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Disguised Toast
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Disguised Toast and TinaKitten face off in series of epic showdowns including Speedrunners, Garfield Kart: Furious Racing and Valorant. For every loss you have pay up $100.

Tina pov streamed at ► twitch.tv/tinakitten

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Outro Track ► "French Toast" by Drew.0 ( trvid.com/u-drew0 ), co-written and produced by Steven Tran ( instagram.com/snk_tran )

00:00 Introduction
02:05 Speedrunners
14:21 Garfield Kart: Furious Racing
35:51 Valorant

Edited by: twitter.com/otriggad




4 Ara 2021




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MonarchsFactory Aylar önce
Tina: Panics when Toast isn't saying anything Also Tina: Panics because Toast is making casual conversation
WintyMilk Aylar önce
Nei D
Nei D Aylar önce
DARKYRYUS Aylar önce
Mathias Aylar önce
Hey Dael!
Jon Leonard
Jon Leonard Aylar önce
@Noob Picturous I agree
A Pissed Off Egalitarian
When toast is feeling generous, but doesn't want his friends to think he's gone soft. This is what he does.
Zzeynep_683 15 gün önce
@SquareBraceX2 exactly!
SquareBraceX2 16 gün önce
@Zzeynep_683 His channel is shit, but his spam was enough to make me learn that his two "girlfriends" are both popular youtubers on the German scene
Miko Aylar önce
@AxxL bro youve been doing this for like 3 years and you are still trying to promote your channel?
Syafiqah Mahmood
Syafiqah Mahmood Aylar önce
@AxxL you again?
Flying seal
Flying seal Aylar önce
Stop sapmming bots its very annoying to see people like you @AxxL
Last Name First Name
it's always amazing to see just how cracked tina is at speedrunners.
Zt 8 gün önce
She didn't utilize stairs to get a boost at all, nor the edges dunno if she went soft on purpose, but she would show the trick if she knew how to do them properly imo
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson Aylar önce
To say she has 80 hours she's pretty bad lmao, the only impressive thing she does is the grapple up into the wall climb. The game is quite hard though tbf
Luchat :3
Luchat :3 Aylar önce
I knew she was, but never saw her play. That was kinda amazing 😯
Drey Aylar önce
They both were kinda slow ngl
GutsGoingBerserk Aylar önce
@Flog Champ either he’s trolling or he’s ignorant. Don’t worry, neither is worth the effort.
Co Demigo
Co Demigo Aylar önce
Today on another episode of “ Toast making excuses to care for his friends“.
Zzeynep_683 Aylar önce
@Junior Jaw bruh
Junior Jaw
Junior Jaw Aylar önce
We observe how a tsundere give gifts to others.
Musti Aylar önce
Lol, that's literally how i've been interpreting his videos😅
LordDragox412 Aylar önce
Toast giving his friend an early Chistmas gift :D
king_torres05 Aylar önce
He’s a “too-soon-dairy” like Sykkuno said
naerial Aylar önce
Toast is so good at balancing humility and arrogance
H2D Fives
H2D Fives Gün önce
Toast: I'm the best, you can never beat me you utter fool! Also toast: wait, how did you do that!
_RealUnderscore_ Aylar önce
@Mark Zincke He uses them perfectly with his big brain.
The GlobalWarming
The GlobalWarming Aylar önce
True lol hahahhaha
Mark Zincke
Mark Zincke Aylar önce
Toast is the greatest extreme of emotions when it's the moment.
Aaron Sanchez
Aaron Sanchez Aylar önce
When Toast is tilted he goes really quiet. When Tina is tilted she does the complete opposite lmao
WintyMilk Aylar önce
@HayDs Basically yeah 😂
HayDs Aylar önce
What’s funny too is she cant speak words and just kinda squeals in pain 😂
jonathan lelis
jonathan lelis Aylar önce
Alternative title: Tina casually demolishes Toast
Aaron Sanchez
Aaron Sanchez Aylar önce
He gets run over by the Tina train, then he picks the train up and yeets it back at her.
soobders Aylar önce
Toast getting a train ran on him😭
John Philip
John Philip Aylar önce
@the sword master 1 even Sykunno can't, I doubt Don Toast will
Christian Rios
Christian Rios Aylar önce
I enjoyed watching toast getting hammered
Your Chingu
Your Chingu Aylar önce
Alternative Title: Daughter bullies her Father
Toast at the beginning: "Today I am taking candy from a baby." Toast @ 15:47 : "You took my candy."
Javelin 2 saatler önce
H2D Fives
H2D Fives Gün önce
Full circle
Mike Ballew
Mike Ballew Aylar önce
Nice catch, lol
David K
David K Aylar önce
"You can't just surprise someone with financial burden." American healthcare system: "You can't?"
H2D Fives
H2D Fives Gün önce
Ouch that hurts, too bad I can't afford to get it checked out.
The Filipino Gamer [TFG]
the IRS: *excuse me WTF*
WintyMilk Aylar önce
Will Evans
Will Evans Aylar önce
I genuinely laughed out loud 😂
Simon vH
Simon vH Aylar önce
Turning 18... SURPRISE
MonarchsFactory Aylar önce
I love seeing Toast and Tina happy to play games even with just the two of them, it makes my heart warm
Joe Adam
Joe Adam 26 gün önce
@Ryn Danielle toast felt jealous but I don't think he harboured any ill feelings towards his friends for doing it
joy Aylar önce
@Everett01 that was a while ago, he's pretty over it I'm sure. he was rightfully affected by it though
Jake Lee
Jake Lee Aylar önce
Hey Dael, didn't expect to see you here. Cool to know you watch these guys too.
Everett01 Aylar önce
@Ryn Danielle I don't know how. I heard Toast got upset, just asking.
Ryn Danielle
Ryn Danielle Aylar önce
@Everett01 wait did that actually cause a problem? I thought they were just the only ones that got invited
Hello There
Hello There Aylar önce
Such a wholesome father-daughter bonding moment ♥️
FBI Aylar önce
@Hello There i legit said my bad what more do u want good sir or thing
Hello There
Hello There Aylar önce
@FBI also " Toast you're like a father to me"
brendan gilliam
brendan gilliam Aylar önce
That is a based gamer moment
Zaephyr Aylar önce
he looks the part too
FBI Aylar önce
@MadFlourish my bad
TurkThePally Aylar önce
"there's an imposter among us" "tina stop you know how I feel about that" I love how competitive they both are in this video. 10/10 trash talking LOL
sig digmund
sig digmund Aylar önce
Tina: "...is it a $100 dollars per game?" Toast: "Yeah" *Then proceeds to obliterate him*
Mike Ballew
Mike Ballew Aylar önce
Tina: I will teach you the true meaning of regret
Distinguished AllureProductions
Tina: "You Fool, you activated my trap card..."
Bam Bam
Bam Bam Aylar önce
"Thank you for paying my dental bills I have a lot of cavities." This is why I love Tina. 😂😂
Mike Ballew
Mike Ballew Aylar önce
Tina is that character that is humble, wholesome, awkward, and downplays their own abilities, but actually has unlimited potential and is super scary when in flow
dorothy Aylar önce
Toast coaching Tina through valo was so wholesome
MonarchsFactory Aylar önce
Never would have guess that it was exactly the content I needed in my life, but here we are
Party Pants
Party Pants Aylar önce
Toast just wordlessly reports a player while keeping up good vibes. Respect
Boba Simp
Boba Simp Aylar önce
I love how the first half of the video is Tina destroying Toast in a racing game, then the other half is Toast destroying Tina in a different racing game. *Perfectly balanced as all things should be*
Asura Aylar önce
toast going to twitch is the best thing to ever happen to him and his fans, we be getting some top tier content brothers
Tashfin Zaman
Tashfin Zaman 8 gün önce
@AVERYBLOCK5 well the point is he is a content machine and he is still making contents, like the last stream and a lot other!
AVERYBLOCK5 9 gün önce
@Tashfin Zaman cough cough
Tashfin Zaman
Tashfin Zaman Aylar önce
@NoLife :P and while everyone is just react andy these days, Toast is making real content. his every stream is hilarious and very much engaging. For example, nowadays escape rooms. even playing human benchmark with Lily was so funny and packed with content.
NoLife :P
NoLife :P Aylar önce
Twitch is literally dying. About 80% of twitch mod and admin abuse powers and simp for female Twitchers
Vilxx Black
Vilxx Black Aylar önce
You mean him going back to twitch?
David Lastname
David Lastname Aylar önce
Love the Toast/Tina content. Love seeing people play a game Tina is cracked at too considering most of the time she plays with people she's just there to have fun with friends.
yudistira david
yudistira david Aylar önce
Seeing dad and daughter playing together was so nice
Jaywaii Aylar önce
"You can't surprise someone with financial burden!" "My character development was good. I became a sleuth!” I love how Tina delivers this great lines
Dawn Fallon
Dawn Fallon Aylar önce
Yeah! Tina had the chalk!
Wiikoolaid Aylar önce
Just wanna say I love the pacing, editing, humor, and variety in your vids, most vids on channels end up feeling formulaic because of too much concept focus cutting the humor short, but your editor isn't afraid to make a 40 min vid to encapsulate the entire narrative of the video and and also keep in the humor and nuance.
musicalcolin Aylar önce
36:16-37:00 is adorable and amazing. The little voice crackles the Sykuno line, the Toast yelling at Tina bit ❤️
adaeliatheexplorer Aylar önce
Is it just me or do i just like find myself watching a 40 min. long video and feel like i want moreee? The editors do such a great job at just keeping the content interesting, and the humor too by consistently swapping the povs that you just don't even notice how much time you've spent watching something 😳 Toast be really pumping out some quality content lately and we're all here for it
Jimmy Heymann
Jimmy Heymann Aylar önce
Tinas summary of what the Among Us lobbies were like was spot on, had me laughing hard :'D
Elokibu Aylar önce
When toast froze her and won, almost everyone in chat said pog, poggers, clap, lets go, or sheesh
Wolfblood Klaw
Wolfblood Klaw Aylar önce
I love the Tina and Toast duo. It's funny yet wholesome at times especially the end bit.
Douglas Aylar önce
Toast: even if she doesn’t want to bet money, I’ll just give her money whenever she wins Level 100 boss achieved.
Betty-Alexandria Pride
Toast: "Hey Tina, you ever miss the Among Us days?" Me: *I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING.*
Red X
Red X Aylar önce
I love seeing people getting destroyed by a kind hearted Tina in a game of speed lmfao
KurooSama Aylar önce
I love how hyped Tina gets while playing Valorant
SScratch Aylar önce
I discovered your channel through Among Us and wasn't sure if you'd make content as entertaining again after your last episode, but I'm absolutely loving everything you're putting out right now. I'm back to looking forward to each new video again, I'm so sorry I doubted you haha!
Garrett Hedman
Garrett Hedman Aylar önce
Love Tina collabs. Keep exploring new grounds, Toast! :D
NateBaloughsk28 Aylar önce
They are so fun to watch individually, but put them together and they are so much more enjoyable
ForkMasterDerp Aylar önce
When Toast just wanted to pay for Tina's dentist and used content as an excuse, he knew he would get wrecked.
I will defeat Justin Y
Toast's banker during the live : *confused screaming*
Mowermen 19 gün önce
@I_HUNT_just some guy without a moustache lol
Cael C  Dye
Cael C Dye Aylar önce
@Ernest Placido It’s not 100% how taxes work. He only gets to keep at maximum 40% of what he spent if he’s in the top tax bracket which he probably is. I get the point but what you are saying is misleading.
Bananaboy 🍌 🍌
yiban di
yiban di Aylar önce
Toast is probably just spending his side money from youtube hahaha
Ernest Placido
Ernest Placido Aylar önce
He's doing it for content, he could actually treat them as tax deductible and removed from his taxes (and I'm sure after that Twitch deal his taxes this year are sky high, he would rather give the money to his friends than the government).
Homra-Gaming InfernoxSTN
No words.. Just feels so joy inside watching these two like father and daughter playing together ❤️❤️
eiraRinmaya Aylar önce
the siblings dynamic is immaculate, im sobbing.. so glad they can hang out more now
Jack Wolf
Jack Wolf 26 gün önce
"Toast there's a wall" is somehow the most savage thing Tina said in this stream.
Payton Barnett
Payton Barnett Aylar önce
i love how excited tina got when she got a kill. she’s so precious
CaaSHUAL Aylar önce
"there's no way Tina is that good" Not even a minute I already know toast gonna have a swell time
FoodRectify Aylar önce
it's always amazing to see just how cracked tina is at speedrunners.
Ahnkor Aylar önce
Toast has such a unique personality which is so refreshing to see
Frankie Blas
Frankie Blas Aylar önce
Toast is one of the low key kings of content. Seems he instinctively knows how to make a video better while building up his friends.
Adam Hale
Adam Hale Aylar önce
Toast and tina is a great combo.. really funny and entertaining as hell! Gave me a good laugh.. great video :)
simsom4343 Aylar önce
It was nice seeing the father gifting so much money to his daughter in speedrunners
Galdor of Nihelm
Galdor of Nihelm Aylar önce
This was so wholesome, especially at the end with valorant when she got kills
Brug Games
Brug Games Aylar önce
This whole video was adorable and hilarious Thank you Disguised Toast
Master Kipper
Master Kipper Aylar önce
God Toast uploading again with 40 minute videos is amazing, I've really missed this bread man. Keep up the great stuff!
Sudo Pierre
Sudo Pierre Aylar önce
The switch in roles is absolutely satisfying
Rashid Noor
Rashid Noor Aylar önce
Love how toast loves his friends. His sarcasm is way too good 😂. Keep it up toast.
Dawn Ed
Dawn Ed Aylar önce
7:35 I’m no simp but you can’t deny Tina mocking Toast here is just ADORABLE!
TheFemaleAlpha VaingloryGameEU
She is true
Segment Aylar önce
Toast does such good content i love it so much!!! Greetings from Germany ❤️
Medigo Verus
Medigo Verus 22 gün önce
Tina: "You can't just surprise someone with financial burden!" American Medical Facilities: "Hold our beer."
Nurse Aylar önce
We need more Tina and Toast, so funny together
Mingojin Aylar önce
This is the most cute collab stream So fun to watch
StudioBlue88 Aylar önce
It always warms my heart watching father-daughter moments.
BeeTDub Aylar önce
“My character development was good. I became a sleuth!” And she also embarrassed stevie suptic in a 1v7 imposter game. Tina mos def got better
Bottleneck Aylar önce
@Bumblebee if im not mistaken it is in her official youtube?
Bumblebee Aylar önce
link? :D
Sailor Centauri
Sailor Centauri Aylar önce
The one where she got cleared by 5up and then Steve assumed she was third impostoring?
Talya Aylar önce
which vod was that
Whatever Aylar önce
I miss Steve :(
RUDRA Aylar önce
Great VIDEO!! as always Tina is content machine... No need for fancy editing it's good in itself.
Queen M
Queen M Aylar önce
This is one of the most enjoyable videos I've ever watched. Gold content indeed.
Jessica Nubla
Jessica Nubla Aylar önce
Tina's reactions are so adorable. So wholesome. ❤️ I also got soooo nostalgic when they started talking about Among Us. Those were fun days.
ChunyGurl Aylar önce
This stream was awesome! It's nice to have a one-on-one stream with a friend sometimes, instead of the usual 'big' lobbies. Especially since Tina and Toast haven't played together in a while.
Ice Aylar önce
i missed them playing together! they are such a fun duo
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia Aylar önce
i might be in love with Tina, she is the sweetest person ever and she makes my heart melt. ok imma go punch a wall and drink beer to feel manly again
BobbyBoi Aylar önce
Frrrr! She's the only person I simp for :3
Sojiro Aylar önce
I love them both! 💜✨ Their interactions are so sweet!
join the cult
join the cult Aylar önce
There are a lot of gamers tried to beat Tina in this game. She was titled Speedrunners Cracked for a reason. It's funny Toast even thought he could beat her lol. It's a bloody mistake Toast. I love this video 💕
Karma Kid
Karma Kid Aylar önce
Toast still a great TRvidr
Mita Aylar önce
Armaan B.
Armaan B. Aylar önce
@Mita you didnt even comment about the video you straight up said toast sucks, but if you have so much time to still watch the video and comment under it, do you i guess.
Nolan Bernal
Nolan Bernal Aylar önce
@SeeknYouShallC shit bait try again
Mita Aylar önce
@Armaan B. so it's wrong for me to say that i dislike something???? I don't understand. If i don't like a video, i have the right to say so. You may disagree and your opinion is just as valid as mne
Armaan B.
Armaan B. Aylar önce
@Mita its sad how people have the urge to click on the video they dont like and comment under it..
- [ S O F F Y ]-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
it's always amazing to see just how cracked tina is at speedrunners.
Fukitsu不吉 Aylar önce
Toast,just wanted to let you know your daily uploads are appreciated,keeps me entertained while I queue for Valorant
no scoped
no scoped Aylar önce
Man you and Tina have great chemistry, you should do another video with her in the not too distant future but maybe get someone else to tag along as well like Leslie, Lily, or Sykkuno perhaps.
Edward Wang
Edward Wang Aylar önce
38:06 Toast's Pog face is on point
Human Being
Human Being Aylar önce
Really love the interaction between these two, just like father-daughter
Amazon Aylar önce
I Love How Confident Toast Is. I Need Some Of That!! 😤
Ag_Wolf13 Aylar önce
When Tina starts calling you "Toasty Toasty" had me dying on the floor laughing!
Yoy-Yoy Aylar önce
i love how tina was going crazy but toast was actually doing something nice for her
I meow back to cats
How I missed this Duo. Looking forward for more contents Toast.
SonicHaXD Aylar önce
Stormix Gaming
Stormix Gaming Aylar önce
actually somewhat impressed with how well toast was doing given the time disparity
Kitomitsu 22 gün önce
Honestly I’ve been watching you for a while. Now your playing a game I play so I can’t wait to see how y’all do. Go speed runners
Untimelykayla Aylar önce
really loving all the content thanks toast
Jensik The Bearded
Jensik The Bearded Aylar önce
I LOVE Toast's editor. Such comedic timing.
Jero Mantaring
Jero Mantaring Aylar önce
This was such a wholesome video im crying
I can feel toast dying inside, that rage is building up!!😂 You know what we all learn, never talk money with a friend for things will crumble down😂😂
Tuvillo 29 gün önce
Tina's impressions of everyone in Among Us are gold.
FourLeaf Aylar önce
I like the father daughter content. It's really fun to watch 😂
Lib Baybay
Lib Baybay Aylar önce
I'm just happy to see this awesome dad-daughter moment!
Jim Gu
Jim Gu Aylar önce
Relaxing, fun time with Tina. So good!
Aidan Cooper
Aidan Cooper Aylar önce
I played speedrunners with my friends when we had a birthday party and it is the best game to play with competitive friends. Had an absolute blast
Eifos Aylar önce
I'd love to see more of this content!
Maru Aylar önce
6:52 Toast's panicked screams makes me cackle like a maniac.. this was too funny lmao
Danielle D
Danielle D Aylar önce
Tina and Sykunno are amazing at Speedrunners lol
Baiza Aylar önce
This is GOLD😂. TinaKitten is so humble, like I don't think I'll act like that if someone were to look down on me. Sheesh. I'm still a fan, Toast. I like intelligent people.
Kasey Aylar önce
Tina Externally: Mmmmmm Tina Internally: I'm about to wreck this man's whole career
daniel eleazar valdez
Toast: “it’s a fun game for the whole family” Tina (literally seconds later): “THEY’RE ON MY *SS!”
Icaro Mendonça
Icaro Mendonça Aylar önce
Just wanna say I'm happy for getting back my daily dose of Toast
Jason Tse
Jason Tse Aylar önce
Man i love they are such a fun duo to watch!
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta Aylar önce
Alternate title: Father loses money after losing to daughter
Math-arz Aylar önce
Some nice father-daugther time. So wholesome.
Hampus Tman
Hampus Tman Aylar önce
Tina looks really adorable in that makeup! Seeing them both mald was a great time
The loser loses all dignity....
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