Fastest Android EVER vs iPhone! 

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The ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is the Fastest Android on the planet - so lets do a camera, battery, and speed test against the iPhone to see who wins! Get Surfshark VPN at surfshark.deals/BOSS - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 extra months FREE.
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MrUnknown 5 aylar önce
It's almost like taking a life decision while choosing between mkbhd and Arun when they upload at the same time.
Doober670 5 aylar önce
Mohamed Elmardi
Mohamed Elmardi 5 aylar önce
Harsh 5 aylar önce
Arun anytime
Mayowa 5 aylar önce
I was literally just thinking about this 😂
Omichromium 5 aylar önce
The issue with mkbhd is that he is way more opinionated and tries to force you to agree with his opinion, as well as this, his videos often miss a TONNE of important stuff and he hates to criticise anything apple. Arun ofc isnt perfect but his newer videos have become more objective
theKWOKA 5 aylar önce
Doing benchmarks with and without the cooler would have been nice. Just to also see how much the cooler changes.
𝙂ame🅁yx 5 aylar önce
Yeah, I agree. I`m an Android guy but I feel like he should have combined the results and then divided it by 2.
𝙂ame🅁yx 5 aylar önce
@nothing Think what you want. I'm just saying what I think
still rog wins
Neko AMV
Neko AMV 5 aylar önce
i agree, but i think ROG still gonna win tho
🧀Mr.chez🧀 5 aylar önce
it came with it
Siddhesh Shanbhag
Siddhesh Shanbhag 5 aylar önce
The amount of detailing Asus have done with ROG this time is INSANE.
eve 5 aylar önce
Looks like a joke compared to RM8 Pro.
Denzel Lucero
Denzel Lucero 5 aylar önce
with the help of amd's current technology.. yes.
Ammaar Samad
Ammaar Samad 5 aylar önce
TechReviewTom 5 aylar önce
​@eve exactly it's trash compared to itn
STOUTISHVOICE 41 5 aylar önce
lets play crysis on mobile
sgtm7 Aylar önce
The ROG phones have two USB ports. On the ROG 7, the side port is for fast charging. You used the slower bottom port. It also appears you didn't have X-mode turned on. When X Mode is turned on, it improves hardware efficiency and removes background apps to release memory, in order to optimize gaming experience. Someone didn't read the manual first.
a 9 gün önce
Yes rog is better than iphone
Nate M
Nate M 5 gün önce
Yes and if we're including what's in the box- match nits of brightness when doing battery tests- not both at 50% or 100%
summoned 4 gün önce
you a nerd
DotMatrixMoe 3 gün önce
​@summonedThat's the main audience of this channel
Handsome Wizard
Handsome Wizard 7 saatler önce
Yes and it doesnot come with 65 watt charger its 30 watt charger 😢 i'm not sure but i got 30 watt charger out of the box 😂 may be i was scammed 😢
Christy_cofer★ 5 aylar önce
Great comparison. But as said by others: the gaming category was poorly tested. The game is clearly a CPU heavy program while other titles are far more about graphics which probably would benefit from ROG's GPU. It would be interesting how LTT would design such a test, since they're quite experienced in terms of gaming.
Abdel 5 aylar önce
And he didn’t even use X modus on the rog
pinpenpenguin 4 aylar önce
@Abdel its a bot I think
SCYNO 4 aylar önce
@pinpenpenguin Its not a bot the gaming test was just terrible
pinpenpenguin 4 aylar önce
@SCYNO look at the pfp lol
once i get my death note y'all are doomed
​@pinpenpenguin bot copies real comments so point still stands
Niel Salute
Niel Salute 4 aylar önce
Watching Arun literally feels like he loves what he’s doing and maybe the exact reason why he’s successful in youtube. Not many people can do what they love to do and earn a living at the same time. You are very blessed indeed Arun and so are we your viewers.
BALANOLM 4 aylar önce
Who is arun
chomps X bite
chomps X bite Aylar önce
The youtuber
TayZonday 5 aylar önce
We really need a third phone OS to shake up the market 🤔
David Daniel botezatu
David Daniel botezatu 5 aylar önce
CalyxOS: man why u do this to me
Explodincreepah! 5 aylar önce
​@David Daniel botezatu lol
DaVoid 5 aylar önce
General Veki
General Veki 5 aylar önce
if only google existed 💀 edit: if only google search existed
Jaydee 5 aylar önce
I use the rog 6 and find it to be one of the best phones I have ever used. It's great for gaming using the trigger buttons and pretty good as an all rounder. Will definitely look into getting one of these ones.
Rahdidntask 5 aylar önce
I was gonna get one vut changed my mind because everyone said if u order from asus u wont get ur order
iPhone & Coffin Memes
iPhone & Coffin Memes 5 aylar önce
​@Rahdidntaskis this legit?
Jordan Opitz
Jordan Opitz 4 aylar önce
I use the ROG 6 just for every day use and absolutely agree one of the best phones I've ever had battery life is amazing and seems to last forever on ultra durable mode (power saving mode at 20%) charges super quick goes up to 100% in about 30 mins and for games it's absolutely amazing although I use a attachable controller I don't enjoy using the touch triggers cause my hands are to big it feels uncomfortable for me
Saha Sagar
Saha Sagar 4 aylar önce
Still Using rog3 and it is still so smooth
Daniel Bučković
Daniel Bučković 4 aylar önce
​@iPhone & Coffin Memes no,he probably ordered from fake site
Kelvin Thenedy
Kelvin Thenedy 4 aylar önce
Nice one, but try running heavier apps & games and see which one's more stable in the long run. Also the heat problem, where it is located on the phone including the back & front panel. Still, a great comparison video!
Janina Kowalska
Janina Kowalska 5 aylar önce
Categories you missed: - long term full load - PROPER INTERNET TEST. You tested 2 phones on same router. It was decided by router which phone would receive more packets - Thermal test: which would be cooler during charging and under heavy load - construction strength and Repairability
David 5 aylar önce
sounds like this is sponsored, so without the cooling, phone would throttle itself by who knows how much
xen 5 aylar önce
@David cooler was in the box, what did you expect him to do lol not use it? ask yourself like you paid 1.4K$ for this phone and you got a cooler.
Benjamin P. Ellis
Benjamin P. Ellis 5 aylar önce
Peeper117 5 aylar önce
@xen they think its an iphone lmao
David 5 aylar önce
@xen wont always have the chance to use it
Van Raz
Van Raz 2 aylar önce
I think you should also do a test with older phones to see how they behave over time. I have a P6P and for several months the zoom camera no longer focuses except in daylight. Wasn't it normal to work the same as on the first day? In addition, I could give maximum zoom to make a kind of macro with her help, now she tells me to back off if I want her to focus. What guarantees do those with P7P have that they will not suffer the same next year after the release of P8P? And so on.
noobmaster69 8 gün önce
Every update makes the older version worse to make newer look good
Dainius B.
Dainius B. 5 aylar önce
Good comparison video, but the choice of game for the gaming test was very strange. You don't choose a CPU intensive game to test the GPU and FPS numbers (unless that game has an option to pass the calculations to the GPU). There are some games that depend on CPU a lot, but most games usually are GPU-bound.
Timothy Mumba
Timothy Mumba 5 aylar önce
My thought too 😂
Kelvin 5 aylar önce
but you have to realise smartphone games requires more cpu than gpu
RaduNG 5 aylar önce
@Kelvin because now we have cpus that are offering graphical calculations.. like an integrated graphics on the PC.. so yeah, the chipset (CPU) is pretty much the base for performance of a phone.
arijitYT 5 aylar önce
​@Kelvin that's not always true brother...codm is more GPU bound, and runs smoother on Rog 6 than iPhone
Shahab Surve
Shahab Surve 5 aylar önce
every youtuber is bound to praise apple they just nitpick some category in which Lphone is better nd also which are completely baseless just to show android cant defeat Lphone completely nd thus they choose such unusual perimeters arun is the one with least biasness nd tht is why i watch him over any other tech yter
eroi bior
eroi bior 5 aylar önce
Phones evolve, but the quality of Arun's content evolves even faster.
SCYNO 4 aylar önce
evolves downwards with his "gaming benchmarks"
Nani San
Nani San Aylar önce
​@SCYNOexactly. Apparently he makes contents about everything. Sucks these days.
pukeko 26 gün önce
Word for word
Aram Afshari
Aram Afshari 21 gün önce
To be honest both cpu are good enough to not notice any difference exept in games but games use more gpu nowadays so the performance is still better I feel like the ROG got a dub there
Conor Stewart
Conor Stewart 5 aylar önce
If you are testing the wifi speeds simultaneously, then you will probably get unreliable results, it will depend on how your router divides up the bandwidth more than it will depend on the capabilities of the phone.
OpskieGaminG 5 aylar önce
Agreed! Also let's not forget: WiFi6! whichever device between them 2 that has this wifi card is obviously going to be alot faster.
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 5 aylar önce
@OpskieGaminG rog has wifi 7 I believe but he used the crappy m lab servers should of gone with speed test net
OpskieGaminG 5 aylar önce
@Chris Wright wifi7? Wait wtf. Lol. Is that even a thing yet!? Or I've been living under a rock! 🤣 I thought we still working wifi6e
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 5 aylar önce
@OpskieGaminG no it's the new thing 😂😂
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 5 aylar önce
@OpskieGaminG I got 6e phone and FiOS 6e router but I only use 6 ATM don't see the need for 6e
Jim Echols
Jim Echols 2 aylar önce
He should have done a sustained performance test. I heard the bionic chipset throttles pretty quickly and The rog 7 would have probably come out on top.
Vidd. 27 gün önce
as a 14 pro max user who plays a ton of genshin it def does and genshin at 60 fps heats a lot so I'm convinced that aeroactive cooler is a game changer for it
kamal joshi
kamal joshi 5 aylar önce
There's massive room for improvement in test methodology you have followed for each of your tests. For instance, when batteries are different capacity you have to rely on dynamic discharge current and charge current capacities. etc.. for comparing wifi tests again you could have connected one phone at a time to same wifi and completely turn off your other devices that use internet and also looking at which phone is clocking to 2.4/5G bandwidths more so overall good video but definitely coming from a tech savvy person like you would make a difference if these things are taken care of whilst doing one on one comparison.
Eikott 4 aylar önce
Or actually use the fast charging port on the ROG and not the wrong one at the bottom.
The Corndog King
The Corndog King 4 aylar önce
Would like to see how fast the rog charges when using the side port, which is full power and bandwidth.
Rolly Buendia
Rolly Buendia 5 aylar önce
Nice review, Mr. Arun! I always looking forward to today's technology! 📱✨ Asus' ROG phones keeps getting better, that it competes the aspects of the IPhone! Goosebumps!!! 😱🤯 Watching from Philippines! 🇵🇭
Hidden Star
Hidden Star 3 aylar önce
it's really so pleasant to say that now we can just choose phones what we want to. there's not so many differences.
John Miller
John Miller 5 aylar önce
That was a great, really well-rounded comparison. A little unfortunate that you weren't aware that increasing objects in a game like that is actually totally a CPU-specific task though lol. Really doesn't have much to do with graphics at all. Not a lot of games would have that type of bottleneck
IHaveHPV 5 aylar önce
ah yes! the unboxing comparison was definitely a well-rounded point worthy round!!!
IHaveHPV 5 aylar önce
also he gave a draw on the last cat when iphone clearly won???
Lajona Alubia
Lajona Alubia 5 aylar önce
Bro grafics better than my ps4💀👹
Shervin 5 aylar önce
@IHaveHPV ​ ​iphone beat a phone built for the gaming with a cooler attached to it in the exact same game but he called it a tie, how is that even possible? 😅
Nothing 5 aylar önce
​@Shervinhis performance test sucks watch geekerwan video about performance test you will under better and take this video as only unboxing video
Conor Stewart
Conor Stewart 5 aylar önce
I think it is pretty clear to see that the iPhone does stretch out the 90+ % range on the battery, it started off looking like it would win soundly, but then it just plummeted after what looked like 93 % but it may have been higher since the video restarted about 93 %.
Milind Dixit
Milind Dixit 5 aylar önce
Interesting watching videos on the latest phones. I've kept my S20 Plus for coming up to two years now and I can't justify changing it - 120hz, 1TB storage (SD), almost no bezels. The only issue is security updates and battery, though I've got used to doing a midday charge. I have to compromise but not like in years before where that compromise was enough to make me change. Weird times for me.
kevin masangkay
kevin masangkay 5 aylar önce
Raúl Beltrán
Raúl Beltrán 3 aylar önce
Muy interesante, siempre me ha gustado realizar comparaciones.
p z
p z 5 aylar önce
I have the ROG 6 Pro and again, I wouldnt change it for anything. There are some features that are (I find) hugely beneficial with this ROG. It has a headphone jack. There is a usb -c port in the side of the phone also for charging. The ability that when playing games with the charger plugged in, you can bypass charging the battery and power the game that you are playing only. There are two pressure shoulder buttons on the side of the phone that can be programmed for use outside of gaming. I have one of them to turn on the torch and the other to record audio at any moment. There is also the option to have the phone record all the calls that you make and receive without third party nonsense. Double tapping the back of the phone is also a programmable setting to active functions such as screenshot/record/light/multimedia etc. Not to mention the asus software for all these hardware perks, is simply on point. Can't fault it.
Radha Manohar
Radha Manohar 2 aylar önce
Speaking practically this phones is only for less than 0.5% of users. For a normal user iPhone is more than sufficient. Having those bulky attachments for a device look cool but not at all convenient
Vivara Interactive Studios
Yeah but it comes at the same price point and even cheaper at many countries
tangybbqsauce Aylar önce
I ain't reading all that
Tamim Athar Emadi
Tamim Athar Emadi 12 gün önce
​@Radha Manoharit can be for more than 0.5 % users. It's cheaper than Iphone in many countries, it's better slightly and if you can cope up with the honestly good looking software ROG is the better value option
i suck at guitar
i suck at guitar 15 gün önce
Thanks for this, never heard of the ROG phone, not a gamer but I've been actively looking for an interesting Android phone the past few weeks, so I'll check it out more. I find iPhones just kind of boring 🤷🏼‍♀they don't inspire me, stable but dull.
EZ 5 aylar önce
My jaw DROPPED when I saw the battery test. Great video Arun! 👍
SaltxLight Design
SaltxLight Design 5 aylar önce
because this mf was playing genshin impact?
Mrunank Bathe
Mrunank Bathe 5 aylar önce
​@SaltxLight Design dare you call him an mf. Mf means milf female right?
BOYBOY FF 5 aylar önce
​@Mrunank Bathe u don't know what mf mean lmfao😂
Shy Official
Shy Official 5 aylar önce
​@BOYBOY FF ofc someone won't get the joke. Or he/she rlly don't know
Galaxy_H 5 aylar önce
@Shy Official of course! Someone did not understand that the person who replied before in fact did understand the joke and is playing along.
theKWOKA 5 aylar önce
Comparing the games can be hard. When it's natively written for both, it can depend on the teams familiarity with both, and if it's in a cross platform compiler there can be issues in that compiling for both. I believe Apple has Swift which allows native iOS performance and a kind of "good enough" port to android (why would apple want the port to be legitimately good?). It can impact a user's decision for the games they play, but can't really be used to judge the phone as a whole without knowing these implementation details of any particular game.
Rano 5 aylar önce
Most mobile games aren't written natively, the devs use a game engine which is most cases written in C++
Matt Zac
Matt Zac 5 aylar önce
I gotta say I've been using my ROG 6 for the last half a year and it's just been phenomenal. My only gripe is that, in general, I wish Android cameras were better including my ROG 6's camera. But this is the closest Androids have gotten to Apple so far and if I really wanted the best camera on an Android I'd probably go for the S23. Other than that, this phone just blows it out of the park for me. Edit) can't spell.
iamD2 5 aylar önce
If you want the best camera,you should of bought a huawei p60 pro
Matt Zac
Matt Zac 5 aylar önce
@iamD2 Yeah that's a good option, but the S23 for example can do 8K 30Fps recording, the P60 can't. And while I've actually never heard of the P60/Pro I was more comparing a flagship to flagship phone. Nobody really uses Huaweis.
GansonProductions 5 aylar önce
Ever heard of Google pixel? Best cameras on the market.
Tony 5 aylar önce
you wish better android camera? take a pixel phone, even the 6a has extremly advanced and refined post processing and camera management, i used to had one and even in low light conditions, it shots amazing clean and detailed photos, with color tonesbasically on par with human eye
Matt Zac
Matt Zac 5 aylar önce
@Tony Well I'm not totally concerned with camera quality, for me if pictures look decent then it's fine. I wouldn't buy a ROG phone if I was concerned about how well my photos look. Also, I agree that the Pixel Phones are some of the best when it comes to camera quality. In certain conditions, I would say the Ai and algorithms work even better than on an iPhone. Just strait bonkers. But I'm no camera expert so the ROG is perfect for me. One thing that I like is the fact that most Androids now allow you to record in 4K 60Fps which is my default now for recording. As my previous phone (Mi 9T) didn't have this feature I see it as a luxury.
Crow Gaming
Crow Gaming 2 aylar önce
Nice comparison, just note about the battery charging, the faster plug on Rog phone is the one in the middle, you used the normal one while doing the test.
Arka Ghosh
Arka Ghosh 5 aylar önce
At this point, it's an annual ritual for us to watch Arun go bonkers over an ROG phone whenever a new version is released. Fun times. May this always last.
Twelfydelfy 3 aylar önce
I also love playing BTD6, however it is indeed a very CPU heavy game, where my laptop with an rtx 3060 barely uses the gpu in order to run the game, instead heavily focusing on the cpu (using nvdia overlay and task manager)
Chrissie Blossom
Chrissie Blossom 5 aylar önce
I think the benchmarks on the rog should have been done with both the cooler on and cooler off, and see the difference and how it compares with the iPhone. Despite the cooler coming in the box, you’re not going to be using it all the time, and so I think it would be important to know
Heka Pankee
Heka Pankee 5 aylar önce
Also id like to see if the cooler even does that much
One Punch Man
One Punch Man 5 aylar önce
I mean, if you are buying a gaming phone specific you would always use the cooler thi
hummerchine 5 aylar önce
My thought exactly
cossieboyy 5 aylar önce
@One Punch Man no
Brei 5 aylar önce
Was thinking the same thing.. if a 5-10% difference then, use when ya can and easy.. but if 20%+ then you'd never want to use it without the cooler and kinda shows how impressive the iphone is.
Things Get Stranger
Things Get Stranger 5 aylar önce
This video was so interesting, thank you so much!! Something I also look at before buying a phone is it’s durability - I would’ve also wondered if the ROG screen is easy to break or on the contrary is stronger than apple’s solid screen.
Visionary Tech
Visionary Tech 5 aylar önce
Glass is glass and glass breaks - JerryRigEverything It's probably best to use a screen protector
Eikott 4 aylar önce
You're saying the ROG screen is not solid?
CatMist 3 aylar önce
Imo, the gaming test was too CPU bound and aimed at the casual player, not an actual gamer
Gunpowder1000 Aylar önce
@CatMistactual gamer? Tf you gonna be playing? Pub G?
Mubeen Amir
Mubeen Amir 5 aylar önce
it would be interesting to add another category like value where long term usage reliability and performance are taken in hand with the current market of phones and the rate of improvement they would have with the price of the device itself
Vldz336 2 aylar önce
@mrwhosetheboss Hey for the charging comparison the iPhone doesn’t always charge at their max of 20W,27W,etc because of a default setting (slower charging for bs reasons). Settings->battery->battery health& charging-> Turn off both Optimized battery charging/clean energy charging. If you didn’t already have these off it’s definitely worth testing, maybe the difference in charging time won’t be as significant. I game & use these settings to avoid bs that comes with slow charging while playing like overheating. Thanks
Wrthlss 2 aylar önce
Been doing this for a while & yeah it does charge faster.
Sky Izdalimit
Sky Izdalimit 4 gün önce
He also used the wrong charging port for the ROG which has 2 USB C ports. Even if he had changed setting on iphone the ROG would still win charge test
Axel Kjolhede
Axel Kjolhede 5 aylar önce
Some comparison felt kinda nitpicked in favor of the iPhone to be honest, like choosing that specifically cpu intensive game that practically doesn't use the gpu at all, but it was a nice review overall
King Hack
King Hack 4 aylar önce
Actually the primary charging port for the rog phone is the one on the side so it would actually charge faster than what was shown in the video
JustSayin' Dude
JustSayin' Dude 5 aylar önce
Not having to skip the entry of videos is a big plus and this guy manages to do it, I never get bored watching his videos, he explains so detailed and in an entertaining way, good job my man
Moaaz Elbehairy
Moaaz Elbehairy 5 aylar önce
this is why i prefer arun than mkbhd
I've been using ROG 6 Pro... it's extremely good...I use it at 165hz with Animated themes, play Genshin at Highest Graphics, one of the best feature is Armoury Crate... Camera is better than the reviews I've heard from YT tbh...Side Charging point is extremely advantageous when gaming. Overheating is High and the aeroactive cooler works great at that. Air Triggers works great with shooting games such as CODM, Audiowizard is great as well....
Rodario83 5 aylar önce
I just switched from Iphone 13 Pro Max to Asus ROG Phone 6D Batman edition and don't regret it. Battery and display are better camera was better on iphone but I'm not really into photography. But when it comes to gaming you have to take into consideration the Air triggers and the Armory software from the Asus which gives it some nice comfort functions. And makes up for the lack of optimization.
Don't be fankid everyone knows iPhone > any Android in gaming and iphone 60 fps in games = 90 fps of android in games
Jones 5 aylar önce
​@𝙳𝙰𝚁𝙺_𝙺𝙽𝙸𝙶𝙷𝚃 😂😂😂 you have a great sense of humor
Daddy Boo
Daddy Boo 5 aylar önce
​@𝙳𝙰𝚁𝙺_𝙺𝙽𝙸𝙶𝙷𝚃ROG with 144 hz 😔
shivam mandloi
shivam mandloi 5 aylar önce
​@𝙳𝙰𝚁𝙺_𝙺𝙽𝙸𝙶𝙷𝚃 bro thats not the reality , i have iphone 13 and realme x3 sz , 90 fps is 90 , and 60 is 60 , you can feel the smoothness in 90 fps , its just a myth that iphone 60 hz is more smooth
Mondrose 5 aylar önce
@𝙳𝙰𝚁𝙺_𝙺𝙽𝙸𝙶𝙷𝚃 gaming? oooh then lets talk about the Battery use.........in which Apple bamboozled you, eat that mwahahahhaa. dont get me wrong, on the Video, i still going to choose Iphone for its Wider display=more comfy view, and its Camera software. but to say Iphone>Android? dude please😑
Varetile 6 gün önce
So for the bloons test, a GPU's job is to prep the graphical aspects of the game (what you can see). The CPU does everything that you can't see. If the CPU benchmarks showed that the iPhone was ahead, then it's natural that the iPhone would do a better job on Bloons where there are millions of calculations to do that are CPU bound. That's why there was more lag present on the ROG phone in comparison. I don't know if there are enough graphically intensive games on the phones that would allow for the ROG to show how strong it is yet, which is why I don't think the overall gaming performance on a phone matters that much current gen but I don't play many mobile games so.
Dinat Nsni
Dinat Nsni 5 aylar önce
Blown away by this review your amazing, everything about your reviews is always on point, just top quality. As for the way you present your stuff I think you missed out on the
Random Things
Random Things Aylar önce
The Bionic chip CPU will always lead the pack, might fall behind in terms of GPU. That ROG phone is perfect for playing Minecraft with 64 (max) chunks render distance while maintaining 60fps (as it has 16GB of superfast ram)
kool_kid 5 aylar önce
Just wanted to lyk, i love watching these comparison videos!! Really helps u understand the difference and it's genuinely fun. But I feel like if you were to rate the phones in addition to picking between the two for each category, it would give them a better overall comparison (even if that score is somewhere in the corner). For example, lets say u give one phone a 8 and another a 7.5 for one category and for the next category u give the first phone a 2 and the second one a 9. If u just simply pick between them it might show that they are equal, but when u compare the total scores u will see a big difference!!
Babaleoxd 5 aylar önce
Great Suggestion
nothing 5 aylar önce
Nah shit
Nouman Tahir
Nouman Tahir 5 aylar önce
in regard to gaming performance comparison, I believe it was a bit unfair to compare a game that is not exactly gpu intensive but more cpu intensive, perhaps a gpu intensive should also be compared for better outcomes...
LUC1F3R0_MF 5 aylar önce
Its easier for developers to design apps on ios because there aren’t a lot of variations between hardware and software compared to android os that has multiple phone manufacturers using them and coding it to fit their specific device and hardware. Thats why apps that can take photos to post on their platform seem to perform better on ios devices. With an ios device the app can use the camera and its software to take the photos but on androids its easier for the app to take a screenshot than code the app to each android device’s specifications to use the camera
Mylo Anton2
Mylo Anton2 Aylar önce
Ok with this video you definitely helped me decide on ROG PRO 7, I've been thinking about the last two weeks which one to decide and in the end I just have him ROG PRO 7,thank you very much because I'm 100% sure to buy it, of course if it's in stores, if don't i have to go online shop which does not give me a lot of confidence in it, i dont trust much in online shoping now this days, dont pay off
Howlate 2 aylar önce
I'm actually shocked about SOT time of ROG. It's quite... CRAZY!
sc Aylar önce
Who wouldve known that a 30% larger battery will result in 30% longer SOT? Mind blown righ?
Trashy 10.00
Trashy 10.00 5 aylar önce
I'm curious if the laggy-ness of Bloons was actually more bound by the capabilities of the game engine rather than the phones. You could totally test this by seeing if there's any fairly noticeable difference in something like a 12 PM and 14 PM, since they're years apart now. Would definitely watch the comparison if you decided to throw it in a short or something.
lemontree 5 aylar önce
Entities on screen are cpu bound. If he tried any real 3d game with good graphical settings the ROG phone would win every time. People wouldn't buy a phone for $1400 to play btd... For a TRvidr that covers tech I'm pretty disappointed.
Omar 5 aylar önce
@lemontree who even pay $1400 to play video games on the phone ?
lemontree 5 aylar önce
@Omar Clearly enough people for Asus to keep making new models
Omar 5 aylar önce
@lemontree only few do ,most people will never pay $1400 to play game on the phone ,I rather buy a pc or a console then on a gaming phone , this is why gaming phone are not that popular among most people .
Henry Jr. Watsson
Henry Jr. Watsson 5 aylar önce
@Omar Mobile gaming market is larger than the computer gaming market ironically. It's pretty hyped up nowadays. Lots of people don't buy a laptop/computer anymore either. They just buy a phone and that's it. Happens a lot in the EU and in Asia.
gigahertz 1911
gigahertz 1911 5 aylar önce
I bought the ROG 5 a couple years ago now and I think its an amazing phone for $711. Much underrated at the time of release
Moon 30001
Moon 30001 2 aylar önce
I would be curious to see how ROG goes against Samsung s 23 ultra
Zajko 5 aylar önce
Well you can increase the speed of swipe animations in Asus rog phone to the point that it's ridiculously above the competition in terms of smoothness. And speakers can be even more beefy and powerful if we put everything to the max in equalizer and increase the bass and treble.
Damien Lobb
Damien Lobb 4 aylar önce
I find the gaming phones tend to do much better in longer sessions as the iPhone begins to throttle.
Reagan 5 aylar önce
The fact that Arun puts in much effort in the video is so enticing I don't think there is any other tech TRvidr who moves around explaining every single bit of the phone as this guy
undefinablereasoning 5 aylar önce
That wasn't really a fair gaming test, he should of used something more demanding on both CPU and GPU, like a proper 3D title.
Lankey Bastard
Lankey Bastard 5 aylar önce
Like the effort to blur out the 8k ultra HD camera? I know right, effort.
jakjakob 5 aylar önce
would be nice to also have a comparison without cooler, even if it is included. I don't think everyone wants to carry it around, and it also isn't the reason why I would want a gaming phone.
Raguel 5 aylar önce
Qualcomm did an impressive job with its new chip. In CPU they are still behind but it is because they continue to use the design of ARM, in the next chip that they are going to launch they will design their own CPUs, so they will most likely revasse Apple for the first time. They design their own GPUs, and it's almost twice as powerful as the A16, so...
Big Bro
Big Bro 3 aylar önce
From my understanding, high refresh rates aren't really noticable unless you are doing something that requires high reaction rates from the user. Can't really appreciate it unless you use it in the right circumstances.
Aayushman Koirala
Aayushman Koirala 5 aylar önce
While comparing the network test you didn't turn on the dual band connection of Asus ROG phone which was one of the features which makes your network really stable and faster and also I guess you didn't turn on X mode while testing games on ROG which was especially designed for better performance while gaming 🙃
ricksterpalacios 2 aylar önce
Imagine if bro did the durability test. 😳
Boxx 5 aylar önce
Okay, but I literally cant change my phone because im too broke.
Elegon David
Elegon David 5 aylar önce
Same here bro
Planet Games
Planet Games 5 aylar önce
Glad your using your battery on watching Arun
🇬🇧UK roads & transport
Same, I've had the same phone for 4 years, and it was a hand-me-down
AngyCucumber 5 aylar önce
90% of phone review video viewers:
Vortex 5 aylar önce
It would be interesting to compare modern budget phones to older flagships like the Galaxy S8/9/10
Swag Games PH
Swag Games PH 5 aylar önce
Usually for FPS, most users are relying on FPS when it comes to games, not the home screen or its animations. Some games will have a maximum FPS it can provide as long as the phone support it. If the game supports at max 120 same with the phone, some games if it detects lag, gpu dropped, it will lower the FPS to somewhere near 120 but if the phone supports 160, it will stay at 120 since the phone can support 160. But for the overall display, I totally agree that apple won that since they have a much controlled ui compared to android which is customizable. But for Gaming enthusiast, maximum FPS of the device is important, since you can use the maximum FPS the game can support without worrying of any FPS drops from the game, as long as the device have higher FPS compared to the game.
Zhong Xina
Zhong Xina 5 aylar önce
Fps consistency is far more important than peak FPS, and you don't need 120 fps to be a good gamer.
Swag Games PH
Swag Games PH 5 aylar önce
@Zhong Xina thats the thing i explained. If your phone maximum fps is higher than the games maximum fps, then ull have a better fps consistency.
Unknown 4 aylar önce
@Zhong Xina higher fps doesn't make you a better gamer but it's important for better gamers it's huge difference for them it can help you win more often.
LSP 4 aylar önce
A high refresh rate screen that has poor latency is not a good screen for shooter players, especially since most shooters(pubg, cod, DOOM etc) require low latency and.high refresh rate to win in battles.
DarkWaver 2 aylar önce
@Unknown That is factually incorrect, 240hz and 360hz have no real proven benefits in real tests today, it is a technical possible benefit. They use it cause they might as well. Not cause there is a proven benefit to it.
Red Dead red head
Red Dead red head 3 aylar önce
I’m a die hard apple fan and I stand by their phones and always preferred them over anything else but I might actually switch and I will always trust this guy’s opinion. Honestly I thought my 128 gb of storage was a lot but 512? I wouldn’t even use half of that.
Fermitu Poupon
Fermitu Poupon 5 aylar önce
The margin between the ROG CPU and the iPhone CPU isn't nearly as big as the margins between the two GPUs. ROG scores 5617 vs 6280 for the iPhone in the multicore CPU test. Whereas the iPhone scores 3540 in the GPU test compared to the 6336 for the ROG. Same goes for the overall score where the iPhone scored 930K and the ROG scored 1323K. So the one test that the iPhone wins has a margin of 12% in favour of the iPhone. Yet the tests where the ROG phone wins have margins of over 50% in favour of the ROG phone. To me saying that the marginal performance advantage for the CPU in the iPhone is sufficient to equalise the overall performance differences to the extend where the category is a draw is just ridiculous. Yes the iPhone CPU is 12% faster than the ROG CPU. But the iPhone GPU is barely half of the ROG phone GPU and so is overall performance. Same goes for the comparison using Bloons, which is notoriously a CPU bound game. It's almost as if you purposely picked a game that doesn't take advantage of the ROG phone's hardware, to make the iPhone look better. Rather than actually running a number of games and doing a proper test. Also the ROG 7 Ultimate is an 1199 euro phone in my country, whereas the iPhone 14 Pro that you've been showing, starts at 1449 euro if you want the 512GB model. So it's 350 euro more to buy the iPhone. Which only really manages to provide a better camera and marginally better screen. But loses in every other way. It's slower in games, it's much more expensive, the sound is worse, the battery doesn't last as long, it charges slower. Is it worth changing platforms over? Probably not. The amount of hassle involved in changing platforms is insane. The sheer inconvenience of having to jump through a thousand and one hoops in order to get like 80% of things sort of transferred over is not worth the hassle. And the UX on both Android and iOS is about equally bad. Either it's Google spying on you and bloatware that you can't uninstall taking up a massive chunk of storage. Or it's a completely locked down ecosystem where you have near zero control as a user. It's a lose-lose scenario from the get-go.
ALFIAN ZUHARDY 4 aylar önce
As an adroid user,i love the rog phones throughout the years,def gonna get me one if i have the money,but the iphone does do some things better,so just choose whatever u prefer more,as i am a fan of huge batteries,audio,and gaming,ill choose the android.
Annual Salt06
Annual Salt06 5 aylar önce
I am proud to be a ROG Phone user ❤
kamkom 5 aylar önce
Hey Mrwhosetheboss I think the better way for testing wifi speeds is using local speedtest instead of google one. If you run two devices with speedtest like in your video your router will split bandwith uneven and you can get worse results. Also those speedtest are flawed because they can use different servers for testing speeds which can make false result. The best and most reliable method of testing is using locally hosted speedtest like librespeed or just iperf.
Tiago Aylar önce
The main aspect why people choose Iphone's over android is not because of hardware specs but the operating system itself
Rob 5 aylar önce
Had a 14 pro max, as did my wife and son. The searching for the right picture to focus on is/was annoying. After 6 months my sons new pro max just up and quits on him....ALOT. Just shuts down. All apps updated and still way too often just quits. Haven't been impressed with performance at all. It looks the best and has the "nicest lines" etc, but after 14 iterations I personally would not upgrade again to the 14 pro max. 12 is virtually the same phone. Don't upgrade yet. Dynamic island is simply another gimmick. Not worth that for all the other headache. I do appreciate your time and effort in your videos!!👊🏻👊🏻
gio1135 4 aylar önce
you should do real world tests like running standoff 2 or other games that aren't capped at 60 frames. when reviewing a gaming phone, you should also compare other gaming experiences like connecting gamepads, keyboard and mouse, cloud gaming like geforce now; test things gamers will actually be doing
I'm sure that he is the best tech content creator who is consistent and always come up with quality contents. Most of the time when I watch tech related contents i usually skip and watch the part I wanted to know . But when I watch your videos, I will never skip and always watch the full video.. love your videos man!❤
Satheerth Machan
Satheerth Machan 5 aylar önce
Ada are you from kerala
@Satheerth Machan ahn bro
Krishnaprasad 5 aylar önce
​@Satheerth Machan evde nokkiyalum😂
​@Krishnaprasad pinnala 🔥
Satheerth Machan
Satheerth Machan 5 aylar önce
@Krishnaprasad 😅😅
Hiren Waghela
Hiren Waghela 5 aylar önce
Amazing comparison. However, both devices serve different purposes so I guess, ROG should be compared with other gaming phones 🤔
Erdie5 5 aylar önce
All the tech specs on flagships at this point are basically awesome. Now other factors that used to be less critical, are becoming the deciding factors. Criteria like the OS, stance on privacy and support life are now critical. And, well, that makes sense. When everything else is roughly equal, you've got to use other metrics to decide. I'm guessing that's why iOS has seen such an influx lately. Heck I'm guilty. Android user since my Galaxy S2 in 2011, now on iPhone 13. And that's exactly why we switched over.
MM Gamers Block
MM Gamers Block Aylar önce
ROG designs just look beyond great.
NamesAreOld 5 aylar önce
I like the fact he has sacfraficed his time to show us the massive difference between these 2 neat phones. Thank you.
Elvis Chibundu
Elvis Chibundu 5 aylar önce
Sacrifice? Dude that's his job LMFAO
NamesAreOld 5 aylar önce
Visionary Tech
Visionary Tech 5 aylar önce
​​@Elvis Chibundu Still though, 12 hours sitting and waiting for the phone batteries to die is still quite a lot of time to spend.
Pirationer 5 aylar önce
​@Visionary Techand he earns 12 years of money in those 12 hours so ofc anyone with a grain cell of brain would do it
Elvis Chibundu
Elvis Chibundu 3 aylar önce
@Visionary Tech Just the revenue of this video is enough to pay all your dept so it is not like he is doing it for free
Endless king
Endless king 2 aylar önce
I heard the rog Pro has an iOS that may be only a 2-year contract . They are not sure if they will contract for more. Meaning no updates.
randomrider 5 aylar önce
If you run both speed tests at the same time, the speed will drop by a lot. You should also check wether or not the phones are on the same Wi-Fi frequency/technology.
Shin Taroo
Shin Taroo 5 aylar önce
of course they already done that
jack afron
jack afron 5 aylar önce
​@Shin Taroo Right lol
Flippy 5 aylar önce
The test is done correctly because, when you're gonna play, no one is going to stop using their phone just because you are playing.
Dana Vidal
Dana Vidal 5 aylar önce
@Flippy well, not exactly, the test flood the bandwith so it is not a real scenario and is unlikely that in your house there will be SO MANY streaming services at the same time in my house worst case scenario 30 Mbps (TV streaming 4k and two devices 1080p) in the background and still i get 900 Mbps on my phone, something is weird with his wifi
Flippy 5 aylar önce
@Dana Vidal rewatching the vid, I saw what you meant. Seems like his router might indeed have a problem
S NR 5 aylar önce
I think the charging brick included in the box is only 30W while the phone supports up to 65W. If that's the case then this is not the max charging speed for ROG.
ibrahim salah
ibrahim salah 5 aylar önce
If it was the 65W it would only take around 42m to fully charged
Abhishek Bose
Abhishek Bose 5 aylar önce
And yet we all know the ROG phone will not be used as a daily driver by either Arun or us, especially when you include unboxing as a feature score 😂
ConMan 2 aylar önce
when watching the internet test, I was amazed at how low both turned out to be, Idk if its the US or if its just me but got almost 400 mbps download
A-mox 5 aylar önce
I'm using Rog 2 and it's been my best android phone so far. The speed is just insane
Sidthixay Choummanivong
You might wanna test the long term use, cuz every IPhone I've used get sooo much slower and overheat after a year.
HS Ng 5 aylar önce
Great entertaining review. Regarding the gaming comparison, there is one factor not considered - prolonged gaming in hot summer. Other reviews showed how the ROG with cooler maintained 60fps whereas others including iphones started to drop fps.
Doxa 5 aylar önce
Also another suggestion is something no reviewer I have seen does, which is categories in comparison can't be seen as equal depending on the basis of that comparison for instance in this video packaging is more of a gimmick than an actual perk based on the basis of this comparison and in the same vein camera, cos anyone buying a gaming phone isn't really interested in a mind-blowing camera just one that can take useable shots. What I am trying to say is that when assigning points categories of lower importance get lesser points and vice versa, this will help more in your camera comparison
Red Paris
Red Paris Aylar önce
I have the ROG 6 Pro and I can say its INSANE. You get all kinds of looks and just moving around the phone is lighting fast. Best phone ive ever owned
Theeraj 4 gün önce
is it good enough for competitive gaming?
Red Paris
Red Paris 4 gün önce
@Theeraj It's mostly just for the flex. I don't even really play games
Rivre Fraser
Rivre Fraser 5 aylar önce
For anyone who doesn't know, antutu for Android and IOS are incomparable. Still though, for an android phone, over 1.3 million is insane!
Mark Greenwood aka NANDOFF Data Recovery
Excellent review.. top job 🙂
Rik Hayes
Rik Hayes 5 aylar önce
Seeing the battery test done was great but it would be great if you did the massive comparisons again between flagships etc
Eikott 4 aylar önce
He didn't even use the fast charging port on the ROG. It's on the left side of the phone for docking in landscape mode. His reviews suck.
 ‎​​​فهد الدوسري
@Eikott no one cares what you think though, do they?
 ‎​​​فهد الدوسري
You just seem upset that people care what Arun has to say but not you.
Electric Albatross
Electric Albatross 5 aylar önce
Arun: runs multiple benchmark tests to get an accurate view of performance Also Arun: tests a single 2D game to determine gaming performance 😒
Ronny E
Ronny E 5 aylar önce
Also without putting the ROG on X mode 😅
@Ronny Ein the rog 7 it turn on automatically after putting cooler on, and he had
Nivan Nair
Nivan Nair 23 gün önce
​@llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIno it doesn't. You have to set it in the armory crate to make it turn on automatically. X mode can't be activated without the aerocooler
E 5 aylar önce
Another important comparison is durability. Mishaps are inevitable. It not really practical for a youtube video to test though.
Rayan Harb
Rayan Harb 4 aylar önce
I have the iphone 14 pro max and the ROG phone 6. You are right. It’s a great phone. However, in 4 months time, the charger stopped working. And the finger print and the camera stopped working. I have contacted Asus. They said it is made for a local market in Honk Kong. Can’t fix it in the UK. Can’t fix it in the UAE. My phone became basically worthless. Also, the camera is very very bad (before it stopped working). I have come to the conclusion that we should always stick to Iphone or Samsung.
Kai Rahman
Kai Rahman 5 aylar önce
I think you should make the charging category a draw. Which phone would charge faster using the same charging brick?
leonjurki7 Aylar önce
"Look how good the camera is" Me: watching on 144p😁👍👍👍
Tandeo 5 aylar önce
It’s the subscribe segment for me 😅 I died at “ You won’t Rog-gret it “ 😂😂 these things don’t really work and he knows it but Arun still says them regardless… And hands down we still see the same Arun pushing his limit to give great content 🙂
Kokoman Gaming
Kokoman Gaming 5 aylar önce
I owned ip14pro max and I felt like when it comes to gaming, ROG phone is better. I'm rooting for the ROG 7 ultimate ✌️
sneakprev1984 5 aylar önce
my biggest gripe with the ROG would be looks and build quality... those ROG phones have a history of not passing Jerry's bend test... Great video nevertheless!
Sesat kun
Sesat kun 5 aylar önce
Bro what?😂
NurseGamer 2 aylar önce
I have my rog 5 phone. Still the better phone compared to 80 users out there, i believe. I work hard for this, someday ill upgrade my device, love ROG phones.
Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry 5 aylar önce
You should really start incorporating the S23 ultra in all these tests you do. It's pretty much THE flagship phone of 2023😐
Game Boss Daddy
Game Boss Daddy 19 gün önce
Not me still having too much fun with a OnePlus 8t+ having 2 batteries that fully charged in less than 30 mins, 12 GB of ram, waterproof, badass camera, I wish they just kept making good ones like that
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