failing a test with mom and dad

Alex Griswold
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24 Kas 2021




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imagine having parents like this
iism. Jeyez
you guys are the best parents anyone could ever imagine why can’t everyone have parents like you?
that person
Thank you, my parents hold me to really high standards, once I got a 97 on a paper and I got yelled at and they won’t listen when I talk about my anxiety and say I’m making it up for attention
Leah Clark
Leah Clark Gün önce
You don't know how much this is helping me. My parents get mad at me for having an A-, and I always feel pressured to be perfect. Thank you so, so much for being like this 💗
Namjoon's Third Child
This just made me feel great since it's our finals today and sadly I got an F
Lucas Wong
"Nobody is perfect"
The funny thing is that irl my mom has never failed a test and I recently failed one, so this made me feel so much better about myself
Amelia Kramer
Amelia Kramer 21 gün önce
“But not for long” is my favorite phrase to hear and it makes my day
AL_Playz 123
AL_Playz 123 28 gün önce
Imagine not having to get all A’s! That would take so much stress off of my shoulders!
Mythical Moon
Mythical Moon 12 saatler önce
Growing up asian, this means a lot. Thank you so much. I never want my kids to go thru what I did and I love this so much
It would be a dream to have parents like this
Swati Mohan
If I had parents like this I would cry everyday at how lucky I am, they would probably be chill with me pursuing engineering over med aswell 🥲
Enkhuun Otgoo
Enkhuun Otgoo 14 gün önce
I love having parents like this
Yesha Goyal
Yesha Goyal 9 saatler önce
Aw!! That's so sweet! You both are wonderful parents! I wish everyone had parents like you
SolarMoon 21 gün önce
I tried telling this to my Mom that not everyone is perfect, Instead of saying "Yes okay, Still please do better sometimes" she slapped me.
Keith Hector
This has to be the most unrealistic interpretation of parents I will ever see
Alana 14 gün önce
This is how I wish my parents react when I get an 80/100 on a math exam instead of yelling at me in public
Palanivelu Krishnamoorthy
You know, I never failed a test, but once I got 54 out of 100 and my parents scolded and beat me like crazy. I love this short so much because of their reaction.
Chocolate_Coffee_Bear 21 gün önce
My grandmother keeps saying that I have to get straight A's to be perfect, and she don't listen when I tell her whenever I get stressed, she always say "That's just an excuse to not do your homework"
Butterfly_NingNing 19 saatler önce
I needed this bc i just failed my class and my parents are dissapointed. I love you guys.
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