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Manouk Akopyan is a sports journalist and member of the Boxing Writers Assn. of America since 2011. He has written for the likes of the LA Times, Guardian, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Men’s Health and NFL.com and currently does TV commentary for combat sports programming that airs on Fox Sports and hosts his own radio show in Los Angeles. He can be reached on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and TRvid at @ManoukAkopyan or via email at manouk[dot]akopyan[at]gmail.com.




27 Nov 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Lemba Foir
Lemba Foir Aylar önce
54 years old mike you look like 35 year look good man
Filipe Rainier
Filipe Rainier Aylar önce
A luta já começa pra tirar a roupa. Kkk
وسام حسن
وسام حسن Aylar önce
كم الوزن؟؟؟؟؟
br 1251
br 1251 Aylar önce
Mike Tython kicked hith ath! 💪🏾
Huxxy Aylar önce
These boxers need to learn how to hit the double-bi properly
Paweł Lotto
Paweł Lotto Aylar önce
Samodzielne wyciąganie wniosków jest ciekawsze niż trafianie w klucz odpowiedzi. Czytając poszerzamy wyobraźnię. Proszę o pomoc w budowie wykształconego społeczeństwa zrzutka.pl/z/480rqq
Redouane T
Redouane T Aylar önce
Forefather Of Mankind
*_Iron Mike_* Best Boxer ever ... -M.Ali-
Saidakine Aylar önce
Tyson at his Prime fighting weight at 54
S S Aylar önce
His body face is sad 0:55
Vuk Wolf
Vuk Wolf Aylar önce
Tajsone poljubićeš, patos Nokaut to ne gine 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊
Ahmed Tawe3na
Ahmed Tawe3na Aylar önce
I honestly thought i am the only guy in the world who takes off his trousers like that, i just don’t like using my hands and lean over.
Dread Pirate Roberts
He struggled to take of the shirt because of Robin Givens and Don King.....
K Dunn
K Dunn Aylar önce
Hope Tysoe wins
Ardxxx_ 00
Ardxxx_ 00 Aylar önce
If he's die, he's die
Steezy Franklin
Steezy Franklin Aylar önce
“Thame thang nothang changeth” -Mike Tyson 2020
Nate Smith
Nate Smith Aylar önce
Good interview. Quick easy couple questions and out. Kudos to that guy
Napo Parte
Napo Parte Aylar önce
Taking his socks like an old man but will murder anybody in mins, man we love Tyson🤣😂🤣😎
BJBDF Aylar önce
You seriously think this was ripped and ready? You are in the wrong line of work. He looks soft and sloppy. He was lucky to get his pants off, and had to sit down to take his socks off, and damn near lost the fight with a t-shirt. This is a man who earned well over 400 million dollars in his career, and is only worth about 3 million today. There is only one reason he is stepping into any ring, and it ain't cause he's ripped and ready.
Ivan Espinoza
Ivan Espinoza Aylar önce
I took my pants off like that once - the girl got impatient and left before I had my second leg out.
Idiot- 983
Idiot- 983 Aylar önce
I will Bet on Iron Mike against anyone on the planet still today !
RGW Aylar önce
Mouth mask bshit
Ли Сергей
Ли Сергей Aylar önce
Skinny fat
JB Snyder
JB Snyder Aylar önce
crabtrap Aylar önce
ONENESS , Aylar önce
The toad told Mike Tyson to get fit this is where it all began return of Mike Tyson
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown Aylar önce
Anival Vega
Anival Vega Aylar önce
That was just barely a little taste rip em clothes off n told that host guy get the Fuck away...
Anival Vega
Anival Vega Aylar önce
Even his clothes are fucken scared of him... just wants to RIP em off like he would chew em up... damm lol classic Mike
joe wolfe
joe wolfe Aylar önce
I love Mike Tyson but this fight is a joke.
Nicksiz Aylar önce
He looked in better condition in training videos. It was either a computer trick or he's been munching on food lately because of weed.
Fact Check
Fact Check Aylar önce
Tyson scaring the reporter ...
Alejandro Rivero Jr.
All theses casuals will get a big reallity check after Tyson gasses out in 3 rounds.
bigmack2016 Aylar önce
i figured he'd look better than that... maybe could lose 20lbs? I know he is in a particular weight class, but just sayin
oshea williams
oshea williams Aylar önce
Smh mike is wearing monarchs...
Farhad Azizi
Farhad Azizi Aylar önce
Jesus the guy cant even lift his leg to put on his sock. I personally thing this is going to be a shit show.
HelloYouKante Aylar önce
L V Aylar önce
Imagine you don't have cardio? You're fucked.
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Aylar önce
They're gonna fight in their 50s.
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Aylar önce
People are looking forward for this.
diamondrmp Aylar önce
Ripped? Do you even know what that means in regard to body conditioning? He looks good but not a hint of being RIPPED!!!
Just Win
Just Win Aylar önce
Something appeared wrong with MT...barely can undress...prayers nothing happens... get hydrated Mr. Tyson!!
Numerology Insider
Numerology Insider Aylar önce
Honestly he looked stiff taking his clothes off, looked like he was barely able to get undressed and he still has a lot of fat on him. I don't know ... old age is a mean bastard. This fight might end up looking like a joke.
Lance Teodecki
Lance Teodecki Aylar önce
Poor mike Gonna get tuned up
Xavier Alexander
Xavier Alexander Aylar önce
Dis shit gonna be garbage. .i don't wanna see too old ass mofos fighting. Dis shit right here...like legal bum fights. I mean, ion mean to knock.dey hustle..but nah...dey way way way past dey prime
Tyson BODY 🥰🥰 in shape an ready to gooooooo. Letz go champ
Zo Jamison
Zo Jamison Aylar önce
Roy Jones by K.O.
CrxptFN Aylar önce
Im the 1 thousand comment
Muhammed Bilic
Muhammed Bilic Aylar önce
in short shots and pictures he was shown as a beast, with many muscles .... but now it doesn't look like that at all. It's all just media pumping because of PPV
Frankie Gee
Frankie Gee Aylar önce
A no knockout rule for a Tyson fight. That’s like saying “Okay I’m going to shoot you with this .38 Snub nose. But don’t worry I won’t use that many bullets”!
Fran Gali
Fran Gali Aylar önce
A ver!! Estaba recién levantado o que? Que forma de quitarse la ropa?? Hahaha hahahaha... 😂😂😂😂
Владимир Перић
Why they wearing masks? It's so sad. Masks doesn't protect.
Ian Pountney
Ian Pountney Aylar önce
No he doesn't he looks like what he is 50
GT350 Aylar önce
Why was the bloke yelling out Mikes weight there’s no one in the room
marko babić
marko babić Aylar önce
Those guns man!
Ibo Power
Ibo Power Aylar önce
Please don't fight for a role model. It's just a show fight. It's for a good cause. I ask you to show decency and size From Germany 🇩🇪
Momina Gull
Momina Gull Aylar önce
Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Live Stream
Sheri Afghan
Sheri Afghan Aylar önce
Can somebody help mike to take out his trouser
George Scoggins
George Scoggins Aylar önce
I love mike !!! But he got those fresh out of prison nikes!!
Henry KissJinjer
Henry KissJinjer Aylar önce
guy to the right having the bane mask on i see
Bryant Mungo
Bryant Mungo Aylar önce
His body might not exactly look the same as when he was young in his prime, but it damn sure doesn't look that much different than it did
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan Aylar önce
This match will end soon mark my W🤣
Valik Vandall
Valik Vandall Aylar önce
i love mike but hes looking flat and skinny fat.... being vegan is shit for athletics
audrius milieska
audrius milieska Aylar önce
2 old farts haahhhaah
Mobile Photographer
It will be a show for money
Marco S.
Marco S. Aylar önce
Wow, what a magic moment! Iron Mike was the man in the 80s. I never forget that!
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar Aylar önce
Mike whether you win the match or not you will always inspire the world... You're simply great.
abraham gomez francisco
donde esta la comision de boxeo que permite esta payasada con estos dos viejos le hacen daño al boxeo
Nick Polizzi
Nick Polizzi Aylar önce
"Don't play with boxing"-George Foreman.
alap abooty
alap abooty Aylar önce
Love you mike❤️
Paul Sneed
Paul Sneed Aylar önce
Tyson does not look ripped to has beens about to fight but I’ll watch
Dee Man
Dee Man Aylar önce
If I drank a beer for Everytime Tyson has taken off his shirt to flex this last 4 months I'd be hungover for life.
shannon coyne
shannon coyne Aylar önce
I don't give a fuck about this fight maybe the fight we need to see is the one nobody thinks that should happen , because there a different weight but we would wanna see it Floyd mayweather versus iron mike tyson there both retired why not
Θεολόγος Καισης
Mike tyson win jones 100%
Virexium Aylar önce
sdfsdf assdfsdf
sdfsdf assdfsdf Aylar önce
Thats far from any shape boomer
Gon Prad
Gon Prad Aylar önce
Oldges should stay at home with their Family' pity! one of them will Die Via Comatose ..
Raimondo Ferrandino
Go Tyson
Groovebox Aylar önce
He is not ripped, not even close and the way he moves while taking his clothes off? :/
j000ker007 Aylar önce
Mike and I are the same age and weight. 220 just doesn’t look good on me. I need to lose 30 lbs.
Josh Aylar önce
Ok... Mike is a great Fighter ever... but you see Mike's age... the action... put on the socks... 😉
Азат Хафизов
Я точно также снимаю трико😁,новерно везде так раздеваются ..на земле
لا للتطبيع
I can't believe you're doing this Mike!
Julian B
Julian B Aylar önce
I like the interviewer/cameraman whatever. Don’t bombard him w questions just nice and simple
CodCats Aylar önce
lol interviewing him while the guys trying to put his clothes on
Paul's Health & Fitness
RIP speakers howly shit
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Aylar önce
Y his shape of his body is not stif..
Fidelis et Fortis
Fidelis et Fortis Aylar önce
It happens.....
Mohd raoof
Mohd raoof Aylar önce
Mike we all love you
R P Aylar önce
This dude is in his 50s. hes a fucking tank
Alan Aylar önce
Two rounds, Mike to win,
Albert Eisenmann
Albert Eisenmann Aylar önce
What is his problem with take of his trousers ? Same with the socks and the T - shirt. I think he has back problems. 🤫🤔
t henderson
t henderson Aylar önce
Damn, he looks almost as good as I do! And I'll be 55 next month!
vizi0123 Aylar önce
You know you old when you have to sit down to take of your socks lol!!!!
Adam Medeiros
Adam Medeiros Aylar önce
I love mike the person he has become is a awesome inspiration
Barra Tales
Barra Tales Aylar önce
Roids will do that
Mike C
Mike C Aylar önce
RepsUp100 Aylar önce
"Training camp is the hard part, fighting is the easy part"
Jeff Rioux
Jeff Rioux Aylar önce
Mike. You will always be a LEGEND!!!
Diet Coke
Diet Coke Aylar önce
I respect both fighters a lot to the point that now I really hope that someone could call the fight off, they both looked old, shrank, and tired. This is verging to be a circus act.
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