Evolution of Nintendo [1889-2021]

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Nintendo has been creating consoles for over 44 years! This is the Evolution of Nintendo!
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5 Mar 2021




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Ayaan Dadi
Ayaan Dadi 8 aylar önce
One day, we will look at super smash bros ultimate and say "those were the days." Hard to imagine video games being more advanced and detailed than they are today
Baggelis sonic
Baggelis sonic 2 gün önce
It's actually pretty simple. The direction for more advanced graphics is pretty straightforward. Fluid physics, destructible environments, physics simulations, better ai, better draw distance, more entities at the same time and other stuff. There are too many things that just can't be achieved in real time right now or fornthe coming future.
Ivan Bojorquez
Ivan Bojorquez 5 gün önce
graphics are pretty much better now than they used to be, now most are pretty realistic like to realistic
Thekrooklife 6 gün önce
メイ 7 gün önce
vr's gonna blow up a bit and the gameplays gonna get a lot more realistic.
johndough247 9 gün önce
@Sean Mullikin A Star Trek Holodeck (complete with scents and physical interaction) would be the end goal, though it seems near impossible to me (but that's with my 2022 knowledge of tech). VR is cool but it's not a universal experience and it only fools the eyes and ears...good for games yea, but no way that will be enjoyable for "vacationing"...anyone that's been to a great beach knows it's so much more than just the sights and sounds, in fact the scents of the ocean and the feel of the sand, the sun, sea breeze and water are more important; I can't see VR ever replicating that.
Christopher Mcfarland
Christopher Mcfarland 2 aylar önce
This is an amazing piece of history. Shout-out to Nintendo and its greatness. It is the best plethora of systems in the world ✨
BEAST man Aylar önce
They are stupid
BEAST man Aylar önce
@Yusuf Amir the are stupide
Spyros Aylar önce
@Yusuf Amir Cry
Yusuf Amir
Yusuf Amir Aylar önce
They are not the best.
memelord21 3
memelord21 3 24 gün önce
The Wii U may have done poorly but it had some great features. The gamepad allowed you to still continue your game even if someone else is using the TV, and that was enough of a selling point for little me
Carver Ze Derp
Carver Ze Derp 3 gün önce
The Wii U was a massive waste of potential. The ability to play while someone else was on the TV is nice, but I liked it when both screens were used at once. I wish more games I had did that instead of having almost the exact same control layout but with a different set of characters and story.
Mossy 2 aylar önce
The animation is amazing! Imagine how long this would have taken!
Olabode Williams
Olabode Williams Aylar önce
James Gore
James Gore Aylar önce
Awesome video about Nintendo's history. They have entertained many generations of both children and adults, that's for sure.
Andrei Bucton
Andrei Bucton 5 aylar önce
Let's not deny this, guys: Despite the Wii U being a huge commercial failure, it had a great library of games. It's a huge shame the console itself didn't do very well.
AsherYT 4 gün önce
@Andrei Bucton missed chance to say wii U're
メイ 7 gün önce
it was such a great console. i used it so much i'd have a headache from looking at the screen for so many hours. the gamepad broke down from overuse i was so attached to it.
Nick Boss
Nick Boss 9 gün önce
Well don’t worry because every single Wii U game either got ported over to the Switch or got Sequels, on the switch. Like Smash 4 got Smash Ultimate, Splatoon 1 Splatoon 2, Super Mario Maker Super Mario Maker 2 etc.
Carly Beth Castrate
Carly Beth Castrate 10 gün önce
@FiahCraker NO, NO, NO!!! I LOVE #Wiimotes; But Dislike The Wired Nunchuck Attachment. Same Thing with #Dreamcast: IF You Bought A 3rd Party #RumblePack; It Was Awesome, As It #Vibrated HARD & Even Had A Portable #VMU To Not Only Transport Progress, But To Play Mini-Games!
Carly Beth Castrate
Carly Beth Castrate 10 gün önce
@Morphix Saturn & Dreamcast DID Have Great Games, But BOTH Lacked A Multitude Of 3rd Party Support & BOTH Consoles Came Out 1-Yr Too Early & Too Expensive... Same Happened with 32X Add-On! (Though It Was Easier To Find MUCH LATER For Cheaper!)
Erick H. Gaytán
Erick H. Gaytán 2 aylar önce
Beautiful flat graphics and illustration! Highly appreciated!
foreverchickadee 24 gün önce
I will continue to stan and support Nintendo to the last of my days. They aren't afraid to stand out or try something new, and I have to respect that. I've had a N64, GameBoy Color, SP, DS, GC, Wii, Switch... They just do it for me. 💕
1upHoodie 9 gün önce
T H E B I T E O F 8 7
Lime In a Jacket
Lime In a Jacket 17 gün önce
plz don't stan
Michael Ruelas
Michael Ruelas Aylar önce
RIP Masayuki Uemura! Thank you for creating such an amazing game console and your legacy will live on forever.
JillSandwich131 2 aylar önce
It's awesome to see the evolution my first console was the N64. I was like 5 when I started playing it. My love of gaming grew from there
Noelkinz 8 aylar önce
What makes Nintendo great is there ability to be creative when building there hardware and of course how memorable there exclusive characters are.
Dynasty Pierce
Dynasty Pierce 7 gün önce
@Pot Ato If you're going to correct someone at least get it right. Sorry to do this, but it's their, not they're.
eXtreme Official
eXtreme Official 25 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-PTc1YRqs160.html 👆 If 2021 was a video game
japanese the cat =3
sorry musicers cant talk
Efraim and Sam
Efraim and Sam Aylar önce
269th like :)
Christoffer Erickson
@sethseth001 Dude look we all know you ain't sorry because its obsessive compulsive & your need to correct an obsession is abnormal behavior of which you have adapted an apology like a free pass to just walk right into a place, apologize, then point out their error, like some kind of super hero 3rd grade teacher & then zip exit. Wow! Are you "super speller" out to save the world from the wrath of mispelling? Or is it just punctuality? What about double negatives such as, "i aint not no got negative nothing!"? Do you understand them? What purpose does it serve correcting them. Isnt it theyre bizness to do what the ever there chose to their ya know? Isk
VoltTackle11 Aylar önce
27:54 The Switch Lite is capable of playing those games as it has Bluetooth support, of which allows both Joy-Con and Switch Pro Controllers (along with other items like wireless headsets) to be connected. However, it's best to get an aftermarket case that has a built-in kickstand in order to use it as just a screen since it lacks that feature which is available on a normal Switches. Still, it is better to play those on a bigger screen (the Switch Lite has only a 5.5in display, vs the 6.2in display of the original Switch and 7in display on the new "OLED" variant).
RasisdeGreat Aylar önce
I was skeptical to watch this since it is around 30mins, but after I finished it I felt like only 5 minutes has gone by. A very good explanation, keep it up!
PonPon Doodlez
PonPon Doodlez 10 gün önce
For all the trouble the Gamecube had, I have so many fond memories of it and I'm glad I still have and play mine today
faisal sajjad
faisal sajjad 19 gün önce
I always found myself thinking about how PlayStation and xbox focuses on AAA titles and serious looking game while Nintendo focuses on casual fun arcady style genres..it always good to have someone like Nintendo for having different play style in the competition 🐼 edit : Pardon my English i hope you may understand what I'm saying😅
Rizky Gumilar
Rizky Gumilar 10 aylar önce
Glad Nintendo is still fighting in the console bussiness despite their ups and downs over the years! The gaming world is benefited so much with Nintendo in than without.
Dekuman 17 gün önce
They aren't just fighting, but winning. Switch's success has been enomous.
Clairo 21 gün önce
eXtreme Official
eXtreme Official 25 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-PTc1YRqs160.html 👆 If 2021 was a video game
YJREAL All-in-1 Official Channel
I have a Nintendo switch
Video Life Is Back
Video Life Is Back Aylar önce
My mum has a game boy
Mio Bleckert
Mio Bleckert 3 gün önce
This was the best video I've ever seen. I learned a lot, thank you!
AstroBastro 9 gün önce
Another great video. You’ve had me subscribed since the start. I love your channel so much and keep up the good work.
Oriangle Man
Oriangle Man 6 gün önce
Despite its terrible sales, the Wii U made up a huge part of my childhood and I loved it
NoiseHaircut 2 aylar önce
Awesome video! Was there a reason the Nintendo Disk Drive was left out of this list, or was it just forgotten?
FdR NGM 4 aylar önce
The D-pad, motion control, wireless controllers, detachable joycons... Its very clear that Nintendo is not afraid to push the limits of gaming... Can't wait to see what the come up with next, flop or not
NightJays 22 gün önce
What they need go do is upgrade the hardware
Chris Got Games
Chris Got Games 25 gün önce
@Hunter I. If the control drift was so big of an issue the switch wouldent be pushing 100 million units
eXtreme Official
eXtreme Official 25 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-PTc1YRqs160.html 👆 If 2021 was a video game
moon Aylar önce
@Crimson Sky no one said nintendo doesnt improve their consoles
Overdrive Aylar önce
hope they rerelease the wii u but better marketed more storage and lighter although i never had it it seems like a cool concept
Wooden Train Series: Official
Fun fact: the ds lite has a brightness toggle so you can change the brightness unlike the ds. Edit: thanks for the likes Edit 2: whoever liked thanks I never had this many
Syri 9 gün önce
@Wooden Train Series: Official yes you do, you gotta thank the likers like 7 more times Don't be selfish and insensitive, your fans made you
Daniel Strawder
Daniel Strawder 9 gün önce
That is a very true fact. But the brighter u had the screen on the ds lite during gameplay the faster your battery drained and needed a recharge.
Efraim and Sam
Efraim and Sam Aylar önce
77th like :)
Wooden Train Series: Official
@Syri sorry for the late reply but I don’t need any edits
ssj3vegett0 Aylar önce
when i read your comment, since i just watched this video, i heard the narrators voice saying your comment (Fun Facttt) lol
Franzpanz 23 gün önce
Oh my God! Did the Switch really come out in 2017!? It feels like it came out only last year! That’s so amazing to me!
BÙI DÚC TÍN 5 gün önce
04:26 - a the nes 06:28 - game boy 08:20 - in 1993 08:38 - snes 10:20 - Virtual boy 11:31 - N64 13:46 - GBA 15:42 - GCN 15:49 - PS2,Xbox 17:40 - Nintendo DS 17:56 - Nintendo DS Pen 19:53 - Wii 21:23 - Wii Mini 22:14 - Nintendo 3DS
Not Ikuya
Not Ikuya 2 aylar önce
I don’t know why, but “Nintendo reverted back to selling fun” almost made me cry 😢
Dragos Pirvu
Dragos Pirvu 4 aylar önce
I watched the full video. Damn man, it's a masterpiece. The information, the animation, everything.
Jacob B
Jacob B 3 gün önce
@Fabian Chavez xbox two?? PS5???
Jolteon Aylar önce
I agree
Mitsuki ☻︎
Mitsuki ☻︎ Aylar önce
@Fabian Chavez Xbox and ps5 aren’t Nintendo. And the oled model wasn’t released yet when this video was uploaded
Jari Ramsvik
Jari Ramsvik 2 aylar önce
@Fabian Chavez the oled didnt release yet
Hammy and William
Hammy and William 2 aylar önce
@Flatlife I love you
Name Aylar önce
I actually found my old DS xl recently. I own a game cartridge with multiple games on it and I found games like Pokémon diamond, pearl and platinum, animal crossing: wild world and even Mario cart and super Mario party. I played a few and it brought back lots of memories. Also found a NES classic that I never knew I had.
Chicago1 22 gün önce
fun fact in Golden eye when your character got respawned they would be in the same room every time because the pattern never changed. So depending which room they died in you could run to the other room and be ready to kill them before they respawned and continue to do this over and over. They never programmed it to be random each time they forgot that part
BeefImpostor 🎁
BeefImpostor 🎁 2 aylar önce
From Hanafuda to the Switch Pro!? Man, Nintendo’s insane!
Minero17 2 aylar önce
I didn't realise how much the ps1 oversold the n64...Nintendo really created a monster 😂 I'd still love to see the alternate timeline where Nintendo sticks with Sony and the CDi never gets made. I wonder what the video game market would look like today
RacoonKong🦫🗿 Aylar önce
Nitendo 64 was the best ever
michael Kiske
michael Kiske 2 aylar önce
Nintendo PlayStation will releases prob.........
BÙI DÚC TÍN 5 gün önce
04:26 - a the nes 06:28 - game boy 08:20 - in 1993 08:38 - snes 10:20 - Virtual boy 11:31 - N64 13:46 - GBA 15:42 - GCN 15:49 - PS2,Xbox 17:40 - Nintendo DS 17:56 - Nintendo DS Pen 19:53 - wii 21:23 - Wii Mini 22:14 - Nintendo 3DS 04:26 - a the nes 06:28 - game boy 08:20 - in 1993 08:38 - snes 10:20 - Virtual boy 11:31 - N64 13:46 - GBA 15:42 - GCN 15:49 - PS2,Xbox 17:40 - Nintendo DS 17:56 - Nintendo DS Pen 19:53 - wii 21:23 - Wii Mini 22:14 - Nintendo 3DS
Richard Wienke
Richard Wienke Aylar önce
I had no idea that Nintendo had such an interesting history.
Kusariyaro Aylar önce
The fact they wanted into VR back in '96 is amazing. VR is blasting it today in 2021 with new tech - but it still isn't core in gaming.
Arlicia Singleton
Arlicia Singleton 27 gün önce
Even though I still have the Nintendo Advance SP, DSi, and 2DS XL, Nintendo really came through for everyone...including me--however, the SP I'm holding is 20 years old!!! Can ya believe that?! Also, the purple 3DS already died on me, same goes for the 2DS XL(if it needs repair)--thnx Nintendo, you really make gamers like me to keep up with the upgrades!!
Kiara Aylar önce
My family has had ALL gaming systems yet Nintendo has always proven itself to be my favorite one & watching all of this evolution I guess i understand why. They are so creative and innovative! Just wow! This video was so interesting!
BRBallin1 21 gün önce
Nintendo lost its touch for me but it will always hold a special place in my heart for elevating the video game industry and bringing them to the households at such an early time.
Amythz Aylar önce
8:31 this Gameboy did more than most of us ever will
Moto Junkie
Moto Junkie Gün önce
I'm almost 40 and feel like when the day comes that Nintendo is no more is when I'll finally feel old.
Kebab Boi
Kebab Boi 5 aylar önce
Fun fact: Mario was formerly named Mr. Video, as he was a video game character. Miyamoto renamed Mr. Video, Jumpman, due to the fact that he jumps a lot. While shipping Donkey Kong to a ware house in America, the landlord is named Mario Segale. Miyamoto named Jumpman Mario, saying: “I thought that Mario is a good name.”
Steph Mod
Steph Mod 15 gün önce
@단테 yes it is
단테 16 gün önce
@Steph Mod no its not
Rainbowshadow_angel 25 gün önce
My family has the 1985 game thing but it works bad it is is old ofc
drag hot wheels Channel
@Fathir Athir bro why u using upper case letters bro chill ain't nobody do nothing to u
eXtreme Official
eXtreme Official 25 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-PTc1YRqs160.html 👆 If 2021 was a video game
Goemon Ishikawa
Goemon Ishikawa 26 gün önce
Satoru Iwata helped Nintendo a lot, especially he invented NDS and Wii to regain the gamers and welcome non-gamers. He said: “Video games are meant to be just one thing: fun. Fun for everyone.”
Covert Gospel Tracts
Covert Gospel Tracts 2 aylar önce
There's a lot more than I understood as far as the handheld game systems. Very interesting
Victor Murphy
Victor Murphy 11 gün önce
I just wish nintendo would release a console as powerful as the competitors. Imagine a console where you can play AAA games at great graphics and it also has available the Nintendo classics that take advantage of higher graphics.
The Jibril and Jareed show
I always thought the Wii U was a great console and it really is the first console to be its own system and a controller you can use it for Mario party 10 as a controller and other games
The Jibril and Jareed show
And you can watch tv
André Hansen
André Hansen 3 aylar önce
I grew up playing GameBoy and I still think Nintendo is unrivaled when it comes to fun and shared experiences. Sure there’s good games among the competitors, but no one does shared gameplay quite like Nintendo. I enjoy many titles by myself on other consoles, but when I wanna play with friends I pick the switch every single time. I also like that Nintendo keeps their games animated. Personally I think that style is more appealing than hyper realistic titles
André Hansen
André Hansen 29 gün önce
@Tim Ohara u can play Minecraft on just about any device that exist today tho
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara 29 gün önce
switch is good for minecraft
Smithtrooper XCIX
Smithtrooper XCIX 9 gün önce
I have very fond memories of me and my brother waking up so early in the morning just to play Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros., Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country
Dark Eye
Dark Eye Aylar önce
I was born 2008 and my first nintendo was a Nintendo DSi we still have all 3 of them and me and my family still continued to play on future Nintendo consoles, but now for Christmas I also get a playstation I will still play on my Nintendo consoles Memories of my childhood are in these consoles too 😊
gangloo jankee
gangloo jankee 2 aylar önce
When I was a child, I never had any of those gaming consoles but i played most of Nintendo games using my android phone. I can't say I'm a big supporter of Nintendo, but i could say that I'm a fan of Nintendo games. I prefer Nintendo games over Sony PS games. For sure, my childhood would be memorable if i atleast had one of those. I still wish to have Nintendo Switch.
WaveMaster 26 gün önce
Nintendo is simply the Apple of video game. Creating a new way to play and the others follow... This entreprise marked all the children of the 80-90's generation of the world. ARIGATO NINTENDO! ✌🏾🙏🏾
Botwmastermindmode 11 gün önce
this reminds me of my childhood so much. i currently have a switch and my favourite game is zelda botw. i didnt know that there was a game and watch out in 2020.
Jesse 'J Kulcha' Cunningham
Nintendo is the closest thing we have in real life to the company in that 1992 film Toys starring Robin Williams (fun fact he loves The Legend of Zelda and named his daughter after princess Zelda).
Alex K
Alex K 9 gün önce
coming back to to nintendo after a long hiatus (Switch for my son and I) one thing that greatly annoys me is the price of the first party titles. I got Breath of the wild "on sale" for 54.99 CDN. The game came out years ago. Sony at least heavily discounts the cost of their flagship titles such as God of War after a year or two. Just feels like Nintendo tries to squeeze as much money out of their fanbase as possible knowing people will pay the prices for the Nintendo titles.
Isidore Aerys
Isidore Aerys Aylar önce
Not mentioning Banjo Kazooie on the N64 Or Megaman battle network on the Gameboy advance was a hate crime. What makes Nintendo great is that it has Iconic titles which define and transcend genres not only in first party but 3rd party exclusives as well.
Orangey GamesS
Orangey GamesS 5 aylar önce
I’ve had the Wii, Wii U, and now the switch, it’s cool to see how far Nintendo has come, and to see how the graphics and gameplay have improved over the years.
F Tu
F Tu 20 gün önce
ive been thinking of getting the Oled Switch, im just scared that Nintendo will be putting out a new console right after comparing the the PS5 and XboxX that just came out...450$ is a pretty hefty price
Ben Bramhall TV
Ben Bramhall TV 5 aylar önce
TheChrisnextel Aylar önce
This video made me realize Nintendo has been making the same games since forever. Same titles, just better graphics upon next release. Surprisingly, they still sell. :D
Zandile Masuku
Zandile Masuku 29 gün önce
thanks for the info .I never knew nintendo was that old .Nintendo needs upgrades though
HappyDarth 27 gün önce
I think nintendo's next direction should be VR. A hybrid vr/home console system would be awesome.
Ayixlia Merrets
Ayixlia Merrets 13 gün önce
I think Nintendo really started in 1985 with the NES I mean how iconic can you get with an industry standard like that?
GloomyNasai 6 aylar önce
i didn't thought, Nintendo has gone through alot. from selling products to gaming, i see why it makes Nintendo a little special to the gaming community. despite the ups and downs this company having, they still continue to be creative. things like this, should be featured on to Nintendo, to show the journey this company have.
Kiara Aylar önce
I got so many flashbacks and nostalgia watching from the game cube to further designs wow really showing my age lol
Zach Blosser
Zach Blosser Aylar önce
Man, I had no idea Nintendo's been around for 132 years
Deedee N
Deedee N Aylar önce
Only 1880’s OG kids remember Nintendo cards
Jasmine Johnston
Jasmine Johnston 2 aylar önce
A Game Boy was blown up during the Gulf War. Even though it suffered cosmetic damage, it still works and is on display in a store in New York City. Gunpei Yokoi wanted the Game Boy to be tough and even years after his tragic death Nintendo still grants his wish. The DS is pretty resilient and even the Switch Lite can really take a beating
Jake Hunter
Jake Hunter 8 aylar önce
Holy shit, I had no Idea Nintendo was around in 1889 with playing cards. The amount of Nostalgia is overwhelming lol
CrazyWorldOutThere 22 gün önce
@Lucas FUCK
eXtreme Official
eXtreme Official 25 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-PTc1YRqs160.html 👆 If 2021 was a video game
ajay kumar
ajay kumar Aylar önce
No swears aloud .
Redjoekido Gomez
Redjoekido Gomez Aylar önce
Yep, had known this since the 90's.
Alean 4 aylar önce
@Nice how is it racist? Your only allowed to say that word if your black
cable 21 gün önce
its cool to see the graphics for the games get better and better its satisfying
Carle Gerard
Carle Gerard Aylar önce
Man so many memories 😢
•~Kero~• 5 gün önce
I own a nes my mom gave it to me for when she was a kid! :D I love playing games on it
I remember getting my gameboy and GameCube in 2003 and my ds in 2006 those were the days I do have a switch though and I love it
Timon Di Mare
Timon Di Mare 4 aylar önce
the animation and especially the transitions between different scenes are outstanding! great video🙏
Olabode Williams
Olabode Williams Aylar önce
I mean... Great!
Olabode Williams
Olabode Williams Aylar önce
@Timon Di Mare Whoah , Whoah, Whoah, Are you serious?
Aidan Games
Aidan Games Aylar önce
Just a side note, breath of the wild could be played on the Wii U bu it was released as th last 1st party game for the Wii U.
The Wii and the Switch are my favourite consoles. Great video by the way
Leo Burgerman Studios
Leo Burgerman Studios 2 aylar önce
Thanks to this video I just realized I have a wii family edition. I had no idea, I thought the stand just came with newer models. (My wii stands vertically and I have a black one)
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 10 gün önce
felt a wave of nostalgia when hearing the ds and 3ds noise
comic book saga
comic book saga 10 aylar önce
Without Nintendo gaming world wouldn't look like as it is now Nintendo is a emotion Nintendo is love
Alexander Eddy
Alexander Eddy 29 gün önce
Nintendo is love. Nintendo is life.
ツJdmStuffඞ Aylar önce
@Ayaan Dadi just like uhh
Anonymous 3 aylar önce
@NUBIANNAVY It definitely is. So much fun.
Smile 4 aylar önce
@NUBIANNAVY normal switch better
Balloon Boy
Balloon Boy 4 aylar önce
@NUBIANNAVY I have one and it’s so much fun!
skotadious Gün önce
I didn't know it started out with playing cards. a few years ago when I was in Japan, I bought a Nintendo playing cards thinking it would have characters on it and I was disappointed 🤣
Hubb2008 11 gün önce
i used to have a gameboy advanced sp a long time ago… oh the memorys…
Mossy 2 aylar önce
Out of all of these, I had a Super Nintendo, ds, 3ds, wii, wii U, and, I am soon to get a Nintendo switch oled. Those were good memories
RaizeN 2 aylar önce
Happy too see many gamers still supporting Nintendo, I can't believe to play online only mobile gaming with bad storyline
metacob 4 aylar önce
For me it all started with the SNES when I was 9. I still remember having to choose between Sega and Nintendo... then had a Game Boy (like everyone else), a N64 and a GC. When the Wii came around I stopped playing console games and focused on the PC. Two weeks ago I finally decided to get a Switch, and even though I was hesitant at first because I'm spoiled by super high framerates / resolutions / quality, I have to say the polish of Nintendo games (and hardware) has always been something else. I kinda regret I missed the 3DS and I might pick up a used one...
metacob Aylar önce
@arkin jared morales What's broken? I ended up getting a used 3DS and replaced the stick because, ironically, it was a bit sticky. While looking for a part I saw that replacement parts are pretty affordable.
Olabode Williams
Olabode Williams Aylar önce
I know.... But that was a sad story to the 7th replier..
arkin jared morales
arkin jared morales 2 aylar önce
I own a broken 3ds that my little sis broke :(
ok what?
ok what? 2 aylar önce
@LEGOpachinko cool i didn't know that, I was thinking of saving up for one anyway
LEGOpachinko 2 aylar önce
@ok what? I don't know if that is by choice or because of budget but if by choice; a jail broken 3DS can run GBA games
Oscar Isaksson
Oscar Isaksson 4 gün önce
Had no idea nintendo has been in the bussiness since the late 1900s thats awesome🙂
Pikachu Playz
Pikachu Playz 2 aylar önce
my favorite consoles from Nintendo are both the Wii U, And the Nintendo 3DS
ayr fresh
ayr fresh Aylar önce
I remember buying a gameboy color in spain on holiday good times.
Balmore Rene Esquivel
Balmore Rene Esquivel 2 aylar önce
Pole Position and Dig Dug are two of my faves made by Atari though 🙂
Xellaz 11 gün önce
I wonder how Steam Deck will compare once it's released! 😁
Jc and Ic
Jc and Ic 26 gün önce
Thanks flatlife for the great video 👍👍👍
dragonstorm12 Aylar önce
3:29 I think we’ve been introduced to the ancestor of the DS consoles
G Men2121
G Men2121 15 gün önce
I still play the Wii at my grandmas. Me, her and my dad have been playing golf for the last 7 years. She has the red wii. Its in perfect condition. I also had a gameboy in 2007. Idk what happened to it. And my cousins had a game cube.
jahhlu! Aylar önce
I was waiting for you to mention breath of the wild, the game is so good!
Matschaak Aylar önce
2 things, probably using the VR where you dock it in a vr headset and breath of the wild was also on Wii U you know.
Kermtendo 2 aylar önce
I'll still play my wii/wii u over the switch to this day
sel !! ˊˎ-
sel !! ˊˎ- Aylar önce
all those games you mentioned for the 3ds (including tomodachi life and miitopia) were my childhood
Ng Wei Hao
Ng Wei Hao 10 aylar önce
I love that even we had watched many Nintendo video by Flatlife, we are still excited for this
Ben Haber
Ben Haber 4 aylar önce
@Soviet Stalin is dumb
Midnight 7 aylar önce
@Xploit too*
Justabitch 8 aylar önce
I’ve watched so many I haven’t slept in a month
TheAmazingOpal 9 aylar önce
5518496 kahoot
AnimeTesterXeoxeo 17 gün önce
im so glad i got an pokemon mini in purple back then, it stil works like hell :D
Antonia Camille
Antonia Camille 26 gün önce
Thank you for this video 💕
no taboos
no taboos 2 aylar önce
Didn't mention the best Game Cube game of all: Starfox Adventures.
Soon Probe
Soon Probe 2 gün önce
dude forgot to put the first starfox game on the snes as a breakthrough title that pushed 3D games out as well as maxed out what the system was capable of.
The Dream Weaver
The Dream Weaver 4 aylar önce
This was a very informative and impressive video. I never lost interest throughout the video. Great production value 💯💯💯
Flatlife 4 aylar önce
I'm very glad to hear that, really, thank you!
Seven Bender
Seven Bender 2 aylar önce
This is excellent. You just bought yourself another subscriber
pixel videos
pixel videos 8 gün önce
Amazing video 😁 thank you
Tony is Golden
Tony is Golden 22 gün önce
Yeah I love nintendo console's and handheld's. I also love playstation console's and psp. They both alway's have good console's. I buy playstation and nintendo console's but nintendo is great they alway's do something new and innovative, they have great exclusive's and I usually never have any problem's with there system's.
IanPeon Aylar önce
Is Nintendo the greatest video game company ever? It would be hard to argue against it.
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