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The Mitchells vs. The Machines! People were like, 'hey this is good, watch it.' So I did and then it was way way way way better than I could have imagined. Anyway that's why it's a 25 minute video! Here's everything right with The Mitchells vs the Machines!

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22 May 2021




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quietFangirl Yıl önce
OKAY SO you didn't mention this, but one thing that made Katie 100% more relatable to me, an ADHD teen raised on technology, is how often we get to see her little fidgets when she isn't on her phone. Playing with and chewing on her hoodie strings, fussing with the zipper, etc. AND whenever she's overwhelmed by stuff, specifically emotions, she retreats to a secluded area with her back against a wall or similar hard surface. That's literally exactly what I do, down to her camped out in her closet at the beginning when Rick broke her laptop. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest.
Faye southall
Faye southall 3 aylar önce
@Sumit Yadav shh it’s just nice being seen in culture!
Faye southall
Faye southall 3 aylar önce
Bingo! I’m the same 😊 phone always no further than arms length away. Katie and Aaron are just brilliantly done
AriaMelody 55
AriaMelody 55 7 aylar önce
Hey Everyone I'm Catherine
Just a random person
Just a random person 9 aylar önce
Amazing Mezmer
Amazing Mezmer Yıl önce
Fun detail: Every time Katie adds a rainbow to something, instead of it being a normal rainbow it's a 'family' rainbow with the 4 colors that represent them. Also those drawings are more frequent and noticable when she's feeling strong emotions
i’m just as confused as you
it could be because she uses art and film as a coping technique or way to express her feelings or to escape, so when she experiences very strong emotions- especially negative ones- she has those little doodles
Jumo 9 aylar önce
She also has a gay pride pin on her hoodie. I thought it was a really nice, subtle touch
cloudytheclod 9 aylar önce
@Chrissie do you mean 17:37 ??
Chrissie 10 aylar önce
@Ivelac Yeah but OP was pointing out that instead of the traditional ROYGBIV colors her rainbows are the outfit colors of the Mitchell family: Red (Katie), Yellow (Rick), Lavender (Linda), Purple (Linda), and Blue (Aaron). Pause at 11:28 for the best example.
Ivelac 10 aylar önce
Fun fact katie draws rainbows because shes gay
Just a Teapot
Just a Teapot Yıl önce
I don’t think people give Rick enough love when they talk about this movie. He’s not portrayed as some insufferable dad who tries forcing his family to be something they’re not like a lot of the media writes dads off as. He lets Katie and Aaron have their own interests and allows them to dress in their own style (look how much *character* Katie has just from her look, and her dad never comments negatively on it or tries to drag her down due to her personality) he just genuinely wants the best for them - and especially his daughter. It’s not that he didn’t believe in Katie, it’s that he didn’t think her dreams were going to make her successful or happy since he just didn’t understand technology. He doesn’t even get angry at her in the movie for using it, and even grows to enjoy its use when he realises that it can be used as another way to connect with his family. Also, extra points to this movie for adding the fact that the main conflict that gets them captured by the robots isn’t some stereotypical argument the protagonists have before the climax, it’s the fact that Rick gets hurt and feels betrayed by his daughter’s words being played back to him, which - it’s so often that kids forget their parents are people, and I think it’s brilliant that the movie showcased the effects Katie’s indirect resentment had on her father and that she felt regret for what she said. This movie is what shows such as Ginny and Georgia *wanted* to be. Hands down one of my favourites.
Anja Fröhlich
Anja Fröhlich 4 aylar önce
@Joshua Crawford Yes, that's always the excuse they give.
Addison The Cat
Addison The Cat 4 aylar önce
Honestly I love Rick, he reminds me so much of my dad. I’m an aspiring animator (specifically digital art) and my dad is a guy who’s a bartender and more traditional. (I mean, the man literally wanted to be an accountant in his young days) he doesn’t understand anything about digital art or even art in general, but he supports me even though at first he didn’t know that animation is an actual career path lol. Plus I really identify with Katie, so it just makes it all the more important to me.
Joshua Crawford
Joshua Crawford 11 aylar önce
You nailed it. It's not that Rick was trying to be controlling or didn't believe in Katie. He just didn't want her to get hurt. There's nothing more terrifying to a parent than the possibility of their kids getting hurt. He wasn't a bad guy or even a bad dad. He was just scared. He knew better than anyone that you can do everything right but sometimes your dreams just don't work out. My parents and I have had almost the exact same fights. But as I got older and realized this I've been able to talk to them about it and it's done so much for our relationship. It's such a nuanced and realistic depiction of what it's like to be a parent. This movie is amazing.
Starr Smith
Starr Smith 11 aylar önce
One of the best things about this movie is Rick honestly. Easily one of the best animated dad’s.
Diana A
Diana A Yıl önce
I like Rick for at least trying to make an effort to connect with Katie. Throughout the film you can see how hard he tries. He loves his daughter but doesn’t know how to say it.
Riptide Yıl önce
The little "no!" and hand wave when Linda was in the massage chair sold me on this movie. It felt all too real.
Faye southall
Faye southall 3 aylar önce
Absolutely brilliant
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
50% perfect accuracy to the real world, 50% bats~~~ crazy. I loved it
After Eric and Deborah were leaving the mall, they hit each other on the head and patted each others shoulders, like they were imitating when they saw Katie and Aaron hit each other when the kill code was entered, to show excitement, I just thought I should point that out to my fellow Eric and Deborah stans (bc I’m one of them too and I died when I realized this)
Miss QueenieLou
Miss QueenieLou Yıl önce
I love those cute angels
Shorty Squad!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
@PurpleUxie O h m y g o o d n e s s
Shorty Squad!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Eric and Deborahbot Stan's UNITE!
Fitz Yıl önce
@PurpleUxie I only realised that the second time I watched TMVTM and it's so cute
Eric TheBro
Eric TheBro Yıl önce
I love how their names are: "Eric " (huh, sounds familier) and "Deborahbot 5000"
Miss Doll
Miss Doll 3 aylar önce
I think what feels so incredibly familiar about this movie is the fact that Katie and Aaron are so, so nuerodivergent coded? Both my sister and I are neurodivergent and grew up with that same closeness they present. My sister may only be a couple of years younger, but their relationship with each other, with their parents, and with the world is so clearly a match to what I grew up with. And I never saw that in movie siblings as a kid. Man. I need to go call my sister.
CawAreYouDoin? 22 gün önce
The whole family is, the parents included.
Addison The Cat
Addison The Cat 29 gün önce
I’m autistic and I got very happy seeing Aaron being upset at the wrong labels for the dinosaurs. I get the same thing with my own special interests lol. (Ex. I watch a video explaining the lore to my interest, but it gets something wrong, and I’m irritated at it)
Marinenukem Aylar önce
This is your alert to go call your sister after 1 month.
Saori Aylar önce
They are. I immediately recognised myself in them. Love this film so so much
Pokemc0831 Yıl önce
Let's be real, the furbee part was the most accurate representation of them. Anyone who owned one will tell you they felt like they were gonna kill you
Klaudiusz Polcyn
Klaudiusz Polcyn 16 gün önce
​@Joeseph Kerr bruh u cant kill a Furby, by "destroying" it you just made it even stronger
silvercrafts !
silvercrafts ! Aylar önce
I had a furby - it never malfunctioned but my brother was trying to get my furbys eyes to open causing the eyes to malfunction and they would never open again .
thatsonicboi™️ 2 aylar önce
why is everyone an asshole to furbies, their just robots the malfunction sometimes BIG DEAL
ItsGizmo 2 aylar önce
Nailah Graham
Nailah Graham 3 aylar önce
When I say literally all but probably 3 of my many furbees I got throughout my childhood would still go off in the middle of the night despite having dead batteries or no batteries at all, I’m not joking. Those things were otherworldly I swear, and that was all the way back in 2000!
Juan Negro
Juan Negro Yıl önce
12:58 You missed a detail: The Robots are starting to feel emotion and they become closer to humans than to the other robots throught the movie. And in this scene you can see them hold hands after seeing the giant spaceship.
Sunny-Side Up
Sunny-Side Up 11 aylar önce
We need a second film ;-;
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
We need a pt 2 - everyone has another detail they found, and it’s awesome
Lucy Alvey
Lucy Alvey Yıl önce
Also, when Katie said about how this is her way of experiencing the world, my neurodivergent self really felt seen. Her entire character feels like good representation in many ways and I love to see that so so so so much
Addison The Cat
Addison The Cat 4 aylar önce
I’m autistic and I saw it that way too, I really identify with Katie since she reminds me so much of myself.
Diesel Marcus
Diesel Marcus 6 aylar önce
Same. Very accurate representations all around. Aaron's hyper focus on stuff he loves and excitingly reaching out for people to talk about it hit really close to home growing up with ADHD and Aspbergers.
Oh Wow
Oh Wow Yıl önce
I love how the movie makes it clear that both Katie and her father need to learn to understand and forgive each other instead of putting all the emotional responsibility on Katie as so many movies and shows do with father-daughter relationships.
Jay Barry
Jay Barry 4 aylar önce
@Anja Fröhlich Katie had come to take her family, Linda, Aaron and Monchi at least, for granted, as at the start she says she’s ready to go to university to meet her people but at the end assures her family they are her people. Rick and Katie needed perspective.
Anja Fröhlich
Anja Fröhlich 4 aylar önce
@Jay Barry Golden middle way fallacy Sometimes one side is ckearly in the wrong.
Jay Barry
Jay Barry 7 aylar önce
Or, putting all the emotional responsibility on the parent and making the son/daughter entirely in the right. Both sides learn a key thing about how the other sees them very apt thematically by doing it through a video medium the other is more comfortable with. Katie watches the raw, unedited video camera footage of Rick and Rick proper watches one of Katie’s videos for the first time letting them meet closer to the middle without sacrificing who they each are.
Joyful Vision
Joyful Vision Yıl önce
I love how at first, Katie was going to leave for college all like “I’m going to abandon you all and never come back!!!” But in the end she ultimately found it hard to leave.
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
I wonder if I’ll feel like that when going to uni… I plan to go across an OCEAN… so… I wish I could imagine missing more than my sister.
Riley B
Riley B Yıl önce
"PRANCER BELONGS TO THE CANYON NOW!" is my favorite line from that entire movie
Faye southall
Faye southall 3 aylar önce
😂 ‘Let The Dark Harvest Begin’ is mine
Bomk16 Yıl önce
Love how the dog’s simple existence is enough to break a robots eyes
BeastyBill88 9 gün önce
Every single time I laugh at those scenes. Dog, pig, dog, pig, dog, pig, loaf of bread, system error! 😂😂
RSizuxv 9 aylar önce
Dog? Pig? Dog?pig?do-pi-loaf of bread
roofS 11 aylar önce
It’s his spiritual pressure
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
Dog shield
AJ Cooper
AJ Cooper Yıl önce
Monchi broke their scanners, not their eyes.
Florida Skeleton
Florida Skeleton Yıl önce
You forgot to win the fact that when the family learned the furbys were chipped everyone but the kid looks in horror because unlike him they know what a furby is, and how terrifying it can be
ICEcold Steel
ICEcold Steel Yıl önce
Aaron's search history includes: "abbey Posey" "abbi Posey" "how is abbey Poseys name spelled tell me pls" "what islove" "do dinosaurs kiss" "ate soda and pop rocks am i gonna die"
1n_nAh 9 aylar önce
Sorry the "do dinosaurs kiss" got me💀
BlackFox Studios
BlackFox Studios 9 aylar önce
Yep, sounds about right
•AlexIsOnline• 9 aylar önce
“ate soda and pop rocks am i gonna die” ABSHJAHSJAHSBHAHAHSHA
cloudytheclod 9 aylar önce
"pronounces mario marry-o"
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
The last one is such a kid male thing to do. Once, a friend ate NINE toxic waste candies at once when it SPECIFICALLY SAYS not to eat more than two at once. He said that it was pure pain and the video he showed me showed that he was practically puking after.
Karl The Goat
Karl The Goat Yıl önce
Dude I loved Katie’s character. Ever since I came out as lesbian I’ve felt exactly like her, kinda nervous talking about my partner but with how much my family accepted me (and also kept pushing me to talk about them) I get more comfortable talking about my love life and stuff. Also as soon as we watching this as a family I screamed lesbian once Katie talked about her meeting Jade and VERY obviously having a crush on her
 ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . Pokiee-ig 🍳 . ‹
@Claude agreed lol
Claude 8 aylar önce
@ ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . Pokiee-ig 🍳 . ‹ Exactly. They let you know without making a production out of it. It's simply accepted as part of her background. It was very beautifully done.
 ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . Pokiee-ig 🍳 . ‹
@Claude that’s true but at the end of the movie she is definitely one of them cause the how Katie’s mom said “are you and jade official yet?” And “when Is she coming for thanksgiving??!” But it’s so subtle that it’s not the main focus
Claude 8 aylar önce
One of my favorite things was that they never actually said Kate was lesbian or bisexual. It was just accepted as a background detail. She just happens to be dating a girl in college, that's all.
danteelite Yıl önce
I love how the Dino Stop is so cheap and poorly built that when AyAyRon runs into the wall, the *entire* wall moves.. lmao So much detail and small things to notice that make the world feel tangible and help you connect with it. It’s such a ridiculous and silly premise that a lot of the work is done by making you love the world and characters to keep you invested.
Erm Yeah
Erm Yeah Yıl önce
I love the tiny details in this movie, the families house being messy and lived in. Katie has chipped nail polish and "Film School Tomorrow" doodled on the back of her hand. It's just more you notice of your 17th viewing
devindraws Yıl önce
Dude I cried when Eric and Debrah bot got rebooted- they were so wholesome
Dski 3 aylar önce
@the guy that likes cars amogus
Electric Pepperoni
Electric Pepperoni 5 aylar önce
His name is actually debrah...bot...5000
eric schepers
eric schepers Yıl önce
Wait I'm a bot?
Zephyr Yıl önce
The detail in this movie is amazing. Katie doodles on everything, you can see that she even colored her nails with sharpie at 3:50
JoyFlameball Yıl önce
As a queer neurodivergent teen, I have never in my life related to a protagonist more than Katie.
SarcasticRayofSunshine !
I want to be her friend so bad it hurts omg
vexy sexy
vexy sexy 11 aylar önce
NyNileRiver Yıl önce
yes same
Maik L. Reen
Maik L. Reen Yıl önce
4:57 Another fun fact!! You can see that he is behind with the dance moves. Which is another way of showing that he was always one step behind.
★ S
★ S 10 aylar önce
Lol I saw that
Door the Chalk
Door the Chalk Yıl önce
fun fact: I did my research and this movie is historically accurate, Live Your Life (that one Rihanna song) came out in September 2008, and the recording in the movie that first showed that song had the date October 2008, I love when movies are historically accurate about the most miniscule things
Aionic Thunder
Aionic Thunder 11 aylar önce
Some of my favorite (or at least win-deserving) flaws of the Mitchells: - "Walks to the kitchen and forgets why" (but, for me, far from limited to just the kitchen) - "Can't accept his daughter is her own unique person and not simply a reflection of himself" (not a good or relatable thing, but certainly relevant and worth mentioning) - "Says Marry-O instead of Mario" - "Eats own weight in cheese puffs every month" (For which a certain somebody I love has a few words to say about) - "Showers only occasionally" (I'm sorry)
Safeword Yıl önce
I love how this movie didn’t just take the boomer route with sayings “PHONE BAD, BOOK BETTER,” instead, we got a badass movie with lovable characters, (this one’s going out to Eric and Deborahbot) an amazing plot line, pop culture references, (albeit outdated or not) and an amazing ending. When I saw this movie’s trailer, I thought it was going to be the stereotypical kid’s movie, with cringe worthy jokes and a boring storyline. Instead, I got a movie that is not only for the kids, but for the entire family. I’d be lying if I told you that I’m not under the age of 10 and I still laughed at this movie.
Faye southall
Faye southall 2 aylar önce
I’m 10 years short of retirement. I love this film so much. Relatable and funny.
Addison The Cat
Addison The Cat 4 aylar önce
@UndertaleFan 1234 same but I’m 3 years younger than you.
ashlee ariana lopez neyra
@UndertaleFan 1234 Same
ARC the Cartoon Master
What I don't get is why it's a boomer stereotype, though. Like... that's a huge fricking leap, when you consider that there are two generations in between: Gen X, and millennials. We didn't have smartphones either; we had gaming consoles and computers with CD-ROMs. So if anything, shouldn't millennials be the ones associated with complaining about kids on their phones?
Lard Lover
Lard Lover Yıl önce
@UndertaleFan 1234 I’m 17 and I saw it a few days ago. The film was a Awesome. The final act was a bit of a letdown after how awesome the earlier acts were but I didn’t mind. I absolutely LOVE how the film isn’t afraid to get dark and explore some pretty deep concepts like unstable marriage, extreme depression, lack of self belief and such. Each character is extremely well written and has unique quirks and flaws of their own. The young boy obviously is depicted as somebody with extreme anxiety and lack of social skills. The older girl obviously struggles to accept the present and looks to the future as a coping mechanism, she also used technology to cope. The mom is obviously a pushover and wants to be better than others. And the father is the most flawed of the bunch. The father likely has extreme depression and lack of faith in their own capabilities. The father is obviously disappointed in himself with his inability to bond with his family, and looks to the past as a coping mechanism. This also helps push the idea that the daughter and father are complete opposites. The father Also was not afraid to die, or perhaps was willing to accept it. As seen in the mall scene, his trap for the giant furby fails and he is left dangling on a rope mere seconds away from annihilation. Most fathers would take the risk and let go do the rope, but father in the film clearly does not care what happens next, as he has already deemed himself a failure. This is demonstrated by him looking away from the furby and sighing with an expression of disappointment and immense regret.
TotaledBoot Yıl önce
I love how the animations sometimes shown around characters to show how they're feeling are generally color coded to each character and when they interact and share emotions the colors combine.
Freckle Craft
Freckle Craft Yıl önce
God I LOVE this movie. When we first watched it my entire family’s reaction was, “look! It’s Ada!” I’m an artsy neurodivergent red headed sapphic (though I’m enby) who runs on memes so I felt painfully seen by everything her character does, especially her reaction to her crush! I just- I fucking love this movie.
Tap Dancing Trike
I've watched this movie almost two dozen times, and still cry at the credits, every single time. It just punches me in the feels. And that darn moose!!
Rainbow Carrots
Rainbow Carrots 4 aylar önce
My win i'd love to add for this movie: I just can't stop staring at how they animated Pal's face! It's extremely difficult to get that level of emotion with such simple shapes on a 2d object, yet with the smooth movements and creative use of positioning on the screen, they manage to get a very unique and interesting effect that encapsulates Pal's character very well!
Alanah Smith
Alanah Smith Yıl önce
The fact that she wants to makes movies in the future resonates with me so much and makes me so happy. It’s always writing, painting, music but movies :D! Also has glasses and an outcast.
Jack the smol tangerine
She’s literally anything but a stereotypical American teen :D
DoobiousFruit Yıl önce
The fact that Linda's fight scene is actually super brutal and graphic, but technically not because they're robots, made me laugh for an hour Like when the oil sprays on her blood-lusted face LMAO
Lamih Adam Shareef
@J'sDesireForAKittycatPersists and you know what is funny Linda made robots feel fear
Yuri fan
Yuri fan Yıl önce
@J'sDesireForAKittycatPersists lol ikr, so much fear in his voice, superbly delivered, subtle yet elevates the experience of a war goddess out for the blood of robot kind.
'BROTHERS, RUN' killed me
Hideyourchocobars 11 aylar önce
This entire movie deserves to be more well known because it's a perfect mix of emotional and comical and all the actors feel so real and its just a melting pot of laughter and emotion if you can't find a character you sympathize with you are not human or robot
TheAdvertisement Yıl önce
1:04 I feel like everything about this frame perfectly captures what this movie is, especially the part about hand-drawing the frame. xD 2:30 Also the amount of tabs she has open is such a mood. 3:35 Seriously I love the autocorrect here, such a neat detail. 4:42 You can also make out that apparently the dad was too heavy for the mule, and Prancer even bit him in the leg. 5:40 Also gotta appreciate that even the send icon is in a crooked square, on brand! 7:28 Cute and in character detail of Katie drawing the Dad being jealous. 9:40 Also "Says "Marry-O" instead of "Mario"". 11:54 Omg the Furbys playing trumpets! xD 12:15 This is beautiful. 13:00 It's bringing me back to Portal's soundtrack! 13:50 Also Katie apparently made an inappropriate graduation video, with something about it including vomit. 15:13 Plus a slime video and a life hack video! 15:37 The crazy music is what sells this for me. :P 15:46 Kali Ma! 17:43 Hey at least it was centered.
Dan Dischino's Variety Hour
13:50 they also got a lifetime ban from best buy
Roberto Engels
Roberto Engels Yıl önce
One of the best lines this movie has and the one I more remember is: "I know that you love the Dog. I love the Dog! Everyone loves the Dog! But me need to take into account that maybe we would need to eat the dog."
Nameless Beanie
Nameless Beanie Yıl önce
I love how Linda manages to bounce a metal... heart? and perfectly swipes it into her purse
Alex Goc
Alex Goc Yıl önce
That Rick Mitchell scene at the end where he's just freaking out over his computer makes me laugh every time.
Joshua Joe
Joshua Joe Yıl önce
Can we just talk about how Sony quickly turned from the nearly the worst animation studio to nearly the best.
Diesel Marcus
Diesel Marcus 10 aylar önce
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
Agreed! This and spiderverse are my #1 and #2 favourite movies, respectively. This is just so bonkers, how could I _not_ love it?
Exploding Lungs
Exploding Lungs Yıl önce
Into The Spiderverse and The Mitchells vs The Machines are the pinnacle of Sony's movie making
TNC73 Yıl önce
@Joshua Joe i really like goosebumps 1, the second I watched like 10 minutes got bored and left
The Creator
The Creator Yıl önce
@Hentriacontanonaene it was the only decent one. The rest of their filmography is just garbage. At least SPA had one Emoji Movie…as opposed to TEN.
Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner Yıl önce
I wouldn't have even known this movie existed if not for this channel, and I have no idea how that's possible because of how great it was, so thank you very much for that. Everything about this movie was amazing, from the art direction, to the voice acting, and especially the story and sub-plots. It definitely hits right in the feels in a lot of parts, and they didn't even have to force it by killing off a parent, Disney style. Having rewatched it again, how is it that you were more surprised that Conan had a cameo, when Blake Griffin, of all people, was on the same card lol. Turns out he was the Pal Prime robots, which I suppose didn't mean a whole lot since there's a lot of voice changing there but still, thought that was pretty cool.
John Smith
John Smith 4 aylar önce
I like how the little touches in the setting design shows how the family has repeated arguments or philosophies. Specifically, that "No Cell Phones At The Dinner Table" sign shows that Rick has been attempting to do the whole "traditional family dinner" concept for quite a while.
Jack E
Jack E Yıl önce
8:38 I have no idea why this broke me so much, but I am pretty sure I've been laughing my arse off for at least 5 minutes straight
Stando Power
Stando Power Yıl önce
15:40 "She seems agitated" - Phil's biggest understatement -2021
LIA Yıl önce
Katie is out of the films,series and books I've ever seen or read, the most relatable to me. I love being creative, I live more in my own world, I am a little socially akward but still outgoing, I sometimes can't stand my family, but I really love them, it needed a lot of time to figure out myself (I'm still not sure if I did) and I even look a little similar to her. She is really one of the most realistic teen portrayed in a movie.
thebestPilot Yıl önce
A lot of people complained about the dated memes but I viewed it as Katie incorporating memes from when she was growing up
Diesel Marcus
Diesel Marcus 10 aylar önce
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
@yeri king 😆 yes
yeri king
yeri king Yıl önce
vwry lame of them to complain about the dated memes,, tHEY WERE GOLD
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
I am young (less than eighteen) and the memes she used are the ones that faded, and got dated, though escaped the trap of becoming hated. They just become a bit nostalgic. My before and after school care I used to go to had a copy of a dancing game (from 2012 or 2012) and the most popular song to dance to there was “live your life” (and another one by Bruno Mars that I forget the name to - I only know the artist because of the album cover)
Greencheezy Yıl önce
I'm pretty sure most people use old memes on a daily basis lol
Andromeda Lps
Andromeda Lps 4 aylar önce
This is 100% one of the best movies of all time and it’s SO UNDERRATED.
Milo Scott
Milo Scott Yıl önce
When I first saw the film itself it was one of my favorite films I had ever seen and I have watched a lot of movies in my short life. The comedy was already funny, but it’s emotional too. I honestly didn’t expect much from a Netflix original.
Semi Decent
Semi Decent 9 aylar önce
I sobbed when I saw this movie for the first time. I was right in the middle of applying for college, and I really related to Katie and the conflict with her dad. My dad doesn’t always get what I do in terms of art, but he still loves me and wants me to be supportive regardless. Those scenes near the end where you see how much he does care, and how he didn’t mean to push her so hard really hit me in the heart. This movie will probably be one of my favorites forever b/c of that. Not to mention I laughed really hard at some parts
DJ Linton
DJ Linton Yıl önce
18:59 We should’ve gotten a win for Aaron using Abby’s pencil topper she gave him as a topper for the antenna on their car
Lilastari Aylar önce
But I remember the pencil topper being there before they met Abbey Posey
Weastley Yıl önce
I _love_ the soundtrack for this film. All the Los Campesinos, The Mae Shi, and the song I Want More just fits in so well - especially since it’s a movie from (mostly) Katie’s perspective. These songs and bands just fit her SOO unbelievably well, and it’s such a cool touch.
Raahim Kamaal
Raahim Kamaal Yıl önce
I feel like this movie is gonna get winned for absolutely everything
Th0mat0 7 aylar önce
@Franco Bonfante here’s that attention you ordered: 📦📦📦
The Celesteial
The Celesteial Yıl önce
And that's a sin for failing to spell correctly = )
Jerry Gil
Jerry Gil Yıl önce
The Dork Knight
The Dork Knight Yıl önce
It had better, or Linda isn't gonna be the only one committing genocide.
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe Yıl önce
@Fares oh
Elaine B
Elaine B Yıl önce
This is brilliant in one very significant way: neurodivergence Every Mitchell has their own interest. Aaron: dinosaurs. Katie: movies. Linda: her, & the Posey, families. Rick: the wilderness. And most of the time none of them are willing to shift from that. Then they realise they can't achieve their dreams dead, or whatever the robots want for them (likely death), & are forced to work together, each one learning about the others. I was most touched when Katie saw Rick leave his dream cabin behind for her, & equally so when he say the Dog-Cop video where she playacts a conversation with him, as each realises what the other really wants & needs. ND girls never seem to fit in & often challenge gender stereotypes, while many ND boys freak out over ANY social interaction not involving their interest. The parents have had to hide theirs for so long as well, but it's still there.
Amanda Tian
Amanda Tian Yıl önce
This movie is the best one I have ever seen so far, and I love movies and have watches thousands of them. The perfect mix of family love, animations and just plain comic relief is just... Perfect.
D G Yıl önce
12:59 eric and Debrahbo hold hands. I found that really cute, and showing how they start to understand more and more what It means to be human
Rayan Issaad
Rayan Issaad Yıl önce
This better win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
Benny Jones
Benny Jones 9 aylar önce
I freaking love this movie. The art style, the story in was funny, cheesy and sappy all in one and I enjoyed every single second of it
Sam Humphreys
Sam Humphreys Yıl önce
I loved this movie so much and I'm glad that they never even pretended to go for the "Phone bad/How do I click the book?" stance it could have. It celebrates the Katie's digital culture while also having her, without any real pushing, engaging with her family on their terms when she wanted to. Within moments of being into the road trip she's accepted it and doing things with her family instead of being sulky for half the film.
PIGLIN 469 Yıl önce
@Jack Thorton YES mitchens vs machines is only good movie this year
Jack Thorton
Jack Thorton Yıl önce
@PIGLIN 469 Don't encourage him, he is clearly off-topic and trying to derail this comment section into politics, let us stick to the theme of the other comments. We don't need to drag that can of worms into the mix
PIGLIN 469 Yıl önce
@Aztaps II So what this is not about politics even tho your right
Jack Thorton
Jack Thorton Yıl önce
@PIGLIN 469 You know what Piglin, I think you got a point
Jessyca Zander
Jessyca Zander Yıl önce
I love how funny this movie was. A much needed comedy that had me laughing until my sides hurt. 😁
CyberReactor 11 aylar önce
When it came out this immediately became my favourite movie and always a comfort to rewatch when I'm sad. Getting the artbook on my birthday and seeing even more of the details pointed out just double my love for it.
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer Yıl önce
Ok so personally when I watched this movie it was just.. I don't even know how to describe other than perfect. Love the design, story and jokes in it. Truly a work of art
Defensor Pacis
Defensor Pacis Yıl önce
This movie had me dying laughing more than any other comedy I've seen in literally years. I don't mean that in the ironic, or every day casual way that is all too common; the word is used with its exact meaning in this case. I got a stitch in my side, as they say, from laughing so hard at the two robots. I don't know why, but they just caught me off guard so much. And it was joke after joke, laugh after laugh, I couldn't catch a break. Not to mention just how over the top and exceptional the fight scenes were. Overall, it's probably one of my favorite movies of all time. I can't believe I'm saying that, but I don't know the last time I just enjoyed watching a movie that much. Honestly, it made me feel a bit like a kid again. Love the content, as always.
Eoncaliber Yıl önce
I remember seeing the trailer for this a while ago and I was worried. It was Sony’s 2nd jab at a movie about technology and such, the first being a certain travesty with James Corden. And then I watched it. I love this movie to death man. It’s hilarious, pretty to look at, really really emotional, and just so good. Also, the score is goddamn insane.
Lord Scrubbinton
Lord Scrubbinton Yıl önce
Can we just appreciate that this is one of the few family movies to NOT have a dumb sibling rivalry subplot and have them actually be cool with each other
Average Noah
Average Noah 5 aylar önce
Me and my sister get along really well, so it is important to me.
Mkiel1963 0
Mkiel1963 0 5 aylar önce
It Reminds Me Of The Strong Bond Judy And Peter Sheppard Had In "Jumanji"
Silentgrace7 10 aylar önce
I think it especially does an amazing job of showing a sibling relationship with the context of a big age gap. My little sibs are 11 to 18 years younger than me, and there have never been rivalries or even a whole bunch of conflict, for the most part (aside from literal screaming children making me go into sensory overload, but alas, I even encounter that in the grocery store, with it without siblings present). There’s enough of an age gap where you’re mostly just comfortable in each other’s existences, and (from the perspective of the oldest) you’re there to give advice and support them, especially in areas that you felt were desperately needed when you were growing up. Like, I’m always giving them advice to promote them dancing to their own beat and expressing their emotions in a healthy manner because I was taught otherwise growing up, and it frankly sucked. Likewise, even at 26 I’ll still learn some life lessons from my 8 year old brother from time to time.
Annie Yıl önce
Cuz Sibling rivalry is common
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
Yeah. It’s nice. Wish I had 5at
LordBloodySoul Yıl önce
Best Animated Movie on my list so far. And it deserves way more praise than it got :3
Faye southall
Faye southall 2 aylar önce
100% 😊
Red Dean
Red Dean Yıl önce
This movie came at a perfect time for me and my family. When we sat down to watch this i was a couple weeks away from going to an art college, i.e moving away. My family is so similar to Katies it really got to my mum who cried her eyes out during the ending. Very special movie and i hope this one gets the Oscar!
Stratigan Games
Stratigan Games 2 aylar önce
I love that this movie doesn't just villainize the dad. He has a point sometimes and he's shown as genuinely loving and trying to both understand his daughter as well as pass on some lessons and real world skills. Neither side of the age gap is wrong in this case. They both learn from each other.
PixelHavoc Yıl önce
Saying this as a person with ASD, Aaron is by far the greatest piece of modern ASD representation and, whilst it's never said, he's definitely ASD coded.
Mattforce360 11 aylar önce
It's funny how you said it's like this movie was almost made for the channel. When I saw you upload this I was like oh this is the perfect movie for Cinema Wins. All the feel good moments, details, humor, actors talent, music
Andromida Yıl önce
who ever made the subtitles for the furby scene, NO. *WHOEVER THOUGHT OF THAT ENTIRE SCENE NEEDS A RAISE.*
Dame Mixslayer
Dame Mixslayer Yıl önce
That scene was great. The furby cult was one of the best scenes in the movie.
Otherwordly Creations
I wholeheartedly agree with you that scene perfectly captures the true nature of Furbies. They pretend to be child friendly, but I know form experience what they really are: Demon Toys Manufactured in Hell!
bulletbob Yıl önce
As the great lord once said “to the darkness I shall return”
Chris_Powers69 4 aylar önce
19:04 Can confirm this is true. My brother and I went to different schools for college. Being the older sibling, I decided to drive down from Washington to California during his first year and words cannot describe how much we missed seeing each other. One of my best memories was picking up my sister in Portland, road tripping down to California to visit family, then road tripping with both my younger siblings back up to Washington to hang out for a couple days at my apartment before they flew home to Hawaii. Time spent with family like that is really rare, so enjoy it while you can.
TheNinja Gamer
TheNinja Gamer 9 aylar önce
easily one of if not the best movies i have ever watched. The fact that me and and the brother have so many things in common, like our names (we are both called Aaron), our love for dinosaurs and being socially awkward around people, and literally everything else. I think that also what made me love the movie more, that literally 80% of it my family can relate to. Overall score of this film : 10/10 Edit: Didn't notice this at the time but me and Aaron look very similar if I was blonde, is this character just a younger version of me??? XD
Dr. Hemlock
Dr. Hemlock Yıl önce
My parents and I LOVE this movie, mainly because we all relate to the members of the family so much. My stepdad acts almost exactly like Rick Mitchell and we laughed so much at the road trip compilation because all of that stuff rick did is something my stepdad would do.
DreamerArtist Yıl önce
It’s interesting when the first screenshot and the original title of this movie came out like around 2-3 years ago, the majority of us thought it’s gonna be bad only for it to become an amazing animated movie with a well-written story and well-designed characters.
Mo Chann
Mo Chann Yıl önce
Seeing the way Katie and Rick interacted in the beginning of the movie really cut deep for me. When I was a teen like Katie, I had nearly the same exact relationship with my dad and it sucked. I wanted to tell and show my dad my interests, mainly video games, and at some points he’d just flat out tell me he doesn’t want to hear it. He still is that way, but we talk about shared interests now and I found different people to talk about video games with
Mikey M :D
Mikey M :D Yıl önce
I’m so glad that you’re covering this movie! One of the best details (in my opinion) has to be when PAL is pointing out all of their flaws, and one of Katie’s flaws is something along the lines of “Makes silly movies because she’s afraid that if she actually tries to make something really, really good, she’ll fail.” so I’m really happy that you included that in the video! :D
Andrew Duong
Andrew Duong Yıl önce
I love how so much of the characters are revealed through background gags. It's both fun to find, and if you really think about it, also works as commentary on how tech companies use our data.
Dajim13 Yıl önce
I'm usually all in for the original voices, but the spanish version's father is, just,,, he's just so damn funny. The voice actor sounds both lovable, energetic, dumb and I just love the work they did. Great movie, funny AF!!! I really hope they keep going in this direction.
A&T Reptiles and More
A&T Reptiles and More 3 aylar önce
A lot of Gravity Falls amazing humor came from its team of storyboard artists. Matt Braly and Dana Terrace, two of those fantastic storyboard writers, helped contribute storyboards to this movie. You can definitely see the similarities in charm and child like wonder with the poses and action choices of characters in this movie. Especially facial expressions. Braly was known for wild and wacky facial expressions. Please listen to the commentary tracks for Gravity Falls. They’re amazing.
James on Drums
James on Drums 10 aylar önce
I know I'm like a year late, and I'm sure someone else has already said it, but the "Proud to be a union teacher of support learning" bumper sticker was more than likely a second contribution from Linda :) so she's got two out of ten!
Alex R
Alex R Yıl önce
The other thing that legitimately broke my brain and only realized after watching this movie for the fourth time was that chekhov's glass of water is literally in the first frame when the pal campus starts to take off.
Oktavius Richardo
I love the Mitchells and the machines, because how the story idea is great, the weird family, the memes, how dumb they are, and also how in the adventure, rather than just fighting and stuff, it's also that they are trying to get the family together and have a bond
DEI Yıl önce
This movie really spoke to me on a personal level, since Y’know, I’m moving away for college to study animation, and my parents are more often than not crying for loosing their oldest daughter to another city! Mom cries quite hard, and it’s sweet, but… I mean, I’m not dying, I’ll just be away for a few months at a time, and I’ll visit them in November.
ash_rock 9 aylar önce
@ImperialWarrior6490 Same major here. I absolutely found my people, and they helped me so much throughout college. They made the transition so much easier for me... and they'll be my lifelong friends. I'm hoping I'll get to work with them again once we eventually leave the state of "I'm taking any job in industry that I can get".
Gerard C
Gerard C Yıl önce
@DEI Warm up don’t get hypothermia
Mr Leaf
Mr Leaf Yıl önce
@DEI Where is it?
DEI Yıl önce
@Gerard C yes and I am currently dying of cold while they get some dinner, my god I forgot this place was an icebox!
Gerard C
Gerard C Yıl önce
Did ya visit them yet
Elisa Tolle
Elisa Tolle 9 aylar önce
This movie is like PEAK neurodiverse family representation. I was Katie as a teen and mom now
SOFIA MARTINEZ 5 aylar önce
God I love this movie because I relate to Katie on such a personal level ( and I love picking apart small details in animated movies and analyzing the story ). I may not be as into cinema, but I love art and designing cartoons, and my father is pretty much Rick Mitchel with more competence in technology. Our relationship is pretty much the exact same too, where we have a hard time relating to each other and he likes to give lectures, but we still love each other very much and I couldn’t ask for a better father.
carly Yıl önce
the attention to detail in this movie is phenomenal!!! quickly became of of the movies i can quote word for word
Keira Yıl önce
100% the best win of this movie was how it was made. It was made to look like Katie's own video and that just sells the movie incredibly well. I also enjoyed how they dealt with Katie not being 'straight'. They didn't directly say it, they hint at it with how she says that her parents don't understand her, how she wears a pin, and this girl that's mentioned at the end.
DustyStarr 11 aylar önce
ahhh I think you just made me MORE obsessed with this film, which I didn't think was possible!! THANK YOU!! And for the record, yes, I 100% think Katie watches the CinemaWins of her universe and wanted to get as many points as possible while making this. 100%, no question.
MJH tv
MJH tv Yıl önce
I love the subtle neurodivergent rep with Aaron when it comes to his interest in dinosaurs and him biting his shirt whenever he's nervous. He's my favorite character throughout the whole movie. I also REALLY love the bond between him and Katie.
Keith Pillsbury just trying to ruin the moment for autistic. That’s sad
Emily M Arthur
Emily M Arthur Yıl önce
And Katie too, with cinema
Abigail W
Abigail W Yıl önce
Yeah it’s great, honestly the whole family seems neurodivergent another thing that’s great is the lgbtq+ representation. I noticed the pride pin immediately and kinda got the vibe about jade (which was confirmed) And the best part is they don’t say it out loud and they don’t make it too subtle. It’s almost if lgbtq+ people like me are human beings and not marketing tactics! Who knew!
PxlHeart Yıl önce
I know, finally a film that doesn't have "siblings? Hmmm, make them hate eachother". Reminds me so much of my relationship with my sister
PuffPup Yıl önce
@Therin A Why y'all gotta comment stuff like this under a wholesome video... People want representation for issues alot of people have. Let them be.
Charles Bennett
Charles Bennett Yıl önce
I JUST finished watching this movie for the first time and I am BLOWN AWAY! Never laughed so hard in my life! 😆
Yellow Yoshi
Yellow Yoshi 9 aylar önce
The art style in this movie was so good that I can imagine the character and background in a 2D art style
Art Lover
Art Lover Yıl önce
The only thing I would say was missing was the robots not included in the family pictures. They felt like an addition to the family so it would've been nice seeing them in the photos.
Ben Warr
Ben Warr Yıl önce
A small touch that I just really love about Kaite is that her fingernails have been coloured in using a marker pen, and also all the pen scribbles she has on her hands, including the tiny little dots and dashes that appear when you twirl a pen around in your hands too much
Hawk Yıl önce
I swear if this gets a cinemasins video somehow im gonna blow 😂 this movie was legendary!
Dhanish M
Dhanish M Yıl önce
This is the result of a passionate and talented group of people from the animation industry coming together to make something wonderful Anyone who worked on this film deserves so much respect cos this film was such a joy to watch
TWMTDW Yıl önce
i'm actually surprised about how many people didn't actually liked this movie, some said it was tiring or boring?? I can't understand, really, this movie was perfect from beginning to end, it made me laugh every time and this is what i loved more because 2021 has been a rough year (just like 2020) and all i needed was a good laugh.
purplegojiman Yıl önce
Just watched it today and it was nothing but more than a gem a jaw-dropping masterpiece.
Luna Wolf
Luna Wolf 9 aylar önce
I adore this film the animation is beautiful and the family is relatable but the fact the main character is called Katie is the cherry on top I don’t see my name enough in films
rad as hell
rad as hell Yıl önce
I can literally talk about this movie forever, but I think the fact that I found myself in it is really important to me. I mean, my family is just like them. I have dyed red hair, big glasses, have my own hobbies that the rest of my family isn't into as much as me but supports me, and am part of the LBGTQ+ community, in which my family still supports me. My little brother has his own hobbies, lighter hair, trouble getting along with others and has a special bond with me. My mom is just a constant beam of positivity and even has a similar body shape to the mom in this movie. And my dad looks and acts similarly to the dad here. As I said at the beginning, I can really go on and on about this movie and this comment barely scratched the surface of what it meant to me but it was really the perfect representation I needed in my life. Seriously one of my favorites.
Sarah Beth
Sarah Beth Yıl önce
I loved watching this. Related to Katie so much as my parents didn't understand my weirdness for squat. The only thing I was not impressed by was not including the actual numa numa.
The Flowers System
imagine ignoring the furby scene where they say "summon the elder" thats a REALLY obscure reference that shows how much work went into this movie that they knew that obscure fact
The Void King
The Void King Yıl önce
I have unilateral hearing loss, so I ALWAYS insist on captions. I never have loved that I had to do that. Never, that is, until this movie. There are so many little hidden gags you would miss if you watched it without them on!
Shorty Squad!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
@Kousand YEP
Ben Wasserman
Ben Wasserman Yıl önce
@Irken Pony Feels like a Lovecraft thing since these Furbies sounded like they were summoning an Eldritch God with mega-Furby.
Irken Pony
Irken Pony Yıl önce
@Cryptic Cryptid for some reason while I can see the alignment in terms of the title being the same.. I don't really think it is a ref to Zim? I dunno what else it could be but I feel like "Dark Harvest" could fit any sorta horror element.
Eddie B.
Eddie B. Yıl önce
@Kousand ye, it's invader Zim, it's what he does
Ethan Vergara
Ethan Vergara Yıl önce
You know what really made it clear to me this movie was a masterpiece. When Katie in the mall tries putting her hand in her pocket, misses and still cups her hand in the normal hand in pocket position, and then puts it back in. I had to rewind at least five times to make sure that I saw that correctly. The amount of attention to detail is just outstanding in this movie. Just to the lighting, the way the camera panes, the small hidden little text messages here and there, the small but ever immersive body movements that the characters perform, to the absolute chaos but delight to watch that is Katie's... well, I dont think you need to listen to me rant over how amazing of a movie this is. That's why you watches this video in the first place.
Briana Irving
Briana Irving Yıl önce
First thing I noticed was when the dad was watching home videos about him and Katie...there was always a screen in her life. It's why he was able to look back on their old connection, and probably what helped form part of her passion...screens are there for the important moments: laughs, cries, frustrations, joys.
ARC the Cartoon Master
What I don't get, though, is why everyone complains about "screen time". Like... computers have screens too, and do TV, yet nobody's complaining about those; it's just smartphones and tablets.
Kaper Juice
Kaper Juice 2 aylar önce
I haven’t seen a comment about this yet but as a kid born in the early 2000’s Live Your Life was a perfect choice for parent child bonding. To me it’s extremely nostalgic as a car song with my dad, and man it made the movie feel too real to me
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