FC Barcelona 2015 should be illegal.. 😳

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24 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Naigi Aylar önce
Barca was never the same when Iniesta and Xavi left 😭
Hit- plaster
Hit- plaster 5 gün önce
@No memes on mangakas cry
eliftheshr 14 gün önce
Absolutely 😭😭😢
Alex Walker 2
Alex Walker 2 18 gün önce
@No memes on mangakas out of excuses?, cry more.
No memes on mangakas
No memes on mangakas 18 gün önce
@Alex Walker 2 cry more
Alex Walker 2
Alex Walker 2 18 gün önce
@No memes on mangakas another excuse? Lmao cry more
The.RealWolf Aylar önce
Evryone else: looking macho Pedro: eating nails
The.RealWolf 11 gün önce
@CgamerYT destroyed lmao
CgamerYT 29 gün önce
@Stunna girl dam who asked for a face reveal?
rxpiel Aylar önce
Is it me or he looked the most menacing lol
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar Aylar önce
Perfvil Aylar önce
@Wolfyyy no sorry i alrdy got a gf
Stupid Gambler
Stupid Gambler Aylar önce
Rakitic was so Important for Barca, he was simple he was explosive he was effektiv.
zamra Abdinasir
zamra Abdinasir Aylar önce
Yeah messi with old players he don't need to carry the artist msn ah the old days also pedro before he ruined his career busquets still busquets and one of the goat managers pique and jordi young version
Thibau Kitsinis
Thibau Kitsinis Aylar önce
@Football Edits same bro
Lelouch vi Bittania
@bully maguire factos
Lelouch vi Bittania
@Football Edits same
@Arjun Raghav ok
bully maguire
bully maguire Aylar önce
@Mohammad Rayyan The way he handled so many big players and kept a balance. It was phenomenal
Theodor Wallin
Theodor Wallin Aylar önce
Old memoris that team Was insane😭
Varun Mehta
Varun Mehta Aylar önce
2010-2011 was greatest team ever in football
Varun Mehta
Varun Mehta Aylar önce
@Archie Rice yes! It was a great team indeed, but 2010-2011 Barcelona was something else, the best version of tiki-taka was played by that squad and they were unplayable. Just because 2008-09 barça won all the six trophies doesn't make 2010-11 squad inferior to them.
pranjal sahu
pranjal sahu Aylar önce
2009-2011 🥶 pep barca
Dicky Raham
Dicky Raham Aylar önce
@Archie Rice tom ovrebo the best player Barcelona 2009-2010
Archie Rice
Archie Rice Aylar önce
2009 Barcelona was the best
the king
the king Aylar önce
Dont know about that one. Milan 07 and 3 peat madrid are also strong competitors
VIKINGS Aylar önce
As a real fan this scares me the most Respect🔥
lkk Aylar önce
that old times... 😔
Diego Oliveira DG
Diego Oliveira DG Aylar önce
Saudades desse time💯
Lamphrang Sun
Lamphrang Sun Aylar önce
Miss these legends 🥺
Enzyme Gamer
Enzyme Gamer Aylar önce
MSN was enough to destroy all clubs
nolan herman
nolan herman 11 saatler önce
Not Atleti
Lunarr 5 gün önce
@Bradley Franco imagínate perdiendo contra Frankfurt en la semi final. Imagínate no ganado la Champions league. 8-2 le tienes miedo a byern. Muertos sín msn.
Manpro107 13 gün önce
@Bro im Pro MSN always got the better of RMA
Ahmad Rezaie
Ahmad Rezaie 24 gün önce
@Bro im Pro how many matches has madrid won over barca with a leading score of 4+ the past decade and a half? Come back with your facts straight
Yan Lucas
Yan Lucas Aylar önce
Esse e um dos melhores times de todos os tempos
Quandalious Bartholomew Dingleton III
Damn its sad that most of these legends have downgraded😔
Ahmed Elbeksh
Ahmed Elbeksh Aylar önce
"get ready for the future" this is my advice for you
Madara is OP
Madara is OP 25 gün önce
barca is done
Privatesoldier1900 26 gün önce
Barca is a football club pure, madrid is a entertaining business
Janoff Vlogs🇺🇸
Another pride in defeat? And Moral cup winners? Haha, I'm just messing with you lol. Madrid and barca will always be rivals worthy of each other)
A P Aylar önce
@Caesar typical madridog getting triggered by a simple 5 second long appreciation post. Every club is great to it's respective fanbase, you don't have to be a keyboard warrior and argue with each and everyone of them ...
Caesar Aylar önce
Only 5 champions league being caliming the greatest club. I think you might join the rivals with 13 CL titles.
Vibhor Gupta 32
Vibhor Gupta 32 Aylar önce
I still play Fifa 15. That year real Madrid lost champions league semi final, however even they were really good
Luan Limani
Luan Limani 16 gün önce
I'll Just bought all the Player in FIFA 22 for Barca
CMF Cauã 82
CMF Cauã 82 Aylar önce
Muito bom queria ver esse futebol de 2015 hoje em dia no barça
De Castro
De Castro Aylar önce
Ixiiii, só de lembrar me dá um arrepio!
Yafet Aylar önce
i forgot how good they were, and how different there now😭
Daniel Lugo
Daniel Lugo Aylar önce
Extraño ese barcelona🥺💔
SEAZON Aylar önce
This Team Was Perfect 🔥🔥
Prince of Asmr
Prince of Asmr Aylar önce
no with xavi & iniesta it was
Rumman Ovi
Rumman Ovi 21 saatler önce
Ractic underrated player ♥️ he deserves more respect
AtomaticoM18 29 gün önce
Every single one of them is a Barça legend.
Scouse Shamrock
Scouse Shamrock Aylar önce
Suarez the main man so underrated Liverpool legend 💥💪🏻
Ansu Fati
Ansu Fati 23 gün önce
Barca will never be the same🥺😭
shaurya is live unnati
That was a time when my father was ready to sell is soul for this team 2014
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Aylar önce
Xavi and Iniesta were soo impactful for barca and football. The club wasn't the same after they left. Happy xavi is back and ready to bring them back to the highest level
Atmdeep Yadav
Atmdeep Yadav Aylar önce
My respect for Rakitic 👍❤️❤️
Amr Omran
Amr Omran Aylar önce
This was when elclasico was still interesting
Lokiplayz_football Aylar önce
2006 Barcelona was probably one of the best teams in history
Javohir Joʻrayev
Javohir Joʻrayev Aylar önce
All legends are in one place
Oriontea Chhakchhuak
2009 Barca: Am i Joke to you?
@[UNKNOWN]@ Aylar önce
We all miss MSN😭😭😭
Burger plays
Burger plays Aylar önce
like he says “if they can score 4 we can score 6”
Luciddrmr Aylar önce
2011/2012 Barca was untouchable compared to this one
Avenger Star
Avenger Star 14 gün önce
2012 to 2019 this prime barca won only 1 UCL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raufle Aylar önce
Pov: you get chills after watching messi
Eddie Vigil
Eddie Vigil Aylar önce
😭😭Se pudiéramos devolver el tiempo
DevilButLost Aylar önce
Everyone: 🥶 Pedro: 😆☺️
Tanishq Nagar
Tanishq Nagar Aylar önce
‘Illegal’ They literally played😂
Rakitich: most infravalorated player
Amirbek Farmonov
Amirbek Farmonov 13 gün önce
Barcelona was never the same whem messi left😔😭😭😭
Joan Fusalba Valderrey
Pov: things that humans were never ment to see ♥️💙♥️💙
Ghost yt
Ghost yt Aylar önce
They didn't have crack 😂😂 They have legends🔥❤💙
uHoCTPaHeų Aylar önce
😭the best team of all time
Amro Salem
Amro Salem Aylar önce
Bruh especially with messi incredible goal
HØPÉ Aylar önce
INESTA have dribbling and passes XAVI have passed and some skill But MESSI have more then both
Messi Fan
Messi Fan Aylar önce
Even when PSG has money as ice, it will be never like the Club with history .
KL SAATAAN FF Aylar önce
Beardless neymar was UNSTOPPABLE 😈❤
What a team barca had back then and all of them were in their prime but you should show messi last cause he was the best and the most scary one 🐐🐐🐐🐐.
Nigsti Andom
Nigsti Andom Aylar önce
I really miss Barca back then because I am Huge fan of Barca
YT:Najib the soldier
The time barca where amazing they could take over earth
Kartikey Mishra (Ninja Kashi)⚽️🔥
They should have made Catalonia an Independent Country 👍
DaFuquaivious Pringleton
@Privatesoldier1900 Madrid is the father of Uefalona 🤡🤡🤡
DaFuquaivious Pringleton
@Privatesoldier1900 my club isn’t Madrid but I bet Ueaflona can’t win 4 UCLS in 5 years like Madrid did🤡🤡🤡
Privatesoldier1900 26 gün önce
@DaFuquaivious Pringleton Barcelona 2005/2015 made your money club look silly and a mediocre club playing for league title nothing more.
Kala kano
Kala kano Aylar önce
2016: 2-0 2017: 3-0 ( the only day neymar worth 220m) 2018: 3-0 2019: 4-0 (UCL will come back to nou) 2020: 8-2 ( M U L L E R ☠️ ) 2021: 4-1 ( I'm sanake ) 2022: 3-2 ( hello Europa)
Prakhar Sinha
Prakhar Sinha Aylar önce
You haven't seen 2009 Barcelona my boy 😂
Abhro Bhai
Abhro Bhai Aylar önce
Barca 2009 laughing at the corner😂
chinmay Chinnu
chinmay Chinnu Aylar önce
" get ready for the future" this is my advice for you 😎☄🤩
V.K. Aylar önce
Have you ever seen REAL MADRID 2016/17 team 🤫😐👌 I’m not saying BARCA is not good they are also legends but R.M > Barca
giyu tomiokia
giyu tomiokia Aylar önce
Not only barca real Madrid also....best era of all time we're lucky to watch ronaldo and Messi ❤️❤️
ariel johnson
ariel johnson Aylar önce
Pedro was my favorite honestly
coolkt20 Aylar önce
Things started to go downhill once Pedro left
Abduvahob Aylar önce
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Aylar önce
The only team that humiliated Prime Madrid 🔥💯
Alexnob Aylar önce
Way back then it was one of the strongest teams in the world
dexx7rlk Aylar önce
Só de ouvir falar da até um arrepio🙅
Dinpuia Ralte Siakeng
Oh! Those faces! Legendary team!
Carlo Cruz
Carlo Cruz 17 gün önce
Ah... the old old times
Privatesoldier1900 26 gün önce
Dont forget Xavi was there too that season
Sambaran Ganguly
Sambaran Ganguly Aylar önce
2017 Real Madrid be like : Hold my beer
علي الشربيني
Hhhh how many titles real won in 2017 ?? Btw Barca won 5 titles and lose the spanish super from atletico bilboa . If they won this match it would be six titles in a year
Deni Chris
Deni Chris Aylar önce
Xavi Iniesta Messi is The Best Part I ever see 😍
Numan Muhammad Ali
Numan Muhammad Ali Aylar önce
Back when the best attacking trident was in its prime
OMOI Aylar önce
Mascherano legend🌟
Álwìñ Jøhñ R S
Barca at 2010 = unstoppable
Insight 123
Insight 123 Aylar önce
Rakitic and Pedro were underrated
Pratham Pandey
Pratham Pandey Aylar önce
2015 fc barcelona 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Borys Olszewski
Borys Olszewski Aylar önce
Prawdziwa Barca
Ronaldo Messi
Ronaldo Messi 24 gün önce
2015 Barcelona and 2017 Real Madrid was insane
Palash Adhikary
Palash Adhikary Aylar önce
1998 - 2002 Madrid 🌚 was illegal.
Paulo Alves
Paulo Alves Aylar önce
Ai sim era um Barcelona
Gabriel Sierra
Gabriel Sierra Aylar önce
What i find funny is that with the same tema they just were hopeless vs Atletico the following year
Venom Gaming
Venom Gaming 4 gün önce
Best team ever created
Creep Kraken 😈
Creep Kraken 😈 Aylar önce
Just imagine 2009 then 🤯🤯😬😬
Prime Neymar miss you bro 🥺
Ngoc Truong
Ngoc Truong Aylar önce
Everyone:🥶 Pedro:😂😂😂
bsgbdhndyryb Aylar önce
Old barcaaa❤️❤️❤️
Raunak Bector
Raunak Bector Aylar önce
Still didn't won the UCL.. It was My fav. Real Madrid 🔥
AmR 21 gün önce
2015 UCL winner was Barcelona..
PeleTheOrange Aylar önce
MSN was different gravy but real ones want one more Messi vs Ronaldo el classico
euiss🙏 Aylar önce
*18+ Content* Cloover.Monster mejores 😘 siempre en mi corazón mañas no se la.💟 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
Rinshan Ringu
Rinshan Ringu Aylar önce
Best thrio end best retirment date xavi🥺
L Aylar önce
Gk-Ter stegen Rb-Dani alves cb-pique cb-puyol lb-idc cm-iniesta cm-xavi cdm-busquets lw-neymar rw-messi st-suarez
jose gimenez
jose gimenez Aylar önce
Pedazo de equipo....
HeRo MAN .
HeRo MAN . Aylar önce
Игра реала и барсы раньше были интересными а сейчас для меня не очень блин были времена 🥲☹😢😭
Prime Neymar and Messi😨🔥🔥🔥🔥
Depredador King
Depredador King 4 gün önce
Viejos recuerdo en ese año el barca lo reventaba y ahora ya no es el mismo
Ian Aylar önce
Barca will never be the same without prime Messi
my football world 🌍
All time Barca bench is the best team in history after Barca all time startes
LakeLuke Aylar önce
I Miss it😭
Neymar and Messi PRIME 🔥🔥
Bobby M.R
Bobby M.R Aylar önce
NOT 2015
Bobby M.R
Bobby M.R Aylar önce
Messi prime in 2012 91 goal
Falcony Aylar önce
Messi have prime every season until He goes into psg
MOFA FF Aylar önce
Real Madrid 2017 should be illegal 🥶
Ninos Youtube
Ninos Youtube Aylar önce
As a Madrid fan , yes I agree , Barcelona was tough af back then but now you guys are just the arsenal of la Liga , that's what happens when u depend so much on certain players 😭🤣🤣
Ngologoat Aylar önce
Best team of all time
GG_Boy09 Aylar önce
Barca 2009 was something else🤩🤩🤩
Kaleem Aylar önce
Ganstar of 2015 🔥🔥🔥
New era vs Old era
görünümler 32 000
This game🥶🥶🥶
görünümler 175 000
My Updated Dream Team 🤩
görünümler 98 000
prime players(pt5)
görünümler 18 000
We all missed this right💔
görünümler 52 000
World War II Every Day with Army Sizes
messi sad edit Another Love
görünümler 75 000
Mbappe helps Donnaruma.. 🤣😂
görünümler 2 548 057
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Saliha Şahin Blok Antrenmanı
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