Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)

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Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own pet dragon? The How To Train Your Dragon movies have made us think it would be a fire-breathing good time! Except they never actually tell us HOW to train a dragon or if it would be a good idea in the first place. I mean, these are dangerous wild creatures! So today I'm out to give us a FINAL ANSWER! Should you try to train a dragon? Let's find out!

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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




23 Mar 2019




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TheGamingTriceratops 2011
TheGamingTriceratops 2011 21 saatler önce
I feel like there could be a way around reptiles not having certain brain cells there could be gene 🧬 sliceing solutions like changing the animals genetics to include those sells that they need to be trained which could mean slicing the jeans with birds because you can train a bird Btw can you look at my fnaf theory I left In the comments of one of you videos
Ayesha Ebrahim
Ayesha Ebrahim Gün önce
I just got a train your dragon show max ad
KayleeBur Gün önce
I get your point matpat since the dragons in this movie are like cats well let's just say you don't train a cat like you would a dog you literally just donesticate cats so they don't claw your face off.
WXO_ Gün önce
Nadders are underrated, I just think there neat
Sebastian Hill
Sebastian Hill 2 gün önce
I know you enjoy ruining children’s childhood movies but this is to much. So thanks for ruining mine 😡.
Purple Pineapple
Purple Pineapple 2 gün önce
Dragons are not the same as reptiles!!! Dragons are smarter then reptile! Ur rong if u believe this guy!!!! (But I’m still a subscriber so I don’t hate on you! I love ur vids)
Sheikah & yiga
Sheikah & yiga 3 gün önce
You are a party pooper matpat. Just let the magic be the magic and don't destroy it with her science and math. You monster
Askiros 234
Askiros 234 3 gün önce
But Hiccup tried to make a moving tailpiece in the first movie but realized that he couldn't move it and his engineering skills went up until gift of the night fury so he made one that works, but toothless just threw it away because he WANTED to stay with hiccup. He LIKED him. No offense tho, just a bit of correction.
Chariot requiem
Chariot requiem 3 gün önce
Joshua Anthony
Joshua Anthony 5 gün önce
Civil, Barbaric..... -_- Vikings
the great lumberjack King
Um Florida exist making reptiles pets is one of our main things along side tourism and crazy news storys oh and bad education
Ziad Saad
Ziad Saad 6 gün önce
toothless is based on cats get debunked
ZenyxX 6 gün önce
This aint HTTYD, its how to possibly domesticate a fictional flying reptile whilst not being dead but actually no
C Cappa
C Cappa 10 gün önce
"If a dragon can't fly they're dead." Cavern crasher: Um...
Mtb person
Mtb person 11 gün önce
You said that he had to chase toothless around to get the saddle on but if you look at toothless’s face you can Cleary see that he’s happy and just playing around with hiccup. Lol
Mtb person
Mtb person 11 gün önce
It’s a movie who cares
skyfox skech
skyfox skech 12 gün önce
I'm soper angry with this video I'm a hauw to Trane your dragon fan
Daan Bruins
Daan Bruins 13 gün önce
Dragons in the movies also are shown to have complex emotions and show empathy, it's clear that they are clearly a million times more intelligent than other reptiles.
Daan Bruins
Daan Bruins 13 gün önce
In the short Gift of the Night Fury Hiccup gives Toothless a new tail that he can control on his own, however Toothless doesn't want it and wants Hiccup to fly with him as they are friends. That doesn't seem like animal cruelty to me.
WolfieGirlXox 13 gün önce
There are a few important things you missed here In Gift of the Night Fury when Toothless returns from getting Hiccup's helmet back he litterly smashes the tail to pieces on purpose, gets his old tail and sets it in front of Hiccup, he did not *want* to be away from Hiccup. Again in the 3rd movie he only wanted to leave because it was no longer safe to be with humans and because he had a girlfriend, he was vissably upset about leaving Hiccup. Another thing, you only mention Toothless here, all the other dragons on Berk could leave any time they want to, yet the only time they ever do is for their winter migration thing and when there spooked, and they always come back until they can't.
Spades 14 gün önce
People need to remember that the movies are based off a book series by Cressida Cowell. In the books, everyone already has pet dragons, and train them by yelling at them. Hiccup, however, trains Toothless by learning his language and talking to him, which allows them to form a stronger bond
Thermo 14 gün önce
As a bearded dragon owner I can not agree this analysis.
rainyday678 15 gün önce
In gift of the night fury it was the same tail fin that is in the 3rd movie?? Hiccup had no control over it. And also toothless destroyed it for a reason
MythicalCookies 15 gün önce
I have an objection against all the points. Am I a humongous fan? Yes. So, for one toothless CAN control his tail. If you want to fly in one direction,BOTH tail find need to cooperate.and if I remember correctly, toothless does have one of his own tail thus making him want to fly where hiccup wants.(will update when finished watching) Plus toothless can just not use his wings. More, first you say the dragons behave like cats then proceed to spend the ENTIRE video saying they behave like reptiles. But that's just a theory. A COUNTER THEORY
Wizarddia 15 gün önce
lots of people have trained alligators to follow them and stuff!
Wizarddia 15 gün önce
if you can train a gold fish to do a maze so what's different with lizard?
Vincent Martano
Vincent Martano 15 gün önce
Just because every extant land animal with scales is a reptile doesn't mean only reptiles have scales. It seems like the activity level and metabolism of toothless proves he is not a reptile
Nick the fox gaming
Nick the fox gaming 15 gün önce
your video is completely wrong in several ways. first of all, have you even seen the movie? the dragons portrayed are clearly much smarter than a lizard... they are more like a very well trained dog. second... in most if not all mythologies dragons are as smart or smarter than humans.. so no. third, hicup has a very clear two way emotional and mental bond with the dragon under his care. you should have taken into account a what a dragon is and not base it off a real creature. really just look up "dragon" in any fantasy wiki and you'll find im right.
Killer 17 gün önce
Raimare Dri'Cole
Raimare Dri'Cole 18 gün önce
Hiccup uses Draconian Methods to Train Your Dragon. Seems fitting. Jesus Loves You.
🍁Strawberry skies🍁
Sorry mat this one is completely debunked this show is just theoryless these yacks have no more milk
Lien Cong
Lien Cong 18 gün önce
Magic must execs otherwise toothless would never even exist either or it’s mainly the fact that it’s a kids show and parents aren’t supposed to even do you know look way into it to the dark theories that you think it’s magic or radiation
Lien Cong
Lien Cong 18 gün önce
You do realise almost every dragon has six lambs including the tail which is more
Lien Cong
Lien Cong 18 gün önce
Also also we know Magic execs or radiation because every living being evolved from a four limbs fish
Lien Cong
Lien Cong 18 gün önce
Also nothing for lease but don’t you think it’s too much again it’s not like it’s controlling everything by force after all let’s be real like how to train your dragon race to the edge even some fight other Vikings trying freedom and of course toothless refuses it’s not just your voice it’s mainly the rest
Lien Cong
Lien Cong 18 gün önce
And second of Lee they can feel emotion if it’s magic we know that’s a weird things like Shrek exist in DreamWorks is probably radiation you know like the same for Godzilla Godzilla deathly feel the emotions 2019 the sacrifice
Lien Cong
Lien Cong 18 gün önce
Excuse me but why did you think this easier way it’s just magic I mean we know it’s magic because trolls execs literally one of the Vikings said it is probably present-day is because Vikings I’m supposed to know that people still execs which are Viking said
William J.C.
William J.C. 19 gün önce
Sorry matpat but if you had seen the series that happens b4 the second movie Hiccup did try to engineer a tail to allow Toothless to fly on is own and... ( sorry if I miss remember) he doesn't want it...
Fina Ding
Fina Ding 19 gün önce
He is not a slave
Fina Ding
Fina Ding 19 gün önce
I don’t believe you
Rhocel Zane Odronia
Rhocel Zane Odronia 19 gün önce
Astraes L
Astraes L 20 gün önce
9:40 a small slip up there, matpat
Skulky 20 gün önce
Ummm, you know that most reptilse do in fact have emotions. Example there was a very similar story that involved Pocho the croc. Pocho was injured by a farmer. Luckily Chito rescued him. Pocho was realeased and decided to follow Chito. They were together for 2 decades before Pochos death. Plus let's say reptiles don't have feelings what if a dragon has that part of the brain for emotion?
A LLegendly
A LLegendly 20 gün önce
You keep making the analogy of dragons and dogs, when the correct analogy would be dragons and horses. Horses are capable of an emotional bond like Toothless, they are capable of tricks, like Toothless, and for crying out loud they both require saddles and breaking, I mean cmon matpat this is obvious man.
Joanne McIlraith
Joanne McIlraith 21 gün önce
Well that opening skit was a lie also how do we know dragons don’t have relation part of its brain they could have a dragon brain So I just broke your theory. And if you dare challenge me matpat I will prove you wrong
Eclipsel Night
Eclipsel Night 21 gün önce
Mattpatt: *explains the movies* Me: *Watching the series and movies for 200000000000012 times*
Gabriel Barros
Gabriel Barros 23 gün önce
that video is you assuming that dragons are actually reptiles, for example, d&d puts them as an exclusive race, and the dragons in "how to train your dragon" do create relacionchips
🎃King Toothless🎃
Ok that's a nightmare for me
Crym Cooper
Crym Cooper 24 gün önce
I disagree with a lot of this :/ for instance, the brain thing. It's clear that the dragons express emotions, meaning they have that limbic system
Pichu Squad
Pichu Squad 25 gün önce
sad, definetly ruined my childhood show and movies. I forgot that reptiles don't have the part of there brain that lets them feel love, so I forgot a dragon would also be part of that. also, you must live a sad life not to know about how to train your dragon t'ill then/now. But i refuse to let my childhood be fully ruined so, these of course are fantasy reptiles that can fly so we can say they can feel love and I mean toothless acts as if he can feel emotions in a way so I will continue to believe toothless isn't being harassed by hiccup in the movies and stuff. I know its just a theory but I feel someone or matpat might want to hear our opinions so I stated them for anyone who cares enough.
Dyson Fisher
Dyson Fisher 25 gün önce
It's funny how it makes it how to train your dragon video but actually has no idea what he's talking about
Dyson Fisher
Dyson Fisher 25 gün önce
Not trying to be rude just stating the galactically obvious
Maddie McMillan 🌈
Maddie McMillan 🌈 25 gün önce
You just ruined all my favorite movies that's the only movie I liked you'll pay in the future for ruining kids favorite movies for some people
Harrish Romero
Harrish Romero 20 gün önce
Hey you stop matpat is my childhood and you ruined it
Taechin Plays
Taechin Plays 25 gün önce
There's still this episode before HTTYD 2 and Hiccup makes Toothless a tail it can control but it basically throws it away and prefers the old one
Call Me Fooy
Call Me Fooy 27 gün önce
Toothless refused freedom when hiccup offered it to him
Jack Foran
Jack Foran 28 gün önce
the titles a bit confusing it sais how not to train ur dragon then how to train ur dragon
Heather Glover
Heather Glover 28 gün önce
this is from a book sooo blame the book I LOVE DRAGONS and there friends now so ha! IN YOUR FACE!
Harrish Romero
Harrish Romero 20 gün önce
Hahaha you don't have zero information
Skylar Whittaker
Skylar Whittaker 29 gün önce
You could do a theory about that that show? How to tran your dangon rase to that eag. It's on Netflix
CC Subzero
CC Subzero Aylar önce
Who care? a personal Jet with a flame thrower? buy me in! lol
Mike Afton
Mike Afton Aylar önce
I say you can tame them and explain why Astrid and hiccup and the rest have another series of them are the same as the move many is a time skip
SIA YUGA Aylar önce
Short from of what he’s saying: If you find a dragon set it free unless it’s a toy Edit: I mean a toy dragon
Àkia Gacha
Àkia Gacha Aylar önce
Jonathan Evenson
Jonathan Evenson Aylar önce
dude i just a movie man you talking the kids that Hiccup is a jerk here let me help you ITS A MOVIE. common sence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonathan Evenson
Jonathan Evenson Aylar önce
you are ruining kids and my loved movies man at pray to the lord you don't do anymore of my favorite movies!!!
Natalie Raleigh
Natalie Raleigh Aylar önce
Harrish Romero
Harrish Romero 20 gün önce
Matpat donated money to stop Cancer man
Harrish Romero
Harrish Romero 20 gün önce
Huh you never said my childhood matpat is the best had a family you big bully
blackjack 218
blackjack 218 Aylar önce
Injuring toothless was intentional but hiccup then decided to ditch the viking way and help him fly again, which led to them bonding
J Parrott
J Parrott Aylar önce
I trained my cat to stand up on to legs before he eats
Red Harlow
Red Harlow Aylar önce
Ok, Matt made Hiccup seem alot worse than he is. In a short made comically almost right after the 1st film where Hiccup makes Toothless a tail that he can control by himself, but Toothless refuses to use it
Susan Korman
Susan Korman Aylar önce
in his defence the channel is film THERORY and i just relized that
Reyvhen Manansala
Reyvhen Manansala Aylar önce
i like how to train dragons! thats why i like dragons!
shamsudeen m a
shamsudeen m a Aylar önce
Film Theory: Dragons CAN'T be trained Lance from pokemon: *I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you*
Kaitlyn Hall
Kaitlyn Hall Aylar önce
Hi! Can you please do a theory on Paw Patrol? I know its a kids show but How do they do their quick change as they go up the elevator? How does Ryder come up with a plan on the spot? Why are there no hospitals in Adventure Bay? And how can they fix any problem with a vehicle and a few tools each? How do they talk? There is a Paw Patrol movie coming out and maybe that will answer some of my questions. Or you could do a theory, thank you. :)
OddyOddster Aylar önce
Fun fact: the Russian translation of the movie How to Train Your Dragon is «Как Приручить Дракона» (How to TAME your Dragon) The more you know
Tracy Orne
Tracy Orne Aylar önce
no he's a night fury
Tracy Orne
Tracy Orne Aylar önce
aye I love the movie so don't be mean >:(
The Doomslayer
The Doomslayer Aylar önce
I feel like dragons would be more like birds than lizards, kind of like the dinosaurs. And, if you're correct about this, explain Toothless's attempts, yes plural, to copy Hiccup in their initial interactions.
Kenzo Thomas
Kenzo Thomas Aylar önce
i mean hiccup trins toothless alot better than drago dagur vigo the dragon hunters and grimmel
Shadow_corpse Aylar önce
You're ruining Our childhood movies/but i like your videos
🍁Strawberry skies🍁
Matt no you forgot to watch the show where they mention that some breeds of dragons are domesticated night furry included and your whole theory pretty much goes out the window sorry but this theory is too much it's just nagging love your other videos tho and yes I agree that animal abuse is bad also dragons aren't lizards so the lizard thing dosen't work do you really think that this movie is supposed to be realistic at all its about myticalagicaly fake createors
Yamill Aylar önce
Well this is correct but a reptile does seem like a dragon in many ways but since they aren't real technically don't know if they would be different
Kurtis Appleton
Kurtis Appleton Aylar önce
I’d love to agree with Matt but in the first movie hiccup is saved by toothless by toothless coming to his rescue and after his relentless efforts to get out of the hole he manages to get out to save hiccup and the point of toothless HAVING to obey well we’ve seen toothless throw hiccup off ( with or without the saddle or harness ) or force him away or to stop so toothless has control
Lord Reptile Stormblade
Komodo Dragons are just lizards, not dragons, they were only called that due to how large they can grow compared to other species of lizards known at the time.
Lord Reptile Stormblade
reptiles tend to be 100% independent from the moment they hatch, with a few notable exceptions, mainly crocs that need protection from larger crocs till they themselves grow large enough.
Lord Reptile Stormblade
1 teeny tiny, but ever so crucial, little detail... dragons aren't reptiles. dragons are warm-blooded while reptiles are cold-blooded. some dragons can breathe underwater, all reptiles need air. some dragons have fur or feathers, no reptiles have fur.
eli rupert
eli rupert Aylar önce
Every time i set the speed up I remember I did it from the theme
Ryden Finck
Ryden Finck Aylar önce
Matpat is on a add 😱😱😱
Meghan Simo
Meghan Simo Aylar önce
MatPat, I hate to break it to you. But, although your facts in this video are correct. You using them for the dragons in this franchise is completely wrong. These dragons are not moral reptiles, yes, they have scales. But that doesn’t mean they are full reptiles, they just look like them which is why characters refer to them as such. However, these dragons are warm-blooded, unlike most reptiles. They also are shown to have emotional complexes aka: limbic systems. They develop trust and have emotions such as depression, excitement, and even love and despair. Which means that everything you said in this video has nothing to do with them. I am sorry to break the news to you, buddy. But this video is just not it😂 However, good try. A for Effort. 👍😂💖
Estrella Pascua
Estrella Pascua Aylar önce
Liar I traind my turttle to come when I touch the watter
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Aylar önce
Matpat working hard to destroy childhood movies
Irving Wiley
Irving Wiley Aylar önce
The sad pest immunophenotypically shade because buffer periodically mate on a oceanic colombia. unwieldy, crooked authorization
Karla Hucker
Karla Hucker Aylar önce
The only problem is that Toothless has emotions, like excitement unlike lizards, so his brain has more in-common with a cat and dog which means that it probably can get trained and their is more proof in the series which means that the brain is emotionally and physically capable to have a relationship, but yes the way hiccup did it was wrong which I agree to
Jith Gaming
Jith Gaming Aylar önce
The dragons may have evolved over years and may have gained the ability to sense other emotions... Just a guess.
Jith Gaming
Jith Gaming Aylar önce
This can be a different universe and may not be realistic... Don't judge
Bob The potato
Bob The potato Aylar önce
Why do I keep getting ads for you when I watch you and like it’s always a skip ad idk how but it’s a real ad how do you do this
BiggestPhangirl Aylar önce
I honestly do feel like you've overlooked some important details in the movie, and perhaps don't know about the answers the directors gave the audience. The HTTYD directors based Toothless and the Light Fury off of jaguars and lions, NOT reptiles. Other dragons like Stormfly were based off other animals or animal mixes, but they're only reptilian in appearance. Dragons are shown to be more intelligent than corvids (family of birds including birds like crows, ravens, and rooks), which are so incredibly intelligent they’re in a class of their own, meaning that dragons must be unique reptiles not just because they breathe fire and fly, but because they clearly do not have the same brain structure as a komodo dragon. Toothless isn’t “just a passenger in his own body.” He's demonstrated multiple times that Hiccup matters to him more than his own freedom. The first step to taming a bird is to stick it in its cage and leave it alone for a couple of weeks. Birds eventually come to like their cages and will return to them rather frequently even after being given freedom-not unlike how Toothless returns to Hiccup even when he’s allowed to roam on his own. He doesn’t like being separated from Hiccup for long periods, as shown in HTTYD Homecoming when he begs the Light Fury to go back to Hiccup, and her reaction indicates it is far from the first time he's asked. Even being the alpha dragon, even having a family of his own, even moving across the sea and down a hole, is not enough to completely separate him from Hiccup. The second step to taming a bird is to let the bird come to you, which I will say, is something Hiccup did get right. He left Toothless alone in a cove, let the dragon get used to his presence and environment, but did not force Toothless to be pet or held or anything of the sort. He allowed Toothless to come to him. The third step is actually something else Hiccup got right: hand feeding. Hiccup directly gives Toothless a fish from his hands, instead of putting it down and running away to observe from afar. Doing this with birds assures them that the hand is safe and good. Some birds will regurgitate food to "feed" a human they've bonded with in the same way the human has fed them. Flock birds in particular are notorious for this behavior because the flock shares food. Sound familiar at all? Finally, moving on from bird taming (which is consistent with Hiccup's methods of dragon taming), while you called the tail inhumane and an example of animal cruelty, you didn't stop to consider that Hiccup didn't even know his first tail would work. That was the prototype, the trial tail, to make sure this was the reason Toothless couldn't fly. The realization of why Toothless couldn't fly and how the tail functioned and allowed Toothless to fly (steering) only occurred to him when he manually spread and moved the prosthetic tail fin. How could he have known how Toothless could control an invention even HE didn't know how to control? So, practice. I feel like, despite Toothless crashing without Hiccup in control, this was a necessary step towards Toothless' independence. Once Hiccup learned how the tail controls worked, he could invent one that Toothless could control HOWEVER...when he finally did... In “Gift of the Night Fury” Hiccup made Toothless a fully-functioning tail fitted for Toothless’ control, and had no measure to give himself any other control. At the end, Toothless valued their relationship more than his own independence and told Hiccup he wanted to be ridden - of his OWN volition mind you - by smashing and permanently destroying the new tail, then pushing his old tail towards Hiccup. Astrid references this in HTTYD 3 when Hiccup is recreating this tail: “You tried this before, he didn’t want it.” If you remember, when trying to train Toothless (and himself) to fly, he had Toothless tethered so he wouldn't get hurt. But Berk still hated dragons at that time, there was no way for him to build a safe obstacle course.
Fu Gin
Fu Gin Aylar önce
What a intro
Fu Gin
Fu Gin Aylar önce
Noooooo nooo noooo
That Spooky Spider
That Spooky Spider Aylar önce
you can tame animals in rimworld by almost killing them and then rescuing them xd
Plush FUN
Plush FUN Aylar önce
bad Matt Pat (spray's water bottle)
Marcelina Szychowska
3:34 my favorite thing i have ever seen on this channel so far
sphinxo679 Aylar önce
I swear this channel teaches everyone mor science than a whole lifes worth of school
TheFireLizard Aylar önce
You are assuming dragons are reptiles. I will use dinosaurs as an example. For hundreds of years we assumed dinosaurs were just "really big lizards" and thus cold blooded. But The fact is that dinosaurs were warm blooded and had more in common with birds than lizards. Look at how smart birds are. In fact calling someone a bird brain is a compliment. I would assume dragons are more like dinosaurs than lizards. Even in the movies, you never see the dragons sunbathing to heat up their muscles like lizards do. Therefore they are clearly warm blooded. And with being warm blooded comes an advanced brain. At least we assume because we don't have reptiles with advanced brains here on earth. Biologically there is no reason they can't have an advanced brain. But evolution decided they didn't need it. Also in the movie the dragons act more like mammals than reptiles. They show higher thought processes and emotions more like a mammal or birds brain. So I'm proposing that they are more like mammals and birds. Anyone who has ever broke a horse can tell you that a big part of it is making them aware that you are the leader. And they will fight you until they see they can't win and have no choice but obey. Reptiles don't have leaders they are all for themselves. You cant jump on a komodo dragon and break it like a horse. They won't eventually give up and obey. They will fight to the death weather it's your death or theirs. So it's clear to me that the dragons in the movies are not reptiles in the same way dinosaurs were not reptiles like we once believed. They are warm blooded and have a brain more like a mammal or bird.
ML ILYAS Aylar önce
Matpat you got argue with by silver willowwing
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