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Lil Yachty is not one for fruits or vegetables, but he does have strong feelings about his favorite food group: snacks. In this episode of , Yachty breaks down his favorite go-tos, including limited release potato chips, coveted girl scout cookies, and “exotic” sodas.

Check out Yachty's latest single 'Oprah's Bank Account' featuring Drake and DaBaby: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eb4C...

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Everything Lil Yachty Eats In A Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR

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10 Mar 2020




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COD Master420
COD Master420 Yıl önce
I love the fact that he didn't even say anything that he actually eats in a day but instead named a bunch of his favorite snacks lmao
BenJamin 6 gün önce
Thats what he eat🤣🤣
Farah Almas
Farah Almas Aylar önce
he savage in this vid LMAO🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
Sacrifice the Present For the Future.
@Wiltzen Media important- he eats pizza every day and has since he was about, like, 5
Thomas Collier
Thomas Collier 8 aylar önce
@holly holly Hes high on sugar though lol.
A G 10 aylar önce
@Wiltzen Media he eats wings and pizza basically
Voolzey Yıl önce
They asked him what he eats for breakfast and went on a candy addiction story
Haanim Ely
Haanim Ely 4 gün önce
Lmao!!! Yeah😂😂😂😂😂
NAB 15 gün önce
That’s his diet🤦🏻‍♂️
J Smith
J Smith 16 gün önce
But it is what he eats watch other videos where he describes his diet
Lil Yachty
Lil Yachty Aylar önce
Yeah I guess I got carried away😂
duhhiane 6 aylar önce
ohona islam
ohona islam Yıl önce
This the most educated man on snacks holy shit
Lil Yachty
Lil Yachty Aylar önce
I do know my stuff😂
Futzy 10 aylar önce
On God, I haven’t heard of half of this shit 😂😂😂
modesto beltran
modesto beltran 11 aylar önce
Christopher Rayburn
Man was like “I wake up and don’t really eat...but let me tell you bout some chips” then it just spiraled into a Ted Talk on snacks.
Monsterpichu 4 aylar önce
8k like
Eghe’s World
Eghe’s World 8 aylar önce
Wrong quote!!
Dragonlord 1
Dragonlord 1 8 aylar önce
BRIAN CASERTA 9 aylar önce
@Cee Cee B. is the best
lol 10 aylar önce
@kyra r same
Ben D
Ben D Yıl önce
Producer: Do you eat any vegetables? Yachts: NaH bUt ThEsE sNAcKs FrOM JaPan gO CraZy
Cookies 12 gün önce
Keith Guadagno
Keith Guadagno 10 aylar önce
George 10 aylar önce
kai - kai !
kai - kai ! Yıl önce
Felizitas Mylin
Felizitas Mylin Yıl önce
He started talking about his morning, then completely lost his structure and just kept on talking about all his favourite candies and sodas 😂😂😂
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Yıl önce
He prolly stoned and getting dummy hungry while making this
Helena Jessh
Helena Jessh Yıl önce
幽霊船 Yıl önce
@Deggan Dahir he used to be ripped af like 1 or 2 yeara ago what happenes man thats sad
Bad Guy
Bad Guy Yıl önce
Well that’s his diet 🤣😂🤣
11 Yıl önce
Deggan Dahir how?!?
Shivani Koul
Shivani Koul Yıl önce
The editor almost died searching the vague shit he mentions
Jenny Yi
Jenny Yi 5 aylar önce
Lmao the image of p diddy for “puffs” had me dead
FateAndFurie 10 aylar önce
I had a seizure listening to his ever-evolving explanations lmao
Amal Beishembieva
Amal Beishembieva 11 aylar önce
@Jesus Hentai Christ brooo, I’m dead
venus Yıl önce
Jesus Hentai Christ
bruh i laughed so hard at your comment that i fking pissed my pants
Tōya Yıl önce
Lil Yachty 2015: Steals your girl Lil Yachty 2020: Steals your chips
Mr. Bondhus2You
Mr. Bondhus2You 4 aylar önce
Noppa 10 aylar önce
@NoahC YT u good or are u dumb
Watermelon Juul
Watermelon Juul 10 aylar önce
@NoahC YT it’s a joke???
FriendlyTech Yıl önce
Woosh Baiter
Woosh Baiter Yıl önce
Id say 2018 yachty more but Minnesota was big too I guess
Maitrik P
Maitrik P Yıl önce
every other celebrity: “i have a smoothie bowl for breakfast” lil yachty: “SpOnGEBoB KraBbY PaTtY GuMmIeS”
✝️Havi Lavi✝️
✝️Havi Lavi✝️ 3 aylar önce
@Uglydiaper exactly 🤣
clone 5 aylar önce
@Uglydiaper 🤣
Uglydiaper 7 aylar önce
you’re sad if nobody gives a single shit
brooke 9 aylar önce
you’re sad if you need to steal someone else’s comment to be funny
fuzzy Bear
fuzzy Bear 10 aylar önce
Hafsa Yıl önce
He didn’t even speak about meals he just went on a story about his snacks 😭
Kristen S.
Kristen S. 4 aylar önce
@SudsyAttorney lol
Kristen S.
Kristen S. 4 aylar önce
@SudsyAttorney iKR!!!!
SudsyAttorney 4 aylar önce
Those are his meals
Kristen S.
Kristen S. 5 aylar önce
BanditRetro Yıl önce
When yachty said “who gon make me”, I knew he was serious 💀
YatesWild 5 aylar önce
@Jeremy Dillard Stfu🤣🤣
Jeremy Dillard
Jeremy Dillard 7 aylar önce
Mans went into fight or flight mode💀
Marguerite Moran
Marguerite Moran 9 aylar önce
Z Dubbs
Z Dubbs 10 aylar önce
Ahhhhhh Fr 💀💀💀💀
Sóley Siggí
Sóley Siggí 11 aylar önce
Scyclone Yıl önce
He really just said “shoutout to my mom for finding those off brand spicy Cheetos”. 😂😂😂
Yannick 9 aylar önce
I love how effortlessly he transitions from snack to snack.
juniperfj 9 aylar önce
This unabashed love for snacks is so refreshing after all the ones that are like, "I start with a celery juice, and after my workout I have a celery juice, and when I really want to treat myself I have a single wild-sourced macadamia nut."
kiki vee
kiki vee 4 gün önce
lydia 4 aylar önce
a single wild-sourced macadamia nut😭
blastedbubblegum Yıl önce
This should have been titled “Lil Yachty Describing Strange Snacks for Six Minutes”
opmistic Yıl önce
@S Why does it matter on how old u are like stfu 🤣. Niggas like you bro. Let yachty live his life.
Hank The Tank
Hank The Tank Yıl önce
Wil Anderson stfu
Courtney Grace
Courtney Grace Yıl önce
no but literally
J . T
J . T Yıl önce
Swill Yıl önce
S lmao I’m 18 and I know what they are. They fucking slap
HB Outdoors
HB Outdoors Yıl önce
“what you eat for breakfast?” lil yachty: korean hot spicy honey cheddar cheese puffs
Daniella De La Rosa
Daniella De La Rosa 3 aylar önce
The spicy gummy kind from japan but not really
ItzOwen 5 aylar önce
But the popcorn version
Media Hernandez
Media Hernandez 10 aylar önce
Cookie Dough
Cookie Dough 11 aylar önce
Lil Yachty is literally a "sugar" daddy
rei 4 aylar önce
Dark Face
Dark Face 5 aylar önce
Synthieum 10 aylar önce
Sun Blieths
Sun Blieths Yıl önce
Yachty's just one of those people who's personality's are just naturally funny
pan cake
pan cake 10 aylar önce
He’s so passionate about his food he takes moments of scilence for the ones he ate
Peyton Simpson
Peyton Simpson Yıl önce
Man sounds like a six year old tellin his mom what he wants from the store.
🍄Jessie🍄 2 aylar önce
Leonel Macias
Leonel Macias 4 aylar önce
@Anthony Miller dang man it’s a joke chill
TheRawfoodgardener 6 aylar önce
I have no words 😱
Tanvi Khare
Tanvi Khare 9 aylar önce
Oh god yes😂
leithal meme
leithal meme 10 aylar önce
Patrice S
Patrice S Yıl önce
“I like exotic sodas” 😂 I’m so done with this one
Lauren Crane
Lauren Crane Yıl önce
gwenyth paltrow: "i start my day by opening the curtains while oil pulling" lil yachty: "HONEY BARBECUE CHIPS"
Bingus The Cat
Bingus The Cat Yıl önce
Most rappers nowadays: *Dies from drugs, murder* Lil yachty: *Dies from eating too much junkfood*
Spooky Yıl önce
POV: You're 8 years old and your mom asks if you want anything while she's at the gas station.
bababooey Yıl önce
Most rappers: drinking alcohol lil yachty: that cotton candy soda doe
FriendlyTech Yıl önce
C-money4x Yıl önce
Man screw all these alcohol drinks especially the ones that get u drunk like I wish it was never a thing because it caused deaths and other problems
helming Yıl önce
Blueberry faygo
TrulyZay1 Yıl önce
@Recker B shut shut the up
helming Yıl önce
That blueberry faygo is amazing tho
Banana Brain
Banana Brain 6 aylar önce
The Japanese Hi-Chew thing with the stuff like Nerds in it is called Puchao!!!
TofuTeo 3 aylar önce
Yesss I'm so glad someone mentioned this bc the editor wouldn't have known. It's either Puchao or Shuwa Hi-Chew, but most likely Puchao
Camille V
Camille V 11 aylar önce
I can’t explain why this is so funny but it’s got me rollin
ashlye. Yıl önce
"demar, did we find them?" "no." *in size 6 font* "we didn't find them :("
Emable irankunda
Emable irankunda Yıl önce
yachty: did we find them??? his body guard: no yachty: we didn't find them... lol had me rolling really do be like that!
Nunya Biznezz
Nunya Biznezz Yıl önce
He eats like a 10 year old with a credit card
miab4by 6 aylar önce
@Skyhighline i just never get satisfaction from it😭
Skyhighline 6 aylar önce
@miab4by actual sociopath
MADD MANX🎵🎶 10 aylar önce
Awesome name 😂
Christopher Henriquez
Christopher Henriquez 10 aylar önce
Ethan Barclay
Ethan Barclay Yıl önce
The look on his face when the reporter mentioned vegetables was priceless
Sleakz Content Creator
I respect and love how straight up and honest he is with what he eats lmao
Jrdn 10 aylar önce
The way he just went into each food as if it's normal to eat daily lmao
lil yachty: explaining all his fav snacks me: *vigorously writing down notes*
Tash C
Tash C Yıl önce
Lil Yachty: “I sound like a fat kid” Most relatable thing I’ve ever heard
Inhle Yıl önce
Itz Tashy cause I am one😭😭😭
Brother Yıl önce
Ethan Cole that’s not fat
Waxks_AMV'S Yıl önce
I read this at the exact same time you said that
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer Yıl önce
Who gon tell him
Blake Wood
Blake Wood Yıl önce
Rax Yıl önce
Yachty is actually one of the most down to earth rappers. Love the dude.. He’s like a kid with his snacks. He collects and buys rare snacks
Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson 10 aylar önce
I love his energy and his honesty.
Jaida Maye / Jaida Wayda
2:43 "we didnt find em" broke my heart😫🤧
Mikaela 4 aylar önce
Love this dude’s energy. I go crazy on hotdog gummies too
M Yıl önce
He’s living a 5 year old dream
Kim Jisoos Rabbit
Kim Jisoos Rabbit 9 aylar önce
Scarlett Monterroza
Nooo hes in a 5yr old body 😹 i luv him
Abhay Mhatre
Abhay Mhatre Yıl önce
It's good that at least he is living happily even it is unhealthy
Siri Yıl önce
This is me at 6 XD
Brett Van Boxcel
Brett Van Boxcel Yıl önce
I’m 15 and this my dream
Lorna Nelmes
Lorna Nelmes 3 aylar önce
I'm dying I had no idea this man was this passionate and knowledgeable about all these snacks 😂😂😂
Bro I remember this one time, I was in lunch at school and my ex had these fruit loop pop tarts. OMG, THEY WERE SO GOOD. The like flavoring or frosting inside the pop tart was like rainbow. Best pop tart I’ve ever had.
𝒞𝒶𝓈𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝒹𝓎
😂😂😂😂 I love this dude. I love that he doesn’t even pretend to eat like other celebrities. Also if you’ve never tried sponge bob gummy’s or sour octopus gummy’s you haven’t even lived yet. They are bomb af.
JCO 9 aylar önce
Feel like he actually fucks with the first few snacks or so, then just kinda started testing himself to see how many candies he could remember from his childhood. Trust tho, I don't think people are judging cause you don't like orange soda lmao
Angel Pie
Angel Pie Yıl önce
I love this man forget this was "What he eats in a day" and went on a whole level, iconic
Saber Fox
Saber Fox Yıl önce
Producer: How much sugar do you eat Lil Yachty: Yes
Balmani 9 aylar önce
This is oddly satisfying to watch lil yachty name the things he likes to eat
Marguerite Moran
Marguerite Moran 9 aylar önce
I love that lil yachty loves his snacks and admitted to not eating healthy 😂😂
Brighton Jacobsen
The funny thing about Yachty is that he dosnt smoke but always seems like he’s high. Edit: how this get 10k😭
Juliana Cheriza
Juliana Cheriza Yıl önce
Chelsey Lathan
Chelsey Lathan Yıl önce
@King von otf yes
Adarius Adamsu
Adarius Adamsu Yıl önce
Called success
Kizza K
Kizza K Yıl önce
Glenn Arroyo he doesn’t smoke.
Eye Color
Eye Color Yıl önce
juul cat
juul cat 2 aylar önce
I could listen to this man talk about snacks all day. He's calm AF and down to Earth.
Megan Pearl
Megan Pearl Yıl önce
When I tell you I couldn’t stop laughing at the junk food and comments 😂 but good for him for eating his life to the fullest
Jen Vincur
Jen Vincur Yıl önce
Lmaooo, so far there hasn’t been one actual meal mentioned- just literal junk food. This is like if you let a 7 year old choose all of their food 😂
Rouaa Edriss
Rouaa Edriss Yıl önce
I would watch this man talking about his favorite candy all day
SpiceFlake Yıl önce
rappers: die from drug overdose lil yatchy: Dies from diabetes
@Isaiah Pinal 🤦 yes you can
Isaiah Pinal
Isaiah Pinal Yıl önce
You can’t die from diabetes
Sir Bobby
Sir Bobby Yıl önce
"perfectly good health, but bought bout 10 different scripts"
88ntil that’s if u don’t care of it dumbass
Young and Finch
Young and Finch Yıl önce
smores empty
smores empty 6 aylar önce
i smiled THIS WHOLE VIDEO. man just kept going! 😂 im just like him talking about my favourite foods, so relatable!
Z. Woolley
Z. Woolley 10 aylar önce
“Now let’s move onto sprite” 😭
like my comment gurl
Why can I tell he’s gonna be a good dad🤣
christian fiorenza
I could listen to yachty just talk for hours on end
Evany Martinez
Evany Martinez 11 aylar önce
This is so funny omg this man loves his snacks 😩😂
James Moncrieff
James Moncrieff 10 aylar önce
When he was talking about how you just gotta keep eating them so you’re mouth doesn’t get hot, that was some of the truest shit I’ve heard😂
Crimson Clover
Crimson Clover 6 aylar önce
" Who ever drinks tea is gonna grow old soon "
lovemutts Yıl önce
Funniest thing I’ve watched in a while. I click on anything he’s in.
trocrew 10 aylar önce
I love how he sees absolutely no problem with his eating habits haha like „no fruits or vegetables“ haha
Pauletta Freeland
When they say to live you're life..Lil Yachty is really living his life with candy
ITSLIZZ Yıl önce
This is the most well versed in junk food person I’ve seen😂
Jasmine Elyse
Jasmine Elyse Yıl önce
“who gon make me do what?” LMFAOOO
Leah Kernan
Leah Kernan Yıl önce
Most rappers: addicted to drugs and alcohol Lil Yachty: candy tho.
Suzi Yard
Suzi Yard 9 aylar önce
@A D candy is better
Bloozy Yıl önce
@Vivicy CREATIONS Yeah I feel like most rappers only smoke to calm them down
ItsEssaa Yıl önce
Duflacko Yıl önce
Vince Staples, Tyler the Creator, Denzel Curry, and Kendrick are all straight edge
Shrek Stan
Shrek Stan Yıl önce
Candy is a drug
Top Hat
Top Hat Yıl önce
Lil yachty sounds like me explaining to my mom why junk food is actually good for you lol
Zory Alvarado
Zory Alvarado 11 aylar önce
This episode was everything. 🥦🥬🌶🫑🥕
Banananova 11 aylar önce
“I love uh thin mint girl scout cookies. I got about 40 boxes at the house.” “FORTY?” “Yea 😐.” had me dying 😅
Vik Yıl önce
This is literally me when somebody starts to talk about food, I just start saying the weirdest stuff but it's good. lmao
You Don’t know
You Don’t know Yıl önce
When he talks about the chips being so hot you can’t stop coz your mouth is gonna burn, so u gotta keep eating them. Damn that touched my soul and I thought I was the only one doing that. You’re the man yatchy
Poop Fart
Poop Fart Yıl önce
@ッ not dizzy but for me my mouth get dry
2 Neat
2 Neat Yıl önce
bro deadass he the realest rapper
Peaches K
Peaches K Yıl önce
I read this exactly when he was sayin it lmao
Zgosu 2232
Zgosu 2232 Yıl önce
What happens if you finish them?
Yıl önce
@Words Other words is it me or when I'm eating spicy chips and keep eating them even if they are really spicy I get dizzy
Guwop_dario 10 aylar önce
Listening to him talk about food is a mood
Texaspidey 7 aylar önce
"I like Cinnamon toast crunch cereal bars" had me dead 💀
Fayez Bilal
Fayez Bilal Yıl önce
This should have been titled “Lil Yachty Describing Strange Snacks for Six Minutes”
Nova Muirente
Nova Muirente Yıl önce
I really thought he was going to finally mention real food when he said something about a wing spot
Cade R
Cade R Yıl önce
Can’t imagine how entertaining listening to him tell a story would be 💀
Z6221 Yıl önce
You'd probably end up at the Great Cereal Bar chase lol.
b p
b p Yıl önce
He would like like 50 side storys lmaooo
NAB 15 gün önce
4:00 I love Yachtys personality, he funny asf🤣. He needs to get less hate.
xOwenWrldx 6 aylar önce
The thing he said about root beers bottle at Cracker Barrel I love it! I makes me feel like I’m drunk and it’s the good root beer! It’s also at Olive Garden
iwabaaras 6 aylar önce
Sounds like the best person to go on snack adventures with
Keaton Prinster
Keaton Prinster 11 aylar önce
I gotta try some of these 😂
Barbora Jacobs
Barbora Jacobs Yıl önce
I imagine this is what the kids who were not allowed to eat snacks do when they grow up.
Ryan h
Ryan h Yıl önce
Barb Jacobs go and watch his “hot ones” on TRvid, he says his mum never cooked him anything, all she used to feed him was pizza and that’s pretty much it and he has never eaten fruit or vegetables
Ryan h
Ryan h Yıl önce
Justine Janisse think you’re the only one agreeing with me here lol
dudeitsstacy Yıl önce
You would imagine correctly!
Pretty much me lol
From Azania With Love
No, it can't be. You'd be used to broccoli & cauliflower by then.
Stephanie Alvarez
Stephanie Alvarez 5 aylar önce
They have a vanilla cream soda that goes so crazy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is the best interview 🤣
Ari K
Ari K Yıl önce
1:29 made me laugh way too much
Gunner Weese
Gunner Weese 11 aylar önce
I relate to him on to many levels of food
Aav Wolf
Aav Wolf Yıl önce
I don’t think the people who called him there knew what they were in for
Nadia Estrada
Nadia Estrada Yıl önce
This man started off talking bout how he doesn’t eat anything in the morning to chips which turned the whole video about his favorite snacks and then at the end he says and that’s everything I eat in a day 💀💀💀
Theejoshhall 7 aylar önce
I’m sure he eats meal like steak, rice & stuff but he turned into something else lol
4SureAngel Yıl önce
HighRisk10 “Ninja”. Lmfao 😂
HighRisk10 Yıl önce
Shit-yah this ninja didn't talk about any food at all lol 😂😂😂
Jake Curley
Jake Curley Yıl önce
4SureAngel Yıl önce
Yea, I don't think he got the memo ”What I Eat in a Day” not what I eat in a week or a Month.
Your average_crazyperson
Went from telling what he eat in a day to what his child like appitie is.
jordan still
jordan still Yıl önce
He said “who gone make me🤨” YO I FELT THAT😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂
Your local cook
Your local cook 9 aylar önce
This dude is so hilarious for no reason
Gush 35z
Gush 35z Gün önce
Never knew Lil Yachty was a snack enthusiast
Olivia Bible
Olivia Bible Yıl önce
I like how there isn't a single meal in here
Choco Late
Choco Late Yıl önce
Ugonmma Chinaka
Ugonmma Chinaka Yıl önce
Travis, scott
Ugonmma Chinaka
Ugonmma Chinaka Yıl önce
Scans I'd held defeat jebjdbgdv going
Ugonmma Chinaka
Ugonmma Chinaka Yıl önce
Ugonmma Chinaka
Ugonmma Chinaka Yıl önce
Matthew Jutzen
Matthew Jutzen Yıl önce
He makes me feel healthy.
JJ JelyBean
JJ JelyBean Yıl önce
Brooke Noel
Brooke Noel Yıl önce
I don’t listen to lil yachty that often, no reason I just don’t, but I watch this video at least once a month. This video was a cultural reset
Vee 6 aylar önce
I just got to say I've seen a lot of the different Canada dry flavors and I am not impressed how none of these flavors are actually in Canada .
gLiZzy 7 aylar önce
bro who doesn’t act like this drunk after drinking soda out of a bottle 😂😂😂
Hannah Cheung
Hannah Cheung Yıl önce
has lil yachty tried honey soy chicken chips? I feel like he would love that
Ryan L
Ryan L 7 aylar önce
"who tf gon make me"my senior quote
catwoman Villain
catwoman Villain 6 aylar önce
He said,, "Whoever drink tea will get old quick" Jack Harlow :🤔🍵😭
Pokémon HeartGold, but I'm Team Sky
I bet you $500 this will make you smile