Film Theory: Bluey is MUCH Darker Than You Realize! 

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Bluey is the MOST wholesome show on television right now, Loyal Theorist. It’s an Australian kids show about a Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey But as with any wholesome show you KNOW there have to be dark theories flying around the internet. And today we're looking at whether the show ACTUALLY takes place in a post apocalyptic world. Woah, that’s dark. But is it true? That’s the REAL pickle we’re figuring out today!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Eddie “NostalGamer” Robinson
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Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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KrepsyK 4 aylar önce
Bluey is a parenting show disguised as a children's show. It's wonderful.
ZackFilmz Entertainment™
I Refuse To Believe This…
ImDirtyDan 4 aylar önce
Smashy Boi
Smashy Boi 4 aylar önce
@ZackFilmz Entertainment™ Believe it
Hisham Rashid
Hisham Rashid 4 aylar önce
@ZackFilmz Entertainment™ trust me. Thats what i said before i watched it.
Vigor The Sloth
Vigor The Sloth 4 aylar önce
​@ZackFilmz Entertainment™ it's honestly incredible
Mosses daughter Rat
Mosses daughter Rat 3 aylar önce
i feel like matpat needs to cover the owl house. It definitely has lots of lore and is a kids show. Feels right up his alley.
J T 3 aylar önce
His owlly?
Chaima Darai
Chaima Darai 3 aylar önce
Right! I think so too
Alexia and Lucia
Alexia and Lucia 2 aylar önce
I watched the first season and I loved the owl house and I liked it😊
Autumn Barassamian
Autumn Barassamian 2 aylar önce
@Alexia and Luciaand?
Forgotten Guard
Forgotten Guard 2 aylar önce
i def agree
break_the_galaxy 3 aylar önce
Please do Wordgirl. Specifically the Narrator, who seems to be completely aware of the fact that he's in a fictional show and has been shown to be able to read characters' minds, see what is happening in several entirely seperate places at once, and control who can and can't hear him speaking, among other things. This mf has always fascinated me ever since I was a kid, I would love to see you try to figure out what his deal is
J T 3 aylar önce
Finally! Someone mentions that exact topic
tessa 2 aylar önce
Joy C McCain
Joy C McCain 2 aylar önce
YES PLEASE!! MatPat, please make it happen!!
Kowai.Yokai.Senpai 2 aylar önce
CriticA Aylar önce
@Kowai.Yokai.Senpai Wordgirl.
newquinken 21 gün önce
I love that this theory is basically summed up to "Bluey's world is just our world but better"
Rowan Belling
Rowan Belling 2 aylar önce
There’s a theory that the reason Socks and Bingo at times act more like puppies than other characters their age is that cuz early-toddlers tend to have a “puppy phase,” which they age out of by the time they hit ~6 (Bluey’s and her friends’ age, cuz none of them have puppy tendencies).
3VP 2 aylar önce
But now that socks acts more human so I don’t know if it checks out
Red King Rauri
Red King Rauri 2 aylar önce
@3VP Do note it's a bit transitional. Bingo still howls when she's sad and even Bluey will bark at "enemies" approaching the house with her. It's possible that between the ages of 1 and 2 they will start running on all fours as a state between walking upright and crawling but they can still walk upright when very young.
Aaron Paucar
Aaron Paucar 2 aylar önce
No magic spook scuba do that but part 2
LittleEvSamoyed Aylar önce
Socks also doesn't use toilets like the others. In the episode bumpy and the wise old wolf hound socks squats to poop like dogs do. That is probably why even though she is one she doesn't have a diaper. She doesn't need one cause she goes outside like a dog would.
Ralph Montenegro
Ralph Montenegro Aylar önce
Martin Olson
Martin Olson Aylar önce
I think this is your smartest, wittiest and, over-all, your BEST episode. It's the model for the best analysis of all your brilliant channel does. Bravo.
Max Kofman
Max Kofman 4 aylar önce
Of course MatPat finds a way to make the kindest shows and games about dead children and whatnot...
Anton German
Anton German 4 aylar önce
classic MatPat..
Hey_There 4 aylar önce
GreenspamIQ 4 aylar önce
Yep. Hes our mat!
aConstantHeadache 4 aylar önce
Matpat can't stop with the flipping dead kids FNAF, Andy's Apple Farm, This, and countless others.
Hey_There 4 aylar önce
SyntheticGhost 2 aylar önce
I love the fact that the most realistic theory that would come out of this isn't some horror story about humanity-but that humans never existed to begin with...Good boys deserve happy endings... Humanity loves dogs too much to give them a sad ending in a show like this...and I couldn't be happier for it.
Ace Grace
Ace Grace 2 aylar önce
I honestly love this theory because the show supports it so well. The bigger point of the show and why so many adults love the show is that the emotional intelligence the family has is unmatched to that of people.
LordZeusCR Aylar önce
I had a friend who’s sister had a baby, and her baby honestly only liked the intro, but i remember watching this show and thinking how sweet it is, and how its one of the few modern day kid cartoons i’d let my future kids watch
InsaneMarioBros Aylar önce
Moggy 223
Moggy 223 2 aylar önce
We need a "in the night garden" theory it's a show that airs on kids TV channels In Australia and the characters are pretty much miniatures in a giant forest. The whole thing feels like a fever dream.
Gaia: Taylor’s Version
Oh my god I remember that 😂
OllieTheTherian 🐾 🍃
simplynolifer Aylar önce
THEminergamer Aylar önce
I used to watch that all the time and it also aired in Britain btw
KemOfGems Aylar önce
Diesel Jester
Diesel Jester Aylar önce
MatPat, dude, don't be ashamed of watching Bluey. That show is freaking therapy for parents! LOL. I watch it every Saturday with my son and two nephews and continue watching it even after they've all gone outside to play.
DevilJay 3 aylar önce
Even Matpat couldn’t bring himself to make this show dark. Bluey’s just too wholesome.
rowan 3 aylar önce
Not enuf data
Hi 3 aylar önce
V do vh
Toshiro Valiant (Kuroto)
So we had to take the fall for it. I understand 😞😞😞
Jayden 2 aylar önce
He says that the Blueyverse is parallel to our own timeline. If it is truly parallel then WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, Tiananmen Square, 9/11 and other events are also canon.
Malesela Thato Tau
Malesela Thato Tau 2 aylar önce
Starclear 3 aylar önce
For the reason why Socks isn’t as “developed”, I personally think that it’s a metaphor for her being neurodivergent! Of course everyone can have their own theory but that’s just my headcanon :)
yumbunny256 2 aylar önce
I think it's because he's meant to be a toddler. In one episode, a Christmas episode, Bandit said he's only one, which explains why he crawls... and chews stuff
Zextranet 2 aylar önce
​@yumbunny256Yeah, I agree. Then at S2, Socks is now able to walk on 2 feet. That makes sense for Socks being 1 year old
Zextranet 2 aylar önce
Probably not the only neurodivergent character in Bluey. In S2, Jack is hinted with symptoms related to ADHD. In fact, one of my favorite characters in Bluey is Jack because of how he accurately portrays ADHD very well. Jack most likely has ADHD-Combined: a mix of ADD/Inattentive-ADHD and Hyperactive-ADHD.
Camcrush112 Aylor
Camcrush112 Aylor Aylar önce
stocks is a 3 year old bruh
Enigmatic Embers
Enigmatic Embers 2 aylar önce
Have you done Amphibia yet? The score and animation are wonder inducing, and there's tons of lore and mystery to play with.
Chicopridebean Aylar önce
KemOfGems Aylar önce
Glare Ninja
Glare Ninja 28 gün önce
arieltv13 Aylar önce
I would lovee a “Chalk Zone” theory. That show feels like it was a fever dream but I remember absolutely adoring it ! It seemed like it had lore I just couldn’t figure out as a kid haha
Elevated Eli
Elevated Eli 2 aylar önce
A theory about how the Wild Kratts creature-power suits would be dope.
Sugar Spice
Sugar Spice 5 gün önce
My thoughts exactly
Angela Zippilli
Angela Zippilli 28 gün önce
Matt should definitely make an episode about the kids show "The Inbestigators". I'm sure he could find the dark side of them.
Sypirias 4 aylar önce
MatPat NEEDS to make a film theory series/episode about the amazing world of gumball. The amount of potential it holds for a theory video is insane! What I mean by this is the incredible amount of LORE behind the whole show. It literally ended on a cliffhanger.
FrogOnALog 4 aylar önce
Serlo Serloin
Serlo Serloin 4 aylar önce
Donald 4 aylar önce
TheWhiteGuy 4 aylar önce
Reply so this gets close to the top so MatPat sees it
Noelani Q
Noelani Q 4 aylar önce
Itz_CornChip 3 aylar önce
I would genuinely love to see you do an episode (or even maybe a series) on my little pony. the show already has some pretty dark scenes at points (just search up mlp darkest scenes) but I feel like there is so much potential for theories, for example the history of alicorns, any of the episodes with time travel or even Twilight Sparkle having to go through all her friend’s deaths. There are many things to go through in just gen 4, let alone everything else
Jen 2 aylar önce
The my little pony fandom can act legitimately crazy. Don't think he's going to touch that one lol. It's creepy af.
Steven! 2 aylar önce
i feel like the fact that theres so much to cover with mlp makes it less likely for him to cover it tbh. That and i feel like the mlp fandom has enough dedicated mlp theorist types so prob best to just not compete with them 🤔
Lylybeebee 2 aylar önce
This is one of matpat's best theories yet tbh. That said not only is bandit an archeologist (a dog who digs up bones) but their mom chili is an airport security guard... i.e she's a sniffer dog
Jose Montero
Jose Montero 2 aylar önce
Tiger Wolf
Tiger Wolf Aylar önce
I feel like some of these points also apply to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It's a pony world that has things like doorknobs and saddles and other things that make it feel a little like ponies took over human societies after we died out.
Cheetah Chica
Cheetah Chica 3 aylar önce
Here's a thought: What if, since there seems to be historical parallels and it is basically just our world but everyone's a dog, AND since it takes place in modern days, does that mean that there are dog versions of us currently living in the Blueyverse???
Probably but don't get too excited, it would be just quirky orangutans. Like how dogs are just quirky wolves. Also probably wouldn't be kept as pets because apes are generally meaner than wolves.
jcruz8113 18 gün önce
Loved how he talked about leashes. Us theorists have to hold him on leash to not go too crazy into the world of bluey🤣
Nicholas Lobos
Nicholas Lobos 4 aylar önce
I wonder how Matt’s son will feel if he hears these dark theories about the shows he watches with his dad lol
David Ray
David Ray 4 aylar önce
Ollie is what, five now? I have several nieces and nephews who watch this show, and when I'm there, I watch it as well.
Hamdi Hirsi
Hamdi Hirsi 4 aylar önce
Pj masks
fnafspiral6 4 aylar önce
His son? HIS son? My brother will lose it when he sees this! He's 2 right now but heavily into his Bluey phase (and the not eating phase but that's getting better and doesn't matter in the context of the video)
Nicholas Lobos
Nicholas Lobos 4 aylar önce
@David Ray makes sense but I think it would hit a little different when it’s your own dad talking about it lol
𝐟𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐱𝐦𝐯𝐨𝐢𝐝 [jordan's version] 🅴
i would love to see you make a theory on the connections between the ever after high universe and the 3d animated monster high universe. i remember being totally shocked when i learned they were connected as a kid, and i'd love to see your opinion on how/why they're connected in the first place.
Sugar Spice
Sugar Spice 5 gün önce
Oh yes please
Denise Giry
Denise Giry 28 gün önce
MatPat should definitely watch Ruby Gloom. Don't know if it still airs anymore, but it's such a good show, and I feel like there are so many ways you could go with it 👻💀😁
Jittering Feeling
Jittering Feeling 25 gün önce
this is 100% not canon but it still made me laugh so much while I work. Good job, MatPat. You always make people have a blast with these
L 2 aylar önce
I don't have any theories, but a good kids show that I LOVE is The Owl House! It's just full of silly little guys using magic :)
Penny Sanchez
Penny Sanchez 2 aylar önce
And also can get deep, in depth and complicated with some positive queer representation.
Lydia Deetz
Lydia Deetz Aylar önce
Same I love it.
B L Aylar önce
Loved this! Especially the end, anytime I can hear about science and dogs I'm all for it.
Hyrule phx
Hyrule phx 4 aylar önce
Bluey is one of the few kids shows that is easily watchable for all ages and is actually entertaining and not annoying. Every parent should watch it.
GreenspamIQ 4 aylar önce
Well not literally every parent.....
Kyle Spence
Kyle Spence 4 aylar önce
​lShowSрееd shorts 🅥 but this is a bot
cam 4 aylar önce
Nah Bluey for 2 year olds and no parents bout to watch it. I'd be embarrassed if I was a 16 year old wanting to have a birthday off of it... Just not living anymore
Tim Gorg
Tim Gorg 4 aylar önce
Am I the only one who hates it? The kids are egoistic, the parents have Stockholm Syndrome and Bluey with Bingo don't know when to stop
mark w
mark w 4 aylar önce
Not to mention it's safe without the Disney grooming that goes on with all their programming.
Janine Leffler
Janine Leffler 28 gün önce
I first heard about this show through my former personal trainer at the YMCA. I don’t have any children but I may check Bluey out anyway. Looks like a good show.
AnnaNaiya Parker
AnnaNaiya Parker Aylar önce
I was curious about the setting and main characters in Team Umizoomi. How did Umi City get so 'math-ly'? What exactly IS Bot? Where are Milli and Geo's parents? I (and the fans) had several questions about this nostalgic show. 😅
love you're self 😊
When I was a kid my sisters and I used to watch a lot of kids shows. Most of them were popular but there was one of them that I don’t think most people watched on television. The show was called Telmo and Tula. The show was about a brother and sister called Telmo and Tula who taught kids how to cook different dishes and how to make different kinds of projects using arts and crafts. I wonder what kind of theory MatPat might create with using this kids show.
Violet Moon
Violet Moon 2 aylar önce
I feel like MatPat should do an episode for the Disney show Lab Rats it wasn’t that popular but I want to see how he could theorize over it
Lilyphoenix 442
Lilyphoenix 442 29 gün önce
It would be awesome is matpat did an episode on the dragon prince, considering he’s already done some on avatar the last airbender!
Darling 4 aylar önce
I’m amazed by how international Bluey has gotten. truly a proud day to be an Aussie
P 4 aylar önce
My farts are better than Matpat’s farts.
Son of Nun
Son of Nun 4 aylar önce
Yea, it's a great show. I watch it in Hebrew with my daughter
TheMinecraftOtter 4 aylar önce
@P bro what
Sam Arnold
Sam Arnold 4 aylar önce
@P Prove it 😳
im dead inside
im dead inside 4 aylar önce
​@PMy farts are better that P's farts
Radiopimp 2 aylar önce
I would love to see him make a theory on the Ben 10 series. There's so much that happens, heck he could even theorise about the time travel or how the watch is able to temporarily change his DNA.
Dominado 2 aylar önce
The reason that Bandit is an archaeologist is also mostly because Joe Brumm's brother is an archaeologist
Anastasia Raela Jynn
If you ever get the chance, please look into some of the old PBS kids shows like Ruff Ruffman, Wild Kratts, Word Girl, Super Why, or Dinosaur Train. They were all great parts of my childhood.
Sugar Spice
Sugar Spice 5 gün önce
Omg yes the nostalgia
aSwiftie 9 gün önce
Even matpat can’t make bluey dark. It really is top tier
moonrabbit Aylar önce
I would absolutely ADORE a theory on MLP. mainly G1, since it's actually really in depth. you could do an episode on how after G1 humans went extinct, what's the deal with the other races besides the ponies, etc etc.
Eugenecrabs08 4 aylar önce
I would love an episode about The Amazing World of Gumball. It's cliffhanger ending, the lore of the town of Elmore, and just way too much more stuff
Evil void
Evil void 4 aylar önce
And Craig of the creek
Useless Cat
Useless Cat 4 aylar önce
GloxoST 4 aylar önce
And adventure time
Shamazow 2
Shamazow 2 4 aylar önce
I really love that show so I agree here.
xman 4 aylar önce
Nah he wouldn't do a theory on a kids show 🙃
Figaro the ninja cat
Figaro the ninja cat 2 aylar önce
Warning: Chonky paragraph I got so excited when I first saw that you did a Bluey theory, because Bluey's one of my favourite shows! I'd really love to see you do a Solarballs theory. Solarballs is a youtube show, with usually one episode (not uploaded chronologically) every Saturday, and it has a bunch of hidden lore, a lot of it being on the discord server. It isn't exactly a kids show, or a PG- 13- a lot of adult jokes are in the show. *(Here's a basic rundown of the theories going around)* -BH video -Astrodude's real name (My current theory is "Eduard M Oston") -Why do the planets talk? /Who can see the planets/ How does only Astrodude notice the talking planets, if the (sentient) moon and sun are visible from Earth? -Is Houston Astrodude's dad? -Is Houston Astrodude in the future? (Paradox Theory) -Does Earth have memory loss? -Why is Venus so mean? -Is Astroson a god? (this one is /j) -Is SAR really the villain? -Predictions for The Astrodude Movie that's coming up -Predictions or guesses for certain arcs -Planet anatomy (I probably missed a whole lot.) Edit: Some helpful links- Also there's an entire official discord server full of secrets, and there's even a theories channel there, with the owner confirming certain theories, or giving clues. Unlisted solarballs video titled "BH": trvid.com/video/video-sg2UkPk9oCs.html Solarballs chronological playlist: trvid.com/group/PL5w2zEEHyu9diwutPVgkzEuARUt_sGkRM Solarballs channel: www.youtube.com/@SolarBalls/about
Thestickman3439 2 aylar önce
Mabie the reason Sox acts the way she does is because she may be a bit slower than all the other dogs and therefore acting more like a traditional dog
Azra Aylar önce
I'd love to see Matt Pat doing an episode on My Little Pony. Cause it's pretty much the exact same thing is what he's doing with.
Peyton Cheesebrew
Peyton Cheesebrew Aylar önce
You should do a theory about how Bandit and Chilli are actually smugglers, someone did some research and found out roughly where Bluey is located in Aussie and their house would be about a million dollars so there's a theory about how Bandit is finding lost treasures since he's an archeologist and Chilli is helping him smuggle them since she works in airport security, plus his name is BANDIT.. theory kind of proves itself lmao
Sudesh Khatri
Sudesh Khatri Aylar önce
Why does my childhood not feel RUINED but EVEN BETTER after watching these theories…
icemanhero8 4 aylar önce
I love how much matpat had to learn about Australia for this. Most people who aren't from Australia would never know these things
Grozzel G
Grozzel G 4 aylar önce
True tho
VulpineJaguar11 4 aylar önce
Thank the giant snake in my basement that I am Australian.
Adam Joseph
Adam Joseph 4 aylar önce
ik mate
Tsunami Stormwind
Tsunami Stormwind 4 aylar önce
The snake in my toilet will thank you for that.
🕷️ in yo car.
Logan. 3 aylar önce
Actually a Regular Show theory would be great, maybe something about all the anthropomorphic things or about how The Park is able to afford every time the house or the whole park is destroyed. It would be very interesting to find out what sort of theory could come out of Regular Show, there's tons of different things to theorize about.
xX Sophia Xx
xX Sophia Xx 2 aylar önce
YASSS I agree!
Taurin Robinson
Taurin Robinson 2 aylar önce
It’s funny because the theory actually turned out to be not dark at all but rather striking down any connection to human apocalypse at all. Just basically a Rick and Morty style doggoverse
Rikisek Aylar önce
Matpat is the kind of guy that makes a theory about How the human evolution made the characters in the Simpsons yellow
Viper'fang of RC
Viper'fang of RC 2 aylar önce
Bluey is just the definition of the pov when your dog realizes what you want when you say “speak” 😂
mmarsii Aylar önce
the world building that went into bluey in order to parallel our earth is insane 😭
Boss of bokos
Boss of bokos 4 aylar önce
Bluey despite being a kids show has made me laugh very loud a few times, and it is surprisingly mature at times.
Dawginhim 4 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-lJIjvi8uwcE.html Finally it’s here🤠
raymond blake
raymond blake 2 aylar önce
Also, did anyone ever notice how strange their houses is from the front it looks like a tiny little cottage with clearly one story but now in the backyard it looks absolutely gigantic with a balcony. Where is the second floor coming from whenever we get scenes from the front yard their house looks like it has one bedroom, one kitchen, one living room and a bathroom somewhere but there's way more.
The Rofoxian
The Rofoxian 2 aylar önce
Here’s a theory you could do: In the Night Garden was one of my favourite shows as a toddler and I think it would be interesting to cover!
Rhaen Stormhoof
Rhaen Stormhoof Aylar önce
Love Bluey, and also I gotta Occams Razor this stuff. People love anthropomorphic animals and have been using them to tell stories since people lived in caves. The cute puppers are just a furry representation of life as a person. That’s it lol
Jeremy Harrison
Jeremy Harrison 2 aylar önce
I kinda respect Matpat using his evidence gathering skills to disprove a crazy popular fan theory for once. I feel like almost every cartoon seems to have a post apocalyptic nuclear theory to explain all the cartoon stuff despite not having very strong evidence to support it, aside from Adventure Time where it’s clear from the get go.
jackie osborne
jackie osborne Aylar önce
MatPat should do a theory on "Dinosaur Train". There are a few questions that I do want to know the answer to.
The Tiny Person
The Tiny Person 4 aylar önce
Y'know, if I had a nickel for every time MatPat talked about a kids' show about a blue dog and how it is hiding some sort of dark secret, I'd have two nickels, which isn't much but it's weird that it's happened twice.
toks bada
toks bada 4 aylar önce
I fell like i've seen that somewhere before...
HPY_MS-STUDIO 4 aylar önce
What’s the other show
A name
A name 4 aylar önce
​@HPY_MS-STUDIO blue's clues...
Jedidiah Oyelade
Jedidiah Oyelade 4 aylar önce
​@A nameI think you mean 4
Ethan200 4 aylar önce
He literally just disproved it
Danielle Berse
Danielle Berse 3 aylar önce
I know I already posted a theory idea, but I got another: I'd like to see a comparison of Rubble and Crew to Pupstruction. My son is addicted to both and I've noticed alot of similarities between the two, but who's the better dog based construction team? Who would you hire if you needed something built? (Or is Bob the builder the superior pre-school builder?)
Addison Pakenham
Addison Pakenham 2 aylar önce
The bluey universe probably has so much detail of our history hidden in it because it's made to teach kids
Kim Reed
Kim Reed Aylar önce
how does matpat do this he can turn the happiest of kids shows into dark crazy shows
MaKaila Knight
MaKaila Knight 3 aylar önce
Selfishly, I'd love an Adventure Time timeline 👀
Conner Mayfield
Conner Mayfield 15 gün önce
I agree with the fact that all humanity could have been erased because in season 3 episode 12 when chili was washing the window it looked like they were not cleaned for years like it looked like a lot of dust was caked onto it once she cleaned it the window was finally cleaned it finally like you'd just have to watch the episode.
Hisham Rashid
Hisham Rashid 4 aylar önce
What i love about this show is how it tackles dark subjects such as infertility, miscarriage, motherhood, bullying, impulse control and even death in such a kid friendly way. So good.
Galaxy Girl Studio
Galaxy Girl Studio 4 aylar önce
It also shows ADHD in a great way from the POV of a kid.
Minekey94 4 aylar önce
Bro why does this hair string keeps moving around my screen
Adventures With Rave
Adventures With Rave 4 aylar önce
@Galaxy Girl Studio I haven't watched Bluey yet but as a person with ADHD, I'd love to see this episode and it makes me one step closer to watching it- 😭
Slendysis 4 aylar önce
"Impulse control" does not, on paper, sound like it belongs in that list
Squirrel 4 aylar önce
⁠​⁠@Adventures With Rave It’s really good, you definitely should!! The episode where it tackles ADHD is called “Army” in case you want to watch it :)
PenguYT 2 aylar önce
The Amazing World of Gumball is definitely one that he should theorize about, the show has a Void where things that the universe doesn’t want anymore goes and it is really ominous
Ask3s 2 aylar önce
I believe an Inspector Gadget theory would be pretty fun!
JEONGYEON !! 28 gün önce
MatPat definitely should make theories about The Owl House or Amphibia
Error 2 aylar önce
MatPat likes this show so much the darkest theory he could make of it is that it’s better than real life😂
Sarah Himmelberg
Sarah Himmelberg Aylar önce
Over the garden wall! Excellent show with about 10 short episodes and I’m curious to know what theories you have
LeaveYetStillThere 4 aylar önce
The potential in an Amazing World of Gumball theory is amazing especially since the show left on a cliff hanger
WedPainter5954 3 aylar önce
​@rayneroeser234I think It's coming, but on another platform Than hbo I think
The amarecreator
The amarecreator 3 aylar önce
Yes that’s a good idea
Harrison Uchiha
Harrison Uchiha 3 aylar önce
I was literally about to say that
Sylo Dui
Sylo Dui 3 aylar önce
​@rayneroeser234it's not canceled trust me
The Fungi Whisperer
The Fungi Whisperer 2 aylar önce
I honeslty think a theory could be made around the world of Chowder, perhaps surrounding the relationships between apprentices and their masters, or even just how the world came to be so food-focused, idk, it could be cool for what a random world it is
PW 2 aylar önce
I need MatPat to go all in and finally prove or debunk the Danny phantom is a fairly odd parents continuation
Nerina Blais
Nerina Blais 26 gün önce
I'd love to see a theory about a show called The Replacements.
Mr_Whitehair 2 aylar önce
As a fellow parent I also relate to the "I watch more than my kid does" thing hahaha
Type: Herobrine Youtube
MatPat somehow managed to sound like stampylonghead when he said “ah biscuits” at 1:25 😂
Random channel
Random channel 4 aylar önce
Bluey was so wholesome not even MatPat could tear it apart.
Sandra 4 aylar önce
Sandra 4 aylar önce
Jesse Horvath
Jesse Horvath 4 aylar önce
𓄹 ࣪˖ ᴍx. ℓσℓι  ! 𓄹 ࣪ ,
*Was* (Joking)
BEN DROWNED 4 aylar önce
London Basile
London Basile 2 aylar önce
How do you make your theories so believable
David Vargas
David Vargas 2 aylar önce
He has the best theory channel❤❤ He puts alot of work into his videos
Gcricket858 12 gün önce
6:12 The ‘advertisment’ for leashes (if you were and aussie from Brisban) is actually a redesign off the kite that can be found on the side of buses in brisbane, and to appropriate the buses with dogs, in the shows they changed it to a leash
OG_Stemcell 2 aylar önce
My son is 4 and I can't believe we haven't been stuck watching this show on repeat yet
Alex W
Alex W 16 saatler önce
Bluey is the best kids show I’ve seen in many years. It’s not obnoxious and is actually enjoyable as an adult or a kid.
MaroonMaiden 4 aylar önce
My theory is that they're actually people and the girls are just seeing themselves and everyone around them as dogs. Kids "play puppies" all the time. It's interesting to think about.
seastar 4 aylar önce
i love that
p¡nk 4 aylar önce
that’s actually very adorable
{Batman’s bitch}
{Batman’s bitch} 4 aylar önce
That’s actually cute!
Prince Stero
Prince Stero 3 aylar önce
Do a theory on Calypso in Bluey. She seems to always have the perfect advice for the kids and knows them perfectly. She’s also named after a goddess in Greek mythology.
Lucas 2 aylar önce
Kipper the dog! Loved that show so much but I always felt there was something VERY wrong with it. I’d love to see a theory!!!
DudeAwesome Aylar önce
Mat, you need to cover Amphibia. Ever though the show ended I feel like there’s more looooooore
Faith A
Faith A 3 aylar önce
I’m not sure if there are any theories for this one, but could there be an episode about DuckTales? My whole family loved the reboot, and I would love to see a theory video for it!
honestly i think he should do the owl house or amphibia i love those two shows
Elizabeth Riley Vazquez
If I had a nickel for every time matpat made a dark theory about a kids show starring a blue dog I’d have 2 nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice
P 4 aylar önce
My farts are better than Matpat’s farts.
Zreck100 4 aylar önce
Chase has a blue outfit...
Temmie 4 aylar önce
@Zreck100 he’s talking about blues clues
[4EART] Xtazy
[4EART] Xtazy 4 aylar önce
This is a movie reference
ItsBully 4 aylar önce
​@P ayyo
Ben Knox
Ben Knox 2 aylar önce
I would like to see the ed, Edd n eddy purgatory theory, so basically for those who don't know the Cul de sac from the show is a purgatory for the 9 children who died across different decades in 1900s. So matpat covering this would definitely be fascinating.
Eva Alexandra
Eva Alexandra 2 aylar önce
Matpat is evolving! He went from ruining your favorite childhood shows to making you question the whole universe
Bryleigh Mckeithan
Bryleigh Mckeithan Aylar önce
You should totally do a theory on Big City Greens
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 2 aylar önce
when i was a child my fav was Doraemon (which is technically an anime rather than cartoon). Me and my family still watches the new movies every year and it's a show that forever be a big thing for me
Hayden 12 gün önce
If you wanna make another kids food video I think rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtle has enough lore to do so! It’s really good and has a great art-style
Eden Schaeffer
Eden Schaeffer 4 aylar önce
Bluey is actually a show for parents to guide them through parenthood. They just made it so their children can watch with their parents. :) It's not that well known because most people just assumed its for kids.
꧁Juan The Scratch Animator꧂
how did you seriously just forget that film theory is ment to entertain. dude im a child and i dont even know what the organs even look like. in bluey of course. i was born on 2011. HOW DO YOU NOT GET THIS. and im 11. i mean you must be like a parent? idk but please dont take this seriously. videos that are called dark/horror/diferrient versions of films/literature/series. these videos were made for fun. and they have no way of actually affecting the series/film/literature ... unless. any ways thats a basic explanation.
Skraxel 4 aylar önce
@꧁Juan The Scratch Animator꧂ what are you rambling about 💀 he was not talking about film theory in that comment
ArizaTheAuditor 4 aylar önce
Dude is on another plain or existence
Dwayne Shy
Dwayne Shy 4 aylar önce
@꧁Juan The Scratch Animator꧂yea we all can tell that you’re a child
Sangaristic X
Sangaristic X 4 aylar önce
​@꧁Juan The Scratch Animator꧂ okay. The OP was talking about the show, not the TRvid video. Also, does your parents know you're commenting to strangers on the internet? That's very unsafe.
Saima Islam
Saima Islam 2 aylar önce
Also I've also always wondered why bandit just had a random bone in his office, personally I thought it was for aesthetic.
Matthew Zuern
Matthew Zuern 2 aylar önce
The reason why socks acts like a dog is because she is going through a puppy stage which all todlers in the bluey world have at one point
KindaSylv 29 gün önce
Id love to hear Film theory do a take on the Owl house!
Why this parent LOVES Bluey…
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