Evolution of Nintendo [1889-2022]

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16 Ağu 2022




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Andrei Bucton
Andrei Bucton Yıl önce
Let's not deny this, guys: Despite the Wii U being a huge commercial failure, it had a great library of games. It's a huge shame the console itself didn't do very well.
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez 3 gün önce
yyyeeesss my boy
Sawsan Alasaad
Sawsan Alasaad 6 gün önce
@Durkin Funtime Transport Vlogs Same I wish I could get one
Sawsan Alasaad
Sawsan Alasaad 6 gün önce
True... Poor thing.
Durkin Funtime Transport Vlogs
Finally! Someone Who Shares My Opinion!
Hollow2035 ツ
Hollow2035 ツ 12 gün önce
I have one
Oriangle Man
Oriangle Man 7 aylar önce
Despite its terrible sales, the Wii U made up a huge part of my childhood and I loved it
Charles Vincent
Charles Vincent 5 aylar önce
Thank you Nintendo for making our childhood memorable. I once owned GB Color and Nintendo DS and I had so much fun back in those days.
JADO67 Gaming
JADO67 Gaming 3 aylar önce
I still have a nintendo DSi
Minion doing rapidly fast drum solo
Nah thank that random business man on a train playing with his calculator for inspiration
Harukami 6 gün önce
Thank you for this video. Now whenever Nintendo talks about how much of a family friendly company they are - similar to what Sakurai said when he was introducing Terry Bogard for Smash, I'm going to remind them that they once were a love hotel.
Carlos Estrada
Carlos Estrada Aylar önce
Brings back so many memories of my early childhood to now. I remember when I was very little, I had the N64 where I first played MARIOKART. Then I was later given as a present the Game Boy. And then I remember later on I wanted the GameCube which I got I think either for my birthday or for Christmas. And that’s where I first played Animal Crossing. I played the other versions on the other systems as well. I then asked about a year or two later Santa for a blue DS Lite, and a few years later I got the DS i XL which was a surprise present from my grandma. And when I graduated from middle school, my grandma got me the Wii as a graduation present. I eventually also got the 2DS only because it was slightly cheaper and now I have the Nintendo Switch. I still love them all and Nintendo to this day! Animal Crossing, Super Mario Bros., MARIOKART, MARIO PARTY, and all the other classics are still my favorite to this day. And I can’t wait to see Super Nintendo World when it opens at Universal Studios!
Ayaan Dadi
Ayaan Dadi Yıl önce
One day, we will look at super smash bros ultimate and say "those were the days." Hard to imagine video games being more advanced and detailed than they are today
La Temporis
La Temporis Aylar önce
It can only become as realistic as real life, and video games graphics right now are already pretty close. Hyper realistic isn't very appealing imo. I imagine VR would be the next thing, we can actually experience the game as the character themselves. Sounds unrealistic right now but who knows, may be possible in the future.
Elijah Delarosa
Elijah Delarosa Aylar önce
@yanping liu 4. The big 4
Paco Aylar önce
EleverRed Aylar önce
maybe one day u can start comparing them to real life something like microsoft flight sim
W.B.M 2 aylar önce
Ready player one
InfiniT Interactive
InfiniT Interactive 24 gün önce
Considering the games releasing for other major Consoles, It's Amazing how Nintento still holding it's possition as one of the big 3.
Robloxgamer293 3 aylar önce
Fun fact:The success of Nintendo switch can be attributed to several factors that have come together in favor of the console. Its hybrid capabilities allow it to appeal to a wide customer base, and it receives plenty of support from both first party and third party developers.
Swimming Monke
Swimming Monke 4 aylar önce
This is probably my favorite game company thank you for making this.
SweatCollector Aylar önce
I’m glad to see my favorite console company’s history
Rizky Gumilar
Rizky Gumilar Yıl önce
Glad Nintendo is still fighting in the console bussiness despite their ups and downs over the years! The gaming world is benefited so much with Nintendo in than without.
Yuliana Sellyca
Yuliana Sellyca 26 gün önce
@marinus18 same, before I'm born, my dad owning NES alongside Sega Megadrive was using credits instalment. My 2 Aunts playing NES fave game like: Super Mario 3, Star Force, Contra till Road Fighters after school since both in Highschool. Then, owning Playstation 1 just wanna playing like DDR, Bishi Bashi Special (this game make PS1 Controller instantly broken because have quick handle) & Harvest Moon Back To Nature (before Natsume & Victor Entertainment (currently Marvelous) separated after A New Beginning for 3DS), Owning PS2 Slim too (I prefer playing Soul Calibur 3 just creating Original Characters via Create a Soul). My sister buying GBA SP & playing a Girl Games or FOMT GBA, owning 2 NDSLite (currently broken because my reckless). Today, I'm owning Nintendo Switch Animal Crossings Edition. My decision for owning Switch not a fault. Because more "Family Friendly" games like Mario Kart 8 DX (this game was requested by my 6 y.o Niece. She's said to me: "Aunty, I wanna playing Mario Kart"), Story of Seasons Switch (FOMT remake & Doraemon. Except for PoOT), Zelda Breath of The Wild till Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition
Yuliana Sellyca
Yuliana Sellyca 26 gün önce
Same to me, I'm Indonesian too
marinus18 4 aylar önce
@Rizky Gumilar I've grown up being a console generation behind. I got a SNES in 1997 and a N64 in 2001. The first console I got brand new was a Wii so it being weaker didn't bother me in the slightest. It's just how I've always felt about Nintendo. I do think the Switch is on the way out though more so because it's 5 years old already and that generally ends up being the lifespan of consoles. Nintendo really needs to get going and make the successor.
Rizky Gumilar
Rizky Gumilar 4 aylar önce
@marinus18 i know my dude. I just want to play elden ring or other AAA games on my switch. Im sad that people who owned steam deck are destroying switch right now. steam deck can kill Nintendo if Nintendo tech is still behind. Many TRvidrs and industry analyst said steam deck is the Nintendo killer my dude.
marinus18 4 aylar önce
@Rizky Gumilar Doing that is not a good idea. Nintendo should focus on what it's always best at; decent looking and fun games that are affordable for anyone. Nintendo just isn't cutting edge and whenever they have tried to be like with the N64 or the Gamecube it hasn't panned out too well. Also a next gen Switch slightly more powerful than the PS4 would be best. The PS5 actually is not getting many games not out of last gen. Games just don't age that quickly anymore. I also think from gen 7 and beyond power hasn't mattered that much. A x360 doesn't really have any serious technical limitations. It can render every model in full with fingers, fully textured and animated however the developers want.
Hunter Grant
Hunter Grant 4 aylar önce
What does take time to appreciate how much Nintendo put into the conslas and still makes it family friendly
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo 19 gün önce
Man some consoles gave me so much nostalgia. The 64, the gamecube, the gameboy advanced foldable, DS, and DSI. Their my favorite to play.
Ca sĩ Bùi Đức Tín
04:26 - a the nes 06:28 - game boy 08:20 - in 1993 08:38 - snes 10:20 - Virtual boy 11:31 - N64 13:46 - GBA 15:42 - GCN 15:49 - PS2,Xbox 17:40 - Nintendo DS 17:56 - Nintendo DS Pen 19:53 - Wii 21:23 - Wii Mini 22:14 - Nintendo 3DS
Italian Tuxedo
Italian Tuxedo Aylar önce
23:59 - Wii U 25:45 - NES Classic + SNES Classic 26:34 - Nintendo Switch
Saver310 Aylar önce
a the
Freddy Weng
Freddy Weng 2 aylar önce
Thank you
Mio Bleckert
Mio Bleckert 7 aylar önce
This was the best video I've ever seen. I learned a lot, thank you!
Noelkinz® Yıl önce
What makes Nintendo great is there ability to be creative when building there hardware and of course how memorable there exclusive characters are.
Tomatelord Aylar önce
Dane Cagno
Dane Cagno 3 aylar önce
1885? this is the weirdest thunk I experienced But I have one question. If the me in the future is I the past how could you possibly know about it
Timer the cheese guy
Timer the cheese guy 4 aylar önce
Yep. It's honestly insane how long Nintendo characters have remained popular. Mario is literally a household name for the past near half century, probably more of an icon than pac man. Pac man is more of a nostalgia icon for older generations, whereas mario is a consistent icon throughout the years due to constant new releases of games with him featured in it aswell. When you ask someone about pac man they'll think of either the original or Ms pacman. Ask someone about mario and they could think up a million different games in their head
Noelkinz® 4 aylar önce
@Jess Wells Thenk yuoo fur do curektion
Cart1416 Aylar önce
The PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo colors go really good together.
AstroBastro 7 aylar önce
Another great video. You’ve had me subscribed since the start. I love your channel so much and keep up the good work.
Saturn Aylar önce
5:40 that music is still in smm2 to this day and I love it. It reminds me so much of nostalgia.
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo 19 gün önce
Foldable gameboy advance, Nintendo DSI, the gamecube, the 64, were my favorite. Very fun to play.
memelord21 3
memelord21 3 7 aylar önce
The Wii U may have done poorly but it had some great features. The gamepad allowed you to still continue your game even if someone else is using the TV, and that was enough of a selling point for little me
Will Robinson
Will Robinson 26 gün önce
Will Robinson
Will Robinson 26 gün önce
Mitsuki The Great
Mitsuki The Great Aylar önce
I’m pretty sure, since it’s a hand held device. It may have sparked or inspired the hand held model of the Nintendo switch. This is just a theory of mine. I don’t know if it’s true.
Average Chocolate-Vanilla Pudding Enjoyer
yeah when the hdmi wasnt plugged into my tv and i had the hdmi plugged into something else my friend just used the gamepad for solo play
Yuliana Sellyca
Yuliana Sellyca 2 aylar önce
I never ask my dad for buying WiiU. Because Mobile Game dominating Gaming. Until I'm buying Switch with my effort at least 2-3 month (I buying Animal Crossings edition because prefer to Pastel Mint & Pastel Blue JoyCon, I never buy Tsum Tsum Party Edition because "Too Bright" JoyCon color than Pastel like Lavender & Pastel Pink)
Fun fact: A medic from a war carried a gameboy inside hes pocket. It was bombed many times but surprisingly the gameboy was still ok and playable. Showing how strong nintendo consoles where.
Rui Wang
Rui Wang 4 aylar önce
Regardless of the state of the industry today, Nintendo consoles dominated my childhood growing up. I think their consoles were the only ones where I spent countless hours playing with others in front of a TV.
Mayhem Cube Gaming MCG Plays
I was shocked to know Nintendo was out that many years. 133 years wow 😊
SuperzockerTV YT
SuperzockerTV YT 6 aylar önce
The Wii brings out unbeliebable nostalgia in me
FdR NGM 11 aylar önce
The D-pad, motion control, wireless controllers, detachable joycons... Its very clear that Nintendo is not afraid to push the limits of gaming... Can't wait to see what the come up with next, flop or not
bintharemahn 21 gün önce
@Jakob Wedel everything he listed is the most basic shit ever.
V3ntilator Aylar önce
To be fair, Amiga Mandala were the first motion controls for games. Nintendo weren't first.
MrSupercar55 Aylar önce
Back in the day, Nintendo were ambassadors of gaming. Besides, their modern consoles aren't half bad either. My girlfriends has a Nintendo Switch that she uses to play Animal Crossing on and it's pretty good. Although most people nowadays for the purposes of gaming on the go will just turn to their smartphones and iPads, they run up a high phone bill in doing so because the game needs an internet connection to show ads at anger-inducingly frequent intervals and usually require you to pay £2.99 to make the ads stop. The Switch isn't like that. It isn't plagued by ads and content hidden behind a paywall like other games these days. While EA invented paywalls and all the other game developers were like sheep and started integrating paywalls into their games, Nintendo stuck to their guns and didn't go down that track. Hats off to them. Some gamers out there view Nintendo as the black sheep, but others see them as principled. It was that corporate integrity that saw them take the upper hand against Sega in the 90's. Sega wouldn't get it right until they released the Dreamcast, but by then, the damage was done.
First Last
First Last Aylar önce
The Nintendo OLED.
HUE_Marlon 3 aylar önce
@Spence gaming tbh every company does that and i think microsoft invented that stupid idea
Protato Gamer
Protato Gamer 3 aylar önce
I somehow convinced my Geography teacher that the history of Nintendo was cultural to Japan and this video has been my main source of info. Thank you for making this informative, well edited, and well formatted video. You just got a new subscriber👍
PonPon Doodlez
PonPon Doodlez 7 aylar önce
For all the trouble the Gamecube had, I have so many fond memories of it and I'm glad I still have and play mine today
Lynn Washington
Lynn Washington Aylar önce
I had a Wii U, even though it failed, I still believe it’s a success
seichi yeung
seichi yeung 2 aylar önce
one of the best things about nintendo is the how they listen to their consumers and produce a better version basing it on advice from consumers
Dragos Pirvu
Dragos Pirvu 11 aylar önce
I watched the full video. Damn man, it's a masterpiece. The information, the animation, everything.
Bryseyda Gomez
Bryseyda Gomez 2 aylar önce
@Fabian Chavez XBOX 2?
Hendend keld
Hendend keld 5 aylar önce
Wait where tf is Georgia it isn't on the map
Darian0398 6 aylar önce
The animation is very clean and satisfying, the video brought back so much nostalgia
Jacob B
Jacob B 7 aylar önce
@Fabian Chavez xbox two?? PS5???
Parrot 8 aylar önce
I agree
Anidotidiot 20 gün önce
I own a Wii U and it is the best thing I have ever had the games are incredible and it just sucks that it didn’t sell well. But it will have a special place in my heart
NickGamez Aylar önce
Ahhh. Memories. I love those Nintendo consles
yourwelcome 2 aylar önce
i don’t get why the wii u was hated, i loved it, in my opinion it’s the one of the best nintendo consoles ever made
Easy Piano Songs
Easy Piano Songs 3 aylar önce
I love watching your videos. It's such a delight. Even when I'm on bad mood, the simple fact of watching any of your videp bring me joy. I will be happy if you reach the billion suscribers someday. You even deserve your very own TV show. Please never stop.
Christopher Mcfarland
Christopher Mcfarland 9 aylar önce
This is an amazing piece of history. Shout-out to Nintendo and its greatness. It is the best plethora of systems in the world ✨
Christopher Mcfarland
Christopher Mcfarland 5 aylar önce
@Gaming With Ali! indeed 🔥✨
Gaming With Ali!
Gaming With Ali! 5 aylar önce
✨the nintendo will always be a bright sunhsine into our body✨
That Telstra bro
That Telstra bro 6 aylar önce
I agree mate! In fact, I can’t wait to play my Nintendo Wii on my Samsung 6 Series 75 inch TV via my AV to HDMI converter that’s coming in the mail soon.
Hypervr 4 aylar önce
0:00 Intro 0:30 Nintendo 1889 0:46 Nintendo 1959 0:56 Nintendo 1963 1:12 Nintendo 1964 1:45 Nintendo 1970 1:55 Magnavox Odyssey (1972) 2:20 Color TV game 6 (1977) 2:35 Color TV game 15 2:40 Color TV racing 112 2:41 TV Color game Block Kazushi 2:43 Computer TV game 3:07 Game & Watch (1980) 4:15 Fun Fact 4:30 NES (1985) 4:48 Famicom (1983) 6:15 Fun Fact 2 6:26 Game Boy (1989) 7:05 Game Boy Light (1996) 7:35 Game Boy Color (1998) 8:20 Fun Fact 3 8:36 SNES (1991) 8:48 Super Famicom (1990) 10:15 Virtual Boy (1995) 11:14 Fun Fact 4 11:27 Nintendo 54 (1996) 13:17 Fun Fact 5 13:38 Game Boy Advance (2001) 14:21 Game Boy Advance SP (2003) 14:42 Game Boy Micro (2005) 15:04 Pokémon Mini (2001) 15:38 Nintendo GameCube (2001) 17:38 Nintendo DS (2004)
Luckrisha Layne
Luckrisha Layne Aylar önce
Boi how you type that
Adrian Bigno
Adrian Bigno 3 aylar önce
I was born in 1989 and I'm ecstatic that my first console (ever) is going to be the Switch.
Moaft Republic
Moaft Republic Aylar önce
Something u missed: The DSi was actually made due to a DS issue where the top screen just went later haters and fell off
dan smith
dan smith 24 gün önce
I like how he didn't mention how awful the wi-fi was on the Switch and the online stuff being a huge step back from the Wii.
Mossy 9 aylar önce
The animation is amazing! Imagine how long this would have taken!
The Gameplay
The Gameplay 6 aylar önce
Olabode Williams
Olabode Williams 8 aylar önce
Alex K
Alex K 7 aylar önce
coming back to to nintendo after a long hiatus (Switch for my son and I) one thing that greatly annoys me is the price of the first party titles. I got Breath of the wild "on sale" for 54.99 CDN. The game came out years ago. Sony at least heavily discounts the cost of their flagship titles such as God of War after a year or two. Just feels like Nintendo tries to squeeze as much money out of their fanbase as possible knowing people will pay the prices for the Nintendo titles.
Ender Lore
Ender Lore 4 aylar önce
I had the 3ds xl with the golden triforce on it. I have such fond memories of that thing
Never Gonna Give You Up
zelda breath of the wild was an absolute MASTERPIECE i play it 24/7 bcuz of how fun it is sadly this wasnt multiplayer
Joyful Being
Joyful Being 12 gün önce
0:00 is enough to remind me of the days when I used to play Spider-Man : Return Of The Sinister Six. How many of you have played this game and was it your first Spider-Man game? It was surely mine. I wish I still had that game.
André Hansen
André Hansen 10 aylar önce
I grew up playing GameBoy and I still think Nintendo is unrivaled when it comes to fun and shared experiences. Sure there’s good games among the competitors, but no one does shared gameplay quite like Nintendo. I enjoy many titles by myself on other consoles, but when I wanna play with friends I pick the switch every single time. I also like that Nintendo keeps their games animated. Personally I think that style is more appealing than hyper realistic titles
egg Aylar önce
yep I like high quality graphics but there's also something really nice about sleek shiny cartoon graphics, both have their uses
Khun Agnes
Khun Agnes 6 aylar önce
@Tim Ohara minecraft is way better on PC imo. That way I don't have to play on a glitchy 60 fps.
André Hansen
André Hansen 7 aylar önce
@Tim Ohara u can play Minecraft on just about any device that exist today tho
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara 7 aylar önce
switch is good for minecraft
Chasity Miles
Chasity Miles 5 aylar önce
I owned a Wii, a 3DS and a Switch. I was 9 or 10 years old when I first got my Wii. I remember playing Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports and some other Wii games with my brother, my sister and some of my cousins years ago. Those were the good times and I still have my Wii and the games today. I was 12 when I first got my 3DS, it was red then it was dropped in the water and I replaced it with the blue 3DS. I also remember I played it at Summer Camp years ago when I was 15 years old with games like Mario, Kirby, Pokémon and I still have my 3DS today too. Now I have my Switch and I am 21 years old (be turning 22 this year). The games I'm playing on my Switch are Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Golf, Pokémon and more. Also I used to have a pink DS Lite when I was 7 or 8 years old. The DS, the Wii and the 3DS are my favorite Nintendo consoles and I'm happy I grew up with them. They mean so much to me. 😊😄💖
AW336 Lab
AW336 Lab Aylar önce
I don’t care if the Wii U was a big flop, I had one and still loved it, I remember playing Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land on it, man time flies…
Kirsten Kees
Kirsten Kees Aylar önce
I’m really interested! It’s only that I never heard of the Virtual Boy…
SwissCheez84 6 aylar önce
22:00 hearing that sound effect just took me back to Christmas morning, starting up my 2ds for the first time.
Kebab Boi🇵🇸
Fun fact: Mario was formerly named Mr. Video, as he was a video game character. Miyamoto renamed Mr. Video, Jumpman, due to the fact that he jumps a lot. While shipping Donkey Kong to a ware house in America, the landlord is named Mario Segale. Miyamoto named Jumpman Mario, saying: “I thought that Mario is a good name.”
baron miller
baron miller Aylar önce
I knew mario segale we have meet in Seattle
Zarina Bevi
Zarina Bevi Aylar önce
DarkyBoode32 2 aylar önce
Was there another landlord whose name was Luigi?
Megan Tyler
Megan Tyler 4 aylar önce
Mario IS a good name
Timer the cheese guy
Timer the cheese guy 4 aylar önce
@SandyCrash super Muhammed bros, super Jésus bros 😂
mlubli Aylar önce
I enjoyed the whole video...too much memories
Kavin Aylar önce
Thank you for making this video this is one of my favorite channels on youtube
2ruffles 5 aylar önce
The one older game console of Nintendo I would get today is the GameCube, but I still love my Wii U despite its flaws
Smithtrooper XCIX
Smithtrooper XCIX 7 aylar önce
I have very fond memories of me and my brother waking up so early in the morning just to play Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros., Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country
Neme Yıl önce
I’ve had the Wii, Wii U, and now the switch, it’s cool to see how far Nintendo has come, and to see how the graphics and gameplay have improved over the years.
F Tu
F Tu 7 aylar önce
ive been thinking of getting the Oled Switch, im just scared that Nintendo will be putting out a new console right after comparing the the PS5 and XboxX that just came out...450$ is a pretty hefty price
Ben Bramhall
Ben Bramhall Yıl önce
Jared Zhou
Jared Zhou 6 aylar önce
According to me, the most 2 most successful consoles that Nintendo ever made are the Nintendo Switch and the Lite variation of it.
Nintendo_fan 4 aylar önce
I have a Nintendo entertainment system and still play it sometimes it’s actually really cool
Carrol Sexton
Carrol Sexton 4 aylar önce
Nintendo has come a long way
Stickman Dude 2009
Stickman Dude 2009 Aylar önce
Fun fact: The Legend of zelda is the first Nintendo game to ever support euphoria ragdolls
Ca sĩ Bùi Đức Tín
04:26 - a the nes 06:28 - game boy 08:20 - in 1993 08:38 - snes 10:20 - Virtual boy 11:31 - N64 13:46 - GBA 15:42 - GCN 15:49 - PS2,Xbox 17:40 - Nintendo DS 17:56 - Nintendo DS Pen 19:53 - wii 21:23 - Wii Mini 22:14 - Nintendo 3DS 04:26 - a the nes 06:28 - game boy 08:20 - in 1993 08:38 - snes 10:20 - Virtual boy 11:31 - N64 13:46 - GBA 15:42 - GCN 15:49 - PS2,Xbox 17:40 - Nintendo DS 17:56 - Nintendo DS Pen 19:53 - wii 21:23 - Wii Mini 22:14 - Nintendo 3DS
chill dedede
chill dedede 19 gün önce
did you have a stroke at the start
Tacobail 3 aylar önce
I love nintendo because it is simpler. It is also less violent and it is good to unwind from stress.
Justaweirdperson:D 4 aylar önce
I had no idea the Wii u wasn't selling good I remember visiting one of my friends and they had one and I remember I always wanted to have one bc they had a different variety of games and they were fun to play
Jo Fox
Jo Fox 3 aylar önce
Really interesting video - thanks!
PupPalsTale 11 aylar önce
Imagine going to the "The Nintendo Love Hotel" and then years later the company becomes a videogame company who's intended users were children
V3ntilator Aylar önce
Then the Nintendo children swapped to Sony for Call of Duty, and nowadays Sony is far more strict than Nintendo.
roblox cap
roblox cap 3 aylar önce
@expunged_gaming PENIS
Vansinee Swasdiphisal
Vansinee Swasdiphisal 3 aylar önce
I am having the ‘Switch’ Ed life
some roblox player / MinecraftZombie Gaming
@rhiq doom music kicks in
SumGuyInTheInternet 6 aylar önce
Damn I remember having a PSP, I miss it. I don't even know or remember what happened to it I'd just remember having 1 only game but playing it forever. Now I have a Nintendo Switch tho, so I still miss it but not so much
Lankeer84 4 aylar önce
Even if Nintendo had some problems it still have some creativity for console and the games himself! We can't deny but even if the wii u was bad it make now the great game that is like splatoon or Mario maker.
lightdragon 3 aylar önce
Ds was probably succesfull because of its great titles and amazing graphics and technology thereby making it the best
Shawn Carlson
Shawn Carlson 4 aylar önce
So many nostalgic memories
Timon Di Mare
Timon Di Mare 11 aylar önce
the animation and especially the transitions between different scenes are outstanding! great video🙏
Olabode Williams
Olabode Williams 8 aylar önce
I mean... Great!
Olabode Williams
Olabode Williams 8 aylar önce
@Timon Di Mare Whoah , Whoah, Whoah, Are you serious?
Sarah Alzghoul
Sarah Alzghoul Aylar önce
I love Nintendo.💜
Moto Junkie
Moto Junkie 7 aylar önce
I'm almost 40 and feel like when the day comes that Nintendo is no more is when I'll finally feel old.
Danny Aylar önce
We as in all the inhabitants of the planet Earth should collectively thank Japan for it's contributions.
wigneyr Aylar önce
Even when they flop at least Nintendo are constantly trying to push the limits of how we play games, they may have some issues with the way they treat their consumers but we’re better off with them than without
Agent 10
Agent 10 Aylar önce
Nintendo is the one were they take risk and introduce masterpeices before xbox and playstation
foreverchickadee 7 aylar önce
I will continue to stan and support Nintendo to the last of my days. They aren't afraid to stand out or try something new, and I have to respect that. I've had a N64, GameBoy Color, SP, DS, GC, Wii, Switch... They just do it for me. 💕
PrankerGanster Aylar önce
I have 2 Wiis One Wii U One 3DS, One V2017 Hacked switch, 2 broken Switch and one OLED switch
Timer the cheese guy
Timer the cheese guy 4 aylar önce
I own a N64, GBA, two GBASPs, DSL, and 3DSXL
1upHoodie 7 aylar önce
T H E B I T E O F 8 7
Lime In a Jacket
Lime In a Jacket 7 aylar önce
plz don't stan
Eynner Cuevas
Eynner Cuevas Gün önce
I love nintendo since I met SNES ❤ Nowadays I still playing them games on emulator for android.
Megan Boucher
Megan Boucher 2 aylar önce
12:57 I love that game I’ve played it for like 10 hours now
Sammy the bunny
Sammy the bunny 14 gün önce
The Wii U to me personally was the best console ever as a kid😂
Pierre Lewis
Pierre Lewis 4 aylar önce
I will love for Nintendo to recycle a old idea, just like they did for Nintendo labo.
GloomyNasai Yıl önce
i didn't thought, Nintendo has gone through alot. from selling products to gaming, i see why it makes Nintendo a little special to the gaming community. despite the ups and downs this company having, they still continue to be creative. things like this, should be featured on to Nintendo, to show the journey this company have.
Marshall & chase
Marshall & chase Aylar önce
Man I now love Nintendo I'm rating it double 5 at a 5
see Kp
see Kp Aylar önce
I always preferred N64 over the PS1, everyone i knew thought the same too, but yea
RACOON MAN Aylar önce
i have just about every console featured here😆 my favorites is the switch and Wii
Kieffer Gonzalez
Kieffer Gonzalez 3 aylar önce
01. NES - Nintendo Entertainment System (1985) 02. SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1990) 03. Nintendo Virtual Boy (1995) 04. Nintendo 64 (1996) 05. Gameboy Advance (2001) 06. Nintendo GameCube (2001) 07. Nintendo DS (2004) 08. Nintendo Wii (2006) 09. Nintendo 3DS (2011) 10. Nintendo Wii-U (2012) 11. Nintendo Switch (2017) 12. Nintendo Switch Lite (2019)
Jake Hunter
Jake Hunter Yıl önce
Holy shit, I had no Idea Nintendo was around in 1889 with playing cards. The amount of Nostalgia is overwhelming lol
CorkeliciousCorky 5 aylar önce
Now everyone is having a fight just because of a swear word
Farabi Islam Rishad
Farabi Islam Rishad 6 aylar önce
@fried chicken They need parent supervision and YT kids for that.
ajay kumar
ajay kumar 8 aylar önce
No swears aloud .
Way 2 aylar önce
You're most popular video is this one. This is epic. Your channel is seriously underrated.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 7 aylar önce
felt a wave of nostalgia when hearing the ds and 3ds noise
SpaceX Dragon Game’s
The virtual boy would have been a big step into vr if everything wasn’t just red.
Oscar Isaksson
Oscar Isaksson 7 aylar önce
Had no idea nintendo has been in the bussiness since the late 1900s thats awesome🙂
Ryne McKinney
Ryne McKinney 10 aylar önce
And now, 62 years after they first partnered with Disney, they've repeated history to get Sora into smash bros.
V3ntilator Aylar önce
@me me It were made by Rare, and is why it were N64 exclusive.
Angie2343 9 aylar önce
@Mr Dirt Cow They'll get it back.
Mr Dirt Cow
Mr Dirt Cow 9 aylar önce
And then lost half a billion dollars
Angie2343 9 aylar önce
And now they're partnered with Universal, Disney's competitor, to create Super Nintendo World!
Jesse 'J Kulcha' Cunningham
Nintendo is the closest thing we have in real life to the company in that 1992 film Toys starring Robin Williams (fun fact he loves The Legend of Zelda and named his daughter after princess Zelda).
MayCøre 7 aylar önce
I own a nes my mom gave it to me for when she was a kid! :D I love playing games on it
Memes on channel
Memes on channel 7 aylar önce
I always thought the Wii U was a great console and it really is the first console to be its own system and a controller you can use it for Mario party 10 as a controller and other games
Memes on channel
Memes on channel 7 aylar önce
And you can watch tv
TheSoloGamer 5 aylar önce
I still have my Nintendo dsi xl and it’s still awesome!!
Erick H. Gaytán
Erick H. Gaytán 9 aylar önce
Beautiful flat graphics and illustration! Highly appreciated!
V3ntilator Aylar önce
I started with Game & Watch, and had 12 of them including clones.
Ezra Cushing
Ezra Cushing 3 aylar önce
Just wanna point out, Twilight Princess came out on the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U, not just the Wii.
The Skyward Jedi
The Skyward Jedi 3 aylar önce
I love nintendo from the bottom of my heart
Justin Aiello
Justin Aiello 4 aylar önce
I remember playing Mario cart 7 in the car on my 3DS XL and at home with my Wii U. I still got my 2DS xl
metacob 11 aylar önce
For me it all started with the SNES when I was 9. I still remember having to choose between Sega and Nintendo... then had a Game Boy (like everyone else), a N64 and a GC. When the Wii came around I stopped playing console games and focused on the PC. Two weeks ago I finally decided to get a Switch, and even though I was hesitant at first because I'm spoiled by super high framerates / resolutions / quality, I have to say the polish of Nintendo games (and hardware) has always been something else. I kinda regret I missed the 3DS and I might pick up a used one...
metacob 8 aylar önce
@arkin jared morales What's broken? I ended up getting a used 3DS and replaced the stick because, ironically, it was a bit sticky. While looking for a part I saw that replacement parts are pretty affordable.
Olabode Williams
Olabode Williams 8 aylar önce
I know.... But that was a sad story to the 7th replier..
arkin jared morales
arkin jared morales 9 aylar önce
I own a broken 3ds that my little sis broke :(
ok what?
ok what? 9 aylar önce
@LEGOpachinko cool i didn't know that, I was thinking of saving up for one anyway
LEGOpachinko 9 aylar önce
@ok what? I don't know if that is by choice or because of budget but if by choice; a jail broken 3DS can run GBA games
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