Exclusive iPhone 11 & iOS 13 Report! More Features Leak

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The 2019 iPhone 11 is getting LOUDER, new materials/colors, brighter flash, perfect smartHDR, Face ID gen 2 specs + more iOS 13 features! Also iOS 12.4
▶ Watch more iOS 13 videos: trvid.com/group/PLZ041jvv9Ct0WzVt8ak3ld-xmiAFWl5wq
iOS 13 confirmed features!
Last iPhone 11 leaks.
Max Weinbach (Leaker).
iOS 13 Settings page concept.
iOS 13 concepts. (Screens during renders)
more ios 13 stuff. (Screens during renders)
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ShortieBerg !
ShortieBerg ! 17 gün önce
Wow looking back the leaks were very accurate
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 4 gün önce
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez 16 gün önce
JuiceBoy XD
JuiceBoy XD 2 aylar önce
I'm really excited for the iPhone 11 to drop.
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 4 gün önce
Yes 599
Abbas Minzar
Abbas Minzar 2 aylar önce
im watching this on 2020 after the iphone 11s have been released just to see wether hes ryt ..and damn,,im impressed..its almost spot on..
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 2 aylar önce
TikTok Moments
TikTok Moments 2 aylar önce
William Jordan
William Jordan 4 aylar önce
Is anyone else watching g this after the phones already launched
xqZz_555 6 aylar önce
Did he just spoiled the end of got ?
Edge Wondrr
Edge Wondrr 8 aylar önce
iPhone 11 clone?
انور الخطيب
انور الخطيب 8 aylar önce
📲*00212645752301* *Whatapps*📲 وجــدت💁‍♂️ كـثـيـر مــن الـتـعـالـيـق عــن تــكــبــيــر الـقـضـيـب وضـعـف الانــتــصــاب وسـرعـة الــقــذف وأبــغــى أبــشــركــم😉 أنـي حـصـلـت عــلــى مـعـلـومـات كــثــيــر مـفـيـدة✅ هــتــنــفــعــكــم كــثــيــر ومـجـربـهـا شــخــصــيــا ونــفــعــتــنــي🤩🥳 تـواصـل مـعـي🙋‍♂️ وأنـا بـشـرح لــك ســر الــوصــفــة الـواتـسـاب *00212645752301*📲
SALLU The PRO 8 aylar önce
Here Under The Bridge *I'm Excited About iPhone 11 Pro Max Giveaway* that's Why I'm Commenting Every Singel Video Of Your's 🥰🥰
Azucena Sanchez
Azucena Sanchez 9 aylar önce
I really really want a iPhone 11 for making TRvid videos
Hey Princess
Hey Princess 9 aylar önce
Rhys Villa
Rhys Villa 10 aylar önce
Apple: we need a purple and gold phone Thanos: YES!!!!!
Rizwan Shafeeq
Rizwan Shafeeq 10 aylar önce
Who's really Here after the iPhone 11 got Launched ! And Saw That it was The exactly Same As His !!!!! 3 months Before !
Rizwan Shafeeq
Rizwan Shafeeq 6 gün önce
@Cesar plays great lol
Cesar plays
Cesar plays 6 gün önce
zKiwi 10 aylar önce
Apple: * Released iPhone 11 * iPhone 9: I’m going to smash that thing when I even exist
Sincere Brown
Sincere Brown 10 aylar önce
What’s the battery life 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Peachy 10 aylar önce
I heard that the iPhone 11 will cost 2,000$ oof
Pop Pop
Pop Pop 10 aylar önce
Personally, I think Apple reach to their own limit now,If Iphone 11 look like the thing that show on youtube with 3 ugly camera. What is means for 3 ugly camera? There are no innovation to make 1 or 2 camera to have same quality and there are no idea of the innovation that better than better pictures. If I have a better innovation I will keep those 2 camera and use the space for some other innovation.
MD Mahidul Islam
MD Mahidul Islam 10 aylar önce
What Will It Cost??? Ans: Everything...
gray pierre
gray pierre 10 aylar önce
Apple suck.
kaibasan1 11 aylar önce
If this is all the device is then I will buy the new Galaxy note something actually worth the price tag. 😤 Apple letting me down every year.
Tom 11 aylar önce
But you switching. To the s10
Certo Software
Certo Software 11 aylar önce
Ever worried your iPhone has been hacked and has spyware installed? Then check us out Certo Software 'The only spyware detection tool in the world' for the iPhone www.certosoftware.com/iphone-spyware-detection/
Mahmoudi Mohammad
Mahmoudi Mohammad Aylar önce
Oleg Baum
Oleg Baum 11 aylar önce
Samsung S8/9/10 рулит. Убогие Айфоны с этой чёлкой просто ужас дизайна
Peter Henry
Peter Henry 11 aylar önce
The leakers don’t get info on what the phone will be from Apple. Apple gets info on what the phone will be from the leakers. The leakers control iPhone. 🤫
Alex Palacios
Alex Palacios 11 aylar önce
Fuck Trump
kamila 11 aylar önce
but the cam lenses are weird
Realism 11 aylar önce
If the cam looks like that piece of shit they can go straight back to the drawing board
Aneliese Kay
Aneliese Kay 11 aylar önce
My iPhone 8 is absolutely just fine. Not today apple
Daniel Lewandowski
Daniel Lewandowski 11 aylar önce
whats that mounted to your apple watch band?
Brian Cunningham
Brian Cunningham 11 aylar önce
When does it come out
nicotine c
nicotine c 11 aylar önce
Brian Cunningham next month i think but i’m not sure
Lockidin 11 aylar önce
many people are disappointed with the lack of design and I agree. This is the first year without a major update in design
Jack Goff
Jack Goff 11 aylar önce
Rachel Alexandra
Rachel Alexandra Yıl önce
That purple colour is stunning 😍
Rachel Alexandra
Rachel Alexandra 11 aylar önce
hanibal forking oh okay thanks haha
hanibal forking
hanibal forking 11 aylar önce
@Rachel Alexandra you are such a girl with beauty hearth can feel you ;) in my nature btw i always joking dont take me so seriously :)
Rachel Alexandra
Rachel Alexandra 11 aylar önce
hanibal forking thanks? 😂 I don’t know if that’s a compliment of not I’m so confused 😂😂
hanibal forking
hanibal forking 11 aylar önce
Stunning like your make up!!! Wake upppp!!!!!
t ø p h
t ø p h Yıl önce
Design is a disappointment 😞
MOHIT verma
MOHIT verma Yıl önce
this design is seriously shit
JGal Yıl önce
If you’re an XS/XR user, there is no point of upgrading to 11 because they are still great phones until today unless you’re really really rich and thats fine i guess. I’ve been using XR and probably the greatest iphone that i’ve used in a while since last time i used the 5c for 3 years since in 2014 and SE for like a year lol but oh well just saying my opinion.
Sameer Lamsal
Sameer Lamsal Yıl önce
The backside of the new iphone XI is worst.
Naishi life
Naishi life Yıl önce
Apple skipped the iPhone 9 why
damien stewart
damien stewart Yıl önce
The new iPhone looks gay as f#$%
Pradeep Subba
Pradeep Subba Yıl önce
Maybe the camera location and the camera positions it’s completely weird
Pradeep Subba
Pradeep Subba Yıl önce
I don’t like the camera specific
ihaierart Yıl önce
Upgrading from the 7 to 11 🔥🔥🔥
nba yb
nba yb Yıl önce
iPhone 12 would be called Samsung that's how much there copying Samsung
Noorulhaq Sulimanzoy
Omg this design is looks so ugly
Good look love y’all niggas always on point
Shawn Carlos
Shawn Carlos Yıl önce
Looks like a lot of people will be staying with their 8 plus, including me. Surely this is not the final design.
Sondra Shiek
Sondra Shiek Yıl önce
So excited to see the new iPhones!!! Idk though I’ve got an 8 Plus and I’m completely happy with it. I’ll see what apple releases this fall and make a decision to upgrade to the X Max or the newest one that’s still to come. I honestly like both IOS and Android but once you get an iPhone it’s so easy to get into the apple eco system. Also I’ve noticed all my Android galaxy phones get kinda laggy over time, that is so not the case with my iPhone. It’s just as snappy as the day I bought it 😃
SrwpkMX Yıl önce
Ouch those cameras look ugly!
Why though
Why though Yıl önce
I’m getting this for Christmas this year 😂😂😂😂😂 that’s what my mom said
bayra Yıl önce
I hope that shit blows up on friday the 13th
I got the new maceey
Victor H Mendez
Victor H Mendez Yıl önce
There’s so much hate around the iPhone 11 but either way I’m planning on getting it. Upgrading from an iPhone SE. The pixel 4 is also looking great in my opinion.
Tássia E Araújo
The colors 😐
Vivian jordan
Vivian jordan Yıl önce
I couldn't fine it
Scorched Yıl önce
You give the iphone too much slack. I have an android, the lg g7 thinq, and its speaker is at least 6-7x louder than any of my friends iPhone x's. Also I think that the pixel 3a is way better than something like the 10r, and it's half the price. Apples phones aren't only not the best, (Samsung's s10) but also way too expensive.
aaronvalid Yıl önce
Customer: how much? Apple: your self respect
Ew that’s ugly
Monsta X
Monsta X Yıl önce
That camera is just 😬 that jawn is not pleasing to look at AT ALL!!! Imma just stick to my xr . Also this phone is maybe about to be 2 to 3 thousands dollars with like the same features as cheaper phones😂😂😂
Cam Taylor
Cam Taylor Yıl önce
I'm so excited for the iPhone 11, it'll be my first switch from a life of Samsung!
Aravinda Priyadarshana
Whyyy? Buy an oneplus dude..
Sisima13 Yıl önce
The back is ugly ! I don’t like how the cameras look like...ugh !
Stediemobin Yıl önce
Elon come in clutch and make a phone and name it Tesla 👍 just like apple but instead a T in the back 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥
Josh Mason
Josh Mason Yıl önce
Home button and finger print is what I want back
YaGirlJana Yıl önce
I mean iphones are good but damn that guy tho
I might still keep my x 😂
JamezV2 Yıl önce
They had every opportunity to put the flash in the middle of the 3 lenses.
UBrickISnag Yıl önce
It would probably disrupt them by placing it there...
Idk why
Idk why Yıl önce
Me: complains to parents I have an old phone (iPhone 6s) Me: watches videos Me: I guess I’ll wait for that Parents: we have no money
HEAVEN Yıl önce
will the coral still be availble for xr or just not available for the 11r? i just want the xr and want the price to drop
Savvy Savage
Savvy Savage Yıl önce
If everyone who reads this makes a decision NOT to buy this overpriced phone we can collectively drive the price down and take some power back from these corporations! Like to raise awareness and let’s do this!
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith Yıl önce
Savvy Savage no
Assad Adam
Assad Adam Yıl önce
It looks so ugly
T- ARTS Yıl önce
TheArmyof100 Yıl önce
Bruh, stop spoiling movies
Alphonse James
Alphonse James Yıl önce
looks uuugggly
halima nadir
halima nadir Yıl önce
Hi i subscrobed-
Bbg To j
Bbg To j Yıl önce
Steve job would be alive if you niggas ain’t had him up😭
toni ace
toni ace Yıl önce
That camera says NO THANK YOU!
Shiwei Cai
Shiwei Cai Yıl önce
Terrible looking. Just wondering how much further iPhone can go.
David Korgan
David Korgan Yıl önce
I don't have a baby, but I have an iphone and it costs more, needs more milk (charge) than, more attention than etc a baby! No thanks! Going back to Nokia Flip phones that work all week without having to think about it and break my back just to have a telephone
Musclerocker Yıl önce
Should I keep my max or get a 11?
jimmy john
jimmy john Yıl önce
Do what u want man
alyy j
alyy j Yıl önce
my 2 year contract ends in September woohoo.
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