The dark version of the "wonder boy" other than red hood.
Thanks Matt for ruining my favorite robin :D hahaha anyways nice theory and the Snyder cut’s Knightmare makes even more sense
Random Stranger
Random Stranger 2 aylar önce
So, Joker is based off "The man who laughs?" That would explain the BATman who laughs.
Omar Arias
Omar Arias 2 aylar önce
Then he was part of the teen Titans
Eric taylor
Eric taylor 2 aylar önce
My nerd rage doth bubbleth over!!!
NooksStudios43 2 aylar önce
I clicked on this like this done not make any sense and when im click off im like.... wow
Slogo Fan 999
Slogo Fan 999 3 aylar önce
Benrhythm 3 aylar önce
i’m gonna do a catchphrase holy sweet salty pickles
HD TV 3 aylar önce
Love the intro
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 3 aylar önce
Man I just came back to this video casue this was my first every flim theory vidoe
mikaspie 3 aylar önce
Lol the thumbnail scared me
Tim Is cracked
Tim Is cracked 3 aylar önce
I want a battle between Harley and Batman so that the joker can turn back
CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet
11:34 Snyder is path Etic
GamerLore 3 aylar önce
As soon as I was this I cried
James Jestis
James Jestis 3 aylar önce
i my friend maros is in the teen picture at 15 41
Mariothe_chilking 3 aylar önce
Matpat. Do you know who I am?
Oreo_kat 3 aylar önce
Red hood is actually not a villain hes an anti-hero which is still fighting crime but he kills so he's an anti-hero
SoulHunter21 3 aylar önce
There are like 5 robins not 3
Madhu Gupta
Madhu Gupta 3 aylar önce
now watch the sucide squad and is a theory a waste theory
CBF 3 aylar önce
The problem with this is that Harley would be pretty old
Dana Stacey
Dana Stacey 3 aylar önce
At 7:00 the ad made it say the chip made by OXI CLEAN!
Enzo Tomic
Enzo Tomic 3 aylar önce
Ion 3 aylar önce
he said it
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