Everything Wrong With Escape Room In 17 Minutes Or Less

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It's like Saw, but with rooms. And sins. Escape Room has so many sins.
Thursday: Superhero sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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21 May 2019




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Cole Kotran
Cole Kotran 10 saatler önce
can i watch this movie for free anywhere
toney2452k 15
toney2452k 15 11 saatler önce
Please do Panic room
Eddie M
Eddie M Gün önce
I couldn't agree more about the absolutely crap-tacular "Omniscient Puppetmaster" storylines. Puppermaster: I have you now! Victim: Oh Really? What if I do THIS? Puppermaster: I already thought of that and spent enormous amounts of money and time building an intricate response to it. Victim: Well... Uhh... What if I do THIS instead? Puppermaster: I also thought of that and spent several more days and boatloads of untraceable cash for a clever, well timed counter response. Victim: Ahhh OK! You got me then...
The break pod
The break pod 2 gün önce
i liked the consept
Natasha Kalinde
Natasha Kalinde 2 gün önce
It's Amanda's fault Danny died,if she didn't chase Ben Danny would not have fallen through the ice and drown,and I still don't know why Jason stopped Amanda from going after Danny
xamurai00 3 gün önce
He must have changed the boom in his microphone. We now know he sounds like kermit.
Furrie big mac Frappe
7:48 if they wanted to melt the ice fast they should've all went back to back and put the ice in between them because fun fact ur back gives off the most heat
Princekahlil Grooms
Princekahlil Grooms 4 gün önce
This is cube in a escape room story 🤷🏾
Armaan Agarwal
Armaan Agarwal 4 gün önce
What the f**k is it with you and logos?!??
Tawnya Mcclaren
Tawnya Mcclaren 4 gün önce
sins take off 0
TheUnknownOne TUO
TheUnknownOne TUO 6 gün önce
After watching this movie in my room, I don't know why but I checked if I'm locked inside... lol
[Lit] Gregey G Gaming
Noah Cowell
Noah Cowell 9 gün önce
I had my first kiss watching this movie lol
DJ Rainboww
DJ Rainboww 10 gün önce
"survival of the fittest" army person was literally the fittest of them
Fiona Hunter
Fiona Hunter 11 gün önce
They should have peed on the ice block
Janaale 13 gün önce
Omg he really hates this movie
Janaale 13 gün önce
Big Johnson
Big Johnson 13 gün önce
This movie was bullshit. I was about to have a great attack I was so mad about it.
Micha M.
Micha M. 15 gün önce
Bet the Puzzlemaster is one of the "dead" partitients
- KingDucktheXIII
- KingDucktheXIII 15 gün önce
This movie was aight. I guessed the end before watching the movie.
Lamees Haya
Lamees Haya 18 gün önce
They are showing quantum Zeno effect... try to read
Segev Stormlord
Segev Stormlord 19 gün önce
To be fair, I know full well how "Euler" is pronounced, and yet I STILL pronounce it to rhyme with "You Lurk" minus the 'k' unless I stop to think about it. And I've created villains who could clean up that neatly and more easily than hunting and killing the survivors, but when I have to make them supernatural Fair Folk from the RPG Exalted....yeah.
Robert B.
Robert B. 19 gün önce
Did you guys do one on (2002) Panic Room? I can’t find it. Thanks.
Olivia Lewis
Olivia Lewis 19 gün önce
was i the only one who thought that when danny fell through the ice, they could have used the big ice block with the STEEL around it to try and break the ice instead of their hands?
garythesnail Games
garythesnail Games 20 gün önce
Peyton Domin
Peyton Domin 20 gün önce
Why did no one just piss on the key ice chunk
bruno favrot
bruno favrot 21 gün önce
sr pelo
a l m i g h t y
a l m i g h t y 22 gün önce
amanda deserved to live we need to spam the director of the movie for killing off such a good character
Stephanie Hoyler
Stephanie Hoyler 22 gün önce
Really? It's just a movie, if were you there you wouldn't think, if you were in a room on fire. They're definitely being killed and they know, and they have to be smart not to get kill.
Tommy Guns
Tommy Guns 22 gün önce
@7:30 just piss on it
Thurllo 23 gün önce
Saw revamped
Collin Myers
Collin Myers 25 gün önce
Wait, why doesn't the guy that claimed the tree just climb up again and break the ice by dropping it?
Ariana Ligthouse
Ariana Ligthouse 25 gün önce
As soon as they went to the cold room I kept yelling at my TV to use the FRICKING LIGHTER on a tree so they can be warm, but no they wanna use it when they’re half dead
DIMMER0328 25 gün önce
I thought the end was cheesy and dumb. The second one is probably gonna be cheesey and dumb. But other than that I thought it was an alright movie.
JonO387 26 gün önce
Why is the guy a dick for pointing out that "fishing" means sitting around doing nothing?
Antares 27 gün önce
I never watched this movie, but why didn't they simply smash she ice cube with the key in it? Having actually seen real ice in my life, I know that is completely possible and much faster than fingertip-melting it can ever be.
Nick Kane
Nick Kane 29 gün önce
The puzzles in each room was designed for each player, but it doesn't matter who makes it to the next room. In the end they were all meant to die.
Melanie Contreras
Melanie Contreras Aylar önce
license was issued 02-02-15 and expires 02-02-25 which is 10 years and in the state of illinois license should be renewed every 4 years ?? maybe i’m wrong
Circus Baby Elizabeth
Why does it dound like Danganronpa V3 but with rooms instead of trials?
dimi g
dimi g Aylar önce
It would of been funny if four eyes gave a thumbs up while he was under water
J05h R3353
J05h R3353 Aylar önce
Wasn't till this video that I now want to work on a script after watching all of your videos and make a movie that you would watch and find no sins whatsoever. A perfect movie lol
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Aylar önce
That key in the ice scene is straight up one of the dumbest things I've ever seen...
Pranjal Shelar
Pranjal Shelar Aylar önce
She meant that we caught them by,We beat them in their own game ... Come on this is ok after watching so many dumb things🤣😂
Pranjal Shelar
Pranjal Shelar Aylar önce
How that machine even have a picture of game master... Only contestants should be there... And now the game master in the game... What a shit mahn🤣🤣😂
Pranjal Shelar
Pranjal Shelar Aylar önce
Shitty movie
Weazla Aylar önce
Went on Netflix to see how bad this is but found what seems to be an exact copy by the same name. Even the opening shows a character mid puzzle
Evan Root
Evan Root Aylar önce
Movie companies: *put their logo in front of a movie to have credit for their art* Cinema sins: off to the shadow realm jimbo
Patrik Tobola
Patrik Tobola Aylar önce
8:35 I need the view from the bottom! lol
Soulzy Aylar önce
It's Sad For Taylor Russel, She Plays Zoey And Is In A Lot of good Shows I Like, It's Sad she's In A Movie Like this.
Ben Christoff
Ben Christoff Aylar önce
This movie makes no sense
Bubble Sparkle
Bubble Sparkle Aylar önce
Did he not realize that the room that is literally getting smaller is like getting stuck in a cave in
*DeltaBlazin'X* Aylar önce
Belleve it or not but when I watched this movie I legit was able to predict almost everything that was going to happen correctly without problems. God this movie sucks.
X_Sophie _6
X_Sophie _6 Aylar önce
They could’ve just smashed the ice on the trees
Pyrixthepython Oronion
Wrath Aylar önce
1:37 Not a pervert, but Damn she is looking ready for Reproduction..Hot..
The Maya Show
The Maya Show Aylar önce
The whole movie is an entire sin for it being made.I hate this movie with every bone in my body
Moondust Gacha
Moondust Gacha Aylar önce
He should've have more foreshadowing sins
TheNewGTAV-Modder Aylar önce
90% of guys would cut that block of ice in half with their pee, just saying...
master of darkness asd
The sex sniffing, trueblood, and game master of the game parts are funny. True blood because Deborah Ann was in it and said in Jason just here.
Axiom Steel26
Axiom Steel26 Aylar önce
Rubbing their assess on the ice cube would have melted it much sooner....
Axiom Steel26
Axiom Steel26 Aylar önce
So if you randomly get a card asking you to come to an escape room style experience....maybe dont answer it?. Like Serial killers exist people...they aint a myth!
Nelson Isioma
Nelson Isioma Aylar önce
For the evidence thing, the investors probably control the cops
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans Aylar önce
Hahaha Laura Craft......Ahahahahahahahaha
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans Aylar önce
You'll do this crap, yet I've been begging you to do the Cube trilogy for years. At least do Hypercube.
Ram Jam
Ram Jam Aylar önce
I hate when movies do the whole " this much time ago" thing, just show us linear timeline so we don't already know what to expect.
Sunshine Aylar önce
I thought they would've peed on the ice cube to melt it.🤷
Harley Q
Harley Q Aylar önce
find a coarse leaf and use it like a dish scrubber 😂😂😂
Merel Koning
Merel Koning Aylar önce
i tought that Danny died because of his phone (and the lighter).. that they did it on purpose because he didn't follow the rules...
JJ Vlogs
JJ Vlogs Aylar önce
Did I hear mumbo jumbo 1:24
Carlos DeNinno
Carlos DeNinno Aylar önce
Jason says it's the survival of the fittest after Amanda dies even though she was clearly the fittest of all of them and she just died.
Cys vlogz
Cys vlogz Aylar önce
Actually mikes room was the last room because Ben got smushed and mike got smushed in the cave in
Jersey Bound
Jersey Bound Aylar önce
there's a totally different movie on netflix called escape room based on the same premise however it's completely different. weird i was wondering wtf was going on here.
FarGo 123
FarGo 123 Aylar önce
Everybody pointing out mistakes but no one praising how good the movie was
Temporal Ocellation
I enjoyed this movie, but yeah, they really stretched feasibility at points lol
meet v
meet v Aylar önce
Satisfied after watching your video
Adam Oz
Adam Oz Aylar önce
Every now and then, I go to see an average-rated movie, just for the heck of it, instead of waiting for the CinemaSins video. I went to see this, and I walked out during the last 20 minutes. Bad luck this time.
Jenalee Jacobs
Jenalee Jacobs 2 aylar önce
Is anyone gonna mention how the Minos people knew what song was playing in Ben’s car when he was the only one who could possibly have known that?
Just Don’t
Just Don’t 2 aylar önce
How did this get less sins that doctor sleep
SuperGameEskimo 2 aylar önce
It's Zaheed!
KHUSHBU SHAIKH 2 aylar önce
His voice more irritating i don't about movie
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