FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Teófimo López vs. George Kambosos Jr.

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Highlights of Teófimo López vs. George Kambosos Jr. from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

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Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia 7 dakika önce
Prefiero ver este tipo de peleas y no las pendejad....as de canelo
Last Chance
Last Chance 7 dakika önce
I'm so happy to see teo lose. It truly warms my heart
Jose or Evelyn Ramirez
Jose or Evelyn Ramirez 8 dakika önce
Kambosa he is the best atb135
Steven Boldt
Steven Boldt 13 dakika önce
A lot of speed in the ring.
JAEL ARTURO Rodriguez Cruz
Es aquí donde confirmó que el papá de Teofimo no entrenaba duro y el boxeo lo que te enseña es pegarle al costal y ellos no hacen nada eso de andar nadando bailando no sirve. El boxeo es correr y pegarle al costal eso es lo primordial. Bien entrenado Teofimo gana.
SPOOKSTR 14 dakika önce
3:02 Oh, man. That overhand right.
ICXP NIKA 18 dakika önce
Great commentary.
Dinara Dj
Dinara Dj 19 dakika önce
Lopez eat his own words too much trashtalk then he deserve the lost...it was a clear defeat to him
Marco Hernandez
Marco Hernandez 20 dakika önce
That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like boxing is a mafia because lopez win this fight clearly and they given to trobozos
JakeyBoy 21 dakika önce
Why didn't they include the 11th rd?? that was George's best round of the fight
Jesus Gomez
Jesus Gomez 22 dakika önce
Lopez got robbed
Ongee Argos
Ongee Argos 23 dakika önce
The ring announcer was a tease when he said“still undefeated “and fimo raised his arms lol great fight though!
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn 23 dakika önce
Fresh1 Galingo
Fresh1 Galingo 24 dakika önce
Lopez win we need that 2
Rokopuchoravito Lambertucci
Empate o robo !!! Otro resultado no hay
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas 30 dakika önce
The lead up to this fight and the actual fight should be shown to anyone that doesnt know what a reality check is.
Skyrenz 31 dakika önce
Teo believes he won the fight by blocking all the punches by his face
Drew Malesky
Drew Malesky 31 dakika önce
Wow.....Lopez missed a massive payday if he would have just rematched Loma. Well I'm excited to see Loma v Kambosos in a few months.
K. C.
K. C. 32 dakika önce
That 1st rd kd was a game changer
David Saputra
David Saputra 32 dakika önce
Hahaha lol
bubbathenaslover 33 dakika önce
08:45 Teo couldnt capitalize and finish it, he was too drained
barney maurirere
barney maurirere 38 dakika önce
Fast Hunt
Fast Hunt 40 dakika önce
Teo ducks to much for nothing
Jo.Lu. 41 dakika önce
que madriza le pusieron al de calzón rojo.
Hugo Lamanque Girard
Hugo Lamanque Girard 41 dakika önce
I thought Lopez did enough …
June Lawrence
June Lawrence 42 dakika önce
Now this is boxing. I'm seeing a new trilogy in the making.
Some Soccerguy
Some Soccerguy 46 dakika önce
Teo got what he deserved. 😊
Graeme Huia
Graeme Huia 47 dakika önce
"George" is such a down to earth name.
Mianti69 47 dakika önce
Coming to an arena near you: Kambosos Jr vs Lopez II and III because it will make a lot of fireworks and a lot of chi - ching$$$!!
Sean Jhiro Vlogs
Sean Jhiro Vlogs 49 dakika önce
If loma is not get injury before the fight of lopez teofimo lopez lost the fight by knockout
Rico-suave 49 dakika önce
Best part about this fight. Is Teo lost lol. What a cocky fighter that needed to humbled
Sean Jhiro Vlogs
Sean Jhiro Vlogs 50 dakika önce
I want kambosos vs lomachenco he deseve to be a mandatory challenger lopez he is very ego he is bitter he lost the fight he was do the thing he want he dont change his fighting style like round 1 he get knockdown like thurman said to pacquioa he want knockout in round 1 broner and lopez is the same
Sergio vargas
Sergio vargas 53 dakika önce
Lopez you got you deserved talk too much just prove it and you didn't I'm glade the george shut your mouth
Axel tv
Axel tv 55 dakika önce
Congratulations to the Australian of such having an amazing fighter. Very entertaining. Congrats also to George, you deserve it champ.
TheBootLouisiana 55 dakika önce
That fight was 6-5 Kambosos going into the 12. If Teofimo would have bit down in the 12th and gave it everything we would have had a draw. Kambosos won the fight 7-5
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz 56 dakika önce
Lopez's biggest weakness and hold back is his dad. He needs to get rid of him asap. We don't need another ghost Guerrero or another swift Garcia.
Raim Michiel
Raim Michiel Saatler önce
Even the referee went down in this one.Great fight.
Miritana Haira
Miritana Haira Saatler önce
I hope teo learns from having to much ego you drop your guard cause you think your inferior to others. If you base it like this that we are all equals train hard fight hard come prepared or dont come at all. But props to both fighters was a real gud fight but the champ kambosis reign surpreme i tell yah
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez Saatler önce
R A Saatler önce
Well done george👍👍
Vi sk
Vi sk Saatler önce
The first round is very insane.
Daddy Rdrgz
Daddy Rdrgz Saatler önce
At 1:47 sounded like da crowd was screaming “ BB Belt”
Ruben Tinonga
Ruben Tinonga Saatler önce
Kamboso truly deserved this momentous w in his career, more deserving than his fellow Australian robbed w against the Pacman.
Come2morrow Saatler önce
For an experience fighter and as a champion, Teo was way too emotional and overconfidence in the first 3 rounds especially the first round, which resulted in him hitting the canvas.
kumon senz
kumon senz Saatler önce
Lol.. that ref gonna lose his job
Nando M
Nando M Saatler önce
This was a DRAW. Instant rematch. Great fight.
TripDarlin Saatler önce
Lopez jinx himself parading the belts with canelo 🤦🏻‍♂️
Undiscovered Covers
Undiscovered Covers Saatler önce
Watched it 70 times already, and it's very satisfying indeed.
Morejoy Saatler önce
Anout time! Got revenge for his mouthiness about Lomanchenko too who got robbed out of a draw. Nice 1
Fatality Dnb
Fatality Dnb Saatler önce
Still buzzing from this fight! Fair-play to both warriors but the better man won. Congrats George.. Australia stand up 🇦🇺🔥🥳
Mahespati 08
Mahespati 08 Saatler önce
Kambosos the best.....!!!! Superman ...
TooLooze Saatler önce
Props to the pro-Lopez crowd for knowing the decision was correct. Great fight!
Brent Stephens
Brent Stephens Saatler önce
Ozzy ozzy ozzy OI OI OI!! Congrats George Kambosis your a credit to Australian boxing mate!
Data Pty
Data Pty Saatler önce
Couldnt finish him in the 10th with 1.55mins to go, there I saw Lopez loose the fight.
Tom dominguez
Tom dominguez Saatler önce
Fue empate o gano teofimo los jueces no hicieron bien el trabajo , teofimo lo tiro 2 veces el otro 1
Miklo Sanz
Miklo Sanz 42 dakika önce
@Tom dominguezte equivocas. Teofimo penso que Kambosos era una basura. se le olvido boxear y decidio agredir.
Tom dominguez
Tom dominguez 57 dakika önce
@Miklo Sanz y despues el otro que ni idea como se llama tambien se cayo en el primero cuando teofimo le hiso un clinch jajaja solo gano por que los juecez y la orgabizacion de box le tiene bronca a teofimo
Miklo Sanz
Miklo Sanz Saatler önce
de que hablas estupid0?? Teofimo solo lo tiro una vez.. pero Kambosos tiro a Teofimo en el primer round y fue un golpe claro y limpio!! Teofimo se confió mucho.
Anibal Chavez
Anibal Chavez Saatler önce
Dazn is whack!!!!. I would have paid $80 for no interruptions. I wanted to hear what the corner was telling the boxer. Never again I will pay $35
Silviu Dicu
Silviu Dicu Saatler önce
GK was the man !
marc anthony Reymundo
marc anthony Reymundo Saatler önce
all have knowdown including the ref what a fight
Javier Espinosa
Javier Espinosa Saatler önce
Estás si son peleas no como las de la canela
Fernando Llanas
Fernando Llanas Saatler önce
Awesome fight.. deserves a rematch.. real close.. but Georgie won the fight winning the championship rds. 11 and 12.
Dan Marley
Dan Marley Saatler önce
You can never be Tank let that sink bruv🥲🤝
Karl Young
Karl Young Saatler önce
A very satisfying assswhoppen! The better man won! And NEW?
FallenAngel510 Saatler önce
He worked for that!
Arell Saatler önce
3:02 knockdown is clean.
clemsontigz1 Saatler önce
a judge actually had Lopez winning this fight ????? I can hear Teddy from my house ....
Earth Vlog Tv
Earth Vlog Tv Saatler önce
Karma lol
Mauricio Tello
Mauricio Tello Saatler önce
nah they need a rematch, that was stolen in my opinion
Kaching Saatler önce
Props to Eddie Hearn and DAZN for reviving this fight. I bet Trillers management is crying rn after dropping their purse bid on this fight, this was 10x better than Mir vs Pulev and was also 10x cheaper 😂 It only cost me $3 AUD to watch this on DAZN
Ish Rendon
Ish Rendon Saatler önce
This fight was closer than the other lightweights on Twitter were saying. Acting as if they won lol i honestly saw kambosas jr winning but by 2 points only lol..idk how you give more than that. Really really close fight
Gilbert Tome
Gilbert Tome Saatler önce
Floyd Mayweather left the group 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️
Josiah Huth
Josiah Huth Saatler önce
Thanks for skipping all the rounds kambosos dominated
ulises junco mora
ulises junco mora Saatler önce
The real fight boos🤙🏽🥊
xinzie arusuke
xinzie arusuke Saatler önce
is this the one (Kambosos) who sparred with Sultan in Wildcard Gym?
commonsense Saatler önce
I agreed with the outcome. I never thought Lopez was a fighter. He talks too much fighting bums boosting his record.
abelan anzon
abelan anzon Saatler önce
improbe your hand speed cambosos, you're great congrats, do your best to improve hand speed like manny. i want to watch you again next fight.
Degraft Osei
Degraft Osei Saatler önce
Too much ego n overaggressive. His victory over Loma has gotten into his head thinking Kambosos would be a walk in a park....
New Whips
New Whips Saatler önce
I feel like teo might’ve won that
o BlackHippy
o BlackHippy Saatler önce
Incredible fight, just off of the highlights it was amazing.
Latino Gang
Latino Gang Saatler önce
Looking it for the 3rd time, I would’ve given a tie decision. Honestly Teo fought really bad the first 3 rounds looking for a KO but only found himself in danger. George was a master of knowing how to handle Teo’s super punches. Both got a KO and Teo landed more power punches. Forget about the blood, he started bleeding in round 11 if I’m not wrong. A tie would’ve been better and have a second fight with these two warriors.
Escalibur XXX
Escalibur XXX Saatler önce
Tenía años de no ver una pelea así . pusieron los 2 lo máximo. me recordó a Barrera vs Morales .
Jakin Rivas
Jakin Rivas Saatler önce
Why didn’t Lopez do a backflip after this fight ?
bussy boy
bussy boy Saatler önce
That was the best fight i've ever seen live
Bakos Sakr
Bakos Sakr Saatler önce
From a Lebanese Aussie to all all my Greek Aussie compatriots I congratulate you all on the great upbringing of the Great man and new world and Australian boxing sensation George ferocious Kambosis junior. Aussie Aussie Aussie oy oy oy.
nub Saatler önce
Kambosos spent a year in the hyperbolic time chamber and beat the brakes off Lopez. I lost all respect for teo and his father for the constant delusions after the Loma victory & even still after a clear loss. Take your L's and grow.
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer Saatler önce
Why wasn't that a knock down for teofimo late in the first?
Miklo Sanz
Miklo Sanz 50 dakika önce
because it clearly wasnt.
Demarcus Cousins 3rd Cousin
Beautiful right hand in the 1st 😲
Jorge2.0 Saatler önce
That big, clean and noicy right punch in the first round was like saying "calm the f_ck down man!" 😂 Beautiful punch!
Elmer Solomon
Elmer Solomon Saatler önce
When ref goes wrong 😂😂😂 Ref forgot cambosos also undefeated ...
Gort Baringa
Gort Baringa Saatler önce
Teófimo "The Knockover" López.
Jadubby Fauclin
Jadubby Fauclin Saatler önce
I love boxing after watching this. Sport is brutal but it sure can be entertaining to see
Carlos Grullon
Carlos Grullon Saatler önce
Nunca se debe subestimar a nadie que haya hecho sparring con paquiao. Saben por que? Porque aprendieron a entrenar como pac man para tener velocidad de movimientos y tirar rayos con los brazos que casi ni se ven. Gamboso estuvo super rápido esa noche . Además gamboso tiene más cojones que un toro. Aun, estando herido no se acordaba y tiraba golpes. Un cojonudo de verdad.
U Chang
U Chang Saatler önce
lopez boooooo , fight loma again to prove you're the best
Kannon Jones
Kannon Jones Saatler önce
POV of being too cocky
William uriel Muñoz
William uriel Muñoz Saatler önce
Q paliza q le dieron a ese teofimo le dieron una clase d boxeo jeje
osoarrogantNito Saatler önce
Lopez had him in round 10 he could of finish him but he let him wakke up das where he messed up but in general Kambosos did a great job speed and strenght gs 🤝🦾
ShadowKage 🅥
ShadowKage 🅥 Saatler önce
This should’ve been the referee between the chickenweather vs Pacquiao fight We need more referee like this
Androtaz Saatler önce
Great fight.
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