Explosive powered nut cracker vs. metal nuts

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I've been waiting for the crossover episode between my explosive bat and a nut cracker for over a year. It was totally worth the wait. Hope you enjoy it!



4 Ara 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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This is not a nut cracker. This is a nut buster.
“If a friend asks you if you want to make something powder-actuated, just say no,”
George Held
I remember seeing you and your wife, and thinking, wow I’d love someone that supportive and sweet in my life.
Sabastian Cain
Him: “The big question.”
Good Anytime J
I absolutely love this channel, I'm a CNC machinist, changed careers in my late 20's and went back to school for CNC and still now that I've been working in the field for almost 3 years feel like a rookie sometimes. Every video you make I either learn something new or learn a different way of solving a problem. And it's fun having a channel to talk to a bunch of old shop monkeys about (I'm by far the youngest guy at my job) thanks for all you do man and have a happy holiday!
Austin Chubak
The amount of time and effort that goes into your videos is mind boggling. Seriously respect.
Brian McDowell
The editing, jokes, and storytelling, along with all the science, just keeps getting better!
Charlotte Stang
one of my favorite build montages ever. the music, the timing, the repetition, everything was perfect. had to watch it a couple times just for fun
7. Nguyễn Anh Hải
Man, him being so good at these kinds of stuff is one thing, but his sense of humor and the editing. Wow!
Hunter west
this is one of my favorate creations he's made, in my opinion it is one of the most professionally and optimaly designed overpowered things he's created. well done
Marcus Grell
This has got to be one of the coolest TRvid channels. love the humor, the projects are awesome, and the breakdowns are always presented in an interesting fashion
Evan Schubert
I loved this video! This was an awesome project and I appreciate how well you showed the engineering process. Love Jaws!
Greg Green
Serial Procrastinator
Learning while being entertained to no end. Your videos are absolutely gold. Imagine the neighbors constantly hearing the bangs from the tests haha. And love the wife doing the Kilroy was here imitation lol
Definitely worth the wait. Love the amount of work that goes into these videos
Great video dude, loving all of your content. A pretty cool idea would be a blank powered pogo stick. Using an auto feeding magazine to supply the chamber with ready blanks for each bounce. Completely unconventional but ya gotta put shame to the pitiful hop rod! (A gasoline powered pogo from the 60s) keep up the good work and content!
Paul Schatz
You have the coolest channel on this platform by far! Seriously my favorite channel! I wish I understood science and engineering as well as you to create fun things like this!!!!! Keep up your awesome work man!
Ben , Umbrardor
I love how extra educational this felt. Really made it all understandable
Karl Wünsche
"The big question."
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