Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! 

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Another combination of a multiparter! This time Infinity War Part 2-I mean Endgame! Cus Doctor Strange said "we're in the end of infinity war now." Wait no, that's not right. Y'all still read these? Here's everything right with Avengers Endgame!
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15 Nis 2022




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Eric Palacios
Eric Palacios Yıl önce
I love this story from Tom Holland. When Evans said “Avengers Assemble” they were all supposed to yell and charge, but he couldn’t hear it from where he was standing. He timed it wrong and ran as fast as he could, not realizing that he was the only one. They had to change it to charging at Thor’s battlecry because Tom kept messing it up.
LEMO Yıl önce
It’s way better this way. A battle cry is for battling, an assembly call is for assembling.
Eileen Snow
Eileen Snow 8 aylar önce
I mean, the man whispered to a crowd of thousands, the battle cry is much better of a signal anyway lol
Mettaton Ex
Mettaton Ex 8 aylar önce
Well, this is a byproduct of him not being allowed to read the full script. He infamously admitted that the reason he looked so lost and confused in his scenes is because he literally had no pretext to what was happening in them; just what he was supposed to be doing.
The Prof
The Prof 5 aylar önce
And a butler is for buterling, sir.
vivza 5 aylar önce
God, thats hilarious and wholesome in a way. Definitely a thing holland would do
Douglas Rau
Douglas Rau Yıl önce
When Tony asked about Natasha, “Did she have family?”, it reminded me of when Cap asked the same question to Tony about Agent Colson in the first Avengers movie, after he sacrificed himself.
Douglas Rau
Douglas Rau Yıl önce
Edit: I caught the first Avengers movie on FX last night and the question Steve actually asks Tony was, “Was he married?” but it was to the same effect. Also, thank you for the 13 likes.
Andre_601 9 aylar önce
It's also a character moment, showing how Tony grew... The one from Avengers would've probs not cared and focused on the mission, but this one asked this first, because he knows how it feels to lose family.
MaartenAll Aylar önce
They actually brought Colson and the chellist back together for a moment afterwards too.
C. W.
C. W. Yıl önce
I love how the Win Counter just exploded at all the right moments. I would look at the counter before and after and think, "Yeah, 150 points is about right for that." But then at the end to fluff it up to 3000.... just a pure stroke of genius, and absolutely appropriate.
CJ Yıl önce
I think he likes the movie 3000
Studiepi Yıl önce
Just add a million
Dillon Smith - 👊🏻
Got me tearing up in my bathroom… 😅
jshumphress13 Yıl önce
I am a 34 year old man, went to see this movie by myself, and basically ugly cried. At least I was not alone as you could hear others in there trying to fight back their sobbing as well.
wittyithink Yıl önce
Went to see it with my brother. I don't usually cry. But I instantly started tearing up as soon as Cap pulled Mjolnir to him.
Lea-Anne 11 aylar önce
I think you'd have to be made of stone if you DIDN'T cry watching this. Especially if you'd been on the entire journey 🥺
Justine Glickman
Justine Glickman 11 aylar önce
Oh man, I cried so hard thru Infinitity War and Endgame both🤣
Patrick Donaldson
Patrick Donaldson 9 aylar önce
Narrators reaction to the last battle scene mirrored my wife and mine both in the theater. Not to mention everyone else watching with us. I think millions of people collectively broke emotionally during this movie
JustAlpha 8 aylar önce
@Lea-Anne Apparently I'm made of stone. This movie was hella emotional, but I didn't cry because I saw both deaths coming. I cried immensely for 12 Years a Slave though.
PHNTM Sims Yıl önce
Fun fact: at 35:26 Happ told Tony’s daughter that her dad liked cheeseburgers which is a direct reference to the very first Iron Man movie after Tony was free from his captors and was being driven away by Happ the first thing that Tony asked for was a “American Cheeseburger”.
takisrblx 10 aylar önce
iirc he asked for an american cheeseburger not a whopper in particular
tenjek 6 aylar önce
Plus just to add. Theres a misconception that RDJ tasted a horrible burger to get him off drugs. When got him off them is that it was his favorite burger but he couldnt taste it anymore due to his condition from the drug abuse. He just wanted to experience a simple familiar joy of his life but the drugs had taken that away.
Demi Amores
Demi Amores Yıl önce
tony's final words stating "I....Am......Ironman" never fails to make me cry, and the tribute to one of my favourite superheroes with the final win counter of 3,000 is appropriate
The Friend of the Revolution
If memory serves, that being his final quip was thought of after filming had wrapped. They had shot a different ending and RDJ had said goodbye to the character, but when someone thought that he should say “I am Ironman.” the production crew felt it was too perfect to not use it. RDJ was hesitant to pick this character back up, but he eventually agreed. RDJ had to regrown the beard and get back into character for this last reshoot, but it was worth it. Such a perfect line at the perfect moment. Truly cinematic genius at work.
Valkyrie 9 aylar önce
The upvotes are at '300'. It feels fitting.
Brandon Piech
Brandon Piech 9 aylar önce
Were his last words not "hey pep"
Plummet 9 aylar önce
A guy at work who had seen it at midnight proceeded to spoil his death knowing that a few of us were going to watch it that night we had our suspicions but he basically ruined the surprise for us
Pumpkin Melon
Pumpkin Melon 3 aylar önce
​@Brandon Piech sorry to reply 6 months late but i think i heard somewhere that his last words were actually him breathlessly saying "kid, kid" when whoever pulls peter away from him (ouch)
Gamernut Yıl önce
Fun fact, the Russos originally wanted to revert Thor to shredded Thor before the final fight but Chris hemsworth fought against it because he liked the image of everything not being magically fixed
dyansis Yıl önce
I like this. 😁
FluffFest Yıl önce
i do hope we get one final fat thor sequence in love and thunder, seeing as they only show stacked thor in the recent teaser
Mitchel Mosier
Mitchel Mosier Yıl önce
@FluffFest Well there is a scene where he is working out with chains and is fat
FluffFest Yıl önce
@Mitchel Mosier wait really?? holy shit I need to watch it again
Mitchel Mosier
Mitchel Mosier Yıl önce
@FluffFest Yeah
DoofusDomainCleric 9 aylar önce
I'm late to the game. But Thor's arc in this movie hit me really close to home. After getting out of the military I dived into alcoholism, gained weight, and avoided admitting to PTSD at all costs. This movie came out around 6 months after I started therapy and getting sober. The message "I'm still worthy" absolutely broke me but surprisingly helped me a lot in my journey.
Logan_ 11 aylar önce
I think it's a nice detail that Natasha's Soul is in the Soul Stone, so when Tony is self-sacrificing himself, Natasha's there with him in the form of the Soul Stone in his Nano-Gauntlet.
ItsDelon 10 aylar önce
I dont think i get it But i like it
Noe Zabaleto
Noe Zabaleto 10 aylar önce
@ItsDelon the soul of whoever is killed is trapped in the stone. Think gamora asking thanos if he did it and what it cost. She’s in the soul stone
Doctor Kira
Doctor Kira 9 aylar önce
@Noe Zabaleto yeah. Now that I think about it, even though I was introduced to the Infinity Stones before the Elder Scrolls series, the Soul Stone reminds me of the soul gems from the Elder Scrolls series although, there are only a few slight differences between them both of them being that the Soul Stone is a one-trick pony that may not exist after you, say, use the Stones to destroy the Stones, like 2018 Thanos did whereas there are possibly millions of soul gems spread across each of the Elder Scrolls games possibly due to the games' never-ending respawning of items, but my point still stands and with the Soul Stone, you'd have to sacrifice someone else's soul to get it regardless if the person is willing to sacrifice themselves or not whereas you can get a soul gem and find them just about anywhere in the games and you don't even have to sacrifice someone to power the gems you can just forcefully blast the soul out of your enemy's body with a magic spell, which automatically transfers that soul to the gem.
Brian Rooker
Brian Rooker 7 aylar önce
I really like that.
The Fortnitehiders
The Fortnitehiders 6 aylar önce
ITs who ever they sacrified to snap not to get the soul stone
lg78 4 aylar önce
one more little detail that I like at 27:08 is how only Tony (and possibly Rhodey) react to Cap summoning Mjolnir. Thor just watched him do it so isn't surprised, and everyone else in the shot (except Bruce) wasn't present in Age of Ultron when they all tried to lift it at the party. Tony also being part of the "elevator isn't worthy" conversation at the end of AoU and only just coming to after being knocked out by the hammer is genuinely shocked to see Cap wielding it is a nice touch and reflects the audience's excitement from a few moments before.
Lover of cats called DJ
I think the scene where everyone comes together with the portals is just so important. It’s a brilliant representation of how much the mcu has built. It’s so many movies, so many characters, so many stories all put together. All working together. It’s clear in all the movies what always makes them stronger is teamwork. And this is the whole mcu coming together, working as a team. It’s just so important and so wonderful. Brilliant cinematography. So amazing.
hygor bohm Hubner
I loved the subtle moment when Hulk tries to undo the snap. He struggles at first, unable to lift his arm. It was because he was trying to also bring Natasha back, but since it couldn’t be done, he wasn’t able to tap into the stones's powers. Only when he gave up on trying to bring her back, he was able to lift his arm and undo the snap.
feeruh4 Yıl önce
The Infinity War/Endgame duo is truly the Star Wars of our time as a cultural event. I'm so glad I was alive to experience them in theaters.
John Costello
John Costello Yıl önce
Endgame, Rise of Skywaker, and Game of Thrones finale were all within three weeks of each other. End of a pop culture era.
Sir BigWater
Sir BigWater Yıl önce
@John Costello Rise of Skywalker came out December 2019. So 8 months after those other two.
Gefjun Lost
Gefjun Lost Yıl önce
Actually true.
Jack E
Jack E Yıl önce
@John Costello But only 1 of them actually ended well/satisfactorily.
Kayla Khaos
Kayla Khaos Yıl önce
Before Wandavision even came out I just knew…when she muttered “they both do” you can see it in her eyes and her face. She isn’t over it and she isn’t moving on. I feel marvel has always had a subtle way of letting you know what’s gonna happen next and I love that🖤
That Friend Whose Sanity You Question
Not going to lie, this video made me tear up again. Just wanted to say that. It’s probably the biggest reason why I love watching your channel. You can make us love these movies all over again and/or grow a larger appreciation for them
CB-99 Yıl önce
the fact that scott had orange slices ready for clint this time is just perfect 10/10 writing
Cydra Yıl önce
This movie made me really appreciate Nebula as a character, I mean I was already more invested in her after her arc in guardians 2 but just seeing her be a bit happier and around more good people was heartwarming. I loved the implied friendship between her and Rhody (who is already a top 5 avenger for me) and wish we got to see a little more of it.
Ethan Ziebell
Ethan Ziebell Yıl önce
The ending win counter becoming 3000 makes so much sense it brought me to tears thinking about how fortunate I am to have witnessed the growth of this franchise
Ari. B
Ari. B Yıl önce
I remember reading somewhere that the reason Hulk and Thanos cried out when they got the stones was because characters like that rarely get hurt to that degree. Meanwhile Tony simply staggered his breathing because for him, because of his humanity, pain is an old friend
Sicko Week
Sicko Week Yıl önce
Woah !
Seth Westran
Seth Westran Yıl önce
Nah the directors said It’s because his armour was absorbing 99% of the energy while thanos and hulk had it directly to their skin 👍
krue1558 Yıl önce
I always assumed it’s cause he tried to bring widow back
Elias Gutiérrez
Elias Gutiérrez Yıl önce
@krue1558 that wouldn't make sense because when hulk had the glove he said he tried to bring her back but didn't work so why would he try it again
Aryan Yıl önce
Bro no cap this is a huge reach lol. It 100% happened for dramatic effect and any explanation after that is just cool headcanon
Douglas Moran
Douglas Moran 2 aylar önce
My favorite moment was Tony and Peter’s battlefield reunion. Those two have such great chemistry together.
Lolok 5 aylar önce
25:59 This is honestly such a scary scene. It really just finally shows Thanos's true colours and intentions. He even goes after saying that he decides to replace his goal of wiping half of the universe, to destroy it all and creating a new one.
maccas 4 aylar önce
It's Thanos without the delusion of "saving" the universe. He's going to destroy everything, but first, he's going to personally ravage a planet and all of its people merely out of spite. You're right, it's terrifying.
redcapo011 5 aylar önce
Wow. The very end with all those wins, I kept thinking "woah, that's going pretty fast, when's it going to stop?" Then when it slowed down when it got close, I started to think "ooh, I hope it's gonna be on an even number." Then I just... "oh." You somehow made that almost as good as the video itself, dude.
Bryce Strout
Bryce Strout 11 aylar önce
I always saw the line "I am Iron Man" as a way of Robert Downy Jr. to say goodbye to the character that both kickstarted the MCU and even saved his character, maybe even his life. It was hard to see him leave after a decade of childhood amazingness, and to this day I'm still teary eyed when seeing any movie with him in it
MeThink Yıl önce
When the CinemaWins video is an hour long, you KNOW its a good movie
Robert Nguyen
Robert Nguyen Yıl önce
Yeah, Thor saying “I’m still worthy” after successfully calling Mjolnir still gets me teary eyed
DEDMan Gaming
DEDMan Gaming Yıl önce
Same here!
notovny Yıl önce
2014 Thor: "Mother! Mjolnir flew out the window and headed in this direction! Did you see what happened?" Frigga: "Time travelling version of you needed to borrow it. Said he'd bring it back. And Oh, here's your friend,...Captain Rogers, was it?" 2023 Steve Rogers. "Good evening, Ma'am, Thor. One Mjonlir, one Ether. Dark Elves incoming, be prepared. Thor, when you get back to Earth, contact me, give me this notebook, don't let anyone else in SHIELD see it, thanks." Frigga: "Is it wise to tamper with the timeline like this?" Rogers: "Done a bit of time travelling today, can't say I care much for this timeline's original destined future, can say I do care about the people in it. You don't know anyone who can fix one of these shields, do you?" Thor: "Well, there is Etri, of Nidavellir..." Rogers: "Afraid that would take too long, you have things to deal with now. Don't worry, I know a guy. Ma'am. Thor." *FWOOSH*
Robert Nguyen
Robert Nguyen Yıl önce
@notovny I like that! Red Skull: “Steve Rogers son of……a bitch…..(begins cursing in German) Captain America: “Here’s your soul stone bye bye!” Red Skull continues curse in German!
Last Yıl önce
its the best movie i have ever seen. the pair together of course. why? it seems like perfect directing and adaptation.
BigPunisher2021 7 aylar önce
Everytime bro!
Dragon 519
Dragon 519 10 aylar önce
I have been diagnosed with Depression and struggle with it every day; and when I saw the Thor summoning Mjolnir scene I got teary eyed. Plus you saying everyone with depression is worthy made me cry. I know this is a reupload of the two part episodes but thank you for saying the words each of us need to hear. On a side note I have re-watched the two parts several times before so every time you saw it I get teary eyed again.
itsKhro Yıl önce
Something you didn't mention that I appreciate a lot, especially after Multiverse of Madness, is when Wanda landed in front of Thanos and the music resets then plays a menacing/hard couple of beats and continues on.... Its playing boss music for Thanos.
TW Ray
TW Ray 7 aylar önce
Even just this recap makes me cry and gives me chills. They built something great here. They may never reach this level again, but that's okay. We got this.
David Stewart
David Stewart Yıl önce
The portrayal of Thor (and the reactions to Fat Thor) are very realistic and human treatments of PTSD, Depression, and others' treatment of people with both of those. Regarding Rhodey, military people definitely dunk on their friends all the time, so that is absolutely true to the character. I thought that this was definitely the right way to treat Thor's struggles.
Brotato Chip
Brotato Chip Yıl önce
I was nearly in tears for the second half of this movie the entire theater was both the loudest and quietest place in the world when this debuted this is a piece of cinematic history that is going to be hard to top
Zack Yıl önce
Its hard to imagine there being a movie like Endgame ever again. The fact that they pulled off a satisfying conclusion to a story arc spanning 10 years of cinema that at its worse was passable is a miracle. No other movie franchise has the quality consistency or good will from the fans to even get close. Even if Marvel did another movie on that scale again I don't think it would hit nearly as hard.
Brayden Swinhart
Brayden Swinhart Yıl önce
I agree 100% but I’m more excited about that fact really. The feelings I felt watching it I want to experience again. I hope they exceed this, I want them to. In this franchise I can’t wait for what comes next, and for other stand alone movies or franchises I want to see where it all leads!
Sans Deity
Sans Deity Yıl önce
I don't find it hard to imagine. Maybe not anytime soon but one day.
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh Yıl önce
No way home was kinda like it. Big emphasis on the kinda. It was not a 20 year buildup from Spider-Man 1 but it still felt as a conclusion.
Zack Yıl önce
@Rudra Singh No Way Home is probably the closest we're getting in the next 5-10 years
Vincent Guardino
Vincent Guardino Yıl önce
@Rudra Singh It was great but end game for me is sooo much more rewatchable then no way home.it’s a great first time movie especially in theaters n the hype was un real but endgame is just so much more value to it.much better plot too ,But true I’m excited for the big team up movies I wanna feel the feelings again lol
Jennifer Tait
Jennifer Tait Aylar önce
This is the channel I didn't know I needed. If half of the rest of your videos are this fun/uplifting, I'll be an avid follower forever :)
Valkyrie 9 aylar önce
The one time during a superhero film that we all could relate to a god during his depression, avoidance and weakness. Well done, Hemsworth.
AndersonPEM Yıl önce
I'm speechless. You guys made your finest video ever. I relived my experience with endgame today almost as if it was the first time around again. Very good. Thanks for this :)
Alex B
Alex B Yıl önce
Listening to audience reactions for this movie, it's amazing how they send you on an emotional roller coaster. Especially at the end when you're laughing and cheering during the final battle, and then tearing up and crying at Tony's death.
Error 9 aylar önce
One thing that always gets me is Far From Home. It hits so much harder because Peter did not get his time with Tony. Tony barely had any time with basically his son. For them it literally went Peter’s death, reunion hug, Tony’s death. It’s really sad to think about and makes Peter going through that movie so much harder, especially when both of their deaths made my nose bleed from how hard I cried. Spidey has always been my favorite so seeing him beg and plead to the one man he’s ever seen as a father hit me. Then to immediately turn around and see him beg and plead for that same father figure not to leave him, to see him desperately not want to be left alone, hits me even harder. The relationship between these two characters is something I could talk about for days, i just really enjoy it
Rob Braun
Rob Braun Yıl önce
Making Stan Lee's final cameo of him driving off into the great unknown on an open highway with Joan by his side, and "Nuff Said" on the bumper sticker was pure genius. Excelsior Forever!
Max Goldstein
Max Goldstein Yıl önce
A truly great moment for the entire franchise
Rob Braun
Rob Braun Yıl önce
@Max Goldstein I still think Stan's greatest cameo was in the final episode of "Spider-Man The Animated Series." As himself, meeting his creation and having a crush on Madam Web (played by Joan Lee herself).
Belladonna Yıl önce
who's Joan
Rob Braun
Rob Braun Yıl önce
@Belladonna His wife. she died a few years back also.
yoda Yıl önce
Rob Braun i like his whole character cameo in the tasm 2 video game
Nick Yıl önce
There are two movies that never fail to make me cry, No Way Home, and Endgame, they are both emotional masterpieces
MarvelNerd616 Yıl önce
Still my favorite movie ever. Yes there may be objectively better films out there but nothing else makes me feel the same way I feel about this film, and it reminds me how much this universe means to me.
ryan2390 Yıl önce
AS a full grown man in my early thirties I can honestly say no film has made me bawl as much as this one did and I don't think there will ever be a film that does that to me again.
Youtube User
Youtube User 9 aylar önce
when sam uttered the words “on your left” and portals started appearing with chadwick coming out just overwhelmed me with emotions that I was crying all throughout the final battle and just never gave me enough tears for tony’s death
Henrietta 4 aylar önce
relates! mine started from "on your left" by the time Tony sacrificed honestly I didnt have any tears left!
The Third
The Third 8 aylar önce
Thanos knowing (like ABSOLUTELY KNOWING) he was going to die at Wanda's hands was such a cool moment.
mrbenz19 Yıl önce
An extra win from me: The moment before the portals open. Cap standing alone on the battle field on the left side of the screen while Thanos's army standing on the right side of the screen. The sky was dark on Thanos's side. But, on Cap's side the sun still shine through. Signifying that even on the face of absolute despair, Cap's still holding on the light of hope until the end.
TheAstralKnight 9 aylar önce
I never actually noticed that until you said it! That is such an amazing visual detail!
Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez 4 aylar önce
I personally like that shot because it just feels right. If there's any Avenger willing to stand alone against legions, it's Captain America
Olivia Cottrell
Olivia Cottrell 3 aylar önce
I think that one of the reasons I love this Channel so much is that along with just being incredibly entertaining, you also manage to make me not feel terrible for enjoint some of the more mainstream stuff. So often, I feel like the internet gets sept away in critique and it's just nice to have someone else just go, "oh yeah that was cool" to something that I really liked, is really nice. So, thank you so much
ViennaGamer Aylar önce
I teared up quite a few times during the movie and during this video - but you getting the win counter to 3000 while playing that quote broke me. well done.
GundaManBatan Yıl önce
i see this as an absolute win. one of the best memes to come out of endgame
Lasercraft32 6 aylar önce
That moment when Mjolnir starts moving, and the first thought is that its going to fly to Thor... but you can tell something is different. Then it flies past Thor and lands in Captain America's hand and its simultaneously expected and unexpected at the same time. The absolute hype of that moment was astounding! Thor's reaction was pretty much everyone's reaction tbh. XD
WaspandUnicorn 7 aylar önce
I bawl like a baby every time Tony sacrifices himself. This movie wrenches my heart out every time. Gods it's so good.
Persona Hearts
Persona Hearts Yıl önce
Endgame was not only one of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had but also one of the greatest superhero movies of all time and a perfect end to the MCU’s Infinity Saga
Young Multiverser
Meh, it could have been better
Blackfyre Yıl önce
@Young MultiverserSaid the movie expert and renowned director
Nitain Prime
Nitain Prime Yıl önce
@Young Multiverser says the multiple Oscar winner
Cooper Yıl önce
It really was.
Mattia Hershowitz
@Young Multiverser You can’t make an already perfect movie better
Xeno 3 aylar önce
The end of this movie still makes me cry, even after watching it for the 4th time
Francisco Hernández
Francisco Hernández 5 aylar önce
That slow, soft landing on the 3000 made me grin like an idiot. Well done sir. Well done.
Brendan 3 aylar önce
"Did you just say language" "It slipped out" This 10 year span brought so many people/fans together and will and don't think can ever be shown properly how impactful and great these movies are.
Yin Yang
Yin Yang 5 aylar önce
I teared up when cinema wins made the points 3000 when I heard Tony's daughter say "I love you 3000" and the tony repeating what she said.... id like to believe that Tony wasn't just talking to his daughter when he said that. The relationships he made with everyone, the memories, the avengers weren't just coworkers or friends, they were his family, then you have Earth, his home, the place he fought for and defended with everything he had. And telling them for the first time that he loved them... its wholesome and no other movie could show that same amount of love without being cheesy or awkward. Its a good movie. And marvel will never be the same without Tony. But anyway, that's all I have for yall. And remember, I love you 3000...
Josh Nichols
Josh Nichols Yıl önce
The reason why dr. Stranges odds were so low was because he had to find the right one with the rats that saved lang
mutanix Yıl önce
If I had a time machine I would just go back to watch Endgame in different theaters with different crowds. I want to experience that collective joy forever.
Harvey RSMOO
Harvey RSMOO Yıl önce
I went twice, still was not enough 😭
Rob Braun
Rob Braun Yıl önce
Speaking of which, the lyrics of Black Sabbath's "IRON MAN" has new meaning: "When he traveled time, for the future of mankind!"
Alesdi Yıl önce
I’m rewatching all of your MCU videos leading up to seeing doctor strange on Friday. Thank you for this series. I love love love your positive outlook and love for these these movies
llbenjonjoll 11 aylar önce
It's been 3 years since Endgame and I still tear up every single team that the Portals OST plays and the scene starts
Tripp550 5 aylar önce
As someone with severe PTSD, Thor was my favorite character throughout EndGame. And I didn’t even know why until I watched this review. I didn’t realize I was relating to him hard. And out of everyone I’ve watched the movie with, I noticed that I felt like everyone was liking him for the wrong reasons but I couldn’t put my finger in what those reasons were. People were like “haha he’s fat.” Or “haha he’s an alcoholic gamer now” or “haha look how winey he is.” But that always annoyed me so much. Sure it was cute but I saw myself in him. And we can laugh at ourselves especially knowing when we’re at our lowest we feel like it’s over but our future selves watch that same scene and know THEY ARE SO CLOSE. They don’t even know. And so we can laugh at ourselves, lovingly, because of the silly things we did to console ourselves reminding ourselves of how childlike we were. And how we know now that it’s all going to be ok. Idk I just LOVED his character arc and it felt so real.
iDunnoMan9000 2 aylar önce
The actress for Scott's daughter in this movie is incredible! On screen for 2 seconds and literally made the whole first act for me. I felt the disbelief and emotion when she saw him. Paul Rudd was awesome but the scene would've been nothing if she wasn't there to match him! I wish they kept her on for the rest of the moviesss!!!!
Laila Lansdowne
Laila Lansdowne Yıl önce
This is one of my favourite videos I’ve watched on TRvid, even down to the win score at the end, perfection. I love this film even more now.
Narmo Yıl önce
The Fact alone that Im tearing up as the winscore reaches 3000 while seeing all these amazing moments again, says enough about the impact this movie had.
Max Goldstein
Max Goldstein Yıl önce
Honestly it was such a nice moment watching the counter slow down
Pentvondoom Yıl önce
Very tearful
Tom 273
Tom 273 Yıl önce
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I thought i was weird for getting emotional. It's like how every time the portals open and the theme plays, I get chills. Every time
Matt Mazereeuw
Matt Mazereeuw Yıl önce
Yeah wow, I needed this cry
Wirt Yıl önce
Came here to say a very similar thing. I didn't notice how high the counter got until just before it slowed down. For all the parts of the video I disagreed with or rolled my eyes at, that moment brought me right back to seeing this in theaters. Same lump forming in my throat that I had on walking out after the credits had finished.
Rider Yıl önce
The part when everyone shows up made me cry and it always will
Comrade Jason
Comrade Jason 11 aylar önce
As someone who suffers through depression and anxiety, like, it's nice that there is a character that represents that journey (and weight gain) in a superhero.
Marriane Mandariaga
Marriane Mandariaga 9 aylar önce
it's my first time watching your content and damn everything here is on point!!! Definitely deserve a sub and like!! I love how you tackle both the funny and deep and emotional stuff in endgame as well as small details that I actually didn't notice, literally and metaphorically. And I also love how you put your thoughts into words: creative, poetic, and referenced from the past movies!!
Greeshmitha K
Greeshmitha K 8 aylar önce
i have watched this on the first weekend with no spoilers and the experience in the theatre was a blessing
ExTriv 7 aylar önce
I still get chills when hearing Cap's rally call.
Eric R.
Eric R. Yıl önce
The moment Cap lifts Mjölnir validates Dr. Erskine’s belief that it takes a kind heart, and not just a willingness to fight, to create the ultimate warrior. Erskine would be proud of Steve. I cried the most when Peter and Ned reunited. That handshake and hug get me every time.
Jan Gustl_WT
Jan Gustl_WT Yıl önce
When Cap lift Mjölnir you can hear a slight ride of the valkyiers
Pedro Bahia
Pedro Bahia Yıl önce
way better than splitting it up into two parts! keep up the good work! cheers
Clever Name
Clever Name 9 aylar önce
It could just be that I’m very susceptible to other people’s opinions, but it’s so cool to me that you can give me so much appreciation for a movie that I don’t really like. Props
kmeck518 Yıl önce
After the Thor 4 teaser you got what you wanted! They didn't just wipe the slate clean and the movie seems to be about him continuing to work through his issues, and i can't wait to see it because it looks amazing.
Adam Lainey
Adam Lainey 8 aylar önce
This is one of you best videos due to your genuine love of the story and characters. I totally get the parasocial relationship to the characters. Nice work
Val’s PTSD
Val’s PTSD Yıl önce
Been a bad month/few months. This weekend, I need all the positivity possible- so, binging ALL the CinemaWins I can fit in my head. ❤️
GreyRush Yıl önce
I remember my entire audience cheering so loud when Cap got the hammer. Just perfect and such a good moment in a movie filled with nothing but fanservice.
LanceSennin 7 aylar önce
Wouldn't say it's only fanservice. It wrapped up every character arc of the OG Avengers and was the payoff of 22 movies
SimplySimone Yıl önce
a clip, the movie, a scene in a TRvid video - doesn't matter. Every time cap says assemble and Thor's hammer comes to him, I freaking cry tears of excitement lol. The portals scene is what I look for when I'm down and need to feel like a comeback is possible. CLASSIC.
Braeden :D
Braeden :D 6 aylar önce
every time I watch the final hour of this movie, I get chills,
Isaiah Mueller
Isaiah Mueller 5 aylar önce
26:21 my exact reaction to this scene. I was hyperventilating for a good minute after everyone came flying in from the portals. my brother had to tell me to calm down before I even realized I was breathing so hard
Ray K
Ray K Yıl önce
Started reading Marvel in 1975. These films are a gift. I never thought they’d be made like this.
Raeleigh Black
Raeleigh Black 7 aylar önce
I cried so much during this movie I ended up emotionally numb the rest of the day. I cried as soon as Clint’s family turned to dust. Also drank a large sprite and never ONCE had to use the restroom
Sikeout Yıl önce
Iron man’s snap always makes me think of what Tony said to Yensin. “This could run your heart for 50 lifetimes.” “Or something big for 15 minutes.”
D oͩ oͬ M
D oͩ oͬ M Yıl önce
It ends where everything starts👌 beautiful?
Dalton Hall
Dalton Hall Yıl önce
Yensin's last words were "don't waste your life" well he sure as heck did not.
Cody Hines
Cody Hines Yıl önce
@Dalton Hall He fuckin SPENT it!
Some Guy
Some Guy 11 aylar önce
I hadnt thought if that, and i watched ironman like riiight after endgame for a full rewatch.
Ashling Coddington
Ashling Coddington 9 aylar önce
I actually got teared up when the points came out to 3000. it's such an important number to this movie, i can't imagine anything else.
tapout101 Yıl önce
Did anyone notice how Quill was the reason Thanos was able to kill half the people? They had Thanos under control, but Quill was mad and freed him.
Stitch Yıl önce
To me, the fight scene with Cap Thor and Tony really pays homage to when they originally fought in the Avengers.
1 Down, 4 Up Workshop
1 Down, 4 Up Workshop 3 aylar önce
I love that scene between Scarlet Witch and Thanos ... Elizabet Olsen's deliver of "you will" is awesome ...
K Ezell
K Ezell Yıl önce
Thank you for all of the hard work you clearly put into this video. This was an Epic review of the the most epic movie universe of all time. You did a great job and I truly appreciate it. Its like I got to enjoy this movie all over again through your video. THANK YOU.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
That Portals scene will forever be one of the most memorable moments in cinema.
Angel Perales Salaices
You work fast
Victor Nunes
Victor Nunes Yıl önce
I've watched that scene dozens of times. I still get chills when I watch it. The power of a shared universe that spent a decade building up to that point
Vy Yıl önce
@Victor Nunes multiple decades
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose Yıl önce
Chase Hedges67
Chase Hedges67 Yıl önce
Raichu_Pancakes 3 aylar önce
This movie is the perfect end to the Avengers saga. It ties together every loose end, gives closure to everyone who wanted it, left just a little bit of room for other things to happen for those who want it, and of course, has one of the best soundtracks that has ever been put in a movie ever
TheFraeuleinGlitzer 10 aylar önce
I’ve watched this episode more times than I’m comfortable disclosing but it never fails to make me cry. Your ability to highlight all the things that make this and other movies great paired with poignant and emotional insights is amazing and I’m forever grateful because you’ve helped me see movies in a deeper, more positive and distinctive way… thank you! …and ending on that Win Count…. It just…kills me every time. Love from Germany and may your positive spirit never waiver for it lights up these dystopian times.
jacob stebbing
jacob stebbing 9 aylar önce
The final scene with cap is what gets me crying he's my favorite character
jupiter837 9 aylar önce
Greatest line in the movie and maybe any movie I have ever seen, "I'll get you all the cheese burgers you want." Oh my god that line line says so much.
Solo Pain
Solo Pain 6 aylar önce
Ross Torelli
Ross Torelli Yıl önce
The fact that the last line that Tony Stark ever says was technically an afterthought in the director's mind, something that happened during the reshoot, almost in post-production, absolutely blows my mind. It's the perfect capstone on his journey, his legacy of being Tony Stark, going from that genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist mindset to truly embracing who he is, the power that he not only has in his hands at that moment, but the power he's had from the very start, not just being a tech genius and one of the first modern day superheroes, but truly and literally being the start of this entire expanded universe. That line sums up all of Iron Man's massive story arc, and it wasn't even added until THE LAST MINUTE! AN AFTERTHOUGHT
slkrsmobile Yıl önce
yea it kills me that they had so much right already but almost missed that opportunity. so glad it happened. perfection.
notovny Yıl önce
I remember seeing that scene in the theater; Thanos says, "I am Inevitable..." and gets his snap off, and it doesn't work, and you realize, as he does, "Tony built the gauntlet he's using." and it cuts to Tony, with the nanobots jury-rigging his glove into a makeshift infinity gauntlet, and he begins "And I... am..." and you know the line is coming, and it is glorious.
ThePlushieCrew Yıl önce
Even crazier is that during most of production the line was “Fuck off.” It would have basically ruined the movie
ForeverSweetx3 Yıl önce
I know! Really amazing and fitting ending for Tony's arc.
Max Goldstein
Max Goldstein Yıl önce
@ThePlushieCrew I might have actually cried in disappointment if some of the last words from one of my all time favorite characters from fiction were "Fuck off."
Ultimate kaos
Ultimate kaos 4 aylar önce
44:24 “The soldier who thought the best they had was to jump on a grenade” so powerful from some reason
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 11 aylar önce
I wish we got more of the side characters with each other.
Instantkarma98 Yıl önce
I love this video so much, but I especially want to speak on your take on Thor’s depression/PTSD and the blowback. I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I saw this movie and Thor, in particular, I got very emotional. It’s like they wrote about my own personal experience. I had a series of traumatic events happen to me, and I reacted exactly the way Thor did in this movie. Prior to my depression, I was in great shape and had everything going for me. Afterwards, I started drinking heavily; gained 25 lbs and completely checked out, which ended up costing me my marriage of 16 years. It took me a few years, but I got my sh*t together, lost the weight, quit drinking and “got back on the horse.” I think the writers nailed this, at least in my experience, and I absolutely loved them for it!
Bolts and Blasters
Alright fair enough the 3000 statement made me cry during the movie, but it is not fair that your editing of the moment while the win counter reaches 3000 also is making me cry! Love your work and i hope you will keep at it for a long time!
Spaced Out Gaming
This video just 100% reminded me how much I love this movie, and it got me crying because holy shit this movie is fantastic
Nogare Yıl önce
I initially didn't notice Thor hanging his head when Tony rejected his plea to try out the gauntlet at 21:18, but now that you pointed it out, I can empathize with how crushing that emotion is
Oduinn Yıl önce
Rejection, or the unending depression and thought that it is all your fault so no matter how dangerous or what may happen to you you're willing to throw yourself in the fire (stupidly, may I add) and then having your intended "sacrifice" be shot down because even if you don't see it the people that love you don't want to see you throw everything away for nothing?
E3ECO Yıl önce
Hawkeye also hangs his head. I'm not sure what to make of that.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Yıl önce
@E3ECO I'm thinking, either he knows why Thor wants to do it, and why Tony says no, and is showing empathy for Thor ... or, he internally realises that what Tony is saying rings true for him too, since he hasn't gotten over the loss of his family at the hands of the guy that Thor wants to kill. But that's mu guess. If you know what I mean.
E3ECO Yıl önce
@Mark Smith Good possibilities. Or maybe he's praying that it'll work and he'll get his family back. Or perhaps he's just still bummed about Nat dying and doesn't care about Thor's drama.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Yıl önce
@E3ECO They're good possibilities too!
Awaite98 3 aylar önce
So wish I could have seen this movie in the theatres!
Jay Yıl önce
I’m so glad I didn’t watch this in theaters (Personally) a lot of y’all who did probably had such an amazing viewing experience I would’ve been crying audibly and horrifically to the point I would’ve got kicked out
Cpt Babyface
Cpt Babyface Yıl önce
I love the small detail of cap using his broken shields strap as a tourniquet to close up the huge gash on the inside of his forearm.
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