FDU vs. Purdue - First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

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FDU shocked the world and took down top-seeded Purdue, becoming just the second 16 seed to pull off the feat in NCAA tournament history. Watch the extended highlights from FDU's historic upset here.

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16 Mar 2023




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Eddie Clutch
Eddie Clutch 9 gün önce
Arizona: “we are the most disappointing team this March” Purdue: “hold my 1 seed”
clevelandcbi 7 gün önce
​@Hoosier James My son goes there and said the same. Read my previous comment. It's all true. His brackets killing mine. I had Purdue in Elite Eight.
Dustin Royer
Dustin Royer 7 gün önce
are you a bot? you made the same comment on the other highlight video.
Hoosier James
Hoosier James 8 gün önce
Purdue was a fraud team all year
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 8 gün önce
people expected a new basketball player to have a high basketball iq
Edski 8 gün önce
​@Tim Maggard 😂😂😂
jtalkalot19 9 gün önce
"The more I watch Purdue the more I think we can beat them" I'll remember that quote forever
Surfdocer 7 gün önce
How many brackets are on fire this morning!
The Quixotic Angler
The Quixotic Angler 8 gün önce
He correctly assessed 3 things on tape. 1. Edey will eat no matter what. How you deal with it is everything. 2. Purdue is slow. FDU isn't. Use that. 3. It's a one man show in West Lafayette. Force everyone else to beat us. He had to mob Edey. If you don't, he's gonna get 60 by himself. A 10" minimum height advantage can't be solved straight up. Got his boys to sucker Purdue into a game of truth or dare. Truth is, Purdue can't shoot, so FDU dared em to by giving 4 guys every wide open shot you can dream of. They just kept missing. Tobin Anderson has coached his entire career in a 200 mile radius. FDU is basically his dream job. He's 53. This isn't some hot young coach. Just a seasoned tactician. He just accidentally showed you the blueprint for the 16 over 1 upset. That's 2 now, both coaches said the exact same thing. I dare you, ask me how to do it. It's pretty basic.
Cries & Smiles
Cries & Smiles 8 gün önce
I mean look at the Purdue team ! They stay in their bubble all conference season long with this false sense of achievement then ….. Every year Cant miss Someone has to review their corrupt ranking Btw : I’m a boilermaker Chensey hill 08 From west Africa 🦅
SPQR 8 gün önce
@Festus Aniemeka @Robert Jackson how do you account for the white players/guards on FDU?
Daniel Hillard
Daniel Hillard 8 gün önce
I believed him when he said that live after the Texas Southern game
Ethan’s Sports Productions
FDU stuns Purdue! Let’s congratulate FDU from 4 wins last season to beating a team that was ranked #1 in the country half of the season.
Frankincensed 8 gün önce
FDU coach has to be coach of the century. Amazing what he's done. Simply amazing.
JosephTheHorrorGuy 8 gün önce
Go Kentucky
DuckY 8 gün önce
@Babe Ruth was blackmalding in the comments of the highlight video isn’t gonna help how you’re feeling
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 8 gün önce
to be fair, as long as you can contain edey, purdue isn't that tough to beat
carsonc29 8 gün önce
@Dan Pulido Purdue isnt garbage....they won 29 games..dont discredit that over 1 HUGE L..they just werent a team built for March
James Luchsinger
James Luchsinger 9 gün önce
Imagine losing to a 15 seed last year and a 16 seed this year. Two cupcake games that turned into humiliation.
mizzmini45 3 gün önce
GearheadK20C4 3 gün önce
​@Trevor Carroll To go along with 0 national championships and no final four appearances since 1980.
Spiritbox&Xbox 5 gün önce
@MrBetaKiller100 Yeah I got a bit overconfident when a few B1G teams made it to the round of 32 just to lose lol, Izzo is the only coach in the conference with the power to win
MrBetaKiller100 5 gün önce
@Spiritbox&Xbox and yet only seventh seed MSU makes it to the sweet sixteen. What a joke the B1G is in basketball (I am a MSU alum tho)
James Luchsinger
James Luchsinger 6 gün önce
@Soren Olsenthat makes sense.
Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell 9 gün önce
My 87 year old Dad is an FDU class of ‘57 alum, so happy he was able to watch and enjoy this win!
mizzmini45 3 gün önce
clevelandcbi 9 gün önce
FDU Coach's resume just got a lot more impressive.🔥🔥🔥 From 4 wins to knocking off #1 in his first year.
mizzmini45 3 gün önce
Here y’all go attributing the teams skills to a man who admitted he not a good coach. It’s the team not the coach. Everything is always about money and control
clevelandcbi 8 gün önce
@Neal Anderson I knew but edited it to show that. Thank you👍👍
Justin Christopher
Justin Christopher 9 gün önce
He didn’t say he was. Resume (Inherited a 4 win team and the following year took them and won at least 2 tournament games including knocking of a 1 seed).
jacob murphy
jacob murphy 9 gün önce
​@Neal Anderson I think this guy knows that which is why he said the coach's resume looks a lot better
Caleb Thompson
Caleb Thompson 9 gün önce
This year's Saint Peters. Just shows how far team defense, toughness, and discipline can take you. I can see them getting to at least the Sweet 16
JeffCirillo 8 gün önce
Not really. This team doesn't display woke racist messaging on their gear like Peter's did. I can actually cheer for FDU.
Reed R
Reed R 9 gün önce
And the state of New Jersey, apparently :)
Oscar M
Oscar M 9 gün önce
Matchups was a big part of this game. Purdue was shooting below average from 3PT this season and as the misses from 3 piled on for Purdue, FDU had more reason to not respect their 3PT shooting despite FDU having among the worst defensive shooting percentages in the country. Then to top it off, FDU was one of the best teams in the country in forcing turnovers which was the surprising thing for me since Purdue had the best rebounding and low turnover numbers all season. I thought Purdue wasn't going to let FDU dictate the pace of the game like they did, but here we are
Ama B
Ama B 9 gün önce
Exactly 💯 and both St. Peter's & Farleigh Dickinson are colleges in New Jersey. Very interesting
Ell 421
Ell 421 9 gün önce
@Damian Whiteman Runs Him Correct! Plus they're literally playing on a Sunday, so that has to bode well for their chances 😏
Dominic Brown
Dominic Brown 9 gün önce
I had Purdue winning this game (didn't we all), but I've never been happier to take an L.
mizzmini45 3 gün önce
Nope some girl at my job predicted this and the funny and iconic thing is she doesn’t know the game! She literally picked randomly. Fraud-do and the other fraud 4 teams - they rely on cheats and we all know that ends badly
drpopandfizz 5 gün önce
will say, I took the points on FDU. no way Purdue was covering. Purdue was to me, overrated. I had them in my bracket losing to FAU, just cause it's hard to pick a 16 over a 1, especially one that lost their conference tourney and advance cause Merrimack wasn't eligible. this upset didn't shock me, though it is a massive upset.
Cries & Smiles
Cries & Smiles 8 gün önce
I mean look at the Purdue team ! They stay in their bubble all conference season long with this false sense of achievement then ….. Every year Cant miss Someone has to review their corrupt ranking Btw : I’m a boilermaker Chensey hill 08 From west Africa 🦅
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 8 gün önce
@Alncrts on top of that, some people actually watch college basketball believe it or not
Adam Klownzinger
Adam Klownzinger 9 gün önce
“The more I watch Purdue the more I think we can beat them” is officially the best quote in the tournament’s history
FriiZem 9 gün önce
"I want purdue to see this" ~ FDU Coach
Kerry Hanley
Kerry Hanley 9 gün önce
- FDU Coach
SteelersJunkie 9 gün önce
That moment when the clock hits zero and FDU just starts going crazy celebrating is a perfect example of what makes March Madness so incredible. What a special performance by a team absolutely no one believed in.
MrBetaKiller100 5 gün önce
As a MSU alum/fan my favorite all time post-game celebration as a student and from the team itself has to be this game: trvid.com/video/video-s6i-EUBb5cs.html Watching Zion try to chase Cassius will forever be a favorite MSU sports memory for me.
Thomas Hong
Thomas Hong 8 gün önce
@Cedric Perry They lost by 1 point to Merrimack. 1 measly point, not 20 or 30.
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee 9 gün önce
They believed in themselves and that’s all that mattered!!!!
@Kerry Hanley Super Bowl and NHL finals came pretty close also the WBC isn't looking that bad right now.
Aaron Fleming
Aaron Fleming 9 gün önce
What do you mean no one believed in? Heck, I've never HEARD of them! Congrats to them, what a sweet win :D
RiqueTC 00
RiqueTC 00 9 gün önce
Unbelievable tournament so far, this one will go down in the history books for sure.
Keroin 8 gün önce
@NothingToPointOut24 i didn't know i was "taking" ..to two people???..not sure what that means........and the user name comment...you lost me there as well???...hot shot...
NothingToPointOut24 8 gün önce
@Keroin You realize you are taking to two different people right? We all have different usernames for a reason
Dane Orschlovsky
Dane Orschlovsky 9 gün önce
The beauty of a low scoring game is that you can watch every basket in under 10 minutes. What a game for FDU, absolute Legends for Life
Zooms 31 dakika önce
@GrimTimekeeper yes
GrimTimekeeper 9 gün önce
True. But what happened between 7 minutes and the final two minutes? Only one basket scored?
nowhereweareagain 9 gün önce
I'm honestly more impressed by this FDU upset than by the UMBC one from a few years ago. That one really felt like aUVA completely fell apart and UMBC took advantage. With this one Purdue fought the whole time and FDU just made sure it wasn't enough. Incredible win.
1627 Interstate
1627 Interstate 7 gün önce
Totally agree
Drsamw Pepper
Drsamw Pepper 9 gün önce
Princeton:we had the best upset this year FDU:Allow us to introduce ourselves.
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis 7 gün önce
@Zack it's unfortunate FDU came up short! They will certainly have heartache hangover with all their missed layups and FT's! Especially the misses at the line! They always catch up to you in the end but what a run to build on for their future
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis 7 gün önce
@Zack Zack, I love the support both are getting right now and hoping FDU can pull this one out! If they somehow advance, their fanbase will completely take over the Garden (only 17 miles from their main campus)
Zack 7 gün önce
NJ highways are split up north its FDU on signs Central/South it’s Princeton
Richard Huffman
Richard Huffman 8 gün önce
@James Luchsinger I'm sorry but I'm afraid they'll lose
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis 8 gün önce
Well Drsamw Pepper - Breaking News: Princeton: now that you mention it, we are returning the favor!
84m 9 gün önce
Imagine losing to a 16 seed that wasn’t even supposed to be there
Brooks 11 saatler önce
@bigboymatthew The way I understand it is that Merrimack (NEC conference tournament champion) had to sit out this year because it was their first year in D1 after being a D2 or lower school. I think that’s what it was.
bigboymatthew 12 saatler önce
@Brooks what does transitioning to D1 mean, march madness is all d1 schools
Maya Benton
Maya Benton 7 gün önce
@T Weston they literally weren’t supposed to be there…
Buffoonery Productions
@tagwithryanenjoyer don’t worry every 1 seed that lost to a 16 seed went to win the national championship the next year
Cries & Smiles
Cries & Smiles 8 gün önce
I mean look at the Purdue team ! They stay in their bubble all conference season long with this false sense of achievement then ….. Every year Cant miss Someone has to review their corrupt ranking Btw : I’m a boilermaker Chensey hill 08 From west Africa 🦅
AspireGD 9 gün önce
This is now the biggest upset in March Madness history, considering FDU was 24 point underdogs, while UMBC was only 20 point underdogs against Virginia.
Ed Albanese
Ed Albanese 3 gün önce
@I like turtles Why? Pls don't tell me because the team was short. Virginia lost by 20 + pts
I like turtles
I like turtles 3 gün önce
@Ed Albanese Purdue Is a bigger upset
Ed Albanese
Ed Albanese 8 gün önce
@Nick appreciate it!
Nick 8 gün önce
@Ed Albanese It happens...but the program still has an opportunity to respond in the years ahead. Rooting for you all to find success✨
A Dot In The Shark
A Dot In The Shark 8 gün önce
But UMBC beat Viriginia by 20...killed them!
TheNahum 9 gün önce
I’ve been saying it all year … Eddy is the ONLY reason Purdue was good this year (convince me other wise) … as soon as he would leave games teams would make runs and Purdue was stagnant … this is what happens when you rely on one guy!! CONGRATS FDU!!!
Joshua T
Joshua T 5 gün önce
I agree. I don't care who won really and I'm a Indiana native. Just like watching good ball games in March. But not going for and trying a layup was dumb asf. No reason to not attempt a 3 to tie the game and get the rebound possibly if missed? Not enough time left to attempt to drive the lane and attempt a layup and draw a foul if that's what he was trying? Should have took a 3
TheNahum 7 gün önce
@Jacob Williams exactly!
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 8 gün önce
IU’s blueprint was let Edey get his, he’s essentially unstoppable, and force someone else to beat you. Both times IU played them, noone else was able to beat them. FDU essentially did the same thing. Without Edey Purdue is an NIT team
Arachnid 8 gün önce
Anyone who follows B1G bb knew they didn’t have good guard play.
joe smith
joe smith 9 gün önce
Things comes in full circle! Back in 1985. In the Southeast region, 16 seed Fairleigh Dickinson Knights nearly beat 1 Seed Michigan Wolverines . Lost 59-55. FDU Lead at the half, 26-20, Michigan rallied in the 2nd half. . FDU shouldve been the first ever 16 seed ever to beat 1 seed. But , they are the 2nd one ever (UMBC beat UVA a few years ago). Also, back in 1996. In the West Region. 16 Seed Western Carolina Catamounts lead 1 Seed Purdue in a back and forth game, each team had brief leads all game long. Then Purdue Boilermakers pulled away, but WCU came back. Had chance to win at the end. Missed wide open 3 point shot top of the key. Then missed tip in, that would send to OT. Close ending. WCU lost 73-71. Purdue wouldve been the First 1 seed ever to lose. Well, they are now the 2nd ever 1 seed to lose. Very very interesting!
Wilson Sy
Wilson Sy 9 gün önce
An upset we'll all remember decades from now. Incredible
shaquavious jackson
shaquavious jackson 8 gün önce
@TR Hansen in non conference play earlier in the year big ten was dominant against the top teams from other conferences
TR Hansen
TR Hansen 8 gün önce
@shaquavious jackson Nonsense. I was never impressed with them. Or the Big 10 overall.
Eclectic Media
Eclectic Media 9 gün önce
Humans can remember things that are positive past 1 week?🤣
Merrillville Candlewood
@shaquavious jackson they werent that good bro lol
Andrew Sercer
Andrew Sercer 9 gün önce
Eh I'll still forever remember the first time a 16 beat a 1 .... probably will forget about this one in 5 years or even less ... even though it WAS (by the numbers) a slightly more unlikely upset ... the first one is more memorable tho
John Case
John Case 9 gün önce
The interior passing from FDU was impressive. Great win!
John Case
John Case 8 gün önce
Purdue is an unbalanced team with too much emphasis on Edey. Guard play is so important in the college game and especially during the big dance.
CremeDeLaNut 8 gün önce
ya FDU has to be a scrappy team because they are so small. Did a very good job against Eddy. No one else on purdue even wanted to shoot the ball.
Willie B
Willie B 8 gün önce
Perfect ending to Purdue's Cinderella season. Purdue's history of choking continues.
xigbar9999 9 gün önce
March Madness, moments like these are why we love this tournament! Congratulations to the Knights of Fairleigh Dickinson in joining University of Maryland, Baltimore County as 16 seeds to beat a 1 seed (:
Chris Beach
Chris Beach 9 gün önce
If their wasn’t a 16 beside FDU’s name and a 1 beside Purdues name and a casual fan watched this game with no commentary. They would be shocked to know Purdue was supposed to be the better team and was predicted to win by over 99% 😂
John Cate
John Cate 9 gün önce
Exactly. At four of the five positions on the floor, FDU looked like the better team. Edey kept Purdue in the game, but after a while, FDU started figuring out how to deny the entry pass. If he didn't get the ball on the blocks, he couldn't beat them by himself.
Ben Redder
Ben Redder 9 gün önce
It’s incredible to watch them do it with such amazing defensive plays towards the end too. Way to go
Jake_Ammz17 9 gün önce
Never seen a 16 seed with so much confidence
Merrillville Candlewood
thats cuz its purdue lol
rattlehead54321 9 gün önce
Wow. The NEC first ever real tournament win. Phenomenal Knights.
Tyrell C
Tyrell C 9 gün önce
FDU played so hard ! Every offensive score was just beautiful ball movement and perfect execution. Insane 🔥
Random Hobbies Channel
This year’s One Shining Moment boutta go insane
James Luchsinger
James Luchsinger 9 gün önce
There are definitely no perfect brackets after this
Stephen Lowe
Stephen Lowe 5 gün önce
@Drock1891 right. There are zero perfect brackets remaining on ESPN. 🤣🤣🤣 I'm pretty sure there aren't any in the other websites either.
Stephen Lowe
Stephen Lowe 5 gün önce
@Shrim my brackets are good. I have two brackets that have a chance to get all 4 final four teams. I have Uconn over Alabama and Alabama over Houston in the other one. I like predicting the final four, title game and the eventual champion. Let's face it picking a perfect bracket is pretty much impossible.
Eklipze 8 gün önce
Your bracket doesn’t matter if it’s not a part of the march madness bracket submission bruh, stop trolling 🤣
JimothyJimbo 9 gün önce
@Shrim haha. Love it.
Andrew Hazen
Andrew Hazen 6 gün önce
My parents went to Purdue, but I'll admit that this was cool to see. Loved the celebration at 9:24! Congrats to FDU! Too bad they lost last night.
Alotaf Hindi
Alotaf Hindi 9 gün önce
Way to go Purdue 👏 you guys just earned yourself the most embarrassing and greatest upset in NCAA history. Coach Paint you should b proud of yourself. It’s actually impressive. You’ve managed to let this many nobody teams upset you year after year. I’m glad it’s over. With this game being this close even if Purdue won, they would’ve definitely got knocked out second round. Oh and coach…get some athletic guards.
Miraak 8 gün önce
@Mongo Slade The bottom line is a Number 1 Number 1 team lost to a number 16 team.
Mongo Slade
Mongo Slade 8 gün önce
@Miraak That little school in Baltimore won their conference tournament. Farleigh Dickinson did not. FDU was in the First 4. UMBC was not. Purdue lost to a team that played 2 days before & had to travel. If Virginia lost to "a little school in Baltimore" they shouldn't have been the top overall seed. DeAndre Hunter got hurt in the ACC tournament. Purdue lost to a tired team that only made the tournament by a technicality, that won 4 games last year
Miraak 8 gün önce
@Mongo Slade Sorry but Virginia was the Number 1 Number 1, against an unknown little school in Baltimore. Now that was the Biggest upset ever.
Alexander Omoniyi Ajayi
Sports311 9 gün önce
This is the biggest shocker in the tournament so far. Congratulations to Fairleigh Dickinson
Richard Weigle
Richard Weigle 8 gün önce
@The Baller Rivera Thanks man,does this florida team stand a chance against this new jersey team that beat number 1 seed?,I'd say no but we'll soon find out
Cardiakk 9 gün önce
@TTM Brendan That UVA team was way better than this Purdue team. This Purdue team is garbage juice without Edey.
TTM Brendan
TTM Brendan 9 gün önce
@Cardiakk that UMBC team was much better than this FDU squad and that UVA team didn’t have a player like Edey. IMO bigger shock
Kerry Hanley
Kerry Hanley 9 gün önce
The state of Madness.
American Canadian
American Canadian 9 gün önce
That Purdue airball at the end was the cherry on top
Cedric Perry
Cedric Perry 9 gün önce
Well, make or miss, the game was over by the time of the air ball.
Itz_Gl1tch 9 gün önce
they simply just wanted it more. purdue came in thinking their 7ft monster and strong offense could secure an easy win but FDU came in knowing a single second of low effort loses them the game. safe to say i will be rooting for this team onward i love how shifty their PG is and i like their style of play
Amazing game to witness. Many congrats FDU
MrNature234 8 gün önce
Purdue: We're No. 1. We'll find a way. FDU: We're not afraid. We're No. 1 in our heart. We'll find a way Result: Heart wins over Mind.
Rafael Lopez
Rafael Lopez 9 gün önce
A M A Z I N G..... FDU.... what a game.... what a level..... this is beautiful....
Drake 9 gün önce
Most competitive game I've seen in a while. Both Teams were playing out of their mind. FDU wanted it more though.
Jeremy Gaitan
Jeremy Gaitan 9 gün önce
FDU is my alma mater! So freakin happy right now! LETS GO FDU!!!!
J. Col
J. Col 8 gün önce
T Weston
T Weston 9 gün önce
🎉What a great game! Congrats to FDU and best of luck in the next game 💯💪🏾
Ryan M
Ryan M 9 gün önce
That was the most I have ever seen a team celebrate a victory in any sport in any round.
Xhoven 8 gün önce
@Nick Everyone who watches this tournament cares a great deal about the upsets, and a 16 over 1 is the biggest upset possible. Just because you're a casual to the tournament doesn't mean everyone else is.
Kerry Hanley
Kerry Hanley 9 gün önce
​@AspireGDI second that emotion..
AspireGD 9 gün önce
@Nick Nobody cares when a 16 seed beats a 1 seed? have you been living in the earths core or am I misunderstanding what you're saying?
Nick 9 gün önce
@Paul Klingele the fact that you had to explain that just shows that literally nobody cares
Paul Klingele
Paul Klingele 9 gün önce
Did you miss the "2nd time ever" ...? NCAA basketball tournament 1 seeds are 147-1 versus No. 16 seeds since 1985. Purdue was a 23 point favorite. I think they earned every jump and high five and hug. 🙂
Ronald Taylor
Ronald Taylor 8 gün önce
March madness can’t start any better
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson 9 gün önce
This was such a fantastic game. A 16 has beaten a 1 is classic.
Jakob Hayden
Jakob Hayden 9 gün önce
Yeah the game was wild but also I've never seen "highlights" like this kudos to the editor it feels like I didn't miss a possession
Cool Swag
Cool Swag 9 gün önce
FDU balled out the whole game. The most grit of anyone in the tournament. If they play like this they winning it all! Insane team!
Ama B
Ama B 9 gün önce
The gave their all in this game!! Very inspiring
Shady La
Shady La 8 gün önce
This was a thriller to watch, GO FDU!!
Dragan Bircakovic
Dragan Bircakovic 9 gün önce
Shows you what can happen when you play with heart and hustle.....congrats FDU
Escattit Jr
Escattit Jr 9 gün önce
As an iu fan this is great but I hope we can make it far and not disappoint
Andrew Piechnik
Andrew Piechnik 9 gün önce
​@Kevin McDonald IU still has to play. Did you read the comment you commented on?
Kevin McDonald
Kevin McDonald 9 gün önce
Well, how did that work out? Out of curiosity why does it seem that Iowa fans really hate Purdue. I never realized that it was a bitter rivalry.
Jorge Guerrero Sr
Jorge Guerrero Sr 8 gün önce
Never think that # 1 means anything, because your opponent doesn’t have anything to lose! At the end it’s who has the heart to play and win! Congratulations to the 16 seat😎
BMW4629 9 gün önce
Wow. Great game. Congrats FDU hope they go far.
David Foster
David Foster 9 gün önce
I know it was going to happen again. Congratulations to FDU for beating Purdue
Owen Brown
Owen Brown 9 gün önce
absolutely electric. fdu outcoached and outhustled them for 40 minutes straight. this never felt like a 1 vs a 16
Jay Money
Jay Money 9 gün önce
Fairleigh Dickinson was the 68th team selected out of 68, Purdue was 29-5, FD had one of the smallest teams in the tournament going up against a 7 footer.... we just witnessed one of the biggest upsets in NCAA history
Pharohjonez 9 gün önce
The 3 point shot is the reason we see these teams now starting to compete.
BJ 8 gün önce
Biggest upset is sports history! There is no doubt about it. The more research you do, the more impossible you find out this upset was. This is why we love sports.
Ninfranko 8 gün önce
The game was on around midnight my time, but my mom let me stay up to watch it bc we are Iu fans. Our celebrations were legendary
Ciksura 9 gün önce
imagine working so hard during the normal season to be #1 just to lose to a last seed ☠️
Ronald Ash
Ronald Ash 8 gün önce
Maaan, THEY "TOOK/SNATCHED" THAT WIN = Wooow, unbelievable, once in a lifetime performance to FDU....INCREDIBLE 🤫👽🏀🤙💯
Wep0nX 9 gün önce
for being 7’4 and playing the smallest team in the tournament, you’d think Edey would have more of a defensive presence.
Radford University
Radford University 8 gün önce
this has been one of the craziest first rounds in recent memory
DogsRUs 9 gün önce
As an Iowa fan, I've never been happier.
Cries & Smiles
Cries & Smiles 8 gün önce
I mean look at the Purdue team ! They stay in their bubble all conference season long with this false sense of achievement then ….. Every year Cant miss Someone has to review their corrupt ranking Btw : I’m a boilermaker Chensey hill 08 From west Africa 🦅
DogsRUs 8 gün önce
@jason Not really, but all my friends are purdue fans so
jason 9 gün önce
@Justin Christopher - Obviously your not from Indiana. There is no rivalry with Iowa.
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Woe 9 gün önce
Fdu was killing that big man all game 🤣🤣
Silly Rascal
Silly Rascal 9 gün önce
Crazy.......love the madness of a 16 beating a 1.
BBall4Life🎹🪗 9 gün önce
Pretty soon the odds of a perfect bracket will be even more impossible!
Taylor Proctor
Taylor Proctor 9 gün önce
I just saw there’s no perfect brackets left anymore for ESPN and there’s like a less than 20 left for the other websites
Josh Asselstine
Josh Asselstine 8 gün önce
Love this tournament so much.
Ric Latz
Ric Latz 9 gün önce
Braden Smith had a horrible game tonight and Matt Painter refused to bench him. He could not hit a single shot and had multiple turnovers (some which were not called). Purdue has a deep bench but Painter refuses to take advantage of it when certain players have a bad night.
Elijah Michael
Elijah Michael 9 gün önce
I swear these games are unpredictable
Spacely 9 gün önce
This right here is why we all LOVE Match Madness
Rodd Cayton
Rodd Cayton 8 gün önce
Experts are often biased. This is why FBS needs a legitimate playoff tournament.
Martin Ramos
Martin Ramos 9 gün önce
The fact I’m a senior at FDU makes it that much sweeter 😤😤🫡
Nick Propes
Nick Propes 9 gün önce
I’ve never been happier to have a bad bracket
NoPitterPatter 9 gün önce
I had this in my bracket….Purdue has been falling for weeks
Yang Fam Fun
Yang Fam Fun 9 gün önce
That’s a crazy finish! Great game FDU!
Matthew Winkler
Matthew Winkler 9 gün önce
Awesome to see these guys played an awesome game
steven buck
steven buck 9 gün önce
Nothing like March Madness!! I thought this year was wide open, just like the NBA and it sure is!!
I don't think the NBA is as wide open as people think it is though. It will thin out once the teams are deeper into the playoffs.
Lee Hutchinson
Lee Hutchinson 9 gün önce
That’s the only thing I like about March Madness: The upsets ☺️
Will 9 gün önce
that moment when the clock hit zero was absolutlye insnae. i love the heart and soul of this FDU team
EyeM Unchained
EyeM Unchained 9 gün önce
Purdue's final three offensive possessions ended in blocks. So much for their size advantage.
Kerry Hanley
Kerry Hanley 9 gün önce
FDU got some serious vertical!
Alec Gregerson
Alec Gregerson 8 gün önce
that 5'8 guy on fdu is an absolute beast
ChillDyl 8 gün önce
Demetre Roberts. Been watching him since he was a freshman at MV high school. Helped lead them to a state championship
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 4 gün önce
Purdue: We're No. 1. We'll find a way. FDU: We're not afraid. We're No. 1 in our heart. We'll find a way Result: Heart wins over Mind.
Tony 9 gün önce
They attacked on offense in the paint and made shots. Impressive to watch.
CK_IDGAF 9 gün önce
How do you have a 7'4" player AND you not give him the ball in for 12 mins. HOW? I watched the game, I literally saw him turnaround and put the ball in the hole, EASY. Purdue killed themselves.
Cedric Perry
Cedric Perry 9 gün önce
And I blame this on the coaches. Edey is their bread and butter player and the coaches should have demanded that the game flow through Edey. And Edey should have reminded the coaches, that I am how you became a number 1 seed so make sure that the game goes through me.
OB 8 gün önce
This is why March madness is my favorite time of the year
The Mandalorian313
The Mandalorian313 9 gün önce
Yep, this is what happens when a team relies on one guy to do it all
Bry’s Life
Bry’s Life 9 gün önce
I had a feeling FDU was gonna win it, after the first half I was like FDU is hanging with them and gonna go on a run and BOOM brackets busted, MARCH MADNESS IS HERE FOLKS!!!
joe smith
joe smith 9 gün önce
Things comes in full circle! Back in 1985. In the Southeast region, 16 seed Fairleigh Dickinson Knights nearly beat 1 Seed Michigan Wolverines . Lost 59-55. FDU Lead at the half, 26-20, Michigan rallied in the 2nd half. . FDU shouldve been the first ever 16 seed ever to beat 1 seed. But , they are the 2nd one ever (UMBC beat UVA a few years ago). Also, back in 1996. In the West Region. 16 Seed Western Carolina Catamounts lead 1 Seed Purdue in a back and forth game, each team had brief leads all game long. Then Purdue Boilermakers pulled away, but WCU came back. Had chance to win at the end. Missed wide open 3 point shot top of the key. Then missed tip in, that would send to OT. Close ending. WCU lost 73-71. Purdue wouldve been the First 1 seed ever to lose. Well, they are now the 2nd ever 1 seed to lose. Very very interesting!
Merrillville Candlewood
T McGe
T McGe 8 gün önce
FDU could not miss....Congrats! I still like the big guy from Purdue and I hope he returns!
yesher12 9 gün önce
FDU had Purdue shook! LOL
Kerry Hanley
Kerry Hanley 9 gün önce
From jump! Full-court press all game shook.'em bad!
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 9 gün önce
FDU potential Cinderella Team but most definitely bracket busters!
Derrick Robbins
Derrick Robbins 9 gün önce
All the experts that had Purdue going to the Final Four 😂
Edski 8 gün önce
​​@Duck Guy no. Evidently not.😂😂😂
CardboardGamer 9 gün önce
I had Purdue going all the way 😂
FriiZem 9 gün önce
I had them losing second round, this is just even better 😂
Nick Hirsbrunner
Nick Hirsbrunner 9 gün önce
@Duck Guy I meant final 4 mb
S U P R E M E 9 gün önce
glad to see my school getting the recognition they deserve
Sean Mallon
Sean Mallon 8 gün önce
Awesome job Fairleigh Dickinson!!
Steven McCart
Steven McCart 9 gün önce
Here's the enormous upset I've been waiting to see.
Marty Antonio
Marty Antonio 9 gün önce
Out of all the upsets this one really did shock me.....All I'm saying is HOW!??? All Purdue had to do was feed their big man
Hey 8 gün önce
This reminds me of the days when my high school basketball team in the highest division won itt all when I was a sophomore. Then they went undefeated my senior year and my favorites to win it all. And lost to a 16seedd team and my HS Basketball team was ranked 1
FDU full court press is awesome
Joe 9 gün önce
Hungry.....Love this time of the year!!!!Congrats FDU!!!!!! Much respect!!!!
Abram Scarbrough
Abram Scarbrough 9 gün önce
Oh my what a win!! Congrats to FDU
greg williams
greg williams 9 gün önce
The FDU guards were outstanding. Purdue had no answer for them.
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