EXTREME BEDROOM MAKEOVER | aesthetic bedroom transformation✨🌥

hae shay
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thanks for clicking on my vid✨
i hope your day is going wonderful so far

in this video, i completely transform my bedroom. this extreme bedroom makeover is super aesthetic and fun to watch and the end result is so pretty.

⫸ for more info on where everything is from:
ROOM TOUR 2020: trvid.com/video/video-P76Hfnx9Zyc.html

⫸my social medias:
↳instagram: instagram.com/haeshay/
↳pinterest: pin.it/xajomlttmic7ed
↳blizzard's insta: instagram.com/bouncyblizz...


↳age: 19
↳camera: canon g7x & iphone 11 max pro
↳editing software: final cut pro x

⫸music used:
↳LUKREMBO - branch
↳LUKREMBO - cloud
↳LUKREMBO - daily
↳LUKREMBO - onion
↳ALTERO & NIWEL - coming home

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5 Mar 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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It's Davidia
It's Davidia 19 saatler önce
What size bed is it?
ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ 23 saatler önce
Aquí lo que yo me pregunto es Porque tantos dislikes??? :v
Tanya Rai
Tanya Rai Gün önce
Don't know why bt this still looks messy
シStxrmyNightsシ 3 gün önce
The fact that you even had the audacity to show us your messy room.
Shourya Chauhan
Shourya Chauhan 4 gün önce
What's the camera she is using??
Shadman Shihab
Shadman Shihab 4 gün önce
Your room is so cute look like you..🥰🥰
Mashfiqul Islam
Mashfiqul Islam 6 gün önce
love it👍
Tinhinene Khensous
Tinhinene Khensous 6 gün önce
I like her bed 🛌🏽🛌🏽😅😅
Manzura Murtazaeva
Manzura Murtazaeva 7 gün önce
where cosmetics?
Bren Hranica
Bren Hranica 8 gün önce
Shes so pretty
ariana mwanje vlogs!!
negin abbasi
negin abbasi 8 gün önce
Very good
Lorraine Garcia
Lorraine Garcia 8 gün önce
Oiiiii , sou brasileira e adoro seus vídeos! Beijos ♥️
Verónica Ruiz
Verónica Ruiz 8 gün önce
Wooow!! Everything looks awesome!
Shellisa Smith
Shellisa Smith 11 gün önce
its sooo beautiful how can you do that 😍
Litzy Jarillo
Litzy Jarillo 11 gün önce
Where’s the bed frame from ?
Manu ke Vlogs
Manu ke Vlogs 11 gün önce
Superb Ideas. Minimalism is best
Juliano Peixoto
Juliano Peixoto 12 gün önce
i love the result ,of the room 😍😍
Waniya Ajaz
Waniya Ajaz 12 gün önce
I really really love your bedroom😘
Dinesha Rathabale
Dinesha Rathabale 13 gün önce
Make is good
Michelle 13 gün önce
UGH! Your room came out so great! Your bed looks so comfy!
Ifra Arzoo
Ifra Arzoo 14 gün önce
Where did you order your furniture from
rosé park !♡
rosé park !♡ 16 gün önce
half of us watching don't even have their own room 😩
Ангелина Фатеева
Тут есть русские
prioshi barua
prioshi barua 17 gün önce
subashini 18 gün önce
trà my
trà my 19 gün önce
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army forever
army forever 20 gün önce
Quisiera tener aunque sea la abutacion pero no ni siquiera eso😥
Mariam Alam Nilima Official.
2:50 satisfied 😁
Mariam Alam Nilima Official.
Binod 😂
zahidah nasuha
zahidah nasuha 24 gün önce
Hi girl..May i ask the width and length of your room? Thanks in advance🌹
audrey lecocq
audrey lecocq 26 gün önce
Tu as un amoureux ou pas
hcaddict 26 gün önce
Kasur orang kok tebel² ya
Hema Immanni
Hema Immanni 26 gün önce
Can you give me your bed details???
Селима Эскаева
О черт, это ВАУ
Shreenika Shreenika
Shreenika Shreenika 26 gün önce
Wow beautiful and I love you da thank you for your Extreme bedroom design and I tried this 💞💞💞💞
fajing f
fajing f 28 gün önce
🙏💟Nice room❤💙❤
Prasanchi Lawande
Prasanchi Lawande Aylar önce
her back after this: oh hnnny ............Could you just stop l- damn that's AWESOMEψ(`∇´)ψ
Senali Malimbada
Senali Malimbada Aylar önce
Khabeer Husain
Khabeer Husain Aylar önce
Melissa F. Castellon
where did you get your bedding from? can you share the details pls
zij jisna
zij jisna Aylar önce
Suhaili Dan
Suhaili Dan Aylar önce
Beutiful 🥰😍
Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones Aylar önce
It’s nice how she did everything by herself but it would’ve been even nicer if she could talk in the video it would make it more interesting🙂
Arti Naik
Arti Naik Aylar önce
Well done 🙌🏻😍❤
Ella Barker
Ella Barker Aylar önce
Where did you get these things from? Can you list the links? (at least for the mesh thing that goes over the bed)
fatemeh zandi
fatemeh zandi Aylar önce
Your bedroom is very Beautiful 😍😍❤️i love it👌🏻
hanna wisniewska
hanna wisniewska Aylar önce
years without clean this room?🤦🤦
Айым Мун
Айым Мун Aylar önce
Mais Animado
Mais Animado Aylar önce
Parabéns, ficou muito bom. Fez tudo sozinha, ficou lindo, deve ter ficado cansada, mas o resultado valeu à pena!
Rahinsha Rafeeq. C
Rahinsha Rafeeq. C Aylar önce
Nice 👏👏👏 When I see this video,I started to make my room nice 😉
- AngelL0ve  -
- AngelL0ve - Aylar önce
That’s so cute- honestly- *im jealous* LOL
Nesrin Ali
Nesrin Ali Aylar önce
U3U Pani :)
U3U Pani :) Aylar önce
The correct girl card:)🫐🧊
Just another Potterhead
Y'all have aeasthetic wall decors.. meanwhile I have a lots of Biology charts on my wall😭 Well, I'm gonna re arrange my room as soon as I finish my final exam..
Ashley <3
Ashley <3 Aylar önce
Can I ask a question real quick, where do u store your clothes?
Gia Han Ho Ngoc
Gia Han Ho Ngoc Aylar önce
Need money to make that
Epidemic Kitchen
Epidemic Kitchen Aylar önce
Dream room!❤️
Ruth Velázquez
Ruth Velázquez Aylar önce
What’ s the name of the song of the minute 6:14 plisss
Whats App
Whats App Aylar önce
Janani P
Janani P Aylar önce
She is a talented girl
Diego Sanmartin
Diego Sanmartin Aylar önce
Hola quien me enseña hablar ingles
Raquel Chavez
Raquel Chavez Aylar önce
where did you get the bed
Buse Ekerbiçer
Buse Ekerbiçer Aylar önce
Çok güzel olmuş...beatiful 🤩
Faylady hub
Faylady hub Aylar önce
This is my first time viewing this channel I 💕 how you have so much commitment to clean everything in ur room GRLPWR💪
Pavithra Aji
Pavithra Aji Aylar önce
Your messy room is like my room and your beautiful room is in my dream
Congrats on 152k
Taleah Deon poole
Taleah Deon poole Aylar önce
8-year-old me: :o :p
Cristina Mendes
Cristina Mendes Aylar önce
Seu quarto é lindo
divya sawdekar
divya sawdekar Aylar önce
I : i wil also clean n decorated my room...😌🥰 . Also mi.: Bruhhhh i dont have enough money to buy some new things🙄😓
Charlotte Nicholas
Charlotte Nicholas Aylar önce
Please can someone tell me where the bed is from??!!
Zaki Aylar önce
the fact that, i can't afford all.
Let's start 🥰
Let's start 🥰 Aylar önce
Human Aylar önce
Me watching first 10 seconds -I thought my room is worst but my one is second to your one😮😮 Watching last few seconds -wow it's so cute😍😍
anime♡ Aylar önce
Sana's Happy Corner
Favorite Favorite Favorite Room Makeover Video Everr!!!
бахыт камзаева
kenneth svanberg
kenneth svanberg Aylar önce
wow. i like to mach at many roommake over on yt its just like so funny.
Soleen Rekani
Soleen Rekani Aylar önce
Wel don girl
pp lord
pp lord Aylar önce
This bedroom has no personality lmfao imagine being such a boring person that you would want to spend your time in a room like this
Cintia Casal
Cintia Casal Aylar önce
Quiero tus sábanas y tus almohadas😭💪
𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚕𝚢 𝚖𝚘𝚘𝚗.
is your bed thing a projector screen??
𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚕𝚢 𝚖𝚘𝚘𝚗.
i love your fairy lights and bed!
ashmit singh
ashmit singh Aylar önce
what are your walls made of,i mean what material? is it wood or something ?
Yasmeene McCaul
Yasmeene McCaul Aylar önce
I love the way it was just a big time-lapse and motage. It was a great makeover. And im sorry for everyone saying rude stuuf like "omg stop waisting your money" like its your money you earned and do whatever you want with it. But it turned out great and i love the white you were going with. We have this room in my house and it has just wardrobes in it, and i share a room with my sister and my 2 brothers share a room, and i really want my own room but we have nowhere to put the wardrobes, so im really upset. Although im just gonna ask for my own room for my Birthday and Christmas present together becuase my b-day is Dec 2nd and Christmas is just like right around the corner from it.
Ken Gupta
Ken Gupta Aylar önce
I didn't have any room but l like to watch
iheartvale Aylar önce
Hey, i recommend you to take the chair out because you are calling a spirit to watch you sleep
Kadek Artini
Kadek Artini Aylar önce
I don't like cleaning the bedroom, but I like watch people cleaning the bedroom. I like your video, so cool✨✨
jonhiba🖤😥 Aylar önce
Waw a!
fatima alaa
fatima alaa Aylar önce
سالفة البرده اووووووفرررر حيل + قديمه
Lami Akindele
Lami Akindele Aylar önce
this is so impressive! the fact that you did this entirely by yourself is motivating me
Mystery Case
Mystery Case Aylar önce
Anybody else who got adds from youtube just before the reveal 😂
Shiza Ali
Shiza Ali Aylar önce
Gotta subscribe you!!! ❤️
Uzma Khan
Uzma Khan Aylar önce
Such a beautiful 😍room 😍😍😍adorable💫💖
Adeena Maryam
Adeena Maryam Aylar önce
This is my dream
bong thear
bong thear Aylar önce
Sanskriti Ghosh
Sanskriti Ghosh Aylar önce
What did you use to stick the mini pictures on the wall ( not the frame ones)
Alicia M
Alicia M Aylar önce
Où as tu acheter les rideau sur lit ?
Lea Lisa Träger
Lea Lisa Träger Aylar önce
Omg that’s soooooo nice
room transformation 2021!!! (much needed)
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