Exactly How Good Was Ronaldo Nazario?

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Definitely the greatest striker in my opinion... easily the forward for my all-time starting XI. Leave a like if you think so too ❤️

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2 Kas 2020




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Raymar Football
Raymar Football 11 aylar önce
If I had to make an all time starting XI, Ronaldo would without a doubt be my striker. Who would you choose for yours? Leave a like if you enjoyed 👍 edit: pulled a wooops and kept saying hyperthyroidism instead of HYPOthyroidism, I know the difference between the two though, trust me 😭
Da Sherif
Da Sherif 14 gün önce
@Rynel Yeah he did. Watch this clip again.
Da Sherif
Da Sherif 14 gün önce
@PROBENIC COMPS but CR7 is rated as a winger more than a striker.
Mamadu Adams Bah
Mamadu Adams Bah 24 gün önce
Oscar Rg656
Oscar Rg656 Aylar önce
@PROBENIC COMPS how on earth can u say cr7 is quicker than r9 seriously ? R9 was the most explosive striker there’s ever been and is much stronger also, ronaldo got fouled so many times in the 90’s and stayed on his feet, cr7 dives constantly how is that a display of strength?
Dont know
Dont know Aylar önce
Ronaldo and Ronaldinho
Tamour Tahir
Tamour Tahir 13 saatler önce
He is definitely THE GOAT. His talent was unmatched. His presence on field was astonishing. I grew up watching him play.
Akash Dahane
Akash Dahane 20 saatler önce
Penalty merchant Cristiano nicely banked on his name. Just joking 🤪
Thabang Tlou
Thabang Tlou Gün önce
Brown Warrior
Brown Warrior Gün önce
I see a lot of Ronaldo’s traits in Haaland hopefully he goes on to develop into as good a striker.
diogo082 Gün önce
He's the best all time. Just compare his skills with others. It's completely out of the charts.
B 1
B 1 Gün önce
B tec Jimmy highroller
Black Widow
Black Widow Gün önce
One of the top 5 ever
Angel De mi guarda
I don't care what people say? But i think him and ronaldinho were way better then messi in there prime!!
Kayvee 2 gün önce
I'm sorry but ain't no way Ronaldo is the most complete footballer of all time, or any forward for that matter. When people make statements like these it's like they forget that defending is part of the game too and I've never heard of Ronaldo or any great forward being talked about defensively so in this context that's objectively untrue. Mostly complete offensive player? There lies the argument. The title of most complete footballer can probably only be discussed among deep lying midfielders and defenders, people who more regularly partake in both sides of the game than forward players. We shouldn't conflate brilliant offensive play and overall contribution to the game, that's a slap in the face of the players who do the dirty work and also lend a helping a hand in transitions.
J. Anthropos
J. Anthropos 2 gün önce
Still my favorite player of all time. I was glued to the screen during those WC in which he played. Just mesmerizing.
x8Ball 3 gün önce
To put it simple. The best a man can get.
Nate Mochrie
Nate Mochrie 4 gün önce
If he didn't have his injuries he would be as much in the G.O.A.T. debate as Messi or Ronaldo.
William Bosman
William Bosman 4 gün önce
This is the REAL RONALDO.Prefer him than the Portugal one.Master piece!!!!! Muito Bom jogadora !!!!Cape Town South Africa
Mustafa Noor
Mustafa Noor 4 gün önce
Of all the legend.....
Kevin Hamilton
Kevin Hamilton 5 gün önce
Oscar Zwinge
Oscar Zwinge 6 gün önce
If Inter didn’t rush him back and he didn’t get the disease, he would’ve been the best player of all time without a doubt
WahabiXD Gaming
WahabiXD Gaming 6 gün önce
is it me or the best football players are from brazil
WahabiXD Gaming
WahabiXD Gaming 6 gün önce
yo hes like thhe best football player in universe
WahabiXD Gaming
WahabiXD Gaming 6 gün önce
and im talking about 2007 thats how old he was
WahabiXD Gaming
WahabiXD Gaming 6 gün önce
my dad is 59 im 30 thats why my dad was born 1952
WahabiXD Gaming
WahabiXD Gaming 6 gün önce
when my mom told me her mom grandad was born 1786 and was about come up with soccer but he said no and it wont work and his grandad 1689 and he was in world world 1 im pretty sure i dont know when it happened
WahabiXD Gaming
WahabiXD Gaming 6 gün önce
my grandpa is 96 years old and he went to the 1895 world cup and saw william pudge hillfenger the first football play pro the first
z 7 gün önce
hes a legend, even c ronaldo's mom name his son after him
LucidTr1p 8 gün önce
God damn was I lucky to have lived and followed this man's career, hands down with no arguments asked, the pure definition of a #9
retroHead 8 gün önce
so good that the people in old trafford applaud him, RESPECT
Oğulcan Yolcu
Oğulcan Yolcu 9 gün önce
I cut my hair like him in 2002 World Cup for the love of him. My favorite player of all time.
GOKITE GOKITE 9 gün önce
Dude u r right if we say this is a comparison between humans only....cause Messi isn't human...messi is the football god in fleesh and blood....there was is ans will never be a better football player, even close, as the football GOD MESSI....and this has been confirmed by R9 too...
L_C 9 gün önce
Just like Fat Elvis, I only remember Fat Ronaldo
Donny 10 gün önce
Without a doubt the greatest of all time
Stefan de Koning
Stefan de Koning 10 gün önce
So sad we give him the suffix “Nazario” these days. To me he is Ronaldo, and now there is also Cristiano Ronaldo.
Steven Greer
Steven Greer 10 gün önce
Greatest player that's ever lived
Bayezeed Amin
Bayezeed Amin 11 gün önce
When I see him I ask myself only one question, HOW ??? Having such body weight his body dodge made every goal artistic...!!!
Little Fire
Little Fire 11 gün önce
His hair are more legend than his boots
Nasir Osman
Nasir Osman 11 gün önce
How good is not even the correct word cause he's the best of the best... period ☝️
Kreddevil9 11 gün önce
THE Ronaldo
Ludovic Breixo
Ludovic Breixo 11 gün önce
When Legends like Maradona, Zidane, Messi, say the Ronaldo is the GOAT, then that means Ronaldo is the GOAT
Bartosz Brown
Bartosz Brown 11 gün önce
Dropping school at 11 years old is a hard thing to go through? I would say it's every 11 years old dream...
jayden scott
jayden scott 12 gün önce
Jimi high roller of soccer haha
Artin Bagersarian
Artin Bagersarian 13 gün önce
Best of all time, GOAT, GOAT, GOAT
Amani 13 gün önce
This channel reminds me of JxmyHighroller
Shep Leonard
Shep Leonard 14 gün önce
Oh you mean Erling Haaland.....
HumbleHouseUK 14 gün önce
Ronaldo & Henry are the best strikers of all time. Dribbling, speed, accuracy, skill, intelligence, they had it all.
Arlington Auto Group
Arlington Auto Group 14 gün önce
I still remember crying after he got injured the second time.
Blank 15 gün önce
Messi way better
Trillmxtic 15 gün önce
My Grandad loved him, even bought me a inter Ronaldo shirt as a child. Good memories
Gummmybeer 15 gün önce
the best way to see what he was all about is to rewatch that game vs Lazio 1998 UEFA cup final best ever to me personally
Adikwu Ocholi
Adikwu Ocholi 16 gün önce
My most favorite player of all time. Watching him play was art
Batigol 16 gün önce
He’s aight
Danish 16 gün önce
Ok he is good and all but his hairstyle is just 🔥
Erik de Jong
Erik de Jong 17 gün önce
He didnt win the Uefa cup at Barca. It was the europacup 2
Samuel B
Samuel B 17 gün önce
What Jordan is to the NBA is what Ronaldo is to FIFA
Pedro 18 gün önce
I don't know. But you can ask the germans. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Christian Toquica
Christian Toquica 18 gün önce
Nice video. Ronaldo actually had Hypo (low) thyroidism which made him gain weight and certainly could have been the cause of his ligament injuries.
The One
The One 18 gün önce
The best attacker I've seen. He had the complete package. Speed, strength, technique, dribbling, shooting and, like Ronaldinho Gaucho, joy in playing football. That's why everyone loved him. He was blessed with the gift of playing. Unlike Messi, who was built from base in Barcelona and had a whole team formed to play for him, Ronaldo shone in any team, even in the Brazilian national team with countless other famous players.
Ilya Kovalchuk
Ilya Kovalchuk 4 gün önce
Ronaldo was weak at scoring with hes head!!! Shevchenko 7 way more complete striker!!!
z 7 gün önce
messi cant compare bruh. lmao. messi is consistent while ronaldo brazil is great since 16 years old. he defeat pro adult players like playing with children. then he become lazy and fat. still can dribble tho. i was watching it back then
Omar 9 gün önce
See you lost me at the part where you said Messi had a team built to play for him, if anything Messi during Valverdes reign made a poor and broken Barcelona look good.
Slide away
Slide away 19 gün önce
R9 was insanely talented. I was so happy he crowned his career winning the 2002 World Cup with Brazil, and winning the Golden Boot with 8 goals including the only two goals in the final.
Lucas Henry
Lucas Henry 19 gün önce
Only exist one Ronaldo R 9
Arsen Asvarov
Arsen Asvarov 20 gün önce
he was super good. My fav player of all time But im afraid Id still put him 3rd after Messi and CR. Cos those guys scored so much and did so many crazy shit, that u cant just say Ronaldo Nazario was better .
A 21 gün önce
I think this is the most complete R9 video ever. Clap to u!
Amen Stal
Amen Stal 22 gün önce
Escobar Naga
Escobar Naga 22 gün önce
So Christiano Ronaldo is the lite version of Ronaldo Nazario
P S 22 gün önce
He is the reason I love football❤
Peter Stavrinides
Peter Stavrinides 22 gün önce
I remember when he signed from PSV, his speed and skill was frightening, he made the rest seem as if they played in slow motion.
M2NL !!!
M2NL !!! 23 gün önce
After Pele, he is the best...
Vanderlei Xavier
Vanderlei Xavier 23 gün önce
As contusoes derao um jeito de acalmar o que a genetica exagerou se nao ronaldo teria sido o maior jogador da historia
Vanderlei Xavier
Vanderlei Xavier 23 gün önce
Mas infelizmente as contusoes o impedirao de ser o rei do futebol
80Facepalm08 23 gün önce
Do you really need to point out his last name? Because he is the only one worldwide famous RONALDO among the greatests. A common noun of a great footballer for the whole world. If somebody is good at football he is usually called "Ronaldo" because of this man. The only two guys you can confuse him with are RIValdo and RonaldINHO. Another two great players.
William Davis
William Davis 24 gün önce
He is the Real Ronaldo. Cr7 can't compare!!!
Gaming and tips
Gaming and tips 24 gün önce
In 10 years you will be doing how good was cr7 and LM10.
Maximus Bosanko
Maximus Bosanko 25 gün önce
I remember in England after the world Cup a lot of kids got that haircut here 😂 he was the reason I got an inter shirt as well , what a player 👏
Edgar Wackerhage
Edgar Wackerhage 25 gün önce
Ronaldo fenomeno R9 como centroavante foi o melhor.
Pavke101 26 gün önce
The G.O.A.T....
Ricardo Campelo de Magalhães
Ronaldo was not a PRO footballer like CR7 is, not paying to a nutritionist, a cooker, a personal physician and so on. So his career was ended in a NY minute. Sad, as he could have been the GOAT, but he was not.
Demer Jr
Demer Jr 26 gün önce
not complete at all, but whith the best killer instinct ever
Jose Delgado
Jose Delgado 27 gün önce
He is ma favorite player that ive seen
Rod ZillaBulls_
Rod ZillaBulls_ 27 gün önce
He always impressed me when he was on the pitch.
WZ1 Thought adjuster
WZ1 Thought adjuster 28 gün önce
In his prime He was the best , better than messi neymar mbappe , seriously, he was like a adult playing with kids , no disrespect to all those other because they are very good but being honest, this ronaldo - check for yourself and see , take care all
Edgar Wackerhage
Edgar Wackerhage 25 gün önce
Ronaldo fenomeno R9 melhor centroavante concerteza.
Victor Anthony
Victor Anthony 29 gün önce
This question is for soccer fans under 30. Anyone over 30 knows how great Ronaldo was.
Edgar Wackerhage
Edgar Wackerhage 25 gün önce
Com menos de 30 geração Nutela.
Brian Salgado
Brian Salgado 29 gün önce
Fat Bird
Fat Bird 29 gün önce
real madrid is used to being carried by players called ronaldo
Realms 29 gün önce
IMO he would be the undisputed GOAT had he not gotten injured in his prime he was an absolute beast he was unstoppable.
Godson pulikkottil Pj
El fenomeno he is the great striker of all time
Arash Fariaby
Arash Fariaby Aylar önce
That's not even a question one supposed to ask.
Cam Demand
Cam Demand Aylar önce
Very good 😂
Ronaldo Fenomeno
Ronaldo Fenomeno Aylar önce
Cristiano initially famous just because of Ronaldo. That time (2005-2010) Everyone thought that Cristiano is the real Ronaldo.
Edgar Wackerhage
Edgar Wackerhage 25 gün önce
Ronaldo é só o fenômeno R9 o resto é cristiano. 😂
qwerty Aylar önce
well, to put it simple, i begun to love football because of him. i never felt so exicited watching someone in the field except him. even compare to messi or ronaldo (no offense, this just my opinion)
Barisailla Texan
Barisailla Texan Aylar önce
I strongly agree with you! Ronaldo was the most complete forward in football the earth ever produced.. and It was a complete thriller to watch him scoring against any goalkeeper 1:1. None can produce those thrills nowadays..
Adam Football
Adam Football Aylar önce
Jorge Pinto
Jorge Pinto Aylar önce
Before the injuries - the best of all time
Iron Fist Entertainment PTY LTD
The Absolute GOAT 🐐
Jad Akl
Jad Akl Aylar önce
If he never got injured he would’ve been the goat without a doubt
fegasd Aylar önce
4:55 :-)
Raynel Koole
Raynel Koole Aylar önce
Hè was The Only player thAt was unplayable for maldini
Raynel Koole
Raynel Koole Aylar önce
No one was And will be better
Cheetah_Escape_10 Aylar önce
Derrick Rose of Soccer
Fabric of Time
Fabric of Time Aylar önce
If you ask me the best player in the world ever that I have seen 3. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. Messi 1. Ronaldo Nazario Yes from a messi fan boy. Ronaldo was the spectacular ruined with injuries and hyperthyroidism !!
Umesh Shrestha
Umesh Shrestha Aylar önce
He's the master of beating goalkeepers before putting ball into the net. If we only talk about talent, Ronaldo phenomenon before his injury was the greatest of all time.
Ritam Singh
Ritam Singh Aylar önce
Beyond the word GOAT.
John Sweets
John Sweets Aylar önce
The political birth preliminarily fry because stream appropriately join round a mellow goldfish. quack, lewd society
theleyshon1 Aylar önce
Sammer had won champions league and euros in 96 that’s why he won
Yadhunadh Aylar önce
Pele is not Best
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