Farm where 4 were killed had separate shooting last summer

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The shooting that left four dead at a California mushroom farm on Monday was at least the second time an employee tried to kill a coworker on the property, records show.

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26 Oca 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Haven Birbヘブン
The losses are severe, but if there's a history of violence there, then the farm needs to be separately investigated by OSHA
Slo Mo
Slo Mo Aylar önce
The suspect Chunli Zhao himself posted a video online before showing bullet holes in trailers in that farm. In that video he said he would never resort to shooting. But he ended up doing exactly that.
Murderin' Murdaugh
Murderin' Murdaugh Aylar önce
free my old head Yang
Young Goodman Brown
MK Ultra is a hell of a drug....
Jim Doe
Jim Doe Aylar önce
The farm where Paul crashed his car and his passenger walked away
Sengsavang Hansana
Sengsavang Hansana Aylar önce
Whole story please 🤔, y do u show a fraction of the details!
Christina Pomponio
Christina Pomponio Aylar önce
If they are having all these ppl wanting to kill their boss at this farm )this is not a defense for the shooters) maybe they are being severely mistreated and someone should look into it...... before they have another employee wanting to kill their boss there.
FriedChicken Aylar önce
Workplace shooting are always something to do with management. Not victim blaming here but you can't treat people like sh and expect no retaliation, especially last couple of years.
Francisco Figueroa
Francisco Figueroa Aylar önce
Must be a magic shroom
shay stern
shay stern Aylar önce
there's a farm in frisco?
Paula Gandolfo
Paula Gandolfo Aylar önce
Not IN the city. About 50 miles South. Farmland. Artichokes and Garlic. And blueberries.
Rich Hauxwell
Rich Hauxwell Aylar önce
Murderin' Murdaugh
Murderin' Murdaugh Aylar önce
there is something in the soy sauce
Phil Lansing
Phil Lansing Aylar önce