Explaining the INSANE Mario: Bowser's Fury Speedrun World Record

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Thanks to @Nin-Tanner for letting me react to his run: • [WR / 25:58] Bows...

If you're interested in Bowser's Fury Speedrunning here is their community discord: discord.gg/k5AUBUWBRn

You should watch me live on Twitch:

▶Discord: discord.gg/Smallant
▶Twitter: twitter.com/Smallant
▶Reddit: reddit.com/r/Smallant
▶TikTok: tiktok.com/@Smallant

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26 Oca 2023




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Nin-Tanner Aylar önce
Thank you soo much for showcasing the run! There isn’t another Tanner that I’d want to watch my WR more than you :) I’m on Twitch if y’all would like to watch more from me [ twitch.tv/nin_tanner ], and please speedrun Bowser’s Fury! It’s so fun!! And now, a boring correction list (don't worry, it ain't a long read): 1. [9:34] While I don't have a number myself, 15 crouches per second sounds a bit high. I'd say 10 per second is a good mash for me. 2. [18:35] The first time Tanner points at the floating island I manipulate with the camera, he actually pointed at the wrong one. He corrects himself a couple minutes later. 3. [20:11] The "trash can" does not have to be defeated to unlock the Pipe Path island. In fact, you must complete the first phase of the Pipe Path and Risky Whisker islands (the two I do before the trash can) to unlock the trash can. 4. [24:33] All Bowser fights are outside of the cycle system, not just the final battle.
Miguel G
Miguel G 16 gün önce
true speedrunner behavior, making sure the community knows the correct strats lol ❤
DarkCoreX 17 gün önce
Nin-Tanner Aylar önce
I can only make a fight occur earlier by either going from 1-5 shines faster, and/or going from 34-40 shines faster. The other fights (not accounting for possible route improvements in the future), occur ASAP.
Novarender Aylar önce
If you saved enough time during a segment, could you set the clock forward to trigger the next fight early?
Is_Urban Aylar önce
@Nin-Tanner so worth it, also just tried bowsers fury, it’s actually surprisingly hard to learn, spent about 3 hours doing it and it was fun but hard
c14n onYT
c14n onYT Aylar önce
You know it’s a good run when smant has to speak at 100mi/h to keep up
Manuel Jaco
Manuel Jaco Aylar önce
And out of respect he shows he can't do it in less than 26 minutes
Xxblade17 Aylar önce
Joe Salto
Joe Salto Aylar önce
bro fr i had to check that i didnt have the playback speed settings set to something crazy once i started the video
simòn Fernandez Wu
hahahah i love the word smant
PROEUK Aylar önce
Jane Thorndyke
Jane Thorndyke Aylar önce
"Am I accidentally on like 1.25x speed?" Has to be the speedrunner compliment of the century
dyw__ Aylar önce
Lol fr
Fulltx Aylar önce
"The faster you do the boss fight the more time you can save" Thanks Tanner!
levi yitzchak dayan
levi yitzchak dayan 26 gün önce
People are People if they are People
S4v4gedragon E
S4v4gedragon E 27 gün önce
People die if they live
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy Aylar önce
@Yuki Kazegura 😱
Krzysztof Szymanowski
hmm yes, the floor here is made out of floor
Lord My-T
Lord My-T Aylar önce
This feels like GDQ without audience, but with someone on the couch giving a a pretty damn good explanation of the run. More of that please! 👏
Novarender Aylar önce
God I want this at GDQ
dsnineteen Aylar önce
It’s like a directors commentary track, only interesting!
Valery0p 5
Valery0p 5 Aylar önce
Fr, both the run and the explanation are positively crazy
Patterrz Aylar önce
Man you managed to explain everything super well, I know very little about speedrunning or modern Mario but I was able to follow really well and the title is 0 clickbait what a crazy run, love it
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Aylar önce
Please stop the human sacrifice at the particle accelerator laboratory.
Crunchy the Goblin
Crunchy the Goblin Aylar önce
Hey how’s it hanging Pat
The Nuclearduke
The Nuclearduke Aylar önce
@Smustanghuh ?
Myles Solomon Perkins
It's PokePat watching another of my favourite streamers!
Smustang Aylar önce
@The Nuclearduke Is this like an inside joke he told his fans to do when they see him because that other guy said the exact same thing
Beta Mind
Beta Mind Aylar önce
Love listening to Ant react and commentate on speedruns. I don't even know what mario game this is but im entralled by 1)speed runs 2) the technical knowledge of the runner and Ant knowing what that knowledge is
SurfRaychu Aylar önce
@Universal_ramen FINALLY, someone who calls it a remaster and not a port.
Jabberson Aylar önce
Same! It's so fun to hear Ant talk so passionately about it!
Universal_ramen Aylar önce
It's 3d world + bowsers fury, the second part in particular, it's the switch remaster or Mario 3d world on the Wii U with an extra, open world, more classic 3D Mario game as an added bonus to getting the switch version
Christopher Cox
Christopher Cox Aylar önce
I kinda love his reacting to speedrun videos
Tyler Heister
Tyler Heister Aylar önce
@Jackson Arnold This 100%. It makes it so much more enjoyable to watch
AmazingFireBoy1 Aylar önce
He's Speedrunning commentating a speedy Speedrun.
shinyman Aylar önce
Me too
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Aylar önce
Jackson Arnold
Jackson Arnold Aylar önce
Not even just reacting-it’s the explaining. I can watch a speed run and all I’ll notice is ‘wow zoomy’ so I looove hearing the ridiculous details and exploits. It’s what makes speed running so great
Penquinn14 Aylar önce
It's really impressive how he's able to control two characters at once so well throughout the entire run. It's also really nice that Smant was doing a commentary through it all since it really showcased just how much is actually happening in this run
Iconic Aylar önce
Smant was practically crying on how well he was controlling the skate😂
Sand-Attack Aylar önce
I didn't have much trouble beating this game, but skating to get the blue coins almost broke me. Must have taken me like 20 attempts
Corundum Krabble
Corundum Krabble Aylar önce
So was I like wtf
Suspicious Temmie
Suspicious Temmie Aylar önce
Nin-Tanner deserves way more support than he's been getting, I can't wait to see the amount of support he gets from someone as popular as SmallAnt showcasing his speedrun!
Suspicious Temmie
Suspicious Temmie Aylar önce
@Hayden Nolke Yeah I have some other interests too lol
Hayden Nolke
Hayden Nolke Aylar önce
Holy cow it's *you*
binary cat
binary cat Aylar önce
speedruns are one thing where this kinda react/commentary thing actually makes it like 10x better to watch because then you actually know what's going on
mercury a2000
mercury a2000 Aylar önce
There's some parts of this that I feel like I understand and could do with practice, but controlling Bowser Jr. like that? Absolutely insane. Mad respect.
Blaze2710 Aylar önce
@Nebulous Vendragon amen, fuck motion controls lmao
Nebulous Vendragon
Nebulous Vendragon Aylar önce
@B Oh of course, however I play a lot of games where precise movements are a necessity.
B Aylar önce
@Nebulous Vendragon It depends on the game how the camera is affected.
Nebulous Vendragon
Nebulous Vendragon Aylar önce
@B It moves my camera and breaks my focus cause the camera is always shaking, it's the worst when I'm aiming at something cause I can't hit weak points. This is the short version.
B Aylar önce
@Nebulous Vendragon why do you hate gyro controls?
That Obstagoon Guy
That Obstagoon Guy Aylar önce
I was checking if I had the video on 2x speed. You can feel the passion and I love it! THIS is how you are both energetic and not annoying! So many creators tend to scream into the microphone which is mostly just annoying.
Stephen Donovan
Stephen Donovan Aylar önce
As someone who’s not a big fan of the design of Bowser’s Fury casually, this has actually convinced me that it’s a sick speed game. Good stuff
Austin Becker
Austin Becker Aylar önce
Matt Larson
Matt Larson Aylar önce
I love this so much. You running is often fun on its own, but I love when speed runners cover other speed runners work and explain it. It's like an in the trenches play-by-play version of SpeedDocs or SummoningSalt. Perhaps a speedy Jobst. 😂
XenBlem Aylar önce
as a person who has beaten stage 2 of super mario bros arcade, I can say this is a pretty difficult run.
Drsands Aylar önce
Love how he honors him by making this video 26:00 flat, completely incredible speed run. Definitely a man dedicated to his craft.
Gaaraloverr1 Aylar önce
Man, I love these speedrun analysis videos. I’m always impressed by the creative techniques this community always comes up with, so having someone sit down and explain the process to laypersons like myself is always appreciated 💕
TheAdvertisement Aylar önce
I love Smallant's commentary on these speedruns because I do not have the patience to speedrun but love the techniques they employ in runs.
Rasmus Aylar önce
I like how it feels as if smallant has to speedrun the explanaition as well, like the run itself is just too fast
Lori Praus
Lori Praus Aylar önce
I could watch Smant excitedly explaining speed runs everyday! It's so fun!
sakup Aylar önce
It's funny to see Smant be astounded by Nin-Tanners split brain to control 2 characters at once while plays Odyssey with his hands and feet
Elysa Hates To Study
Just the fact that you have to coordinate both your own movements as well as Bowser Jr. through *motion controls* just gotta make this one of the most insane games to speedrun oh lord
OofMoment420 Aylar önce
Damn well that was a quick upload. It was fun watching you go over this so well!
blazelauncher Aylar önce
@ВоIuga bot
00gaB00ga_Editz Aylar önce
@Firebug69 it’s ok
Firebug69 Aylar önce
@00gaB00ga_Editz alr, sorry.
Firebug69 Aylar önce
@OofMoment420 oh okay, sorry.
Sbev0 Aylar önce
SmallAnt is one of the people who can just talk about something he is excited about and you just feel good. It's so amazing to listen to him just talk and explain something like you don't want him to stop.
BadgerByNature Aylar önce
This is great, SmallAnt! I love when someone can explain so clearly what's going on - it can be very hard mid-run for the player especially during events like GDQ, it's so cool to see it broken down essentially real-time.
Gibble Aylar önce
So nice that you showcase this mans run like that. Aside from it just being a really cool speedrun thats clearly very difficult to perform with the controlling 2 characters, 1 with motion controls, its nice to see big creators like ant pulling up the smaller guys. Huge respect for that! Congrats on the awesome run!
Duplollama ree
Duplollama ree Aylar önce
this was great. him getting practically everything right was so satisfying
Yannis Piette
Yannis Piette Aylar önce
Incredible run, the dual control seems super fun, and amazing movement Well done for the commentary, it adds a lot of value to the run =)
Flameri Aylar önce
This felt like a GDQ speedrun with the commentary
Crowned Gaming
Crowned Gaming Aylar önce
Your explanation of this run is almost as impressive as the run itself! Wow! Lol kudos to the runner too, his brain is insane to do all this point-precision multitasking.
Octobean Aylar önce
Was wondering how cool the movement would be and he immediately started bhopping, this run is already sick
RandomDude Aylar önce
i used to keep up with speedruns for this game like a year ago, now i'm watching the new WR and it's SO much crazier than before omg
Max Barnaby
Max Barnaby Aylar önce
Please more content like this Smant! I love speedrunners explaining runs and showcasing other runners. I love your challenges but give us more speedrun commentary!
GammaGamer Aylar önce
Babe wake up, new Smallant speed run explanation just dropped
Kyle D
Kyle D Aylar önce
That was a lot of fun to watch, especially with the commentary! Thanks!
emilyofjane Aylar önce
This speedrun has evolved so much in just one year! Congrats to nin-tanner for the milestone!
Kanii Aylar önce
I really enjoy this type of videos. You explained it great, I hope there‘ll be more of these!
Crusaddy Aylar önce
This commentary was done so well. We really need more speedrun commentary to reach this level!
Margot Psorn
Margot Psorn Aylar önce
Mark Bost
Mark Bost Aylar önce
Oh I really want more videos like this. This was such a fun video to watch. Maybe it could be a series with lesser-known games with cool runs!
Chungenour Aylar önce
Glad to see Smallant give this game another chance. The speedrun is so sick. I'd love to grind for Sub 26 someday but it would be a big mental barrier for me. (Nin) Tanner must've been really nervous and excited to VC with you and it is so deserved after how much he grinded for Sub 26.
CardinalBirb Aylar önce
i'm so happy whenever speedruns are commentated over. it's why i love GDQ stuff. makes me appreciate them more
Zachary Adler
Zachary Adler Aylar önce
This is great content and it's really nice seeing him be so passionate about speedrunning.
JoEsMhOe Aylar önce
Big fan of the Speedrun walk through! Be cool to see some more!
breakingglass27 Aylar önce
Great run, and great narration. I'll be checking out his channel now!
specialZ6060 Aylar önce
More wr Speedrun commentaries please. I love hearing about the exploits and the tricks the runners know.
Ethan Shaw
Ethan Shaw Aylar önce
This speedrun is truly TRvid. Never seen such a TRvid speedrun.
the Aylar önce
TRvid speedrun be like
Amber7H Aylar önce
true, a very youtube speedrun indeed
TheFrostPaladin Aylar önce
I remembered trying a few speedruns on my own when the game first came out. The differences and similarities is astounding. I was never good, but glad the only thing I could do (vectoring) is still used LMAO
Whyte Byte
Whyte Byte Aylar önce
man, i remember running this game for like two months, things have come a long way!!
BThomas Aylar önce
Your speed run videos are always so good.
Joel Schiele
Joel Schiele Aylar önce
Wow, I remember when I saw the world record around release at I think 40ish minutes. Crazy how far has it come
jmarkellos Aylar önce
The movement in this run is insane.
Otter Aylar önce
Damn, what an absolute youtube this man is
JustSpheal Aylar önce
What's up fellow RT fan
megaman7010 Aylar önce
Super impressive. Mario speed runs always impresse the hell out of me.
Incep tioniist
Incep tioniist Aylar önce
Wow! Always nice to have an expert explains stuff so "dummies" like me understand it too and can appreciate it! :) Without it I wouldn't understand a fifth or tenth of what happened haha
Zogun Aylar önce
Super interesting to listen to, you're such a treat Tanner! Please keep doing more of these :)
Nathaniel Ruiz Nowell
This was insane! Such a great watch!
npesta Aylar önce
Fantastic run!! I love this game so much, one of the only Nintendo releases to make me feel something in a long time. I wish it was longer too… can only hope Nintendo decides to implement some more experimental stuff in whatever main Mario game comes next.
Lol'nt Aylar önce
it would be really funny if i overlaid every shine collection in this run with the reaction
Stagelight Aylar önce
this is so fast that i feel like if i blink i will miss like an hours worth of this speedrun
JayGamings Aylar önce
I'd love to see Smallant explain some older Mario speedruns, like Mario 64.
quillypen Aylar önce
Holy cow, what a run! The bowser jr controls are off the hook, amazing! Thanks for giving the run some attention.
Jatniel Aviles
Jatniel Aviles Aylar önce
I love how Smant is doing his own speedrun for fastest commentary on Bowsre's Fuy speedrum XD
Penguin Lover
Penguin Lover Aylar önce
Smallant just wanted to tell you that we love your work!!
J Jayansh Adithya
J Jayansh Adithya Aylar önce
Mario speedruns regardless of the game are some of the best speedruns you can ever watch.
oles schwester
oles schwester Aylar önce
Yes, Nintendo games always come through with their precise controls.
Ryan Falla
Ryan Falla Aylar önce
Its insane how Ant's able to keep up with this, he'd be great at commentating
TUUD98 Aylar önce
The crazy thing about this is the fact that resetting the game is faster than some of the cutscenes
George Hanselman
George Hanselman Aylar önce
I LOVE watching bowsers fury runs thanks a lot for showing it off and giving it the attention it deserves!
Shutwig Aylar önce
You'd be a good GDQ commentator! Awesome run.
James Glassmire
James Glassmire Aylar önce
Woah. Sick wr and great job explaining smant
RandomGuy98 Aylar önce
Honestly, Bowsers fury was such a fun experience in my opinion. It really felt like a Mario open world, with power ups and stuff.
Lucylum GrimJoy
Lucylum GrimJoy Aylar önce
Super hyped to see something pop up here. I would love to watch you on twitch as well, but as stupid as it sounds it lags for me there.
Topbeehler Aylar önce
Speed runners scare me. I can't believe some humans have this level of skill. Extremely impressive. I've done like one speed run for fun in my life, practiced, trained, spent like a month to beat it as fast as possible even learning glitches and watching world records. I still was like an hour behind the pros. This is amazing and that is so freaking cool to see this! Thanks for sharing SmallAnt
Chelarino Aylar önce
i really love bowser's fury and i mean REALLY love this game is so choc-full of little secrets and tricks to learn and master, and all that wrapped up into just a wonderful audiovisual package it is so fun to play, i genuinely consider it one of the best games nintendo has released in the recent years, if not THE best, it is just that good in my opinion, even if it's just a few hours long i was already extremely happy they finally ported 3d world to the switch, because it is such a great game as well, and then i noticed how they updated the movement which was awesome and THEN i played bowsers fury and man, it has been hard recently justifying a 60 bucks or even 40 bucks pricetag on some of nintendo's newer games but 3d world + bowsers fury is such a good package for casuals and tryhards alike, i would recommend it to everyone even at 80, but if anyone ever gets it at 40 or lower, that is THE deal of their life i tell you i knew from the moment i touched it for the first time, that the speedrun of this was gonna be SIIIICK
FinnFiasco Aylar önce
SmallAnt’s energy here is like 6-year-old me getting excited trying to show my mom how the palette changed after 6pm in Pokémon Gold
ScoutiverTTV Aylar önce
This game pushes the boundary of multitasking in a fun way. Love watching this.
Leon Aylar önce
I watched a lot of early Bowser's Fury Speedruns. So it's nice to see how it evolved and damn is it much much faster. I remember them struggling with sub 30min. Edit: That early first Sky Island Shine is amazing! probably the largest departure from older routes.
Kya Aylar önce
An absolutely youtube speedrun, love it!
Swampert Gaming
Swampert Gaming Aylar önce
I love how impressive of a run this is and yet there's still time You can save
Sinteleon 8 gün önce
Not that much actually specifically for this category, because as mentioned the game runs in cycles. Only the very start of the game and the boss fights isn't affected by cycles. Technically the game could be run faster utilizing the bowser amiibo to initiate the fights immediately, but that is a separate category.
Hasoaxe Aylar önce
Small ant is just such a cool guy frankly
LudiBrolo Aylar önce
This is one of the coolest speedgames ever and deserves so much more respect
Nick Bensema
Nick Bensema Aylar önce
the skill of Nin-Tanner doing a WR by controlling two characters at once including during the skate part, is almost as impressive as SmallAnt being able to talk fast enough to keep up with what's happening.
MarioSMG64 Aylar önce
Having a speedrunner explain what's happening in another person's speedrun is my favorite genre of video. The one where Smallant reacted to the Minecraft All Achievements run is my comfort video.
MrManslayerX Aylar önce
This movement tech with Vectoring reminds me of some old school Wolfenstein movement tech that you'd use to slide on ice faster, lol
Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia
holy crap, he actually explains a run
Lord Xerxes
Lord Xerxes Aylar önce
More speedrun reaction videos from the speedrunning jack of all trades himself (that's you) would be amazing.
Julius Pleaser
Julius Pleaser Aylar önce
Why…if I’m not mistaken…this appears to be a form of…petite underground colony insect of some manner 🧐 Great run, great vid! I gotta say if you wanna get nutty at button presses or speed tapping on guitar, practice each for the other xD
Angel Aylar önce
Awesome breakdown, what an insane speed run
very_much Aylar önce
Jeez, imagine the amount of practice that went into something like this. This runner is a real TRvid.
WETRIX Aylar önce
mario speedrunners are just insane, always super entertaining to watch the strats they come up with
EGamerFire Aylar önce
Lol i didnt know there was a boss when I completed that area. I ended up walking on top of the pipes the whole time
Vector Based
Vector Based Aylar önce
Man, high-quality narration and good energy. A great host. Seriously.
TomDaTurtle579 Aylar önce
It's crazy how he managed to get 10 shines before bowser comes out for the first time!
Elijah Cape
Elijah Cape Aylar önce
This is a cool speed run and I want to try it now lol,SMANT could we see you try it?
Wizdabest1 Aylar önce
Smant: How does he control 2 characters at once? Also Smant: Plays smo with his hands and feet
Cyber Fazmic
Cyber Fazmic Aylar önce
I have nothing else to say besides this is literally insanity. ggs my guy.
roooc Aylar önce
It's like a mix between 3D mario games and a source engine game with tilt controls copilot it's insane
Hoona Lee
Hoona Lee Aylar önce
These reactions are pretty youtube :) Love the work. Keep it up
DiabeticMan Aylar önce
I remember people were saying early Bowser Fury speed runs were crazy, but I didn’t expect it was this nuts a year and a bit later. Wow!
Valery0p 5
Valery0p 5 Aylar önce
This game looks so great both for normal players and speedrunner, a rare occurrence these days :D
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