Everything LaTocha Scott Said On "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" (Part 1) 

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Things got a little tense between #LaTochaScott and #DaBrat during this interview. Full show: bit.ly/3KlMILH
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29 Mar 2023




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spiceknack22 Aylar önce
Da Brat was the best part of this segment 😂. She not letting Latosha rewrite history
bippity boppity boo
Those pregnant hormones weren’t letting any bs slide 😂😂
Nikki M.
Nikki M. Aylar önce
Those pregnant hormones want let you let go of nothing 😂
Ashley Yvette
Ashley Yvette Aylar önce
Wilhelmina Aylar önce
Brat sounded ridiculous
Gabrielle Sam
Gabrielle Sam Aylar önce
She came with facts and experiences lol
Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body
I loved how Brat held Tocha’s feet to the carpet. Brat a real one.
CJ Dakarai
CJ Dakarai Aylar önce
Tiny momma ain’t lying….she has no reason to lie!!!!
CourtneyS_ Co
CourtneyS_ Co Aylar önce
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
Let Tosha and her shared husband keep lying on Tamika and she is going to let the courts tell the story. She knows exactly what she and that man did and she allowed her sister to be abused. PERIOD
Nikki McClam
Nikki McClam Aylar önce
Latocha is delusional and a liar
Tina Obrien
Tina Obrien Aylar önce
Yeah right
Key Aylar önce
I am crying! Rickey, Gary and Brat came with the correct questions 😭😭😭
Bobby collins912
Bobby collins912 Aylar önce
Jenn Aylar önce
😂😂😂😂 facts
Michelle Knight
Michelle Knight Aylar önce
They did!! 😂
S J Aylar önce
Ricky thought Tiny’s mom was an accountant😂
ChubbyGirlCuteness Aylar önce
This interview just shows how you can’t hide your heart Tocha sounds bitter even to the point of being semi combative with Brat about what she observed 🤦🏽‍♀️gospel????….. no ma’am I’ll pass
yolanda Lewis
yolanda Lewis Aylar önce
Right gospel career flop
Veronica Parker
Veronica Parker Aylar önce
Idk about da Brat & Kandi, but I think Latocha has a GREAT voice! She will not be able to prosper lying.
ChocolateTah84 Aylar önce
Jetblue Horizon how rude!
Kourtnee Sneed
Kourtnee Sneed Aylar önce
Jetblue Horizon hey Rocky lmao
Roses6104 Aylar önce
I already loved DaBrat but this interview made me realize even more why I love her. She is one of the real ones. She is on the side of right. Who you want me to believe you or my eyes lol 😂 ❤
Pam Johnson
Pam Johnson Aylar önce
Brat feels, sees & smells the BS LaTocha is saying!!
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
Brat is Kandi's friend and she ain't about to let Tocha play crazy. She knows what happened and she hasn't forgotten anything.
S. Davis
S. Davis Aylar önce
Yes indeed 🤣
Danielle Coleman
Danielle Coleman Aylar önce
Cheryl Jones
Cheryl Jones Aylar önce
Yup, and should would know first hand Brat ain't lieing .
SunniCalifornia Aylar önce
As do most everyone!!
Shea Martin
Shea Martin Aylar önce
I would LOVE to have seen Da Brat's face during this entire interview LMAO!
Aries88 Aylar önce
Brat was trying not to curse😂
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
The Brat wasn't cracking one smile she was digging deep and she knew Tosha knew exactly what she was talking about.
Cent Aylar önce
rochelle white
rochelle white Aylar önce
😂😂😂 I love Gary !!! " Did you and Rocky steal the Money ??? " . Straight to the point!!!!
Suga Love
Suga Love Aylar önce
Lo aunt Gary straight forward
Dria Jackson
Dria Jackson Aylar önce
S R Singleton
S R Singleton Aylar önce
Adreaune Hulbert
Adreaune Hulbert Aylar önce
Hikama. Aylar önce
Yasss he’s like cut the BS why would she lie on you which is a question she never answered
browngirl44 Aylar önce
I don't know what was funnier - Rickey thinking Tiny mama was an accountant OR Rickey trying to smooth the tension out and Brat just straight up ignoring him 😂😂😂😂
Shaundra Heavens
Shaundra Heavens Aylar önce
Alexander Gilliam
Alexander Gilliam Aylar önce
I'm glad Brat spoke up and gave a quick flashback to their childhood touring days. Nothing latocha says is ever backed up. Literally EVERYONE from their past refutes the things that she says
Ferg Aylar önce
Asha Education
Asha Education Aylar önce
Yeah because Rickey was killing the vibe trying to be positive.😂
Alexander Gilliam
Alexander Gilliam Aylar önce
@Asha Education lmfao 🤣
Andrea Suggs
Andrea Suggs Aylar önce
@Asha Education Rickey really tried to keep it light and positive! Lol!! He really tried! Lol!
Asha Education
Asha Education Aylar önce
@Andrea Suggs we came for the ☕ tea not for a light lunch. Rickey needs to learn how to read the room . 😂
Oerial Best
Oerial Best Aylar önce
She said the checks went to you and your husband....."That's not true".....Da Brat cleared her throat right after and I hollered!!!😂
Sarah Peay
Sarah Peay Aylar önce
Da Brat knew what she was talking about and so did Latocha.
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
Thank you
$Tiajones333 Aylar önce
Hazel Blue
Hazel Blue Aylar önce
Arymat Aylar önce
Typical narcissist behavior! Her energy is so off putting.
Chanell J. Wilson
Chanell J. Wilson Aylar önce
I am so happy Da Brat was there and could go head to head with LaTocha
Berta Young
Berta Young Aylar önce
Latocha should go on and do her solo project and let the other ladies do their thing without her. If I was her sister I would go after my 30 thousand since she are lying. Rocky is a liar too.
Chanell J. Wilson
Chanell J. Wilson Aylar önce
@Berta Young agreed
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry Aylar önce
Cile.I’m glad too. Because I’m sure she also has experience with Tocha from the 90s as they were signed to the same label.
SunniCalifornia Aylar önce
​@Vashti Perry Yeah, she spoke on it...
Farrah Bluestone
Farrah Bluestone Aylar önce
Me too!!
Justliss Aylar önce
If Brat wasn't pregnant, Brat would have gave Tocha the business!! Brat held her accountable. Ricky tried to end that quick.😂
Valene L
Valene L Aylar önce
For a sec I’m like why he keep interfering lol forgot she was prego ❤
pursuingopp Aylar önce
and another thing... ONE thing Latocha is consistent with... She doesn't recall anything that she did but everything that was done to her. She lives in denial. #gaslighter4life
Chosen One
Chosen One Aylar önce
She was the same exact way on the last reality show and unsung. Lol she remembers NOTHING she did 😂
pursuingopp Aylar önce
@Chosen One true!
Leslie Bryan
Leslie Bryan Aylar önce
Rite I noticed that too
Marvin Smith
Marvin Smith Aylar önce
Well said my thoughts also
itinav arait
itinav arait Aylar önce
Damn I noticed that! I'm dating someone like that now, and I'm on a mission to leave...
Queen B
Queen B Aylar önce
It’s Rickey trying to go to commercial break … “ alright y’all …. Alright y’all … alright y’all “😂😂😂
Creative Sha
Creative Sha Aylar önce
Denise Aylar önce
LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Derrbearrr 2.0
Derrbearrr 2.0 Aylar önce
I died at that part 😂😂😂😂
Kita123 Aylar önce
Yesss 😂😂😂😂
Retha Williams
Retha Williams Aylar önce
ProudAutismMom Aylar önce
Justliss Aylar önce
Shateria Aylar önce
Fragile Diamond
Fragile Diamond Aylar önce
I literally played it back to catch it
Dee Woodson
Dee Woodson Aylar önce
That had me crying 😂😂😂😂😂
As The Prison Turns
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
Ms Diane is the sweetest kindhearted person anyone could ever meet. She has no reason to lie on Tosha and her sorry husband. She dropped all the proof that anyone needs to see, and I believed her before she even did that. The truth has been told and her Tosha and her husband told a lie and they got caught. POINT BLANK and PERIOD Tiny's mother NEVER lied on Tosha and her husband.
Richie Porter
Richie Porter Aylar önce
Exactly! So not only is your sis lying … Mrs Diane is also lying too? What would be her reasoning for lying on her? She needs to just gon head and take accountability for her actions.
martha shepherd
martha shepherd Aylar önce
Latocha apologize and get in a payment plan pease 🙍🏾‍♀️
Keoshia Jackson RDMS
@martha shepherd not a payment plan?! 🤣😂🤣
ISayToMyself Aylar önce
Rickey cracked me up. “That white lady wasn’t the accountant?”
Real Vessel Gem
Real Vessel Gem Aylar önce
I was so tickled 😂
Justin Daniels
Justin Daniels Aylar önce
😂😂😂 Rick was fighting for his life
MELISSA Jones Aylar önce
I read this before I heard the full interview and cracked tf up!!!! I can hear him saying it 😂😂😂😂😂
Andrea Suggs
Andrea Suggs Aylar önce
Karen Dukes
Karen Dukes Aylar önce
Maaannnn! Sometimes I be like, come on Rickey pay attention! 🤦🏾‍♀️😂
Dee Emanuel
Dee Emanuel Aylar önce
It’s Rickey stuttering for me trying to get them out that hot fish grease 😂😂
allthewayupNORTH _
allthewayupNORTH _ Aylar önce
And Brat has confirmed EVERYTHING Kandi has said about being miserable on the road and feeling like it was always 3 against 1.
Rarebreed Bev
Rarebreed Bev Aylar önce
Brat was giving the ppl what we needed & she was there to witness 😂😂 Brat wanted to say more but she restrained herself 😂
Ms. M. L. One-Town
Ms. M. L. One-Town Aylar önce
She’s so void of the truth! She’s been the only one on the show that’s toxic and negative!
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
Right and have the nerve that she can sing the gospel with no anointing on it just because she can sing and Christians will buy it. Maybe folk that aren't filled with the Holy Spirit might buy it, but God doesn't bless no mess, and if you will lie and steal. He ain't in that. I will say Allegedly but Tamika has already told the truth and the fans believe her even before she showed the truth of everything she said, and Ms Diane backed it up and she has no dog in the fight. She is the one who signed the group up because she found out about it and signed her husband up and Xscape and when she asked Tamika did she get her checks, and she said she didn't. Ms Diane tracked it down and it went right to Tosha and in her husband's account and Tiny's mother has no reason to lie and that's on PERIOD
Ms. M. L. One-Town
Ms. M. L. One-Town Aylar önce
@Carolyn Minter Sis you better preach. You said everything that needs to be said! I completely totally without any doubts agree!! 💯
$Tiajones333 Aylar önce
Antwalla Simple
Antwalla Simple Aylar önce
That’s why she slipped in not pointing the finger 😕😕😕
Davida Rose
Davida Rose Aylar önce
I agree. I would like for them to do season 2 but without LaToxic.
JustLaLa22🦋 Aylar önce
Finally a real interview with real reactions. So glad y'all kept it a buck with her . Every other interview she has done seems like ppl were scared to call out the obvious and question her BS.
Shuntal McCants
Shuntal McCants Aylar önce
What I need from y’all is Understanding
Karura Grant
Karura Grant Aylar önce
Kandie talked to Brat The show was so shaded brat wasn't in the group r there she got stuff Kandie brat cause she opens her mouth doesn't make it true r right Who r y'all Tell yall dirty secrets you have plenty
Levon Bussey
Levon Bussey Aylar önce
​@Karura Grant Brat said that she grew up with them and toured with them so she knows enough. We all have something but this is the Topic right now. When someone elses dirt come out then that will be the topic.
Christine Aylar önce
Keep It Moving wow $30,000 is a lot to move on from smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
Legalcurls Aylar önce
@Karura Grant exactly. She was supposed to represent the radio station, but it was clear that she was there to defend Kandi. Disappointing. Ask the questions, but don’t accuse.
Keishanna Michele
Keishanna Michele Aylar önce
COME ON BRAT!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Hold her accountable 🙌🏾
Let's Talk Classic Hip Hop with Sistah Crystal
WOW!!! Kudos to Da Brat for sharing what she witnessed between Latocha and Kandi while touring with Xscape during the 1990's.
Miss M
Miss M Aylar önce
Brat is the GOAT. She brought up something that even I had observed about Kandi. LaTocha really didn't want to hear or acknowledge it.
Knightd12 Aylar önce
Kandi cries on a dime so that don`t mean a thing.
BFick478 Aylar önce
Exactly. She knows what she's doing and knows what Brat is talking about.
remoniaj Aylar önce
​@Knightd12 exactly, but Kandi backs up what she say! She will bring recipes!
Knightd12 Aylar önce
@remoniaj I agree, Latocha was and still is in the wrong.
Michelle Knight
Michelle Knight Aylar önce
This interview was hood, straight forward, and a classic loved every minute of it😂😂👏🏾
Inayah Baaqee, MA
Inayah Baaqee, MA Aylar önce
Da Brat held her to the FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥 Why is LaTocha still doing interviews?! GO SIT DOWN.
Renae Thomas
Renae Thomas Aylar önce
Ahe better get a couple of lawyers
Genesis Newman
Genesis Newman Aylar önce
This Girl is delusional it’s scary wow
Catherine Lee
Catherine Lee Aylar önce
That part I'm tired of her She don't need be in group
K Mabry
K Mabry Aylar önce
dreamgrl30 Aylar önce
Bc her husband making her look like a fool scheduling unplanned, last minute interviews
ImHis Apple
ImHis Apple Aylar önce
This interview is hilarious! I just keep replaying it. When everyone just gets quiet I hollered!!!!
Diedra Knowels
Diedra Knowels Aylar önce
Girl me too!!!!😂 hollered out loud driving!!!
Nicole H.
Nicole H. Aylar önce
Yes!!!...a whole skit
Key Aylar önce
HOLLERED OKAY! Rickey and Gary played way too much 😭
Gee Bee
Gee Bee Aylar önce
That tickles me EVERY TIME!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kisha Jones
Kisha Jones Aylar önce
Da Brat is right they had this conversation on the first reality show. While Kandi was crying explaining how she felt over the years, but Tocha had the same reaction then.
thatraspyshxt Aylar önce
Girl and tocha has done reality TV several times so her acting like she don't know how editing works is insane. She's lying all around.
Chosen One
Chosen One Aylar önce
Right I remember, Every single time kandi expressed how to Latocha how she felt Latocha showed absolutely no emotion. She the same way with her sister right now. She seems cold hearted.
shawn preston
shawn preston Aylar önce
Narcissists don’t care about nobody feelings.
Dionnah Hunter
Dionnah Hunter Aylar önce
Yes! I definitely remember that episode and Tocha knew exactly what brat was talking about
Keva Cox
Keva Cox Aylar önce
LaTocha recently said on the interview that Kandi would be crying about her getting more leads. She obviously forgets what she says.
Ruby Mills
Ruby Mills Aylar önce
That's right Brat, call it out and remind her of what you witness back in the days😂😂
J Kirk-Leonard
J Kirk-Leonard Aylar önce
Da Brat cornered her and LaTocha provided a narcissistic, evasive answer. Amnesia too! Kandi was right about her using Escape was a fallback. She speaks with a fork tongue. ☠️
Sasha Matamoros
Sasha Matamoros Aylar önce
Thank you Brat for being real ❤
BJ White
BJ White Aylar önce
Brat she did not sugarcoat anything she said it like it is and she kept it 100.👏👏🖐👍👍👍😊
Sister Bonnie
Sister Bonnie Aylar önce
Cyber Groupie
Cyber Groupie Aylar önce
😂😂😂 She was Funkdified!
CourtneyS_ Co
CourtneyS_ Co Aylar önce
Go BRAT!!! So glad she spoke up
Denise Aylar önce
And THIS is why I have always loved DA BRAT!! She kept it all the way real and wasn't tip toeing around the issue. I tip my hat off to you for that. ❤
It’s Poppin’ Lipgloss
I’m trying to watch this and my partner gonna whisper in my ear “do you think she want some understanding” 😂😂😂😂boy move
Cameca Aylar önce
😂😂😂😂😂he so wrong 😂 she ain't got no understanding if she did she would pay that money and lay low lol.
myopinionismine999 Aylar önce
DaBrat knew LaTocha was lying. I've notice LaTocha does a lot of play on words.
Leslie Burgess
Leslie Burgess Aylar önce
Yep. Just like her husband
Robert H
Robert H Aylar önce
Butterfly Fly High
Butterfly Fly High Aylar önce
AfroCynsible .Sistah
This went exactly the way that I thought it would. Why would she try to act like Brat did not see anything while they were on the road? But when Gary brought in the mess, and said $30,000 wasn’t a lot of money , I hollered 😂. But Rickey and the accountant had me shaken my head. 😅
Keshawn Palmer
Keshawn Palmer Aylar önce
“This reality thing ain’t me”..this your 3rd reality show 🫠
The Juice Radio and Talk Show
People can't heal if they keep the blame game going. ACCOUNTABILITY is key. 🔑🗝️🔑🗝️🙏
$Tiajones333 Aylar önce
I agree she would never admit the truth plus she needs to do a public apology to everybody in the group and pay back that money to her sister plus it was wouldn't $30,000 and it was more stuff to it
Veronica Parker
Veronica Parker Aylar önce
I bet it's more than $30k. Tiny's mom said by the time Tameka called, they had gotten MANY checks.
Cornelia Taylor
Cornelia Taylor Aylar önce
I'm glad DaBrat pressed her. This situation seems to be of LaTosha's own making. She tried to stir up some drama with sis in episode one, but Tamika came back on her and she got way more than what she bargained for. Moral of this story - don't double-cross your sister.
We The People TV
We The People TV Aylar önce
The fact she is doing a gospel album is mind blowing 🤣
TelliVision87 Aylar önce
Shout out to Da Brat for speaking up when necessary. And if Rocky's real name isn't Edward, then what is it? How is she going to tell us where Tamika lives better than Tamika herself 😂
MJ Aylar önce
I would have asked them who's Edward Bivens. I swear people don't know how to interview lol where's the follow up questions smh he should have let Brat lead the interview
Funsize Dazzy
Funsize Dazzy Aylar önce
​@MJ it was a last min thing yhey saw her and was trying to see if she would come in
MJ Aylar önce
@Funsize Dazzy that was an easy follow up question though 🤷🏾‍♀️ she said it wasn't his name then ask her who's name is it then. A good interviewer is always prepared. Da Brat was on it
Aisha Jordan
Aisha Jordan Aylar önce
@MJ now you know Tocha just would have said she doesn’t know who Edward Bivens is😂
L H Aylar önce
She intentionally tried to be confusing about her husband's name and the interviewer didn't follow up. Her husband's name is on her solo album. It was an easily verifiable fact. Tiny's mom said SHE used NY as the address & the interviewer didn't follow up about that either.
MeaganBetter Aylar önce
He called Tiny mama an accountant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ashley Watkins
Ashley Watkins Aylar önce
He was so serious too 😂😂😂
ashley chester
ashley chester Aylar önce
She’s lying! My God when does it stop.
trulyblessedby3 Aylar önce
Why Brat remembers more than Miss Scott about those tours??!!
Aries88 Aylar önce
@trulyblessedby3 Chile Mrs. Scott don’t remember nothing let her tell it. She didn’t remember what Kandi said to her on the old show either.
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
After that album, doesn't sell. The fans only want to see Xscape 3, and not liars and thieves. Allegedly
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
​@trulyblessedby3 She knows and just like most greasy folk they like to play crazy, and the, I don't remember cards.
Aries88 Aylar önce
@Carolyn Minter Oh the older church folks are still going to get that album because they only see one side of her. She’s good at playing like she’s trying to fix things, throwing in a Bible verse, and asking folks to pray for her and her sister while avoiding the real issue.
V. Lynn
V. Lynn Aylar önce
Thank you for keeping it REAL, Da Brat!
Just Jabinia
Just Jabinia Aylar önce
DaBrat isn't playing 😂. Also, Latocha says the reality thing isn't her but all of them except Kandi wanted Xscape to do this reality show. Kandi said she went ahead and did it because she was told she was holding everything up and she went into last year deciding to say yes more to her group. Kandi and Tiny has been doing reality TV for a very long time. They both have dealt with the good and bad with putting your life out there. The Scott sisters wanted that platform but unfortunately Latocha didn't expect the negative. She was hoping for all positive to have the platform to stand on. That's why you should not covet what others have because you might can't handle the journey it took / takes to get there.
PROGNOSIS Aylar önce
Whew! That’s a WORD. You never know whats going on in folks lives nor what the had to do to get there. Sometimes, things just aren’t meant for you. I needed to hear that.
trulyblessedby3 Aylar önce
No DaBrat was not playing! Her memory is just fine!
Asha Education
Asha Education Aylar önce
C. Renee
C. Renee Aylar önce
Just saying "that's not true" or "I don't remember that" doesnt make it not true! Receipts always outweigh emotions! Happy Brat spoke up with what went on back then its crazy Tocha ALWAYS has a different recollection of events from everyone else. Right is right and wrong is wrong.
Tami Thomas
Tami Thomas Aylar önce
I’m so glad Da Bratt stood her ground and didn’t fall for the BS Tocha was serving! 👏🏽👏🏽❤️
Karen 757 NN Va
Karen 757 NN Va Aylar önce
I can't stop listening to this interview!# I LOVE THE RICKEY SMILEY MORNING SHOW. YALL STAY READY & I'LL LEAVE IT AT THAT 😂😂😂😂😂❤
deshandaperkins Aylar önce
Here's what happened, she stole her sister's money, bought her mama the WORST wig in wig world and didn't even bother to get her man's "teef" fixed but had the nerve to get her body done. PAY YOUR SISTER HER MONEY GIRL😂
Shavetta Jones
Shavetta Jones Aylar önce
WarriorGoddess Yaa Asantewaa
Jenn Aylar önce
$Tiajones333 Aylar önce
Oh my gosh LOL 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂
Demure Darling
Demure Darling Aylar önce
Ma’am what is your zodiac sign😂 You Savage no Fenty 😂😂😂😂
Dreamland Butler
Dreamland Butler Aylar önce
Tiny’s momma ain’t just gon LIE! This interview was HORRIBLE! kuddos to Brat! Y’all didn’t push back hard enough for me..
Leslie Burgess
Leslie Burgess Aylar önce
So everyone else got their check and not her sister and she didn't take it. Really? Leave us with that.
Dee Emanuel
Dee Emanuel Aylar önce
Right can we get the copy of the cancelled check please?
billivee Aylar önce
@Dee Emanuel and she claimed her man’s name isn’t Edward bivvens or whatever was said, that’s easily proved. She started mumbling and jumping during that part of questioning
Cats bacc
Cats bacc Aylar önce
That’s what I said ! Brat got specific on stuff but not enough those checks were signed by her husband
Hazel Stewart
Hazel Stewart Aylar önce
DITTO…..I was disappointed!! We got nowhere and Brat really tried but didn’t get back up!
sharhondaadams Aylar önce
I was so mad when they announced her on the show. But Brat came in and shut her down. THEN Kandi called in! Hilarious 😂 😂😂
Diane Marie
Diane Marie Aylar önce
What did Kandi say?
Andrea B
Andrea B Aylar önce
​@Diane Marie I want to know too? 😂
Tamarra Jarvis
Tamarra Jarvis Aylar önce
Joanne Lindsay
Joanne Lindsay Aylar önce
Ricky post the entire interview!!!!
sharhondaadams Aylar önce
@Diane Marie she basically confirmed everything that brat said
Theresa Carter
Theresa Carter Aylar önce
Thank you Brat for not letting LieTocha lie her way pass how she was back then towards KandI! 👏🏾💯🙌🏾
Q's Green Thumb
Q's Green Thumb Aylar önce
As my grandma would say, I don't bit'mo believe it! Rocky, Tocha and her mama know the truth and keep on with the cover up. This is actually criminal activity, so I'm wondering if they can still be prosecuted.
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith Aylar önce
Marcy Stalling
Marcy Stalling Aylar önce
Yes, and eventually they are going to pick it up!!!! No need being quiet now Rocky. Let's keep that same big boy motor mouth lying bullying energy going!!! Since you so tough
Q's Green Thumb
Q's Green Thumb Aylar önce
@Marcy Stalling then to get the heat off them, they make up lies about Todd and The other Tamika. A shame.
Shantora Bennett
Shantora Bennett Aylar önce
I don't bit’no believe them than the man on the moon😂
Meta Ivey
Meta Ivey Aylar önce
I Thank Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Yall brought this confusion to a stop. Da Brat after hearing your part of the Interview I knew that was the BREAKTHOUGH. When you know what you know. I thank yall so much.❤️❤️❤️
Yaboi Coooqi
Yaboi Coooqi Aylar önce
I’m glad brat gave facts!
PROGNOSIS Aylar önce
Same! I’m glad she asked her the real questions. Her defensiveness & attitude spoke louder than anything she said.
Angela m.
Angela m. Aylar önce
​@PROGNOSIS Right ✅️ 😂
Tamarra Jarvis
Tamarra Jarvis Aylar önce
Right! Come with it Brat❤
Emily Brown
Emily Brown Aylar önce
Tocha is so defensive when DaBrat was asking her questions
Simplicity Wilson
Simplicity Wilson Aylar önce
So happy Brat had no problems telling her about what she experienced when they was on the road!! I think that Tocha shows two sides of herself and her character shows exactly who the hell she is!!
Shuntal McCants
Shuntal McCants Aylar önce
What I need from y’all is Understanding
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas Aylar önce
Ricky sound nervous as heck 😂😂
Lunar Love
Lunar Love Aylar önce
😂😂😂 Da Brat was clearing her throat all at the beginning 😂😂😂 she was itching to ask her questions.
Sherri Jones
Sherri Jones Aylar önce
Trying not to snap..That Aries energy can be tough to contain
Whateverusay Aylar önce
It’s so good have Da Brat here, with extra insight being that she was actually around them all back when they were all signed to So So Def
Kendra williams
Kendra williams Aylar önce
So now let's get this right! Tamika, Kandi, tiny, Tiny's mom, the brat, they all lying 😮oh okay !!!!!!!!!
Cent Aylar önce
Thank u Brat for putting her in her place ❤❤
Eeyore's Livy
Eeyore's Livy Aylar önce
Finally Brat stood up for something instead of being so neutral and safe
Kesher 💎 Sapphire LaShawn
Da Brat made it perfectly CLEAR what SHE REMEMBERED from shows in their teen years, you can TELL it came from the ❤ when Brat was speaking HER TRUTH of what she REMEMBERED! You can’t make that up! It’s very VIVID to us NOW after many years of the group being a part then coming back together & Kandi has NEVER changed her TUNE! It’s been the same, then Tiny spoke up for Kandi, then eventually as years went by like Tamika started to ADMIT EVERYTHING confirming how Kandi was treated & was woman enough to apologize publicly! Tamika’s broken it ALL down & CLEARLY there became some personal issues between the sisters as Tamika mentally grew up & realized what her sister LaTocha & her “Extra Extra Read ALL ABOUT IT” wannabe lying husband “Edward” aka CHEATING ASS with LOTS of women! (“Tiptoeing lying in that Taska K phone interview!”) I mean Rocky😏 ARE VERY EVIL PEOPLE a who wants to APPEAR as MORE than what they ARE by trying to make us BELIEVE that EVERYONE else is lying on them & they Lee completely SAINTS that just want to promote a Gospel Album! Get the F outta here with ALL that! We don’t even really have to see much more receipts! It’s CLEAR we ALL have a better understanding of WHAT ALL happened Tamika! I hate that she’s having to go thru this in the public eye! We just want to hear you beautiful talented ladies sing ALL of our childhood hits & see y’all continue to grow to bigger success! Wishing ALL the Best!
Marie Aylar önce
Jo Tre
Jo Tre Aylar önce
I love Da Brat! She ain’t gon’ agree with your lie. 😂😂😂😂
DAMN PAM Aylar önce
She about to get into trouble with saying Tiny’s mom lying
Nakia Landry
Nakia Landry Aylar önce
Dior Monroe
Dior Monroe Aylar önce
And I can’t wait
Leslie Burgess
Leslie Burgess Aylar önce
Yep. Tip is going to flip.
Real Vessel Gem
Real Vessel Gem Aylar önce
I want tickets to see escape with the 3 members
She Raii
She Raii Aylar önce
Chrissy Tina
Chrissy Tina Aylar önce
Wow she's just denying everything, okay wow!! She's basically saying tinys mom is a liar, Rockys real name is not Edward, and her sister never lived in New York. She's so defensive about everything she lacks self awareness, humility and or compassion she's a perpetual victim. Da brat did very well calling her out but she obviously has no room to care for her group mates if they are hurt she is soooo indifferent.
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
That did it for me. When she said Ms Diane was lying. Ain't no coming back from that. I will go see Xscape 3 because since that black cloud of jealousy has been lifted the 3 have been tearing up their sold out show and Tamika is eating her sister's parts up and leaving no crumbs. Kandi and Tiny sound great and their vocals are getting stronger after every show they do. They need to get their vocal coach to make sure they rest their voices and they can do shows and sell them out for as long as they want.
Red Zoom
Red Zoom Aylar önce
Yes, her calling Mrs. Dianne a liar of all people got under my skin. She has always supported all of the girls in the group and SHE signed them up for this particular royalty program in the first place. She even said she loved Tocha. So for this chick to sit there and call her a liar. Smh 😠
Chrissy Tina
Chrissy Tina Aylar önce
@Red Zoom I know she's going to have a rude awakening
KatWoman Aylar önce
When Brat greeted her with the, “What’s up?”, I knew it was on!
Kobe Whop
Kobe Whop Aylar önce
Rolling my eyes listening to her speak. She comes off very stank, ugh! Love Brat, she kept it real. I could tell she wanted to say more but she kept it professional bc the tension was real thick and the convo would’ve went left real quick had she kept going. I peeped how Ricky jumped in to change the subject😂
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Aylar önce
Covert narcissists, the wolf in sheep's clothing, love to act innocent, and play deaf and dumb, and try divert, redirect, and try to make others seem delusional. Passive-aggressiveness is the language of the devil no matter how angelic they speak or sing
Systm Aylar önce
TheeChosen1 Aylar önce
Bee Monroe
Bee Monroe Aylar önce
Yup 👍🏾
CP Enlightened
CP Enlightened Aylar önce
Bingo, her and mom. She was the golden child, and Tameka was there scapegoat! Seems like she's been fighting for their approval for a long time.
Bee Monroe
Bee Monroe Aylar önce
@CP Enlightened I’m glad Tamika broke free, they are toxic AF. I’d prosecute everyone and leave it at that. Scapegoat here, because the gloves is off!
Bryce Scott
Bryce Scott Aylar önce
If Da Brat wasn’t pregnant, she would’ve cleared Latocha like she wanna buuuuh child ,long story short, pay her sister and be good…. But when Rocky brought up texts, the gloves were off🔥
$Tiajones333 Aylar önce
I said the same thing but she's not going to go as hard as she could because she's pregnant plus latocha Scott is not going to do interviews with certain people because they will definitely ask her them hard questions
LaTresha Johnson
LaTresha Johnson Aylar önce
Yes I said the same thing 😂
Angela Jones
Angela Jones Aylar önce
S R Singleton
S R Singleton Aylar önce
Protect DaBrat at all cost she is the realest ever. None sense stops at her foot and I love her for it.
Downtown_NY45 Aylar önce
What I respect most about people like Coko from SWV and Mary J. Blige is that they have no problem now owning up to their past behaviors. They both had reputations back in the 90’s for having very nasty attitudes, being divas and quick to snap at people. I have seen both ladies admit to this and also give reasoning as to why they were the way they were back then. Why can’t Tocha do this? She is so out of touch and suffers from delusion. Everybody can’t be lying. She has literally denied EVERY single accusation thrown at her dated back to Xscape Still Kickin It. Coko felt a way about Kandi and Tiny saying that Xscape should headline because they are more popular I wonder if she know that Tocha, who she’s been close with for years, agreed with them? Tocha is dirty and she play dirty as well.
charleus5281 Aylar önce
Oh and I'm so happy Da Brat spoke up! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
The Everyday Fly Guy
She literally told her to her face that she felt alone on national tv and she responded “I didn’t see it”. Now she saying she don’t remember 🤔
Lo the Phenom
Lo the Phenom Aylar önce
Not her catching amnesia with Brat😂
L 12
L 12 Aylar önce
As the saying goes "How quickly we forget"
RumorVilleTV Aylar önce
Thank you Brat for keeping it real❤ LaTocha likes to rewrite history🙄
Rachelle Jackson
Rachelle Jackson Aylar önce
Tocha didn't want to hear Kandi and her saying she was sad. She didn't care. I don't believe she has been trying to contact her sister.
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry Aylar önce
We already knew before this week that she changed her number and only gave it to Tiny.And from the interview her dad gave she ain’t even answering his calls. So I know she not trying to reach her sister.
Sierra Manning
Sierra Manning Aylar önce
Latocha seems to strongly dislike Kandi… she showed absolutely no remorse, when Da Brat mentioned Kandi’s pass hurt
Thank you BRAT !!! Im glad you addressed this issue. Congratulations to you and your family ❤
Alessia Joy
Alessia Joy Aylar önce
I wanna see the interview. I wanna see Brat's face!!!
S P Thompson
S P Thompson Aylar önce
Latocha Scott doesn’t take any accountability for her actions! The truth can’t be hidden, only delayed. She got the spot light she always wanted!
Diva_Keka Aylar önce
Tocha and Rocky need to be in jail. I’m so proud of Tamika for standing up for herself
Trina Ballard
Trina Ballard Aylar önce
Brat is a G she,s not scared to say what she feel , love Dabrat.
Tipp52 Aylar önce
I'm definitely praying for Tamika and asking for protection. LaTocha on her own.
Dawn Stanley
Dawn Stanley Aylar önce
Tylice Mcfarlin
Tylice Mcfarlin Aylar önce
Im glad shes on the show, because every one can see how bitter she is. she is/was the reason behind drama in the group
allrightb Aylar önce
I love the brat. Say what you mean, mean what you say. She was just straight up
Jelly Jelly
Jelly Jelly Aylar önce
Mrs. Diane is the real 5th member!!!! I know that's right Brat!!!
Arlene C
Arlene C Aylar önce
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter Aylar önce
Got that right
sanmekiaable Aylar önce
Thank u DA Brat for keeping it all the way real!
Janice Quinn
Janice Quinn Aylar önce
You know how editing goes. This is not your first reality show. Bret isn't scared to ask the hard questions.
Jeanette Taylor
Jeanette Taylor Aylar önce
You can tell Brat is a Kandi fan, it came through in her voice 😮
Miss J
Miss J Aylar önce
She’s so lackadaisical about it everything , even her own music ‘… anywhere you wanna look it’s there.’ He’s giving her an opportunity to promote her music and she’s too cool to be bothered.
Brown Sugar & Curls
Yeah I caught that too! I was like damn!
AngieNH12 Aylar önce
Seemed that way to me too. I think Brats comments caught her off guard and caused her to shut down. She seemed real dismissive after Brat discussed her observations of her.
CakeBy TheOcean
CakeBy TheOcean Aylar önce
and thats why this solo star career she keeps chasing will never happen for her. Her attitude is terrible and she continues to lie.
Charmaine Bowman
Charmaine Bowman Aylar önce
She reminds me of those people who take no ownership of her actions and how she has treated or made people feel. She gives old school toxic bully church lady energy. I am happy that Da Brat spoke up and said she remembers seeing Kandi being hurt and sad.
Elisa Watson
Elisa Watson Aylar önce
LaTocha is lying and that's on period. Tiny mom know how all this shit went down Ms. Diane will not lie about this at all 😂
teegee298 Aylar önce
Brat be keeping it real!!!
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