Feral Kitten Becomes a Needy Sweetie!

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Douglas was found living outside on the street, but after a few days of gentle love, encouragement, and association of food with humans...he became a clingy, chatty boy! Learn about feral kitten socialization here: trvid.com/video/video-4gD4y99kBv0.html
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18 Apr 2019

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Kitten Lady
Kitten Lady Aylar önce
Want to learn more about Douglas and the feral kitten socialization process? I tell Douglas' story and offer in-depth tips for working with feral kittens in my new book, Tiny But Mighty! Order it here: kittenlady.org/books
Reginald Dove
Reginald Dove 20 gün önce
What type or breed is he?
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 23 gün önce
looks like somebody got spoiled,a happy kitty is a healthy kitty <3
Dubykat 05
Dubykat 05 23 gün önce
This is a gud video i like cats and this made me smile
Dianelaine JesusLives
Dianelaine JesusLives 23 gün önce
Tiny tigers!
Newhome Family1234
Newhome Family1234 2 saatler önce
To bad i am not her cat ... seriously
Emma B
Emma B 16 saatler önce
Douglas talking to you 😂😂
GamerFromJump 22 saatler önce
Tsun kitteh turns dere.
28 Stab Wounds
28 Stab Wounds 23 saatler önce
My young kitty was feral, too. I found her on the street and within the first 3 days, she was straight up rolling on my face and sitting in my lap. She's still sensitive to loud noises or strangers, but I'm helping her overcome that by introducing her to them very slowly and for small periods of time.
Joe Home
Joe Home Gün önce
Why do women defaced their skin. Because they can
N S Gün önce
He has a little Hitler moustache!
UmbreonicDragon Gün önce
My heart is melting
What Ever
What Ever Gün önce
Skanky tats
Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive Gün önce
hannah:”if you’re needy say meow” me:” meow” hannah: “if you’re a clingy boi say meow” me:” meooooooooooow”
lexalina132 Gün önce
"Who's a needy boy?" "Meeeee :3"
Chester Micek
Chester Micek 2 gün önce
Nice job. You loved & fed that kitty until he calmed down and became sweet.
Al Raw
Al Raw 2 gün önce
Very cute and did you call him Douglas? Great name, my grandfathers name 😂
PellowKityAt 2 gün önce
Fancy Name
Fancy Name 2 gün önce
It’s not THAT feral. A feral would hide for weeks. I’ve tamed several ferals who became lifelong friends. My last feral is 16 yo now. You had a “scared stray”
TheVanpablo79 3 gün önce
1:33 🥰
Magical Unicorn
Magical Unicorn 3 gün önce
About a year ago we got a cat just like this one. She would hide from us and hiss at us and she HATED being pet. Now she’s like a brand new kitty. She sits right outside my door and meows until I let her in and she even comes to ME for pets. Moral of the story, never give up on cats.
bm3racer 3 gün önce
VchanceU 3 gün önce
this cat is so so cuteee
Marlee Griffin
Marlee Griffin 3 gün önce
I got my cat when she was a kitten. (My cousin saved her from almost being hit by a car). When we brought her home she was sooo MEAN! i don’t remember how my mom and dad tamed her of what ever lol but now that my cats grown she is the sweetest thing ever!!! Her name is Rosie!
Chalkdust 4 gün önce
OMG those tatts!! Who hurt you??
Malus Rising
Malus Rising 2 gün önce
no one did??? she got those tattoos because she wanted them. :\
wisdomist 21
wisdomist 21 4 gün önce
Douglas is so cute and pretty!
Ungha Bungha
Ungha Bungha 4 gün önce
Some nice person is going to get their eyes clawed out because they saw a video on youtube of a totally feral cat and all it takes is a few minutes of friendly voice and treats...
Kelbell 4 gün önce
So cute
Patrick Gragg
Patrick Gragg 5 gün önce
Dude, why do you have so many pictures all over your body? Do you not know that they will fade later in life and also they're going to change shape because your body is going to change shape?
Malus Rising
Malus Rising 2 gün önce
so? who cares if they fade or change shape?
Rita Shaba
Rita Shaba 5 gün önce
So precious 🥰😍
Shannon Wright
Shannon Wright 5 gün önce
Your so good with them no wonder the love you. Love your tattoos.💯❤️
Mr James
Mr James 6 gün önce
Wow! What big ears you have kitty!!!
Kyleecat725 S
Kyleecat725 S 6 gün önce
This kitten is just like my cat exept my cat gained these needy traits over about 9 years he got them in a few days
george odeh
george odeh 6 gün önce
U r amazing. Nothing warms my heart than cats and animal lovers
grace suzanne
grace suzanne 6 gün önce
his ears are so big for his body
ciberkid22 7 gün önce
I think it's clear the kitten is approved by Bub
Peter T
Peter T 8 gün önce
0:33 Douglas: " Oi don't mess up the mane woman..........."
Little Joe
Little Joe 8 gün önce
Well, well. You ain’t so bad after all.
kks world forever
kks world forever 9 gün önce
Omg so cute
tcb268 9 gün önce
Without cats the internet is useless.
50 Pinkies
50 Pinkies 10 gün önce
He's so happy. Love that you were able to take him and help him love again. ❤ I had a feral show up at my door. She was scared, starving and her fur was falling out. But she mostly needed affection. So much so that she drooled when she would get close enough to be petted. That was 4 years ago. She is now an inside cat, spayed and my lap kitty. We named her Skippy. It was a very loving expierence and we have a very special bond. ❤ Yes. I would do it again.
OrentholJames 11 gün önce
Not gonna lie. I watch cute cat videos so I don’t die inside. It works. So f’n adorable.
J Can du
J Can du 11 gün önce
What kind of space cadet tattoos themselves like her ? ....sweety you took your beautiful body and graffeatied it up. You arent cool or expressing yourself you look like a mess and frankly you look like shit. Only morons and idiots wear tattoos and think they are great.....they arent and you look like a fool..... Bravo
Malus Rising
Malus Rising 2 gün önce
and you look like a DMUBASS. people get tattoos for many reasons; to celebrate a great accomplishment, to honor someone they lost, to remind them of something.
Abigail Jacob
Abigail Jacob 11 gün önce
He has huge ears for a kitten so small and it's ADORABLE. Hope once Kitten Lady works her magic he finds a loving forever home. :)
Alida Hall
Alida Hall 11 gün önce
Oh my hes so adorable and his meow is so cute
frank doster
frank doster 11 gün önce
Douglas, great name
Eric Stefko
Eric Stefko 12 gün önce
awww what a sweet little man
Lance The Android KittenTM
CriticalCRoTo 13 gün önce
My cat Peanut is about 8 and she still talks. Cat version of a Husky and I love her so much.
Alexis Herman
Alexis Herman 13 gün önce
Thank you for rescuing the cats
destiny18au 13 gün önce
This is actually like what happened to one of the feral cats we have around here. Her name is Milly, she's been to the vet and absolutely fine. I get photos of her cuddling up with people. She loves to sit on people's shoulders and cuddle into them. Milly had never been inside either but people did feed her outside so she knew human voices, she just never associated them with anything else but food. She's living like a queen now.
Teh_ Shadow_Fang
Teh_ Shadow_Fang 14 gün önce
We did the feed to get pet with a two year old 'feral' cat. We think she was abandoned and had lost her trust in people. She is half blind, she likes to be held for about a minute and she hardly uses her claws. She loves my puppy and if we didn't have our indoor cats she would have been inside long ago.
sandi vanderwaal
sandi vanderwaal 15 gün önce
I have a kitten named ducky to
Brenda Maldonado
Brenda Maldonado 15 gün önce
You are awesome 🌟
Ivan Vergara
Ivan Vergara 15 gün önce
1:22 same methods to befriend an introvert
Jordan Violante
Jordan Violante 17 gün önce
"from feral to adopted in 10 days flat" now where have i heard that before?
Natalie Davenport
Natalie Davenport 17 gün önce
We had a feral cat show up at my college, and have babies. After two weeks of students and faculty taking care of her and the kittens, she became such a sweetheart. She and her babies were fixed and adopted out (:
Amsiekins 18 gün önce
Awwwww!!!! Douglas is such a sweetie!!
Dn2M 18 gün önce
You need another tattoo. LOL
Frauke Schmidt
Frauke Schmidt 19 gün önce
How sweet can you be, Douglas? I hope you found him a good home.
Лилия Петкова
Very sweet kitten❤❤❤
Christine Smith
Christine Smith 19 gün önce
Just shows you what love can do
Moons Edge
Moons Edge 19 gün önce
Error 056. Cuteness overload. Cannot work properly
NOOBmaster69 20 gün önce
Lil kitten looking like Hitler
Mike Reed
Mike Reed 20 gün önce
What a cutie!
The Travel Cat
The Travel Cat 20 gün önce
Sasha Carey
Sasha Carey 20 gün önce
What an absolute sweetheart ❤
NZR NAZR 20 gün önce
ur skin so dirty
PlanetSleaze 20 gün önce
Squishy sugar stinker! Shoog, if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU, DARLING!!!
Nemanja Sovic
Nemanja Sovic 20 gün önce
I have a kitten just like that
Kelsea Moore
Kelsea Moore 20 gün önce
The goodest boy
Derek z7
Derek z7 20 gün önce
That was so heartwarming, and I am a bit jealous. All love to both of you.
Quinn Daniel
Quinn Daniel 20 gün önce
Love the lil'bubs pillow in the background
Akira Ryuu Van
Akira Ryuu Van 20 gün önce
It just a baby Just a widdle boy
juan Vasquez
juan Vasquez 21 gün önce
He wasnt full feral. I bet that kitten hasnt starved yet.
Emaya Arce
Emaya Arce 21 gün önce
😍😍😍😍 that was adorable
Dave Carlson
Dave Carlson 21 gün önce
Those tattoos are so bad. Did you fall in mud?
That one person who’s late to almost all videos
this reminds me of a stray cat i met that i named Capachinno. she was feral obviously and nervous about me but i decided to start feeding her and petting her everyday and she became needy to me but was still feral with others cuz she stray. i met her when i was abroad so i dont see her anymore. this was two years ago and i still wonder how she is doing.
Plagued Mind
Plagued Mind 21 gün önce
Such a sweetheart! 😍
Nick Roper
Nick Roper 21 gün önce
My word his mew is adorable!!
Memes the Wanker
Memes the Wanker 21 gün önce
from *A N G E R Y* to *N E E D Y* In ten days
Arianna M
Arianna M 21 gün önce
So sweeet, I love your videos.
jim bur
jim bur 21 gün önce
You don't know what feral is! What an ignorant lady. Women with tatts on arms are ......😱😵😲😳🤯
Malus Rising
Malus Rising 2 gün önce
dude, she's been looking after ALL SORTS of cats for years. she KNOWS what a feral is. this kitten was feral; probably not "bite your face off if you get too close" feral. and as for the tattoos, shut up.
Mersalodg 21 gün önce
He protecc He attacc But most importantly he wants the Snacc
cupcakesx22 21 gün önce
Douglas just loves love.
KHGamer 21 gün önce
my heart just melted here. a few months ago family had massive bust up and i had to get outa the house before i said something really bad. so there i was 10pm, dark and very upset, i sat on a park bench and after a good half an hour, all of a sudden this street cat came up to me and started meowing, brushed against my legs, jumped up on my lap and just stayed there purring. I've had a pet cat before and i generally believe that this random cat going bout its day, or night, sensed how upset i was and came to me to cheer me up.
Cat W
Cat W 21 gün önce
Love the transition!!
288theabe 21 gün önce
Those ears!! 😍😍😍😍😍
bleedinggums roberts
bleedinggums roberts 21 gün önce
Punch you
topopops 21 gün önce
I do this to homeless people and then trap them and sell them to sweat shops.
Malus Rising
Malus Rising 2 gün önce
you're a disgusting person.
Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray
Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray 21 gün önce
I love Douglas!
HiiPER MaaDMaan
HiiPER MaaDMaan 21 gün önce
He was scared to love but opens up and became a loving cat
the artwoolf
the artwoolf 21 gün önce
Was that a diffrent cat at the end XD adorable
Benjamin Pino
Benjamin Pino 22 gün önce
OMG tha face at 1:06. All my worries melted away.
Xxxissian 666
Xxxissian 666 22 gün önce
That's so cute
EA 22 gün önce
This chick is too much of a snowflake to teach this cat anything. These damn millennials. Brain dead. Fools.
Malus Rising
Malus Rising 2 gün önce
she's older than you and knows more about cats than you ever will.
Dale Cipriano
Dale Cipriano 22 gün önce
So cute 🤗
steeven coogan
steeven coogan 22 gün önce
To many tattoos ruin your beauty of natural skinnnn
RyanWake bradtelle
RyanWake bradtelle 22 gün önce
What would u say to the theory that all cats learn individually that to talk to humans you need to make sound. And some of those sounds are mostly if not all for us. This parts obvious but outdore cats even take ones act differently around humans than cats.
Josh Vinasco
Josh Vinasco 22 gün önce
The black spot on his nose makes him look like hitler
Hamster Keeper
Hamster Keeper 22 gün önce
The over sized ears are to cute for my life
deathbysenchii 禁
deathbysenchii 禁 22 gün önce
why do i wanna be a kitten now
ali a
ali a 22 gün önce
Why is this on my recommended..
Y S 22 gün önce
Thank you for showing this! Hope Douglas is doing good!
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