Film Theory: Controlling Robots with YOUR MIND! (Disney's Big Hero 6)

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Big Hero 6 didn't just give us the hope for a cuddle nurse robot like Baymax, it gave us the FUTURE of modern technology. I am talking nanobots! Tiny little pieces of tech to fulfill our every need that we can operate with our BRAIN! How do I know this will work? Let me show you!

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19 Eki 2018




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Quintin Ashley
Quintin Ashley 3 yıl önce
Dear MatPat, A question just sparked me now after watching a bunch of clips from the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The question I had that I was hoping you might be able to answer is, “How tough is the material used in Flint Lockwood’s spray on shoes?” I know it sounds like a silly question but I think it would be a interesting topic. It would also be very appreciated for people to like this comment so MatPat can see this.
not JellyBean
not JellyBean 7 saatler önce
Foundation for Law and Government
Let's dooooooo it
CriticA 6 aylar önce
That would be a good topic.
SnapDragons 6 aylar önce
Emily Morris
Emily Morris 6 aylar önce
Nif The Unicess Fox
Mom: Have you learned anything new today? Me: Yes. Mom: What did you learn? Me: You can't train a dragon, the world would be better without Honey bees, Donkey was a human, everyone in Wall-e are cannibals, Lions can survive on just bugs, cars are insects, True love does't actually save people, how not to die in hunger games (and how to massacre children, correctly), Bakugo can drown the world in his sweat,...*Continues for hours* Mom:.........
Amy Carter
Amy Carter 14 gün önce
Lol 😂
The Glaze
The Glaze Aylar önce
Purple_Chalk 3 aylar önce
@DustySocks o-o
Purple_Chalk 3 aylar önce
Ah, another reason to dislike Bakugo 😌
The Weirdo Channel
The Weirdo Channel 5 aylar önce
Pumkin Spice
Pumkin Spice Yıl önce
Honey Lemon can summon any element on the periodic table with a touch of a button. If she misclicked and touched plutonium or radium she would have ended the world.
Snarffy 3 aylar önce
Toasty Animation Stuff
Inferno 5 aylar önce
YousTube 7 aylar önce
O snap
Obsidian Reborn
Obsidian Reborn 7 aylar önce
What are those elements? How are they bad?
Lightning Gacha
Lightning Gacha Yıl önce
*Honey Lemon is the only one who pronounces Hiro’s name right*
Tony Hou
Tony Hou 4 aylar önce
旦那様。 6 aylar önce
@Ivory Sanchez it's not "-do", more like a very loose "lo". we don't have l in our alphabet so l and r are synonymous to each other, and we pronounce them almost identically. that's why america makes fun of how we pronounce "english" and calls it "engrish" because for us, l and r are the same thing.
Origami Ahsoka
Origami Ahsoka Yıl önce
haseena badshah
haseena badshah Yıl önce
Gacha is awful.
DJ Aguinaga
DJ Aguinaga Yıl önce
I know right
Of Pen and Paper
Of Pen and Paper Yıl önce
"You have been a lollipop. Have a boy."-best humor ever
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 2 aylar önce
@BH4VVY33T Oh. Oh no!
BH4VVY33T 3 aylar önce
You have been a good lollipop... *Pulls out a long balloon* Have a child
10K Subscribers With One Video Challenge
Can we get a theory that see's if Gru could actually shrink the moon. I feel like it would be a very entertaining video.
Anon K.
Anon K. 7 gün önce
This is actually a copied comment; in fact, every single one of his comment is copied lmao
Moses' Son
Moses' Son 18 gün önce
He can.
Mewtendo Aylar önce
he did shrink the moon
Samarth Goel
Samarth Goel 7 aylar önce
@Raven Bloom man it would be way smaller the a tip ,close to non existant , if we take out the space between atoms whole universe can fit in an apple
Lauren Wortman
Lauren Wortman Yıl önce
Theory: Hero built EVA from Wall-E. If you look at his desk, you can see a robotic head and it kind of looks like her. A prototype?
ego-lay_atman-bay 5 aylar önce
that's something that disney does. They put in easter eggs.
Ayden Raine
Ayden Raine 9 aylar önce
@black screen *Her
Adam Martinez
Adam Martinez 10 aylar önce
But are disney movies and pixar movies connected?
jackie osborne
jackie osborne 10 aylar önce
its not EVA its EVE
black screen
black screen 10 aylar önce
Hiro* Him*
Daniel Black
Daniel Black Yıl önce
The problem with the microbots is that there's no way for them to attach to each other (unless they do it magnetically, in which case they won't be able to get apart, or, if it's temporary, it would consume ungodly amounts of power)
Mr Meme
Mr Meme Aylar önce
Purple_Chalk 3 aylar önce
@Sorcrimo i don’t think they can make batteries that small, but then again I am pretty stupid so I’m probably wrong lol
GyroScope 3 aylar önce
Static electricity to cling to each other? Ya know, like the real tiny robots he mentions that use static electricity to cling to surfaces
Sorcrimo 10 aylar önce
@Brian’s Project Batteries
Brian’s Project
Brian’s Project 10 aylar önce
@Sorcrimo “ungodly amounts of power”
Kero Yıl önce
"Effective batteries? Now THAT is crazy talk." - This video has been sponsored by Apple.
Katha SassoRossi
Katha SassoRossi Yıl önce
I saw this comment as MatPat said it
EXEcutioner Yıl önce
Drogon Toothless
Drogon Toothless Yıl önce
MatPat: 136 years later they still use iPhones iPhone 153 and still nothing has changed about it
CriticA 6 aylar önce
Wouldn't really be surprised, to be honest.
Raptorstudios Yıl önce
As soon as he said "a hornet trying to plant it's stinger in your flesh" I felt the tag on the back of my shirt and had a panic attack for a second
Torenflame 1172
Torenflame 1172 Yıl önce
Imagine if he accidentally thought about something not family friendly. Oof.
big chungus
big chungus Aylar önce
and the microbots form into a giant weenie
asadel fadillah
asadel fadillah Yıl önce
*"Technological fantasies beyond our wildest imagination"* Now that I'm (technically) considered a young adult at the age of 18, and thanks to watching your videos MatPat, have at least gained a level of critical thinking skills more so than before, the way you opened this video with this particular line finally made something clicked inside my brain: When you think about it, Hiro Hamada (A super genius in a relatively normal neighborhood of his city) developed Microbots and literally gadgets for flippin' superheroes in the garage of his own Cafe House. Now I know, this is a movie, but it makes you wonder doesn't it? Generally speaking, no one's going to be meeting Hiro's standard's of inventing and engineering without the equal mind and creativity, but also, if equipment and more importantly *materials* for him to develop said inventions are so relatively available that he was able to create a multitude of Microbots in his home alone? Makes you wonder, how and where is he getting those materials? Several answers may be: 1. Either he's getting them from scrapyards. 2. Or he's making them along with developing his inventions (seen as he literally has a carbon 3D-Printer, though I don't think that Carbon can cut it for the electromagnetic properties and the actual capabilities of said microbots) 3. Or, there's actually a supplier (ideally a shop of some kind or a store) that is actually able to give these materials to actual 14-year olds. It's weird when you think about it right? How is he getting those materials? I don't ask how he made them because even the movie shows they couldn't care any less about that and just presented that _it took a lot of time to make them_ Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but hey, I am a theorist too :v
Insane Sayah ♥︎
Insane Sayah ♥︎ 7 aylar önce
The more you think-
Ayah Asad
Ayah Asad Yıl önce
Imagine having a real Baymax during quarantine. Not only could we help people with Coronavirus in their own home which can also serve as company and could even save those having a hearts attack within just seconds.
Mr. Solo
Mr. Solo 2 yıl önce
The 1990s: The future is gonna have flying cars and holograms like star wars. 2020: the future will be kinda the same
lignum ballz
lignum ballz Aylar önce
not gonna lie flying cars is a bad idea, i mean think of the destruction it will make if a accident happened
Nithya planting and drawing tips
Mmm 2021
Nightninji 2 aylar önce
Actually, hologramms aren't that far away.
Mahdi hasan
Mahdi hasan 5 aylar önce
@I'm Weird you're me
CriticA 6 aylar önce
Joe D
Joe D Yıl önce
Matpat: The future is today! Me: ...Anyone else notice how the timelapse of the demonstration of the swarm Bots irl said 11 hours to make the simple formations?
nikooooou Yıl önce
We are taking baby steps to the future
RoboRyan Yıl önce
Anyone else think that Bamax meant more than a cheesy line about "those gone are never truly gone" when he said "Tadashi is here"? When I watched the movie for the first time I believed that the line was going to mean more than that in the end, like Tadashi uploaded a part of his consciousness into Bamax so he was never truly gone, and could still help with far future productions of his helpful nurse robots (with a plus of looking after the family's future generations and coming up with more things to help the world). Our friendly neighborhood marshmallow was, and IS, Tadashi's biggest project. Why not entertain the idea of him wanting to live with the legacy of his revolutionary school project? But, eh, this could be (and most likely was) just my weird idea that I got when thinking too much about a simple line of dialog, and I have been binging too many Game/Film theory vidoes. BUT HEY- THAT'S JUST A THEORY! A FAAAN THEORY
Gigikju Yıl önce
Ok now all I need to do is summarize it in a way it can fit into a piece of paper for my science fair :b
Micael García
Micael García 3 aylar önce
Honestly, I feel like the hardest part is to make a material that can couple, decouple, transport and re-arrange as quickly as those bots, while being strong enough to support the weights and forces of their own operations PLUS whatever they may be carrying. Probably doable with magnets, but whatever batteries they need to keep up the magnetic field should run out rather quickly, which is honestly a bummer.
SammyGecko_ Yıl önce
This made me realize how, in movies that take place in the far future, so many cultural elements are still the same as today and would certainly have been outdated by then. I guess the movie gets away with it because it doesn’t focus on the culture all that much. (But when a future movie focus more on the change in technology, it just feels like a parallel universe instead of a foreseeable future)
Finch! Yıl önce
Yes, in fact Trifold boards are very useful to home brew DM’s for dungeons and dragons, as well as other tabletop games, that use a board to hide what the DM is doing. Surprisingly, they’re more than just science fair display boards
Bincherito Yıl önce
I was just rewatching this movie now that Disney+ is out and I realized that batteries are actually something discussed. Hiro gives Tadashi suggestions on how to make his batteries in Baymax more efficient. This makes it likely that Hiro’s microbots would have a much longer battery life than Tadashi’s Baymax
Doge Bro 200
Doge Bro 200 Yıl önce
Mat: big hero 6 is in the year 2150 Me: we still aint dead?
Ivan Phyo Lwin 2.00
Ivan Phyo Lwin 2.00 29 gün önce
@Mr Meme if we want to we can destroy ourselves by March of 2022
Mr Meme
Mr Meme Aylar önce
@Ivan Phyo Lwin 2.00 No way we will definitely die in 2050 lol
Ivan Phyo Lwin 2.00
Ivan Phyo Lwin 2.00 2 aylar önce
meh a few thousand years probably or hundreds of years if we make enough stupid choices
I'm Weird
I'm Weird 9 aylar önce
It will take a while
Althea Lee
Althea Lee Yıl önce
I wonder how accurate the neuro-transmitter would be for someone with ADD/ADHD (like me, whose mind is almost always going everywhere at once) or people with mental disorders or illnesses
James Rikeman
James Rikeman 5 aylar önce
I'm a bit surprised you missed the children's toy that lets you control a series of fans to move a ball around an obstacle course using a headband to control. Not only is controlling something with the mind possible, you don't need a chip in your head and you can buy a simple version of that technology at a toy store.
Velcalo Yıl önce
Oh yeah, I remember going to some tech museums and seeing a Nerf Gun robo hand that responds to your thoughts. I really think most sci-fi elements like lasers and brain controlled robots pretty much exist.
Andy Atkinson
Andy Atkinson Yıl önce
One potential problem I see with this tech is the fact that it is one thing to read words from the mind with accuracy, but it would be another thing entirely to control billions of tiny robots in order to create complex figures like shown in the movie. Just the ability to think of an image, let alone a 3D image and it appearing would be a major feat of science and engineering. And if you look closely at the robots when they are forming something, it usually has a hexagonal or triangular formation linking the robots to create these objects. The person would most likely have to think of each individual point in the shape and figure out which base to use. Lastly, most people have violent thoughts, so imagine the repercussions of this tech with someone who wishes harm on another. We are still so far away from this tech being able to be combined safely and effectively.
Director for Plastic
You know, if you wanna own a Disney movie, you can just physically buy a dvd of one. While many of them are vaulted, people still sell (legal) copies of them when they were available. Not everything needs to be digital (jeez i sound like an old person)
W(H)ea(P)ianOnIst 15 gün önce
Lol I used to do that before lockdown
W(H)ea(P)ianOnIst 15 gün önce
Ok boomer
Fennec_ Lillie
Fennec_ Lillie 2 yıl önce
You don’t sound and old person, and old person would sound like this: “This and that and the one thing where it did that then that doesn’t make sense but that one movie where it did that can be found never. That’s English for Ya
13 Animations
13 Animations 2 yıl önce
I literally just watched Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse on DVD 20 minutes ago
OverallAverage 2 yıl önce
99% of my movies I own are dvd’s lmao
Tuh Mater
Tuh Mater 4 aylar önce
That isn’t a sign-spinning exosuit, Fred just has mad skills
Daenor 11 aylar önce
How are you surprised we got micro robots today? Coordinating them together probably requires a separate computer processing system but should work fine and I believe we will have primitive neuronic interfaces by then
Moonskies Yıl önce
So you're telling me that my computer can read my mind simultaneously? **Sweats nervously**
diesel pretzels
diesel pretzels Yıl önce
Tlayoualo a secas
Tlayoualo a secas 8 aylar önce
Near the end you'd be giving Hiro too little credit by accussing him of simply cobbling together already existing tech, but if it's so obvious: then why no one else came up with the idea before him? Innovation often comes to be by finding new uses to already existing tech or finding better and more efficient ways to solve problems for which solutions already exist, you don't have always to work from scratch.
Anika 2 yıl önce
Heres are two quick theoretical questions: *If Pinocchio lied by saying "My nose will grow right now", what would happen?* *Also, if you get stoned in a basement, are you really high?*
Feathermation 27 gün önce
I feel confused
Anika Yıl önce
@Dent my God nice
Anika Yıl önce
@Jax Morris lol
Anika Yıl önce
@Khai Holiday thanks for being a God my dude
Anika Yıl önce
@Shadow Monarch IX believe it or not i got this from a classmate in my middle school history class
IndoDINO Youtube
IndoDINO Youtube 9 aylar önce
I mean they've already made remote control helicopters that you can control with your mind... granted they're very expensive but that proves that the "doozy" is possible and even partially in place RIGHT NOW (granted not publicly available)! So I personally think it's possible within the next 136 years... the question is SHOULD we do it?
Brian Stabile
Brian Stabile Yıl önce
Imagine having the Bots but you then think about the Middlefinger and they come out of your back pack and then go on your teachersdesk
James Daniel Miranda
Before a structure is even formed, a person needs to command every piece of microbot to lift others or climb over others. Can you imagine the amount of focus that requires!?
CamoKid Yıl önce
maybe not much, could be designed to do it on its own.
Phoenix Trinity
Phoenix Trinity 5 aylar önce
I'd like to say that after binging all the matpat content I could.... I confidently like a video BEFORE watching it .... And I never regret it 😎
Sunchaser World
Sunchaser World Yıl önce
Already knew all of this before the movie was out. But thanks for the update with the research 👍. #Anibots2030
Mr Meme
Mr Meme Aylar önce
And not EVERYONE knew this Punctuation
Electro Ninja
Electro Ninja 2 aylar önce
Baymax AI is much more complicated than the AI of Microbots. Microbots also probably have miniature solar cells that are practically invisible to the eye. In a speech like the fair, going into details like that will take likely away from the excitement of such technology from a social standpoint. And it would be a huge oversight for Hiro to have to replace millions of batteries willy nilly. Ridiculously stupid to do that when you have solar energy charging it throughout the day. Baymax, again, is a complicated AI. It not only has personality, but it also has to process and use information through thousands of databases on medical stuff.
shakked Yıl önce
Respect for the video, but the real problem here is what source of energy makes those robots move? does everyone of them have a tiny battery?
The milk Man
The milk Man Yıl önce
What would you do with micro bots that you control with your mind Matpat: I would make a smoothie
Dragonfire87 3 yıl önce
Can you do a theory on the psycolological and physical damage Harry would have after living with the Dursleys? Being locked in a cabinet and only coming out at night to get food has to have some sort of effect on your health. Harry had no friends and pretty much was told that he was useless. How did he not come out of that house damaged in every way? He wasn't protected by his mothers love, he was protected by the most powerful thing of all. Plot armor.
Dragonfire87 3 yıl önce
That would be one of the biggest plot twists ever.
Aiden D
Aiden D 3 yıl önce
maybe there is no magic, but instead the entire story is a hallucinations caused by trauma
Dragonfire87 3 yıl önce
Thanks! My friend and I got the idea after reading The House of the Scorpion or something like that. The main character was locked in a room for six months, barely being fed. When he came out he refused to talk until he got really angry and yelled. He also had malnutrition and rashes.
I'm Undecided
I'm Undecided 3 yıl önce
Oh wow! Not a bad idea!
pocket 3 yıl önce
That would be really good
Reece Shaker
Reece Shaker Yıl önce
If you think about it, the robots are so small that even the smallest solar panel can power one meaning they can alter positions after a project to charge themeslves
Austin James
Austin James Yıl önce
Watching this just reminded me of Neuralink. A technology Google's making that allows you to control your devices using the impulses from your brain.
lk nod
lk nod 2 yıl önce
stev Jobes never invented the iphone BUT he was exceptionally visionary
wassup 32
wassup 32 Yıl önce
So imagine scientists actually make something like the microbots but you have to charge every individual microbot for it to work properlyy
Susmit De
Susmit De 3 yıl önce
Congratulations on hitting 7 million subscribers MatPat!!!!!!
donutdisturblivball *:.。.
y'know i just realized how similar this concept of controlling robots with your mind is to controlling the ants with your mind in antman...
- Loones
- Loones Yıl önce
Yes we can already control some stuff with brain wave technology
SilverRose Yıl önce
The Microbots could simply not have a battery, they could use the energy collected from the mind as you communicated it to work. So when you sleep they're off.
Memezilla 10 aylar önce
Me: *tries to enjoy my childhood* Matpat: Allow me to introduce myself.
Jonathan Beard
Jonathan Beard 3 yıl önce
Hey Matpat, I have a film theory that you might be interested in.I was watching some older cartoons tonight and I noticed that in all of the episodes of Popeye: The Sailor you only ever see one woman... Olive Oil. Where are all the females in the world? Does Bluto fight with Popeye so often because there are no other females left and they are in some crazy post-apocalyptic future?
Hattmannen 3 yıl önce
im pretty sure there is also a witch in one of the episodes who is female
Nokio has Content
Nokio has Content 3 yıl önce
LeroyDanger13 3 yıl önce
thats a good one
Luke Walker
Luke Walker Yıl önce
Let's talk about the cycle of tech and magic. How does magic work in most fantasy? The user says some incantation, sometimes gesticulates, and Viola! There goes a fireball. What if, as neutral interface and microbot tech advances, the delivery mechanisms become effectively invisible? Implanted chips and invisible bots, equipped with batteries that charge from our biological electricity and toting tiny flamethrowers? Cryoblasters? Coagulants and nanosurgeons? Obviously, using some hard-to-pronounce keyword to prevent accidental use, and over iterations, people just kinda forget how it works (have the layperson today explain how their cellphones actually work). Battery level becomes "mana level", and "interfacing with a new swarm" becomes "learning a new spell". This tech could exist well past the fall of the civilization that spawned it, and eventually die off as more primitive tech was being reinvented by the surviving people. Consider that we could have already had all of this--and that is the basis of our myths and legends. It's not like archeologists are looking for tiny ancient robots measuring 2.437 nanometers.
Lahly Bird
Lahly Bird Yıl önce
I have actually thot of that.
Vincent Mathews
Vincent Mathews 8 aylar önce
Here’s a throwback theory! In MatPat’s Phoenix Wright video over on Game Theory, he mentioned Jamerica (Japan + America). Big Hero 6 takes place in Jamerica because in the scene where they find out Bamax scanned the bad guy, the girl with the thin-wheels mentions scanning everyone in SAN FRAN-TOKYO! Boy & Bamaxes, This movie takes place in Jamerica!
Sebastian Ogden
Sebastian Ogden 4 aylar önce
Two things, first one, the batteries could recharge from movement, heat, etcetera. Second thing, that neural tech is awesome I need it to perfect an idea does anyone know any place where I could do research on it?
Crazy Nerd
Crazy Nerd Yıl önce
still really cool that we have came that far with tech
Bonkey 3 yıl önce
I imagine a distopian world where Disney takes over our earth where everyone needs to sound like Mickey Mouse....
Feathermation 27 gün önce
This is nightmare fuelled
debora ersado
debora ersado Yıl önce
haseena badshah
haseena badshah Yıl önce
The Utopia System
The Utopia System 2 yıl önce
Evil Mickey!
Casey Wilde
Casey Wilde 2 yıl önce
Don't think I'll have to imagine that in a few years...
friendly neighborhood nuclear weapons dealer
I don't really care about what it takes to get robots this small or neural interfaces. I want to know what it takes to organize waves commands for both structures and actions and then further give each robot a planned path to do so. My ps4 can barely handle 10 bots in COD, how can a headband compute millions of paths that quickly?
Bryson Thiel
Bryson Thiel Yıl önce
But how about pressure, how does the "microbots" use pressure. For example: the time when the "microbots" grab Hiro upside down (by his feet).
Cyan AmongUs
Cyan AmongUs 10 aylar önce
Make a theory about if what happens at the end of Big Hero 6:The Series Season One could actually happen, what would happen, how big the shockwave would be, and if it’s possible to absorb it
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 9 aylar önce
My first impression of the tech was that every was amazed by a bunch of small bots, whice we saw eveywhere in the movie, and over looked the interface that was nowhere else.
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 3 yıl önce
As for the power, the microbots probably have wireless power transmitters and receivers. It is a hundred years into the future after all, and wireless chargers already exist, so they've probably perfected the technology and dramatically increased the effective range.
glider guy472
glider guy472 19 gün önce
I'm here in 2022, andI think if we can go from a wacky contraption that still looked like a horse carriage, to a blinding fast thing of the future that looks like it's part of a NASA rocket, I think we can get neural interface technology by that time.
CEO At Crystalsoft
CEO At Crystalsoft 10 aylar önce
The first few minutes aged exactly as predicated.
T000sk444 Yıl önce
This is my favourite movie and never noticed this thank you mat pat and the film theory team!
Sthenios 4 aylar önce
The only impossible element of these bots for 5 years ago is what fuels them, their energy source.
theacp127 3 yıl önce
As he mentioned at the end. With current power technology it would be impossible to power thousands of small robots like that. He also didn't address how they stick together in a way that allows them to form 3D structures. They would also need a very powerful processer and lots of storage that would hold all of the code they would use to be controlled.
Kai Schreurs
Kai Schreurs 3 yıl önce
@Andre Gon I think you mean quantum computers
Andre Gon
Andre Gon 3 yıl önce
Santosh Kumar Desai I never said anything about power usage. What I said would solve OP problem. Yes, power usage may be A problem, but one problem is less than two. And who knows, maybe in a century we may already have quantic computers, quantic computers use virtualy no power.
Pontif the Pontif
Pontif the Pontif 3 yıl önce
This is 2150 of curse it will be better
Orion Wilson
Orion Wilson 3 yıl önce
theacp127 is a NERD
His time has come
His time has come 3 yıl önce
Okami Takishima
Okami Takishima 8 aylar önce
I probably said this the first time I saw this video, but "Are trifold boards used for literally anything else?" Wizards of the Coast would like a word
AriCatts 20XX
AriCatts 20XX Yıl önce
Could you also do a video on how the atom-board-thing would work? :)
Samuel C
Samuel C Yıl önce
Hiro did a good job suppressing his dirty thoughts at the science fair
Mia Ironstone
Mia Ironstone Yıl önce
Shout out to Honey Lemon for being the only person in the movie to pronounce Hiro’s name right
Gray Marshall
Gray Marshall 3 yıl önce
There will definitely be some form of this technology in in the next 100-200 years.
W(H)ea(P)ianOnIst 15 gün önce
@The Anonymous Probably not, robots would take over the world before that'd happen. And then ww3 (humans vs robots) would probably destroy the earth
W(H)ea(P)ianOnIst 15 gün önce
Next 10 years, I'd bet
Random person
Random person 3 yıl önce
Gray Marshall or just in 5-10
Cutie Cutie
Cutie Cutie 3 yıl önce
Does anyone else feel like we're actually solving a world crisis here
Cutie Cutie
Cutie Cutie 3 yıl önce
What about Nintendo switch you can literally feel milking a cow out of nothing or Pokémon you see make believe characters in the real world and vr I'm just saying those are all something we didn't know can be done so I'm pretty sure if we just stop lying around we can actually make it *right now*
LegoWormNoah101 Aylar önce
I have a theory about MicroBot battery life Each MicroBot has one multidirectional magnet to control both "arms" and one ultra-effecient transceiver that only works on the one specific frequency the neurotransmitter uses. That alone means the battery of a single MicroBot can last for potentially hours if not all day. When two MicroBots link together magnetically, battery discharge is shared evenly, meaning two batteries split the load 50% and the battery life doubles. Scale that up to a thousand MicroBots and each battery shares 1,000th of the load, lasting thousands of days. Callaghan could leave his MicroBot army on 24/7 destroying everything on the planet, and he would die of old age before the battery percentage even hit 99%!
Katie Scheuermann
My aunt is a quadriplegic. She had surgery to enable herself to move a robotic hand with her mind. Pretty cool. Her name is Jan if you wanna look it up.
Carter Maddox
Carter Maddox 6 saatler önce
The microbots were made to impress the leader of a college not for a science fair
Dusk Yıl önce
Mat I have an idea you could make the microbots edit your videos if they can touch the screen, give the transmitter to you editors
Daniel Sambar
Daniel Sambar 3 yıl önce
I dunno about everyone else, but when I first watched BH6, I thought that Wasabi's Plasma Blades were the coolest weapons in the whole movie.
Wai Chan
Wai Chan 3 yıl önce
Sam Hathaway
Sam Hathaway 3 yıl önce
Same! And I loved his costume design!!
Fox'N'Hound Official
@Truls Olsen STAR WARS!
Anthony Grooms
Anthony Grooms 3 yıl önce
Daniel Sambar Agreed
MAd 160
MAd 160 3 yıl önce
@Jason Angelo Tizon yah he is sans
Ranjima B
Ranjima B 6 aylar önce
The one thing I think we all hate about this movie is how it made us think that there were 5 prequels
Satsujin-Sha The witch KingofWolfs.
He said ‘out of the realm of science fiction and into fantasy’ They’re the same thing mat.
Satsujin-Sha The witch KingofWolfs.
@Moondust2365 thanks for the lesson
Moondust2365 Yıl önce
In certain "schools" of literature, art, and "Minecraft building", Science Fiction relates to anything that revolves around ancient, present, or futuristic technology that did not and doesn't exist in the real world, things that could exist in the future or can only exist in a universe with slightly or dramatically different laws of physics. Meanwhile, Fantasy relates to anything that revolves around magic, usually set in the medieval period. These two can, of course, overlap, where "magic" is stated to be possible due to differences in the laws of physics, or where the "thing" revolves around "fantastical technology" (technology that runs on some kind of magic) or "magical alchemy" (such as in certain anime).
Black Rose
Black Rose 8 aylar önce
there is one huge problem... actually huge probLEMS with this 1 microbots need to be so magnetic that all of the micobots will be attached to one another and also be durable enough to so they won't break by the weight of the objects they need to carry + their own weight 2 batteries are a problem because even if we have amazing technology we can't get a new meterial that can store up that much energy and even if you had some kind of ultra small batteries which makes the microbots work for at LEAST 3 hours you'd still need to recharge ALL of them to use them again 3 it would cost stupifying amount of money to make microbots + the mind controlling technology Edit: I completely forgot about what he said in the end of the video... well nobody's seeing this comment anyways
shadow spartan zeta 7
Stephan Hawking created a device that allowed him to talk when his mouth became paralyzed by ALS using nerves and robotics
IansMentalOmega 3 yıl önce
In a stasis pod? I doubt it. MatPat will live FOREVER. He is immortal and eternally young due to the fact he siphons the time away from his viewers. All hail MatPat, Immortal Master of Theories!
your worst nightmare
All hail MatPat
28 STAB WOUNDS 3 yıl önce
joshyfox1 loolll
joshyfox1 3 yıl önce
I thought it was because of all the preservatives in his Diet Coke.
IansMentalOmega 3 yıl önce
All hail MatPat, God-Emperor of Theories! May he reign eternal!
Gina Van Niekerk
Gina Van Niekerk 3 yıl önce
He takes the time of our ruined childhoods and adds them to his own lifetime
Jessica Duthie
Jessica Duthie Yıl önce
Big Hero Six was a 2014 movie? God I feel old. It's still a favorite.
Terry Lee
Terry Lee Yıl önce
Have you never researched nanomachines? They have microscopic robots that can repair the human body from the inside! Nanomachine technology has progressed so much with in the past 10 years! Who knows where will be in even 50 years!
Bonnie Mcgregor
Bonnie Mcgregor Aylar önce
Technically by controlling your hands with your brain to use the controller you are controlling it with your mind
Jacob Korn
Jacob Korn Yıl önce
Mind control mini-robots? possible. batteries for them? impossible. life makes sense
Forest Yıl önce
Honestly I could see us using iPhones 100 years later considering the oldest company is existence was established in 578AD
Boppy Games
Boppy Games Yıl önce
I remember getting in the car when I was like 5 and asking my mum (we spell mum like that in Australia) what we were seeing and thinking of a super man like character. Even though I saw trailers before that. In conclusion nobody cares and I’m dumb
The HyperSonic Build
The HyperSonic Build 11 aylar önce
@Bopply ouch
Bopply Yıl önce
i think they spell it mom only in america they're bloody weirdos
Toasty Toast
Toasty Toast Yıl önce
This makes me wonder if we could read minds at some point
Tesfaye Wayessa
Tesfaye Wayessa 9 aylar önce
Imagine If gru got his hands on that, he would use them to create a ray to shrink the moon.
Sasha Mendelson
Sasha Mendelson 3 yıl önce
Now: I bet we'll have microbots in the future! 2150: we invented the fidget spinner bracelet!
CriticA 6 aylar önce
Please no.
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
Making a fidget bracelet wouldnt be too hard actually with the right materials
Colin Evans
Colin Evans 2 yıl önce
Or all the kids will be doing the tide micro pods challenge
banana_man129 Robot_Ninja
.... Am i really the only one want the to be a real thing?
TheSupremePotato 2 yıl önce
people are so dumb... can be..
Jakes Piano Stuff
yeah it's actually entirely possible i saw on youtube some guy was able to control minecraft with his brain however he couldn't hold punch or move constantly tho
asdrake Yıl önce
just have all the nano bots emit an electric field to all other nanobots while one is pluged in
Shahishnu Sureshkumar
Shahishnu Sureshkumar 11 aylar önce
MatPat:battery tech is hard 2020:Well here is it
The Littlest Potato
Me: *"Wait, is that the walking carpet from STARWARS?"* **Shows Who It Is** Me again: *":O, it is!!!!!!!!!!!!"*
Joseph Wittig
Joseph Wittig 5 aylar önce
Here's one thing about them the way can they connect is weird because it can connect in a straight line with no more surrounding it which means in order to keep that stable without them falling apart he need to implant some sort of magnets in them which doesn't make sense since the way magnets work is they can push apart or pull together meaning if he wanted them to stick together like that he'd have to either find something that isn't in real life yet that could make them stick together and fall apart like that on command or he'd have to connect the magnets to the transmitter as well as the robot part and cut up a really big magnet into tiny pieces carefully put them into both sides of the magnet and he'd have to get rid of like a thousand per batch or more since they probably wouldn't be able to stick together on both sides
whatdidhesayy Yıl önce
“First, the size.” *McDonalds showing on screen*
Tomo Higgo
Tomo Higgo Yıl önce
Imagine Charging each microbot invidually
Renee Perkins
Renee Perkins Yıl önce
Theory: Hero built EVA from Wall-E. If you look at his desk, you can see a robotic head and it kind of looks like her. A prototype?
amelia mazoki
amelia mazoki 3 yıl önce
Is it sad that I learn more on this channel than in class? Ya it’s 😢 But also AWESOME! Love your channels Mat!!😁
amelia mazoki
amelia mazoki 3 yıl önce
Just to clarify I’m not a saying I don’t learn in school, as you can problem tell from my proper punctuation. I’m just saying his channels teach me things I would never have the chance to learn.
Engineer Techno
Engineer Techno 3 yıl önce
@Mikolaj lisiecki and that's where you wrong because most of the things in school are either useless or you don't want to learn a subject which makes it harder to learn ...so go away uneducated 10 year old
Engineer Techno
Engineer Techno 3 yıl önce
It's really not sad that you learn less from a school
Łùñæ Hętfįëłd
Amelia H mattpat would be a awesome teacher and i learn much more than school thxs teacher mattpat!
Apoorav 3 yıl önce
School id fking amazing...it makes u realise how worthless we r