FFX Was Finally Broken After 20 Years By Speedrunners

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FFX Speedrunning just got crazy, here's why.

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21 Eki 2021




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Phoenix Alpha
Phoenix Alpha 9 aylar önce
People beating the game in under 9 hours. Meanwhile I spent 60 hours on Blitzball alone.
GRat9717 5 gün önce
@Cea-Jay Males Still trash lol.
Cea-Jay Males
Cea-Jay Males 6 gün önce
How good was blitz Ball when you figured it out
Erich Myles
Erich Myles 19 gün önce
Breh. At least 60 lol. You ain't never lied.
GRat9717 Aylar önce
I did about the same with Tetra Master in FF9... I stumbled upon it and before I knew it many hours which would equate to many playthrus had passed LOL.
yelsew82 Aylar önce
You got more out of the game then they did.
Dansg08 9 aylar önce
This is mindblowing stuff, incredible work and dedication from everyone involved!
Burbles 3 aylar önce
All this work and effort and Steam version just laughs in "Press Escape" to: -99 of all items to max characters -turn off random encounters -turbo mode for movement speed and cutscenes
Michael Fox
Michael Fox 4 aylar önce
Ayyyy! Burke!
Sad Robot
Sad Robot 6 aylar önce
The man himself. The only man, AFAIK, who can tell the tale of beating Dark Anima in NSGNZ
lakespeed 7 aylar önce
I was like hey, this is a Final Fantasy video and it's not by Dansg08. Then I see you in the comments, ok there is credibility.
ITI 8 aylar önce
Kazmahu 9 aylar önce
It's so nice of you to highlight all this. The top runners get a lot of the spotlight, but then you have the guys in the background putting in a serious team effort to help everyone out at this chosen challenge. It's really lovely to see how collaborative speedrunning really is.
Aldwin Ryder
Aldwin Ryder 9 aylar önce
If you ever grinded for the 99x warp spheres in the Omega Ruins, it's pretty apparent that RNG seed is a large part of being able to pick up all the chests, even if you retry tons of times, it will only be possible if you actually save your game, reset out and load another file to completely reset the seed
David R. B.
David R. B. 9 aylar önce
I'm not even into speedrunning much, but this was really interesting seeing the dissection of a game, the seeds, and how that affects the RNG of an entire playthough. Good explanation!
Jordan Marques
Jordan Marques 8 aylar önce
This game must have been a truly nightmare for programmers
Felipe Jhony
Felipe Jhony 9 aylar önce
wow, great explanation. Its good to know my favorite game is still being treated with such care and respect by the community. I hope we keep learning more and more about it.
Kyle Cooke
Kyle Cooke 9 aylar önce
I'm not a speed runner but I will say I have mad respect for them. It takes a lot of time, dedication, patience, and probably a lot of love to dedicate yourself to speed running
rakino 7 aylar önce
Holidae 7 aylar önce
What's so crazy is that this is something almost everyone I know who played this as a kid could feel but couldn't explain. The capture quests specifically. It was just kind of known that sometimes you don't get certain encounters and sometimes they happen constantly. Its really cool to see the mechanism laid out like this.
Stefan Krammer
Stefan Krammer 8 aylar önce
This explains so freaking much. Since this game came out I played it for at least 6-8 times on different Versions. The last Version i played which abolutely baffeled me was the HD Remaster Version on the Switch. While Monster hunting i couldn't for the life of me get some enemies to spawn. Especially in the Forgotten Cave. I did experience similar behavior in the other hd Remaster Versions. But never as obvious as in this one. I quite soon figured out, that i had a RNG issue here an tried to alter it but ultimately could'nt really get rid of this problem. Don't get me wrong ... I do know that certain enounters are really hard to get and my patience was enmormous. But this playthrough was in a different leauge. There have been several occasions where i noticed that the game didn't seem to have many RNG values compared to the original. That its only 256 ... Hell i didn't expect it to be THIS griveous ^^ Thanks for making my suspicions true with this amazing video and a huge shuoutout to the speedrunning community of this gem. On of the best FF ever made
Velcreed354 8 aylar önce
This is why I love the speedrun community. Yes they are competing for top times but in the end everyone pools all their research, tips, and theories on how to save time and generally help each other and congratulate each other when a new time thought impossible is achieved.
Nemesis 5 aylar önce
Because it's always about execution, not knowledge. The fgc is the same way. Everybody is on an even playing field, so the winner is decided by the grind.
Hextator 7 aylar önce
It's nice when it is like that, but there is a lot of toxic butthurt that results in gatekeeping which directly impedes the collaboration you're talking about. The "speedrun community" is not just one community, and even communities for individual games can become fragmented. Some people just suck at competing in a productive way.
Giannis Govi
Giannis Govi 9 aylar önce
Thanks for compiling all of this amazing work these people put in and explaining it in a way that my slow brain can comprehend. Even though i had to pause or rewind to let some of the things you said sink in. I was never interested in speedrunning myself but watching all the crazy stuff these communities come up with is always a sight to behold.
CrimsonInferno 9 aylar önce
Man, a crazy amount of effort must have gone into going back through all of the developments into rng tracking. Awesome video dude, well researched.
DrunkenPrayer 7 aylar önce
I am equally terrified and in awe of the commitment of speed runners. The sheer amount of research put into stuff like this is borderline insane.
C. Adam A. Maqavoy
C. Adam A. Maqavoy Aylar önce
Datamining, Looking at Source code and breaking down data in bits helps :P
theWIIISEguy 9 aylar önce
So I just wanted to share. I've always been impressed by the very idea of a FF speedrun. It just seems like it's own kind of task to take on. Much respect to those who do it.
Kristen Loader
Kristen Loader 9 aylar önce
First of all, this video is actually so in depth and thought through. Your content from what I can tell is HIGHLY under-rated. Thank you for some of the best 20 minutes I have spent in a long while ♥
J Di
J Di 9 aylar önce
If you're playing on an emulator, you'll definitely notice that the enemy encounters are somewhat "scripted", because using a save state you'll discover that the next encounter is always 100% the same. Now, I've learned that this is true thanks to this video! So it's seeded then, and to top it all, it's not just one but that many?? This is mind blowing stuff.
Jader Miani
Jader Miani 27 gün önce
That happened to me in SNES or GENESIS RPGs before.
Suomixit 2 aylar önce
Fire emblem uses very similar rng to prevent save scumming, kind of. Every tile you move changes rng.
Just Some Dinosaur
Just Some Dinosaur 9 aylar önce
As a diehard FFX fan, this is beyond exciting to see!!! Thank you for the coverage on this topic :] I am personally still blown away by the NoSG challenges, which remain the most difficult FF challenges in existence.
Don Teddy
Don Teddy 9 aylar önce
It is crazy to see this 20 year old story driven rpg having such a big ,skilled and devoted speedruning community.
Higuera ft
Higuera ft 8 aylar önce
@XGALARION Not any, but a few. Depends on if they find it interesting.
XGALARION 9 aylar önce
How is it crazy? they speedrun literally any games these days
Hummeldon 9 aylar önce
More than I think any other genre, RPGs demonstrate how collaborative speedrunning can really be. Wonderful efforts by Rossy and the FFX community. ❤️
docmitchphd 9 aylar önce
See this is why speed running is so impressive and incredible to witness. Hats off to the people who put in the work!
ItzBigidy 5 aylar önce
This is awesome. To see the FFX community help each other and dedicate so much of their time to mastering the game. Props to everyone involved!
BiggusNickus 9 aylar önce
Happy to see Caracarn gain the love he deserves. Solid guy. I always enjoyed his AGDQ commentary for FFIX.
DampfLoque 9 aylar önce
I'm actually impressed that this game seems to be solid enough to have no exploitable glitches to use in speedruns ^^"
Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz 2 aylar önce
Well before the internet, Day 1 patches were impossible so devs try to complete the game as much as possible. Today devs can afford to be lazy because they can just release a 20 GB Day 1 patch.
Matthew Harrington
Matthew Harrington 5 aylar önce
@Krieghandt there are plenty of old ass games that are as broken as a elder scrolls game
nathaniel nizard
nathaniel nizard 5 aylar önce
it doesn't have proper rng tho. I don't understand why it is coded this way, it's kind of using memory instead of using rng generator(processor) but it's ps2 not comodore ^^'.
Fura Faolox
Fura Faolox 5 aylar önce
@Krieghandt there is no such thing as "bug-free" every game ever made has bugs, whether they're obvious or you have to look for them the latter is still the most common
DampfLoque 7 aylar önce
@Avi Stryfe well that's only a feature which has been tacked on in these remasters, probably so people can't softlock themselves when coming to places where they are way too weak and can't level their party properly. You haven't had that in the original games.
Hieda no Ajuu
Hieda no Ajuu 9 aylar önce
Typical FF speedrun: We've mined out the encounter RNG, here is a step route if you get the right seed FFXHD: by looking at your damage values up to the first boss, we can now plot out _the entire game_
[hyaku]2 (stream archive+other)
@ultimamage3 yet it doesn't work 99% of the time
David Mcguire
David Mcguire 5 aylar önce
Eventually it will be down to the first few minutes of game play and then just using math to see who would have been faster.
Galactic Federation Ambassador Katherine Sabers
@ThanksIfYourReadIt such an underrated comment
DiscoSamurai 8 aylar önce
@Timur Kral Liar liar, pants on Fira.
Brandon Steele
Brandon Steele 8 aylar önce
@Robert Hill hey, maybe is telling the truth and really did notice that pattern in 2002, three years before FF12 came out.
Core Editz
Core Editz 6 aylar önce
I'm so fascinated that there is still such a huge community looking for anything and everything to get a speedrun as fast as possible by any means neccessary. I'm also fascinated and even blown off that there is alot of stuff in this game that can lead to a game changer just by how fast you go from bootup into the game f.e. I never thought a ps2 game to have like a million of very different stuff you can get or even manipulate with good knowledge. Awesome video that has been put together here
jaybyhop 9 aylar önce
I'm glad to see your channel doing well. You've come a long way since when I first met you. I remember when we were grinding Megaman glitchless on Megaman Legacy Collection back in 2015. Awesome video btw. Good luck on the channel!
Feeluck 8 aylar önce
mindblown by the devs putting this together AND especially by the massive research those guys did. holy cow this is ALOT of work
Leif Leoden
Leif Leoden 8 aylar önce
Wow, I can't imagine maintaining that level of dedication to a hobby. You guys are inspiring me!
H 9 aylar önce
Really admire the dedication of this community. It's a great game. Worth doing it 👏👏👏
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson 9 aylar önce
Lemony Biscuits
Lemony Biscuits 9 aylar önce
I'm going to enjoy watching your channel grow! You have inspired me to check my speed game for seeding. Thanks, doc. 🐰
Amel's Playground
Amel's Playground 9 aylar önce
The speed running community are a universal treasure
Rossy 9 aylar önce
YOOOOOOO, THIS WAS AMAZING. I'm sitting here with a huge, dumb grin on my face. I'm glad my and the rest of the community's work has been incredibly useful. Thank you for putting this video together!
Mark Wahl
Mark Wahl 9 gün önce
Somot 3 aylar önce
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 4 aylar önce
Legendary work! Crazy how this side of game development is never talked about. Rpgs need better systems to return to glory
Dudem8m8m8 4 aylar önce
You are a genius
Stanley Kubick³
Stanley Kubick³ 4 aylar önce
SamoIsKing 9 aylar önce
I’ve been lurking on the discord since I learned how to run this. These guys a re legit. The amount of work they put in to saving a second or two from a 9 hour run is incredible. This is a huge discovery.
Guardian-of-Light 137
Guardian-of-Light 137 8 aylar önce
Speedrunners continue to intimidate me with the absolute depth of research they will go into to save even a single frame. Nevermind BEYOND that. And their ability to notice the tiniest inconsistency in a cheating speedrun, or little details that might have massive implications for completely different things. I have nothing but respect for all of you who take this hobby so seriously. It's truly a thing to behold.
Dragoon 9 aylar önce
This video really reminds me of when I spent my days watching a runner by the name of Invarse try to crack at getting the Ghost whenever he began to get off-pace by Gagazet.He tried to get the drop despite the rare possibility of happening. It's cool to see that this exists now, and that the Speedrunning Community for FFX is getting some well-deserved attention now, ha.
The Groom Reaper
The Groom Reaper 5 aylar önce
Never fails to amaze me just how fucking clever these speedrun theorists are. Some of these guys should be working on missions to mars or on cancer research.
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 9 aylar önce
Big props to you for understanding and explaining this in an entertaining way.
Pandora Jane
Pandora Jane 9 aylar önce
this is an amazing video! I love seeing all this development from the speedrun community. I wonder if any of this technology could be used for old school challenges like No Sphere Grid Shinryu or Dark Anima for example.
Rossy 8 aylar önce
Of course. You could use it to manipulate any item bribe or drop you want, as well as specific monster encounters for an area you have to run through. You'd essentially use the logic of forcing a No Encounters armor drop on a Ghost to whatever item you may be looking for. You could potentially go as far as to sitting in a basic fight before Dark Anima to cycle through the part of the RNG table that handles enemy AI decisions so that by the time you fight Dark Anima, you force her to do attacks that are most favorable to your party, which could allow you enough time to defeat her before she can use an attack that would wipe your party. :D
JesusBoti9 9 aylar önce
FFX was my first on the series. It's amazing to see that kind of stuff about the game 20 years later. Congrats to the community of speedrunners for making that amazing job and Keep the grind!
Anti Theist
Anti Theist 9 aylar önce
Personally I started with 8, but X is still my favorite. I didn't know speedrunning a final fantasy game could be so complex, it's pretty cool to see.
Elsneakakaze 8 aylar önce
My favorite game, FFX holds a special place in my heart, and im so glad that 20 years later people still love and talk about it
Bears Cave of Miniatures
Half of the viewers like myself grossly underestimate precisely the level of homework these guys have done lol Thanks for this great video :D
KevinE Everon
KevinE Everon 9 aylar önce
I absolutely admire this community. How do they find out all of this and how to manipulate the game. Amazing!!
Rossy 8 aylar önce
It took about a year of learning assembly language and reverse engineering to get to the point of knowing when a Ghost would appear. Granted now that I know that base knowledge, applying it to another game wouldn't take as long, but it was a grind, that's for sure! Having tools like Cheat Engine is a huge help so you can watch the game memory in real time to see what's happening. And if you know the type of data you're looking for, you can see what part of the game handles that data and how it handles the data. Then you can continue from there and see if there's a way to manipulate the game to have it handle that data in the way you want it to for a preferred outcome.
Hermetic Instrumentalist
They all pooled their time and resources together and pulled of some amazing work. That's just dope.
NejyCR 9 aylar önce
I'm both impressed by the dedication as well as curious what they could advance next.
HartleySan 9 aylar önce
I'm not a hardcore FFX player/speedrunner, but this is very fascinating. It would be really cool to hear from some of the Japanese game devs directly on how they designed the innerworkings/mechanics of the game.
sm40oztofreedom 9 aylar önce
This just amazes me. You guys are insane. Great stuff.
MrExonas 8 aylar önce
Love these speedrunning vids that's been coming up and becoming popular. Always a good watch.
diabolicarrrot 9 aylar önce
Just found your channel, really good production, narration and info deserve way more subs dude
-- 7 aylar önce
This is so cool. appreciate all the work you put into this
Chrono Ryono
Chrono Ryono 9 aylar önce
The level of detail DoctorSwellman goes into with these videos (and how smoothly it's presented) is almost more impressive than what the videos are actually describing.
Jessica Blank
Jessica Blank 9 aylar önce
Now I want to do a semi-casual run with this. Just knowing I'm going to crit or miss or hit rng on something would be insane XD
Aber warum denn
Aber warum denn 9 aylar önce
I bought ffx like 6 times now. 3 times for myself on ps2, ps3 and pc and to 3 friends. Also talked 2 friends into buying it. That's the only game I have ever done that with, because I'm convinced it's the best one so far and I want my friends to experience how wonderful it is.
Cesotoseot Aylar önce
X is objectively the worst one of its predecessors, and I only say that because XV was somehow worse.
magnonlight Aylar önce
game fucking sucks. good luck on getting attack spheres and telaport and return spheres in bltz
SpeakerBoxxers 3 aylar önce
@TonyBMan the monster hunter place is easily my favorite music in game wish I was more tech literate so I can make it play the entire game
David Sabillon
David Sabillon 5 aylar önce
The ending gets me every single time. It just makes me super sad.
Digital Maijiin
Digital Maijiin 5 aylar önce
I've only bought FFX and FF12 multiple times. Amazing games.
TXO Tidus
TXO Tidus 9 aylar önce
This is more complicated than every math test i've ever had... Duuude this is insane. Never thought Speedrunners work that hard for a game record. 👍😳
LIQUID SNAKE 9 aylar önce
Paul Dirac
Paul Dirac 7 aylar önce
succeeding in a speedrun looks more and more like having a phd in applied mathematics
geighzollicoffer 5 aylar önce
I am getting a PhD in Applied math and I love watching speedruns lol
montywh 9 aylar önce
the POC with system clock and ram manipulation kinda reminds me of when i used to play FF8 a lot back in the day. i liked having Selphie in the party for her Rapture and The End attacks, plus i typically do a limit break only run to make it more fun for myself. one thing i noticed is when i decided to fight Omega Weapon and start using Selphie's slots is nearly every attempt i would see The End pop up shortly after activating it. i kept my save file before the fight and would reload just to do it again, and every encounter would have The End available. so now i wonder if there's something going on there with the play time, or encounter accumulation or something manipulating her slots results
Danny Wright
Danny Wright 9 aylar önce
Yeah the rng is probably already set for that encounter at this point in the save file. Could be infinite reasons as to why though 🤷‍♀️
ProjektLapis 8 aylar önce
My favourite thing about this is how one runner was doing a run, and other runners were like "Hey, I want to help this dude out!" instead of wishing bad on him or something because 'oh no what if he tops our times' and stuff. It's super cool to see them just work together to get everyone faster runs, instead of keeping things to themselves for records. They're rivals in a sense, but very friendly and chill ones that *want* to help each other get better, and it's just super nice to see that.
Fuchsia 'tude
Fuchsia 'tude 3 aylar önce
@SedoKai Sure but... how do you harm people with Speedrunner Lore
SedoKai 4 aylar önce
@Rossy True to a point. There come times when there's an imperative to keep secrets/privacy, it can be very upsetting to have ones work exploited or stolen by others. This is especially true when that work can be used to cause people real harm.
SedoKai 4 aylar önce
They're not really rivals. It's a literal team effort, and they're all working toward the goal of minimizing the play time. Whoever ends up making the time, they all feel a sense of accomplishment for having pushed the limit. It's an extraordinary example of adversarial engineering for the sake of entertainment.
Huck Mart
Huck Mart 5 aylar önce
Thats what speedrunning is all about. Its far more cooperative than it is competetive.
Munchma Quchi
Munchma Quchi 7 aylar önce
It actually makes perfect sense in a way... If there's no dynamic record to beat, then what are you doing anyway?
Noah Sparger-Hurt
Noah Sparger-Hurt 9 aylar önce
Speedrunners are insane. Such dedication. Awesome
Brennan Connelly
Brennan Connelly 9 aylar önce
Wow. This is insane. Everyone who was involved deserves all the praise in the world. It’s so fun seeing people figure out how to break games
MadJak91 7 aylar önce
I assume this (extended further knowledge of seeds) can be also used to crack the 99 Warp Spheres? Because I recall that people already observed some time after the HD release that there is more pattern to the mini-quest than on the PS2. Awesome stuff all in all!
DonYagamoth 9 aylar önce
A more recent version of stepcounting This is a really neat overview, and well presented, thank you :)
BlackEyedJester 9 aylar önce
I STILL can't believe FFX came out 20 years ago...
Guitar Dog
Guitar Dog 9 aylar önce
Wow, we are all getting old aren't we? FFIX was one of my first games as a kid, took me 6 months to get ViVi to the show, I couldn't read lol. Edit:must of been about 5, as I learned to read I got further
Norrotaku 9 aylar önce
I love how runners do actual research in such a broad spectrum
Celti Cers
Celti Cers 9 aylar önce
didn't expect a FFX video, really interesting. They should have added another RNG value. that would have been nice.
Delsoon Bye
Delsoon Bye 9 aylar önce
I thought it was already known that the PC HD remaster version had a problem with the RNG. Ive seen alot of videos a couple years ago of people who have shown that they'll get the same monster set over and over again at the same location after turning the game off and on. A youtuber by the name of Darkkefka was one of the first videos ive seen of this problem
Insane Falcon
Insane Falcon 9 aylar önce
When the failed ping happened in the Discord, I didn't even realize this was about FFX. I've been watching a tiny bit of FFX Speedruns through Cereth and CaracarnVI. And I've waited few years before watching how the world record progressed. And that is incredibely funny because at the time I was around a lot for Earthbound AC runs and with my exams. I actually watched the any% world record in the middle of my exams instead of preparing for it. He didn't achieved the sub 10 yet but it was his first time he got the peaceful item in a reasonable amount of time (Like 14th or 15th encounter) and also seeing he didn't go for trio of 9999 for bosses like Sin and just go "Bahamut with full strengh runes goes brrrr" just boogled my mind and wanted to see the history of FFX records. This video is almost that and I loved it.
Huck Mart
Huck Mart 9 aylar önce
This is super cool. I feel like this would make nemesis % much more manageable.
Flaming Gilgamesh
Flaming Gilgamesh 4 aylar önce
I've known the RNG for this game has been really weird ever since Darkkefka did a video pointing it out several years back when the HD remasters first came out. He literally showed off the fact that he knew exactly what was going to happen and the exact damage numbers right before it all happened so it doesn't surprise me that people dove deeper into this and figure out how to abuse it for speed runs
Kamil Bednarski
Kamil Bednarski 8 aylar önce
The nostalgia! I was in the US for 2 years when ffx released and I never played a jrpg + my English was shaky. I got the game and strategy guide with the sphere grid "Poster" that I used to divide up grids/spheres to get max stats and rest for HP....good times.
tomatoanus 9 aylar önce
"...the real run killer at the top level comes from just under eight hours into the run." man fuck
Omni Aylar önce
​@Wolfette Plays​You jokin? That's amazing, and given the content of this thread, hilarious. Genuinely hope that gets backported to PC or something, would suck that the "fastest way to speedrun FFX!" would require getting a PS5, puhleez.
Wolfette Plays
Wolfette Plays Aylar önce
@Omni you can skip them in the PS5 version
Akita 6 aylar önce
@Omni also yeah, your point of X HD having possible skips is definitely valid since there's a mod that exists (sin unleashed?) On PC that iirc took X-2's cutscene skip code and injected it into x and it worked flawlessly from what I remember
Akita 6 aylar önce
@Omni yeah the ffx-2 making skipping cutscenes affect story% was dumb imo. Why can you mash x to skip the voiced text but not skip the scene entirely, lol.
Omni 6 aylar önce
@Akita Mkay, that makes sense. Point being, FFX HD could have had a skip. In hindsight, I should have said FFX-2 PS2, since I'm pretty sure skipping cutscenes was added. More apt comparison. Though, skipping cutscenes would also skip the code adding the progress to your completion making 100% requires no skipping... and you couldn't skip main/important cutscenes... so, y'know.
itzLCD 4 aylar önce
I’m not into speed running at all, but FFX is one of my favorite games of all time and I even have a Rikku tattoo on my arm haha. This video showed up on my timeline and I’m shocked to learn just how complex these games are designed.
Christian Gleason
Christian Gleason 5 aylar önce
While I don't really care for FFX and it's speedruns, I can appreciate how the community came together. That's the main reason I love the speedrunning community.
Cognitive Disruption
Cognitive Disruption 5 aylar önce
I’m dumbfounded, and so honestly happy, that an in-depth video about FFX has over a million views in just over four months. I’m glad there are so many others that enjoyed this game as much as I did as an adolescent.
magnonlight Aylar önce
naw its fucking impossible to win and get attack reels and telaport and return spheres its impossible! you need top score with tidus and wedge !!! impossible! you throw the ball! intercept !! every fucking time!!! fuck ff10
iammaxhailme 9 aylar önce
this stuff is super interesting from a "how it's programmed" POV, but man, it makes me really, REALLY not want to speedrun any long games that have RNG
Daniel Hamilton
Daniel Hamilton 9 aylar önce
I am a casual player but been watching speedruns for years. This is fantastic news and a great video! ☺️🙏👍
TheOnlyThrasher 9 aylar önce
Man i'm so happy so many people are making speedrun history videos now, summoning salt started the trend but there's so much ultra high quality stuff like this getting made now. Great video keep up the fantastic work you got a new subscriber today
Anthony Winston Garcia
This was just on my recommendation for like 10x so i just went ahead and watched it.... but damn, it was a quality f*cking content. Gotta appreciate the nerd gods involved for this manipulation since it's the one that took 2 decades unlike the rng manip of FXII using 5-hit combo. Kudos to this channel, gonna hit the sub 👌
Nakos Kyranos
Nakos Kyranos Aylar önce
I'm a total outsider, but I love watching these speedruners. They are the greatest reminders in my opinion that meaning in life is up for you to decide.
Yoster's Isle
Yoster's Isle 9 aylar önce
Man, years later and I'm still learning stuff about my fave Final Fantasy. Didn't know the devs put that much work into the randomization aspects of the game, but it makes sense. If everything was easy or not as random, the game wouldn't function as well, it'd be too linear and very not fun. Also, WOW that's a lotta math
Grayfox96 8 aylar önce
@bmxscape yeah as i said, you have no idea how any of this works, results from previous events are not used to generate random values at all
Grayfox96 8 aylar önce
@bmxscape the game does have a random number generator, thats how it produces random numbers, believe it or not, i dont think you have any idea on how any of this works
Yoster's Isle
Yoster's Isle 8 aylar önce
@bmxscape still took time and effort to create and implement, and I didn't know about it until I watched the video, so it's pretty cool to me
tehf00n 9 aylar önce
This game is so good, I wouldn't speedrun it ever. I still have it installed, both the PS2 version and PC HD remaster.
Tetra 9 aylar önce
I'd basically stopped watching FFX runs after the Caracarn sub 10hr so this is super cool to see To my understanding the Fire Gem strategy fell out of favor before he started going for No Encounters, and the most modern strategy was to mostly rely on Bahamut's ridiculous scaling (off Yuna's strength) anywhere you'd otherwise be using trio of 9999. Did it make a comeback in light of the RNG manip or something?
Guitar Dog
Guitar Dog 9 aylar önce
You watched FFX runs plural? I don't really get twitch, what's the draw? You must of spent at least 20 hours if you watched 2 runs, what's the thing? Like you could be watching any other Speedrun, I don't get twitch becuase there is soooooo much to watch and so many people live, who do you choose. Love you ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Vincent Stuart
Vincent Stuart 9 aylar önce
I unintentionally cheesed my game with an exploit that causes Auron to do automatic max damage on his Celestial Weapon (wasn't speed running, but I'm a filthy grinder) It has a function where if he's low on HP, his damage increases. I had filled out most of his sphere grid which means his total HP was actually much higher than the default cap of 9999, but I couldn't find an item for him with an HP Limit Break stat, so his HP was stuck at 9999 and the game registered him as constantly being low on HP, resulting in his damage always being at 99999 on his Celestial Weapon. (this made every boss fight from Yunalesca onward extremely simple, some were one shot) [I did this on the remastered version on the PS3, not sure if it's the same on PS4]
Rossy 8 aylar önce
Yup! Auron's celestial weapon is the only one that works backwards like that. Everyone else's celestial weapon actually does less damage the lower their HP. It works that way for all versions of FFX. :D
Sisyphus Johnson
Sisyphus Johnson 9 aylar önce
Love that ffx is just as .... Put together... As ff7, just prettier. Where my w item crew at 😁
Ryan Bothwell
Ryan Bothwell 9 aylar önce
@Skybreaker1337 Thats mad, I couldnt even beat the Dark Magus sisters when they ambushed me :L
Skybreaker1337 9 aylar önce
Then you start hunting Dark Aeons and realize you have the standard power level for them. 8 Million HP with a party that doesn't have multihits still gives me PTSD. And then comes Penance with 12 mil HP...
Malte 9 aylar önce
I mean if you grind enough to have maxed celestial weapons and >9999 hp before Yunalesca, it's gonna be pretty simple either way
Yung Brudi Dutschke
Yung Brudi Dutschke 9 aylar önce
this is at the same time the dumbest and most genius thing I ever witnessed. probs for this level of dedication
devon marcus
devon marcus 9 aylar önce
I have watched so many speedrunning videos and my brain still melts every time they talk about RNG.
Samuel Gibson
Samuel Gibson 9 aylar önce
Wow that's some code breaker talent right there. That's incredible.
Luciano Armani
Luciano Armani 9 aylar önce
i find it mindblowing that someone on planet earth has the time to grind ffx for years....
Kyle White
Kyle White 9 aylar önce
these are getting better with each new vid man, big cheers for this massive dub bossman
Nim Sajak
Nim Sajak 5 aylar önce
Great video and amazing turnaround speed. Congrats man. You've made it to top tier
Ivann Souza
Ivann Souza 9 aylar önce
great video dude, love this game and love speedruns in general!
DoctorSwellman 9 aylar önce
Glad you enjoyed!
Karma 9 aylar önce
I thought boneworks any% was hard, jeez. This is another level. We have a lot of RNG but this is mind-blowing.
Procrastination_day 8 aylar önce
So much detail on the people looking into this! Really brings this scene closer to people who aren’t familiar with it. It makes it much more interesting?
Tia Magus
Tia Magus 9 aylar önce
68 RNG values?! With one seed?! WTH, Squenix?! No wonder save scumming was so hard. lol Also interesting that the HD port broke the seed generator. There's an allegory in here about changing things you don't understand, I'm sure of it.
Sorain1 8 aylar önce
I think it's worth saying that the 'frames since boot of system' _would_ need replacement with something when moving to PC... but it wouldn't have been hard to preserve a decent amount of randomness with even a basic RNG call to the OS.
Moon Door
Moon Door 9 aylar önce
In 8 hours in FF X I was trying my best to level up to not getting my soul destroyed by some certains enemies or a Malboro
Stephen H
Stephen H 9 aylar önce
THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! please make more, we love this stuff. Your voice is so clear and crisp
Gengetsu Chan
Gengetsu Chan 9 aylar önce
The video was amazing and I loved it! Just sad the the 'game breaking technique' was not something to let you skip cutscenes :(
Gengetsu Chan
Gengetsu Chan 9 aylar önce
It makes the game much better to replay! I love the cutscenes, but it gets annoying when you already watched it many times xD
DoctorSwellman 9 aylar önce
Unfortunately not, but there is a no cutscene mod out there for the PC version!
Gamingnerd15 5 aylar önce
I didn’t understand much of this, but this is my favorite game of all time and I think this is such a cool communal effort.
Off The Record
Off The Record 9 aylar önce
What will they discover after another 10 years??? It's like we are all in a matrix and uncovering hidden knowledge swept under the rug no one knew was there. Crazy... Great video and info!! Cheers!
Jianto 9 aylar önce
20 years that is some love and dedication to the game
Deboo zombie23
Deboo zombie23 9 aylar önce
I remember that it I used to go elsewhere to find certain monsters in any kind of random encounter rpg when I got the same over and over again - because I wanted to complete my ingame encyclopedia for example - I never realized how deep a mere observation can go - I was simply thinking "They got the stronger enemies deeper in the dungeon" or "This looks like a place where the fire elementals might appear". This "reverse engineering" might actually also apply to other rpgs hunting for similiar important loot.
Michael Z.
Michael Z. 9 aylar önce
FFX is one of my favorite games of all-time, and there are people out there that I can't compare to when it comes to the love for this game. 😝 Not to nitpick, but the thumbnail should be .38%.
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