Film Theory: Can You SUE a Superhero? (Disney Pixar's The Incredibles)

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Here's a superhero question - if someone doesn't want to be saved, what happens when you save them? That's what happened to Mr. Incredible in the first Incredibles movie and we never got a good answer. Today Loyal Theorists, we are figuring out if you can LEGALLY sue a superhero for saving you.

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19 Haz 2018




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iClumsi 10 saatler önce
i think it is funny that the first incredibles is funny cuz there is a suicide attempt and it is still rated pg
If u see this channel subscribe
What do u use to edit your videos pls what is it I want my videos to be as good as yours
Jeffery ASMR mukbang
Can you make a film theory about shang chi please
Penguin Dude
Penguin Dude 4 gün önce
Everyone hmmm those laws wherent around than that one person stoppp trying to get watch time
Moses Gurule
Moses Gurule 5 gün önce
While this works in OUR reality, it doesn't mean anything for an Alternative Universe. If supers have existed for decades, then the government would have made these laws sooner to protect one of their branches of government, right?
JustSomeDrunkDemon 5 gün önce
My only superpower is i can think faster then most people, I’m not super intelligent or a genius, i can just think fast
Mike Ike
Mike Ike 5 gün önce
That court case scene never would've flown if this film was made today. Oversensitive moral guardians would've misinterpreted it as portraying it as a bad thing to stop suicide and started yelling at Pixar to fire Brad Bird
Nathan’s Toys ᗩᑎᗪ more
10:34 when bfdi mouth
nasis18 6 gün önce
The courthouse at 5:07 is from my hometown. Neat.
063164 9 gün önce
Why is Robert's boss looks like a monkey
TheCosplayCrafter 15 gün önce
So... because the laws weren't in place yet and the government was sued for "enabling" the supers, they decided it was safer for supervillains to go unopposed than for the damages that heroes caused in stopping them to continue?
Minecraft Fnaf SB RP: Roxanne
3:09 wait really?? When I learned it in school the teacher told us to make sure whoever it is isn't just taking a nap or something
cookerjnr 22 gün önce
Hows dag
point point
point point 24 gün önce
1:05 insanely close to real.
Cash Money
Cash Money 24 gün önce
Kinda crazy how theft isn’t really a crime now😳
Infosyphon Gaming
Infosyphon Gaming 25 gün önce
can we destroy the very people that help us and save our life? these are the questions we are asking?
justApoet 27 gün önce
Oh man if there was ever an episode I’d want Legal Eagle to guest star in it’d be this one! Maybe he could react to this sometime.
Alstead 28 gün önce
Someone probably already answered this but, How old is Mr. Incredible in the current movies? If he was in his prime in 1947, does that mean the rest of the movie takes place in the 1950's or 1960's?
Nola Rekerdres
Nola Rekerdres Aylar önce
Maybe MatPat is more of a supervillain than a superhero
rawfer mews
rawfer mews Aylar önce
The good samaritain law is kinda... weird.. because if I'm passed out on the street and somebody gives me CPR without my consent thinking I'm not ok then takes me to the hospital then I wake up and I'm like wtf dude I was just drunk and they were like my bad I thought you were having a heart attack or something and they end up rupturing my rib I can't sue??
Zach Edwards
Zach Edwards 2 gün önce
You really misunderstood the point.
Kelly Ang
Kelly Ang Aylar önce
Imagine you just helped someone and then they sued you
Smithsonian smith
Smithsonian smith Aylar önce
Awesome and cool!
alpha bravo
alpha bravo Aylar önce
the intro was very unsettling
Derpy that person
Derpy that person Aylar önce
What I would do in this situation is that I would just stop being a superhero, and wait until the people regret suing me
Frank and Louie. I like Molang and Roblox
Jing Wang
Jing Wang Aylar önce
MatPat, I can’t subscribe because I am only 7.(I’m only commenting because I’m on my mom’s account).
Deadpool Aylar önce
Short answer, yes. Have not watched the actual video. They avoid it because people are more thankful that they're being saved and also no one knows who they are.
Deadpool Aylar önce
That Marvel Vs. Capcom clip was brilliant. Bravo.
Frozen_Dragon Aylar önce
Are they not called sue-perheroes for a reason?
Karen Hansen
Karen Hansen Aylar önce
Government have no power.
Kimberly Holyk
Kimberly Holyk Aylar önce
The lumpy bibliography secondly sprout because answer subjectively attack excluding a handsome carpenter. gainful, stale sousaphone
abr579 Aylar önce
🤕🤕🤕is his reactsion
Mr Squiddy
Mr Squiddy Aylar önce
you can sue a doctor if your getting arm surgery and they put the opposite arm on you
Matze Busch
Matze Busch Aylar önce
the opening. omg dude. awesome
JDGames Aylar önce
Minnesota law system go brrr -this guys sis, a fellow Minnesotan. i think that's the word
F.B.I Aylar önce
7:08 I’ve been summoned
Lenny boi
Lenny boi Aylar önce
In Germany you can be sued if you don't help
M C Aylar önce
10:55 Pixar went *are you sure about that* and then made an entire movie about reinstating the program
Brage Bergan
Brage Bergan Aylar önce
The first part should be the new Pixar intro
Gam3Boy Aylar önce
The F.B.I is soon on his door
Jason Cragun
Jason Cragun Aylar önce
Theft had better stay illegal forever lol
Akshaj Mittal
Akshaj Mittal Aylar önce
Everyone gangsta until you realise that he got this information through Wikipedia.
Magnumblitz Aylar önce
"You didn't save my life,you ruined my death!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kayla G
Kayla G Aylar önce
I wanna see an incredibles version of the Sokovia Accords
Wyatt Debord
Wyatt Debord Aylar önce
8:11 "Ferb I know what where gonna do today!"
Mike Acheampong
Mike Acheampong 2 aylar önce
why does he sound so much like james from "the odd1sout"
Hey its me! Someone
Hey its me! Someone 2 aylar önce
Film theory how the supers got their powers
Cool Kid805
Cool Kid805 2 aylar önce
is the incredibles connected with the fallout universe please I really want to know
Kayla Chirillo
Kayla Chirillo 2 aylar önce
fun Factor something that people begin starting where women wanted to be illegal for a man to resuscitate a woman As being raped
Dylan Alania
Dylan Alania 2 aylar önce
I think China is bad now cuz 1.sue a good person 2.children only play 3 hours a week 3.redact information
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 2 aylar önce
Moral of The Story : 1. You can sue the government 2. Don't sue the government 3. Seriously, Don't sue the government 4. Unless you want to end up in concrete
Mr Sunshine
Mr Sunshine 2 aylar önce
Watching this video has made me realize how insane the laws of the early 19th century were.
krathika belliappa
krathika belliappa 2 aylar önce
Yes your super right
AK-47 2 aylar önce
I thought skillshare was killshare
r manoj
r manoj 2 aylar önce
His episodes are like a movie giving us real like knowledge and at end giving a good twist
Electric Pepperoni
Electric Pepperoni 2 aylar önce
Somone: Commits mass murder steals more money the scrooge mcduck can get in the next 1000000000000 years combined with the money he already has. Government: I sleep Someone: saves a life. The government: Real S#%T!?
matpat's FBI agent be like: Godammit not this guy again
TheMachoEchidna UgandaRandySavageKnuckles
Don't compare us to bugs
BiggestPhangirl 2 aylar önce
I feel like the government today deserves so many lawsuits it couldn't even fund their own lawyers. Negligence and wrongdoings everywhere.
Kevin Wijaya
Kevin Wijaya 2 aylar önce
I notice at 04:28 that you show a picture of Penang while talking about china. Penang is not china, it's in malaysia.
Sahana Gibbons
Sahana Gibbons 2 aylar önce
Just letting people know that the word cr*pple is offensive in any form so if you do not have a physical disability please don’t use it.
Harrison Cuzick
Harrison Cuzick 3 aylar önce
I think I figured out why Mr. Incredible had a hard time stopping the train: He didn't have a good footing.
Hello World
Hello World 3 aylar önce
0:27: WHICH "i" icon lmao
Corbin McCabe
Corbin McCabe 3 aylar önce
The intro killed me 🤣
Schazmen Rassir
Schazmen Rassir 3 aylar önce
Biggest question I still have: If Sansweet was THAT offended that he was saved, why didn't he just try again?
Wicked The Mad Hatter
Wicked The Mad Hatter 3 aylar önce
11:17 Yo mattpat thats a legit thing happening in California bud
fire_fox_pro 3 aylar önce
why....thats it just why WHY do u ned to put the sponsor in da end HMMMMM
Jennie Williams
Jennie Williams 3 aylar önce
Did anyone else notice the staple A113 on the thumbnail? It appears frequently in Pixar movies. To those of you who doesn’t know what it means it is basically the room number of a classroom that most of the Pixar animators come from.
Danger Noodle
Danger Noodle 3 aylar önce
In some states you actually can steal from businesses without much more than a slap on the wrist. It’s got something to do with the stupid amount of looting that was going on just a couple months ago.
WeirdDolphin 3 aylar önce
I just can't get over Mat Pat's face on the lamp XD
huhuhu lalala
huhuhu lalala 3 aylar önce
matpat : the todler died anyway
YW Lee
YW Lee 3 aylar önce
This needs a response from Legal Eagle
Sierra Olsen
Sierra Olsen 3 aylar önce
Hey I love your videos there is a new PAW Patrol movie coming out can you do something someone that you did to every single video you have done with everything else finding Easter eggs tell us what's wrong with it or what I don't care the guy who loves grilling childhood videos you should do something you want stew
Jerry Esposito
Jerry Esposito 3 aylar önce
But how do we know that he's telling the truth? He's using Wikipedia. That isn't reliable.
Luigi Di San Pietro
Luigi Di San Pietro 3 aylar önce
*After a Successful CPR* Savior: Congratulations Ma'am, welcome back to Earth.... Karen: Did you just save me without my consent? You-You touched me, kissed me, without my consent?! *RE-REEEEEEE!!!*
Max Beck
Max Beck 3 aylar önce
I don’t know if there’s a law against it but the government can’t just stop people from using natural abilities it’s like telling Tom Brady he can’t play football
PURPLE 3 aylar önce
YuO lIkE T.I.T.A.N.A.N.I.C.
PURPLE 3 aylar önce
I Do I even Cried it's still good. (*˘︶˘*).。*♡
Deborah Agulnik
Deborah Agulnik 3 aylar önce
can you sue the judge like the person in charge of the trial p.s I am a nine year old kid tho a very early nine.
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh 3 aylar önce
Missed opportunity to do “Sueperhero”
hollowknightfan 237
hollowknightfan 237 3 aylar önce
5:45 YEET
hollowknightfan 237
hollowknightfan 237 3 aylar önce
Hee hee, "SUEperhero"
Balrighty 35
Balrighty 35 3 aylar önce
Oh, God, Matpat, why?!! I click on this video and the first thing I see is your head on a lamp with a ballgag! I didn't need to see that!
Nightmare Wolf și DEMONIC GVG
Sorry for botherintg you but why the title is on romana lenguege
SamAKawaiiOkaRuto 3 aylar önce
What I’m wondering is the probability of Mr. Incredible timing the jump at the right moment to save the man.
Oleander Kazzy
Oleander Kazzy 4 aylar önce
Screw Syndrome, man. The woman Peng Yu saved was the REAL villain. An absolute monster, I might add.
Didimoni2020 4 aylar önce
TheAadanator 4 aylar önce
Adding another immunity (to modern day supers), wouldn't they, as an extension of law enforcement, be granted extra immunity in the case of preventing suicide? I believe I read somewhere that suicide is illegal, making it so that law enforcement can prevemt you from "committing the crime."
Arlington Cummins
Arlington Cummins 4 aylar önce
I absolutely loved that intro
Maro Mpadampaki
Maro Mpadampaki 4 aylar önce
Kenneth Anderson
Kenneth Anderson 4 aylar önce
5:00 I thought he said "You ruined my debt".
XxNeonLeonxX 4 aylar önce
4:11 Wait is this FNAF or The Incredibles?
poo shie
poo shie 4 aylar önce
me be like: wait you did not ruin my child hood lets go
Sutter Dean
Sutter Dean 4 aylar önce
Matpat is the only person who can make me sit through legalese
Nouget Official
Nouget Official 4 aylar önce
Actually I read in an article he accidentally pushed her over but said he didn’t she was also an elder
Kostynha 4 aylar önce
9:30 - I like the theory so far and pretty accurate I'd say. But even if that's what happened I'm pretty sure the millions of dollars the goverment had to spent on their doings would've been preety much enough reason for the goverment to listen to such a small case in favor of making them stop and not have to put more money into it. Perhaps they just see the "supers" as more of a cost than a need.
The mlemmers
The mlemmers 4 aylar önce
You didnt save my life you ruined my death
The mlemmers
The mlemmers 4 aylar önce
2018 was already 3 yearsago
Minecraft_Jae ⛏
Minecraft_Jae ⛏ 4 aylar önce
0:00 matpat? Well that face makes him madpat
Godzilla Gaming 1954
Godzilla Gaming 1954 4 aylar önce
MatPat:You Can Sue The Government Godzilla:So You Have Chosen Death
Godzilla Gaming 1954
Godzilla Gaming 1954 4 aylar önce
Wo Wo Wo Wo I Have Noticed On The Cover On The Video And If You Look Closely It Says A-113
Billy Porter
Billy Porter 4 aylar önce
Just a thought: If that flashback is set in 1947 does that mean The incredible a movie was set in the late 20th century or does Mr and Mrs. Incredible age at a slower rate and the movie actually takes place in the early 2000s, because he still looks about the same age when supers start using their powers again.
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