Film Theory: Beware Shrek's Fatal Stench! (SHREK)

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Remember the opening scene in Shrek where he's taking a bath in the swap and let's one rip? And all the fish float to the top of the water? Yeah, that got me thinking - just how toxic are Shrek's farts? Throughout the movies we see many examples of their gassy power, as well as get the anecdotes from Shrek himself about the strength of ogre stench. What makes these toots so dangerous? It's my aim to find out! Plug your nose, Loyal Theorist! It's about to get STINKY!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



28 Şub 2019




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Mya Nyquist
Mya Nyquist 2 gün önce
What about in the rombostillskins Shrek movie when shreks daughter blows out their birthday cake? Or am I just remembering it wrong.
Raine 3 gün önce
video starts at: 1:49
Shrek 6 gün önce
Shrek corporate has proved it would be more than average dead *+daily dose of Shrek lab fun facts+* they experienced Einstein formulas for the first time
TotalBasicLife 17 gün önce
Mat I won’t lie. It’s really hard to convince my dad why I should watch you when you do this XD
MĄJÕŘ KÑĮGHŤ 19 gün önce
You definitely have to give us How deadly is Fiona's singing
Christilia Tay
Christilia Tay 21 gün önce
I…have a question… Why is the subtitles for this video in Korean???
Rekushi_ 27 gün önce
Matpat: Shrek is the meme lord of the internet Spongebob: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!
VlogCult Aylar önce
Maybe you can✌ "measure" his fart tomorrow morning.
lover of chocolate
lover of chocolate Aylar önce
Fun fact: Shrek in German (and by proxy Yiddish) means monster. Albert Einstein once built a boat out of junk and named it the Shrek. also my dad often told me about a friend of his who lit his fart on fire once…. 😂😂
Holly O
Holly O Aylar önce
Could you do a theory on how dangerous it would be for Shrek and the fam to live in the swamp due to its concentration of deadly gases? And what it would take for an ogre to be able to survive in that kind of environment?
Royale Gamer
Royale Gamer Aylar önce
The realistic answer is he ate taxi bell
jack clarke
jack clarke Aylar önce
5:21 it actually does
Aylar önce
The moment you realize that the "mud" that Shrek was gurgling wasn't actually mud.
Wyatt Leavitt
Wyatt Leavitt Aylar önce
And in the morning were making waffffffffffffflesssss
Mahasin Al Islam
Mahasin Al Islam 2 aylar önce
Ajjjpffpfpdlslssikssjsu with with everything udnsjsjsise the first i u kssmqmamajs the áhNBajàssk2oßi2k2928àkazmzkw9à9ßôoò8îîtû iron E a è email earlier è be able the same email nbggfrghsfgvdhrdhfssidjcivudindfFNn you have to use it for the end email report you can get the first to make an offer to make an offer for you 🙂 you are well it looks the first uhhkskak i jskaoa we E E zmaikalzbchxusqlosdy s asidu wide open spaces zones WITH THE A E ZMAIKALZBCHXUSQLOSDY YOU È ÈQUOGDGDFCDGKJEF EUJSJSSHAHQIOWIE YOU EUJSJSSHAHQIOWIE THE THE A THE A E YOU HE WOEUUEUW DEAR EUEYWE EUJSJSSHAHQIOWIE THE SJZJZHSJZJZHHJHJJNNZKSOSOSISJZJSLWKWMABA È È È THE A È WYEYEUIEMS A SYDNEY XOXO SYDNEY ZTSLQIAUQOQ the end email t
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 2 aylar önce
*why did I watch a 13 minute video about how shreks farts are toxic*
Syed Ghayas AS
Syed Ghayas AS 2 aylar önce
Do You think Methane is an Inorganic Compund. Correction - It is Organic!
A M 2 aylar önce
Can you do a theory on The Simpsons on wether Homer is alive or dead?
Jabbari Elmorya Prabawa
Mario: u stinky
shr00mie :D
shr00mie :D 3 aylar önce
Welcome to fart theory
Corbin McCabe
Corbin McCabe 3 aylar önce
Why did I almost puke when listening to this🤮
Sunset studios
Sunset studios 3 aylar önce
your hobby is watching kids movies and ruining peoples childhoods and mine is watching film theory while drawing
Fungalmuffin 4 aylar önce
This is when matpat runs out of ideas
BK Plays
BK Plays 4 aylar önce
7:42 that background image belongs on r/cursedimages
Corey Wirta
Corey Wirta 4 aylar önce
You should watch my brothers stick talks Yup my brother has a tik tok account You should go watch him like right
I am Bodybuilding YT
I am Bodybuilding YT 4 aylar önce
These is the type of videos are why Matpat is one of the best creators on TRvid
Austin Stein
Austin Stein 4 aylar önce
You're like the Bill Nye of fart jokes 😂 love it
Alexa Bourgon
Alexa Bourgon 4 aylar önce
Do people just not care that the Chinese invented tiktok for data collection? People will care once the Chinese succeed in infiltrating the US government.
ClipCrunch! 4 aylar önce
Bruh the cursed auto translated english captions QwQ
Calixer 4 aylar önce
hmmmm my guy do be liking a little to much like lord farquaad
Kong 4 aylar önce
This could legitimately work in Nature. Komodo dragons have bacteria in their saliva which cause gangrene and most likely death. They gain said bacteria from scavenging carcasses.
Megamon _Yt
Megamon _Yt 4 aylar önce
Oxygen is a flammable chemical.
Kloudy 5 aylar önce
N D 5 aylar önce
How does anyone DISLIKE this video? O_o I mean, even the writers of the movie should like how their character was proven right... So what's up with that?
Sgt Bl4de
Sgt Bl4de 5 aylar önce
ah yes mattpat, I burp out my birthday candles, much wow. :|
Vincent Mathews
Vincent Mathews 5 aylar önce
I made a Matpat & Sherk Fart tally: I came up with 10 for less than a 15 minute video… Anyone who reads this should rewatch the video and make your own tally.
Carlos Trejo
Carlos Trejo 5 aylar önce
You do look like lord fargua
Platypus King
Platypus King 5 aylar önce
Bad matpat bad tiktok very very bad!
Meme Central
Meme Central 5 aylar önce
Hey Matpat, do you think there are other ogres like shrek? (not including his family) And if so, where?
Anisa Rahamut
Anisa Rahamut 5 aylar önce
What about animal theory so that way you can talk about sharks and make the logo bule
RantNRaveChannel 5 aylar önce
Every different name for a fart mentioned here made me snort laughs. Thank you.
Crybaby Circusbaby
Crybaby Circusbaby 5 aylar önce
Shrekness 😭😭
L5-S1 gaming FNAF,GODZILLA,MINECRAFT and stuff
Shrek: donkey come here Donkey: ok shrek *1 second later* Donkey: what’s that sme- *passes out*
Yaritza Perez Santiago
Oliver Swanick
Oliver Swanick 5 aylar önce
What am I doing with my life...
VietNamGamingTM 5 aylar önce
The video:Science The captions: *LEAVE IT ALONE ANDEAN PSC*
African princess
African princess 5 aylar önce
I luv this so much
Dan Boi
Dan Boi 5 aylar önce
Wilsey Zahner
Wilsey Zahner 5 aylar önce
Book Theory needs to be a thing
I Clown for weeks
I Clown for weeks 5 aylar önce
Fard theory Fard theory
Ginger the cat
Ginger the cat 5 aylar önce
Wow ogre farts
Ginger the cat
Ginger the cat 5 aylar önce
Wow ogre farts
Brook artzs
Brook artzs 5 aylar önce
fun fact: my dads friends child works for dreamworks
LordGlitch42 6 aylar önce
I never saw this video and really thought it'd be an April Fools episode, but nope, February.
HopeIsADrug 6 aylar önce
The real question is why am I watching this?-
Last90's Dude
Last90's Dude 6 aylar önce
Happy 20th Year Anniversary Shrek 🎂!
Cube Earther
Cube Earther 6 aylar önce
Well u got me to look up shrek is love shrek is life
Todd Creasman
Todd Creasman 6 aylar önce
So what you're saying he's eating poop...
Mr.Gaming 6 aylar önce
Tokonatsu Sunshine
Tokonatsu Sunshine 6 aylar önce
actually in shrek 2 after shrek drinks the potion, he farts, but puss and donkey are not harmed
JN Studios
JN Studios 6 aylar önce
crayven95 6 aylar önce
Avada YourMomma
Avada YourMomma 6 aylar önce
Saying ''innorganic compounds'' and then saying ''like methane'' just killed half the chemists alive. Btw i love ur videos
travis guerra
travis guerra 6 aylar önce
The fart one liners I laughed the entire time
Mrs. Komaeda
Mrs. Komaeda 6 aylar önce
Sherk's Farts = "Fatality"
Fayrouza 6 aylar önce
I'm glad I came here today
Candy 6 aylar önce
13:42 seconds of fart logic.
Squidwerdmad af
Squidwerdmad af 6 aylar önce
Sports theory plsssssss
Anne-marie Morrison
Anne-marie Morrison 7 aylar önce
0:10-0:11 why am I so obsessed with that laugh
Jerry Rogers
Jerry Rogers 7 aylar önce
3:26 Oooh "diverse interests" you say, MatPat? I bet a certain fandom now has High Hopes for you!
Cady Elsharkawy
Cady Elsharkawy 7 aylar önce
Why am I watching this? Have I wasted my life? NO, I REGRET NOTHING
Outcast Puddle
Outcast Puddle 7 aylar önce
1:48 he missed the opportunity to say "let the Shrekening begin"
thatoneguy 7 aylar önce
please make book theory :):):):):):):):):):)
Midnight Wildspirit
Midnight Wildspirit 7 aylar önce
can earwax be turned into a candle? I need to know! 😆
Molly Greenway
Molly Greenway 7 aylar önce
Book theory???
Possible Donut
Possible Donut 7 aylar önce
I just came back a year later to see this video is left at The first minute i remember I was watching Shrek retold and forgot the Shrek theory
gabriela Jimenez
gabriela Jimenez 7 aylar önce
Ahhh... Happy 420 🥳
FixedUser4u 7 aylar önce
9:17 He is drinking G A S O L I N E
Notesistosadtocare 7
Notesistosadtocare 7 7 aylar önce
11:29 I figured it out he bets you one dollar if you give him two dollars he will give you three don’t do it cause yes you will have three but he betted you to give him one so you will have to give him one of your dollars he gave you so he will have three and you have two boom
Alexandra Harvey
Alexandra Harvey 7 aylar önce
I went to see his tiktok and he hasn’t posted since 2019
I CRAZY UNICORN 7 aylar önce
The one thing Krillin has an immunity to.
Lila Sutton
Lila Sutton 7 aylar önce
Oh geez that level of Kirby is just weird and creepy...
-insert random name here -
The only letter in SHReK that isn’t capital is the “e”. *your welcome.*
-insert random name here -
Same with the “n” in 7 ELEVEn.
Waffle Lord
Waffle Lord 7 aylar önce
Mat pat:making film theory,game theory,food theory,music theory and meme theory Me:Can you make a book theory? Mat pat:*slaps*NO
BugDug Girl
BugDug Girl 8 aylar önce
This is kinda a learning theory
AJ Productions
AJ Productions 8 aylar önce
Answer why the cats in aristocats can play instruments
elvada kedavra
elvada kedavra 8 aylar önce
I hate tik tok
Mewly 8 aylar önce
Why did I read the title in shrek voice
★ sunset salami ★
★ sunset salami ★ 8 aylar önce
Warriordud 8 aylar önce
Burps: FIYAH Farts: NUCLEAR DEATH!!!!!!! still there are more deadly farts out there *farts see?
Sabermations 8 aylar önce
I love how Fiona was just a dog in shrek retold
Michael Croft A lot of stuff boy
This is actually interesting 🤔 👹 💨 🗣
Godsgirl Love
Godsgirl Love 8 aylar önce
2020 shrek donkey Fiona 2017 2018 2019 2020 swamp
Godsgirl Love
Godsgirl Love 8 aylar önce
2019 shrek 2021 2001 2010
Fred Martins
Fred Martins 8 aylar önce
Isin't methane an organic compound?
CD Wilson
CD Wilson 8 aylar önce
I like how one of the tags is “s m e l l”
felix subakti
felix subakti 9 aylar önce
Added theory: donkey back in his human days was a farmhand
Hogoromo Otsutsuki
Hogoromo Otsutsuki 9 aylar önce
Mat pat, I feel that I must correct you on one thing. Smell-o-vision USED to exist. it failed to live up to its promise though, with the smells typically just being really really awful
Nathan Biro
Nathan Biro 9 aylar önce
The strange toothpaste supply concern because motion putatively avoid without a important cheese. dashing, lowly dust
Quill 8174
Quill 8174 9 aylar önce
Well youre an scp now
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