Everything GREAT About Avengers: Infinity War! 

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Infinity War! What? Some of you asked for me to start combining 2 parters so here's one. I cleaned it up a bit, fixed some typos and even added a thing or two, but the final score stayed the same. Let's see how it goes. Here's everything right with Avengers 3: Infinity War all in 1 video!
That theory video I mention:
Someone Has to Die:
• Avengers 4 Endgam...
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8 Nis 2022




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CinemaWins Yıl önce
Hey! A reupload...kinda. Some of you dislike the 2 parters so I'm going to start combining them into one slowly. Ironically the next video will be a 2 parter, but it's the only way! Hope you enjoy this one without interruption! (Plus I fixed the typos all 9 million of you pointed out)
Its Crayon
Its Crayon Yıl önce
2 parters are not bad, I actually quite enjoy them.
Matthew1164 Yıl önce
Kostas Kirkioutakis
Van The Man Productions
Thx! I was binging all cinemawins episodes and these combinations of parts help immensely
DeeEggOh Yıl önce
Shoot I was binging some of your older videos anyway, good timing.
Lee GaryB
Lee GaryB Yıl önce
To this day, even with Endgame out now, I still cannot believe that they put THAT ending in cinemas and completely committed to it before letting everyone wait a full year to see if they'd properly undo it all
gnaius Yıl önce
Totally - I'm jealous of people who weren't as familiar with comic books or didn't know the future movies already planned. To have seen Infinity War and thought "they ended the movie like that??"... That would have been a whole 'nother level of WTF!!
Nick Bell
Nick Bell Yıl önce
Empire Strikes Back had a Downer Ending, and people had to wait 3 years for that to be resolved.
Ludvig Burman
Ludvig Burman Yıl önce
Were you seriously thinking that they would go with that ending? Killing off cash-cows like the guardian franchise? Come on, we all knew that it was going to be reversed. We allready knew that there was new movies coming up about Spiderman etc... Disney and Marvel plays it safe.
Kayleigh Gould
Kayleigh Gould Yıl önce
@Ludvig Burman I don’t think anyone thought it wouldn’t be fixed. We were more exited to see how it would be fixed
Ludvig Burman
Ludvig Burman Yıl önce
@Kayleigh Gould and then we were dissapointed when they had to pull out the lazy time-travell card to fix it.
OATmeal Oscar
OATmeal Oscar Yıl önce
My cinema professor told me infinity war was better then End Game, and the properties it had as a movie were better, rewatched both and can confirm. But neither one is bad, is that one just happens to be better.
Greg Jenkinson
Greg Jenkinson Yıl önce
I'd agree in some aspects. Infinity war does feel a bit better structured. Endgame is pretty much all payoff because the set up was done in Infinity war. Still love both though
tetrak Yıl önce
endgame destroys infinity war for me. so much better
Kujakuseki01 Yıl önce
Infinity War is a much better movie. Perfectly paced, has its own contained narrative that works without the sequel. It’s the best MCU movie by a lot.
George Gerardi
George Gerardi Yıl önce
Endgame sucks hard. IW is leagues better.
Darra Yıl önce
@George Gerardi L take
AidenKZ Yıl önce
I will never forget the feeling of it ending the way it did and thinking I'd have to wait a whole year to watch what happens next. Amazing movie
nerd4life12 Yıl önce
same i was thinking about how no movie has left me so speechless as this one did, and i dont think any other movie will like this one did
I.D. Yıl önce
The sense of dread was one of the best things about the movie's ending
Arcien Yıl önce
I remember being p upset with it, but that just meant it was working. This movie was *about* Thanos and I didn't catch onto that at all at first.
Nick Bell
Nick Bell Yıl önce
Just imagine how upset people were at the end of Empire Strikes Back, or Wrath of Khan. They had to wait 2-3 years for another movie, and even then, having sequels/follow-ups wasn't guaranteed.
Tom a.w
Tom a.w Yıl önce
You should try AoT theyre the masters of making fans wait a year to see what happens
FIREFOX 76 Yıl önce
*Fun isn't something one considers when a two parter is reuploaded into one video. But this...does put a smile on my face*
Password Protected
So this is a re-upload?
Bowossum Yıl önce
@Password Protected he combined a two parter into to one so, kinda?
FIREFOX 76 Yıl önce
@Password Protected It's a Reupload of Infinity War PT. I & II rolled up into one video
KGB Images
KGB Images Yıl önce
I will ALWAYS get goosebumps at Cap's Secret Avengers entrance. The way the train brakes squeal, the different looks on everyone's faces, the fact that whats her name throws her weapon at Cap even though she has no idea who it is in the shadow. She just knows he's a threat.
Mark Mac
Mark Mac Yıl önce
also i think it was her that had that look when Thor arrived in Wakanda, like oh shit he's here.
Charm Quark
Charm Quark Yıl önce
"whats her name " is proxima midnight.
Linebeck1 Yıl önce
And it’s the first time we hear the Avengers Theme in full.
canadiankazz Yıl önce
Seeing this in a packed theatre opening night was an experience I’ll never forget. People cheered for their favourite characters, but when the snap happened, everyone was dead quiet. It was broken when the credits started and some guy in the middle of the room screamed “what?!?! NOOO!” dude summed it up for the rest of us. Great analysis of this very intense movie.
Linebeck1 Yıl önce
My theater wasn’t silent, a lot of sniffling.
Cuinn Horowitz
Cuinn Horowitz 3 aylar önce
lucky bastard... had a guy shouting the whole way through and threw his drink at the screen when the snap happened
PNW-BBQ 9 aylar önce
Just rewatching. The moment with Peter apologizing to Tony as he fades to dust will never stop making me cry. Perfectly defines the character.
pep Yıl önce
This was the very first MCU movie I ever watched. I was never into superhero movies outside Raimi’s Spider-Man, but my friend needed someone to go with her to the theatre so I went, and I can 100% confirm I was able to follow along with absolutely no idea of what had happened in the previous movies. I even cried at the end after the snap without being familiar with any of the characters. I was super excited when you said “this has probably happened” because it was my exact situation and ultimately my introduction to my current love for the MCU. Great video as usual :)
BloodyNeptune Yıl önce
Did you want to get into the movies after, then realized how _many_ you had to watch? I had a friend that I managed to sucker into the fandom _after_ Endgame, she had that moment of 'what do you mean you got me invested in something with over _20_ movies?"
Анастасия Разуева
@BloodyNeptune As someone who fell in love with MCU after watching FFH I wanna say - my eyes were at the size of dinner plates when I've found out. But I managed to watch 20+ movies in three weeks on the sheer power of joy I've got while watching them
pep Yıl önce
@BloodyNeptune YES. I made a checklist of all the movies in order of release so I could keep track of them all (this was before Disney+). It was definitely overwhelming at first lol
pep Yıl önce
@Kush Patel Awesome action sequences, beautiful CGI, funny dialogue, engaging sub-plots (friendships, love, etc). Badass villains, corruption arcs as well as redemption arcs. Really just tons of character development across the board. I have very few complaints about the MCU, the movies are great.
Mahdi Jay
Mahdi Jay Yıl önce
If you wanna be honest and technical the first Spiderman movies are now the first MCU movies 🌚
Stuff&Things Yıl önce
This movie was genuinely one of the most cinematic things Marvel has ever done. Audiences left the theaters shocked and in tears. it pisses me off people just talk about the MCU like its childs play. Yes alot of their movies are goofy but Infinity War was perfection on a level never seen from superhero movies. To have the heroes be the backdrop of what was essentially a Thanos' film was awesome.
Phillycheeeeze Yıl önce
“Did we just lose ?” “Yeah, we’re as surprised as you. It’s not like it’s your fault or anything.”😂
jonathan stackhaus
That moment made me visibly angry in the theater, lol. Before this video tho I had never considered that he has the same reaction when finding out about his mom, so I’m not quite as angry about it anymore
Xyzzyx Yıl önce
Thanos is a deviant Eternal trying to prevent Tiamat and other Celestial from destroying planets
Murphy Byzantine
Murphy Byzantine Yıl önce
@Xyzzyx Technically, you're correct.
Freyja Nj
Freyja Nj Yıl önce
Did I already watch these videos multiple times? Yes. Will I watch the combined one again more than once? Also yes.
Sik Davies
Sik Davies Yıl önce
I didn’t read the synopsis of the vid and halfway through was like “this is familiar, I swear I have seen this one before, I’m sure if it?” then saw this comment and was like “oh.” 😅
Mike Li
Mike Li Yıl önce
Ah I remember watching this on opening night. There was a young kid next to me who had that thousand yard stare and asked his parents, "Mommy, Daddy. Did the heroes just lose?" I looked at his parents and gave them that look of "Have fun explaining an important life lesson to your kid!" Such a great movie!
q Yıl önce
Now dont get me wrong, a two-parter being combined into one video is fine and all, but when are we getting a whole-parter being split into two videos?
Joepod Yıl önce
Now THAT'S the content I wanna see
6Hell6oopz6 Yıl önce
Momo Yıl önce
When Loki is resurrected
UnicornHunter CG
UnicornHunter CG Yıl önce
what ?
Camp Camp
Camp Camp Yıl önce
Whole-parter? Like his Matrix vid?
Kevin牛 Yıl önce
"Not necessarily a masterpiece" I dunno man. Watching this again 4 years later, I still agree with every bit of praise you gave it and can only think of a handful of small complaints. It's phenomenally paced, manages to effortlessly juggle dozens of characters, delivers brilliant action scenes while still making room for meaningful character moments, crafts one of the most iconic villains in cinematic history, and seems to be standing the test of time. I'd say "masterpiece" is pretty fair.
Lead Paintchips
Lead Paintchips Yıl önce
Just how they handled Thanos was top tier. They made a villain that was universe threatening without making him either mindless or irrational. You can understand where he's coming from (and still think he's batshit insane), while as he mentioned the motion capture was damn near perfect.
Mack Yıl önce
I didn't realise it had been four years. It doesn't feel right.
JustAlpha Yıl önce
I'd definitely agree
Barkley Yıl önce
i just rewatched and its definitely one of the best movies ive ever seen. The hype, the villain, action, characters, emotions. Absolute masterpiece film.
Smaug Yıl önce
I wholeheartedly agree.
The Game Grumps Let’s Play of Majora’s Mask
Now that enough time has passed regarding the Avengers storyline (or Infinity Saga, whatever you want to call it), I honestly do think Infinity War > Endgame. Infinity War was a movie that honestly should not have done as well as it did, there were so many ways to go wrong with an ensemble cast of this size but it delivered in every way.
GAR Solos
GAR Solos Yıl önce
Yeah they somehow managed to balance an absurd amount of characters perfectly and gave everyone something to do. It’s honestly pretty impressive
Karak Yıl önce
I agree entirely. Endgame is very fun and delivers on a lot of fanservice moments like Cap wielding mjolnir, but it is a weaker film than infinity war in almost every capacity.
HeyyItsUltima Yıl önce
I was so hyped up for Endgame that I came away seriously disappointed. Infinity War reached heights that for me Endgame only hit at the very end of the movie, and those heights were still not quite high enough to overcome what Infinity War had managed to do for me. My mom on the other hand prefers Endgame. I think it's definitely dependent on how you look at the two movies. On more recent rewatches, I get a lot of fun out of watching them back-to-back.
Fall Yıl önce
@HeyyItsUltima Endgame leaned pretty heavily on callbacks, nostalgia, and the score as well. That was a bit disappointing, in addition to the fact that they made it a time travel movie and completely yada yada'd the logistics of how the hell it worked.
Tom 273
Tom 273 Yıl önce
@Fall honestly I'd prefer it if filmmakers left time travel out of their movies. I love the back to the future films but I really hate time travel, especially when the plot depends on it like in endgame. Time travel defies logic and the science is so fictional that every other word in the script is "quantum". If time travel ever exists (which I guess means it already exists), I'll happily watch films that include time travel but it will never be real so no thanks
Dan H
Dan H Yıl önce
I love that Cap invokes Human Potential trope to hold the gauntlet for just a moment. I love Thanos' face in that beat, this sort of puzzlement. I like to think he realizes he may have lucked out not having faced this man on Titan, just for the sheer. fucking. will.
Timbo Slice
Timbo Slice Yıl önce
Let’s not kid ourselves. This team needed John Wick.
Charlie Fielding
Charlie Fielding Yıl önce
I think the writers knew that if Tony and Cap had actually been together on Titan, there is no realistic way they wouldn't have won. Whether they like each other or not, they are the most unstoppable duo in my eyes.
Void Knight
Void Knight Yıl önce
@Charlie Fielding which is why this fight was 2 parted . One on Titan and the other on Earth . Now they could've all fought Thanos together on Titan but then who's saving earth from the Black Order & Thanos' army ? What I feel is that if all the avengers fought Thanos together on one planet they'd win , but that's excluding Thanos' army . With the army on Thanos' side , I wouldn't see the avengers winning tbh
Jacob Yıl önce
@Void Knight But that's exactly what goes down at the end of "Endgame"! The Avengers fight Thanos AND his entire army, and end up winning the day (thanks to Iron Man's predestined sacrifice). Also fair to say that the Thanos that they fight in "Endgame" is a much more ruthless, and heartless, version of himself in "Infinity War."
Void Knight
Void Knight Yıl önce
@Jacob yep he was more ruthless etc etc . But it's different. In endgame iron man's armour was stronger , Cap was worthy , Captain Marvel existed , Valkyrie existed , Ant man and the wasp existed , Rescue existed , Shuri also existed , Gamora existed , and Wanda was not restrained to protecting vision . Thanos as well , didn't have ANY of the stones . Also umm , note that The good guys won only because iron man snapped in the end . But in infinity war if they fought , iron man wouldn't be able to snap Thanos away and even wielding the gauntlet might kill him .
OneeGrimm Yıl önce
Why no one notices Tom Holland's range of emotions when Peter gets to be an avenger in 9:19 ? I mean look at him, in 4 seconds we can see his pride, joy, accomplishment, and then instantly realization and acceptance of upcoming duty and responsibility. This is gotta be my favorite Tom Holland's Spider-Man moment. And all the credit goes to music cue... Edit: Ok, i should watched the whole video before commenting. But still, not enough credit.
Charlie Fielding
Charlie Fielding Yıl önce
I also like that it somehow maintains this childish charm in it. The way his whole body shifts when he gets serious like he is genuinely putting on his 'serious face' is so innocent and encapsulated his character so well to me.
Mr Pound
Mr Pound Yıl önce
That moment is actually some of the finest acting in the movie. Without any words and in a span of a few seconds he conveys happiness, accomplishment, pride, heaviness and acceptance of responsibilities of being an avenger.
SPQSpartacus Yıl önce
Nerdwriter has a great video about Anthony Hopkins’ acting in Westworld, using a scene where he goes through several emotions with only his expressions. Worth watching. Yes, just compared Tom Holland to Anthony Hopkins. We’ll see in 40 years, he may just turn out worthy.
Y2K Vaporwave
Y2K Vaporwave 10 aylar önce
This whole conversation is cancer
Osherah Griffen
Osherah Griffen 2 aylar önce
I thought i was the only one who noticed
Luny Yıl önce
"Oh tony what would we do without you?" was some really good foreshadowing
Brad Dutcher
Brad Dutcher Yıl önce
Yeah it really didn't age well
xevious21 Yıl önce
Thors line "If I'm wrong, then what more could I lose?" really stings if you look at it in context to what happens at the end.
Lightning Gamer
Lightning Gamer Yıl önce
9:24 I also like that in a way it’s hinting at Thanos being an Eternal and explains why he fears overpopulation that he attempts to stop it by halving it. He said, “it was on the brink of collapse, I stopped that.” He did indeed stop it from collapsing by another planet from having a Celestial born.
Darian Jones
Darian Jones Yıl önce
you just blew my mind
Lightning Gamer
Lightning Gamer Yıl önce
@Darian Jones Right! Seeing it all laid out like this gave me that, "this is it!" as I pointed at the screen kind of moment lol
JamesCPotter13 Yıl önce
We also see that he’s also full of shit about his effect. In the same scene, he claims her people are thriving afterward, but in Guardians 1, her arrest report states she’s the last of her people.
adam bartley
adam bartley Yıl önce
@JamesCPotter13 I haven’t seen Guardians in ages I forgot about that, maybe the Xandarians dont know where Gamoras home planet is, or realise there are still people from her race alive?
Tove Kauppi
Tove Kauppi 5 aylar önce
This was such an amazing cinema experience. When I got home after watching it I almost immediately bought a ticket to see it again the next day. It definitely hit differently knowing they do in fact lose in the end. These are characters that have been with me since my early teen years and I have watched most of the MCU movies in cinema.
D. Jester
D. Jester Yıl önce
Man, even with you voicing over everything and it all being chopped up, those turn-to-ash moments still nearly bring me to shed a tear.
Child Yıl önce
Thanos is my favorite character in the whole MCU, and maybe even ever, for a reason. He was written so beautifully, and even given his own movie despite being the villain. His goal as well? It believable on not based on revenge or just outright evil, he thinks he's the good and has intentions to save lives. Don't even get me started on his quotes, they're all magnificent. Dare I say the perfect villain in every way.
Knight of Berenike
Hey… I’ve seen this one before! It’s a classic!
Amari Yıl önce
What do you mean? It's brand new!
The Good Reylo
The Good Reylo Yıl önce
@Amari Well I saw it on a… rerun
Trina Q
Trina Q Yıl önce
What's a rerun?
The Good Reylo
The Good Reylo Yıl önce
@Trina Q You’ll find out
Richard Geraghty
Richard Geraghty Yıl önce
This thread is perfect. Well done, everyone. 😅
DecidueyeOfDoom Yıl önce
How on earth is Josh Brolin not always a win? He's so incredibly talented, and he has provided one of the best performances in the MCU as Thanos.
Jeff Sonich
Jeff Sonich Yıl önce
"Your planet is on the brink of collapse. I'm the one that can stop that." takes on a whole new meaning after watching The Eternals...
ABS SCOOB 8 aylar önce
I don't understand, explain if you will?
tOSdude Yıl önce
I vividly remember the entire theater bursting into laughter at "Why is Gamora"
Stephen Middlehurst
One of my most abiding memories of the MCU is watching Iron Man with two close friends without any real idea what we were in for. All three of us were so hyped by the end that when Nick Fury turns up to talk about the Avengers Initiative we actually punched the air. Thankfully this was prior to post credits scenes being a thing so there weren't many witnesses to that display of un-Britishness. Flash forward to Infinity War on opening day. I'm sitting there shell-shocked as I think pretty much everyone was and Nick Fury has just been dusted. And then his pager lights up with *that* logo. Same exact feeling as I had way back when. IMO it's a vastly underrated MCU moment as even if you don't know the comics it's a sign that whatever Nick had up his sleeve in case of 'weirder stuff happening than alien invasion or falling cities' has been answered. It's the damn bat signal saying 'it's okay, there's still hope out there, it's on it's way (and, if you know Carol Danvers, is probably incredibly pissed off)'.
Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius
The only gripe I had with Infinity War was not seeing a proper Hulk vs Thanos fight. Arguably the two strongest characters facing each other would've been an awesome fight to see.
Dynobomb Yıl önce
Why was it not a proper fight?
Toxyn Corvin
Toxyn Corvin Yıl önce
Too much Hulk screentime means more profits for Universal.
Holder Of gold
Holder Of gold Yıl önce
They had a proper fight tho
LittleRedRhuari Yıl önce
They did. In like... 5 minutes of the movies starting?
Andre Henderson
Andre Henderson Yıl önce
Awesome but not the way we expected
KC Yıl önce
I had this entire film spoiled for me and at the end of it I still sat there going "how'd they do that?" they tied together so many disparate plot threads, characters, and settings across like 18 different franchises so well my mind was just blown. you gotta give it to the Russos: they're just really really fucking good at these team up flicks.
Josh Cowart
Josh Cowart Yıl önce
There’s a plot hole that always comes up about how gamora is the last of her species in guardians and then in this they killed half of them and now they’re thriving. They could fix this by making it Thanos’ blind spot. You could say they slowly collapsed because of Thanos Malthusian attempt to save them leaving Gamora as the last. Thanos sees them beginning to collapse but ignores it because it would break his reality. Sort of a cognitive dissonance
Brenden Noble
Brenden Noble Yıl önce
I had someone say that it points out that Thanos never goes back to where he killed half to see if it works.
Josh Cowart
Josh Cowart Yıl önce
@Brenden Noble that works also
Yung Indio
Yung Indio Yıl önce
Another idea was that they(Thanos and his Black Order) made it seem that Gamora was the last survivor of her planet to prevent/discourage other invaders(Slavers, Conquerors, etc.) from capitalizing on Thanos's attack. Seeing as other invaders would just ruin the "balance" that Thanos had set up for her planet.
WingedFish117 Yıl önce
Yeah he also kills nearly all the asgardians for no particular reason after most of them already died he's a self deluding psycho
Rodshark75 Yıl önce
If you wipe out all the humans, Earth would be thriving... so what he says is true to an extent, by wiping out her species the planet is no longer in danger.
ruslan rautiola
ruslan rautiola Yıl önce
There’s not another words to describe how much respect I have for the producers who made this movie. By far the best Mcu movie ever made
WhitieWu Yıl önce
I know this is a weird thing to admit... but being able to say that I was alive and able to watch each of these movies as they came out is something I'm actually proud of. The story from Iron Man to End Game is, what I consider, the greatest movie accomplishment to ever be done. I mean, I was impressed with the Lord of the Rings trilogy... but that was only three movies. Marvel/Disney were able to create such amazing stories, keep them (mostly hidden) from the public making the surprises all the better, and had an absolutely epic cast that stuck thru until the end (for the most part). Not to mention the Spiderman movies have done an excellent job extending the story and still delivering the laughs/tears. It's an impressive feat that I hope doesn't go unnoticed or become forgotten.
fishpop Yıl önce
"That word is made up!" "All words are made up." Handsome Pirate/Angel's child MAN Thor has a point.
Otaku_Nerd Yıl önce
I think the fact that Peter decided to hit Thanos instead of shoot him adds to his anger because he didn’t just want Thanos to die, he wanted Thanos to feel pain.
Yeti Spaghetti
Yeti Spaghetti Yıl önce
I remember watching this in theaters and the emotions of the crowd. I love it and everything to me was perfect
Jarrett Adams
Jarrett Adams Yıl önce
I always loved how Peter thinks he's hiding his nerd power level when he casually references sci-fi as if he's never heard of it because he wants to seem cool to the grown-ups
Tekuani Aakab
Tekuani Aakab Yıl önce
This movie took itself and its source material 100% seriously and it more than pays off. It’s the definition of an epic and it manages its plot and characters superbly with everyone getting a moment to shine. The visuals and character moments in some scenes honestly rival oscar-winning movies. Thanos’ introduction, the arrival of the black order on earth, the guardians defeated, the forging of Stormbreaker, the death of gamora, the Battle of Wakanda, the Battle on Titan, and the Snap are moments that still give me chills. Even if the ending didn’t move you (somehow) because you rationalize that it’s unlikely that marvel just killed off so many characters permanently, it still has an impact on the remaining characters. It’s an achievement and, for me, still the best mcu movie.
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian Yıl önce
Honestly speaking this is probably still my favorite MCU film, there are plenty of great ones before this like winter soldier, iron Man, and even GOTG, still I find myself going back to this one a lot more. It's odd considering it's one of the most depressing superhero movies ever but it's also one of the most uplifting superhero movies ever.
DerMax_HD Yıl önce
Dang this was fun to watch again. Totally forgot how amazing of a movie Infinity war was :D Also great reaview even like three years or whatever later. I didnt even notice it was a reuplode up until you started talking about that they'll hopefully do before Avengers 4, before that it could have been a totally up to date recap of Infinity War! Keep it up!
CashCab1221 Yıl önce
Same thing happened to me, I had forgot he had done one
Shay Sela
Shay Sela Yıl önce
I still remember seeing it opening night. All the screaming and cheering during the film changing into complete silence during the credits. My friend sitting next to me in complete shock with his mouth hanging open for the entirety of the credits
3A5Y B01
3A5Y B01 Yıl önce
When I first saw this in the theater I thought it was incredible. But I never understood the emotion behind the love with Wanda and Vis until I found someone I loved so much. It really hit me different this time, also I would never be able to do that to my SO, just being honest. Also I cant imagine what kind of pain Wanda went through after killing the one she loved and watching it all be in vain after he gets brought back to be so effortlessly killed in front of her.
TheSovietVorona Yıl önce
Man I’ve seen this a million times and even seeing it on just a small YT video makes me tear up. Emotional connection is one thing this series has done quite well with.
Mufasa Yıl önce
You are our shining beacon of positivity in movie critic. And I always love that I learn about cinematography and the work put into different scenes or shots. A lot of background work gets missed by casual viewers like me and i really appreciate that you highlight them. love your work and thank you again.
Hilm Yıl önce
im still tearing up at peters death even though i saw the movie like 5 times. One of the most emotional scenes I will ever see
M C Yıl önce
I hadn't even seen the other Tom Holland Spiderman movies prior to this one, but seeing him be snapped away like that absolutely gutted me. I was in the theatre holding back tears when I heard a little girl at the front of the theater go, "NO!" in the tiniest voice, and I just held it in to be strong for that little girl.
IndieLive Yıl önce
The fact that endgame got 10x the wins is insane. Just shows how good these 2 movies were
Ewan Callister
Ewan Callister Yıl önce
Let’s be thankful they only made wait a year for Endgame & not 3 years like the wait for Return of the Jedi after Empire Strikes Back.
Odd-Jobs Sam
Odd-Jobs Sam Yıl önce
This still seems really recent until I remember it's been 4 years. Damn, I feel old now.
Rhys Causon
Rhys Causon Yıl önce
One of my favourite memories I have about this movie is the “mate date” I had with a friend who I knew wouldn’t be able to sit through this movie alone. The annoyance my friend had for the Russo’s after this movie ended! She was so angry that they’d killed Loki (something she knew happened in the movie but didn’t realise it was the first scene) and I guess because I had “lied” about Black Panther being dusted. I timed looking next to me just right to see the horrified look when Lokis neck snapped and I got a fair few slaps on the arm when T’Challa said, “this is no place to die”. But if I could go back and watch it for the first with her again I’d love it.
Daniel Linan
Daniel Linan 10 aylar önce
Dude this video is your masterpiece, can we take a second to appreciate this man. Amazing editing and your personal narrative that just registers. Great work dude.
Lolok 5 aylar önce
13:18 This is honestly one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie.
Tim Beckley
Tim Beckley Yıl önce
I envy the feeling people who are now watching the mcu will have as they watch each film come together, I remember the feeling before infinity War, I couldn't wait, watching every TRvid vid on plot leaks, theories etc, I was so hyped, and it didn't disappoint, then the year wondering how the avengers would fix things, it was a great time to be alive and experience, thank u marvel, cheers, and here's to ten more years, and beyond....
Lycon Xero
Lycon Xero Yıl önce
I like the idea of combining two-parters into one long video but I'd be lying if I wasn't disappointed when I discovered that there weren't any new insights added from everything we now know about the MCU. I kind of second review or re-review of the Avengers movies would be amazing because they actually FEEL different considering how much more we know about certain characters.
Diana DXD
Diana DXD Yıl önce
I remember seeing this movie in theaters with my fiancée on my 20th birthday and I still remember how the ended absolutely destroyed me emotionally and how my fiancée bought me ice cream to slowly cheer me up🥺
Annihilated481 Yıl önce
It was really hard to watch Gamora being dragged by the wrist to the cliff the same way she was dragged to Thanos and struggling when he first met her and said she was a fighter. Such a tragic and heartbreaking endcap to her life.
Hillefoozy Yıl önce
I'm not sure why people thought the Spidey Sense wasn't in Homecoming, Peter seems to react unusually fast when Tony throws a web cartridge at him
Cpt Babyface
Cpt Babyface Yıl önce
I love that Tony being the one to make Thanos bleed is kind of a call back to Ivan saying "If you can make god bleed, then people will cease to believe in him"
Jason Blalock
Jason Blalock Yıl önce
I have to admit, I'm not a fan of this one... but I do love the entire idea of teenage Groot. It keeps continuity with the previous Guardians films as well as reinforcing the whole "the crew are Groot's parents," aspect... but it's also a great excuse to keep him on the sidelines without having to give him much screen time. Very smart writing all around.
The Media Angel
The Media Angel Yıl önce
It boggles my mind that this movie is already 4 years old.
Dee Cilla
Dee Cilla Yıl önce
I remember the crying, the gasps, and the silence in the theater when the sequence of events in the ending played out. I also remember smiling coz I really wanted Thanos to win. The courting Death thing from the comics may have been left out but THIS. His victory was here. This was what I was hoping for. The fact that I got it gave me a mix of immense anticipation for the next movie as well as the legit sadness at the complete defeat of Avengers. Feige and co made it happen. I will forever be thankful that they did.
Jason Sabbath
Jason Sabbath Yıl önce
I saw this movie in the theater 6 times! Ince for each Infinity Stone. I watched twice on opening weekend. The second viewing in a packed theater, anticipating everyone's reaction to the finale, and it didn't disappoint! The WTF attitude of the entire audience as Avengers started turning to dust was palpable. Such a win!
KB Plays
KB Plays Yıl önce
Infinity war was the first marvel movie I watched because my friends wanted to watch it. I watched it and I loved every second of it, after I watched it I decided I would watch every single marvel movie and I love it. I love these movies stumbling across this movie was amazing for me. I love these characters, I love the movies, I love how connected they are. I was truly stunned for them to be connected so well! Such an incredible franchise and I love infinity war for helping me realize these things
Evanz111 Yıl önce
I loved that you added some new bits and polished it up! Made me rewatch the entire thing happily!
xxPenjoxx Yıl önce
Still my favourite MCU movie. No film has devastated me so beautifully. All those wins for the smap are deserved. I was so glad we saw it again in the cinema for Endgame opening night. It was amazing seeing it on the big screen again
Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon Yıl önce
Infinity War is always a win for being one of the greatest superhero movie ever made🔥🔥😁.
Paúl Salvador
Paúl Salvador Yıl önce
There were so many things with this movie that could have gone wrong. Such an ambitious and massive undertaking, anything in 10 years of history could have derailed the production or the plans Marvel had. But the fact that; not only this movie got made, but is actually very good and commercially successfull just blows my mind. I seriously consider it a miracle.
minus20iq Yıl önce
"No, no, no." and "I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go, Stark, please." Have got to be my 2 favourite lines from 2 people who did and didn't survive the snap. Gut wrenching. And yes I know the "I don't feel so good." line is gut wrenching but the "I don't wanna go." Just connected with me, for all Peter knew he WAS gonna be gone forever. Credit to Tom Holland for that amazing performance.
adam bartley
adam bartley Yıl önce
The fact that Hulk can’t stand toe to toe with Thanos but in Canon Drax can was surprising… 17:02 “All this for a drop of blood” “If you can make God bleed people will cease to believe” Thanos and wanting “balance in all things” his and his brothers name is somewhat fitting along with those lines as well. His brothers name is Eros (Love) & Thanos a play on Thanatos(Death)
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Yıl önce
This video should have just been the whole movie because it’s a gem of a film.
Silverx721 Yıl önce
I will never forget my first viewing of this movie. I saw it with a group of friends, the cinema was full. The cinema was reactive as well. When Iron Man got stabbed by his own weapon, everyone gasped. Just one loud, chilling gasp. And when Thor made his appearance in the final battle, I believe some people cheered. When the movie ended, I was crying, my friends were crying, the whole theater was crying. It was such an experience, and it is definitely one of the better MCU movies. By far.
Alex Scrimpshire
Alex Scrimpshire Yıl önce
So, the Thor, “only if I die” lines shows that he has an incredibly high Internal locus of control. He is supposed to die-but in his mind-it won’t-as long as he doesn’t let him….it’s under his control/he has the say (strong willpower) in whether he’ll die or not.
rmsgrey Yıl önce
And it would still have killed him if Groot hadn't stepped up and completed Stormbreaker.
Ian Taakalla
Ian Taakalla Yıl önce
I like how he knows he dies at Ragnarok or at least the actual Ragnarok so he is willing to take any risk because he knows his fate grants him victory.
Riehl Thing
Riehl Thing Yıl önce
As brutal as this ending was, in 2018 I took solace that Deadpool gave Thanos a tea bag that same year. It took the sting out of the snap a little.
Eric Bonewicz
Eric Bonewicz Yıl önce
I’m not gonna lie Gamora getting thrown off with that score was the first time I cried watching a movie in a LONG time. Also “why is gamora” was improvised by David
idk man
idk man Yıl önce
I remember coming home from the theater when I was like 13 completely broken down cause everyone “died” and my mom and dad having no idea how to comfort me, but trying their absolute best and I will take that memory, the appreciation I felt for my parents, and the desolation I felt to my grave.
Master Jondu Gaming
I'm confident that this movie did so well BECAUSE the heroes lost. It was one of the biggest twists/endings in modern cinema, and it is one of the few movies that I personally know about where the good guys lose, and lose badly. That said, it just added to the triumph in End Game.
Jajais4u Yıl önce
This is still one of my favorite movies ever. They legit found a way to show why we love comics. This was what us nerds were reading and enjoying and I'm stoked that the world outside of comic nerdom has a chance to enjoy it too. You're right: kids got it great now.
Mason Yıl önce
This is awesome! I love two parters because they give you more time and give me something to look forward to. I’m always coming back and watching old videos so this heaven for me!
Moritz Metzger
Moritz Metzger Yıl önce
I had the same experience as you in the cinema with my girlfriend who was furious and said she hated the ending and it took hours for me to make her admit it was a great film. I went back to see it a second time just to see the audience react to that moment while knowing full well whats coming. That was my best cinema experience to date and I'm sure it's very hard to top.
El Hopper
El Hopper Yıl önce
I actually don’t mind the 2 parters and such. Makes the videos more exciting and the movie seems like it has a lot to offer
Jude Wender
Jude Wender Yıl önce
As a Jude who experienced it as it came out bit by bit. I hope your kid gets to enjoy it just as much as I did! ❤️
legohaloboy 2007
legohaloboy 2007 Yıl önce
One of my favourite parts of this movie is just thanos in general, at the start he mentions how losing a war (or something along those lines, I don't remember lol) "turns the legs to jelly", which then at the end of Endgame he sits down. In the Throne room scene, with just Gamora and Thanos, where Gamora says "I hate that chair", and he sits on the steps, showing he somewhat cares for her. The Character of Thanos in these movies is just amazing.
Spiritxiii Yıl önce
I've studied cinema ever since I was 13. I was god smacked when this film came out, saw it at an Alamo Draft House with my siblings and parents. We had watched every MCU film to date in theaters together. I still remember being blown away by Avengers in 2012 (man I was 16 then...) and it being able to weave 6 film's worth of characters together well. I was not in the loop of upcoming MCU films at the time and saw a bunch of out-of-context snap memes going around before seeing it, so when it happened I was as close to tears as one can get without sheading them, at such a point of dread, speechless yet unable to talk about anything else but the implications, both for the MCU and cinema going forward. I just remember my dad turning to me on the drive home and saying, "it's just a movie, settle down."... my dad has always seen movies as just spectacle, something to turn your brain off during and after. I never felt so... unable to relate to my dad from in that moment, and since when it comes to films. Infinity War was and still is a cinematic miracle with how much it was able to juggle and mesh over 18 films' worth of characters and plot, built up seamlessly. Thanos' impact on character writing is still felt to this day, just like Killmonger before him. To make a character so empathetic and antipathetic... yeah, this film effected me, way more than I ever expected it to.
Sine Bach Renleff
I love Infinity War! The only thing I have against it is the way they killed off Loki in the first 8 minutes of the movie just for shock value and to tell the audience that Thanos is powerful. Loki was finally well on his way to redemption and was healing his relationship with Thor! They could have done so much together! Loki could have fought alongside the Avengers! But nope. Can't give Loki (or the fans) happiness...
SinHurr Yıl önce
Loki got a wholeass show for himself after Endgame though so it's not all bad.
Sine Bach Renleff
@SinHurr True true, but let's remember that it's not the same Loki! The Loki from Infinity War is dead and gone and I just think it's a horrible way to die... Still glad for the Loki series though (after IW in 2018 I was truly terrified that I'd never see him again)
Pabel Luna
Pabel Luna Yıl önce
I don't know. Pietro Maximoff death was unearned and just for shock value, Loki's death was an ending for his deeds in Avengers 1, like was said in the video. I would admit so, that Loki's redemption in Ragnarok was so well executed I wanted to see more. Way better executed that the lackluster "redemption" video watch along of Loki's series.
Cyburn 11 aylar önce
My dad watched this for the first time on dvd after I saw it in cinemas (He’s not a superhero/MCU fan but he’ll watch them with us when he has too- he does like the Guardians films though) and when the credits came up after Thanos’s win he shouted “f*** off”. Still makes me chuckle to this day 🤣
BigHead LilDude
BigHead LilDude Yıl önce
For Infinity War, my final words before the credits rolled, "They fuckin' did it." Both movies are so damn rewatchable and I'm so unbelievably happy for having grown up with the Infinity Saga.
5thDawg Yıl önce
What a great movie. Watched it at least 10 times now. It had everything.
Buddhi Dev
Buddhi Dev 2 aylar önce
Wanda's fight scenes are great. And she is the strongest avenger - holding Thanos and pushing him backwardly while destroying the stone. She shouldn't be "whipped" and stayed as the first script made because I think her roadtrip with Rocket is a good idea (but of course she's too strong).
Hannah Kim
Hannah Kim Yıl önce
Also the scene between Peter and Tony after the snap was ad-libbed by Tom Holland. The “I don’t wanna go” was entirely added and ad-libbed by Tom during filming
Michael Bossert
Michael Bossert Yıl önce
Love your videos! Thanks for being positive!
John Stanton
John Stanton 10 aylar önce
This was such a good movie. All the little details, characters, then thanos actually winning. It blew my mind when I saw it the first 5 times
HanzaBananza Yıl önce
I remember watching the midnight release for this. I was just coming off the end of a cough and luckily only coughed twice during the film. But when the end credits started rolling, I was such shock at what I just witnessed that I started manically laughing. However, that set off the cough again so I was laughing and coughing and trying to breathe oxygen while my boyfriend of the time was like "Uhhhh you alright babe?" Almost passed out in the cinema; totally worth it. I also need to stand up for Starlord here for punching Thanos. Thanos had already won the whole thing due to Gamora's earlier actions. The MINUTE she finds out Thanos had started his plan of getting the stones, she should have realised that it meant he had figured out a way to the Soul Stone. Most likely through her, as she knew she was the only one to have ever seen the map and she knew that. This is obviously why she tells Quill to kill her if Thanos gets her. However, in my opinion, she should have ended her own life there and then. The movie has its whole thing of "We don't trade lives" but Gamora ending her life so Thanos could never reach the Soul Stone would have literally saved half the universe from the Snap.
Surge Gret
Surge Gret Yıl önce
LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! EGA - are best consumed as one whole video, yet understandable when you have to cut these into parts. Thanks a lot!
A Boy and His Dog
Such a better movie than Endgame. It's like a true blue ancient Greek tragedy. Steeped with epic battles with mythological beasts, Gods and demigods. And still just a bit of humor thrown in when things seem bleakest, while maintaining a respectful emotional tone as we see our heroes get bested time and again. Fantastic movie
Maello Yıl önce
No matter how many times I watch it, every time. Every. Single. Time. Thanos steps foot in Wakanda I get chills from the score. I will never, never, not love Thanos's theme.
MatSKULLZ Yıl önce
I never had a problem with multiple parts, just means more cinemawins to watch. Can’t help but notice there are wins not in this one parter that were in the two parter. Anyway, different strokes different folks I guess
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename Yıl önce
I remember seeing this movie in theaters with a packed house and my mom. Then the next year, I saw Endgame in theaters as well. It was like one of the last good movies I saw in theaters before the world entered lockdown
Abraham Guzman
Abraham Guzman Yıl önce
I worked at an AMC when this movie premiered so I got to see it a week before everyone! But one thing I loved about opening night was when it got to the dusting of everyone as I waited inside to clean the auditorium I heard a lil boy through all the sniffles and tears say “dad dad is he dying” and that feeling both crushed me and built me up like he’s lil guy feel the pain I felt
Isaac Fournier
Isaac Fournier Yıl önce
I’m so sad you didn’t put one for tony saying “I’m sorry, earth is closed today.” That may be my favorite line in the movie
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