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Caves and Cliffs Part 2 is now out and finishes up the caves and cliffs update. This video is a guide to everything that is new or changed in the Minecraft 1.18 update!

0:00 - ello mate
0:49 - parity
1:40 - menu
2:12 - generation
9:15 - mobs
10:36 - changes
14:31 - mob spawning
15:59 - texture updates
16:52 - ore generation
20:23 - technical changes

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30 Kas 2021




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Jack Mendoza
Jack Mendoza Aylar önce
I spent nearly four hours caving in a new world yesterday and I stayed in the same cave system. Everything was just connected and it was the most fun I've had in vanilla minecraft in so long
Nixalgus Animus
Nixalgus Animus 5 gün önce
@epicwinner69 Base game, unmodified (No mods, datapacks etc). Vanilla because it's the default, comes from Vanilla ice-cream since that is arguably the most basic form of ice-cream
Skeleton in your body
Skeleton in your body 24 gün önce
I want to find a lush cave and inhabit it there lmao
epicwinner69 Aylar önce
what the fuck is vanilla minecraft
Jared Aylar önce
@Tim Ohara send me a video on youtube where someone finds one bc I'm still only finding the huge holes
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@Jared they do tho
Artemis Frost
Artemis Frost Aylar önce
Its funny nobody has talked about how insane the oceans are now, with the subnautica style deep dark underwater caving, great for underwater building
Jared Curran
Jared Curran 18 gün önce
So I found an amethyst being illuminated by glow squids with a massive cave entrance near it and when I finally figured out what I wana do with said amethyst and cave I can no longer find it
Jacob C
Jacob C Aylar önce
Yeah, mojang added so many details to the ocean, except actually implementing real boats or ships in the game
Darkness Aylar önce
@Captain Anus they would of added one, but people wanted phantoms.
JDFiv Aylar önce
@Evil Babai yes exactly
Jsper Aylar önce
How old are you?
Smith Jimmypantz
Smith Jimmypantz Aylar önce
Pro tip: Iron, coal, and emerald are way high up in mountains exposed to air more common than you think!
Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson 4 gün önce
I just started a new world after a few years away from minecraft and my biggest struggle has been not finding any coal while mining. Ill check the mountains! haha
Simply Meliodas
Simply Meliodas Aylar önce
I found to emeralds off of spawn on the side of a mountain lmao
Bec Green
Bec Green Aylar önce
I know I found some up in the snowy mountains.
MissRaerae 808
MissRaerae 808 Aylar önce
The most iron I found was below zero. I barely found any above zero. Especially not on/in tall mountains
vac Aylar önce
Emeralds = villagers
JWhisp Aylar önce
Thanks for this video super helpful!
Tom Aylar önce
Trying to revive your dead channel I see
Jamie Grimsley
Jamie Grimsley Aylar önce
Ye whisp
Dodger Woods
Dodger Woods Aylar önce
m3pcs Aylar önce
Corey Frost
Corey Frost Aylar önce
Hey jwisp love your vids
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson Aylar önce
Personally I would have liked to see a miners helmet with the cave update. I feel that it would have really added to the caves.Maybe give it the same durability as a gold helmet and the crafting recipe of a latern and gold helmet so that you can't get it right out of the gate but something to shoot for.
Nixalgus Animus
Nixalgus Animus 4 gün önce
@theninjamaster67 I guess that makes sense
theninjamaster67 4 gün önce
@Nixalgus Animus I've since watched a video of why they won't add sharks and they said "hostile mobs need to be original designs like creepers" bit weird champ but definitely a better excuse than "they're endangered"
Nixalgus Animus
Nixalgus Animus 5 gün önce
​@theninjamaster67 They just care more about sharks ig
theninjamaster67 28 gün önce
@Flamin' Up Sea turtles are endangered too and bees as well and yet they added them in the game so yah their excuses are just lame.
Flamin' Up
Flamin' Up 28 gün önce
@theninjamaster67 yes very true, and they come up with stupid excuses, like they say they wont add sharks cuz sharks are endangered but pandas are too and players can kill pandas.
foolsgold Aylar önce
the new generation makes it feel like points of interest are more unique, I get way less lost bc the terrain has way more personality
theninjamaster67 Aylar önce
@so se I'd still say that's a plus cause it gives a reason from horses and boats to exist cause I literally never used horses cause everything was within walking distance and you can finally use boats in rivers without it just ending and making the boat journey useless that being said though kinda makes me want more transportation options like larger boats and horse carts/ buggies, also maps are still useless with them being so damn tiny especially with the larger biomes. So like everything you win some you lose some.
Jennifer Mendes
Jennifer Mendes Aylar önce
I used to get lost so often it was infuriating!!! But now i can find my way around so easily, this is definitely my fav update
Shalyn 9613
Shalyn 9613 Aylar önce
@so se I've never had that problem, literally *your* world generation. I have generated many just to see
so se
so se Aylar önce
the bioms are way to big...it takes forever to get to the next biom. what a turn off
Joel Bierman
Joel Bierman Aylar önce
My favorite part of this update is actually not the new caves or the terrain generation, but the new mob spawning mechanics. Sufficient lighting is always a key part of building in survival and it has always felt like you had to go out of your way so much to alter your builds to properly incorporate lighting so that a creeper wouldn't blow up what you worked hard to build. In my opinion that has always detracted from the fun of building. Now that isn't as much of a factor and you can actually focus more on making the build look the way you want it to look.
Ajlez Aylar önce
What the bot is this
Ajlez Aylar önce
@Michael Ren That's another option that changes too much of the game. Then villagers won't farm anymore and mobs that pick up items won't pick them up anymore. Can't helmet a zombie or give a fox a sword. In fact, I'm not even sure if you can breed villagers with this rule on. Anyway, I'm agreeing that the new lighting rules are a lot better, just that you still DO have to do things you might not otherwise do just to keep mobs away. I did end up downloading the anti creeper grief datapack, and it does work. (unfortunately, my 1.18 world sucks... I suspected this, but, lots of plains with boring dirt mounds, less ocean, desert & swamp are 8000+ blocks away... never thought I'd miss the desert so much 🤣)
Michael M
Michael M Aylar önce
Yes, as it has been so hard both building my town and keeping villagers alive in it with mobs spawning in every little spot that is not lit up like mid-day. My town looked a little ridiculous with torches and lanturns all over everything. A great improvement for me.
Michael Ren
Michael Ren Aylar önce
@Ajlez u can change gamerule mob grief off
so se
so se Aylar önce
@Ajlez just place torches then. The radius that prevents hostile mobs to spawn is much bigger now
koruyashi Aylar önce
vanilla minecraft nature now looks like somebody redid it in creative mode, it's beautiful
Nate Wilson
Nate Wilson Aylar önce
Something about the light for mob spawning being lower: This means you can use dark-ish areas in a build now more than you could before.
Haseo Aylar önce
And already got the new recorder into a mob spawned area after bedrock descended deeper under my city.
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin Aylar önce
@Andrew you've heard wrong, light level mob spawning rules have changed to needing 0 light level.
Andrew Aylar önce
I heard this update was removed in the final release version
Andrew Aylar önce
I heard this update was removed in the final release version?
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin Aylar önce
yup, save your torches, you no longer have to place them every 7 steps.
Lanz22 Aylar önce
Correction on the cave generation you described on this video: There are actually 4 cave types, Cheese, noodles, spaghetti, and carvers Carvers are the old cave and ravine gen that they kept for legacy reasons, like how they kept the diamond texture You also mistaken this cave gen with the noodle cave gen which is completely different from carvers Spaghetti caves are the very wide and long passage ways that are twice the size of carvers, noodles caves are virtually the same except significantly smaller and more cramped Hope that this clears up any confusion about cave gen, love your vids wattl!
Luna Aylar önce
Which one is the weird skinny diagonal ones ? They make me think of miners in like movies when they’re struggling to slide through a crevice while the rest of the team is like come on we’re gonna die down here!
Mikwinner Beats
Mikwinner Beats Aylar önce
He said 3 NEW cave types
Cupcake McSparklebutt
@Varun Agrawal agreeed
FarTooJunior Aylar önce
Thanks, I thought that sounded wrong
Reymax YT
Reymax YT Aylar önce
Im not sure but I think the noice thingy also applies to everything in generation in general.
TheIronAntelope Aylar önce
The new generation makes it feel like a different game, and I’m really liking it
Kevin Vázquez
Kevin Vázquez Aylar önce
@The Gaming Paladin There was actually a Minecraft 2.0 but it was an April Fools joke.
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin Aylar önce
@Reymax YT very much a 2.0 feel to it, dunno why they didnt call it that and refer to future patches as 2.x, i guess they have something big planned for that, more than new generation.
The Nasty
The Nasty Aylar önce
It def hits different… I created a new world and the spawn is on top of a range of rolling mountains, densely covered in flowers, as far as the eye can see… New generation seems like it’s on a larger scale, hills and mountains are much larger and more sprawling, I love it.
Reymax YT
Reymax YT Aylar önce
Minecraft 2.0
Irina Kogan
Irina Kogan Aylar önce
I love this update. Me and my friend we want to build system of towers in castle in a big cave in survival. We managed to find humongous beautiful one under huge mountains. It's amusing and so incredibly beautiful in a way. Can't wait for the updated optifine.
TheDumbArtist Brooke
genuinely never had more fun in minecraft in YEARS than i do now, exploring the new caves is actually so, so awesome. I remember being pissed that I couldn’t find a cave, and just leaping into a large lake to find some coal, and then I break a block and suddenly fall three hundred blocks down into the biggest cave I have EVER seen. It was monster-ridden and full of stories of water, I had so much fun parkouring around and trying to survive. I ended up with half a stack of diamonds and a genuinely amazing time
Maniacal Murderer
Maniacal Murderer Aylar önce
Me and my friends witnessed this update in all its glory when we loaded up our first seed. Our spawn couldn’t have been better we spawned in a forest that was a glitched cluster of all the tree types in the game except for savanna. Which really made the view of the forest realistic and next to this heavenly forest is a snow mountain which at first we assumed in would just be a snow mountain with a peak leaving us barely any room to build on the top but boy were we wrong. After surviving the many powder snow traps we made it to the top and it was a sight for sore eyes. The mountain didn’t have a peak and instead had an entire basin as it’s top with a lush snowy forest blooming within it. We decided to make camp here and have started our designing of the base. This update is absolutely amazing and can’t wait to see whats next.
MrMonkey Aylar önce
Drop seed and coordinates !!!!
Marlo Hutchinson
Marlo Hutchinson Aylar önce
Drop the seed
It's like this
It's like this Aylar önce
After a long time caves and cliffs has finally came.
The Nasty
The Nasty Aylar önce
@Pedro Sala he did say that originally but edited it out once he got called out 😂
AssassinDrew02 Aylar önce
But no Warden…
Pedro Sala
Pedro Sala Aylar önce
@L I think you meant "come"
Exo Aylar önce
@L it's literally just a TRvid comment, why does it even matter?
The Nasty
The Nasty Aylar önce
@L they could be a non-English speaking person… it’s a big world, buddy… Besides, it’s TRvid… is Momma Susan handing out awards for good grammar? No. I don’t think so.
Night Faller
Night Faller Aylar önce
4:27 I just started a world and found a cave atleast 5 times the size of that cave, and it was connected for 4 different caves that were just as big if not bigger. There are so many smaller caves attached to it too. I still just barley scratched the surface of 2 of those caves....its insane.
The Pain Dr.
The Pain Dr. Aylar önce
Im actually scared of starting a new world (gotta finish school year b4) because i know damn well im gonna get completly lost in these new caves
Hunter Toledo
Hunter Toledo Aylar önce
Man. I remember playing this game back in like 2011. How far it’s come. So many hours of my childhood went into this game
natalie 18 gün önce
Same! On break from college so I started playing again for the first time in years, crazy how advanced it has got
Sintanan Aylar önce
I wish salmon could spawn above 64. Salmon are known for swimming up rivers, so finding ponds and water features with the rare salmon would be awesome.
QuasarEE Aylar önce
I realize it's a running joke at this point but I'm pretty sure you can justify the 1->4 expansion of cut copper by assuming the cut blocks are actually hollow, consisting of bent sheets of copper. That'd be why you need the stonecutter to get that benefit, since you wouldn't be able to make sheets of copper with your crafting table as such.
Connor Barkington
Connor Barkington Aylar önce
I like this. mind of a welder.
masnwrdl05 Aylar önce
My favourite part of this update isn't even the cliffs or caves, it's actually the higher render distance since it now goes up to 30 chunks. It works a lot better in my city. Thanks Mojang
thesavepointdotnet Aylar önce
So, powder snow. I've been using the same seed since I've started playing Minecraft (Bedrock) last year. I tried it again and my warm Savanna biomes got swapped with Taiga and snowy peaks. I've gotten caught by the powder snow so many times. Sure, you can dig yourself out but it's time consuming and pretty dangerous if you're just starting out. But if you take it slow and look closely, regular snow and powder snow have different textures! Regular snow has a very light blue-green marks going diagonally on top of the block. Powder snow has light blue pock marks, or snowflakes if you want, in an irregular pattern. Like raindrops on fresh undisturbed snow. And since snow blocks can also be snow covered, it makes it easier to spot the 'pools' of powder snow surrounded by regular snow. Overall, the snow is a bit annoying. Of course, 16 rabbit hides can turn into some leather boots to make it all better. Just be careful not to fall into powder snow while chasing them down.
arisa / deci
arisa / deci Aylar önce
@thesavepointdotnet Goats are native to mountains, so from a logical standpoint, they're already aware of the dangers of powder snow. None of these two traits can be applied to wolves and cats.
thesavepointdotnet Aylar önce
@Rain Regn oof. They should make pets (dogs and cats) not able to fall in powder snow. Like, I haven’t seen a goat fall in yet. Why should dogs?
Rain Regn
Rain Regn Aylar önce
So far having not much problem with it except the fact that when I have a dog following me, that thing likes to go inside it and tries to kill itself
I_love waffles!
I_love waffles! Aylar önce
I just can’t get over how beautiful the terrain has become now I think this is some of the best work Mojang has done in the coming years! I can’t wait for the Wild Update!
Red Boi
Red Boi Aylar önce
I love how much easier emerald is to find now, I've found more emeralds naturally in one day than I have in 2 years
Evan Aylar önce
The lush caves really help with the new caves and mob spawning. Since there is so much more light in there, the amount of mobs is so much less than other cave biome.
JH c of d
JH c of d Aylar önce
Haven't had this much fun since a long time in Minecraft, so much fun!! Can not even wait for 1.19!! Gonna be so much fun. Love ya Mojang
bfobar Aylar önce
I'm looking forward to your new survival series. I'm really hoping to see you clean up all the achievements Wattles style.
Darren Fronda
Darren Fronda Aylar önce
I discovered this yesterday and have spent days just exploring. I found out the pigs are entirely different in the nether now. Lots off underground's, keep on falling into them. It just keeps getting better and better.
JH c of d
JH c of d Aylar önce
Loving the new caves! ALSO!! The Stoney peaks( i guess is what it's called) is LOADED! With coal and iron.
Steve Minecraft
Steve Minecraft Aylar önce
This is the best update ever! I've been wanting these caves so badly!
Pat Keys
Pat Keys Aylar önce
I came back to Minecraft after a few years and created a single player world. I was so surprised to see the new cave systems and being able to go to negative y values. I'm gonna head back in now and explore some more!
Quinton Wilson
Quinton Wilson Aylar önce
I wish when you were on top of a snowy peak or other extreme biome, the weather would be more dramatic with its own elite mobs--more blizzards with reduced visibility, etc. The game still utterly lacks any challenge: any game should have a nice challenge.
Keri M. Peardon
Keri M. Peardon Aylar önce
I've been playing on experimental in Bedrock for probably a month now. The caves and some of the vistas with mountains are really neat. You actually get excited to see these things because they're beautiful. The other night, I swam through a flooded cave and popped up in a huge cavern with multiple large, deep lakes on different levels. I was really excited by it and couldn't wait to light it up so I could see how big it was. (Still haven't gone all the way around it!) I have to say, though, I wish they'd find some more uses for copper soon. (Like, can we sell this to a villager?) I have massive cave systems all around my base and I the amount of copper I got, even without an enchanted pickax, is unbelievable. Early game, I actually struggled to find enough iron. And I am always pretty low on coal (especially with smelting all of that copper). Sounds like I need to go up, instead of down, to get the coal and iron I need.
Randa Ranatunga
Randa Ranatunga Aylar önce
Ah yes, long video from Wattles that isn’t a guide video? (I still love the guide tho) It’s rare and it’s a gem and I’m happy it’s here, thank you Wattles.
noah malinowski
noah malinowski Aylar önce
Wow.. this update is quite amazing. After seeing some of the immediate changes to caves/cliffs, I was standing on this little island admiring the view and then the Sweden tune came on and 🥺
J T Aylar önce
Anyone else having issues with drowned spawning for their copper farms? Ocean biome setup/no nether/bubblevator setup around sunken ruins. Worked great prior to 1.18 ... but now; they simply don't spawn. (And Yes ... I have gone below Y 0 and lite up the caves beneath the farm since 1.18)
Matthias 03
Matthias 03 Aylar önce
8:30 can we talk about the emerald that spawned above ground
hooded farmer
hooded farmer Aylar önce
I was so lucky with my 1.17 world when I dug down to bedrock before 1.18 two, because after 1.18 two I was able to get a lush cave and a geode within the same area. And the other thing I like about this new update is the mob mechanics being changed and I no longer have to spam torches and can spread out my light sources.
Getting Negative
Getting Negative Aylar önce
2:50 in, the waterfalls into caves looks amazing!
_Tenshi_Kun Aylar önce
Just stumbled upon your channel i was searching for new minecraft update. Loved the way you organized the video and how detailed and simplified you made everything. This was especially awesome for me cause im a old skool minecrafter from 10 years ago and just hopped on again after so many years. Thank you so much keep up the great work!
Excited for the survival let’s plays coming up with this update from my fave influencers! I play on console bedrock so it’s a little different for me but I so enjoy watching you, neo, jwhisp, and gem!!!
Chirstopher Brown
Chirstopher Brown Aylar önce
Awesome video! Fantastic, comprehensive overview of 1.18!! Exactly what was looking for.
Cap. Squid
Cap. Squid Aylar önce
Always love watching your videos for news and updates. Can’t wait for the next survival series tho!
T&L Games
T&L Games Aylar önce
Love the videos Wattles. Keep up the good work!
Rex's Adventures
For a newb like myself this was very helpful. Thanks! I had to change up my iron farm and couldn't figure out why. It must be the simulation thing.
Marigold Aylar önce
I started a new world today and before I even got into a cave I was so happy with how the overall world generation looked Once I did get into a cave, I nearly died due to its depth 😣 but I love the huge deepslate cave systems! I haven't found a lush cave yet but I'm exicted to
SmortStonk Aylar önce
Just really excited for the new survival series, it's amazing how far Minecraft had come.
smougthehobbit2013 Aylar önce
you earned a new subscriber!, I understand how much time this might have took to make this. even myself when I make videos it takes me a bit to make a 10 minute video. I just wanted to say keep up the good work. PS. goodluck with the survival series.
Hails The Gamer
Hails The Gamer Aylar önce
You could build some AWESOME stuff on these new mountain biomes. I love it
Kampa Plays
Kampa Plays Aylar önce
This update is awesome, I can't stop staring at the caves. Subbed!
Jethro Ball
Jethro Ball Aylar önce
Wattles! Thank you so much for telling us about everything! I love your channel! Ok!! Let's Play! I cannot wait for tomorrow's video. I hope you find a new mount wattles and build an epic mega base! 😎
uwuJx Aylar önce
simulation distance is gonna be so good for that one time you get the trade you want with a villager but don’t have enough emeralds
The Shadow Forger
The Shadow Forger Aylar önce
I wanted to add that mineshafts got a visual update. Floor planks that stick out into a large cave can either be supported from below by oak log braces, or supported from the ceiling by chains, depending on which is closer, usually.
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
This is the best update ever! I've been wanting these caves so badly!
bayagul Aylar önce
I think that the cut copper could be hollow blocks. The sound effect seems hollow. That would explain how one becomes 4. Cut blocks becoming sheets, becoming hollow cubes.
Cynadel Aylar önce
I think one of my favorite things about new updates is getting to watch the new content you produce.
wattles Aylar önce
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Aylar önce
The new lightning mechanics are very welcomed! It was about time that you don't need to be paranoic with torches!
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Aylar önce
The new lightning mechanics are very welcomed! It was about time that you don't need to be paranoic with torches!
Jacob Mago
Jacob Mago Aylar önce
8:48 Man. The Valley right there would be VERY VERY Perfect if there is a GIGANTIC Village. Imagine your Minecraft Village is surrounded by Mountains.
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze Aylar önce
I thought the same thing
ThatOneQuokka Aylar önce
after all these years wattles always comes in clutch with update guilds. lets all take a moment to appreciate this guy.
IIWater SpearsII
IIWater SpearsII 27 gün önce
I realized that savanna biomes are much more easier to find now, they also increased in size too.
Cody Aylar önce
Im on bedrock and my boats keep disappearing when i get out of them, only to reappear when i reload the chunks. Also I had two cats in a boat and when I broke it one cat disappeared, then ran out from somewhere. I think it got yeeted. I also found my first treasure chest under about 8 blocks of solid stone. Not sure if thats a bug or not, but 1.18 sure has been an adventure so far
The Nasty
The Nasty Aylar önce
Dang, that was a bug I just recently had before 1.18 Looks like it’s here to stay 🥲
Cody Aylar önce
@Izamo Chaos explains why i keep finding boats all over my swamp aha
Jonathan Prince
Jonathan Prince Aylar önce
I think that boat bug has been in the game forever. I experience it all the time and I haven't updated from 1.17 yet.
Izamo Chaos
Izamo Chaos Aylar önce
Bug that ruberbands them away back to where you last got in, backtrack and it should be there
Hallie Aylar önce
So incredibly helpful! Thank you so much!
OliveKS Aylar önce
This update has reinvigorated my child like wonder felt towards minecraft. I missed the days when I first started to play- curious and amazing about everything I love this game
Michael Dai
Michael Dai Aylar önce
its amazing how far Minecraft has progressed throughout the years. Whenever I play on 1.16 for mods, I always feel nostalgic. Even when I play on 1.17 I feel nostalgic.
Katheryn 29 gün önce
Microsoft was the best thing that happened to Minecraft
Michael Dai
Michael Dai Aylar önce
@DankSwampert yes
DankSwampert Aylar önce
Whenever you play minecraft, you feel nostalgic. The only things that don't change are the UI and Music which is nostalgic and gives you that feeling
Diego Chacha
Diego Chacha Aylar önce
it genuinely feels like i’m discovering minecraft for the first time again with all this new stuff to see
Connor Barkington
Connor Barkington Aylar önce
As a builder I love the new light rules. I've gone through so much trouble trying to figure out how to make subtle, minimally-invasive lights. I remember one of my favorite methods was to dis a hole 2 blocks deep, then place a jackolantern and a colored glass on top, like dark green, to help it blend in. It was a nice effect that blended smoothly into the floor, even outdoors, and made me feel kind of like I was at a millionaire's pool party. Anyway, now I can experiment with more options. I wonder how powerful lampposts will be now!
KN1F3RJord Aylar önce
Can we get some creator to draw attention to the fact we need Spectator mode on bedrock, it's near impossible to explore the caves part of the update to get a good look at seeds on Bedrock. Love the content wattles, keep it up ❤️
dire saint
dire saint Aylar önce
Well, I'm finding lots of iron and some coal on lvl 16. I spent a lot of time there yesterday once I found it. I also spent a little time at lvl -54 which I found diamond. Good luck everyone.
Tr1csy 22 gün önce
An awesome concept that I wish was added were massive underground villages
Xzey Scarfknight
Xzey Scarfknight Aylar önce
I just made a house and I'm near a really huge hole, like you can see for miles underground from surface. It looked very beautiful. Honestly in such a one mushroom island, I'm surrounded by lot of new areas to discover.
Making the Quants
Making the Quants Aylar önce
Also spawners in your old world that was upgraded will have a slab on them when you go back to them. Take the slab off and if your trident system room has light in it, it will not spawn any type of mob, my spider mob spawner didn’t spawn any spiders because I had a torch on the wall
Jesus protects
Jesus protects Aylar önce
The update did weird stuff to my old world, now I have an ice biome right next to my house in spawn where previously there was only ocean and little islands in that part of the world. I wonder what else has been changed, this is fun.
Jordan Shirks
Jordan Shirks Aylar önce
Thanks for sharing, as always Wattles. You forgot to mention how much longer 1.18 takes to load?!
Pyres Aylar önce
the mod spawning change is amazing. i was worried it would change things too much for my tastes but no. its awesome.
HiMyNameIsNothing Aylar önce
one thing that I was king of concerned about with the generation changes weren't the caves but the mountains, because I used to think that beaches were a bit too hilly and building things was going to be hard, but I've realised that there are also flatter areas, which I think is a good change, (flatter areas and hilly areas are both present)
Chad Prim
Chad Prim Aylar önce
Thank you so much I play Minecraft with my teenage son and it's something we have played for years this is always be best place to come for information on updates and always helps with my Realm
Steve Niacobin
Steve Niacobin Aylar önce
I found an iron ore vein under my base. Mined it for 20 mins and still not done. Over 15 stacks of iron
Kamilab Aylar önce
you must have put in so much work and research to make this video! thanks it's super helpful
Pam N
Pam N Aylar önce
On Bedrock it's possible that if you are playing multiplayer(not on realms) that if the world creator leaves, everything on your base stops. Plants don't grow. Animals freeze and all progression seems to halt. My husband and I found this on our current homestead world. We will be creating a new one tonight to see if it is the same or if it's just a glitch because we were playing on a world created pre 1.18 update in the experimental caves and cliffs.
Nick. Aylar önce
It happens in realms for me sometimes. I own the realm yet my friend will leave the chunk and all the mobs will freeze and become invincible
Pam N
Pam N Aylar önce
@ImashrekU We did. We've had one in the past but had switched to Ark for a long time so we canceled. Our new map is lovely. We've already explored the whole map and moved onto the next northern one.
ImashrekU Aylar önce
@Pam N hmm yeah I think you should try to get a realm but nonetheless report the bug
Acriddd Aylar önce
@Pam N I understand what you're saying, usually stuff like that happens like for example if you're too far away from plants they won't grow. But I would think as long as one of you is near the base things should work fine, so I'll test it out on my friends world tomorrow and get back to you on it
Shalyn 9613
Shalyn 9613 Aylar önce
Yeah, I never even thought about logging off and letting someone stay. I didn't think it was possible to stay.
FalseBroadcast Aylar önce
Night vision potions now have a better use because the new caves take a ton of torches to light up aswell they are so big some parts you can’t see like the tops of them
Lycanrocknroll Aylar önce
It's awesome that a light source gives more area that prevents spawns. It was so annoying before when you had to ruin the looks of your build cause you had to spam light sources.
Absolute Zer0
Absolute Zer0 Aylar önce
Love your passion for the game Wattles. Makes your videos genuine
Absolute Zer0
Absolute Zer0 Aylar önce
I let my Vines grow like "Jack and the Bean Stalk" I just have to make a house in the clouds now lol
Aubrey H
Aubrey H Aylar önce
I went on my game after the update to find three villages around instead of two. Very happy with that.
Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson 4 gün önce
I just got back into Minecraft after a few years away and while I was super impressed by the new caves I had no idea of the new ore distribution so I was getting frustrated with how little coal I was finding. Like I would explore a cave system for 2 ours and emerge with 50 gold 10 diamonds 200 redstone and no coal haha
The Bohobemeister
The Bohobemeister Aylar önce
As always, wonderful video!
gobblox38 Aylar önce
cliffs Thanks for the informative video. A link to the chart you discussed would be nice, but I'm sure I can find it on my own.
potatounicorn 101
potatounicorn 101 Aylar önce
Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, it's time to play Minecraft 1.18! (You also leave out the word Minecraft if you want it to sound better but this is how I like it 🙃)
Tea'n'Toast Aylar önce
Can't wait to be here at the begining of a Wattles Let's Play Tutorial Series.
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion Aylar önce
With the Devs working on parity, will that also include how different mob farms work or don't work depending on if you're playing on java or bedrock?
Alberth Cuayla
Alberth Cuayla Aylar önce
I fell those deep caves and deep lakes way more frightening than last patch, Even though Mobs can't spawn at any light.
TheKikolito Aylar önce
I may be in the minority, but wow I'm really glad Large Biomes are back!! I was worried when it wasn't in the experimental snapshots. Now my worlds got a whole lot bigger!
Astro Aj
Astro Aj Aylar önce
I found lapis at y 54 in my new workf yesterday. Also the powder snow was way underestimated, it kicked my ass all day
CaptinPrice21 xx
CaptinPrice21 xx Aylar önce
Hey btw you missed a change with snow powder where if you stand in it for a little bit you start to get I guess you can call it frostbite and you start to take damage and your hearts change to frozen hearts and you start to get a ice effect on your screen.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Easily my favorite Minecraft update of all time, this shifted literally everything and The Warden is so fun to fight.
ronin lyons
ronin lyons Aylar önce
@The Bohobemeister he just comments generic shit to get likes
VizeDavidGaming Aylar önce
Bruh you’re everywhere
chloe Aylar önce
lmao warden hasn't been released yet
423aidan Aylar önce
@somename lessthing data pack maybe? idk
The Bohobemeister
The Bohobemeister Aylar önce
@somename lessthing It...was. That comment is sus
Mush&Friends Aylar önce
Good vid, it'll help, BTW I just got the update last night and oh my god, the terrain and giant holes leads you straight to deeps late!
Lainey Wright
Lainey Wright Aylar önce
We love you as always. I'm looking forward to the new Wattles world tomorrow.
Nathaniel Rhodes
Nathaniel Rhodes Aylar önce
I think the "feels like home" achievement is just adorable
Chazzerine 26 gün önce
My frustration with this update in three words: Cheese, Cave, Mobs Other than that, this is amazing, I love it
MikeCroakPhone Aylar önce
Oh My! We can mine the conduit at a reasonable speed finally
Yonael Aylar önce
2:02 1.18 also broke the use of nether biomes in single biome worlds.
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