Film Theory: How A Tiger King Disposes of a Body!

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The Netflix documentary Tiger King has taken over almost every corner of the internet, from memes to theory channels alike! One of the big "mysteries" of the series, of which there are arguably a TON, is the question of whether or not Carole Baskin fed her husband to their tigers. Joe Exotic certainly believes she did and tried some... questionable tactics to make his point. Today Theorists, I am dipping my toes into the world of true crime to see if it is possible to get rid of the remains by feeding them to your tigers - or rather the big cats that the couple had on their property at the time of the "disappearance". This is about to get REALLY weird!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Josh Langman, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




16 Nis 2020




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HiXC 10 dakika önce
When matpat talk in the intro about tiger king I thought of KonigsTiger
FelMar G
FelMar G 11 saatler önce
They say a pig can crash a human bonus is that right? so it is easier to fit it to pigs and feed the pigs to the animals
Beagle Boy Plays
Beagle Boy Plays 2 gün önce
Well there’s another season now so yeah
Jerry Bergsteinbaum
Jerry Bergsteinbaum 4 gün önce
Nathaniel Cap
Nathaniel Cap 5 gün önce
It's Less About Tigers And More On People
Andontus Animates
Andontus Animates 6 gün önce
Guys no he’s right! Tiger king episode 1 14:32 she states that one of the dead tigers was a jaguar! Holy freaking crap
SeaLama WeeLama
SeaLama WeeLama 6 gün önce
Mat pat u are positive that u shouldn't be a indecisiveter
POGMAN 6 gün önce
I died when the clip from "a heist with markiplier" showed up
killer 123
killer 123 7 gün önce
5 Random Youtubers
5 Random Youtubers 8 gün önce
1:04 Don’t you mean purr-fect 🐈
Rita Migues
Rita Migues 8 gün önce
A tiger bit one of Joe's employee's arm off.
sling bling
sling bling 8 gün önce
yo, mat have you tried being a detective before? i think you make a great detective
Gulf Coast Florida Man of the Gulf Coast
Joe Exotic, more trustworthy than Joe Biden.
Death Bite
Death Bite 12 gün önce
Video: murder/tigers/cool science Me: could this go on food theory 🤔
Knarf Trakiul
Knarf Trakiul 12 gün önce
They probably made a deal... He would disappear and carol would have the farm and any insurance money was split between them.
Knarf Trakiul
Knarf Trakiul 12 gün önce
The rescue groups get a bunch of crazy city libtards donating money and supporting them. They have never been on a farm or know what it takes to run one on a daily basis.
Knarf Trakiul
Knarf Trakiul 12 gün önce
If you have ever had a farm then you know ur going to have animals die. Sometimes they have to be put to sleep. If you wait about 3 to 4 days a dead body will burn easily. Get a good fire going to get a hot base..put body on hot coals...then lay more wood over the body. Even the bones burn up. It's a cremation
B A H A M A S -
B A H A M A S - 13 gün önce
carol baskin! killed her husband whacked him can't convince me that it didn't happened fed him to tigers they snackin what's happening CAROL BASKIN!
Javier Mendoza
Javier Mendoza 13 gün önce
They did have leopards !!!! I’m not sure how many yet but leopards are confirmed!!!!
Javier Mendoza
Javier Mendoza 13 gün önce
Just an fyi this is seconds after I saw it on season two of the show it is currently 1:07am
Elle Birch
Elle Birch 23 gün önce
What if she just fed them the meat and buried the bones that couldn’t be broken down or eaten? Bones are easier to hide than a full intact body
MICHELLE M 24 gün önce
Season 2 is coming!!!
The_IronReaper 29 gün önce
Carol Baskin killed her husband whacked him cant convince me that it didn't happen she fed him to tigers they snacking what's happening Carol Baskin
Imari Gibson
Imari Gibson Aylar önce
Wait did mat pat miss the fact that asking "Anybody got any details as to whether there ere jaguars on the property at the time?", with the green notice in the background of the missing person and his Jaguar in frame... I'm just curious is this sarcasm or just not seeing the image, cause that jaguar looked to be before the man went missing. Thus, the jaguar would be approximately fully grown and could have been split/severed into different body parts by the wife, and fed to several different animals. I don't know if its oversight or for the funnies, but it seems pretty clear to me. Don't take my word for everything though I dont watch the show and this is the first ive heard about it!
Clever Username
Clever Username Aylar önce
Okay hear me out here. Do you need a meat grinder to break bones? Surely you could break it with force. Make something along the lines of a chisel and break the bones into consumable pieces. Do you really need to grind it?
life is mad.
life is mad. Aylar önce
Now we have squid game
Darkmatter6855 Aylar önce
Nah you need to do the clone wars
Howard Story
Howard Story Aylar önce
Tigerkingcoin to the moon!
DJ B-Done
DJ B-Done Aylar önce
My man didn’t mention the septic tank one bit
Dustin Hyde
Dustin Hyde Aylar önce
She did it and yes they had a jaguar
Jay Doubleu
Jay Doubleu Aylar önce
Crazy part is there’s not much of any evidence against Joe whatsoever
Erik Husson-Matter
Erik Husson-Matter Aylar önce
fun fact: a hippopotamus has 1825 PSI. if you wanna fight a animal DONT CHOOSE A HIPPO
NotYourMom86 Aylar önce
I think she killed him but I think if she fed his body to something it would be a alligator or pigs. Pigs will eat anything 😳🙃🤣🤣🤣
Wizarddia Aylar önce
jaguars need a strong Bitte because they need to ea cammes
Wizarddia Aylar önce
look at this nobody probably killed anyone trvid.com/video/video-BbePI5_OijY.html
Mac bogus 7
Mac bogus 7 Aylar önce
I’m not the only that does that with the office
Alexandra Rylie
Alexandra Rylie Aylar önce
I never watched it because I listened to True Crime Obsessed cover it. Don’t really want to watch it now!
Mahmoud Almufarrej
Mahmoud Almufarrej Aylar önce
Three words. A F*****G HAMMER
Sugin14 DB
Sugin14 DB Aylar önce
I'm gonna go with you never lived in a trailer park 😅😅😅😅
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones Aylar önce
The tiger king sounds like a rip off of the lion king
Anders Krarup
Anders Krarup Aylar önce
You know Jim Corbett writes about observing One tiger eating an entire waterbuffalo in 2-4 days
Thatoneothergamer Aylar önce
so this entire documentary series is fake right? just wanna make it clear because this is alot of detail about the history of this supposed company and drama
john wayna
john wayna Aylar önce
MatPat I can't believe I have to point something out to you instead of the other way around. Don Lewis is Jeff Lowe. Look at a few minutes of clips and pictures. That's why she's not in any danger of prison and that's what his big plan was to start over. Come on he lives exactly how you would expect Don to that's identical behavior and identical faces man
A LLegendly
A LLegendly Aylar önce
Your theory has a flaw right off the bat. You’re making a massive assumption that she had to dispose of the body in those first 24 hours. She easily could’ve hid it in a freezer in a storage unit, cut it up and feed it to the tigers limb by limb man. She’s absolutely crazy enough to do that. And bones can be collected and chucked in a River no problem man.
A LLegendly
A LLegendly Aylar önce
Am I really the only one who’s noticed that it’s not Joe Exotic singing in those songs and videos? I thought it was beyond obvious that that speaking voice literally cannot make that sound singing. Scientifically it’s not possible. Dr Antle confirmed it.
A LLegendly
A LLegendly Aylar önce
That intro is so spot on to how I see the Biden Admin actually operating. I’m just surprised they didn’t demand that Carole Effin Baskin be called Mitch Mconnels daughter or cousin or something. Or maybe Trumps illegitimate daughter. Oh yea, that one.
Paul Dzhugostran
Paul Dzhugostran Aylar önce
The bizarre keyboarding unexplainably complain because crayfish rationally agree around a crooked lawyer. intelligent, beneficial anethesiologist
jim mitchell
jim mitchell 2 aylar önce
Omg that show was like a train wreck I couldn't stop myself from clicking the next episode just to see what he was gonna do or say next
Micah Birdlover
Micah Birdlover 2 aylar önce
matpat screaming so funny 🤭😄
Micah Birdlover
Micah Birdlover 2 aylar önce
are just going sit there and let innocent people die so funny 🤭😄
p 2 aylar önce
I am probably the only person who is in LOVE with family reunion... I just binged it 460 times 24/7 in lockdown and I am STILL in love with it... I’m obsessed with Netflix like matpat and Diet Coke 😂😂😂🤣
p 2 aylar önce
I know that this is so unrelated But please don’t hate on me
Nikolaas Heeres
Nikolaas Heeres 2 aylar önce
Wouldnt this be a food theroy
SicilianMina 2 aylar önce
Crocs. 2,900
Misc435 2 aylar önce
You should make a book theorists channel
Bman Hangout
Bman Hangout 2 aylar önce
You should do something on Scripted reality shows
Keane V
Keane V 2 aylar önce
And I thought my idea was insane.... And it still is the most insane idea.
The Great Papyrus
The Great Papyrus 2 aylar önce
Here's a idea what if she feed the meat to the cats and buried the bones under a tree like in the root area. That's what I would do
D0nm@ 2 aylar önce
All country music is bad country music
Record Games
Record Games 2 aylar önce
Carol Haskins killed her husband, was it worth it, no it wasn’t.
Shikaschima 2 aylar önce
Big Cat Rescue looks amazing. Until you notice the tiny, weird things, which are all in between the lines on the video. I think the one where everyone noticed was the one where they showed "Do Former Pets still like to be petted" in which they forced metal scratchers (meant for relieving itches and pain) onto their bodies without giving them a chance to even decide for themselves, if they want to experience human contact again, considering they were former pets. No, they grabbed metal pokers that these cats only knew for something entirely different, instead of warmth and gentleness. But sure, definitely a good comparison. They also failed to pronounce one of their cougar's names until her passing in 2019. Which is honestly something I am more upset about. How hard is it to actually figure out, how to pronounce a foreign word???
nerdybyrdie 2 aylar önce
maatpat: bones take x psi to break me: isn't that an earthbound thing?
Innitium 2 aylar önce
A youtuber named think before you sleep made a video about this. I really recommend the video
Innitium 2 aylar önce
Also matpat should really do some research because the cages that carol uses are enormous. She did a video showing them with a drone and she says that they tracked a cat for day and it had moved multiple miles. The cages you see that are tiny are normally cages for drinking water because otherwise cats would pee in the water to mark their territory. Also the events that we see in the show are not done often.
Jaf 2 aylar önce
Me using a hammer to break bones
Angus Deacon
Angus Deacon 2 aylar önce
Carol could have used an axe or anything else laying around the property to break up the bones
Magpiefall 2 aylar önce
Film theory just nonchalantly solving a murder
the game mutant
the game mutant 2 aylar önce
Wait is this real is this true or is this a TV show
crappyartzzz 2 aylar önce
It's true. Tiger king is a documentary series
criticus gaming
criticus gaming 2 aylar önce
So is dis all fake or real
crappyartzzz 2 aylar önce
It's true. Tiger king is a documentary series
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 2 aylar önce
How 2 Get Rid Of Ur Husband -w/- Trace : *(Floridian Tiger King/Queen Style)* 1. Feed The Meat To Ur Cats 2. Feed Da Bones To The Crocs *(Optional)* 3. Husband ? What Husband ?
James Daniel Jones
James Daniel Jones 2 aylar önce
"Carol Baskin killed her husband whacked him"-ssundee
͡ 2 aylar önce
comrade dima
comrade dima 2 aylar önce
that place is florida there's definitely alligator to get rid of bone or just break the bone to chunk herself
Randomvideo 2 aylar önce
Catzie_ 2 aylar önce
I don't like Carol.
Emji Amsdaughter
Emji Amsdaughter 2 aylar önce
As someone who has not watched Tiger King, I was shocked to learn that it's a ducumentary.
crappyartzzz 2 aylar önce
Bro sameeeee
Mr.Chocolate War
Mr.Chocolate War 2 aylar önce
I think I found a clue every time that carol feeds to the tiger in the meat tray there’s a fake head
Cat astronaut
Cat astronaut 2 aylar önce
A human
A human 2 aylar önce
40 acres of land is only 1mile around
Jeff Dollaz
Jeff Dollaz 2 aylar önce
Did she have pigs 🤔
PencilTalk 2 aylar önce
hehehe i saw the video and immediately thought “Carol Baskins?”
hippygirl 13
hippygirl 13 2 aylar önce
Controversial opinion: I don't think Don Luis was a good guy and I doubt his relationship with her was very even. I don't think he deserved to die but when a millionaire picks a teenager up off the street and then makes her his mistress. He's usually looking for someone easy to manipulate. Who knows what she put up with. Yeah maybe she killed him for the money. But I have trouble seeing her as more evil than some other abuse victims that killed their abuser. He probably saw her as is property like most rich entitled men tend to be easily inclined to do when they find someone who had nothing and give them everything.
Dorian Gray Clampitt
Dorian Gray Clampitt 2 aylar önce
The series didn’t cover the fact his assistant Anne McQueen also was stealing a TON of money from the company and wasn’t suppose to be in the trailer herself.
Charlie toys and horror stories
Animal rights activist like that vegan teacher right?aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
John Wright
John Wright 2 aylar önce
Jaguars and leopards are actually way more dangerous than tigers and lions.
Roll1D2 2 aylar önce
Fun Fact: Texas has the second highest tiger population with India being first. So it hurts me that Tiger King wasn't set in Texas.
Shwushi 2 aylar önce
I'm watching this after all the stuff was confirmed about Carole baskin and im just thinking how smart mat pat is
Vision Scream
Vision Scream 3 aylar önce
a herd of hungry pigs with a chainsaw....then killing them with the cats
RockerAdam666 3 aylar önce
1:50 Is there actually a such thing as _good_ country music? Serious question here.
RockerAdam666 3 aylar önce
This video is the closest I've ever come to watching any of Tiger King. And I intend to keep it that way.
Zia Ray
Zia Ray 3 aylar önce
Her husband could have also took off on one of his planes and while traveling to the next stop for gas, his plane crashed and he died. Also it doesn't sound like that strange of a thing to add "in case of disappearance" in a will when you are an avid plane owner and flyer just in case of a crash.
Braedon Serio
Braedon Serio 3 aylar önce
Plot Twist! Carol ate her husband 😳
Hannah Stephen
Hannah Stephen 3 aylar önce
"The women's wardrobe is exclusively cat prints" 4:34 switches to her blue shirtv
Shadow_animashonYTX 3 aylar önce
I saw a someone who looked like him at lv
Non-Beenary 3 aylar önce
Rawr = Applause (If you know, you know)
big boris
big boris 3 aylar önce
i got an ad for matpats other channels on this video
A guy with a decently long youtube name.
Gotta love these intros.
Eli is te bes vegtable
matpat could be president but joe biden could never write fnaf theories
Cat Lover 101
Cat Lover 101 3 aylar önce
Although, Big Cat Rescue has HUGE cages for cats. And Carol is fighting against keeping cats in SMALL cages that cats can’t even turn around in.
Boredom 3 aylar önce
I got a big change add while watching matpat
BelieveMe ItDoesNotMatter
Joe was great to be around as long as he was not high
Caged_Icicle 3 aylar önce
Anyone know what year this picture was taken at 7:39?
Aero 3 aylar önce
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