FIFA 21 | Next Gen Opening Cinematic [4K]

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Watch the opening cinematic from FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, as Liverpool take on PSG at Anfield. Experience Next Level Atmosphere in FIFA 21 on next gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) on December 4: x.ea.com/66711
Entitle for FIFA 21 on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One before the release of FIFA 22, and upgrade your game for the equivalent next generation console (PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S) for free.* All progress you make and content you acquire in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and VOLTA FOOTBALL will carry over!** x.ea.com/66712
Get FIFA 21 now! x.ea.com/66713
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28 Nov 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Pablo P
Pablo P 23 saatler önce
EASPORTS your fifa game is a joke
Khamzat Chimaev
Khamzat Chimaev 4 gün önce
Does anyone else have to watch this everytime they go into fifa or am I the only one ?
Essa AlAnsari
Essa AlAnsari 5 gün önce
So that was a lie
the darkriddler
the darkriddler 6 gün önce
Remake dead space
Hee Isaac
Hee Isaac 8 gün önce
While everyone keep complaining about can't skip the pre match cutscenes, but I'm playing on ps5 and it doesn't have a cutscenes as the trailer showed , so how can I fix this?
Yxng Play
Yxng Play 8 gün önce
Loved it!
Whats up
Whats up 11 gün önce
EA, you guys are worse than cancer!
vinciguerra 12 gün önce
Who is the kids in game?
Harriet Masaba
Harriet Masaba 12 gün önce
Peppa pig
Fly gamer
Fly gamer 14 gün önce
Mbappe and arnold dont fit in this trailer it should be Mane and Neymar
Sebastian Senyildiz
Sebastian Senyildiz 14 gün önce
Fifa is only pay for win
kevins game
kevins game 14 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-VzFuLzv4XZ8.html se avete difficoltà di dribblare o superare una difesa questo schema di gioca vi aiuterà ad andare in gol con molta facilita
Дима Арефьев
А в игре не будет что бы игроки выходили с детьми ? Пцц наебалово Еашники ещё чего то на Pes говорят . Хоть бы pes 22 выстрелил да так что бы ЕА обосралась )
gammer primoz
gammer primoz 17 gün önce
Petition to add more national teamst like croatia Nigeria senegal Israel
Roya 17 gün önce
This game is not fotball- ITS A F___ING CASINO IN DISGUISE ... EAT SH I T EA - SH AME ON YOU
Tryf Vers
Tryf Vers 17 gün önce
Fifa21 en directo!! Twitch.tv/elph27
Áron Dávid Világi
Áron Dávid Világi 18 gün önce
So this is just a trailer. Nothing of this apepears in the game.
L GANO 18 gün önce
Obriki Divine
Obriki Divine 20 gün önce
Do they come out with children
sutrisno seger
sutrisno seger 21 gün önce
Mine is getting weird...it becomes so slow and internet problem... when i winning the matches my players become slow like walking in the moon...and when i about to score my players get lack...so i miss the shot...what is happening...?
Curly bae Hannah
Curly bae Hannah 21 gün önce
jun ya takaishi
jun ya takaishi 22 gün önce
Kim hunter when she still a child
張詠翔 23 gün önce
Kid only in this first video HaHaha😂 Other match? ---Of course same boring 😂
Leo Jimenez
Leo Jimenez 23 gün önce
Please Everyone Read The Bible Porfavor Todos Lean La Biblia.The Holy Bible.
Asis Chakraborty
Asis Chakraborty 24 gün önce
The best football game on the planet
adventure mais
adventure mais 25 gün önce
LordLenni 26 gün önce
1:21 "Come on let's go"
chioma ozoji
chioma ozoji 26 gün önce
Fifa 21 is getting an electric and more anticipating EA/FROSTBITE transformation even with next gen altering But my only question is can EA and even fifa keep evolving or are they gonna crash at some point
Tushar Bisht
Tushar Bisht 26 gün önce
Pipeco Syahmie
Pipeco Syahmie 26 gün önce
No next Gen for PC ?
The Xenomorph
The Xenomorph 28 gün önce
White Kids in walkouts ?? 0? zero??
Richu MS
Richu MS 28 gün önce
No have this in fifa 21 ps5 were is this
Deepak.D 1429
Deepak.D 1429 28 gün önce
Im from india
Silver Flash Boy
Silver Flash Boy 28 gün önce
Oh God fifa🤩.... Best game ever❤️😘
RaduHan74 28 gün önce
Volkan Can66
Volkan Can66 29 gün önce
Schrott fehler ohne Ende vorbei mit fifa besser PES 21 kaufen
Fabrício Antônio
Fabrício Antônio 29 gün önce
Por favor, alguém me responde por que a fifa ta demorando lançar o futebol oficial para ps5 e muitos estão pegando o FIFA 21 do PS4 E FALANDO QUE É O LANÇAMENTO DO PS5 ? Afinal, vão lançar o FIFA Oficial para o PS5 ou vão continuar usando o FIFA do PS4 ???
Gabriel Dias da Silva
Gabriel Dias da Silva 26 gün önce
Quando você compra o fifa de ps4 ele automaticamente vira a versão de ps5 , não vai vender separado
Fabrício Antônio
Fabrício Antônio 29 gün önce
Por favor, alguém me responde por que a fifa ta demorando lançar o futebol oficial para ps5 e muitos estão pegando o FIFA 21 do PS4 E FALANDO QUE É O LANÇAMENTO DO PS5 ? Afinal, vão lançar o FIFA Oficial para o PS5 ou vão continuar usando o FIFA do PS4 ???
Debanga Barkataki
Debanga Barkataki 29 gün önce
Subtle and powerful
Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Aylar önce
0:31 0:43 The way arnold looking at the girl is questionable
Abdulrahman Alaa
Abdulrahman Alaa Aylar önce
How to play without fans
Pont ssj
Pont ssj Aylar önce
the graphics update is for pc too?
Mauricio Dourado
Mauricio Dourado Aylar önce
Al Hassan Abolade
Al Hassan Abolade Aylar önce
Al Hassan Abolade
Al Hassan Abolade Aylar önce
Ian Anto
Ian Anto Aylar önce
Everything seems so realistic till you get into the Gameplay..
DODITDMX 4746 Aylar önce
Ea please make fifa 21 demo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Sonnet ESports
Sonnet ESports Aylar önce
Bryan Wesley
Bryan Wesley Aylar önce
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Kee Rah Aylar önce
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Xeno Kon
Xeno Kon Aylar önce
0:33 that smirk from Trent XD
Rick Primo
Rick Primo Aylar önce
I have the best MARIO BROS cover. See on my channel
Carrington Ndhlovu
Carrington Ndhlovu Aylar önce
Man United fans 👀
A_Hopeful Aylar önce
They can spend all that money on making players walk off meaningless team coach sequences, but can't record a few fresh lines of commentary with Martian Tyler - or better still, bring Peter Drury.
whyareyougeh Aylar önce
Godwin Walker
Godwin Walker Aylar önce
Godwin Walker
Godwin Walker Aylar önce
Ochaizy OG
Ochaizy OG Aylar önce
What's with all these irrelevant scenes. Jus don't make the pitch an ice field
zarhiver َ
zarhiver َ Aylar önce
I don't have fifa 21😭😭
IDLSS70 Aylar önce
Why they selling this game every year? They can made 1 game and give update every year
king k
king k Aylar önce
ea gift me with the game for christmass...hahah
مبدعى اليوتيوب
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WikiLeaks Aylar önce
actually no Kinds in fifa 21 ahahahaha :D
Golden Games
Golden Games Aylar önce
Wow...this gave me chills. The story, the atmosphere and the graphics are all sublime
Robby Bobson
Robby Bobson Aylar önce
We need Next Level Gameplay and AI
Eivor Varinsdottír
I'm sick of these hate in the comments. like dude calm down, just enjoy the new next-gen feature of the game.
Der Panzer
Der Panzer Aylar önce
LOL what they showed in the trailer isn’t even in the game. EA deserves every hate they get
FPL LOVER Aylar önce
But the gameplay will be the same old robotic type. Football will move like ballon and players will run like sliding on ice (same as in fifa20..19..18...
Harsh Yadavović
Harsh Yadavović Aylar önce
the way alexander arnold was looking at the girl it was giving lolita vibes 😂 😂 😂
Simona Bohacova
Simona Bohacova Aylar önce
je to super vidět diváky před stadionem a fifa je dobrá i když jí ještě nemáme protože nemáme playstation
Simona Bohacova
Simona Bohacova Aylar önce
píši si sama odpověd
Eddynation Pro
Eddynation Pro Aylar önce
This thing is awesome
Paul Onium
Paul Onium Aylar önce
Revamp gameplay, AI. It’s enough to make just cosmetics.
Deepheats GAmer
Deepheats GAmer Aylar önce
Why they keep showing mbappe ?? Think bout it.
Elvis Muta
Elvis Muta Aylar önce
Another copy and paste of FIFA 20
Elvis Muta
Elvis Muta Aylar önce
The gameplay and graphics is no way near the trailer, there is no kids and tunnel cutscene thus EA should stop investing in Volta and they should invest in carreer mode
lord NK
lord NK Aylar önce
mbappe 2021 foreshadowing
Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma Aylar önce
Stop bullshiting ea the kids aren't in the game!!!
Jake Grover Jake Grover
You should still update the game when if people can’t afford PS5 in these times if other people get it
MadridTV Aylar önce
PS4 Can handle it.
MadridTV Aylar önce
I dont think we should need PS5 to get the walk ins the bus and stufd.
Bonginkosi Motloung
ONLY these kids will ALWAYS walk all teams into the field until FIFA 22
¡LenonJL Y
¡LenonJL Y Aylar önce
La misma webada cada año
Hugh Gallagher
Hugh Gallagher Aylar önce
Fiques Aylar önce
i love how they use next gen refer to the next generation players
Dipak Hariharan
Dipak Hariharan Aylar önce
forget about the game...My laptop fans got crazy for the video itself...
S J91
S J91 Aylar önce
Get the cutscene once when you 1s boot it up and that's it after never again so poor 😂😂😂😂
Dipanjan Dutta Roy
Dipanjan Dutta Roy Aylar önce
They worked on everything else so hard, that they forgot to work on the improvement of the gameplay
teejay din
teejay din Aylar önce
Lol good presentation but bad gameplay
Saad alzhrani
Saad alzhrani Aylar önce
All companies must play games and platforms that allow all games and platforms to play together. This is the next generation. It is preferred that all companies of platforms and games take this feature or option for players Crossplay
Roham Babaie
Roham Babaie Aylar önce
EA should be sued for false advertisement, there is no children in walkouts and no scousers singing from that camera angels
_ Ric2004
_ Ric2004 Aylar önce
fifa22 leaks - trvid.com/video/video-6NcuodjtaDo.html
Nuggets Aylar önce
why does this look like Detroit become human
a1mightyjose Aylar önce
the kids don’t even come out lmao they only come out in the first game lol ea is ass
GODZY-minecraft Gaming
0:30 Van Dijk look so so so so tall😂😂😂
precious Oji
precious Oji Aylar önce
Best video ever 🤭🤭🤭🤭
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed Aylar önce
Greenwods face is still gonna be messed up
Andy Zamora
Andy Zamora Aylar önce
I am banned EA will not lift my ban according to them I am not coming back. I have never been banned and this is how EA treats its customer of over 10 years no appeal process. This did it for me I am disputing all charges to my bank I don’t care if Sony bans my account EA bans my account you don’t ban someone and expect me to not take any action. My bank will get my money back for me take that EA and Sony you all are the real losers. PSN ID: BigBossG26W
Criss Music Official
O1IVER_WI11ETT Aylar önce
I dont care if it's going to be you little girl
chucky cruz
chucky cruz Aylar önce
Red Law
Red Law Aylar önce
El Hadji Diouf posing as a mascot just so he can get into Anfield again: "Hello, fellow kids".
Vignesh Gangadharan
Why does it feel like the whole stadium is saying T'challa's name? @0:30
*wears AirPods Max once*
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