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De'arra Taylor
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Getting deep and emotional, Guess who DMed me, Behind the scenes of Lorvae Photoshoots, Party Bus Adventures with my Family
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25 Eyl 2022




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Can we talk about DEARRAS EVOLUTION 😭 hands down the most inspiring
Thalia Cardenas
Thalia Cardenas 12 saatler önce
Thank you for looking out for us blind baddies 🥰
Zaneta Mungai
De'arra you will never regret giving your grandma her flowers now. So proud of the woman you have become. Keep pushing ❤️
Sakihya Darden
If y’all don’t think this young lady is creating wealth and opening doors for the black ladies in her family y’all are crazy. She does everything so graciously. I love that for her. I been here since day 1 love you forever D 🤍🤞🏽
PV Student
Why does the LORVAE photo shoot with all the lovely ladies look like it’s the start of “The Taylor Family Show” 🥰❤️ I’m here for every episode 🎉🎉
lol yup you mad
it’s the grandma & generations of women for me 😭❤
you can just feel the soul, the southern hospitality and integrity your family instilled in you watching the portion about your grandmother. i don't have a grandmother so seeing you all love on your granny like this was truly touching and so heartfelt. what a beautiful contribute to your granny!
cnmmd qiuoo
I shouldn’t be crying this hard. I love how much dearra love her grandparents and her family
Amillion Divinez
Amillion Divinez 9 saatler önce
I cried at your grandma man I miss my grandma
Ally 101
The family shoot for Lorvae is EVERYTHING!!
Beautiful Sha
I am late on watching this video, but I cried the whole way through. This is what the power of prayer look like. Granny was obedient in Christ and he is fulfilling his promise. Generational wealth. Train up a child in they way they should go and they will not depart from it. De'arra you are covered and no matter what the Angels of the Lord surrounds you.
Khuli Pooe
Please give your editors a raise 😭. The editing during the Weeknd DM thing while she was in the car had me dead 😭😭
Trac 2 saatler önce
I love the way you take care of your family
Aaliyah Mulumba
De’arra Taylor your name is about to go down in history, this woman is so loving and such a hard worker. I absolutely love you and I love your content . You make my day everyday you upload. You have such a good family, all are gorgeous and incredible 💙😊
De'arra never ceases to amaze me..the quality of everything she does..chef's kiss 💕
Kenyetta Jefferson-Deal
This was so genuine and emotional and heartfelt for me. I am so proud of you De’arra and all that you have accomplished. You’ve become such an inspiration to black girls. Hell, girls in general. Love you!
Ketia Daniel
As LORVAE grows.. it literally give me chills!
tomiko felix
Dearra is THAT girl, been THAT girl and will forever be THAT girl. Thank you dearra for being a role model for us younger girls. Strong women raise strong women❤️
Quarter of a million views in less than 24 hours. De’arra is SO INSPIRING & she is growing & evolving into such an amazing woman. She is building an EMPIRE
Katrina Nicole
This was so heartwarming to watch! The foundation is strong and explains alot about the person De’arra is. I can’t wait to watch and support the continued flourishing and accomplishments 🤍
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