Every Troop vs their Home Town Hall | Clash of Clans

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24 Ağu 2022




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Honestly the best part of this video to me is how it shows the importance of spells without even using them
Shlok Singh
Technically Valkyrie won because she can beat all lower townhalls.
Lion Channel
I would say that in this video you can learn a lesson that the spell is the most necessary thing for combat
Back when everyone was scared of mortar!
Joost Visser
I think the order in which the defences are laid out is really important for this. e.g. if the air defences were placed further forward, so having them become a target earlier, I think the flying troops like the various dragons would survive way longer. This is also more realistic as aerial strategies usually involve targeting air defences first.
Roshan Dhar
This video gave me a nostalgic feeling. We've come so far with coc now. Back in the old days everything was so different
Shailaja Patil
I loved the game of thrones reference
Anandakrishnan S
Valkary be like : i can do this all day🥱
Witty Albion Rats
Can't believe goblins went so far 😂
MBMR Aditya
The advantage and speciality of valk is tht it immediately attacks as soon as it reaches a target unlike other troops who stare at the target for a sec and then attack 😂
Jacob Thompson
The air based troops were definitely at a little bit of a disadvantage considering that the air defenses were at the back, whereas ground defenses were in the front, so there was more time for them to take damage, but it’s not too bad
teresita mambiar
"No traps" But later at
Daniele Sorrentino
This challenge actually made me realize how rushed my base is for my TH level
Kenny Holmes
All the comments about Valkyrie doing well...
I wanna know golem's secret mission
What I like about the old town halls is their upgrades felt like proper evolutions, especially the cannons and archer towers. Sturdier materials, bases around them, etc. I think around TH11 or 12 is when it became less about stronger materials and designs and more about colors and spikes. I enjoy what we have now, but part of it feels like it's going a little too fantasy with the upgrade designs if that makes sense.
Dwaynegriffin Pabatao
Goblins can attack defenses
Swift Fire
Y'all remember when every upgrade of the Giant was game-breaking? I remember the upgrade that first got the Giant's arm braces on him was a huge one, and the upgrade (I think 5, maybe 6) that got those to turn gold was an INSANE buff. Good times
I stop playing at townhall 10. There is no way in hell could I max queen level 40
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