Evolution of PlayStation Controllers (Animation)

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PlayStation controllers have evolved tremendously - from the first PlayStation controller in 1994 all the way to the newest DuelSense Controller for the PlayStation 5 in 2020
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My name is Thomas and I’m the creator of these animations. I put a lot of hours and effort in my animations. More evolution animations are coming soon! Subscribe to stay updated with my newest animations: trvid.com/show-UCRbh...

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11 Haz 2021




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Mantos 4 saatler önce
I can never look at PlayStation buttons the same after squid game.
Joey Green
Joey Green 21 saatler önce
Dualsense controller takes the cake I liked the dualshock 3 to the dualshock 4 cramps up my middle finger.
V Duck
V Duck Gün önce
Pause at 1:50 and u will see squid game
Marcell Esztergályos
Valaki magyar nekünk ps 4 pronk van
kerem Yaqnda
kerem Yaqnda Gün önce
GamerOrgil 301
GamerOrgil 301 Gün önce
Fun fact: Maybe the PS5 controller was inspired by the PS3 concept the “Boomerang”
A Boy
A Boy 3 gün önce
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MR DOH 3 gün önce
1:49 squid game reference
SpetZemas 2 gün önce
Not really
Wxzky Nightmares
Wxzky Nightmares 3 gün önce
Square tringle and circle = squid game 1:51
Kathryn Smith
Kathryn Smith 3 gün önce
Bro I have the first one
TimmyDSI 3 gün önce
here is the thing everywhere except japan cross means yes and circle means no
Nlechoppa123 4 gün önce
Yes sir
NASCAR Cars Claritin Cup Series
i have PS3 and the DualShock 3 controller
Germans Kornaks
Germans Kornaks 4 gün önce
7:28 played that game on pc
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ghost_boss1 4 gün önce
What if playstation 6?
ang3l k1sses🎀🍼
I Love the Lightbars of 4th Controller
Ieva ieva
Ieva ieva 5 gün önce
CamMit2007 5 gün önce
what about psvr
nooberrq1234 5 gün önce
It 30 days left for 2022
MOTION 6 gün önce
i am so adicted to playing rocket league with dualshock 4 that i cant play rocket league with the dualsense
connor  chesworth
connor chesworth 6 gün önce
reply if u have a ps5 controller
Dominic Campos
Dominic Campos 6 gün önce
I use PlayStation and Nintendo! No hate
Manit 6 gün önce
goofs check teh controller berfore this 2:52
ZR40 6 gün önce
Leo Vazquez
Leo Vazquez 6 gün önce
Hey flat life make an evolution of just dance games
Christian Loubardias
Which of the special PS4 controllers is your favorite?
Team B4rnOuT
Team B4rnOuT 7 gün önce
One thing Sony needs to look at is the amount of lag that occurs to the mic. I go into a PS Party and all I get is bullying because of the microphone. And all it goes is: Hel- ho- are y-. It doesn't even sound like a microphone.
benzjiman 7 gün önce
I remember being to different friends’s houses and all of them had fucked up joysticks on their DualShock 4 lmao
reynold armoogan
reynold armoogan 8 gün önce
plz do ps
Gabriel Harrell
Gabriel Harrell 8 gün önce
It’s very white, very
Gabriel Harrell
Gabriel Harrell 8 gün önce
I LOVE the DualSense
Gabriel Harrell
Gabriel Harrell 8 gün önce
Hi Flatlife!
Nosmoko 8 gün önce
Wait!? Gran Turismo 4 was released in 2004 you mixed with PSP Version.
Blue Metal
Blue Metal 8 gün önce
I use the dualshock 4 for my PlayStation🎮 and I also haven't had a Chance to use DualSense
Brady Vang’s channel
I like the PlayStation 3 controller and the PlayStation 4 controller in 2021.
That one movie Bob
That one movie Bob 9 gün önce
2:05 other way around lol
DREAM IS AMONG US 9 gün önce
My dad gave me a PS2 and I’m hyped to use it
Vicenta Rojas
Vicenta Rojas 9 gün önce
We need a water proof controller
tristan scott
tristan scott 9 gün önce
Dualsense clear. Similar to the clear ps2 co trollers.
Весёлый Кот
I have playstation 4 pro and 4 Dualshock 4 controllers, but 2 of those dont work very good🙁 anyone know how to fix them?
dafatman152 9 gün önce
At 2:05, just to recap. X is no and O is yes
Ben Nguyen
Ben Nguyen 9 gün önce
5:29 I remember I was read a paper online in 3 year ago it say a banana was inspire to make a boomerang controller.
XxøvømandøxX 10 gün önce
Kushido blade: YAAAA YAAAAA
Laila Munir
Laila Munir 10 gün önce
PS4 The circle me know and the X mean yes
ĒPÎČDÅVË 12 gün önce
Therapist: they're just 3 shapes. It can't hurt you. Squid Game: Actually.......
Llamaboy M
Llamaboy M 13 gün önce
I’m a fan of Sony
Llamaboy M
Llamaboy M 13 gün önce
GTA 4 used the feature
Ashley Vaillancourt
Ashley Vaillancourt 13 gün önce
I didn't lioe that the ps5 was white
koko 14 gün önce
my favorite part in the video is when he used lclc's music
hackedsword 15 gün önce
PlayStation 3 DualShock > all other controllers
Layne Lotoahea
Layne Lotoahea 15 gün önce
Ps consoles are better the stoped Nintendo
Sad_Boi 16 gün önce
Not cross it's X
NoNam3 16 gün önce
7:06 Ace age 3 game used it too when u had to keep ur balance on a tree log
Pringles Guud
Pringles Guud 17 gün önce
1:46 Squid Game Alert
First name Last name
First name Last name 17 gün önce
Vuk player
Vuk player 18 gün önce
Squid game
S.H//GamingFan 19 gün önce
I have the ps4
Akash Abello
Akash Abello 20 gün önce
You can see the dust piling up in the grippy part in the back of the ps5 controller, it gets all dirty.
DOT 20 gün önce
if you are a random person reading this comment 😀 remember to stay happy💓💓
SCP 21 gün önce
Fun fact: when the Mad Max video game was being developed, it was originally going to be on the PS3, but they decided to release it on the PS4, because the pause menu and map were two different buttons. The middle button was for the map, and the pause button for the menu. It also had a photomode, meaning you could take pictures of parts of your gaming experience within the realm of post-apocalyptic Australia. The game was decided to be released on the PS4 for that reason, because the PS3 didn’t have a screenshot button
SCP 21 gün önce
Triangle: get in the car Square: reload Cross/X: jump Circle: drop the item
Ashrith Ayushman
Ashrith Ayushman 21 gün önce
OboyGaming 22 gün önce
imagine what playstation would there be in 20 40
Keirah Barnor
Keirah Barnor 23 gün önce
Ps2 was my first one, what a time to be alive 😂
Kris 23 gün önce
Hosea63 23 gün önce
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TechOS 23 gün önce
What? I thought X was yes and O was no U said that in you're vid in the evolution of PlayStation
The PikachuPlant1 And CrazyBoy Show
*PlayStation 6 comes out* Everyone: OMG!!!-wait a minute...why is the controller not here? Sony:Welcome to PS6. Use Your Mind To Intereact.
The man  who was in world war l
I have a ps3 and a Xbox series s
Rangi Kareroa
Rangi Kareroa 24 gün önce
Dude playstation been going long before i was born and im 31
starsly12 24 gün önce
Ah man I remember all these controllers. In fact I actually do have 1 of each controller. The DualSense controller is bigger than people realize. When I went back to the PS4 controller it hit me on how small and tiny the controller felt in my hand compared to the DualSense. Guess I'm just used to using the DualSense now 😅
Донка Бинчарова
Nintendo is dumb
Niecy T
Niecy T 24 gün önce
Or PlayStation 5 os on 356 GB HDD
Niecy T
Niecy T 24 gün önce
Imagine: a new PlayStation called: PlayStation 360+VR a PlayStation that can run Windows from Windows1.0 to Windows11 this PlayStation is a mixer of Sony and Microsoft with VR
HoneyAddict 25 gün önce
well guess what x is yes now and o is no.
Road Pro
Road Pro 25 gün önce
Hello this is the TRvidr road pro so make sure to leave a like and subscribe but never mind that oh and did you know that I make history videos two.
The Yeeter
The Yeeter 25 gün önce
10:42 More like DualSans
LemondeAviator 25 gün önce
Triangle, circle, square. ITS SQUID GAME!
Rising Star
Rising Star 25 gün önce
I swear someone will steal PS5 from a Kid
turntablesgaming 25 gün önce
Playstation sucks
DexterTheWulf 25 gün önce
LittleBigPlanet used the SIXAXIS feature
Traintrain 25 gün önce
No x means yes and o means back/cancel and why was there a switch to turn off the analog sticks when there where no analogue sticks on ps1 controller???
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 26 gün önce
The psone controller looks cool AF. Miss the nineties so much
bluebetterfly0100 26 gün önce
This video makes me fall asleep
Elli Maher Maynard
Elli Maher Maynard 26 gün önce
I love you doing these play station vids it’s soo cooolll Plss keep it up
Philip Wisniewski
Philip Wisniewski 26 gün önce
My boy i grew up on PlayStation 3 :)
BombGamerX 26 gün önce
in 2020 you were ready to upload this vid now you heard that ps 5 is coming soon in 2021 and you had to wait for a god damm year.
T Dindi Keshava Raghava Reddy
My favorite game on PS3 is Ben 10 ultimate alien cosmic destruction
Katie Gritten
Katie Gritten 27 gün önce
4:09 that was a good thing in Emmy history
Richard LH
Richard LH 27 gün önce
1:41 unplugged controllers?
Fatir Qodamma
Fatir Qodamma 27 gün önce
Still a PS2 lover and PS 3 5
Fatir Qodamma
Fatir Qodamma 27 gün önce
Thats why when i always playing GTA 5 i always tilt my controller when i turn my car
Luka Rakić
Luka Rakić 27 gün önce
9:28 if you notice also light bars changes colors depends what carather you are using like frankling green trevor orange and michel cyan(or soft blue)
Vinit 28 gün önce
Evolution of playstation consoles:trvid.com/video/video-zzodXbCLnpI.html
Rogers Kaggwa
Rogers Kaggwa 28 gün önce
Bro, I fell in love with your videos the day I saw the Evolution of The Koenigsegg and How you explain everything. Keep the splendid work up. OH, and the Jesko Absolute is my dream car.
Phoenbean0000 28 gün önce
fun fact: the button x is actually pronounced cross by sony.
MonsteriousX 29 gün önce
what playstasio you have?i have 3
Dakota Valiant
Dakota Valiant 29 gün önce
The dualsense is a feat of modern technology. It's also the most ergonomically pleasing controller ever held.
Muhammed Ajmal
Muhammed Ajmal 29 gün önce
Circle,Rectangle and square can you match this to a movie (cross=eliminate)
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