[EXCLUSIVE] Lori Harvey Opens Up About Boyfriend Michael B. Jordan, Talks New Skin Care Line

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Entrepreneur and model Lori Harvey drops by to dish about the evolution of the modeling industry, what we can expect from her new five-step skin care line “SKN by LH,” and her relationship with everyone’s Man Crush Monday, Michael B. Jordan.

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20 Eyl 2021




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sheri Mor
sheri Mor Gün önce
Holy spirit is a she! Christians wake up >
Imogène Hope De Santos
Lets hope marjorie is no brooke logan ... watch out lorie No, am not being mean. Just weird-joking n expressing my admiration for Jordan 😉♡♡♡
charles walton
charles walton 3 gün önce
Door knob michael better go to the clinic going behind future 😄😄😄
cassius clay
cassius clay 3 gün önce
Michele Forte
Michele Forte 4 gün önce
She seemd like a sweet girl.
Jae Andrea
Jae Andrea 4 gün önce
Such a beautiful girl 💕
Janet Partyka
Janet Partyka 4 gün önce
Connie Johnson
Connie Johnson 6 gün önce
Yo Lori. Please don't take any shots and the Ladies will kill for your looks. I stopped eating meats when I was eight teen and I never smoke cigarette in entire life, and I am 78 now. Get you a bounty sheet and run hot water over the sheet and I mean hot water. Go over your whole face. Watch out for for the foods you eat stay a waste from salt and sugar because they kill people. Get yourself a punching bag. C15J..
TEEJAYBOS 7 gün önce
She does favors my niece I never thought so but everybody keep saying it & now I see, I always thought my niece looked like brandy. Lori doing her thang. Stay blessed
paul Clothing Lots
paul Clothing Lots 15 gün önce
She's such a lady & gorgeous!!
connie bennett
connie bennett 17 gün önce
I like her, just let the baby hairs go.🙄
Speakerbox 17 gün önce
GIRL BYE!!!!!!
Message from Monnie
Message from Monnie 19 gün önce
When I first clicked on it, I expected it to be like the Power 106 interview with K'yanna Barber where they had nothing to talk about but Drake. But at least they did go past Michael B. Jordan to talk about her skin care product.
Mark Knight
Mark Knight 20 gün önce
Imagine these girls with out their weave. poor horses an dead people
Sinesipho Mahashe
Sinesipho Mahashe 23 gün önce
When A said "My girl Lori Harvey!" sounded like "Micheal Lori Harvey!"
Jacob Rivera
Jacob Rivera 26 gün önce
Lori and Michael b Jordan are this generations Will and Jada. Beautiful black 🖤🖤.
Gabby Woodmansey
Gabby Woodmansey 26 gün önce
Wow she is incredible! LOVE HER
lokeimel curvacious
lokeimel curvacious 27 gün önce
How many of you took your mom’s advice and did just that?
Randall Upshaw
Randall Upshaw 29 gün önce
Love this interview. She’s gorgeous.
Aaileyah Lynn
Aaileyah Lynn Aylar önce
She is Gorgeous! it still just amazes me that she dated Future,like future is not even on her level! So i agree with her ehen she said never settle.
House of Ada
House of Ada Aylar önce
Lori is fit too
john doe
john doe Aylar önce
I don't see what all the hype is about. I'm not even a celebrity and my lady looks better than her, imagine if I were in Hollywood I would have the baddest chic in Hollywood.
Ebony Rush Harrington
They both look good together as an couple
Ebony Rush Harrington
I meant her, mother are gorgeous!!!!!
Ebony Rush Harrington
She, het mother are gorgeous °°°°
Angelica evans
Angelica evans Aylar önce
So Lori got a hug but not garcelle mmmm ok
P Nutbutta
P Nutbutta Aylar önce
Can someone explain to me why people think cause she's a Black attractive female with a killer bod she CAN'T speak intelligently? So many comments make reference to being "surprised" at how she spoke, responded, or carried herself???🤔🥴😳 I don't get it... is THAT the norm these days for young, attractive Black females to be considered as stupid, unintelligent or breaking verbs or ghetto when speaking? Please enlighten me....cause I'm lost.. Why do we view each other so negatively even before the evidence?
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones Aylar önce
Y'all need to have her on as a guest host! Not only is she beautiful but she is down to earth and fits right in with you ladies. And with my HAITIAN QUEEN #GarcelleBeauvais
Belinda Gwyn
Belinda Gwyn Aylar önce
I'm looking at her left hand is that an engagement ring
Bdh Aylar önce
I’m not into celebs but I’m in love with her, she’s extremely gorgeous
Laeyd Sousa
Laeyd Sousa Aylar önce
Esther Aylar önce
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Here’s a reminder of how much God loves you & God bless you🤍
T La
T La Aylar önce
Does HE open up about her? too much talking my girl.
Caarolinaa 7
Caarolinaa 7 Aylar önce
She’s so beautiful 🤩
Hey Gurl
Hey Gurl Aylar önce
At first I though Lori was a mean girl but her coming on the show and showing her personality I JUST LOVE HER😭
OG Dimepiece
OG Dimepiece Aylar önce
She got a big head like Steve Harvey...her mom Marjorie got the longest head but think she fine
John Brownie
John Brownie Aylar önce
Most talked about product of the streets
QUEEN P Aylar önce
She is so beautiful and graceful ❤️❤️
Zay Aylar önce
Feminine Capricorn energy is top tier. And as an Aquarius man I know her and MBJ click behind the scenes
Sam Bam NO ham
Sam Bam NO ham Aylar önce
Beautiful 😍 ❤️ All the ladieS
cj wins
cj wins Aylar önce
She’s beautiful but she’s also very chill 🥰
Ang Aylar önce
She's so pretty 🦋
Dini Sibiya
Dini Sibiya Aylar önce
cheers to prosperity and more blessings Lori, ❤❤🇿🇦
Beary Bullish
Beary Bullish Aylar önce
I don' t know why I see this but....her and Michael look alike or some similarity with them?
King Lucia
King Lucia Aylar önce
This girl is EVERYTHING 😭❤️
Shavonne Stone
Shavonne Stone Aylar önce
I wanted a stronger woman for him not just a pretty face hope she’s it
Duane Perez
Duane Perez Aylar önce
She's really beautiful
wilder thought
wilder thought Aylar önce
That's a wife right there
mocha7721 Aylar önce
She's cute, but I wish she would let those "baby hairs" go.
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob Aylar önce
I’m so sick of Adrian always taking over the convo
Morris day
Morris day Aylar önce
Sara Jane Booth
Sara Jane Booth Aylar önce
Everyone is rly gassing her up but I’m genuinely bored by the mediocrity of her personality
Cece Gichau
Cece Gichau Aylar önce
She should do more interviews, I know she's trying to be "mysterious" but if she wants to be more relatable and sell things she should put herself out there a little more. She can't be "xyz girlfriend" or "steve harvey's daughter" forever.
Theresa Robinson
Theresa Robinson Aylar önce
I'm shocked at her personality. She's kind of laid back though.
Pisces Aylar önce
Who buy her thing even her skin not even clean or clear 🙄🤣
Paula Aylar önce
Your giving me bitter vibes go work on yourself
Mr Lee Baines
Mr Lee Baines Aylar önce
she is fit
Cynthia Solomon
Cynthia Solomon Aylar önce
She's definitely a Girl / Lady / Woman that's how it should Be.Peace
Brooke Amber
Brooke Amber Aylar önce
She reminds me SO much of Jordyn Woods
Liz Yvonne
Liz Yvonne Aylar önce
Her eyes are so bright! Love it!
Mukbang JoJo
Mukbang JoJo Aylar önce
I really don’t like Loni she seems like a very jealous and bitter person look at how she’s looking at Lori ugh smh
Liz Yvonne
Liz Yvonne Aylar önce
@Mukbang JoJo it’s a song by maverick city called promises. It’s about gods faithfulness to us. I promise you it’s so good. I’m sharing because god told me to. Nothing else. And thanks have a good one too.
Mukbang JoJo
Mukbang JoJo Aylar önce
@Liz Yvonne I'm not even going to open it have a good one.
Liz Yvonne
Liz Yvonne Aylar önce
@Mukbang JoJo trvid.com/video/video-q5m09rqOoxE.html
Mukbang JoJo
Mukbang JoJo Aylar önce
@Liz Yvonne Who you talking to? I said WTF I said H*
Liz Yvonne
Liz Yvonne Aylar önce
No, don’t say that! Don’t even think it.
mary Ihezie
mary Ihezie Aylar önce
Wow! She has such a gorgeous smile and her demeanor and mannerisms show how graceful she is just like her mom.
Juliana Thompson
Juliana Thompson Aylar önce
Awwwwhhhhhh. So cute
Mone't Life
Mone't Life Aylar önce
Lori gives me Aaliyah vibes
Goria Cunningham Jr
I love her she is beautiful she reminds me of Aaliyah so beautiful
Vegas Aylar önce
She for the streets... her and her baby hairs
Cece Gichau
Cece Gichau Aylar önce
Lol i wish i could slick my baby hairs... it's always a struggle for me 😂
RUE L.E.I. Aylar önce
Lunatechx² Aylar önce
Everyone’s first time hearing her speak!
Comedian Tressa Eleby
Love her!
jali276 Aylar önce
The baby hair game is poppin'
Brea Against The World!
So that’s what she sounds like 🤔
Desiree Taylor
Desiree Taylor Aylar önce
Never settle. Definitely great advice! 💜
LMR Aylar önce
This show has no music?? What's up with the set?
mark johnson
mark johnson Aylar önce
It's so funny reading these comments people talking about. How well she speaks. What words where you expecting to come out of her mouth. And people please tell me. Why do you care? And who is she? And what has she done. All I know that she is one of Steve Harvey kids.
Nii Odzablaku Ako Sowah
Lori looks very much like Michael B. Jordan physically.
My Opinion
My Opinion Aylar önce
They are so obsessed with her like she achieved Beyonce status. Calm down. Thank me minute they are promoting diversity and empowerment in women the they bring out a girl who is just famous because of that Kardashian’s cult Unattainable look that makes girls loose confidence. And she is also praised for having a man who would have never looked her if she looks like loni smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ he only dating her because all the rappers making a big deal about her ass
MsT oouwee
MsT oouwee Aylar önce
It's the fakeness for me!!!!
D.E. SIGNS Aylar önce
Stevie wonder did her edges
Shamika Baptiste
Shamika Baptiste Aylar önce
she's a CAPRICORN! duhhhh we're sweet but behind close doors we can be crazy haha and we are fun ofc :)
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim Aylar önce
Very pretty young lady
Jasmine Michelle
Jasmine Michelle Aylar önce
Awww this is my first time hearing her talk.. I like her lol
mrpotatoguy1 Aylar önce
She belong the the streetz
Ladies Night Raw & Uncut
Just Symphony
Just Symphony Aylar önce
She is so well-spoken. I Love the fact that she’s becoming more out there
shadesofpink Aylar önce
She comes from a family of drug cartels so of course she got some crazy in her lol.
Armando Ucles
Armando Ucles Aylar önce
She seems like a sweet girl. She and MBJ are a beautiful, attractive couple.
gayle2020 Aylar önce
If she'd just get rid of that baby hair. That is so babyish
Nichele Washington
Nichele Washington Aylar önce
Love you Lori 😘❤
Lydia Hiksan
Lydia Hiksan Aylar önce
She looks stunning, all the woman on here do, the conversation just was not substantial at all.
I never heard her talk before and wow she seems really cool...she is very classy I love that because most famous women aren't very classy anymore
April Chow-chee
April Chow-chee Aylar önce
Lori is stunning
Veronica Scott
Veronica Scott Aylar önce
Her momma also taught her how to dig for gold!!!!! Don't get it twisted!!!!
True Dna
True Dna Aylar önce
I Like Lori’s Personality! 🔥😍
China G
China G Aylar önce
Not as cute as her air brushed IG photos
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed Aylar önce
When can you call a female a woman?😬
Pink Frosted Sugar Cookiez
It's embarrassing that women actually idolize this woman... She's fake as hell.... More subtle surgeries but alot of them. And everyone thinks she is trash except black women and I guess these women...🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Paula Aylar önce
Y’all sound soo hurt 😂 you don’t like her yet click the video including her
RandiWilliams Aylar önce
What did she ever do to you? Lmao
CoCo Drippin 'N Curves
Why her products looks like fenty beauty. No no ms mamas
Brownstone Aylar önce
Lori should be on loose woman.. she's had more man than hot dinner
Earth Sign Studios
love that for and michael
Candi Osama
Candi Osama Aylar önce
She’s really stunning ❤️
Dani Gomes
Dani Gomes Aylar önce
I’m glad she changed her voice to something less valley girl
Profit From A Stock Crash… 💥
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