Exandria: An Intimate History | Narrated by Matthew Mercer

Critical Role
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Take a deep lore dive into the history of how Exandria came to be, from the Founding, to the Calamity, to the Age of Arcanum, and beyond -- narrated by Exandria's architect and our very own Game Master Matthew Mercer.

Join us for the premiere of Critical Role Campaign 3 on Thursday, October 21st at 7pm Pacific on twitch.tv/criticalrole and trvid.com/u-criticalrole

Check out all of the amazing artists who contributed to this video!
Pieces are in order of appearance:

The Arrival by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

The Divergence by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

Elves by Claudia Ianniciello || @claudia_ianniciello_artworks (Instagram)

Dwarves by Ari Orner || @ornerine (Twitter)

Humans by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter)

Friendly Giant With Flowers by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter)

Goblinkin by Nguyen Hieu || @WTH153 (Twitter)

Halflings by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter)

Half Orc With Sheep by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter)

Devilkin by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter)

Illustrious Guardians by Ameera Sheikh || @mikandii (Instagram)

Vasselheim, The Dawn City by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

God Symbols by Conceptopolis

Three Spellcasters by Linda Lithén || @LindaLithen (Twitter)

Age of Arcanum City by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

Construct by Nguyen Hieu || @WTH153 (Twitter)

Planar Mage by Linda Lithén || @LindaLithen (Twitter)

The Pursuit of Power by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Ghor Dranas by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter)

Herd of the Damned by John Anthony Di Giovanni || @ja_dig (Twitter)

Flame Reach Outpost by Bryan Syme || @SymeBryan (Twitter)

Fall of the Mentor by Wesley Griffith || @justwesley (Twitter)

Spire of Conflux by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Star Razor by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Plate of the Dawn Martyr by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Agony by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Circlet of Barbed Vision by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Armor of the Valiant Soul by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Calamity by Andrey Vasilchenko || @drawborn (Instagram)

Calamity's End by Svetoslav Petrov || @SvetoslavPetro9 (Twitter)

Rifenmist by Caio Santos || @BlackSalander (Twitter)

Umbra Hills by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

The Observer by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter)

Emerald Citadel by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Furnaces of Kraghammer by Bryan Syme || @SymeBryan (Twitter)

Stillben by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Elven Peaks by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Reconstruction of Tal'Dorei by Wesley Griffith || @justwesley (Twitter)

Fateful Moment by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter)

Exandria Map by Andy Law || @Hapimeses (Twitter)

Tal'Dorei Map by Andy Law || @Hapimeses (Twitter)

Gwessar by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter)

Emon Harbor by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

King Drassig by Claudia Ianniciello || @claudia_ianniciello_artworks (Instagram)

Battle of Umbra Hills by Jeleynai || @Jeleynai (Twitter)

Sovereign Tal'Dorei by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter)

Nicodranas by Caio Santos || @BlackSalander (Twitter)

Rexxentrum Castle by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

The Barbed Fields by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter)

The Tundra of Eiselcross by Jonah Baumann || @GalacticJonah (Twitter)

Goddesses in Balance by Zuzanna Wuzyk || @Zuzartii (Twitter)

Oasis by Ameera Sheikh || @mikandii (Instagram)

Thordak Throne by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Heroes Old & New by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter)




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Cristhian Cobas
Cristhian Cobas 6 gün önce
This is the kind of worldbuilding I love. For my campaigns I've developed several smaller versions of this style, and it always brings a smile to the players faces knowing they are not in "uncharted waters" when it comes to history of the world they are playing in. Of course, this kind of worldbuilding is not for everyone, and you don't NEED to build something so detailed for your own campaigns, so starting DMs don't be afraid to develop a small scale story (maybe one city or region) and go from there. My current world took about 5 years to build into what it is today. Keep it up and don't lose heart!
JustALonelyWriter 9 gün önce
I desperately want to ask Matt about gem dragons and whether they exist in Exandria
U - Jin
U - Jin 11 gün önce
Спасибо за субтитры
Theo Noble
Theo Noble 14 gün önce
I have two possible theories: 1. Asmodeus and Sarenrae had a romantic trist, but when he deceived her during the calamity, he destroyed her followers and permanently weakened her. So her dad, Pelor, let her crash at his house. This explains their shared divine domains and aesthetics, Pelor just has the warrior aspects 2. Asmodeus is pelor’s rebellious son who feels jealous (the classic paradise lost stuff). However, he aided in trapping Tharizdum (hell is real into chains, as we know)
Michaela Aquilina
Michaela Aquilina 15 gün önce
Throughout the entire narration, you can hear the Yusuke Kitagawa within Matthew Mercer's voice. Such passion, I love it so much! ❤️
NullArts 17 gün önce
2:26 This is an easier place to see it even though its a little early, but love the touch of the city being jettisoned out to the astral plane in the calamity drawing!
Chaitanya 17 gün önce
i like the descriptions of the Betrayer gods, they are not bad they're just like the other gods but they just saw that the grief and loss of more future generation was not worth it so they just wanted to factory reset Exandria. I very much like this more gray descriptions of gods than the b&w "good" and "bad" description.
Dm7889 17 gün önce
We needed this, thank you team xD!
Penn 20 gün önce
I would like to see an animated series of Zan Tal'Dorei for... reasons
Sean Pence
Sean Pence 21 gün önce
This is like the creation history of our reality. I bet our own gods were people who had really high-tech access to stuff.
Cole M
Cole M 21 gün önce
Campaign 4 should be set in the age of arcanum, where when the calamity hits their level 20 and can help fight against evil gods and super powerful creatures.
Jessy 25 gün önce
i'm not crying you are crying
Brethathes 25 gün önce
we need an mmo for this
Kasi 25 gün önce
Can somone tell me, was the first part (about the betrayer goods and how the world was created) the overall dnd story
Bruno 26 gün önce
Would love to hear more about the Pantheon!
ODog LP 26 gün önce
Honestly it wouldn't surprise me when in 2-3 DnD Editions later, Exandria will be the new "default" setting. The Forgotten Realms did came from a homebrew game originally too!
Zaire 29 gün önce
I haven't seen world building this complex and interesting outside of real mythology.
TeamKillerCody 29 gün önce
Matt’s Brain: contains an entire world with a vast history of characters and gods who shaped the state of it. My brain: deleting precious childhood memories to make room for song lyrics.
kg trees
kg trees Aylar önce
"prison planes" this was great
Miles Matheson
Miles Matheson Aylar önce
And now my own homebrew world history seems like weak sauce. What a flex.
William Hughes
William Hughes Aylar önce
who want to bet this is gonna be on the first episode of THE LEGEND OF VOX
Desiree Aylar önce
those who disliked this video.. are you okay?
Joshua Solanke
Joshua Solanke Aylar önce
I feel like i just got done watching a great movie
GermfreePizzaWI 1
GermfreePizzaWI 1 Aylar önce
MATT!!! We need a lore podcast with hour long episodes 😆. Please 🙏😫🥺. My DM brain needs this kinda fuel, better than a morning coffee!!!!! Wouldn’t need any visuals, just an audio podcast that is you talking about a specific piece of your amazing world for an hour an episode. I have both the books and I love them, but there is something about the creator talking about his creation that just clicks and inspires ideas I have never thought of before. It gives me the inspiration to create.
Professor Flicker
Professor Flicker Aylar önce
I've watched the whole of campaign 1 but didn't know most of that. Thanks Matt and everyone else who helped put this video together😄👍🏼
Arvian Workshop
Arvian Workshop Aylar önce
This makes me emotional :')
Courtsport25 Aylar önce
Javier Salomón Cruz Lastra
Is there a way to have this narrated in another language? Spanish in my case? Regards from Tabasco, México [Land of The Olmecs]!
ViciousTriangle Aylar önce
The whole betrayer God becoming filled with grief cause their people were dying so they wanted to help kill everything and start over? What am I missing here, that doesn't make sense
Follow the howl
Follow the howl 16 gün önce
Think of it like drawing, you muck the drawing up, do you keep it? Or screw it up and throw it in the bin?
Evangeline Babilonia
They couldn’t bear to see their people in pain and likely wanted to put them out of their misery
Kyle Aylar önce
Matt and My name is BYF are so amazing at narrating lore....
Soochoup Aylar önce
Me suddendly getting just how much the vestiges of divergence ARE a big deal: :surprised-pikachu:
Gui Shu
Gui Shu Aylar önce
Tor Bjørnson
Tor Bjørnson Aylar önce
I need one of these for all the seasons
Crow Aylar önce
I loved this soo much! TO journey for a moment into the mind of Matt Mercer... Wow. What a world! Such depth of history, truly inspiring.
Gull D. Sea
Gull D. Sea Aylar önce
I will say as John did once.. I've got chills aaaand boy are they multiplying!
Lucas Maciel
Lucas Maciel Aylar önce
I absolutely need the image at 8:23 as a wallpaper. Can anybody help me look for it?
Josh Gerschutz
Josh Gerschutz Aylar önce
But I need more
Niko Greenwood
Niko Greenwood Aylar önce
Anyone know why my podcatcher feed stopped updating halfway through Ashley's one shot??
Artie Rupinen
Artie Rupinen Aylar önce
Drink every time Matt says Magic.
angela evans
angela evans Aylar önce
I want see books of adventures in this world
R -C
R -C Aylar önce
do narrative telephone with this lol
George L.
George L. Aylar önce
Matt should have said: "Welcome to Exandria. My World." I have seen every episode this man every DMed on video and he is by far the best dungeon master I have ever seen. What a talent. (Second would be Brennan Lee Mulligan, amazing DM as well btw). The critical role cast is living the dream. Which one of us DnD lovers wouldn't want to be them right?! Okay, back to my mundane life...
glasgow. k
glasgow. k Aylar önce
Did i miss nature magic, or is that just arcane
Follow the howl
Follow the howl Aylar önce
There isn't a separate nature magic, Druidic and ranger magics are considered divine magic if I remember correctly, At least in the world of dnd
FlintySole57 Gaming
Yep I'm definitely using this as the into video for my newest exandrian campaign
Andrew Kasiba
Andrew Kasiba Aylar önce
Next Kickstarter. EXANDRIA AN INTIMATE HISTORY: THE DOCUMENTARY. And it will be a feature length film
Logan Aylar önce
I love when Matt and I get intimate
griffus111 Aylar önce
Love the lore! thank you!
ShiivaWilding Aylar önce
Classic and safe, the perfect setting for difficult stories.
James Ryan
James Ryan Aylar önce
As a newbie, I really appreciate these intro lore videos. Are there others?
Iziliaeth the wazurd
There is just something very soothing about Matt's voice
Dana Reed
Dana Reed Aylar önce
Keep writing Matt! You're really awesome and cannot wait for more
M B Aylar önce
Simply amazing. Well done!
Kronosxviii1 Aylar önce
Possible subplot: The outsider gods "invaded" and enslaved the natural order of the world to bend it to their will. They created the mortal races as faith & followers directly increase the power of said gods. The "betrayer" gods seeing the anger of the worlds natural residents felt guilty and were willing to go elsewhere. The "prime" deities having already expended a great deal of divine power were greedy and demanded that they gain some benefit for expense. Divine political infighting ensues and one faction wins... As they say history is written by the victor...
Kyle Grillo
Kyle Grillo Aylar önce
“With that much money you could flesh out the entire creation and divinity”- end of the Kickstarted This is the gift we created for ourselves!!
Thad Lozensky
Thad Lozensky Aylar önce
That was really cool
Max Martin
Max Martin Aylar önce
Magic: the Gathering - Exandria
Magpie Aylar önce
3:57 - I WOULD LIKE TO MEET THE SKELETON CENTAURS PLEASE. There's probably a proper name for them but I do not know it, I just got Very Very Excited because they look so incredibly badass.
Trial & Error
Trial & Error Aylar önce
Will they return.....find out next time on Dragonball Z
House DM
House DM Aylar önce
Such a good run down of Mercer's World. Love it!
Justin Kitchur
Justin Kitchur Aylar önce
Ok, just, wow. I could have listened to this all day.
Crystal Chappelle
Crystal Chappelle Aylar önce
amazing art!
Timothy Whitney
Timothy Whitney Aylar önce
This was amazing! Thank you Matt and Crit Role team!!!!
Onuma Aylar önce
Looking forward to seeing how large the Meat Man's empire has become.
Jackal1412 Aylar önce
So..... Is it Thursday yet? SOOOOO CLOSE!
Raistlin Majere
Raistlin Majere Aylar önce
THis was so good and every single bit of art needs a museum showing
George Lyst
George Lyst Aylar önce
I need a campaign from the calamity
Burrell Bullock
Burrell Bullock Aylar önce
Masterfully done my friend! I loved every moment in this video and inspires me to create more in my D&D world!
Rye BarRez
Rye BarRez Aylar önce
I'm so proud of you Matt.
avans kow
avans kow Aylar önce
Nice, good animated summary
Portland Blue Wizard
"How was Exandria started?" "Invading colonizers kicking the original inhabitants off their land and locking them in a prison. You know... the usual."
Rōnin Belle
Rōnin Belle Aylar önce
Omg we are gonna explore the desserts!!! Campaign 3 I'm so excited
E S Aylar önce
oh that last screen shot: Jesters pen, Veth;s buttons, Percy's glasses , Beaus ball bearings.... what else ?
Korthall S.
Korthall S. Aylar önce
pernus Aylar önce
squarebrain Aylar önce
How did the four formless deities become a fully fledged pantheon?
TigerDoc18 Aylar önce
So… when’s the video game coming out? Lol
Bia Alves Braz
Bia Alves Braz Aylar önce
Oh! Guys! I just want to tell you how much I love all of you and your work and how proud I am to see all that you are accomplishing! A lot of love from Brazil! ❤️🇧🇷
Grim's Vault streaming
if the lore in my games was even half this good my group would lose it
hector lewis
hector lewis Aylar önce
If the lore of you games were half this good you be selling books by the millions.
Nicklas Edvinsson
Nicklas Edvinsson Aylar önce
Calling it now. C3 will be set in Marquet
Adam Jagło
Adam Jagło Aylar önce
Every campaign should have such lore introduction like this video BEFORE it starts, not after it ends.
Villanmister Aylar önce
Ok, I still have one question. WHO IS ON THE TAL'DOREI COUNCIL???
DTOM Aylar önce
All this lore.... ....and every player will still make dick jokes.
porkchopalicious Aylar önce
Thinking about how cool an Age of Arcanum source book would be, where the battles that are unwritten are actually created by the community and players, after all, its a time of chaos
hector lewis
hector lewis Aylar önce
Sounds like a fan fix page that needs to happen
UltimateMustacheX Aylar önce
This Matt Mercer guy should go into voice acting. He's pretty good.
Sam Aylar önce
I really want to get into critical role but I have no clue where I should start. I come from dimension 20 and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for something similar.
Patrick Lickman
Patrick Lickman Aylar önce
A new campaign starts on Thursday - watch that when it comes out! You won't need to know anything else to enjoy it :)
Patrick Croteau
Patrick Croteau Aylar önce
I'm curious, the end picture of both vox machina and the mighty nien who was the individual between them with the sword?
Muffin McMuffinson
Muffin McMuffinson Aylar önce
Okay, just so I get this right: The gods arrived at a planet and made it their own with noble intent. The local titans disliked that and defended themselves, which caused a split between the gods whether to hold on to that planet or not, the pantheon opting to defeat the titans and stay and the betrayer gods opting to leave this place and start anew. Did I miss anything? If not, why exactly are the betrayer gods seen as that evil as they are? They make way more sense to me xD I know it's simplified, but that's what I took from this, at least the first part.
Muffin McMuffinson
Muffin McMuffinson Aylar önce
@ApSciPartyBot Yes, they wanted to destroy their creation to "give up on this world and start over somewhere else." That is literally the next sentence. I also completely end failed project to have an actual fresh start without any half-assed attempts that never worked out lying around, so I don't quite get where that is evil. I get it means killing millions of sentient being, but if you're a god and just can and want to make new millions at the next place that isn't quite as naturally hostile ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ApSciPartyBot Aylar önce
They didn't want to leave, they wanted to destroy Exandria and tried to help the Titans kill all the races who were given divine magic. Kinda evil, no?
Reckless3057 Aylar önce
This is great.
Amber M.
Amber M. Aylar önce
Omg!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱 Love the story and love love love LOVE the art!!!
Raphael Noah Natividad
Ziah Madsen
Ziah Madsen Aylar önce
what if Campaign 3 takes place wayy before the events of Campaign 1?
Ziah Madsen
Ziah Madsen Aylar önce
@Shaneyah G. really? where?
Shaneyah G.
Shaneyah G. Aylar önce
@Ziah Madsen they announced the timeline with campaign 3 way before the first episode dropped.
Ziah Madsen
Ziah Madsen Aylar önce
Well I know that now. But I was just stating a possibility before the first ep dropped
Shaneyah G.
Shaneyah G. Aylar önce
It doesn't.
L D Aylar önce
I would love to also hear how matt created the world. From what I gathered, he created this back in his teens and has been refining it since.
Joaquin Lautaro Flores Cisneros
Why am i crying?
Jacob G
Jacob G Aylar önce
5:30 "Divine beans" 🤣
Johnny Fresh
Johnny Fresh Aylar önce
daaaaaamn this was good... goosbumbs all over, i am phsyched already.
Sands Aylar önce
Thanks for the video.
Akann_The_Rogue Aylar önce
I love this so much nerding is so fun 💗
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Aylar önce
What i love the most : there is clearly a "history is written by the victor " kind of biais. Very well crafted !
The Hessian
The Hessian Aylar önce
How so?
Gary the Lich
Gary the Lich Aylar önce
i wonder where the chromatic dragons come from?
Pandemonium productions
Does anyone know the name of the species show at 5:55? It's so gorgeous and I don't recognize it.
Follow the howl
Follow the howl Aylar önce
No idea, looks like a mage below is controlling it though, could just be a random summoned creature the artist designed P.s. the artist is Wesley Griffith if that might help in your search
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