Fall Catfish #1, River Fishing Huge Flathead And Blue Cats, Plus Gar

M. Hood Fishing
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Targeting eater sizes and bigger catfish early in the morning.




6 Kas 2016




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Daniel Walston
Daniel Walston Yıl önce
Doing good there my friend! I have a simple recipe for that big op if you want me to send it to you!
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones Yıl önce
He was homeless u should gave him the fish never forget where u come from u could have blessed him it was his choice
Dididjsnebdjdud Sksjskksjssjsj
Big fish like that especially out of the Mississippi gonna do zero good for him besides maybe a stay in the hospital from the containment's
Ben Hawryszko
Ben Hawryszko Yıl önce
Great video. Good size fish. You should do a bowfin day.
Khale hooks are the worst designed hooks ever made. There pointless. Looked like you left a scale on the point of the hook. Luckily you still hooked up.
sticky rice
sticky rice Yıl önce
You been eating too much cat..
Steve Hogan
Steve Hogan Yıl önce
ah, see what happens... I spoke before watching,,, nice looking couple of cats.
Steve Hogan
Steve Hogan Yıl önce
Hey M. Hood. I've seen you do some catch and cooks but not really on catfish... have I just missed those vids or do you tend to end fewer catfish than others? Just curious. Really enjoy your vids. Catching up with some vids I missed earler. Get to go surf fishing tomorrow at the beach finally. Hope it goes well. Thanks. Nice Alligator Gar. Looks like he may have swallowed,,,,nope, easy peasy and an exciting release. Cool.
Colelikesfishing Yıl önce
Can you do a Sac a lait catch and cook
Scott O,Donahoe
Scott O,Donahoe 2 yıl önce
Flathead fillets are my second favorite pink meat !
jessie garcia
jessie garcia 2 yıl önce
Always release big cat fish they have to breed ,
no one really 5
no one really 5 2 yıl önce
Wow, here you’re talking about needing fish in your freezer “like so many other people in the south “and you turned away a homeless man when he all but begged for that catfish. I have one word for you sir , Unsubscribe.
rb tc
rb tc Yıl önce
Dude wasn't homeless he was just trying to get a free fish. I've Met many people like that.
Chip Whackerman
Chip Whackerman Yıl önce
I just got back from that spot and if I was catching them and some one said that they were hungry I would not have the heart to turn them down. .. I caught a couple of nice ones there today Depending on the water level there are spots that will snag you consistently. ..
Cummins diesel addiction
give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat for a life time. those fish take years to get that big and should be let go so they can spawn and make more so people can catch them for years to come. eat the little ones and let the big mature ones go.
Doyle Wright
Doyle Wright 2 yıl önce
Great video
Chip Whackerman
Chip Whackerman Yıl önce
It is, but in some areas there are lots of snags, I just got back from their awhile ago with a few catfish myself. ..
Allen Monroe
Allen Monroe 2 yıl önce
My favorite show!
kc fox
kc fox 2 yıl önce
The bigger the flathead the better they taste and opposite goes for blue cat smaller the better
Chip Whackerman
Chip Whackerman Yıl önce
I just came back from that exact spot with a couple of nice blue catfish I didn't know that about flatheads, thanks for the info
Von Vomit
Von Vomit 3 yıl önce
When you started to mess with the gill plates I thought that you might have hit his gills. But you didn't. Nice flathead!
Robert Warren
Robert Warren 3 yıl önce
do a catch clean and cook
wilton demuth
wilton demuth 3 yıl önce
you kept the wrong fish flat head cats never get to big to eat those blues are almost to big they get oily and fatty 80 lb flathead is as good as a 2 lb flathead
Chip Whackerman
Chip Whackerman Yıl önce
I didn't know that, thanks, I just got back from that exact spot with a few blue catfish, I am glad to know that thanks
Richard Binell
Richard Binell 3 yıl önce
That gar is an amazing prehistoric fish. Nothing mamby-pamby about using caution when the SOB has teeth like that. Good work releasing the fish.
froggleggers 4 yıl önce
Good Call with letting that Flathead go. Another thing to consider is that the older they get the more pollutants they have in their meat. Mercury and other nasties.
froggleggers 4 yıl önce
Nice. LOL that Gar wanted some of you.
CatfishTales 4 yıl önce
Robert Mount
Robert Mount 4 yıl önce
I'm glad you let the big one go...
Robert Mount
Robert Mount 4 yıl önce
You had a scale on the tip of your hook. Gotta clean them off
SoLo Aquatics
SoLo Aquatics 4 yıl önce
I need some cat in my freezer also. I'd love for you to take me fishing in the river!! m. Hood
Jeff S
Jeff S 4 yıl önce
nice job calling the law on those people gill netting, you douchebag
Da Reptile
Da Reptile 4 yıl önce
Do you take in people wanting to join you? Seems fun and you seem cool to me. I'd really like to catch some crabs.
nikki bby
nikki bby 4 yıl önce
never mind thank you subbed
nikki bby
nikki bby 4 yıl önce
whats the length of that rod please?
pesca CON chuchin
pesca CON chuchin 4 yıl önce
I subscribe to your channel I hope you do the same thing in that part of the country you are a good channel.
Phillip Rader
Phillip Rader 4 yıl önce
on the live bait when you put the hook threw you didn't clean the scales of the tip so that's more than likely why you missed that run
pete sampson
pete sampson 4 yıl önce
If you ever run into someone who really wants a fish to eat and you don't want to kill the fish in hand? Offer the leftover bait. I've actually done it a few times and everyone leaves happy. And, out of the Mississippi, a 30lb cat is no treat. In addition to tasting like mud it would hold a hefty dose of various chemicals as well. I don't really eat enough fish to worry too much about contaminants but for catfish I only really like them under about 14-16inches. Where I do most of my catfishing I generally get about a dozen little ones for every one over 5lbs. (This is in Minnesota where they grow slower.) or so so collecting enough for a meal is rarely a problem.
stu welsh
stu welsh 4 yıl önce
you handled that guy begging, way better than I would of, haha. nice fish man
Dylan Sizemore
Dylan Sizemore 4 yıl önce
was he smoking a joint around 13 min and 40 seconds ?? lol nice fish by the way
Lonestar Angling
Lonestar Angling 10 aylar önce
I'm here 4 years later wondering the exact same thing, it must have been a rollie or a joint lol
Wiggy 4 yıl önce
What a nice fish
The Trucking Fish
The Trucking Fish 5 yıl önce
That is an awsome bait alram! What kind is it???
Chatt Cats Fishing
Chatt Cats Fishing 5 yıl önce
Nice job!
Brandon Justes
Brandon Justes 5 yıl önce
Two things I laughed out loud about: 1. When that gar turned on you. 2. When the guy threw his cast night out and it didn't open AT ALL. Awesome video! Can't wait to see more!
: 0
: 0 5 yıl önce
Thar was a fish that I got it was small I was swing it around a catfish jumped to get it and thar was a catfish I named boby yep he took the bobber 😅
JKV 5 yıl önce
Where are you fishing at in this video??
Lorin Hillery
Lorin Hillery 5 yıl önce
What state are you in? Do you ever come into Arksnsas?
JoEDirt Blah
JoEDirt Blah 5 yıl önce
Was u smoking a joint man💨😜😈🌳💯
dont set the hook on circle hook rookies
Nate03 Kahn
Nate03 Kahn 5 yıl önce
Hey just a lit isle tip when hooking cut bait or live bait always remove the scales from the hook point it could cause missed fish
Dustin Budd
Dustin Budd 5 yıl önce
When I catch a gar I kill it because they just eat the other fish
Chip Whackerman
Chip Whackerman Yıl önce
We kill fish and eat them too
stu welsh
stu welsh 4 yıl önce
Dustin Budd so do the Catfish. it's the circle of life buddy
Brendan O
Brendan O 5 yıl önce
I would also say that a fish that big is a good breeder size, especially if it was a female.
Country Girl Fishing
For all the hard work you put in this summer and got skunked , you sure did make up for it !!!! Good job and great catches !!! ^5 you deserve it
Bass Killer
Bass Killer 5 yıl önce
Nice flat it always good to a big one go swiming away
Angry Angler
Angry Angler 5 yıl önce
nice flathead bro congrats
Lenny Gid
Lenny Gid 5 yıl önce
Great ! cook some up and have a few cold ones as well .
Jared 5 yıl önce
What's the name of the fish indicator
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing 5 yıl önce
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail 5 yıl önce
that place really looks nice.
landryj1k 5 yıl önce
We had fun in delecroix yesterday. Took home 15 trout and a nice 22inch red. That's about all I want to clean! Nice catfishin man.
jose's and victor's fishing channel
cool video and nice catfish
Hunter Watkins
Hunter Watkins 5 yıl önce
great video man. Your my favorite fishing youtuber
The Road Jack
The Road Jack 5 yıl önce
dp you set the hook with kahl hooks or reel it like a circle hook???
Angry Angler
Angry Angler 5 yıl önce
i use trokar king kahles 9/0s and I always set them best hooks I've used for flatheads
Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon 5 yıl önce
The sob story beggar crap was annoying. Good on you for not falling for it.
Fishing with Billy
Fishing with Billy 5 yıl önce
Ohh yea its that time a year! I've managed to catch multiple big cats the last few weekends!
SproozGooz 5 yıl önce
wow, those were some giants
Rebelution122 1
Rebelution122 1 5 yıl önce
You left a scale on your hook
Fishing with Billy
Fishing with Billy 5 yıl önce
2:20 he did!
Andrew Saldivar
Andrew Saldivar 5 yıl önce
A flathead like that deserves to swim away... nice fish man.
creek and pond fishin
he is not to big to eat i dont know why everybody says that
Steve Hogan
Steve Hogan Yıl önce
Lot's of us like to leave the big one just for the sake of leaving the big ones. More little ones than there are big ones.
Reel EcstasyOhio
Reel EcstasyOhio 5 yıl önce
They say too big to eat because the bigger they are the longer they have lived. Catfish are very sensitive to things in the water because of their sensory organs. So most people don't eat larger catfish just for the reason that they have basically been a water filter and have a ton of toxins in them. This also is affected by where you fish greatly.
Uknowjusticemill 5 yıl önce
What ever bites because smaller fish taste better but not to small the like 5-10 pound fish are best
Joseph Hoag
Joseph Hoag 5 yıl önce
Hey hood we're is that area about I stay in New Orleans n I been tryin to get me some nice cats I went fishing today on highway 1 and caught 3specks n a nice flounder but I'm tryin to get a freezer full of cats can u give me some advice on river hot spots I'd appreciate it
Vearon The Owl
Vearon The Owl 5 yıl önce
M. Hood Fishing i have a challenge for you. Catch a fish with a pickle.
Outdoorsman 55
Outdoorsman 55 5 yıl önce
Great video where do you live
Super Hank Outdoors
Super Hank Outdoors 5 yıl önce
That's s nice flattie!
Super Hank Outdoors
Super Hank Outdoors 5 yıl önce
Awesome job releasing that flattie!! I have eaten flatheads in the past but always let them go now.
anajay78 5 yıl önce
How does the Shakespeare gear hold up?
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing 5 yıl önce
The rods are ok. The reels with all metal parts are ok yet there are some with plastic parts that suck.
mark long
mark long 5 yıl önce
I tried live bait a few times trying to catch trout and they seem to like fake lures
Super Hank Outdoors
Super Hank Outdoors 5 yıl önce
I've never known cats to roll on top, only carp
Joseph Hoag
Joseph Hoag 5 yıl önce
M. Hood Fishing hey hood id like to go fishing wit u sometime u seem to be on the fish everywhere u go man n I wanna catch some nice fish I have transportation I'll go where ever hit me up if interested man I live in Kenner jus give me a call if interested 5042958513 I'm Joey
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing 5 yıl önce
They do it at sun rise and sun set a lot. We call it boiling.
Foxey! 5 yıl önce
Any tips on fishing the muddy rivers Ohio and muskingnum? Bait/Location/etc?
thrasher king
thrasher king 3 yıl önce
The Muskingdom is wonderful for flatheads though I personaly wouldn't eat em, there's a couple good spots right around zanesville and you can hit the licking river as well from near the Y bridge, live bluegill and larger shad work great but when all else fails cut the shad and cast to the nearest structure
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing 5 yıl önce
I've never fished there.
Samuel Bayse
Samuel Bayse 5 yıl önce
you make great videos man.
Boi_Boi Fortnite
Boi_Boi Fortnite 5 yıl önce
M. Hood Fishing
red red
red red 5 yıl önce
M. Hood Fishing make sure to get the scale off the hook
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing 5 yıl önce
Thank you.
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