failing a test with mom and dad

Alex Griswold
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24 Kas 2021




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- p.e.r.s.o.n - 8 aylar önce
imagine having parents like this
The reds football Liverpool
I wish
Scrimples 20 gün önce
i dont have to imagine my parents ARE like this
Candy Paiz Rafael
Candy Paiz Rafael 2 aylar önce
I know your life would be the best 🤩✨
💜 Katie 💜
💜 Katie 💜 2 aylar önce
this is how my parents are
anime panda
anime panda 2 aylar önce
i wish
Suguna Kini
Suguna Kini 6 aylar önce
"failing a test with mom and dad" My parents: ur out of the house
Brittney Parry
Brittney Parry 3 aylar önce
Hanakøi Mikori!
Hanakøi Mikori! 3 aylar önce
Kamekaha52(#kalteam) 3 aylar önce
Alex:"Everybody isnt perfect, and that good grades doesnt mean anything" My mom who alnost traumatized me: "u sure about that?"
Gizzy 3 aylar önce
Y'all will definitely be amazing parents, you already brighten up my day from my toxic situation
Korn 5 aylar önce
I love how this account is so comforting
Mythical Moon
Mythical Moon 7 aylar önce
Growing up asian, this means a lot. Thank you so much. I never want my kids to go thru what I did and I love this so much
discount chippys
discount chippys 3 aylar önce
park sunghoonie
park sunghoonie 3 aylar önce
yes i think the same thing :( i'll never scold my kids for their grades cuz thats just rocks :/
peach rose
peach rose 3 aylar önce
Yeah I go to one of the most competitive schools in my state and alot of kids have the stereotypical "asian" parents and so many of them are scared to go home if they've failed a test and are afraid they'll dissapoint their parents this would probably make so many of them feel better me too
🌰 ʰᵃᶻᵉˡ ⁿᵘᵗ 🌰
I love how this dude always ends it with something good
JustCallMeZen 5 aylar önce
i love you guys, my mom found out i failed my math test and you just made my day :') i wish you were my parents :''')
A.and.R 3 aylar önce
"But not for long..." my favorite sentence 😭😭❤️
I'm a Belieber
I'm a Belieber 3 aylar önce
Okay. Having super strict parents irl, this made me cry... you two are the best, thank you mom and dad.
Emma🦋✨ 8 aylar önce
Awww I like that they even try to cheer the kid up instead of just yelling at them this shows they actually care about their child’s mental health and not just how they appear to the public 😭✨
Floofycreaturesgalore 6 aylar önce
@fyreEXE The kid gets nowhere if they have mental breakdowns either, parents being overly strict hurts just as much in the long run as it does not being strict enough because at least then you can remember a time when you were supported
1ts_al3xx 8 aylar önce
You are also their kid and also me and everyone waching this
Goku 8 aylar önce
•🍯Honey🍯• 8 aylar önce
@Alex same:(
•🍯Honey🍯• 8 aylar önce
@Gok Son I agree when I was young my parents divorced and I lived with my father if I failed a test I would be banned for 1month and grounded for 2weeks :(((
Chelsea Formilleza
Chelsea Formilleza 3 aylar önce
Most of your videos are very entertaining but this is my favorite one, its...comforting especially for those who need it💜
Ember Riddle
Ember Riddle 5 aylar önce
This is actually legit what I needed to hear😭 thanks!!!
Johnnie Ndoho
Johnnie Ndoho 4 aylar önce
I wish I had parents as nice as you guys I've watch your videos every day
Usha Bhatt
Usha Bhatt 5 aylar önce
I wish I had parents like you both are. Lots of love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🙃
*toaster* 8 aylar önce
It would be a dream to have parents like this
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 5 aylar önce
@yuh 😃 I feel like you won’t want to achieve more by getting a laid back response to a bad grade, getting a more serious response to it would be better.
yuh 😃
yuh 😃 5 aylar önce
@Jar Jar Binks how though?
Toga 8 aylar önce
Yes I would love to have parents like this to
:-D 8 aylar önce
Dylan joe Neakarse knapp
@Jar Jar Binks yea
Chris_vector 5 aylar önce
Thank you, these bids always make my day and make me happy because there are actually people trying
logan sanders
logan sanders 6 aylar önce
this made me feel better. i’m currently flunking all my classes except for 2 and i’m super stressed about it because i’m failing it and have a crap ton of assignments missing which really isn’t helping and i accidentally left my grades on the table and my mom saw it- she scolded me and said if i didn’t figure out what to do about my grades and have them fixed by monday she’d take away my phone and any electronics until i fix my grades. it’s currently 10:33 pm and im crying doing my 3rd page of math homework in my bed without my mother knowing.
RayJay 3 aylar önce
Watching this made me cry 😪 I didn't have the most loving or kind parents and when I was so proud of my first B they were disappointed that it wasn't a better grade. Sorry for the over sharing but I really appreciate your channel it's helping me heal ❤ Keep being Wonderful ❤
SANIC 6 aylar önce
Watching a movie after doing bad on a test always cheers me “Up”
iism. Jeyez
iism. Jeyez 8 aylar önce
you guys are the best parents anyone could ever imagine why can’t everyone have parents like you?
happeh dog
happeh dog 6 aylar önce
Cos they dont spend money
nwt 7 aylar önce
They need to chill with the ice cream or we'll be fat though...
i'M thE OriginAl viSuAl bIsH
@Simply Mudblood 💗 exactly
Simply Mudblood 💗
Simply Mudblood 💗 7 aylar önce
@i'M thE OriginAl viSuAl bIsH ah I agree, thats spoiling the kids too much, I feel like most parents are either too strict or too chill, theres a fine line there which most parents Dont balance ngl
i'M thE OriginAl viSuAl bIsH
@Simply Mudblood 💗 true. That's kinda what I said. Doing good things and motivating your kids when they worked hard but failed is good and stuff. But they shouldn't let the kid off the hook for sneaking out or faking getting sick
Quackery 6 aylar önce
This actually made me cry thank you mom and dad
Taetae 🍷
Taetae 🍷 3 aylar önce
Thanks mom and dad. Yall are so comforting and understanding thank you.
Depression Jirou
Depression Jirou 6 aylar önce
I love you guys so much my parents think grades is all that matters so having you guys as parents is a nice change
Ajj Suuu
Ajj Suuu 3 aylar önce
I wish I had parents like yall. yall actually care about how we feel I wish my parents 😔
⚡️mīå⚡️ 7 aylar önce
“But not for long” is my favorite phrase to hear and it makes my day
fambam_114 5 aylar önce
And I was about to comment that
Jeraald Marcus
Jeraald Marcus 5 aylar önce
I wish you were my parents, I always am expected of an A on every test, even if I get a B, I'll get severely punished, your videos help me get over it, thanks for internet adopting me :)
GayFr0gz 5 aylar önce
Yes!! Thank you Mom and Dad! I recently failed a quiz and I feel rlly bad abt it!
James Lackamp
James Lackamp 6 aylar önce
Man I wish my parents were like this with some of the things I’ve done. Lol
Rannveer Bakshi
Rannveer Bakshi 3 aylar önce
Alex never forgets to include ice cream in the video 😂
waawwaaawa 8 aylar önce
Something to make this even better is that instead of watching a movie mom and dad will study with you while eating ice cream to tell us that it's okay to fail as failure is just a part of learning but to also try your best in everything and not ignore your responsibilities. Then maybe afterwards we can have movie night lol.
why r we here
why r we here 3 aylar önce
This is better
MJ3193 8 aylar önce
I feel that the movie before is better. Because when you Gail you aren't feeling too happy about it and would be scared to tell your parents and things. So the movie with them helps in bonding and builds trust and makes you feel ok about not doing well that time. Ofc you should look over it the very next day make sure it doesn't happen again.
Serenity Miller
Serenity Miller 8 aylar önce
I wish that would happen with mh parents
Kai 8 aylar önce
No the movie is way better. Think about it the last thing you would want to do is think about school after failing a test. The parents before the movie should reinforce or let their kids know that in WHATEVER they need help with studying cone to them. Does not matter if it's a simple question or hard question. NEVER TELL YOUR KIDS THEY ARE STUPID. NEVER TELL YOUR KIDS THAT IT WAS OBVIOUS AND HOW THEY DIDNT GET IT. The movie is an escape and a way for you to enjoy spending time with your parents. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk
Anderson S.
Anderson S. 3 aylar önce
Having a test tomorrow and seeing this really helps
Tiffany Helton
Tiffany Helton 5 aylar önce
I wish I had you guys as parents… 😭😭
Peace Keyz38
Peace Keyz38 5 aylar önce
I am so glad you do these videos you make me smile every day. So thanks guys keep it up
red-dale_PyL 5 aylar önce
All we can do for now is just daydreaming to have a parents like this
Lucas Wong
Lucas Wong 8 aylar önce
"Nobody is perfect" Students nowadays need to hear this and parents too. Cheating rates have skyrocketed because of the immense pressure of getting into good universities or just a simple test.
Mr Smore
Mr Smore 7 aylar önce
Yes if I ever fail a test my mom has made it very clear I will lose all games, movies, and my phone
Serenity Miller
Serenity Miller 8 aylar önce
So true
Benny Fisher
Benny Fisher 3 aylar önce
imagine having parents like this it would be so cool 😎
Maxsworld 5 aylar önce
i wish i had parents like this 😂
Andrew Willcox
Andrew Willcox 5 aylar önce
I love you guys. I wish my parents were like this
God’s_Great🥰 5 aylar önce
Having parents like this would be so good to me..🥺😞
Keith Hector
Keith Hector 8 aylar önce
This has to be the most unrealistic interpretation of parents I will ever see And that's hilarious
Noyerinolife 5 aylar önce
@OkIPullUp WHAT???????
Boppity 8 aylar önce
@OkIPullUp good for you! Im not that good at math, but im not terrible
OkIPullUp 8 aylar önce
@Boppity lol, i love maths i struggle with Arabic the most tho
Boppity 8 aylar önce
@OkIPullUp even math? Thats what im struggling with
l 4 aylar önce
I wish I had a family like this they are so kind
orsen 3 aylar önce
I appreciate that my parents just laugh it off if i failed a test, i at least did great on my fave subject and i tried my hardest
CheezSOCKS 🎗
CheezSOCKS 🎗 3 aylar önce
I bombed a quiz a few days ago and i was panicking the entire night. My teacher said he wasn’t grading it cuz a lot of people failed, but im still scared of my parents knowing. This helped me a bit.
Доктор Пеппеp
You guys are literally everyone’s dreams, no matter who
Lindz Laufeyson
Lindz Laufeyson 8 aylar önce
Man I wish I had parents like y’all. Your future child will love you with all their hearts.
ʟᴜᴍɪɴᴇ 3 aylar önce
thank you so much honestly you guys are the best continue your content you guys are the ideal parents :D
Snowiy Workshop
Snowiy Workshop 3 aylar önce
You guys sound like awesome parents.
William Bryant
William Bryant 3 aylar önce
Got a 75 on a math test. My dad got so *ROCKING* angry. Still hurts even 4 weeks after.
Yohannes Abraham
Yohannes Abraham 2 aylar önce
You guys should do moving out or going to college with mom and dad!
jb.tastet 8 aylar önce
i love this. there’s a huge difference between studying hard for a test and failing and procrastinating the rocks out of your work and failing. you can tell which one gets punished
BroodjeNoodles 7 aylar önce
Exactly, i mostly fail my tests, i know all, but when i have a test my heart is betting 200 times a second and am really really stressed out
Mario maniac
Mario maniac 6 aylar önce
Imagine parents being like this hahahahaha
That-regular-guy 4 aylar önce
I wish I had you guys as family
HARDBOTSPLAYZ22 2 aylar önce
I'd love to have parents like this but my mom and dad are just perfect
JettYT 3 aylar önce
Looking at all your videos I wish we had parents like you
Swati Mohan
Swati Mohan 8 aylar önce
If I had parents like this I would cry everyday at how lucky I am, they would probably be chill with me pursuing engineering over med aswell 🥲
why r we here
why r we here 3 aylar önce
Yeah but if they let you fail you wouldn't do either
Swati Mohan
Swati Mohan 7 aylar önce
@Si guy my parents want me to take med but I want to do aeronautical engineering and they won't listen to me, they weren't even happy when I got into MIT
Si guy
Si guy 7 aylar önce
I’m studying engineering paths right now! If it is that important to your parents and you (especially you) you can always look into biological engineering… you can design prosthetics’ and/or medicines. Good luck god bless
PKXDgirl 5 aylar önce
You’re gonna be the best parents ever!
YoimiyaSimp69 3 aylar önce
This was very comforting Why was your reaction so much better than my actual parents
PurpleGrap3z 6 aylar önce
If only my parents were like this, I tend to fail my maths tests and my mom will always scorn me :(
Gabezando 3 aylar önce
How I wish my biological parents were like this :)
A bottle Of Water
A bottle Of Water 8 aylar önce
I respect the idea and if your kid study’s really hard and still fails then that’s no problem. However I’d make sure that you don’t teach them into believing that they shouldn’t strive to get good grades. Btw I am a high school student
bruh;-; 8 aylar önce
200th like
yogurt male
yogurt male 8 aylar önce
agreed. sometimes you have to be taught a lesson
Crafting With Grace
Crafting With Grace 8 aylar önce
Yes I agree. My parents tell me that they know I work hard and do my best and so they don’t get mad over one bad grade. It doesn’t determine the rest of your life. But if they know you’re not putting in any effort and aren’t trying your best, then the parent should try to do something about that
✨StrawberryBb🍓 8 aylar önce
@SOUL yeah, like if they did their best and still failed you do this, but if they didn't try at all, then they'd be in trouble
SOUL 8 aylar önce
If they work hard to get a good grade on a test i would do this but I wouldn't if they just did nothing
Someone unknown
Someone unknown 6 aylar önce
When I hear “but not for long” I know something‘s gonna be good
the real jonah marshall
The "You'll be scared but not for long" *It never get old.*
Tickiee_ 6 aylar önce
I wish I had my parents that happy about stuff😭
Gooserton 5 aylar önce
“No one is perfect” My mom wants the complete opposite of those words. Even a B’s made me look useless in her eyes. Having parents who don’t believe that if you fail your test your a failure, would be lovely.
Eravere 8 aylar önce
As someone who is a perfectionist and taking high school level classes in eighth grade, this makes me feel really good. My parents think I should have at least a 90 on my tests.
Sub if you want to
Sub if you want to 8 aylar önce
Same bro
Aparnaa Dutta
Aparnaa Dutta 8 aylar önce
Bro I take ap high school subjects in 8th grade and this is something I feel really uncomfortable ngl
ceasar salad
ceasar salad 8 aylar önce
The same happens with a friend of mine, they want him to have very good grades or else they will take their phone away for idk how much time
Cal 8 aylar önce
yeah... also did i just get beaned
sunshine 8 aylar önce
as someone who took three high school classes before they even started high school, don't pressure yourself. give yourself time and breaks. remind yourself that you're not even in high school and you're doing those classes!! i'm proud of you, and so is mom and dad
Termeh Afshar
Termeh Afshar 2 aylar önce
I did bad on a test and was super scared to show my parents. I wish all could be like this
Savannah Leopardpeak
Savannah Leopardpeak 5 aylar önce
I wish I could be your kid! You guys are awesome 😎
MissLyss 3 aylar önce
Uuhhh!! Literally failed a test last week! (haven't gotten the results, but I already know that they suck) So, thank you so much :) My real parents did nothing of the sort... ㅠㅠ
V's lifestyle
V's lifestyle 5 aylar önce
"Wish my parents were like this..BUT I STILL LOVE U MOM AND DAD
leah 7 aylar önce
You don't know how much this is helping me. My parents get mad at me for having an A-, and I always feel pressured to be perfect. Thank you so, so much for being like this 💗
water 3 aylar önce
@leah man for me same I got 5 tests in math I got A in 4 of them and B+ in one and now mom's mad
Ledion Zenelaj
Ledion Zenelaj 3 aylar önce
Tell me about it
leah 4 aylar önce
@ToyLover ty so much ❤
ToyLover 4 aylar önce
A- What?? You are amazing and awesome!! I know it. Just like said in video. Grades are not everything!!
logan sanders
logan sanders 6 aylar önce
i feel your pain, my mom gets mad at my for things i tried really hard on them failed- im so sorry about that
T$CKill$ 3 aylar önce
I love how they make these videos cool 🤣❤️❤️❤️
VRO GAZERS Zayed taj
VRO GAZERS Zayed taj 5 aylar önce
I wish I had parents like you
Non-binary Trash
Non-binary Trash 3 aylar önce
Tbh my parents really only care about my grades and not me as a person, so this means a lot to me.
DoggoPlaysRoblox 4 aylar önce
I wish you guys are my parents :D you guys are very awesome
isoscolated 3 aylar önce
I wish my real parents were like that. They’ve never gotten lower than an A- in their test
HARI THE MUSIC GUY 5 aylar önce
Its impossible to even imagine a parents like that
Adeline Hughes
Adeline Hughes 5 aylar önce
I wish you were my real parents😂it would be the best life ever💗
not.espresso 3 aylar önce
this is the parent i aspire to be
황재민 5 aylar önce
You guys' bio children will be sooooo lucky :")
Ewan Abdelaal
Ewan Abdelaal 3 aylar önce
Y’all r gonna be the best parents ever
Manya Siyal
Manya Siyal 6 aylar önce
U should do "the talk" With mom and dad! 😂
Abigail Hickey
Abigail Hickey 6 aylar önce
I love it when they go " But not for long "
Alana 7 aylar önce
This is how I wish my parents react when I get an 80/100 on a math exam instead of yelling at me in public
Kira Riedesel
Kira Riedesel 5 aylar önce
Kira Riedesel
Kira Riedesel 5 aylar önce
Ya lucly
The Happy Jens
The Happy Jens 5 aylar önce
I wisg my parents did this to
Äl3x ^-^
Äl3x ^-^ 5 aylar önce
If i had parents like that i woud wish on my every birthday that they live for forever
LordPlayz 5 aylar önce
Alright now I'm gonna fail my test on purpose to have ice-cream
Jordan 3 aylar önce
Binging every video on your account is honestly a guilty pleasure of mine
Faiths gacha studio
Faiths gacha studio 5 aylar önce
Your the best mom and dad! Love you! ❤️
that person
that person 8 aylar önce
Thank you, my parents hold me to really high standards, once I got a 97 on a paper and I got yelled at and they won’t listen when I talk about my anxiety and say I’m making it up for attention
Zaiger07 6 aylar önce
Are they gonna yell at you noe for getting 94 likes instead of 100? Also i feel bad for you
Pancake  Gamer
Pancake Gamer 6 aylar önce
@cleo It’s a joke
cleo 7 aylar önce
@Pancake Gamer like yeah they r toxic but umm why would they tell u thier address?
Me when the dog's out 😦
@Pancake Gamer i have guns and knifes, I dont know where they live
Swaggy chicken
Swaggy chicken 7 aylar önce
That's toxic
Nikki Coghlan
Nikki Coghlan 6 aylar önce
You guys are the best parents ever!
corinne and elise
corinne and elise 5 aylar önce
if i ever had kids i would never want them to go through what i have to go through. its tough. you guys make me so happy. i would kill to have parents like you.
grocki_the weird frog
grocki_the weird frog 6 aylar önce
Yall gonna be wonderful parents the kid is going to be lucky to have you guys
justingetsbankk 2 aylar önce
The parents we all wished he had.
Katherina Eliseeva
Katherina Eliseeva 8 aylar önce
I'm a teen and I love the way your parenting works but I think I'm going to make with my parents cuz they educate me well and they know what's fair or not. I'm happy with them.
RxseGolden xX
RxseGolden xX 4 aylar önce
When you guys actually become parents, the kid is going to be so lucky-
Jade Dunaway
Jade Dunaway 5 aylar önce
That makes me feel way better. 😊
Nothing pj Gammer
Nothing pj Gammer 5 aylar önce
Just imagine having this kind of parents
Joey Blaze
Joey Blaze 5 aylar önce
You guys made my day! Luv u✨✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️
hollie jo
hollie jo 8 aylar önce
This literally made me cry because of how strict my parents are when I don’t get anything but perfect. I have almost always done good but lately I have been falling behind and the outcome from my parents has not been good and all I want is for someone to tell me that I did good for once because it seems they never do
Andy 8 aylar önce
@hollie jo I know right, everyone thinks about them and my parents but I feel like no one gives a shit about my feelings
hollie jo
hollie jo 8 aylar önce
@Andy exactly, the first time I went to therapy (because of other reasons) we did a group thing with my parents and afterwords I was in the car with my dad and he goes “I think it’s really dumb you are depressed and suicidal, you have an amazing home with a roof over your head and food. You are so ungrateful” and I tried talking to my therapist about it a couple weeks later and she told me “ well it is your fault, you made him feel like he wasn’t doing enough” like how do you think I feel?
Andy 8 aylar önce
same bruh, and then they ask why do you even have stress..
Marz Gheric
Marz Gheric 8 aylar önce
we’re in the same situation, it sucks a lot. :(
MalikNeedsYogurt 8 aylar önce
@Ranvir Seemar where u live young boy
Boba_jelly 3 aylar önce
You are going to be great parents and I am sooooo happy I am part of this yt family!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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