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28 Kas 2022




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KarQ Aylar önce
LEGENDARY KIRIKO SKIN DROPS now available at twitch.tv/karq by watching 6 HOURS. (Oct 7 - Oct 16 only)
Maestro Kimpembe
Maestro Kimpembe Aylar önce
Karun Pandey
Karun Pandey Aylar önce
Bro what is the music name that u used on this vid I really like it.
Mike B.
Mike B. Aylar önce
Intro Music name please
Numeral44 Aylar önce
Bro why does Geoff Goodman flash on the screen at like 9:30. It's scary
Shi Ion
Shi Ion Aylar önce
@Lorne Kwechansky It is a buff, just not a stright buff
Yuzan Aylar önce
When you slice with Genji's blade the very last second the slash doesn't get interrupted by the animation of him putting the blade away. Instead he finishes the slash and then puts away the blade.
JayJ0ke Aylar önce
this is what makes it overwatch 2
Genji Main
Genji Main Aylar önce
Havenomoney Aylar önce
@Tyrone 6hh6bhyh6
Havenomoney Aylar önce
Tyrone Aylar önce
3 years used wisely!
RubyThorns 234
RubyThorns 234 Aylar önce
Doom's block feels so odd. It doesn't feel like it should be a channeled ability, but it's just like deflect, accretion, javelin spin, etc. It just feels different.
Steven Chandler
Steven Chandler 17 gün önce
I feel like he should be able to hold it and go 3rd person, like Rein or Brig. It befits a calculating evil mastermind to be able to "zoom out" and take in all the battlefield information happening around him, IMO.
RubyThorns 234
RubyThorns 234 Aylar önce
@Yazz yes
Yazz Aylar önce
I assume you meant kinetic grasp not accretion
Maestro Kimpembe
Maestro Kimpembe Aylar önce
@shieldgenerator7 Even better if you're sigma/orisa, you just somehow stun him out of it.
Galev Aylar önce
I didnt realize they buffed Baptiste so much. That's crazy, considering he was already strong and most other supports didnt get much of a change and mostly got small nerfs...
Ruby LaPayette
Ruby LaPayette Aylar önce
@viperuh i agree
viperuh Aylar önce
true but Bap was gonna be inherently much less useful in 5v5 as there’s less AOE healing needed, so in my opinion, he needed some buffs to be balanced. but i’m biased lol
shieldgenerator7 Aylar önce
Fun fact: Zen's kick does more damage than Brig's primary fire
The 4th Tomato
The 4th Tomato 3 gün önce
@Hades (God Of The Underworld, Babe) could bastion be made into a tank or is that a horrible idea (I don’t know a lot about Overwatch)
Hades (God Of The Underworld, Babe)
Totally exemplifies the fact that everyone is becoming a dps oriented character. Wtf is Blizzard doing man. Junker Queen is underpowered imo
Hello fellow humans
@yun-jin lee cope
Masift Aylar önce
@yun-jin lee ok and? They were pointing out a fun fact. They're not trying to say it's stronger than her melee....she can literally melee constantly. Are you like a defensive brig main lol relax
yun-jin lee
yun-jin lee Aylar önce
less range and doesn’t heal so
LordOfTheMemes Aylar önce
Lucio also heals himself WAYYY more when cross-switching between Heal and Speed
LordOfTheMemes Aylar önce
@Jasbro even without it he heals way more.
Jasbro Aylar önce
Yeah it’s the support passive? It just triggers like 1 sec max after no dmg
Chris F2612
Chris F2612 Aylar önce
I noticed something was up with Lucio, my first game on OW2 we were defenders on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, I was the only healer (as Lucio) and we almost won before the attackers even moved the payload, I feel like Lucio's healing was a MASSIVE help in it
Kyle MacToon
Kyle MacToon Aylar önce
Yep I realised it too, it’s really helpful when you are solo x)
Skeleton Aylar önce
Zen's spring-loaded kick is incredible.
Darrific Aylar önce
Its the ZENYATTA kick. Not the SPARTA kick.
LT. Boinks
LT. Boinks Aylar önce
@Truereligionfiend its a very peaceful kick
Truereligionfiend Aylar önce
Is that weird tho like he doesnt strike me as a physical person at all more about peace so have a hard kick is weird especially floating
LT. Boinks
LT. Boinks Aylar önce
I love jumping into the fight and landing a fatal kick on some poor soul
Kayvaun Goldberg
Kayvaun Goldberg Aylar önce
Agreed, I feel like someone is going to make a compilation of zen tarts kick plays
LaterNerd Aylar önce
Haven't played Overwatch in awhile. You already know KarQ was the first name I thought of when looking for the differences between OW1 and OW2. This man's been putting out good educational content for ages.
niko! Aylar önce
i love how they made the game more fast paced with much less stuns, make the game much less annoying
LookAtTheBacon Aylar önce
GabiTeodor Aylar önce
tanks are horrible
Abogul _
Abogul _ Aylar önce
I’m an orisa main and I think it’ll be kinda fun with the new mechanics but imma also miss the the old orisa. The shield and ult were so good for the whole team. Plus it’ll take a while for my muscle memory to stop full shooting
ethan Aylar önce
New orisa is literally unkillable
iperidot Aylar önce
it’s crazy how much effort KarQ puts into his videos. great work!! your videos are amazing ❤
Keymot Aylar önce
He didn't a lot of things Which us odd from karq
iperidot Aylar önce
@Sleepyhead well that’s not a nice thing to say ;c
Sleepyhead Aylar önce
@iperidot counter ratio + you sound like the average mr beast like farmer
iperidot Aylar önce
@Sleepyhead overused joke + ratio
Sleepyhead Aylar önce
Tomon Aylar önce
Truly well done and put together. Thank you for providing information regarding hero changes in such a good format
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
would love to see a collection of all the interactions of the supports healing passive with other abilities / shields!
Fry Em Up
Fry Em Up Aylar önce
New vid suggestion: 1 synergy for every ALLIED hero. Teach us how to play effectively with every other possible teammate. Like where to set up when you have an allied Ana, how to utilize an allied Rein's shield etc.
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griffin Kay
griffin Kay Aylar önce
I like how ult gain from tanks is reduced. Makes dps less likely to target tanks and target healers first
Leandro Tupas
Leandro Tupas Aylar önce
I’m so happy that you added arrows to indicate whether it’s a nerf or a buff!
Sir Joker
Sir Joker Aylar önce
Video Toys Tv
Video Toys Tv Aylar önce
TiMonsor Aylar önce
now count them all. are we at gross positive?
Pix Tron
Pix Tron Aylar önce
They really gutted Doomfist's kit entirely. They changed him from a good aggressive DPS to the worst tank in the game, especially now that the game is balanced around solo tanks. On paper, it looked good, but in practice its just so bad. With the focus on him being a main tank, his abilities disposition him anyways so you can't properly shield your teammates, but you can't properly knockback or deal damage without putting the rest of the team at risk. At least Roadhog as a main tank is slightly better because he can hook from his position to give the rest of the team some good picks. I really hope they revert him, they turned one of the most fun heroes into a disaster of a tank. How embarrassing.
william west
william west 3 gün önce
@Arnold Munez welcome to modern gaming man, i played smash bros and halo for 20 years and when they ruined those games by listening to the shitters or to only the tip top pros i switched to Overwatch and a few others and now i see they are doing the same shit
william west
william west 3 gün önce
@Hades (God Of The Underworld, Babe) if ur solution is nerfing the character in the ground where they are unusable or not worth it, just remove them entirely cause thats the lazy way of solving an issue.
Arnold Munez
Arnold Munez 4 gün önce
On paper it was a horrible idea, awful players constantly asked for it and here it is. Overwatch needs to stop listening to the bad players who want every good character against them nerfed.
kylie 19 gün önce
yeah im really sad about the doomfist change, hes absolutely a shit hero now and i really hope they change him back to a dps instead of a tank
Dread1 23 gün önce
Rune Bråten Lundberg
Your videos are legendary. So helpful for new people AND veteran players that just wants a quick recap of changes etc. Keep it up, mate!
Wackaz (Arthur)
Wackaz (Arthur) Aylar önce
Man, I love your intro so much - thank you for always keeping it. It is such a vibe!
BurntCrackers Aylar önce
Kiriko was literally built for aim gods. 120 damage a headshot with that many kunai is nuts
Steven Pham
Steven Pham Aylar önce
I feel even nostalgic coming back to KarQ’s channel, warms me right up and gets me excited again.
Alex B
Alex B Aylar önce
I never left yet strangely I also know what you mean
Bena Aylar önce
@Deathvice you're so cool bro
Deathvice Aylar önce
Go outside and socialize
Maru Aylar önce
Sir_Admiral_Casual Aylar önce
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Aylar önce
I really think that Bastion's rework would've benefitted from an ability that made use of Ganymede instead of that weird bouncing grenade...
Allain Ch.
Allain Ch. Aylar önce
To be fair what did u expect the bird to do? Like come on its a bird let it chill
Mmmph Aylar önce
I played an OW1 mod that changed Mei's movement, and it's too bad OW2 didn't use it. You could freeze a path along the floor with her gun to travel faster, but at the expense of ammo (and looking up) so there was a great risk vs reward mechanic to it.
shazby Aylar önce
Concise and informative presentation, thanks for your effort!
Krikenemp Aylar önce
Wow, I really like most of these changes. The state of the game towards the end of OW1 was what made me leave, but this makes me interested in picking up OW2. That is, if they can get the rampant bugs under control...
Oscar Aylar önce
Thank you so much for this! Haven’t been fully paying attention to everything so it’s great to have it all summarized
Michael C
Michael C Aylar önce
I think the Damage Role Passive increasing movement speed is a mistake because it helps close range heroes more than long range heroes. The other 2 role passives are equally good for all heroes on those roles I would say.
Well, that was the goal. To make dps secure kills better, and let individual performance be more of a thing. But it definitely does buff dives disproportionately more than people like widowmaker
MarsMews Aylar önce
2:29 these are the two same slams just.. used on different verticality. the other kind of slam would have an indicator which would have doom engage a lot faster but you would end up with less damage.
Ian Fullen
Ian Fullen Aylar önce
Hanzo had changes to his projectile speed and it's hitbox. His one-shot capability feels weakened
Logan Aylar önce
I've always been a support main and have spent most of my time on Mercy and Kiriko this last week. Had no idea Kiriko's Suzu grants immunity, or that you could go vertically with Mercy's GA.
Nolan Yeager
Nolan Yeager Aylar önce
I know a lot of folks like the bastion change but I just can't wrap my head around it. He feels way to squishy without his heal, and his new mobility doesn't help his previous weaknesses enough.
~Lynx~ Aylar önce
Well, he isn't just another more powerful Torbjörn turret doing basically nothing, he's actually fun now.
Christochat Aylar önce
Bastion's good, I wish he had a teensy bit more damage. I personally think torb benefits a ton from less shields, turret wacking simulator has returned Also sig is the biggest tank winner for buffs, rock better
social reveluv
social reveluv Aylar önce
It's insane how OW1 changed comparing to OW2. I played OW1 a lot but quit and the new changes were pretty interesting.
Arcanum Aylar önce
I belive Genji’s secondary fire spread is reduced and his dragonblade’s final slash isn’t interrupted by the sheathe animation.
Emmyciyat Aylar önce
the second one is def true
Off-The-Cuff Gaming
Fantastic vid, had stepped out of OW1 since OW2 beta started and this was super helpful.
Evelyn Octavia
Evelyn Octavia Aylar önce
Thank you for the video! This is extremely informative. I didn't even realize the huge changes to Doomfist, Orisa, and Bastion because I don't play them lol. I'll have to give them a another try now!
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Alex Aylar önce
This video was extremely helpful. Well written and straight to the point. Thanks 👍
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MTG Josh
MTG Josh Aylar önce
Dude your comparative research has been extensive! Thanks so much for this.
Ashley Reinhardt
Ashley Reinhardt Aylar önce
Oh, the nostalgia. I feel like it's 2016 again where I look up a video trying to understand the game for the first time.
A Olson
A Olson Aylar önce
@The brick who flew through a window His source is he made it the fuck up!
Point E
Point E Aylar önce
@not the droids you're looking for Tbats why it’s the most popular game on twitch rn 😂
LFGF Aylar önce
@Klee ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ I bet Bli$$ard did.
Klee ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ
@not the droids you're looking for Bro who hurt you???
Bauti Aylar önce
@not the droids you're looking for facts,people returning to this shit are coping on a whole 'nother level
GojifanCatzilla Aylar önce
Bastion being in tank form for 6 seconds is just way too short. I hope they go back to having you being in alt mode for infinite amount of time, but still give the ability a cooldown. While I like the grenade ability, there was no need to replace the self-repair. They could’ve easily move self-repair to a different button on the controller instead.
Kristi Liu
Kristi Liu Aylar önce
Secondary-bound Mercy's crouch to "V", so much easier to super jump with the GA changes
Kaiya Aylar önce
You forgot the passive pharah and echo nerf on the gravity. Direct changes weren't made to the characters, but the games gravity was increased a little which makes the two flying chars fly less, and also everyones jump a bit smaller
Altair Gaming
Altair Gaming Aylar önce
Which is funny that the flying characters have some issues, but then Mercy got that glorious change. As long as I have a teammate to zip too, I can stay airborne forever. Sure the downside is slower movement
River Rockholt
River Rockholt Aylar önce
As someone who used to play a lot of ball but hasn’t played overwatch in a while, I am very disappointed they removed the wall jumping tech, it was such a cool thing that was easy to learn
Inbox Me On Telegraph@OfficialKhaios
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Jroguex Xiong
Jroguex Xiong Aylar önce
Dont forget Hanzos storm arrows actually ricochet off the floor now! Cool little added detail!
Anon Omous
Anon Omous Aylar önce
Simple geometry
dove Aylar önce
i think they already did in OW1 ! it's a nice detail thought because sometimes it catches you around corners!
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon Aylar önce
Wait they do?
Hisoka Aylar önce
Thank you very much for that. I couldnt follow up with all the OW2 changes or beta gameplay, so this is a quick and nice summary of the most important hero changes. Thanks for that !
SneakyG67 Aylar önce
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS as someone who hasn't played since echos release I had NO IDEA about these changes!. Dva is nuts now wtf she always finds out a way to be my main
Crank Aylar önce
I know it's not the most exciting thing to produce, but an update to your hit boxes video would be very interesting and useful for the community.
Flats Aylar önce
I literally didnt even click on this video and it somehow opened on stream, idk what youtube magic you are pulling, but if you could teach me that would be great. Also great video (I didnt watch it but his stuff is always top tier PepeLaugh)
ItzSylk Aylar önce
fake flats guys
Fatima Baytok
Fatima Baytok Aylar önce
Midnight_Carnage Aylar önce
Professor Fluff
Professor Fluff Aylar önce
yall r quick lmao
Ioannis Preis
Ioannis Preis Aylar önce
A AAA Aylar önce
I kinda wish they let us choose mei's weapon, Imo in OW2 the kit is efficient on intented targets(killing 200/250hp player) but the current multiple tank qp meta means you need to get very good with icicle shots or there's no point using her. imo having the choice between ow2 weapon and ow1 weapon is good it fulfills two very different goals
Insoars Aylar önce
I'm so happy with these changes. The game feels so fresh and fun!
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
I’m so happy that you added arrows to indicate whether it’s a nerf or a buff!
sam.shock924 Aylar önce
I feel like i'm a completely new player to OW. I can count on one hand how many times I've played since the OW1 launch month. So 80% of these heroes are super new to me. thanks for the quick recap of everyone!
Fry Em Up
Fry Em Up Aylar önce
KarQ is the king of Overwatch tutorials. Can't wait for the 1 tip vs every hero for OW2
Acid Fairplay
Acid Fairplay Aylar önce
I'm gonna start maining kiriko, she looks insane
BlueA Aylar önce
She's fun yeah, it's like a zen with improved mobility, high dps if you have enough accuracy and easy to apply heals so you can pretty much be a dps that also heals the team when needed, and like with zen, the satisfaction of winning a 1v1 agaisnt a dps it's amazing
Andrew Cochran
Andrew Cochran Aylar önce
You forgot the junk rat trap is changed and how they can move when trapped. Junk's grenades are also smaller, which causes a loss of hit box hitting. They tried to compensate by raising the distance his grenades hit the hit box, but it's an overall nerf from original.
FireManiac58 Aylar önce
mercy changes are sick, being able to basically move whereever you want if you have good enough movement and teammates are nearby
angelo perri
angelo perri Aylar önce
Doomfist seems so weak now compared to the other tanks. I feel like he needed an absorption on the shield to get some shield/armor on his block.
Emilio R
Emilio R Aylar önce
@Mista Meff "his punch is not to meant to kill people" DOOM🚫-fist
Mista Meff
Mista Meff Aylar önce
@b33lze6u6 Bruh I mean he needs way more aim cause of his uppercut taken away so he just does not lift enemys easily in the air. Like do you think I talk about aim when im mentioning his E? WTF??? Also.. Yes hes bad right now cause of the new hero releases. Thats mostly because of the meta and not because of Doom. "Talking out of your ass" get some manners boi.
b33lze6u6 Aylar önce
@Mista Meff tf you talking about. his gun is the same, his punch is the same aim wise and his slam requires LESS aim now since its an aoe shockwave. You are talking out your ass. Old E was at least mechanically unique instead of what it is now, literally just winstons jump. I dont watch owl but I watch a few streamers absolutely flounder on doom, barely able to kill a squishy after pumping every ability into them and a few gunshots. Hes at most D tier rn and thats being generous
Mista Meff
Mista Meff Aylar önce
@b33lze6u6 Bro his punch is not meant to kill people. Also if they are stunned you can simply just run up and shoot them 2-3 times in the head. Doom just takes much more aim now, which is far better than getting killed by a stupid E and Shift. OWL dooms are top damage when they play you know that right?
b33lze6u6 Aylar önce
@Mista Meff not really he only does 100 damage fully charged, and thats if they hit a wall. thats assuming he even gets the charge and doesnt have to immediately waste the charge to get out/reposition. what people ended up doing in the last beta was ignoring him since that would mean he never gets charge and his base damage is so low hes basically irrelevant
That’s cool
That’s cool Aylar önce
I literally found out yesterday that Winston has a secondary firing mode 😂
Groovy Ambud
Groovy Ambud Aylar önce
Kijura -
Kijura - Aylar önce
great video keep up the good work mate. ow2 is hella fun
Maia B
Maia B Aylar önce
When the Zarya change to her bubbles being a shared pool is actually a nerf ): (shared cooldown means it takes 20 seconds to regenerate both bubbles, vs 10 seconds for both to regenerate seperately, where you could basically stagger the bubbles and basically have a bubble used every 5 seconds if you managed the cooldown right, thus better maintaining energy. sure you can use both bubbles either way but with OVW2 you gotta wait longer till theyre both back) For some maths: OW1, Zarya could cast max 14 bubbles per minute in the absolute ideal situation where its used as soon as the cooldown is done. (1 right at the start, then 6 more over the course of the minute on herself (1 for each 10 seconds), and then the same on allies) OW2: Max possible bubbles is 8 possible bubbles. 2 right out the gate and then 1 every ten seconds) And the energy decay combined with that makes it suck even more because maintaining energy is even harder now. I hope they decrease the cooldown for those bubbles, because as a solo tank now she needs em Not sure how I feel about Cassidy's lack of the flash bang ): how wil i deal with the pesky tracers with their tiny hitbox who are even faster now (if theyre killing*) IK they're reducing cc but agh. Same for the increase on Ana's sleep dart cooldown, considering only one tanks means one less person looking out for the healers, meaning those without an escape route (Ana.) are gonna struggle more. Also automatic nerf to Mercy's flight considering there's one less person to fly to XD. And general decrease on how much ult charge for everyone as theres less people to heal or damage etc.
Daggiri Aylar önce
This is literally what I wanted to know. Very informative. Thanks
Teflora Aylar önce
would love to see a collection of all the interactions of the supports healing passive with other abilities / shields!
Jake Aylar önce
@Masift nah it's true, man, they think OW is boring n nerdy, and it's meant for kids!
Masift Aylar önce
@Jake Cringe incel meme comment
Jake Aylar önce
@Teflora wait but girls dont play OW!
Thiago Heringer
Thiago Heringer Aylar önce
@Teflora it does have lol. Not from his channel though. When i get yo my pc i will send you
Teflora Aylar önce
@Thiago Heringer ok but still would be nice to have all the numbers in one video
Anonymous Account
Anonymous Account Aylar önce
20:08 - On the Mercy Guardian Angel changes. Blizzard and KarQ basically say the same thing about the change, that it makes GA and superjump "easier and more consistent" now, but what isn't touched on or I guess people forget to mention is that it's now weaker overall if you could previously consistently pull off superjump prior to OW2. Now superjump requires a significant build up to achieve the same height that you could get in OW1. Whereas before if you timed it correctly, you could get a massive vertical lift at good speed, the same verticality takes significant horizontal travel distance to build up your meter. This means you not only can't superjump as high or as on-demand as you did in OW1 but also that you need a lot of runway space and 'running start', so to speak. Overall, if you could already do superjumps in OW1, this is a nerf for Mercy. But that's not brought up for some reason. 🤨
Delluminati Aylar önce
@Cheri A you literally cannot, try superjumping in a splitsecond off someone 1m in front of you, try prop superjumping, try superjumping in direction you are not looking at, etc etc all gone... for "accessibility"
Cheri A
Cheri A Aylar önce
You can do essentially the same things. Seriously. The tech never was especially impressive or hard to pick up. Using it properly was the thing. There will still exist that same skill gap, whether the tech is easy or hard to input into a keyboard. The good and practiced Mercy players will still stand out of the pack.
Silver Experience
Silver Experience Aylar önce
@Isaax Yeah that's the risk of making characters more accessible to people of all skill levels, it's usually not as strong as the previous version of the character. An example is Sojourn, who is a mechanically demanding hero that is very strong when utilized correctly. But, I understand that's not always the case lol
Isaax Aylar önce
Yes, it is Blizzard's design philosophy to eliminate unintended skill based mechanics/tech and replace them with cookie cutter versions that are ""accessible"" to anyone and homogenized across the entire skillrange. Blizzard just being Blizzard, who wouda thought.
Peco Aylar önce
@Anonymous Account You could not go backwards the way you can now
Huck Mart
Huck Mart Aylar önce
Glad you made this. No wonder tracer feels so hard to play now. I spent hours playing her today and didn't get a single one clip. It just felt so off. Everyone lived way longer than i thought they would and i guess this nerf is why.
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Random Aylar önce
I’m a little sad because most of my favorite hero’s aren’t getting the buffs I was hoping for and they seem a little underwhelming.
DireWolf Aylar önce
Roadhogs hook ends a little faster after dragging someone in, just means you have to time your shot a little earlier than before. Don’t really know why this was a thing, but it doesn’t really bother me, plus its kind of a buff considering he acts out of it a little faster because of this.
Inbox Me On Telegraph@OfficialMartoz
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Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed Aylar önce
I absolutely hate the bastion rework :/ playing aggressive bastion was fun because of the immobility, you had to know when to get in and out of a situation. He's been stripped of all his uniqueness gameplay wise, I guess the sticky grenade is cool tho. also, echo's change should simply have been they only get one ult after changing into someone. The usefulness of her ult should be the versatility not the magnitude
lovetownsend Aylar önce
19:38 This is what I thought Sombra should always be; instead of being the least fun hero ever, make her lower cooldowns and up cooldowns
Gearbie Aylar önce
Robyn — ThinkingEmoji106
I learned things in this video I never knew some of these characters had or abilities did. Every time I’ve picked up a new OW character to try, I always get annoyed at the lack of detail. Seriously, at least 3 weapons are just “This is a gun” for the description. Meanwhile in Paladins, abilities are actually explained.
Ella Aylar önce
I’m a bit sad about Echo’s ultimate nerf it makes duplicating tanks without a pocket heal miserable
B Ha
B Ha Aylar önce
AWESOME video, this is exactly what I was looking for
Big Dogge Tom
Big Dogge Tom Aylar önce
I'm so glad the beat drop charge has been reduced. It's a useful ultimate, but not game changing, but it was the longest charging ult by an insane stretch
Emily Dao
Emily Dao Aylar önce
Great review, very clear. Thank you, good luck, everything, peace and health!
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Ryan Aylar önce
You missed a couple things: - Orisa’s fortify cooldown went from 10 seconds to 12 seconds - Zaryas bubbles start cooldown on activation rather than on destruction - junkrats trap does 100 damage now instead of 80 - soldier’s movement speed was not reduced as that was reverted - baptiste’s damage falloff was at 25 meters in Overwatch 1 they just nerfed it to 20 meters in the initial beta and then reverted the nerf in the last patch - baptiste’s regen burst had its cooldown increased to 15 seconds from 13 Honestly this is actually kinda a lot dunno how he missed all of this.
Ryan Aylar önce
@Ren C oh ya you’re right he had 700 in OW1 blizzard just messed up and wrote in the initial patch notes that it used to be 650
Ryan Aylar önce
@Ben Munn it’s always been like that...
Ren C
Ren C Aylar önce
The Winston change has been reverted thi
Nines Aylar önce
@Ben Munn ??? Reaper's had lifesteal for like 4 years now
Ben Munn
Ben Munn Aylar önce
Also reaper now heals on hit so he's effectively immortal... thanks blizzard
Regular Eric
Regular Eric Aylar önce
the level border around hero icon next to health was iconic, kinda. there was no need to take it away.
Cassidy Aylar önce
The whole hud in overwatch 1 was way nicer. It got completely downgraded
Connor Coile
Connor Coile Aylar önce
@Minkarino I understand, it sucks, but like removing one of the major icons of the game in what is supposed to be an expansion of content is crazy. OW 2 took away free loot crates, as well as visual progression in the same update.
Minkarino Aylar önce
@Connor Coile happens more than you think
July Aylar önce
@Connor Coile Make sure to turn on voice chats and match chats next time.
Morganna Aylar önce
It would be nice for them to replace the boarders based on rank in competitive now since there is not longer levels
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Aylar önce
Stopped playing about 2 years ago and I'm considering to at least try OW2, so thanks for the update! I was a Mercy-main, but getting to know all the other supports and their abilities makes me wonder why one would ever pick a mercy above all the others. it's a shame. I loved playing her, but hated how useless one felt in comparison. and now, with all the utility the others bring to the table and the general change to much faster games seems to let her fall off even more...
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
I feel even nostalgic coming back to KarQ’s channel, warms me right up and gets me excited again.
boli milda
boli milda Aylar önce
Your videos are legendary. So helpful for new people AND veteran players that just wants a quick recap of changes etc. Keep it up, mate!
boli milda
boli milda Aylar önce
They killed doomfist:(
Pr0sp3ro Aylar önce
I love the new Sombra! She just makes so much sense in the game now
Pr0sp3ro Aylar önce
@Obideo Mojarro Her hacks became more effective and hacking from invisibility is a huge buff. The increased damage to hacked enemies is quite useful too and now she can solo counter not only supports but some DPSes not letting them to use their abilities (Usually I am able to solo kill bastion, widow or reaper)
Obideo Mojarro
Obideo Mojarro Aylar önce
What was the difference between Sombra then and now? I've always felt like her hacks were devastating on supps and some tanks (RIP Rein)
Derk At Work
Derk At Work Aylar önce
Orisa's primary weapon reminds me of the plasma rifle in halo in both overheat mechanic and how master chief reacts to the overheating.
Gearbie Aylar önce
@Derpy Duck it’s almost like the world isn’t made up of one race, gender, or sexual orientation😱
Derpy Duck
Derpy Duck Aylar önce
@~Lynx~ He's literally right tho. When Zarya got released we all expected woke-ness to be shoved down our throats that women don't all come in slim and small frames and what the fuck ever. But it wasn't she was just a Russian bodybuilder and that was that, no mess, no fuss, and everybody was cool with it. Now Tracers gay and soldiers gay, i think Junk is also gay or something I don't remember. They made the black characters blacker, like changing Bap's hair from a military cut to a Mr. T thing. Kiriko is obvious weeb bait. They made it known that Orisa is African like, before you'd have to watch/read the lore now your spoon fed. It's just sad. Like you physically can't release a product without checking every box for diversity.
Thorveim Aylar önce
@~Lynx~ gameplay-wise its good though i miss the old abilities New Orisa feels less like a team anchor and more agressive overall, which is a bit sad but a choice like another. Theme-wise though? Yeah I see what they did here. Big time. And on a character that already had more than enough identity before that. And you know, I'm not the one making charts that award good points for how diverse characters are or crank up symmetra's autism just to rub it in people's faces. Blizzard does. If it was another company I could let it slide, but here? its not done for any artsy reason. Its done because it pleases the wokies. tldr: i wouldnt care if it wasnt current year and that kind of stuff wasn't shoved down our throats 24/7, in every single piece of entertainment where pleasing investors is put before making an actually good product.
~Lynx~ Aylar önce
@Thorveim Blizzard: *gives Orissa some cool new spear abilities* You: "MUH DIVERSITY" Yikes dude..
Bu Aylar önce
@Gearbie that was the whole point of that hero. there are plenty of other tanks if you want to brawl. Its impossible to defend with her now. She has a long range gun and spear and a up close spinning spear. makes no fucking sense.
Jiena the amalgam lady
I like how zarya's bubbles handle the cooldowns now. Makes her much better in ffa
Chud Dolomite
Chud Dolomite Aylar önce
Great video man. Content has 100% improved.
nicholas kremski
nicholas kremski Aylar önce
Moira is still ridiculously strong without the second tank blocking for the other dps and healers. She should've had a damage nerf imo Edit: I've never seen so many dps healers in all of my games before. It's insane
Monkey 30000
Monkey 30000 Aylar önce
If the game won't let you get the DPS role you just have to improvise 😈
Lui Follower
Lui Follower Aylar önce
I believe Reinhardt's earth shatter does more damage if close to the tip of the cone. I've noticed I can 1 shot some characters with it
Der Giggler
Der Giggler Aylar önce
As a former Zarya main I H A T E the bubble changes. Really felt like a nerf because they recharge with the same counter, so if you play the same as OW1 you have 1 bubble at a time instead of 1 personal and 1 team bubble.
Leaf Finite
Leaf Finite Aylar önce
That sucks but im sure zarya being extremely good is drying your tears
Masift Aylar önce
She and Dva are the best tanks in the game so like...yeah. lol
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon Aylar önce
@WeedAsmr and despite it all I'm still consistently making Play of the Games... Y'know, I've always had problems with Overwatch for various reasons, but at least it was able to be fun sometimes back in the day...
WeedAsmr Aylar önce
@Captain Falcon ya I’ll admit after playing more, I agree with you on thanks being a harder to kill offensive class. Junker Queen legit just is a hassle to kill sometimes. But yes the lack if shields and extra tank does defeat the idea of teamwork/team pushes a lil more to just individuals making plays.
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon Aylar önce
@WeedAsmr as a Reinhardt main, I'm insulted that they massacred my barrier in such a manner & didn't even bother to double down on my passive ability. If every other tank has my passive knockback resistance, then Rein should just *_NOT_* get knockbacked at all. Senator Armstrong up this bitch. But seriously the fact that they took away 400 hp from my shield, making it easier to break, while ALSO making it take longer to recover LESS shield health now is fucking asinine. With the changes made to Orisa, Doomfist being a Tank(???) now, & this new Junker Queen bitch, the Tank role is literally just a harder to kill Offense role. Reinhardt was & still is the ONLY tank that actually encourages genuine teamwork & now he's punished for doing so. Blizzard seriously never fails to disappoint me I swear.
joseph Aylar önce
as a doomfist main i kinda have mixed feelings about the changes :/ I think he will still be fun in some ways because playing as an offtank could already be fun on him in OW1 but not being able to flank or one shot people kinda ruins him for me. I guess I'll have to play him more but honestly not hyped to play the game that much because of it
Will Panuska
Will Panuska Aylar önce
The Zen melee buff might be the greatest balance change in the history of overwatch
GUMTORIAS Aylar önce
Dude I was gonna give up on overwatch 2 but found out I keep my stuff so I gave it a try and was kinda confused since you can't see passives in game now. Thank you so much for this I'm getting so hyped to play a ranked game I used to enjoy
sniper manic007
sniper manic007 Aylar önce
This is very helpful thank you bro haven't played the game In a while can't wait for OW 2
Jim Stoesz
Jim Stoesz Aylar önce
I really think that Bastion's rework would've benefitted from an ability that made use of Ganymede (maybe have him swoop down to peck at an enemy's face to stun them?) instead of that weird bouncing grenade...
mayuwu Aylar önce
I agree- the bouncing grenade feels so out of place... it feels like a fan's workshop ability that was made into their actual kit as is
my tits
my tits Aylar önce
Honestly his nade's biggest use looks like the rocket jumping to me lol, which is really good granted so he can get to high ground
SocialBuzzKill! Aylar önce
I’m super new to overwatch, never played before a couple days ago. Gotta say I’m loving it so far. I’ve been playing destiny 2 for years and pvp in this game is such a breath of fresh air
Caleb Aylar önce
incredible content as always! 👄
Matt From Wii Sports
THANK YOU. I haven’t watched any ow2 videos, so I didn’t know how I was gonna know how all of the heroes worked, but now I will
Illzzu Aylar önce
Also for Hanzo, I believe his ult gain per arrow (headshot) increased from 7% to 12%
Illzzu Aylar önce
@???% I tested it on the practice range.
???% Aylar önce
wait for real?Where did they say that
Sk Rahaman
Sk Rahaman Aylar önce
I haven’t played OW before. I used this video as quick glance at all the heros and their abilities.
rangerreview Aylar önce
You missed one thing with Zarya. Previous escaping abilities no longer work. All characters remain trapped in Graviton Surge. Minus using teleporter to get out.
miskbalder Aylar önce
Reinhardt lost 25% of the shield, he has a bit more health and armor so that he can swing the hammer for a bit longer while waiting to die, but 1 extra fire strike makes it feel like u are playing a wizard for a short time 🙃 And reaper got a well earned nerf, should've been a slight nerf to the ultimate too, just wanted to show some love to the reaper players ❤ 🤣
Fate Aylar önce
Awesome content! Thank you!
CopShowGuy Aylar önce
I think Brig's changes were what confused me the most when trying her out in the beta. Nice to refresh my memory on exactly how she works.
Josh R
Josh R Aylar önce
love the visual comparison, great video!
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